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Aaron.(brother of Moses)
Abiezrite/Abiezer.(family and dad's name from whom came Gideon)
Abijah.(heir to the throne of his father Jeroboam I king of Israel)
Abijam.(aka Abijah, a king of Judah)
Abimelech.(the name of two kings of Philistia)
Abimelech.(son of Gideon)
Achaemenian.(the name of an dynasty of ancient Persia)
Achish.(another name for Abimelech)
Ahab.(a king of ancient Israel)
Ahaz.(a king of ancient Judah)
Ahaz.(son of a prophet)
Ahaziah.(king of ancient Israel)
Ahaziah.(king of ancient Judah)
Ahijah.(significant prophet in days of Jeroboam I king of ancient Israel)
Ahithophel.(a trusted friend of David, who left David and allied with David's son Absalom against him)
Alexander the Great
Alphabet.(history of)
Amasa.(nephew of David; slain by Joab)
Amaziah.(king of Judah)
Ammon/Ammonites.(one of the many tribes called the Canaanites)
Amon.(king of Judah)
Anakims.(a race of giants)
Arab nations.(where they came from)
Arad.(ancient Canaanitish city)
Asa.(king of Judah)
Ashurbanipal.(king of Assyria; also called Asnapper)
Artaxerxes.(king of Persia)
Ashurnasirpal II.(aka Shalmaneser II)
Asshur.(also spelt Ashur)
Assyrian Empire
Astrologers.(astrologers/stargazers/monthly pronosticators; ancient peoples' divination practices)
Athaliah.(a woman evil to the core)
Azariah.(aka Ahaziah; king of ancient Judah)
Baasha.(king of ancient Israel)
BarEmmanuel.(a sorcerer)
Baruch.(secretary & friend of Jeremiah, a man of high character who had many spurious books written about him)
Bashan.(ancient fertile country and still like that today)
Belshazzar.(the last king of ancient Babylon)
Belteshazzar.(the name Daniel was given by Nebuchadnezzar)
Benhadad.(a horribly corrupt ancient Syrian king)
Book.(what were ancient books like?)
Branches.(disciples of Christ are branches of the vine)
Children of God
Chushanrishathaim.(king of Elam in Persia, in Abraham's time, B.C.E. 2290)
City of David
Code of Hammurabi
Coniah.(king of ancient Judah)
Constantine the Great.(a Christian Roman emperor)
Cornet.(a musical instrument)
Crusades.(a stupid series of wars that accomplished little that was not already happening anyhow)
Cush.(Ethiopian black race; a descendant of Ham and father of Nimrod; at the beginning of the human races)
Darius.(king of the ancient Medes)
Divination.(Urim, Thummim, Teraphim) 
Dove sellers.(in the ancient temple)
Dulcimer.(a bagpipe type musical instrument)
Edom/Edomites.(a people who descended from Edom, one of Jacob's sons)
Effective teaching.(education; what good are facts without actions based on them to benefit the world?)
Eglon.(a king of the Moabites)
Elah.(king of ancient Israel)
Elders.(Bishops, Leaders, Overseer, Pastors, Rulers)
Eli.(a priest and judge of ancient Israel)
Elymas.(a sorcerer named barEmmanuel)
Emims.(a race of giants)
Esau/Edom.(sold his birthright because he was hungry; also a touching story about him and his brother Jacob)
Gabriel.(a most high ranking angel)
Giants.(on the Earth in early times)
Golden calves.(the golden calves of king Jeroboam I)
Goliath.(the giant slain by David)
Hagar.(ancient Abraham's mistress, out of whom came some Arab nations)
Hagarenes/Hagarites.(ancient people who conspired to overthrow Israel)
Hammurabi.(a king of ancient Babylon, B.C.E. 20th century; developed a code for individuals to regulate themselves by)
Heave Offering
Hebron.(ancient city, favorite residence of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)
Herodias.(an evil woman and her evil daughter Salome)
Herods.(ancient kings)
Heshbon.(an ancient city city of the Amorites, twenty miles east of the mouth of the Jordan river)
Hexapla.(a presentation of the work of Origen, 185-254 A.D.)
Hezekiah.(king of ancient Judah)
Hoshea.(last king of ancient Israel)
Ishmael/Ishmaelites.(Abraham's oldest son by Hagar his concubine; from Ishmael came the Arab nations)
Israel in bondage
Jabin I.(king of Hazor, circa B.C.E. 1450)
Jabin II.(king of Hazor, circa B.C.E. 1300)
Jeconiah.(king of ancient Judah)
Jehoash/Joash.(king of ancient Israel)
Jehoash/Joash.(king of ancient Judah)
Jehoahaz.(king of ancient Israel)
Jehoahaz.(king of ancient Judah)
Jehoiakim.(king of ancient Judah)
Jehoram/Joram.(king of ancient Israel)
Jehoram/Joram.(king of ancient Judah)
Jehoshaphat.(king of ancient Judah)
Jehu.(king of ancient Israel)
Jehu.(a prophet)
Jeroboam I.(king of ancient Israel)
Jeroboam II.(king of ancient Israel)
Jerusalem.(city at the beginning of history)
Jezebel.(one of the ancient evil women)
Jezreel.(a city kings of Israel had their second main places in)
Joab.(commander of David's army; impetuous, but a good heart overall)
John the baptist.(forerunner of Emmanuel)
Joppa.(a city north west of Jerusalem about 30 miles)
Jordan & its river
Joshua.(lived at the time of the Exodus)
Josiah.(king of ancient Judah)
Kenites.(ancient peoples of whom came a woman who was partner of Moses)
King of Tyrus.(an ancient king)
Kirjath-jearim.(one city where the ark stayed for 20 years)
Lineage.(what's needed to know about the words of lineage used in the Bible)
Lot.(ancient system of selection)
Maachah.(not a good mother)
...a wife of David who birthed him a son named Absalom
...daughter of Absalom; became one of ancient king Rehoboam's wives
Magic, magicians
Manasseh.(king of ancient Judah)
Maonites.(a Canaanitish people who were oppressive to ancient Israel)
Menahem.(king of ancient Israel)
Michael.(a high ranking angel)
Miriam.(sister of Moses)
Moabites.(a Canaanitish people who were oppressive to ancient Israel)
Moneychangers.(in the ancient temple, thrown out by Emmanuel)
Months of ancient Israel
Nadab.(king of ancient Israel)
Nebuchadnezzar-II.(king of Bablyon)
Nebuzaradan.(captain of the guard in Nebuchadnezzar's army)
Nephilim.(willing captives of ancient Israel found it to be better under them)
Nergalsharezer.(king of Babylon)
Nimrod.(one of the earliest people)
Nineveh.(one of the earliest cities)
Nisan.(the first month of the Hebrew year when the harvest was ready)
Og.(an ancient king and the last remaining giant)
Omri.(king of ancient Israel)
Origen.(a biblical scholar of the early church; 185-254 A.D.)
Ozias.(the New Testament name of a king of ancient Judah)
Pastors & teachers
Pekah.(king of ancient Israel)
Pekahiah.(king of ancient Israel)
Population explosion?
Public speaking
Queen of Sheba.(traveled a long way to meet the wisest man in the world)
Rahab the prostitute
Ramothgilead.(famous city in the time of ancient kings)
Rechabites.(ancient nomadic people)
Rehoboam/Roboam.(called Roboam in New Testament; 1st king of Judah)
Riblah.(a city of ancient Syria where king Jehoahaz of Judah was taken captive by Pharaoh-nechoh, king of Egypt)
Sackbut.(a musical instrument of the harp family)
Sargon.(Assyrian king, successor to Shalmaneser)
Seleucid, Seleucus.(an ancient  Hellenistic dynasty founded by Seleucus I)
Sennacherib.(ancient king of Assyria)
Shallum.(king of ancient Israel)
Shallum.(king of Judah)
Shalmaneser.(Assyrian kings in the time of Hoshea last king of ancient Israel)
Shepherd kings
Shishak.(pharaoh of Egypt at time of division of Israel into two kingdoms)
Sihon.(king of the ancient Amorites)
Solomon.(a son of David and successor to him as king of ancient Israel)
Son.(words in original in the Old Testament are the same for any derivative of the word son, grandson and the same for mother and grandmother, etc.)
Temple.(the Israelite ancient temple)
Tidal.(king of nations is time of Abraham)
Tiglath-Pileser.(a king of Assyria)
Tukulti-Ninurta I.(a king of Assyria)
Urim and Thummim
Uzziah.(king of ancient Judah)
Wave Offering
Witches, witchcraft
Xerxes I.(king of ancient Persia)
Zachariah.(king of Israel)
Zedekiah.(king of Judah)
Zamzummins.(ancient race of giants)
Zaphnathpaaneah.(name Pharaoh gave Joseph in Egypt)
Zelophehad.(had 5 daughters and no sons and what happened with his estate)
Zimri.(king of Israel)
Zumin/Zamzumin.(ancient race of giants)
"Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living
and the other, a life." ...Sandra Carey