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..before the cabal grabbed control
..a geographical expression with people wanting federal union, but receiving a government established not by constitution, but rather by custom, convention coercion and tradition
..always.wanted a proper federal union-1--2--3--4--5--6--7--8
..first so-called constitution for Canada
....a proper constitution for Canada? examples Canada should consider following
....didn't qualify then; didn't qualify as a nation in 1926 either
..a parliamentary dictatorship?
..adds amendments to an untenable document
..before the Statute of Westminster, December 11, 1931
..Bill of Rights.(also see Charter of Rights and Freedoms)
..bypassed by Ottawa

..Canada can learn things from others on setting up their country properly
......things to learn from the American (United States) first constitution
......things to learn from the American Articles of Confederation regarding Canada
    ..things to learn from the American separation from Britain
......things to learn from the Americans' Declaration of Independence and Independence Day
......things to learn from the British Constitution.(you may have thought Britain did not have a constitution
                                                                    based on Common Law)
......things to learn from the Australians, re their setting up a constitution.1--2--3--4
......things to learn from the Irish, re their setting up a constitution.1--2
......things to learn from the South Africans, re their setting up a constitution.1--2--3--4--5
......things to learn from the Swiss, re their setting up a constitution.1--
......things to learn from the New Zealanders, re their setting up a constitution.1--2--3--4--5
..Canada Act, a British statute
..captive trade partner of Britain

..central control (what's bad, what's good)-1--2--3--4--5--6--7--8--9--10--11--12--13--14--15--16
..coerced colonies (by Britain) way back then (Nova Scotia; State of Virginia)
..Charter of Rights and Freedoms
..confederation a myth
..controlled by Britain till 1931
..creation of the Dominion of Canada
..custom, convention and tradition allows those in control setting the policies to manipulate the
..Day.(Canada Day for whom?)
..debt belongs to Ottawa
..delegates in London-1--2--3
..de facto government exists at present
..equals confusion when it comes to rights of its people
..federation of Provinces
..flag debate of and what it revealed
..geographical expression (Canada is this, because she hasn't had proper creation)
..governments past and recent feeding Canadians fiction re a confederation having occurred
..Governor General (s)
..has no constitutional rights under the BNA Act
..haste to push through Trudeau's constitution
..how Ottawa and governments in general not controlled by the people (no real democracy), don't
....care about citizens-1--2--
..House of Commons (also called Lower House; in Britain, called the same;
...................................in US called House of Representaives)

..no constitution-1--2--3
..one province.(Upper and Lower Canada)
..prime ministers
..ready to be abandoned by Britain at threat of American invasion

..Senate (Upper House; called same in US;  called House of Lords in Britain)
..subjects of Britain no longer
..United province of Canada
..Upper and Lower Canada
..what Canada's prime ministers did to Canada
..what England did to Canada.-1--2
..what is Canada constitutionally.(and from where does the federal government get its power?)

..author of BNA Act
..colonial holdings of Britain
..letter to Cardwell from Lord Monck
..letter to Cardwell from Lord Monck.(2nd reference)

Carnarvon, Lord Cardwell's successor.(Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert Carnarvon,
    4th Earl (1831-1890), British statesman, who served as Colonial Secretary of Britain from 1866 to 1867
    and again from 1874 to 1878)
..Carnarvon, 4th Earl, Secretary of the Colonies, presented the BNA Act to Britain's House of Lords
..Monck's second dispatch to.(Monck's first letter was to Lord Cardwell)
..Carnarvon's words presenting BNA bill to House of Lords in Britain

Carry on boys until a federal government is set up proved suitable by tried and
    proven creation processes..you'll no doubt be part of it-1--2

Central control of Canada (what's bad, what's good)
Change.what in Canada?
..of Rights and Freedoms.(Canadian)
..Atlantic Charter

..Accord, 1992
..Conference, September 1, 1864
..Conference, September 1, 1864, reference 2
Choices Provinces now have
Clauses inserted into BNA Act

Clerk of the House of Commons in Ottawa and what he feels about the BNA Act

Coerced by Britain way back then (Nova Scotia; State of Virginia)

Colonial Laws Validity Act, 1865.(showing Britain.would not.enact resolutions of
  the Quebec Conference)
Colonies.(Provinces regarded as Colonies of Britain before and after BNA Act)
..13 American colonies of Britain
..other colonies of Britain that formed their constitutions..Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa
..right and reason for might by which Britain held its colonies
..under Britain's authority..why?
Commission appointing Governor General spurious?

..Special Committee investigating the BNA Act after Statute of Westminster.(what they said)
Common Law of England

Commons, House of Canada, Britain

..of Canada not allowed by Britain who controlled Canada then
......a myth-1--2--3--4--5--6--7--8--9--10--12
......documents (from Pope's Confederation Documents)
......after 1867, Sir John A. Macdonald still hoping for a Canadian union
......Sir John A. Macdonald's House of Commons speech and his writings showing he was
       no "father of confederation" as Canadians have been indoctrinated about since day one
..United States did it better

..Canadian conferences, re: forming a federal union, leading up to the BNA Act
....Conference, September 1, 1864
....Conference, September 1, 1864, reference 2
....Quebec Conference, October, 1864
....Imperial Conferences
....what were Imperial Conferences?
Confusion for Canadians as to their rights

Consent of those being governed-1--2--3--4--5--6--7
Consolidation.(Legislative Consolidation)

Cons.ad nauseam....besides here, see also 'coerced'
..conned out of a union
..Fathers of Confederation pic a forgery?
..how those who do it, do it


....R.B. Bennett's Governor General trick.(11th prime minister of Canada)
....Mackenzie King's Governor General trick.(10th prime minister of Canada)

....Pierre Elliott Trudeau's (15th prime minister of Canada) snow job-1--2--3--4--5

..a constitution must be accepted by the citizens or it is not a constitution at all
..BNA Act not at all a constitution (and what the real constitution was)

..Canadians, by putting up with a non-government, are in 'dark ages' when compared
.......with other nations-1--2--3
..Constitutional Act of 1791
..constitutional experts, professors in various universities, and legists.(*)
..designed in Britain.(Right Honorable Edward Cardwell M.P. in charge of the Colonial Department, Britain)

..examples of constitutions Canada could use:
.......Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa), and also see England, Virginia, Switzerland and United States
.......Canada could frame a proper constitution
..meaning of
..no constitution for Canadians-1--2--3
..no constitutional rights for Canadians under BNA Act
..of England
..other former dominions of Britain did it properly-1--2--3-(and so have many other countries)

..right and wrong ways to get a constitution - right ways-1--2--3--4...5.---wrong ways

..Trudeau, Prime Minister Elliott: ideas he labeled as being a constitution.(a so-called.constitution..not at
......all.a constitution, but a disguise; his idea of repatriating the constitution cockeyed; also invalid
..Trudeau's farcical repatriation of a constitution.(not.a real constitution at all)
..Trudeau's constitution was not debated in the Provincial Legislatures.(therefore it didn't constitute
......anything but a snow-job. It contained nothing of what the people in Canada may have wanted,
......as they were not involved in its formulation at all; in addition, no opportunity was available
......for a vote on Trudeau and his comrades' ideas that Trudeau called a constitution
..Trudeau gets Provincial Premiers to agree (Premiers.not.on the side of citizens they represent {too
......damn stupid or perhaps lazy, or just didn't care?})
..Trudeau finds an out after a Supreme Court ruling (shows he had no interest in the 'spirit of the law')
..United States and others did it better
Constitutional experts, professors in various universities, and legists information
Control of the nation by central Canada
Control of Canada by Britain

Corporate Sole.(not the shoes on a corporate guy)-1--2
Cretien, Pearson, Martin (prime ministers who refused to go)
Creation of the Dominion of Canada
Cromwell, Oliver.(appeared to be on the side of rights for We the People)

Crown Lands.(what that means)
Custom, Convention and Tradition.(Canada only a country by this; unfortunately it's a
    custom, convention and tradition Canadians have felt they had to put up with; a country which is merely a geographical expression by default
Daddy, 'Cch' and daddy's little boys story
Dead.(BNA Act now dead)-1--2

Debt (the country's debt)-1--2--3

Delegates from Canada in London re BNA Act's implementation-1--2--3--4
..wording they wanted compared to what Britain drafted and used in BNA Act
Deleted.first page of BNA Act

Developing society (why it is you have 'no time', and what caused the greatest age ever known.(*).

Dictatorship in Canada-1--2--3--4--5
District of Columbia.(Washington D.C.)

Documents and Events pertaining to and/or affecting Canada
......Act of Union 1840.(what's an Act?)
......Atlantic Charter 1941
......Balfour Report 1926
......Banks Bill 1866
......Bennetts Commission 1935
......BNA Act 1867
......Canada Act 1791
......Canada Act 1982
......Canadian Bill of Rights 1960.(what's a Bill?)
......Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982
......Charlottetown Accord 1992
......Charlottetown Conference 1864
......Constitutional Act of 1791
......Eminent Domain 486 B.C.
......Governor General's Act circa 1930
......Imperial Conference 1926
......Imperial Conference 1930
......Imperial Conferences 1907, 1911, 1926 and 1930
......Interpretation Act 1889
......Letters Patent.(fabricated) 1947
......Letters Patent.(legal) 1931
......Magna Carta 1215
......Meech Lake Accord 1987
......Quebec Act 1774
......Quebec Conference resolutions 1864
......Reciprocity Treaty 1854
......Reform Bills 19th and 20th century
......Sessional Papers 18 1763
......Statute of Westminster 1931
......Treaty of Paris 1783
......Treaty of Union 1707
......Treaty of Versailles 1783
......involving United States and also pertaining to Canada
..........American Revolution 1775-1783
..........Articles of Confederation 1781
..........Banks Bill 1866
..........Constitution of United States of America 1788
..........Declaration of Independence 1776
..........Treaty of Washington 1871
..........Trent Affair 1861
..........Tribunal of Arbitration 1871

Dollar (an interesting story)
Dominion of Canada.(meaning of the word 'dominion')

..comprised the Provinces.(called the 'Dominion of Canada'..flag)
..first Colony was Newfoundland
..meaning of in Statute of Westminster
..was a self governing colony under the Governor General