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C. S. Lewis
...government, trying to take over
...how they have hurt the world 1, 2, 3
...how they have harmed, hurt & deprived humanity
...names used to hide behind
...The Fall of the Cabal.videos
...why they have to give advance notice of their plans of evil
Caesar; "render unto Caesar..."
CAFR's.(cafr1.com; what Walter found on government corruption at all levels)
Cahill, Dolores, Ph.D., professor
Cahill, James C..(video on plants talking to each other, amazing!)
Cain.(Cain was Adam' and Eve's first child and Abel was his brother)
Cain's wife
Caleb.(one of the men Moses sent out to scout the promised land)
Calendars.(of historical note)
Calf.(happy occasions in the Bible, such as this one.(Luke 15:11-22).brought together like today, those in agreement with the reason to celebrate with a fine meal, using their best fatted calf)
Calgary.(and take a free video walking tour of this really nice city and high end home theater; with a system like this, why go out for a movie?)
Calgary Stampeders Football Club.(former coach Wally Buono)
Call no man your father
Calling on God
Calling.(God's calling through Christ)
Calling evil good.(the mislabeling some use)
Calls.(humanity to higher consciousness ways by means of loving kindness)
Calls those which are not...
Calvary.(also known as Golgotha, where the crucifixion of Emmanuel took place)
Calves.(they made golden calves with their own hands to worship)
Calvin, John.(1509-1562 A.D., advanced new ideas on worship based on the Bible)
Cambyses I.(son of Cyrus I)
Cambyses II.(son of Cyrus II the Great)
Camel.(easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle)
Can do nothing
Can liners.(be sure your canned food has safe liners; what they replaced BPA.with is not good either; however, these companies {edenfoods.com and amyskitchen.ca} use completely safe can liners which some.few.other manufacturers of canned products are beginning to use)
Can.(some people think that the world is their garbage can)
Canada's birthday? Think again!
Canada bankrupt!
Canada before 1867 with the United States of America was a protectorate of the United States, which left Canada to develop her own republic based on the 1776 American Constitution, that is, until the corrupt Rothschild controlled British wormed their way in. Now British control over We the People in Canada is gone and America is once again protecting Canada. 
Canada history, 1497 onward:.https://www.bbsradio.com/podcast/here-we-stand-april-2-2023 When there, scoll down a bit to the black audio line.
CANADA and the Covid con
"It takes a special kind of stupid to believe in a rapid/test kit that returns positive covid results, using Coca-Cola, orange juice, tap water and Kiwi Fruit as test subjects.".And more on the PCR tests fraud.
Canada - massive corruption and you never knew how bad it really was, because you watch TV which lies and hides information the cabal controllers of nations want to keep from you. Some people still avoid listening to inner guidance. which would guide them into truth. Hey! If you stay away from your inner abilities, it dissipates. Get it back while you can. How?
Canada history and Rights Canadians have.(a still living writer of this Canadian Charter, speaks about it, today's tyranny and the law suit against corporate Canada for violating rights of people as laid down in the Charter he helped craft to protect all Canadians). These basic rights are similar in every country. You have no rights.(what is a right?).until you use them. No one can use them for you. Why would you ever go along with a policy which is harmful to and harming people, including you, unless you are part of the totalitarian dark side or were severely duped? See the site addendum on Canada's history and learn from David Straight's information.
Learn your rights so you know how to defend yourself and protect your family and see the International Common Law Court of Justice Verdict. Common Law is above any and all corporate courts, judges and lawyers who belong the BAR (British Accredited Registration / British Admiralty Register), a criminal system used to protect criminals in government and other corporations worldwide, a satanic system of evil that is fast disappearing thanks to Trump and the Alliance militaries.

"Statutes, etc. without consent by We the People is not law."....Oliver Wendell Holmes

Bye, bye corrupt legal/justice/legalese system that scams money from individual We the People trusts, called a Cestui Que Vie trust, for infractions they get you on, with.their.concocted.800,000 plus rules, codes, acts, bylaws, mandates, regulations, statutes on everything from permits to driver's licences, lapses of them, to building code can't do's, can do's, fence distances, etc., many of which are good, but they catch you on rules THEY set up without We the People's specific approval and wield.them over you to get at your Cestui Que Vie trust account money, while at the same time you also pay a fine out of your pocket; 'double dippin', like is also done with your house or car loan. See David Straight's videos. He explains here and there in them how their elaborate.scams work. But again, not to worry because...

Ask some questions, such as Why are those things that are proven to strengthen one's human immune system, not put forth by the criminal medical/pharmaceutical complex, to help people? Why is the mainstream media not investigating and reporting to the public what is really going on and has similarly gone on in history? Why is the medical/pharmaceutical 'health' industry hellbent on depopulating.(murdering).most of the planet.(*).using poisons.(what poisons?).that have nothing at all to do with true health, but only death? Why was the Nazi regime, the Mussolini, the.Pol Pot and many other regimes allowed to be as evil as they were? Why are draconian measures applied to dealing with a simple flu renamed covid-19, now proven a bioweapon?

To save you time, you can open and save your rights or if you prefer, print them in black and white. They are important main excerpts taken from the following documents.."Freedom of speech, thought, belief and the right to life, liberty and security of the individual are guaranteed. We do not need to beg, barter or ask for them…they are ours for the taking.".You have no rights until you stand up for them!

Bills of Rights.(included here under Bills of Rights.are American Bill of Rights.{*}, Canadian Bill of Rights & Charter of Rights and Freedoms.{*, and how to file a complaint?}, Alberta Bill of Rights.{*, also Alberta Premier Danielle Smith https://www.alberta.ca/premier-contact.cfm} Alberta Health Information Act.{*}, Alberta Human Rights Act & Commission.{1, 2}, Employee Rights {*}, Canada Emergencies Act.{*}, Justice Center-Alberta.{*}, Nuremberg Code.{Canada and also 2, 3}, Canadian Passport.{*}, Canadian Labor Code.{*}, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms.{*}, Australian Bill of Rights.{*}{NSW Health}, UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.{*}, Geneva Protocol on Bacteriological Methods of Warfare, 1972 Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological and Toxin Weapons and Their Destruction (the BTWC).{*}. And on being coerced into divulging your private medical information.{*}).

Also see Patrick King court case in Alberta. "The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government...".Article 21(3), of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Now and because of the International Court's verdict, a World Citizen Government Passport to avoid travel issues, will soon not be needed. Search for it on the Internet.

All these RIGHTS are similar all over the world.

Law goes both ways. They have to give you the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) on each vaccine.

And this on exemptions from the covid restrictions. Documents and video to help you right after this article. Nobody is coming to do it for you. Act as if your life is valuable by standing with others:.Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you and you shall be no priest to me. Seeing you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children.".So, here's the knowledge. Do something good with it:

Religious Exemptions are far more effective than medical exemptions:
Illegal mandates in Alberta come from and are generated by a Provincial Government thinking they have power to override the guaranteed rights of We the People. The debased Premier is not the government, but acts as though he is the single voice of We the People. Such tyrants and their non elected lackeys, obviously having been corrupted by either brainwashing, blackmail or bribery, have taken responsibility for declaring opinions which flout laws made to protect We the People from such arbitrary.decrees as presented by such despots. Such arrogant.pronouncements in Alberta are the phony states of emergency declared unilaterally. Regardless of whether truth shows it's a real emergency it matters not when it comes to your rights. Corrupt politicians and their lackeys hang onto narratives that are politically and financially expedient for their controllers. They are usually driven by political pressure from the federal side by the surface rulers for the hidden cabal.

From the advisement of a Dr. Deena Hinshaw about Covid-19 performance in the province, the Premier Jason Kenney enacted Emergency Health Measures without consulting with any of Alberta's MLAs or even We the People. This emergency health measure expires every 90 days and Jason Kenney (with Dr. Hinshaw) decide if they keep it going or not. Emergency can only be enacted when there are no other treatments. There are many, proving the so-called Emergency Declarations are nothing but lies. The criminals just hid the solutions from you.

Why the fraudulent and illegal push on this jab, masks, PCR tests and on distancing the people? There is no emergency, only a narrative Kenny and Hinshaw either ignorantly or on purpose advertise as important to deal with. And this nonsense for a non existent virus, as proven in many courts throughout the world. The only reason we see such a crime being done to humanity is Kenny and Hinshaw are falling in line with the World Health Organization's (WHO) depopulation agenda of murder. They, like other criminals in power throughout the world all act from the same playbook of the cabal. Many have died, so they have committed crimes against humanity of which genocide is included. Their push for your death continues. They do not stop. So, they are being STOPPED. A crime against humanity and even high treason against the people for either of these crimes invokes prison sentences and/or death penalties. Death to those perpetrating death is a good balance.

The covid scam has continued on its killing, maiming and severely harming spree. Why are these people using 'Nazi methods', methods which violate human rights laws and brought executions under the Nuremberg Code? Satanically influenced people feel they are immune to repercussions, but they will soon find out how 'immune' they actually were.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw is NOT an elected advisor, she is appointed by Jason Kenney, premier of Alberta. 'Appointed' is not the same as 'elected' by voters. Because she is not elected, many people and correctly so, do not choose to recognize any authority she purports.

Under a 'State of Emergency' a government is then able to attempt to flout the law — the real laws of the Alberta Human Rights Act, the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms. Under the Alberta Human Rights Act, the Alberta Human Rights Commission operates independently and away from government. This commission and tribunal is YOUR FRIEND.

For your religious exemption you DO NOT need a Priest, Pastor or Dioces or Parish to provide a letter for you when filing religious exemptions. Why? Because of Supreme Court of Canada case law has previously settled this.

Do not become discouraged if your school or employer rejects your exemption and/or asks you to 'prove' your religious belief. They will often try to ask you to provide a note from your faith group leaders, but you do not need to provide that.

Case law is: Syndicat Northcrest Vs. Amselem 2004 SCC 47, where it says: Regarding religious exemptions, the Supreme Court of Canada in Syndicat Northcrest v. Amselem 2004 SCC 47 states that religious beliefs are to be protected if an individual believes it is grounded in his or her religion, regardless of whether the belief was required by a religious authority. It is therefore illegal for your institution to refuse exemption requests because they are based on a belief not required by a particular religion. The law is clear, you cannot refuse an exemption request because it is unsubstantiated by a religious authority. Some institutions hold the position that because the request is required to be in keeping with religious, rather than political beliefs, they can require the individual’s request to be in keeping with and verified by a religious body. That is incorrect. 

If your school or employer rejects your exemption application altogether you can (and must) followup with filing a serious complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission & Tribunal. You do not require a lawyer to file for you. This tribunal is tied to the highest courts of Alberta and operates away from government interference and they do take action! 

In Canada, how many are aware that employers cannot initiate unpaid leave of absence?.

Like, you gotta know and stand up for what you know.

And the details document you can download on preparing your Religious Exemption.

And the important Sept 18, 2021 video on it by Carmen Kissel-Verrier, Bonneville, Alberta, based on the help of Carol Crosson, Airdrie, Alberta (Calgary area; constitutional lawyer), one of Canada's top constitutional lawyers (here's others) who specializes in niche.litigation of the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms. She's been litigating in this field of law for over 10 years now, all across Canada.

More to be aware of
Federal and provincial judges in Canada (other countries too) have sworn to uphold laws to protect We the People from things such as the covid pushers with their non authority to do such things. But you have to act. No complaint equals no action. Get a class action suit going if you and others have been fired from your jobs for standing up for your rights. Then sue the company for wrongful dismissal. If you can't afford a lawyer, Legal Aid provides one. Sue the vaccine pushers for millions of dollars for crimes against your rights. Their actions may also come under crimes against humanity and/or treason, both which are imprisonment or death penalty. Your actions may save others who may be lacking the gumption and ability to do the same. The law is there to protect you, put there by the good people of the past to protect you. It's for you to use. Use it! The courts can't do anything without a complaint. You either suffer in silence or act! Or you can wait and see how others make out. Your choice is your life.."If not us, who? If not now? When?"....JFK.
-In Canada there is no mandatory jabs and they cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution and the others documents above. Only three provinces have legislation or regulations under their health protection acts to require proof of vaccination for school entrance, Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba, but a religious exemption would probably be effective there to. Check their human rights documents similar to the ones above here.
...claim filed against BC and federal corporate governments
...Canada childrens rights, parent resources
...Canada Employment letter.(A letter you can use if you are threatened about losing your job unless you conform to their satanic totalitarian agenda of coerced and/or forced jabs).Know that mandatory is not law.(*), it's a corporation advertisement, often making you think that it must be. It's propaganda. Know that your rights are protected by law, that is, if you use the protection. If not, well, your choice. The laws are there, but it's up to you if you stand up for yourself or not. Remember, if you let them, they'll barnstorm and bully all over your rights and you could well become one of the depopulation statistics.

...another Employment letter, this one from Rocco Galati, Canadian Constitutional lawyer, Action4Canada.com.
......."Why seek an 'exemption' FROM THE VIOLATORS? Makes no sense."....Rocco Galati.
...another Employment form, a form re consent and PCR tests
...steps to getting out of, if your employer is forcing you re the covid con
...Brian Peckford, former premier of Newfoundland with Rocco Galati. Brian was one of the original writers of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. In the light of the present tyranny of the covid con, Brian speaks regarding how all covid measures are BREAKING THE LAW. There are severe penalties for anyone not adhering to the main law of a country and this includes the covid con artists worldwide!

PCR tests, also
This is from Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati: He has advised that the Supreme Court of Canada has already ruled that any medical treatment, including vaccination, without the informed consent of the individual, is unconstitutional. Galati also states:
 • If your employment is already underway, it is illegal for an employer to impose a new condition not included in the employment contract.
 • If your employer terminates your employment as a result of your decision to refuse this experimental medical treatment, they could be liable for wrongful dismissal or other contract violations.
 • If you sign an employment contract whereby you agree to be vaccinated with the COVID vaccine as a condition of employment, the employer may have the legal right to dismiss you without compensation.
 • It is the view of the Constitutional Rights Centre that mandatory vaccination in all employment contexts is illegal, unconstitutional and unenforceable.
 • If your employment, enrollment or service is illegally terminated because of your unwillingness to accept the experimental injection you are advised to sue for wrongful dismissal or violation of contract. "We have to stop thinking about getting an exemption and get onto having our constitutional rights violated. We have the constitutional right to refuse a vaccine. Those trying to coerce and mandate the vaccine are violating that common law, statutory and constitutional right. Why seek an ‘exemption’ FROM THE VIOLATORS?  Makes no sense."....Rocco Galati., Constitutional Lawyer. Rocco Galati Law Firm Professional Corporation, Business Address, 1062 College St. Lower Level, Toronto, Ontario, M6H 1A9, 416 530 9684, Fax 416 530 8129 https://action4canada.com/

...Informed Consent is your right
...Canada Notice of Liability COVID Non-Consent for Minors Including, but not Limited to Masks, Sanitizers, Social Distancing and 'Vaccination'
...Canada masks, covid exemption
......Here is how to defeat the vax passports. Step by step. 
1. Go get turned down or kicked out of an establishment, restaurant, school, etc & document it. 
2. Contact the human rights commission.
3. Make your complaint and they'll give you a file number.
4. Use that file number to make a statement to others you meet who are similarly concerned. 
5. The human rights commission will serve them papers. 
6. The place that rejected you will think they can win in court. 
7. The judge will force them to pay because the human rights commission will remind them no business private or public can discriminate against anyone based on religion, race and yes, any health reasons, because it is illegal.
8. Everyone who may follow will overwhelm the places, standing up against the illegal passports. How?

Translation: people trying to stand up to save those they love while the horrible evils carry on. See at 17:00 min in, German doctor Pablo Campra explaining the 'razors' (GHO, Graphene Hydroxide) in the so-called 'vaccine', which is actually a bioweapon, cutting people from the inside and see the numbers of people dropping dead from this bioweapon; begins at 17 minutes in https://www.bitchute.com/video/Wi4s6BysxxyR/. Why then are some people ok after getting vaxxed with this bioweapon? There's 3 vials. The code on them has a 1, 2 or 3. 1 is a saline injection, no harm, so you'll tell others 'I had the vaccine and I'm fine', a sales job so others are sucked in. 2 is a flu shot with harmful graphene oxide. 3 is the death shot and has graphene hydroxide. Death is immediate or over 2-3 years, depending on amounts and what other concoctions are used at what amounts and at what times, because they are constantly tinkering with the poisons in their bioweapons so it's difficult to pin down. Such is the way of Satan.

...Canada Labor Code
...Canada Notices of Liability covid related business, mask, jab, pcr testing, etc from Rocco Galati of Action4Canada.com
...Canada Privacy_Act_and_PIEEDA
...Canada Privacy protection, employment concerns
...refusing the jab information
...Dolores Cahill, Ph.D., professor, Ireland, on all governments breaking the law

See the January 15, 2022 verdict by the International Court and the earlier record of the International Common Law Court of JusticeThe Case of Genocide in Canada, all thanks to Kevin Annett, who uncovered the satanic genocide plan of the cabal to eliminate First Nations people in Canada and elsewhere and how it ties in with the covid bioweapon; at these links:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvhfXAd08TE (Part One)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPKFk_L7y9g (Part Two)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OI-RQuWPFU (Sentence and Verdict on an earlier law suit)

The evidence of genocide in Canada at www.murderbydecree.com
and on YouTube. "Words are a spark to action." ...Kevin Annett.

The January 15, 2022 verdict of the International Criminal Court
The court's verdict and arrests and your power to arrest as individuals in Canada.

Video on it  https://youtu.be/ILk60NZzyLI
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rk4g5l7FcFc&list=PLYEnChrKOgm7aRDzbo6yfswzCEdMl2P8e&index=1 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CReISnQDbBE

And Kevin's book and video that turned the tide on the criminals in Canada and worldwide. They are free. Click on the pic for the free viewing of the video and the free book is here.


...Canada birthday?
...BNA Act.(upon which Canada's alleged constitution was based)
...BNA Act was a private British bill.(and you thought it was some sort of a constitution for Canada)
...BNA act was a 'sick bird' for people in Canada right from the beginning
...Britain admits intentional misrepresentation re the BNA Act
...Canada didn't get the BNA Act wording it originally wanted because of Britain and corrupted politicians in Canada (like, why go to some other country asking them please, please, please, when We the People in our country are left out in the cold?)
...Canadawide constitutional lawyers to help you
...BNA Act disguised as a new constitution for the country
...BNA Act inadequate as a constitution
...BNA Act not brought to Canada, so why use it then as a basis for some concocted alleged constitution? No signed, certified copy of this Act is to be found in any Province's records. Don't you think that when all parties ratify an agreement that they should all at least have a copy of the agreement? It as all a con from the start:.John 8:44.
...presentation of the BNA Act back then
...who wrote the BNA Act?
...Colonial Laws Validity Act.(how does this fit in?)
...confederation defined.(see how Canada never has confederated)
...Sir John A. Macdonald attests to no confederation ever took place
...Dominion of Canada.(what does this mean?)
...Eminent Domain.(why this is important?)
...England's constitution.(and you were taught they didn't have one)
...the 'Canadian' flag
...governments in Canada since 1867 failed to make status known to populace.(let's hear it for the crooked politicians who still carry on the con)
...Governor General's power.(and you thought the office was only a figurehead)
...Fathers of Confederation forgery.(see the pic)
...Imperial conferences.(the beginnings of what brought us to today)
...John A. Macdonald.(like We the People of Canada, he too was conned)
......his original copy of the BNA Act with his notes on it
......still hoping after 1867 for a confederation
......member of the British government.(he was not in any way a "father of some sort of a Canadian confederation" as Canadians have been led to believe; the whole thing's been a lie)
...keeping the truth from Canadians
...Letters Patent.(and the phony ones)
......what did the Letters Patent constitute?
......who was really the constitution in Canada up to 1931?
...Magna Carta.(how does it fit in? & Article 61 of it)
...Canada not allowed by Britain to federate until December 11, 1931 and hasn't federated yet
...original provinces called Canada.(guess how many?)
...red ensign.(what's it mean?)
...Statute of Westminster.(a most important document that exposes a lot)
...US bill to annex Canada.(a threat to the British at the time)
...what was Canada originally?.(was it a country way back when?)
Canada Labor Code
Canadian control practices.(coercion by using the worldwide media)
Canadians doing good
Cancer(s): see also Health and Healing
...the remarkable healer Bruno Groening heals from beyond
...MMS (chlorine dioxide)
...aloe vera and cancer disappearance (search naturalnews.com for 'aloe vera and cancer' and truthpublishing.com for the same)
...and diesel exhaust.(naturalnews.com search 'diesel exhaust blood cancer')
...avoid all non organic oils as much as possible, especially for cancer
...avoid sugar (type into Bing or Google 'sugar and health')
...basketball size tumor gone in 6½ weeks by using mind only
...bladder cancer cured in under 3 minutesEssaic for health
...breast imaging dangers.(thermography safe and highly accurate compared to dangerous and highly inaccurate mammograms which can promote the cancer)
...cancer starts
...cells in all of us for a good reason
...cells virtually last forever if not poisoned
...chemotherapy.(is it effective or just more poisoning? See https://rumble.com/v4k30ib-wtpn-situation-update-31824.html at 40:38 in)
......lemons, 400x more powerful than chemotherapy and without side effects
...distorted energy cause
...erasing the information of the disease (in the invisible zone)
...Essaic cleans you up; why cleaning up is important?
...gastric cancer
...healing with mushrooms
...healing with words
...hodgkin's lymphoma healed
...importance of fasting
...importance of nutrition.(importance of lemons)
...importance of water
...leukemia doesn't form tumors
...prostate cancer
...reversing major diseases
...Burzynski movies.(BurzynskiMovie.com {curing cancer since the 1970s})
...Suzanne Somers story.(Three's a Company TV show)(about why you can't trust whatSuzanne Somers book KnockoutDr Burzynski curing cancer doctors may tell you; never take action on their advice, even if it's 6 of them if they know each other and even if they don't know each other, be extremelysuspicious of what they say to you about your health as they'll stick up for each other and 'leave you to the wolves' when 'push comes to shove':.Job 13:4 "But you are forgers of lies, you are all physicians of no value.".Suzanne in her new book talks of the many safe, effective options for treating cancer that exist outside the realm of the conventional cancer industry's chemotherapy, surgery and radiation (so it's a poison, cut and burn approach). One of the doctors trying to helo is Dr. Burzynski with his 40 year old effective approach. He's in the TV video link above. The FDA, CDC (who funds them? and they are a vaccines sales company), HHS (Human Health Services) in the US and other medical associations throughout the world need to come up with an explanation of why they seemingly do not know what they are doing, leaving the public with an apparentconclusion that they want most of us dead and will make money on us while we're goin' down as they continue on their merry way propagandizingthe public with seeming idiocies such as, a 'disease'. Interestingly, there are more people who live off cancer than have it. It's a huge money maker.BurzynskiMovie.com

...terminal cancer? (cancerdefeated.com) (cancer cured under 3 minutes)
...thermograms more accurate and much, much safer and more accurate than mammograms
...treatments proven effective.(Dr. Tullio Simoncini's results, see on YouTube) (University of Alberta harmless yet effective cancer treatment, see on YouTube)
...If you're dealing with cancer and your funds are running out, these people may be able to help and slso, the med beds will be out soon to help you; the non-profit Patient Advocate Foundation (patientadvocate.org).."You can bet life on the chemotherapy approach which seeks to poison the body into a state of remission instead of nourishing it into a state of health. No one apparently told Patrick Swayze the cancer industry isn't looking for a cure. They're looking for more business from more patients and a genuine 'cure' for cancer is flatly incompatible with the industry's business interests." ...from an article at naturalnews.com; search there for 'chemotherapy Patrick Swayze'. Keep 'em sick, but keep 'em goin', that's where the bucks are.
-Royal Rife's effective efforts with curing serious diseases
...'Joe Dispenza Annabelle's story' of using your inner voice to get over cancer. Try YouTube. Also, Joe's own story. Listings on Joe Dispenza.
Candy Cane.(its story)
Cannabis.(to get the greatest health benefits, only use raw)
Can't come to God unless he 'calls' you
Caphtor.(ancestors of the Philistines)
...advice from God to those He sent into captivity
...ancient Judah
......captivity to Babylon of the tribe of Judah was to be good for them
...captivity of ancient Israel.(a later captivity, long after the captivity in Egypt)
...captivity to Egypt and the exodus
Car cabins.(avoiding toxicosis caused by chemicals in newer vehicles)
Care for others?.(show it; God cares; care for your enemies)
Carefree.(avoid being carefree, but do enjoy carefree days)
Careful.(be careful who you open up to)
Carelessly let them slip
Carl Jung
Carlin, George.(a funny man who was able to get truth of the corrupt cabal across to audiences)
Carmel.(word meaning)
Carnal mind
Carrey, Jim
Carroll Quigley, Dr..(Bill Clinton's professor of history at the Foreign Service School of Georgetown University. He also taught at Princeton and at Harvard. His 1300 page book Tragedy and Hope is unique among other history books in its exposure of the role of the International Banking cabal behind the scenes in world affairs)
...electric car.(who killed it and why?)
...Henry Ford's lighter but stronger than steel car that was shut down
...toxic interiors of new vehicles
Case.(who owns the land it? it's not the Crown, they stole it)
Cash, Johnny.(his 'hymn' of repentance...Hurt)
Cast down.(Satan cast out of God's presence to Earth:.Revelation 12:10)
Castoreum.(beaver butt secretions in foods and drinks)
Catholics.(Roman Catholic Church, Buddhism, Christianity, fundamentalist sects, Mormons, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses and probably every group)
Cause of problems
Cavalry.(who are they in our day and age?)
Cavemen?.(were there really dumb ignorant grunts.at the beginning? No!)
Cayce, Edgar.(famous psychic)
Cell phones.(and wireless technologies; use them at your own serious risk; and, charging a cell phone)
...of the body:
...manufacturing process
...protein manufacture
...stem cells.(become as is environment into which they are placed)
...stress and effect on cells
Census.(ancient David initiates one, another of his big mistakes)
Central nervous system
Centre for Spiritual Awareness.(Roy Eugene Davis)
Cerebral palsy encouragement
Ceremony.(some people need physical ceremony to validate them)
Cestui Que Vie trust.(where you have a lot of money they never told you about and illegally kept it hidden from you)
Chaldea, Chaldees.(ancient people in time of beginning of humans)
...an affirmation for change and your part and God's part in change
...changes of names hides the past and causes confusion
...changing jobs
...changing locations
...changing partners.(mates)
...changing self (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 {not same individual anymre})
...OC/NC.(changes compared, old covenant/new covenant)
...OT/NT.(changes compared, Old Testament/New Testament)
...what does change of the self entail?
Chapman, Beth.(touching songs)
Chapters & verses.(of each book in the Bible)
Charging for the truth?
Charities.(the good and the ugly, taking your money for themselves)
Charles Darwin
Charlie Chaplin.(quote)
Charlie Ward.(honest news)
Charlotte Iserbyt.(a good senior official on education's dumbing down of people)
Charm.(as in personality)
Charmers.(as in wizardry)
Charran.(New Testament name for ancient city called Haran, in Moses' time)
Chastisement.(chastening, chasten)
Chatter.(mind always chattering)
Chavez, Hugo, of Venezuela
Chemical flashbulbs
Chemistry journals.(list of, glclk.about.com)
Chemotherapy.(how good is it?)
Chemtrails.(also called 'geoengineering'; information on this poisonous concoction of heavy metals {respiratory disease & infertility inducing}, sprayed on populations)
Cheniere.(lake in Louisiana close to Tom Bearden)
Chernobyl disaster:
...Grigori Grabovoi and prevention of a similar Chernobyl
...Tom Bearden speaks
Chi.(electrical fields of the human body)
Chi masters
Chia seeds.(use them properly or choking may occur)
Chief of sinners
Chief Pontiac.(quote on the takeover of First Nations people)
Child Protection Services.(CPS)
Children:.(highlights page)
...abused.(abused by what they call a vaccination)
...Adam & Eve's children
...affecting them toward good
...all so different (how to handle it)
...amazing process to produce a baby
...around others
...bad parent examples 1, 2, 3, 4
...bedtime (tucking them in & telling them a story)
...birth of
...blessing.(see blessing of children)
...books children should read or be read to
...borderline personality disorder cured
...born good
...boy or girl?.(which do you want? how to 'lean' the sperm one way or the other)
...bringing them up right (wise proverbs on)
...cared for.(children are cared for by God)
...Childrens Health Defense.(RFK's (nephew of JFK) efforts to protect children)
...devil.(who are the children of the devil today?)
...decribing what they see is important to teach them
...and divorce
...effect of thought forms on
...eight month old babies amazing
...emaciated children.(result of cabal controlling the world)
...feeling bad.(growing up)
...For the Love of Children Society
...game of marbles
...games and stories.(safe)
...give them good memories
...God's children
...homeschool them
...idiotic children's books
...innocence.(of dear children)
...intimidation at school
...left home so more food for family
...left to itself (not much parental involvement)
...lifting up your kids (keeping them from serious mistakes)
...in untenable situations at home
...of Belial
...of God.(also see adopted into His family)
...of Satan
...picture has a story they can tell you
...play time
...prayers of.(teaching them to pray)
...problems they have (prodigal son or prison, having big problems or in some kind of deep trouble)
...promises to protect
...protecting children tips.(sharp corners on furniture, stroller safety, etc.) 
...proverbs about
...questions on
...relationship with
...safe web sites
...safety of
...saved from the tunnels and DUMBs
...sensitive to evil.(because they are innocent)
...sexuality.(their curiosity can lead them into trouble)
...smiling at children.(a good quality in an individual)
...serious problems.(what if your son or daughter was into serious problems?)
...spoiling of by gifts?
...teaching them.(to decribe what they see)
...what to give them
-Stories:.telling good stories to them
...Abraham & Lot
...African king who lost a thumb
...Ancient kings Ahab and Jehoshaphat.(the story is humorous)
...Balaam and his ass
...bizarre true story
...bringing them up right
...broken boot and the plastic strap
...candy cane
...Daniel and the handwriting on the wall
...Daniel and his friends protected in the fiery furnace
...Daniel and the lion's den
...Diabolo.(the incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit)
...Esau/Edom.(for older children, say 12 plus)
...Elijah and the false prophets of Baal
...Elisha's unwavering faith
...Gedaliah.(a good man, albeit it somewhat nonsensical)
...Gideon.(stronger with God on his side and few men, than a mighty army)
...guardian angels
...Hannah.(mother of Samuel, elated her prayer was answered)
...heart stories.(stories that'll strike you deep)
...Hezekiah.(story of this ancient good king who was too open with others)
...iron floats
...Jacob & Laban.(Laban cheats his nephew Jacob and Laban's life turns down)
...Jericho.(and the walls came a tumbling down)
...Jimmy's story.(wrote his mom on Earth, after his death)
...Job.(the story of Job shows who controls the multiverse)
...Johnny Appleseed (a classic true children's story)
...Jonah and the big fish
...Joshua and the walls of Jericho
...keeping them out of prison
...King Nebuchadnezzar becomes an actual wild beast for seven years
...Marian Anderson's mom
...Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.(true story)
...Samson, Delilah, Philistines
...Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego in the fiery furnace
...stupid children's books to avoid
...thankfulness always
...the This Is Good story.(how you should always look at things)
...vast multiverse
...what to teach your childrenso they grow up with an advantage
...Zero Limits.(a moving excerpt from the book)
   ...end of stories...
...unborn.(thoughts of parents & others can affect)
...who is stealing the children?
...why some children turn into killers
...without father and/or mother
...your children