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D o e s  G o d  E x i s t ?
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Who but our Creator can create an apple? The tiny apple with its skin hangs on the tree, getting larger, its skin proportionally accommodating the apple's inner growth without rupturing. A wonderful dynamic.accommodative design. Not only that.

Deadly botulism grows where its dark and moist, with an absence of oxygen, yet an apple, squash, etc., will keep reasonably well all winter in a root cellar. The skin of the apple, squash, etc., maintains a dark moist and virtually air free environment inside even if a stem may puncture the apple at several points and all this even after it's off the tree and separated from the parent.(plant) yet no botulism. To accomplish the same, canners must use heat at the boiling point.

An apple reflects the pattern of seeds that produced it. The apple blossom has five petals and five ovaries containing unfertilized seeds. The apple has five seed compartments arrayed in a starburst pattern. A kiwi also evidences the starburst pattern. How many more starburst patterns can you find? Amazing is the repeating of design throughout nature.

Centripetal force from space presses on us, somewhat flattening the poles. Gravity holds us to Earth in spite of the centripetal force which would otherwise fling us into space. Why doesn't it happen? Could it be the whole thing is a hologram?

The Earth spins about 700 miles per hour at the equator, but we are not flung off in spite of its centrifugal force centered at the equator, thanks to the much greater alternate space pressure called centripetal force. The balance of these two forces set in the hologram, keeps the planets spinning at speeds which vary according to their particular size. The balance of the so-called.four (other) forces enables the multiverse and all in it to function harmoniously.

The air pressure is always around 15 pounds per square inch at sea level. All is in the balance necessary to maintain life, but all is constantly changing, so balance involves the flexibility to adapt to change.
   Consider the Earth's hum

We have up and down, in and out, fast and slow, high and low, north and south, Sun and moon, water and fire, Old Testament and New Testament, hunger and fullness, cold and warmth, comfort and pain, hard and soft, day and night, light and dark, acid and alkaline, visible and invisible, human and spirit, good and evil.(Ecclesiasted 7:14), positive and negative polarities like matter and antimatter.(antimatter is like ordinary matter, except that the anti matter version of the electron has an opposite charge, that of a positive charge, as opposed to matter's negative charged electron. This area of subatomic.physics is being explored with fascinating instruments), activity and rest, male and female, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, conscious and subconscious; the balance of which all these things provide, on this living stage for life, this Earth and existence on it, provide the essence of living and opportunity for decisions of life, arising from what we have learned. Why?

All these comprise the physical life and all for our purpose on Earth. No matter how evil you may be, just be sure that there is some good thing in you as there was in Abijah, a king of ancient Israel.

And as light and dark, we also have the good and evil. When the light comes, where does the darkness go? The same with good and evil. They both are only observances, yet both have great effect upon our living. Those the dark side can play through have such a different standard than those living by the light of the Creator. Such are they on the darker side, the would be world controllers.

We see some things and classify them as bad, as evil. We see other things and call them good. We judge them as we see their effects upon matters of living. Their effects present a choice for us to decide upon, it's good or it isn't:.Genesis 1:4 "And God saw the light that it was good...".Genesis 1:31 "And God saw every thing that he had made and behold.(means, note that, take notice).it was very good..."

We have the yin organs.(expansive type).like the large and small intestines, bladder, etc. and we have the yang.(compact).organs like the heart, kidneys, spleen/pancreas, liver, etc. A balance of design and function. And in all this we see efficiency.

And throughout the multiverse, invisible energy fields.contrast, yet maintain perfect balance with vibration. All is vibration from the silence, the so-called 'nothingness'. Man is in harmony with it when he learns how to be. This involves learning about the ego nature he has and how to rise above it. The impetus to move higher is that if he remains where he is in mind, he gets nothing that those get who have moved onward into a better higher consciousness. And so the evils in the world are there for a purpose, that of seeing them alerts us to danger. The dark side is their and can trick you onto believing what is good, is not and what is not, is good:.Isaiah 5:20 "Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil, that put darkness for light and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!"

And so it was from the beginning:.Genesis 3:1. Learning to use the interaction between consciousness and the invisible energy is a reason why we are here. But it can only be used for non destructive purposes because there is a lock on it that you are able to open. Learn more about how to unlock it, from a Chi master. This quantum field is also called the consciousness of all, within which is both the good and the bad and it's one's tuning to either which determines what he receives in life.

Even the measely.mussel.exhibits this same thinking of the Infinite One, the Universal Planner. And, we have light and heat, expansive cosmic rays and contractible.black holes. It's the same with the electrical balances in our bodies, called Chi.(chee), qi, ki.(type 'chi machine oxygen' at naturalnews.com).

There is no matter as such. Everything in existence is made up of the invisible, yet intelligent so-called.void, which is not a void at all. It's frequencies which are always moving and maintaining those physical things we see and touch, which at the human level of electromagnetic sensing ability, they don't move.

All in the multiverse are frequencies.(Genesis 1:2; Jeremiah 4:23), the Silence below all matter, often called the zero point, the 'nothingness', the 'stillness'. In some places in the Bible, it's called 'heaven' and the kingdom of God. This is easier to take.(*).into one's heart from a higher consciousness level than it is to take into one's head at the ordinary consciousness level..(*)

What we call matter is simply things of different frequencies.

From this silence, this void, comes vibrations producing all we see and know and according to thought. The intelligent energy we call God responds to all alike:.Acts 10:34. Thought in itself is also is a vibration and produces according to its kind.

This is why people just don't seem to be able to absorb this knowledge:.John 1:5 "And the light shines in darkness and the darkness comprehends it not." John 3:19 "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world and men loved darkness rather than light..."

And how can they absorb it?.John 8:12 "Then spake Emmanuel again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world. He that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 12:46 "I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believes on me should not abide in darkness." Acts 26:18 "To open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light..."

From the void comes the extremely complex balance exhibited throughout the multiverse and life itself. Here every fluctuation of virtual energy is passed along and absorbed by another virtual particle in need of energy. 'Virtual' because, although it's called a particle it is really a fluctuation of energy. Trillions of these exchanges occur every second in the multiverse, yet each form is kept separate from another. It's the same with your mind.

It's all projection. Projected from the field of pure intelligent energy, our world is what we have made it. It's our own hologram

Matter comes from formation of invisible frequencies out of the silence.(1, 2), the '0; point, like a computer with its '0's and its '1's, the off and on 'switches' that enable a computer to do all it can do. In like manner the multiverse blinks on and off.

Types of matter.(copper, gold, a human hair, skin, etc.).show forth particular vibrations or frequency combinations. They can be created by consciousness.

Individually we humans are waves of light evidenced from the void, the stillness, the non moving essence of all that is, the 'stuff', the stillness, that is below the atom.

The intelligent so-called void is available potential, available spirit energy, available yet unobtainable from the ego level of life most of us act from daily, a.k.a, the ordinary consciousness. It's all about  control by the mind. Where the mind is, is what the mind can do, but it's got to fit in with all else, that's why often answers seldom come immediately and that's not your responsibility.

When one's is of high consciousness, nothing is impossible:.Matthew 17:20 "...nothing shall be impossible unto you.".Matthew 19:26 "...with God all things are possible.".Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing shall be impossible.".Luke 18:27 "...things which are impossible with men are possible with God.".Hebrews 6:18 "...it was impossible for God to lie...".What's hard for the Creator?

"The collective consciousness is the merged consciousness of all things including animals, plants, etc. People, present and past were all contributors. Raising the level of a person's state of consciousness means that as this person grows, that is, as he exceeds the level of the collective consciousness more and more, he becomes submitted to less and less number of these 'objective laws', that is, the less and less these objective laws are able to affect him. Remember nothing is fixed as something that represents a certain unchangeable given."....Grigori Grabovoi.

And when one's mind is still in the realm of the ordinary lower consciousness, the ego level, it is called a state of.unbelief:.Mark 6:4-6.

In this ordinary consciousness.realm things are viewed as having such 'unchangeable givens'. Here the things of the collective consciousness become man's beliefs. In this realm we've accepted a belief in limitations; not enough land to feed the growing population, not enough money, not enough time, not enough of this and not enough of that, shortages of current supplies, etc. These untruths are designed by the master deceiver to keep you off base and away from truth including that all comes out of the invisible and that things can be changed for the betterment of humanity.

Matter is what we sense as being of substance, detectible by our senses. Like a TV, matter blinks on and off and different programs are ready for viewing and consideration when we change channels. We don't see the blinking as it's faster than we can comprehend. It blinks but it doesn't move. It only appears to.

Here is stillness and immense power. Here is the 'no thing ness', the non matter, the non stuff, the 'something' that is nothing, the non local, the absolute stillness.(doesn't move, doesn't vibrate, that is, until a thought from you is generated, automatically causing a movement, so we are not aware of it except by faith; it can't be smelled, held, touched, heard, or be made aware to us through our five senses because it is potential only, a high consciousness thing above the physicality of life, potential that responds to intelligence), difficult to understand from the thinking we are all used to. When the thinking turns to dark matter, understandable to quantum physicists and anyone into higher consciousness who goes into this quiet, this stillness, this nothingness, in meditation, understanding begins to unfold:.Matthew 13:13-23.

Meditation is the process of beginning in equality with the Creator and growing into use of the available greater power. One can't understand the Creator to any depth that produces seemingly miraculous results unless he is an equal with what the Creator is. The Creator became man for the Creator's purpose of being on equal footing with Him. But it's individual man's choice. Why?

The available power is akin to electricity which is dormant potential until generated and has incredible power to pull locomotives with over a hundred heavily laden rail cars up a grade through a mountain pass.

From our normal conceptual level involving linguistics, we experience some difficulty understanding workings of the invisible. However, in the mathematical language of nature.(0's and 1's, being no end, eternal), language here is information and energy.

Here in this creative base of awareness.(what you are aware of and can become aware of).is the potential for manifestation of that information.(what's in your mind).affecting the invisible energy and bringing it forth into the physical. When?

All we are aware of, all that we know of and that which yet we don't know of, is energy as frequencies. All that we see, we see as matter. All matter is spirit energy which is frequency fluctuations producing specific patterns in the invisible, which produce and maintain the various forms of matter we are aware of. All is energy, able to be used by all and therefor.all is for all. How?

Colossians 1:17 "And he is before all things and by him all things consist."

It's our thoughts that variegate everything, that change the frequency of all things focused upon, even in our human interactions. Always remember that your thoughts are creative. They create your reality. They have created the reality you are experiencing in your life today.."Always be asking yourself when you come against facts spouted off, what should be done with what is being said?"....pages 99-100 Grigori Grabovoi's book.

All matter is waves of invisible light, waves of this energy in fluctuation coming from the stillness, put together in such a way as to bring about the varied forms we know as copper, oil, wood, skin, eyeballs, lips, etc. How?

"Matter is not independent of the space around it. There is no separation."....Nassim Haramein,.The Connected Universe.

"God manifests himself as the gift of positive events, circumstances and material provision."....Sri Satya Sai Baba.

Everything is one! Below the molecule, below the atom, below the quark, below the baryons and perhaps even on down to infinitely tinier, we find that it's all the same invisible energy, but having different intelligent functions. Everything is of the same invisible intelligent energy.(Revelation 4:10), the invisible spirit world and the good and the evil, all are of the same energy, just different uses of it, different frequencies, responding as they do to thought. And herein out thoughts make the difference. Whether or not you may know it, your thoughts bring forth and according to their kind, good or bad comes forth.

When they are good, they are in alignment with the true God, as opposed to all the false gods, those idiots who are satanically influenced people, who have given attention to false gods they've adopted as being important to them throughout history.

To manifest your thoughts to produce the good you want for yourself, family and friends, you must be specific. Here, Bob Proctor and the Grand Self movie will be helpful to you.

As a complete human being are these waves of invisible light and are affected by interactions with other energies positive and negative.(negative brings dis-ease, where you don't feel at ease), so that we can learn things about life, someone is sad and you feel for them; you touch something and some of its energy is gained by you and it gains some of yours. You are exposed to what may make you fearful and you respond.

Any and all things of life and thought affect energy, frequencies, which are energy fluctuations in pattern, bundles of energy vibrations act according to information.(beliefs, attitude), energy which is in constant movement.(mass mind). That's why it's important to be alert to what is affecting you.

Energy moves from the completely still womb of creation, the stillness and into manifestation in the physical world. Everything, even emotions, thoughts, feelings, rocks, cars, grass, all is energy. High consciousess is protective energy. Low consciousness is openness to fear. 

One can enter the stillness in meditation. From here you create your world and what's in it.(so it can be improved), the world that affects you and if you don't like it, you can change it and you can change it and make it better for others who don't yet know how.

The Stillness is the source of all that is. All that, includes thought. Learning to use thought develops consciousness, either higher or lower; depends on what you yourself choose:.Romans 10:10 "For with the heart man believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."

This is a thing of structure, a spiritual structure in the stillness. This structure in the invisible, is where you reach your personal black hole. Within this black hole is your desires and from here they go out after being meliorated for everyone and everything they could possibly affect. How is this done?.(1, 2).

The Stillness is eternal. It is beyond creation, yet pervades all creations:.Colossians 1:16,17. God is, shall we say, above and beyond his creations.(there were many creations all based on God's perfect original human creation {example}).and thus, while God is sensitive to all going on in them, remains unaffected by negatives that have developed in it. 

The Stillness is the quiescent energy potential of all creation ability and from which comes the sustaining of creation as we understand it to be in the physical world. And when you go into the stillness, tell yourself to be still because when the body is still the mind is still. Just don't force yourself to be rigid. That's stressful. So enjoy your quiet times.

Thoughts arise from words having meaning to you: the word 'dog' has meaning; you know what a dog is. The word 'sex' has meaning. You know what sex is. You know what 'health' means to you. You know what the word 'joy' means, the word 'happiness' and so on. What you may not know is how the invisible brings such things as these words that your attention may be on into manifestation.

In this realm, this state of potential for manifestation, everything is either a wave or a particle. A wave function is a vector in a linear space. This realm is the state of potential for both. It's you, the observer of your thoughts, that turns the possibility into reality, that creates atmospheres which affect others. Often you can walk into a room and sense the atmosphere, actually even right at the moment of your intention to go into the room.

Intention is powerful. The fabulous works of Dr. Masaru Emoto on how intention alters matter, in this case, water, proves how powerful intentions can be. A word in mind can change matters quickly. Why?

The intention you have holds meaning according to the word or words that convey.meaning to your heart. The words 'meeting the plane at the airport' has both meaning and intention. The energy state created by those words no longer needs the words to exist. You just now know that you are looking forward to the event. You know your important purpose this day is to be at the airport to meet the plane. You are that predominant energy for this time of meeting.

The state of sureness of that meaning, that is, you mean to get to the airport come hell or highwater. This is the amount of what is called faith. Faith can be increased by thinking of words that connote truth to a person.

This Stillness is.the unified field. Within this stillness is potential and understanding. It's a field of intelligent possibilities where our inner self is the ultimate authority. It has been set up with principles of mathematical order that work as they are intended, that is, once one understands what intentions make it work personally.

Once a thought enters the stillness it, like the waves in a still pond that form when you drop a rock into it, quickly returning to its still state. Your thoughts have incredible effect when empowered with feeling, that is, a sincere deep, quiet and non.frustrating desire for it to be so.

These energy vibrations are temporary vibrations in what is called 'a flat field'. The flat field is the stillness, the nothingness, the unified field and doesn't vibrate, doesn't move at all. It's the '0' point between nothingness and existence, the starting point of all matter.

Both energy and information are really one as you can't have one without the other as the Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen Paradox showed, which is that where non local communication is faster than speed of light.

It's the same in making a baby. The right things have to be in harmony to produce one. And it's the same with manifesting material things from the non material invisible energy field by using your mind in meditation. It's the same with nutrition. 

The Creator designed food. Food is certain energy frequencies that, in order to be of benefit to the energy frequencies that a human being is, must be in harmony with them; must add to the energy that is us, whereas tampered so called 'food', genetically engineered 'food', lacks the harmononious energy the body requires and even causes harm. It's satanic.

Einstein contributed much to our world includeding his equation E=mc2 is that energy and mass.(material things), including the information that enables energy to become things, is all the same thing. Energy is coded for different information dependent upon the frequency of vibration of that which affects it. For example  95.9 and 96.5 FM brings in different stations, different information.

The vibration in this non local realm is so fast, like radio waves which are undetectable by us, but we know they are real. The point is, information affects energy. Your information field - the information in your head, the information that is your emotions, the information that makes up your presence, are together a combination of specific frequencies causing energy to be a unique way, the way that is you.

Information affects energy. That's why it has been said that 'thoughts become things':.Isaiah 33:24 "And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick:..." Matthew 12:36,37 "..very idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof...For by your words you are justified and by your words you condem yourself.".What do Isaiah 33:24 and Matthew 12:36,37 mean?.Proverbs 23:7 "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he..."

"As the will, so the thought. The thought leads man to act. Thoughts are spiritual forces."....Bruno Gröning. The act leads to acts and the more there are, the greater the chance is for cementing them to the heart. The will is the decision making tool humans have. It is used for what they decide to do or not do. Make sure the thoughts selected are those from the divine source of thoughts. Decisions are life. Repudiate all evil potentialities.

Are you learning to look at yourself and life in a positive way?

Everything starts with a thought, the Creator's thoughts and your own thoughts. A thought is a sound with meaning. We call these 'words'. All words have their own sound in the invisible field. You can try it yourself. Close your eyes so your attention is not disturbed. Think the word 'health'. Do you feel the frequency? Now think the word 'sadness'. Do you feel the particular vibrations of each word as they each begin to draw in an image of what the each work connotes? Do you feel the up and positive and the down and negative? Words produce sound.

Now you can understand what the Bible means when it talks of Him being.the word.(please see the scriptures at this link)

An amazing example of how words affect. Another example, a must see video.

This is why it is so important to be of higher consciousness, moving constantly away from the ego level which keeps one in bondage and cut off from influence your soul could have had in the experience called your life.

From higher consciousness levels you can produce what was impossible at the ego level of existence.

Energy and information have to be exchanged, have to move, have to interact in order to bring about a transformation in the field, thus the beginning of matter coming out of the invisible and into visibility thanks to the exchange methods and how they have been set to function by an intelligence so very far above man.

In the stillness of meditation one's actions becomes the actions of the unified field. When you experience the unified field you become the unified field:.John 10:30.

And similarly once a thought is placed in the stillness of your meditation a wave begins and then a particle begins invisible formation to come into the physical world we see and know, in its own time and usually after you have forgotten about it and are no longer searching for where it is and when it may be. That's faith; to know it for sure that you no longer have to treat it as something that may happen: Hebrews 11:1.

This spirit energy is our pure being beyond the mundane ego things of the world. It is the source of all energy and all creation. From here we see intelligent natural laws such as the four forces. They are not just forces but intelligence, the intelligence comprising.organizing power regarding many things including body processes, migration, trillions of things going on all at once and in correlation

For you using this immense power it is simply enough to know, to have the 'word' of what your attention is on, to have an intention because organizing power is inherent in knowing. So what do you know or want to know?

This fully awake invisible very real consciousness exists within itself silently and this is within you, actually being the real you, that is, you are maintained by it and it's a living intelligence, the One beyond your physical appearance, the One we call the Silence. It's the silent observer, the choicemaker, the abider, as it's always with you, the always 'you'. It's the commander or choice maker, the selector, the decision maker and the experiencer. It's the idea maker, the imaginer, the intender, the interpreter of life. It's the one who knows. It's the listener. It's the thinker, meditator and contemplator, the learner. This is the real you. You can test it. How? It's one with all that is and you are one with this amazing infinite intelligence. It's just that most people don't know it. They have yet to awaken to it. How can one awaken to it?

"Consciousness acts independently, on its own and as the link between the spiritual and physical, between the spirit and matter. Physical matter is the form of the development of consciousness. The World is arranged this way. Life is built on the spiritual basis. Numerous documented facts strongly support this. Just the three-volume edition of The Practice of Control. The Way of Salvation includes several hundreds of such facts. Consciousness is the structure that allows the soul to control the body and in a wider sense, the structure that unites spiritual and physical matter."....from pages 293 and 110."....Grigori Grabovoi.

from page 65."All humanity is in the Soul which reflects an event's characteristics according to the consciousness held within it.

"Consciousness is the structure which allows the soul.(our soul {small 's' on the word soul}).to control the body. All information of past, present and future events takes place in the Soul.(capital 'S' {*}). The Soul, the material part of which is the body.(explanation), interacts with the reality through the consciousness structure. There is also an interaction between the body and the body cells. This interaction is carried out by consciousness too, but this time this is cellular consciousness.(which is a different functioning of the oneness the Soul maintains in man by means of man's soul, his spirit). By changing consciousness it is possible to transform the spirit.(our spirit).and therefore to perform acts, that is, events; for the soul.(here meaning, the soul collective, all of humanity).is a part of the world, that is, it is present in any event.(because of its connection with the Overspirit, also called Soul, God and the Oneness of all created things {capital S on the word Soul designates that it is part of our soul [small s on word soul is our particular soul:.Ezekiel 18:4]}).
   The physical body is the material part of the invisible pattern stored in the soul, a physical part of your soul.(and all within the Soul {capital S}).and together with your body.(which wouldn't exist without this togetherness).you have a 'signature' that's you in the soul, the Soul of all that is; like different boxes stored in the same warehouse, different patterns that make us have appearances and personalities that can be recognized as different from another. It's of the Soul that spirit is formed because of an act of consciousness, in this case the Creator's consciousness.(which is the responsibility of the being, the one Created called, the Word).made this possible to be individualized as the unique you that you are.(*). Spirit is both the individual and collective action of life on all levels both visible and invisible.

"Improvements in consciousness of all.(how?).allows for more love of the Creator to affect humanity, for how can the Creator do anything unlike Himself? That is, He never overrides man. It's up to humanity to develop the consciousness that will improve the Universe and all in it."....Grigori Grabovoi.

One's consciousness gets information from the physical world through use of the senses. One's consciousness gets information from the invisible side.(how?).when meditating. If consciousness is everywhere and is eternal, you're always in it, so why die? Consciousness is within spirit. Reacting to information one receives from either source, physical or spiritual, requires consciousness. One's reacting in one way or the other is dependent upon whatever state his heart may be in at any one time. Those unable to gain spiritual insight because of a lock on it, react from what they are used to, a low consciousness ego calculating world.

Consciousness is awareness, that is, having knowledge of what one's attention is on and knowing that the attention indeed is on whatever it may be on; basically consciousness is synonomous with awareness, enabling us to process information and decide whether or not to act upon it. Keep this firmly in mind because when we talk of higher consciousness it will aid in your comprehension of just what higher consciousness is and what can be done with it.

Man at the ordinary consciousness level lives by what he sees and knows; information coming to him from around him and from the mass mind. He has nothing else at this level available to him. The wonders of the multiverse reveal themselves carefully to those beginning on the road of a higher consciousnes. Growth comes quicker the more dedicated and sincere one maintains himself or herself to be. In higher consciousness it's not the mass mind, nor is it what information man has previously garnered.(*).that has determined his heart by default, but instead, he is now able to define what his heart is to be like on his own. This is what is called 'coming out of the world'.

Love is the expression of the Soul level 'down' through a person's spirit from where everything is one, unity consciousness. What we see and agree with offhandedly, we become. So act the way you want to be and you'll become that way. We are here to create the world in every moment and you are creating all you observe. That's why you only really are aware of what relates to your consciousness. Why would one want to come to know God by being in higher consciousness if not because you want to increase your power of being a creator

Carry the consciousness of the stillness with you at all times:.Psalms 119:105.

At this level you 'see' the soul presence. At this level you are aware of the soul of say a tree.."The sap of the tree carries nature's intelligence to every part of the tree so like the body you don't deal with just the leaves or the branches, buds and bark to give it nutrition."....Deepak Chopra.

With every thought a molecule is made and herein is they key to your future and the future of humanity. Why?

Subatomic particles are particles below the size of the atom that are moving at lightning speeds around huge empty spaces, and these subatomic particles are not things. They are fluctuations of energy and information in a huge void.

When we go beyond the facade of molecules we enter a subatomic cloud. When you go beyond the cloud you end up with a handful of nothing. What's this nothingness

Though called particles they are wave packets of energy and information, which are concentrations of energy.(Heisenberg principle).that burst energy in a pulsation effect.

A particle is a fluctuation of energy.(not a material particle like a speck of dust but a detectible.occurrence).and all is energy or wave function,.vibration, frequencies.

What you see in your heart, your mind, is what you get. You are the selector of that which comes into your life. Things appear according to what you are looking for. All is spirit energy but there is a high mind and a lower ordinary mind that affects this energy which underlies everything. You are always at a point of choosing one or the other.

The high mind is that which is of high consciousness and the low mind that which is of low consciousness. The mind of the Great Infinite Intelligence is that of high consciousness. The mind of the ego, is that which is of lower consciousness. The ego is that which enables us to get by until we discover the better way of higher consciousness.

That's why it's important to be alert to what is affecting you. Without consciousness acting as experiencer or observer everything would exist as pure potential. If you see something through the eyes of high consciousness, it is different than seeing it through low consciousness looking, which is what we have all been so used too functioning as we do from the ego level. It is this energy potential that binds the 'cosmic soup' into all things we see and know. This pure potential is beyond the cosmic soup, as the true reality of us also is.

We are thinkers, observers, experiencers, interpreters, intenders.(have intention).choicemakers, commanders, knowers, idea makers and imaginers and are not in the physical body. The body is in us, meaning the soul which maintains the pattern which is your body. 

The body is an idea, an invention of a great intelligence.

The body is like a radio

By amplifying the frequency.(how?).by the use of the mind, the structure of matter, which is energy and information, will change.."All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force.(an energy).which.(has the intelligence to).brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter."....Max Plank, German physicist of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, one of the founders of quantum mechanics. Look on the Net for Max Plank Institute.

It is in this intelligent invisible world beyond the physical where even each atom always has the same properties:.Malachi 3:6 "For I am the Lord. I change not..."

One connects to this invisible intelligent energy that created all things, by a frequency. This energy that science calls the energy of the quantum field, the Bible calls the Holy Spirit. One can only become part of this 'kingdom of the Infinite One', which is a 'kingdom' of the mind, this everliving intelligent and conscious Infinite One that we commonly refer to as God, by being in the frequency that is this Intelligent Energy, out of which comes all things.(Ephesians 3:9).we are aware of and those we may not yet be aware of.

The connection is only by being in the same frequency as is the energy of all things. This frequency has been proven by physics to be 528Hz, the frequency of love, which God is:.1John 4:8,16. It is the way into the invisible intelligent energy field we commonly refer to as God. These things just evade man's normal common mind where they just don't make sense:.1Corinthians 2:14 "But the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned." 1Corinthians 3:19 "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God..."

Super massive black holes in distant galaxies power intense light sources known as quasars. Quasars are the signatures of gas and stars falling into black holes.

Everything contributes to something else and results in an overall beneficial purpose, including good and evil.

What spins the Earth, the galaxies, the planets? The spiral.throughout the multiverse is noticed in the formation of the galaxies.(they form into such a shape because God designed it to be the most efficient pattern that shows His handiwork. God's creation is not haphazard), the planetary pathways, the funnel of a tornado, a hurricane.(osei.noaa.gov), winds that encircle the globe as can be seen from satellite images of wind swept clouds, the ocean currents, the inner ear mechanism called the cochlea, with a similar pattern to the nautilus, snails, fingerprints, fiddleheads, spider webs and so much more! Consider the eye

It is noticed somewhat in the rings of trees, climbing plants, the way the water swirls down the bathtub; on our fingertips; the spiral on the top of our head as the hair grows out, the Earth's wind currents, cloud formations, ocean currents, DNA and of course the atoms themselves comprising all matter. Nature's repeating patterns show forth evidence of one designer behind them.

Another example is the specific patterns that sound produces upon what is affected by it. In this case, on a taut fabric was sprinkled salt, then the different tones turned on. Each tone produced an explicit pattern and every time the same tone was used. Really quite amazing.

From pine cones to pineapples, their stems, skins and heads show a spiral regularity with mathematical precision. The seeds in the sunflower for example, are also arranged in spirals, some swirling clockwise and some anti clockwise. Botanists have found that only certain 'magical' combinations of these two types of spiral.(Archimedean and logarithmic).occur in nature, say, 21 clockwise and 34 counter clockwise.

Intriguingly, these numbers belong to a specific mathematical set, known as the Fibonacci sequence: 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 and so on, made up of numbers formed by adding together their two predecessors. This sequence eventually takes one to pi.."How plants could 'know' about this esoteric sequence baffled scientists for centuries."....Focus Magazine, April 2000's article 'These Mortal Coils' has a moving graphical description.(stunning pictures).of these natural phenomena, one being the seed head of the giant sunflower, a beautiful picture also of which is in the highly recommended book.By Nature's Design.

Consistent with what was in the Creator's mind when God used the recursive computational procedure called pi, this brilliant God set the parameters for spiral growth patterns, where the mathematical design of these spirals enables the largest number of seeds to be arranged on a flower's head, example.

"Astronomers have discovered that interstellar material (atomic.particles and bits of dust).is organized into clouds of dust and gas with elaborate features resembling filaments, worm knots, loops and shells."....American Scientist.(americanscientist.org), January/February 2000, page 52.