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a man or woman who puts on a false appearance of virtue or of religion, like the ancient Pharisees did when Emmanuel walked the Earth and how the dissemblingly.evil.cabal is today
characterized by hypocrisy-(hypocritical dealings and lack of humility); hypocritical is being a hypocrite (a hypocritical rogue)

an act from one whose.intention is a pretending and that usually to gain some kind of selfish.advantage; a feigning to be what one is not in his or her heart; insincere; to impress another with a phony.demeanor; the false.assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion; intended to deceive; to profane; an attitude of corruption such as those with intent to cover up and/or deceive would have, as did the ancient Pharisees in the time of Christ on Earth:.Matthew 23:23-25; a double crosser; to be something on the surface that does not come from heartfelt sincerity and in this regard, a stage player, an actor; one sees hypocrisy everywhere, where We the People expect honesty, yet get deceitful dealings from politicians, court systems, corporations, police, etc. Such are they who engage in lack of transparency, dishonest.manipulations, hide behind their lies and fail to act in the best interests of those having laid down higher principles in a constitution so all could benefit; hypocrites causing harm to others follow a satanic pathway, necessitating removal from the society they are contaminating, perhaps by means of a military tribunal:.Isaiah 1:6; living in hypocrisy is living a lie and who's the father of lies?.John 8:44

hypothesis.noun,.plural.hypotheses Greek, from 'hypotithenai' meaning to 'put under', hypo = below, beneath, under and thesis = a tentative explanation; a supposition; an assumption or concession made for the sake of argument and/or other reasons (to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds; scientists supposing that viruses require vaccinations); a hypothetical proposition, especially one put forth without proof; an interpretation of a practical situation or condition taken as the ground for action; a tentative-assumption made in order to draw out and test its logical-or empirical.consequences; theory
hypothesis implies.insufficient evidence to provide more than a tentative explanation
theory implies a greater range of evidence and greater likelihood of truth
hypothesize.intransitive verb
to make a hypothesis; to assume; suppose
based on, involving or having the nature of a hypothesis; assumed; supposed; theoretical
in a hypothetical manner
hypothecate, hypothecated, hypothecating, hypothecates.transitive verbs
suppose; to pledge (for the time being, he pledged his support, even though the others involved were hypothecating sketchy reasonings)

of or passed down by inheritance from an ancestor to a legal heir; of or passed down by heredity; characteristic of or fostered by one's predecessors; received or passing by inheritance or required to pass by inheritance or by reason of birth; having title or possession through inheritance or by reason of birth

the transmission from parents to offspring of certain characteristics as contained in the genome

that can be inherited
the quality of being heritable

something possessed as a result of one's natural situation or birth; inheritance; the status.acquired by an individual through birth; birthright; a country's heritage is all the qualities, traditions or features of life there that have continued over many years and have been passed on from one generation to another, thus the ancestors enriching their descendants (the historic building is as much part of our heritage as the paintings); property that is or can be inherited; an inheritance; something that is passed down from preceding.generations; a tradition; something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor; property that descends to an heir; legacy

sleight of hand; nonsense or sham used especially to cloak.deception; chicanery; a method or belief that you think is based on ideas that are false, that is, not producing a good result
hocus-pocused, hocus-pocusing.transitive verbs
to play tricks on

rapidity of action or motion; overeagerness to act; rash or headlong action; precipitateness
haste, hasted, hasting, hastes.intransitive.and transitive uses
to hasten or cause to hasten
make haste.idiom
to move or act swiftly; hurry
hasty, hastier, hastiest.adjectives
characterized by speed; rapid; fast; hurried; done or made too quickly to be accurate or wise; rash.(a hasty decision); impetuous

hasten, hastened, hastening, hastens.verbs
intransitive verb use.to move or act swiftly
transitive verb use.to cause to hurry; to speed up; accelerate (fanned the wet paint to hasten drying); speed

if you say that something happened by happenstance, you mean that it happened because of certain circumstances, although it was not planned by anyone; haphazard; a circumstance especially that is due to chance, chance meaning here, willy-nilly.acceptance; happenchance

happen, happened, happening, happens.intransitive verbs
to come to pass; to come into being; to take place or occur by chance; to come upon something by chance; to come or go casually; make an appearance (I just happened to drop by)

something that takes place; an occurrence

Music:.one skilled in harmony

the order and harmony of the multiverse (the balance of the multiverse is more precise and stable than a pencil standing on its sharpened lead); everything working well; agreement in feeling or opinion; accord; a pleasing combination of elements in a whole (color harmony); agreement in feeling or opinion; accord (live in harmony); a rhythmic relationship with; pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts (a painting exhibiting harmony of color and line); accord.(lives in harmony with her neighbors); internal calm; tranquility; entrainment; in correlation or synchronization with; a collation of parallel passages, especially from the Gospels, with a commentary demonstrating their consonance and explaining their discrepancies
Music:.the study of the structure, progression and relation of chords (a combination of three or more usually concordant tones sounded simultaneously; simultaneous combination of notes in a chord; the structure of a work or passage as considered from the point of view of its chordal characteristics and relationships

harmonize, harmonized, harmonizing, harmonizes.verbs
transitive verb use.to bring or come into agreement or harmony; agree
intransitive verb use.to be in agreement; be harmonious

exhibiting accord in feeling or action; having component elements pleasingly or appropriately combined (a harmonious blend of architectural styles); characterized by harmony of sound; melodious

harmonic, harmonical.adjectives
pleasing to the ear (harmonic orchestral effects); characterized by harmony; of or relating to harmonics
Music:.of or relating to harmony
Music:.a tone in the harmonic series of overtones produced by a fundamental tone

if you describe an idea or plan as half-baked, you mean that it has not been properly thought out and is so stupid or impractical that it's not worth consideration (for years they thought her half-baked conclusions were conspiracy theories, that is, until they started to come to pass)

a sister related through one parent only

a statement, especially one intended to deceive, that omits some of the facts.necessary for a full description or account

hedonism, hedonist.nouns
the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life; a way of life based on or suggesting the principles of hedonism

heed, heeded, heeding, heeds.verbs
transitive verb use.to pay attention to; listen to and consider; being carefully.observant
intransitive verb use.to pay attention
close attention; notice
paying close attention; mindful; careful
heedfulness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)

marked by or paying little heed; unmindful or thoughtless; heedless suggests often reckless.inattentiveness; careless; impetuous
heedlessness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)

haunt, haunted, haunting, haunts.verbs
transitive verb senses-to recur constantly and spontaneously to (the tune haunted her); frequent (a sense of tension that haunts his writing; haunted the art galleries; to return to one's old haunts); lingering; to reappear (a thought that haunted me all morning; the snack bar was one of the students' haunts) to continually seek the company of 
intransitive verb senses-to stay around or persist; linger

perfectly satisfactory; fine; safe; all right

lacking variety or excitement; dull; boring
monotonous talk or routine (he said his vacations were all humdrums)

hokey, hokier, hokiest.adjectives
mawkishly.sentimental; corny; noticeably contrived; artificial

the quality of lacking any predictable.order or plan; if you describe something as haphazard, you are critical of it because it is not at all organized or is not arranged.according to a plan (she looked at the books jammed haphazardly in the shelves and clothes haphazardly crammed to overflowing in the drawers and on the floor; it was such a mishmash); dependent upon or characterized by mere.chance (some persons make decisions in a haphazard manner, with little or no thinking and often with even less accurate information to go on); random
mere chance; fortuity
by chance; casually

the official report of the proceedings and debates of a legislature in the Commonwealth of Nations, especially of the British or Canadian parliament

henceforth means from this time onwards; from this time forth; from now on; from here on in
for this reason; therefore (handmade and hence expensive); from this source (they grew up in the Sudan; hence their interest in Nubian art); from this time; from now (a year hence it will be forgotten); from this place; away from here (get you hence!)

hover, hovered, hovering, hovers.intransitive verbs
to remain floating, suspended or fluttering in the air (gulls hovering over the waves); to remain or linger in or near a place (hovering around the speaker's podium); to remain in an uncertain state (an opportunity hovering is one that is available for selection); waver (hovered between joy and enthusiasm)
the act or state of hovering (a helicopter in hover)