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troubled in mind; torn asunder; bewildered; agitated; if someone is distraught, they are so upset and worried that they cannot think clearly, thus, they don't know what to do or think; people become distraught because of fear & worries

a thing mentioned previously; again

diverge, diverged, diverging, diverges.intransitive verbs
to move, lie or extend in different directions from a common point
Mathematics: to fail to approach a limit, as an infinite-sequence

drawing apart from a common point; diverging; departing from convention; differing from another (a divergent opinion); swerve

different; dissimilar; variety; multiformity
diversity.noun, plural.diversities
variation; a diversifying or being diversified; the existence of many different species on the planet
in different ways; differently; variously

the fact or quality of being diverse; difference; a point or respect in which things differ; variety or multiformity

diversify, diversified, diversifying, diversifies.verbs
transitive verb use.to give variety to; vary: diversify a menu; to extend (business activities) into disparate fields; to distribute (investments) among different companies or securities in order to limit losses in the event of a fall in a particular market or industry
intransitive verb use.to spread out activities or investments, especially in business

divest, divested, divesting, divests.transitive verbs
to deprive or dispossess especially of property, authority or rights or title; to undress or strip especially of clothing, ornament or equipment; rid, free; to take away from a person; strip

sequencing is a man manipulated process whereby a chromosome is made easier to handle by cutting it into small pieces. Then these divided pieces are grafted (joined together) into imitation chromosomes which in turn are implanted into bacteria which replicates them

"Researchers take a short piece of a chromosome and make thousands of incomplete copies, all starting from one end. They attach a fluorescent label to the other end, using different colors for different letters. These fragments are separated according to size, allowing the sequence to be read out. Then the short sequence is strung together to give the chromosome's particular sequence.

"Another faster way instead of sequencing adjacent segments of chromosomes is; an entire genome is chopped into little pieces and sequenced. Then, like an intricate puzzle, the random bits are put together by computers that look for overlapping fragments....Some DNA segments somehow prevent the artificial chromosome replicating. As a result, these segments will be missing from the final sequence...one segment of DNA looks like every other, so there is no way to pinpoint where in the mass of repeats it came from."....New Scientist.(newscientist.com), May 20, 2000. See also recombinant DNA

tractable; easy to teach; ready and willing to be taught; teachable

teaching; instruction; something that is taught; established principles; a doctrine is a set of principles or beliefs, especially religious ones (the Marxist doctrine of perpetual revolution and war being adopted by leaders who follow formulas for continuous.conflict)
characterized by, belonging to or concerning doctrine

dogma.noun,.plural.dogmas or dogmata
an authoritative.principle, belief or statement of ideas or opinion, especially one considered to be true (those who placed themselves to learn in various subjects of learning, such as education, religion and medicine, are under wrath of their controllers if they step out and away from information they were taught, just as those not towing the political party line are asked to leave, such totalitarianism is sanctioned by governments in so-called free societies); dogma is a point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds (the propaganda of vaccines); a doctrine or a corpus of doctrines relating to matters such as morality and faith, set forth in an authoritative manner by church leaders;."Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living your life as a result of someone else's thinking."....Steve Jobs.

characterized by an authoritative, arrogant.assertion of unproved or unprovable.principles; relating to, characteristic of or resulting from dogma
arrogant, stubborn assertion of opinion or belief
an arrogantly assertive person; one who expresses or sets forth dogma

a weak willed stupid person lacking insight who allows others to set the course of their behavior, believing that safety is in consensus, rather than in a connection with one's Creator; a low consciousness easily influenced dull of mind person with selfish base concepts such as greed and evil things; an imbecile; a moron; one allowing mass mind dictates

a territory over which rule or control is exercised (the domain of the Creator); field or sphere of activity or influence (as the domain of science); a sphere of activity, concern or function; a field (the domain of history)

commanding from a superior position; predominant

the condition or fact of being dominant

dominate, dominated, dominating, dominates.verbs
transitive verb use.to control, govern or rule by superior authority or power (successful leaders dominate events rather than react to them); to exert a supreme, guiding influence on or over (ambition dominated their lives); to enjoy a commanding, controlling position in (an oil company that dominates the market); to overlook from a height (a view from the cliffside chalet that dominates the valley)
intransitive verb use.to have or exert strong authority or mastery; to be situated in or occupy a position that is more elevated or decidedly superior to others

to rule or control by superior power

domineer, domineered, domineering, domineers.verbs
intransitive verb senses.to exercise arbitrary or overbearing control so as to subjugate
transitive verb senses.to tyrannize over

dicker, dickers, dickered, dickering.verbs
to talk or argue with someone about the conditions of a purchase, agreement or contract

separated; disconnected (a detached part; a detached plug of the vacuum); standing apart from others; separate (a house with a detached garage); marked by an absence of emotional involvement and an aloof, impersonal objectivity; cool; indifferent
detach, detached, detaching, detaches.transitive verbs
to separate or unfasten; disconnect (detach a cheque from the chequebook; detach burs from one's coat); to remove from association or union with something (detach a calf from its mother; detached herself from the group)
the act or process of disconnecting or detaching; the act or an instance of separating things; a detached house is one that is not joined to any other house; standing by itself; not sharing any wall with another building; the state of being separate or detached; indifference to or remoteness from the concerns of others; aloofness (went into the mountains to be alone to meditate and contemplate); not reacting to or becoming involved in something in an emotional way; exhibiting an aloof objectivity.usually free from prejudice or self-interest; absence of bias; disinterest (decided to remain.uninvolved in holiday planning for the group this time)

disinfect, disinfected, disinfecting, disinfects.transitive verbs
to cleanse so as to destroy or prevent an increase in infection  (disinfect a wound)
serving to disinfect; an agent, such as heat or effective natural remedies that disinfects by destroying, neutralizing or inhibiting an infection

of or relating to the family or household (domestic chores); fond of home life and household affairs; tame or domesticated, used of animals; relating to a country's internal affairs (domestic issues such as highway construction, sewers), etc.); produced in or indigenous to a particular country (domestic oil; domestic wine) domestic.noun,.plural.domestics
a household servant
(she is a good woman for him as she has always been domestically inclined)

domesticate, domesticated, domesticating, domesticates.transitive verbs
to cause to feel comfortable at home; make domestic; to adopt or make fit for domestic use or life; to train or adapt (an animal or a plant) to live in a human environment and be of use to human beings; to introduce and accustom (an animal or a plant) into another region; naturalize

devastate , devastated, devastating, devastates.transitive verbs
feeling extremely shocked and sad; if you are devastated by something, you are very shocked and upset by it; to lay waste; destroy; to overwhelm; confound; stun (was devastated by the parched land)

the decor of a house or room is its style of furnishing and decoration (the decor is simple with medium green trim on lavender colored walls); a decorative style or scheme, as of a room; a stage setting; scenery
decorate, decorated, decorating, decorates.transitive verbs
to furnish, provide or adorn with something ornamental; embellish; to confer a medal or other honor on (was decorated by the city for saving the boy from drowning; the old soldier was wearing many medals at the ceremony)
the act, process, technique or art of decorating; something used to decorate; an emblem of honor, such as a medal or badge
serving to decorate or embellish; ornamental

whatever is suitable or proper; propriety and good taste in behavior; conducting one's life in a wise manner
decorous behavior is very respectable, calm and polite; characterized by or exhibiting.decorum; proper (decorous behavior shows intelligence in manners)