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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary (m-w.com)
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appease, appeased, appeasing, appeases.transitive verbs
to bring to a state of peace or quiet; calm; to cause to subside; allay (appeased my hunger); pacify; conciliate (to make concessions to disarm a volatile situation) 

to or for each one; each (there is enough bread for everyone to have two slices apiece)

something added or attached to an entity of greater importance or size; an adjunct; a limb or other subsidiary part that that diverges from the central or principle structure
Biology: a part or an organ, such as an arm, a leg, a tail or a fin, that is joined to the axis or trunk of a body; appurtenance, adjunct, accessory, attachment

apportion, apportioned, apportioning, apportions.transitive verbs
to divide and assign according to a plan; allot; assign; to divide into portions
the act of apportioning; the condition of having been apportioned; the proportional.distribution of the creation of currency

highly pertinent or appropriate; apt

appraise, appraised, appraising, appraises.transitive verbs
to evaluate; to judge the quality, amount, size and other features of or worth of; to estimate the quantity of

apprehend, apprehended, apprehending, apprehends.transitive verbs
to take hold of mentally; perceive; overstand; innerstand; to take hold of physically, such as by taking into custody
that can be apprehended

the word apprehension has two meanings, the first is, able to mentally grasp; comprehend (he has good apprehension of history); perception; the ability to apprehend or innerstand; the second meaning for the word apprehension is, fearful or uneasy anticipation of the future; dread; foreboding; presentiment
troubled by fears; anxious; uneasy; also means, able to apprehend or quick to comprehend
anxious or fearful about the future; uneasy; afraid; capable of comprehension and quick to apprehend

a priori.adjective
proceeding from a known or assumed cause to a necessarily related effect (a priori is a roundabout non factual way of arriving at willy-nilly information); deductive; based on a hypothesis or theory rather than on experiment or experience (it stands to reason that one can assume, a priori, that a parent would be better at dealing with children than a single human being); made before or without examination or analysis; not supported by factual study
a priori.adverb
a priority.noun,.plural.a priorities
from a generalization to particular.instances

approval; sanction; praise (controllers are generally those having egos needing reinforcement and as such are eagerly.desirous of any glory they may glean from others' deference and approbation; satanic ones actually feed off the negative emotions of disappointment, pain, suffering and disaster they are out to cause in any way to others, example)
approbate, approbated, approbating.transitive verbs
to approve; to sanction
showing approbation or approval 
of the nature of approbation; approbative
approbate, approbated, approbating, approbates.transitive verbs
to sanction; authorize

appropriate, appropriated, appropriating, appropriates.transitive verbs.(pronounced 'a pro pree ate')
to set apart for a specific use (appropriating funds for education); to take possession of or make use of for oneself without permission and/or sanction; to steal from
the action of appropriating; stealing

appropriate, appropriated, appropriating, appropriates.transitive verbs.(pronounced a pro pree ate)
to set apart for a specific use (appropriating funds for education; well appropriate this spot right here for presents for the party); something appropriated; a legislative.act.authorizing the expenditure of a designated amount of public funds for a specific.purpose

appropriate.adjective.(pronounced a pro pree it)
suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion or place; fitting
appropriator.noun, plural.appropriators

at an opportune time; relating to or bearing upon the matter in hand 
apropos of.preposition
with regard to; concerning

unusually fitted or qualified; competent; able and ready; fit; having a tendency; likely; ordinarily disposed; inclined; suited to a purpose; being to the point; keenly intelligent and responsive
synonyms.fit, quick

adjuvant.noun, plural.adjuvants
a pharmacological.chemical.agent added to a drug such as a vaccine, allegedly to increase effectiveness, but effectiveness translates into increasing toxicity

uneasy and apprehensive about an uncertain.event or matter; worried; attended with, showing or causing.anxiety.(spent an anxious night waiting for the test results of the exam); eagerly or earnestly desirous

activate, activated, activating, activates.verbs
transitive verb use.to set in motion (she activated the water pump); make active or more active

being in physical motion (active fish in the aquarium; unctioning or capable of functioning; disposed to take action or effectuate change (an elected representative who takes active interest in constituents); engaged in activity; participating (an active member of a club); busy; being in continuous use or operation (an active bank account); being in a state of action; not passive or quiescent (an active volcano; an active toddler; an active imagination); characterized by energetic action or activity; lively; requiring physical exertion and energy (tennis is an active sport)
if someone is actively doing something they are doing it right now
activeness.noun.(words ending in 'ess' are usually without pluralization - adding an 'es' making '...esses' is clumsy)
Grammar:.on word active

the state of being active; energetic action or movement; liveliness; a specified.pursuit in which a person partakes; an educational process or procedure.intended to stimulate learning through actual experience

the theory, doctrine or practice of assertive, often militant action, such as mass demonstrations or strikes, used as a means of opposing or supporting an issue many believe worthwhile

a proponent or practitioner of activism (environmental activists; political activists)
of, relating to or engaged in activism; of, relating.to.or.being an activist

an activity taken up in addition to one's regular work or profession, usually for enjoyment; a hobby; one's regular work or profession

not present; missing (absent friends; absent parents); lacking
absent, absented, absenting, absents.transitive verbs
to keep oneself away (they absented themselves from attending)
the state of being away; absent; the time during which one is away; lack; want (an absence of a substitute teacher)
one that is absent
of.or.relating.to one that is absent; not in residence (absentee landlords)

ally, allied, allying, allies.verbs
transitive verb use.to place in a friendly association (Italy allied itself with Germany during World War II); likeminded in purpose and plans; to unite or connect in a personal relationship, as in friendship, marriage or in collusion (several tribes allied to fend off the invaders)
intransitive verb use.to enter into an alliance
ally.noun, plural.allies
one that is allied with another; one in helpful association with another; partner
joined or united in a close relationship (allied tribes); of a similar nature; related; of or relating to the Allies (the Allied invasion of southern Italy)
one that is allied with another, especially by treaty (entered the war as an ally of France); one in helpful association with another (legislators who are allies on most issues); a partner

alley.noun, plural.alleys
a narrow street or passageway between or behind city buildings; a path between flower beds or trees in a garden or park; a straight, narrow course or track; a lane (an alley for lawn bowling); either of the parallel lanes at the sides of a tennis court, which widen the inbounds area for doubles play
right up your alley.idiom
compatible with one's interests or qualifications (an assignment that is right up your alley, that is, one you would enjoy doing because you are good at it)

alley.noun, plural.alleys
an alley is a larger playing marble, often used as the shooter in the fun kids game called marbles

a close association formed to advance common interests or causes (the current alliance with 209 countries and territories on side with the principles of Natural Law, is changing the world for the better); a connection based on kinship, marriage or common interest; a bond or tie; coalition; close similarity in nature or type; affinity.(the ancient alliance between mathematics and music); the act of becoming allied or the condition of being allied

accompany, accompanied, accompanying, accompanies.verbs
transitive verb use.to be or go with as a companion; to add to; supplement.(wine accompanies the meal); to coexist or occur with
in music, a vocal or instrumental part that supports another, often solo (music in the Psalms complemented the words); part; something, such as a situation, that accompanies something else; a concomitant; something added for embellishment, completeness or symmetry; complement

associate, associated, associating, associates.verbs
transitive verb use.to join as a partner, ally or friend; to connect or join together; combine
intransitive verb use.to join in or form a league, union or association; join; to keep company
associate.noun, plural.associates
a person united with another or others in an act, an enterprise or a business; a partner or colleague; a companion; a comrade; a degree.conferred by a two year college after the prescribed course of study has been successfully completed (an Associate in Arts)
joined with another or others and having equal or nearly equal status.(an associate editor)
association.noun, plural.associations
the act of associating or the state of being associated (various medical associations; he was associatively reclusive)

of, characterized by, resulting from or causing association
Mathematics:.independent of the grouping of elements, for example, if a + (b + c) = (a + b) + c, the operation indicated by + is associative

strongly attracted or disposed to sexual love; indicative of love or sexual desire (an amorous glance); of or associated with love (an amorous poem); being in love; enamored (amorous of you since the day we met)
amour.noun, plural.amours
a love affair