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the store of goods or valuables concealed in a hiding place; a hiding place used especially for storing provisions; a place for concealment and safekeeping, as of valuables; a fast storage buffer in the central processing unit of a computer
cache, cached, caching, caches.transitive verbs
to hide or store in a cache

an instrument consisting essentially of two curved hinged legs, used to measure thickness and distances

being hardened and thickened; having calluses; feeling no emotion; feeling no sympathy for others

calumniate.transitive verb
calumniated, calumniating.intransitive verbs
to slander; to spread false and harmful statements about 
calumniation, calumniator.nouns
full of calumnies; slanderous
calumny, calumnies.plural.nouns
a false and malicious statement meant to hurt someone's reputation; the uttering of such a statement; slander

calyx.noun,.plural.calyxes or calyces
the sepals of a flower considered as a group; a cuplike structure or organ, such as one of the cuplike divisions of the pelvis or of the kidney; a collecting structure in the kidney

convene, convened, convening, convenes.verbs
intransitive verb use.to come together usually for an official or public purpose; assemble formally
transitive verb use.to cause to come together formally; convoke.(convene a special session of Congress); call; to summon to appear
convener or convenor.noun,.plural.conveners or convenors

suited or favorable to one's comfort, purpose or needs (a convenient time to receive guests; a convenient excuse for not going); easy to reach; accessible (a small store around the corner); close at hand; near (an apartment that is convenient to shopping and transportation); fitting and proper; suitable (it's just convenient to go and visit them at this time)
the quality of being suitable to one's comfort, purposes or needs (it's a convenience to live near shops, schools and libraries); personal comfort or advantage (services that promote the customer's convenience); something that increases comfort or saves work (household conveniences such as a washing machine, an electric can opener and disposable diapers)

a spirit (attitude) of friendly good fellowship; a spirit of familiarity and trust existing between friends

Cambrian Era.proper noun
a geological period 570-600 million years ago in the Paleozoic Era, believed by evolutionists to be marked by the appearance of the first simple marine animal and plant life, but an era which poses puzzling questions; see the Geologic Time Scale

to disguise; to change the appearance of, in order to conceal
camouflage, camouflaged, camouflaging, camouflages.verbs
transitive verb use.to conceal by the use of disguise or by protective coloring or garments that blend in with the surrounding environment; to conceal, usually through misrepresentation or other artifice (camouflaged their true intentions with professions of friendship)
intransitive verb use.to use protective coloring or garments for concealment

Canaan.proper noun
the name signifies 'the lowlands', as distinguished from the land of Gilead on the east of Jordan, which was a mountainous district; Canaanites came from the son of Ham whose name was Canaan (1Chronicles 1:8); the extent and boundaries of Canaan (map) are fully set forth in different parts of Scripture:.Genesis 9:18,19; 17:8; Numbers 13:29. Canaan today signifies those of mankind who live amongst physical Israel; people from that ancient region were called Canaanites and some of them were giants

a large, mounted.weapon.such as.various.forms of guns that fire heavy projectiles;  the loop at the top of a bell by which it is hung; a round bit for a horse
cannon, cannoned, cannoning, cannons.verbs
transitive verb use.to bombard with cannon; to cause to carom in billiards
intransitive verb use.to fire cannon
cannon fodder.noun,.plural.cannon fodders
fodder is food for animals; cannon fodder means soldiers, sailors or other military personnel regarded as likely to be killed or wounded in combat (cabal governments send them out to fight battles that they, the cabal started)

the authentic works of a writer; an authoritative list of books accepted as Holy.Scripture, such as the.Holy Bible; a regulation or dogma.decreed by a church council; a sanctioned or accepted group or body of related works (the canon of great literature); an accepted principle or rule; a criterion or standard of judgment; a body of principles, rules, standards or norms
canonize, canonized, canonizing, canonizes.transitive verbs
to include in the biblical canon; to declare a deceased person to be a saint and entitled to be fully honored as such
of, relating.to or required by canon law; of or appearing in the biblical canon; conforming to orthodox rules, as of procedure

someone who is capricious often changes their mind unexpectedly; a caprice is an unexpected action or decision which has no strong reason or purpose (an accident is a capricious happening); the word caprice strongly suggests lack of motivation and can imply.wanton and willful behavior; a sudden and unreasonable change of mind, behaviour or circumstances; an impulsive change of mind; an inclination to change one's mind impulsively; a sudden, unpredictable action, change or series of actions or changes (a hailstorm in July is a caprice of nature)
synonyms.whim, whimsy, erratic, vagary, freak
accidental, as caprice; governed or characterized by sudden, impulsive and seemingly unmotivated ideas or actions; impulsive, unpredictable; arbitrary

the protein shell that surrounds a virus-particle

any of certain.organic.compounds.composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, including the sugars, starches and celluloses

conciliate, conciliated, conciliating, conciliates.transitive verbs
to overcome the distrust or animosity of; appease; to regain or try to regain friendship or goodwill by pleasant behavior; to make or attempt to make compatible; if you conciliate someone, you try to end a disagreement with them (we all have a duty to conciliate and not to provoke, especially those in authority:.Matthew 5:25 "Agree with your adversary quickly, while you are in the way with him, lest at any time the adversary deliver you to the judge and the judge deliver you to the officer and you be cast into prison.".And that doesn't preclude standing up for the rights you have in a kind and respectful manner); reconcile
intransitive verb use-to gain or try to gain someone's friendship or goodwill; pacify
conciliable, conciliatory.adjectives

agreement.between the the approaches to a topic; the linking together of principles from different disciplines when forming a comprehensive theory (trying to improve the educational experience, the planners consulted.psychology and behavioral science books)

carbonate, carbonated, carbonating, carbonates.transitive verbs
to charge a beverage, for example with carbon dioxide gas; to burn to carbon; carbonize; to change into a carbonate
a salt or ester of carbonic acid

carbonize, carbonized, carbonizing, carbonizes.transitive verbs
to reduce or convert a carbon containing substance to carbon, as by partial burning; to coat or combine with carbon (the kids had mom put black on their faces by her first partially burning an authentic cork stopper she had from a used up wine bottle and then, once the cork was blackened a bit, she daubed it on their faces)
the process of carbonizing; the destructive distillation of bituminous coal, done in the absence of air.in order to.obtain.coke and other fractions having a greater percentage of carbon than the original.material

the element with an atomic number of 6 and relative mass of 12.01; carbon is what it is because of the activity the electron in its atomic structure

carbolic acid.noun,.plural.carbolic acids
also called phenol; a dangerous.caustic, poisonous, white crystalline compound, C6H5OH, derived from benzene.and used in resins, plastics and in pharmaceuticals (like why except to harm you) and in dilute form as a disinfectant and antiseptic to kill harmful.bacteria, but kills good bacteria as well; any of a class of aromatic organic compounds having at least one hydroxyl group attached directly to the benzene ring

CO2.(carbon dioxide).proper noun
also called carbonic acid gas; a colorless, odorless, incombustible gas, CO2, formed during respiration, combustion and organic decomposition.and used in food refrigeration, carbonated beverages, inert atmospheres, fire extinguishers and aerosols; carbon dioxide is so necessary for life on Earth as trees and all such vegetation take in carbon dioxide that humans and animals breath out and in turn they give off life giving oxygen humans and animals need to survive; carbon dioxide and oxygen are our friends

carbonic acid.noun,.plural.carbonic acids
a weak, unstable acid, H2CO3 (2 parts hydrogen & 3 parts carbon dioxide), present in solutions of carbon dioxide in water

bodily; fleshly; physical; temporal (temporary); corporeal; selfish; carnal mind means the minding of the things of the flesh, a giving to them supreme attention, keeps one away from growing spiritually:.2Peter 3:18; the mind being of low consciousness; without spiritual concern; having only concern when there is something one can gain for self; the attitude which breeds all low consciousness things in one's life, such as

massive slaughter; a massacre (corpses occurring all throughout the world due to those killed by vaccines they were bamboozled into believing were safe and effective for better health)

carpe diem.noun
the admonition to seize the pleasures of the moment without thought for the future

posture; deportment; manner of bearing the body

cede, ceded, ceding, cedes.transitive verbs
to surrender possession of, especially by treaty; relinquish; to yield; grant

courage is love in action; the state.or.quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face fear or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence and resolution; bravery (courage without wisdom is stupidity)
having or characterized by courage; valiant; brave

couch, couched, couching, couches.verbs
transitive verb use.to word in a certain.manner; phrase (couched their protests in diplomatic language); to embroider by laying thread flat on a surface and fastening it by stitches at regular intervals; to spread (grain) on a couch to germinate, as in malting; to lower a spear, for example, to horizontal position, as for an attack
intransitive verb use.to lie down; recline, as for rest; to lie in ambush or concealment (playing hide and seek with the kids who couched themselves into a pile of leaves); lurk; to be in a heap or pile, as leaves for decomposition or fermentation
a sofa; a layer of grain, usually barley, spread to germinate; a priming coat of paint or varnish used in artistic painting

couch potato.noun,.plural.couch potatoes
a couch potato is someone who spends most of their time watching television and does not get involved with either society or exercise or have any interesting hobbies (couch potatoes flicking through endless satellite TV channels)

ça va sans dire (French)
it goes without saying

c'est-à-dire (French)
that is to say; namely

Constitution of the United States of America
(picture of nation of US)

The four founding documents of the United States for America were the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the 1776 Constitution and the Northwest Ordinance

The Bill of Rights is based upon the Articles of Confederation, which was the true first constitution.of the United States For America.

This was the 1776 Constitution and is the system of fundamental laws designated by and approved by We the People. The first ten amendments to that constitution were called the Bill of Rights

The 1776 U.S.A. Constitution provides for a federal.system, by the individual states having granted, after approval by We the People, to the federal government.certain powers for the exercise of the national government, retaining.severally the right of Eminent Domain over the lands within the boundaries of their own individual states.

The United States For America in its true 1776 constitution assured that no large state such as say California, would be able to use its massive population base.(majority rule, called democracy).to override concerns of say tiny Rhode Island..All.states have two senators and one governor as representatives of We the People. On the surface it appears as an equitable setup and

something Canadians should consider as they once, long before the 1867 British North America Act, were part of the true United States and had opportunity for a We the People government.

From Michal Tsarion.(redicecreations.com/webcast/):."...the so-called 'United States'.(United States For America).is not the same thing as the so-called 'UNITED STATES OF AMERICA'. Nevertheless, due to deliberate misinformation and conditioning, most people do believe that the terms refer to one and the same entity. They are certainly not inclined to think of the United States Inc. as a foreign corporation. It is a old trick and it serves the cause of totalitarians no end."

By this process, the cabal set up a circumvention, that being, in 1781, a deceitful corrupt satanically directed cabal world controllers plan was set up to work toward a corporation to be called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., a foreign corporation, incorporated by the controllers who would use that to destroy both the country and the We the People in it, while the people were bamboozled into thinking it was the United States of America in accordance with the 1776 original Constitution. One can tell that the satanic dark side was behind it, because of disregard for people, avariciousness and plans of harm and destruction. Dark side ones are always that way, even though to your face they appear not as they really are:.Psalms 55:21. It was a clever fifth column movement, similar to what happened recently in Australia and before with Germany during the thirties and early forties..The cabal plays with words, the meanings being one thing for them and another for you:.1Kings 10:12. An example of their deceitful supplanting was the constitution switch in the United States. And this even carries over into the court/justice.(with their Maritime/Admiralty.esoteric 'legalese' language), medical and other cabal created systems, example.

Examples of words used to confuse you and supplant the power of your natural God given position on Earth. 

The original Thirteen Colonies declared their independence from Great Britain/England on July 4, 1776. Following that, the cabal pushed through their own ideas and eventually formed a government of their own design under the Articles of Confederation in 1781. This was the corporate United States, different than the original United States of the 1776 Constitution. Under a corporate umbrella, the British cabal was bringing all countries, including Canada.

The cabal's Constitution.was drawn up by 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia during the summer of 1787 and ratified by the duped states in 1788. Shows how elected representatives were bought off, bamboozled, brainwashed and blackmailed (not too bright they were and certainly corrupt at heart), never caring about We the People.

Forces that Shaped the original 1776 US Constitution:.In 1774 the Parliament of Great Britain capped a series of abuses against the American colonies by imposing a tax on tea imports to the colonies. Was this part of the British secret agent Benjamin Franklin's.surreptitious plan?

The colonies quickly agreed to convene a Continental Congress, which in 1776 appointed two committees; one to draft the Declaration of Independence (adopted July 4, 1776) and the other to prepare a 'form of confederation' among the colonies.

The Articles of Confederation, the first constitution of the United States, established a league of friendship among the states, but not a political union. Each state remained separate and sovereign under self rule approved by We the People by means of those We the People had chosen to re-present (present again what they wanted) their ideas. This was the government at the time, but it too was subject to the obfuscations.of the conniving British far behind the scenes and working through the corrupt Benjamin Franklin.

After numerous votes settled the details, a committee on style and revision was assigned to put the final results in language to submit to the people for ratification. Noah Webster was present at these meetings and wrote the proper diction reflecting its intent. 

The cabal changed words to meanings in the dictionaries we have today with us. The proper diction is in dictionaries produced prior to 1850. And of course the cabal has their own Admiralty Law.legalese dictionary, called Black's Law Dictionary.

Two political dignitaries had great influence on the creation of the original Constitution..John Locke.(1632-1704), an important British political philosopher, had a large impact through his.Second Treatise of Government.(1690). Locke argued that sovereignty resides in individuals,.not rulers. He described that."a political state, comes forth from a social contract.(informal).among the people, who consent.(agree among themselves).to form a government of their creation.(that is, those selected by We the People as being honest in following out the will of those having selected them), in order to preserve their lives, liberties and property". In the words of.the Declaration of Independence, which drew heavily on Locke."governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed and that a government's existence can only be justified by its ability to protect the human rights better than individuals could on their own"..But, it later turned into a con where the would be world controllers could maintain and expand their conspiracies, thus abrogating the intent of the 1776 constitution in the so-called constitutions that followed. (taroscopes.com/miscellanous-pages/weapons-additional.html).

The framers of the original U.S. Constitution put the Constitution above legislative power, indeed, above all governmental powers, decrees and Acts. The Constitution, particularly the Supremacy Clause of Article VI, establishes the 'rule of law', the idea that the government itself, including the president and congress, must abide by the law of the original 1776 Constitution the individual states agreed to on behalf of We the People

In line with the cabal's plan, the U.S. Constitution became a bankruptcy compact. The US has been in and out of many bankruptcies, as have most other countries the cabal had taken over, including Canada. Their plan was to bankrupt a nation (see John Perkins), then loan them money at interest guaranteed by income taxing the people. Criminal! Criminal! Criminal!

The American Constitution had to be ratified by nine states before it could take effect.

The original Constitution spells out in six articles (sections) the powers of the federal government and the states. The Constitution does not include the term 'separation of powers' as it was designed to function as being one intent of We the People

No member of Congress may serve simultaneously as a member of the executive branch. This separation differs strikingly from the Canadian and British practice, in which the prime minister and other executive officials are.also members of Parliament in the corporation called Canada Inc., which most know as simply Canada, because the truth was hid by the cabal. In Canada under some previous regimes it was 'don't recognize We the People, we have to control them'. In the USA it was set up, especially since the cabal formulated their 1871 Constitution, where the world controller (the cabal aka deep state) set up the corporation called the United States of America so that they could control them totally. Comprised from Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 99. © 1993-1998 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

The 1776 American Constitution, the original one supported We the People. Type into a search engine, '1776 Constitution of United States' and compare with any constitutions that came after it, 1781, 1787, which were the cabal's contrived documents to take away the power from We the People., given in the 1776 original one, which was based of Natural Law, the laws given to humanity by God.

What really is a constitution? And how it could be simpler and more effective?