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M theory
Maachah/Maacah.(two Maachah/Maacah's here):
...a wife of David who birthed him a son named Absalom
...daughter of Absalom; became one of ancient king Rehoboam's wives; was a terrible mother
Macdonald's & Burger King, etc..(human flesh and infant teeth found in food sold to customers)
Macedonia/Macedonian.(Macedonian kings ruling Egypt were called the Ptolemies)
Machinery.(of a spiritual kingdom)
Machines.(created complete in the invisible, then materialized)
Made righteous
Made free
Madness.(ensuring the madness of some humans never threatens space)
...black magic
Magico bingo
Magna Carta.(one of the greatest freedom for people documents every written and it's part of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms)
Magnesium and cells
Magnetic field of Earth.(see also 'electromagnetic field')
Magnetic north
Magnetic resonance imaging
Magog & Gog
Maharishi Mahesh Yoga
Major prophets
Makes our spirit pure
Making a boy or a girl
Making a speech?
Makis, Dr. William (standing up against those committing Crimes Against Humanity in Alberta, Canada)
...a structure of consciousness
...came from what?
...created good.(is man then evil?)
...created to be lower than angels, but to be above them
...man not to forget what he is
...early days of humanity.(how long they lived)
...harms most all he touches
...haphazard ways of
...his marriage.(and advice for the marrying man, modernbride.com)
...limits himself by his views on women
...of sin
...'mankind' a.c.t..'humanity' people
...superiority over animals.(man's specialness)
...who taught man at the beginning?
...trusts in his strength, not so much in God
...world made for
Manak, Hira Ratan.(engineer who subsists on the Sun for food & water)
Manasseh.(eldest son of Joseph, born in Egypt, brother was Ephraim)
Manasseh.(king of ancient Judah)
Mandatory.(what does it mean?)
Manganese and depression
Manic depressive
Manifestation of the sons of God
Manifesting from the invisible what you want
Manitoba.(one of the provinces in Canada)
Mankind.(kinda like man are those creations by the dark side, as compared to the humanity ones)
Manna.(food which fell from the sky in most mornings)
Manslaughter.(one of the 4 kinds of murder)
Many.(is there really too many people on Earth?)
Many sexual partners.(beneficial for the experience?)
Many times daily.(prompted by the spirit, but do we listen?)
Many ways to God?
Many.(who are the many?)
Maonites.(a Canaanitish people who were oppressive to ancient Israel)
Maps index:
...Canadian provinces
...QFS.(Quantum Financial System and links to explanatory map)
Marbles.(kids game of marbles)
Margulis, Lynn.(exposing evolutionary lies)
Marge.(wanted outta here)
Marine anthropoids.(other marine creatures)
Marital conflicts?
Maritime/Admiralty/Civil law.(the 'law'you never knew you were under, see as compared to Common Law)
Mark.(one of the disciples of Emmanuel)
Mark of the beast
Mark Twain
Marketing fraud by 'food' companies
Marriage & wedding.(see also the subjects 'dating' and 'mating'):
...agreement and getting to know each other first and well)
...choosing.(making a good choice of character)
...consequences of a state marriage
...dating leading toward marriage
...list in Family Bible as mate and helpmate and then what
...meaning of the word
...older and younger together
...sex before?
...trial marriage.(test the waters for awhile before jumping in)
Marshall Report.(how the cabal tricked the people)
Martial arts
Martin Luther.(lived 1482-1546; Luther on Galatians)
Martin Luther King Jr..(lived 1929-1968)
Mary.(mother of Emmanuel, and Joseph) (and other fine women)
Mary Magdalene.(and Emmanuel)
Mary 1.(horribly corrupt Queen of England 1153-1558)
Marys.(all the women, including two unknown ones, who poured an oily ointment on Christ before His crucifixion)
Masaru Emoto Dr.(the amazing effects of intentions on water)
Maschil.(meaning of the word)
Masks.(the joke of masks and the seriousness of the stupid)
Masoretic text
Mass mind of humanity
Master mind.(aka master class; those of similar hearts joined in spirit)
Master potter
Master your life.(by mastering these)
Masters.(can't have two)
Mate and helpmate.(not words husband, wife)
Mathematics index
Mathematics of God's creation
Mathematics of the creation.(a scaling law in the multiverse)
Mathematics of the mind
Mating.(finding a mate; see also the subjects 'dating' and 'marriage')
...a beauty to desire.(chapter 10 of the Wild at Heart book)
...rate-a-mate.(or a potential one)
...that special and rare love with someone
Matriarch.(why women ran societies in the past)
Matter and anti matter
...constituents of
...no matter what.(what if your son or daughter was into serious problems?)
...spirit rules matter
Matthew.(one of the disciples of Emmanuel)
Matters too great for one
Mature.(Earth created mature)
Maturity.(young can be more mature than older)
Maunder Minimum
Max Igan.(his famous walk and talks are awakening people)
Max Planck
McAll, Dr. Kenneth, psychiatrist
McDonald's.(body parts in food)
McDougall, John.(curing people with non dangerous food; type into a seach engine)
McGee, Gary 'Z'.(quotes and books from a Navy Intelligence Specialist)