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L o v e
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Love is only an umbrella word under which lies its attributes. Love is whole. The Creator of all good we call God is love: 1John 4:8-16.
Love enables us to see beyond our selfish selves. Loving others is being involved with them. Love is the silent action of praying your care for others.

We are the children of the Creator. We are good.(*). Nothing our God creates is not good at the start:.Ecclesiastes 7:29.

The most valuable thing you can give another is love. If someone you know passes on, they take your love with them. Love is eternal and never passes away, the memories of it always there. In this you have done much good. That's what we are here for.(*).

Love is a frequency, the most perfect of the all things that are frequencies, which is all there is. Then why evil? The frequency of love is 528.Hertz. There is not one thing that is not frequency, anywhere in the multiverse

And it's God who made these frequencies, within which we modify ours by our choices?

Love is a frequency shared to those who want it. Those who want it have seen its need:.1John 5:12. Those who don't want it have their minds on other things:.Hosea 10:5.

Love is an opening of the heart to others.

The fabulous song by Beth Chapman, How We Love.

They too are only words until one decides that love will be his or her manner of being. Love is the fundamental.state of all reality. When you follow love, you are trusting Creator-Father-God.

The emotion one has to unite with one of the opposite sex is a desire to be one and happy with. Love starts off by liking, that is, liking togetherness.

Many negatives.(what negatives?).are nudges to take us forward if we want to move up in life.

The way of the true God of all creation is beautiful. It's one of peace and meaning. A new beautiful creation of God exemplifies love, such as this peacefully sleeping baby

John 10:27 "My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me."
John 10:14,15 "I am the good shepherd and know my sheep and am known of mine...As the Father knows me, even so know I the Father. And I lay down my life for the sheep."
Isaiah 11:6 "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid.(a young antelope or goat).and the calf and the young lion and the fatling.(well fed cattle).together and a little child shall lead them."
Isaiah 65:25 "...They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, says the Lord."
Hebrews 13:20 "...that great shepherd of the sheep..."

How would there be any love on the Earth if you don't have it and use it? God only works in and through those aligned with love. Why?

The language of love is the language of the heart which goes far beyond words. You become love:.Matthew 22:36-40; Romans 13:10; Galatians 6:2; 1John 2:5. Then you experience the magic of it:.John 3:8.

1John 4:19 "We love him, because he first loved us.".And the same applies to your enemies and those you may not like:.Psalms 7:3-5; 136:24; Proverbs 16:7. Love your enemies and who are they? How you feel around them tells you what they are really like.

It's love that is the greatest healing power ever, but most people don't love themselves and because of that can't really love others or heal themselves, so they may need some help here. Love cleanses the heart. If you want it cleansed, you'll decide on love.

Love is a life journey that needs the circumstances of living to provide opportunity for its expression; why each of us is here on Earth in the first place.

From where does love come if not from the Creator?.1John 4:8,16. An individual can only take in as much love as they are able to. The way to the Creator active in an individual's life is the way of love. Walk the road of good and love is found.."Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind."....Shakespeare.."Happiness is your ability to love."....Leo Tolstoy.."Love strips away the illusion of separateness and turns any situation into sweet nectar. The freshness of life is love.(*)."....Deepak..

"Love makes the difference in life when you know I love you."....God.."Where love is there can be nothing against itself."

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."....Rumi

Romans 13:10; 1John 4:6-8.

Happiness: There is nothing one can do to take anyone toward continuous happiness, because, just being happy is the way. To be happy when you're not, be only good.

Does love come from the air in your back yard? Does it come from the guy who lives across the street? Maybe, if he's good, but how would you even know good if love wasn't in you already? How then could you recognize love?

How does one come to have it? Were you born with it? How does one know he has love inside him or her? How would one know if love was in control or if the ways of evil, the ways of destruction were in control? How many people really know what love is? 1, 2.

The physical body restores itself once one avoids poisoning of it. A positive attitude is healing. Keep yourself healthy by being positive and having fun. Listen to the music that you like that moves and keeps your heart wise. Likewise, the heart springs forth with love once barriers to it are circumvented. The documentary The Grand Self would be most helpful here, as it helps us to love ourselves.

Look at the world, the fundamental.concepts upon which it is built. Consider how love could remake the world. Consider where it needs remaking. Consider it as an old movie that needs remaking..It is a movie. Use envisioning.

"...feel the gratitude of a plant and an animal towards you and feel the gratitude of another person and feel their love. And you will see that you love them. There is no difference between the Creator's joy and your joy. In spirit there is no volume. It is immeasurable. Love is the thing which brings light to the world. Love is the thing on which the world is being built.(how?). Love is the thing that always exists and had initially been. Look at that one who created love and you will see you.(why?), love belonging to you; it is you belonging to love. Build with love, build with welfare and build with a great joy of universal life and universal happiness and you will be able to see that joy.(1Peter 1:8).which is seen by everyone who is around you. When you see the eternity with joy, you are creating more joy."....Grigori Grabovoi.

"Whoever loves people loves God. The human being is a creature of love. What was created by love can only live in love. Love is God:.1John 4:6-16. No life without love."....Bruno Gröning.

To become love, one must practice love. Here spiritual disciplines come in handy.

How would one know whether or not he or she is in love? When you feel a connection with another that goes beyond the physical, it's love. You'll feel this is much more than ust physical interaction and want to delve deeper.

One can tell if another is of love and can be a caring person, by looking at emotional attachments. You love someone when their happiness is a concern of yours and you show this feeling in behavior towards them and you know it by the kind and helpful thoughts you have about them. You love someone when they are in your prayers and meditations. You love someone when you behave in a kind and caring way towards them, an example being how a mother treats her baby, how an individual treats others in the family, how one is toward their dog or cat.

When you can feel love, the kind of love that is an emotion of affinity. When you know something of substance is there, something real, something permeating you, then you are 'in love'.

Recognizing the higher consciousness qualities in a plant, animal or another indididual.(such as, say, beauty for example), means that you are feeling love and are 'in love', surrounded by love, experiencing love. Be always alert to your feelings. If you feel love, then you are in love and love is all the Creator is:.1John 4:8,16. When in love, you are in the movement of the Creator.

Ask yourself what do I love? to find out if there is darkness that you need to get rid of, to find out where you are in all this:.Mark 4:15 "And these are they by the wayside, where the word is sown, but when they have heard, Satan.(an adversarial thought).comes immediately and takes away the word that was sown in their hearts.".Take steps to ensure you won't fall by the wayside. What steps could be taken?

Evil is a result of lacking love. If you lack love, then by default, you're open to what's in the mass mind of humanity. Is it good? Is it all evil? What's in the common consciousness or collective consciousness, both called the mass mind, comes to our minds as we live circumstances in our lives and comes to us some 6 seconds before conscious awareness of it. It's like our lives come out of the unfolding of this invisible pathway. And if that be the case, then all negatives towards one can be circumvented. When in love and even if not in love, life with all its negatives just happens; but love lifts you above them. So, love and rise above. We have accidents, health issues, personal relationship issues and so on. So what?.Romans 8:28-39.

When something irks us enough, we often skip out of any love we have. We fail to see how the quietness of love will handle all issues and then we seek answers away from love and this because we want an immediate result. That's when what's in the mass mind provides its answers and they are never a long-term solution solving. The love we thought we had to give up allows other, mostly erroneous.concepts from this collective consciousness to provide a temporary 'band-aid'. True love however, is eternal.

The Great Infinite One, the Infinite.Conscious Intelligence, we often refer to as God, has great understanding, sureness and confidence, because His love is intense toward us:.Galatians 5:6 "...faith which works by love."

Love is the action of your spirit when connected with the Soul of all, a realm far beyond the selfishness of the mass consciousness of humanity and into the realm from which higher consciousness things come to us from.

If you prefer to act in love rather than in some kind of selfishness, you have the Holy Spirit of God. This preferring to act in love by you is a sign that you are of God. In the old Testament that sign was circumcision:.Romans 4:11.

Love is the key that opens comprehension of spiritual things and takes you along to a full overstanding of itself. If so then why so many religions and why the ever so many interpretations of it?

The many views coming from various interpretations of the information contained within the Bible come from people on the road to a full overstanding of it, where one grows spiritually as he or she walks that road and as one grows, so does the supply of what is called the Holy Spirit, also called the Holy Ghost:.Philippians 1:19.

Love is a feelingof concern and caring for others. Love has many attributes. By being dependent on love, one develops more love. Before there was anything, there was love. The Creator's love being invisibly and constantly available can be tuned into by us.  How does one 'tune' into it?

"Love is the thing which brings light to the world. Love is the thing on which the world is being built. Love is the thing that always exists and had initially been.

"You are God's creations and you love. Love is life and life is love.(if you're not loving, you're on another pathway, taking you away from life). Display love where you appear. Display love in those places where you predetermine yourself. Love may be not expressed by words and love may be not expressed by feelings, however your actions are love where you create.

"Look at the world, how you look with love, look at the feeling, how you build it, look at the feeling as at the eternal creation and you will come to love as if to Eternity. You come to it forever and you stay with it forever. The Creator, your God created you all as loving persons.(?). See the joy of those who are around you and your heart will be filled with happiness. Be in happiness. Be in harmony and this happiness will bring you eternity. Look with your eternal eyes, look with your eternal body and look with your eternal look at your relatives and grant them Eternity. Look with your Eternity at all people and grant them Eternity. Look with your eternity at the entire World, at your entire environment and grant them Eternity. The World will blossom and a flower, which blossoms eternally will appear. This flower will be your World, which is the World of everyone. And you will live and your happiness will be endless.

"Human! You are the world. You are eternity. You possess immeasurable powers. Your possibilities are limitless. You are the embodiment of the Creator. In you his will resides. Love all life as he does, he who has created you. Do not embitter your heart. Think good. Do good. Good will return to you with longevity. Love will give immortality, faith, hope and prudence. With faith and love your invisible powers will come alive. And you will achieve all that you dream of. Eternality is the face of life, just as life is the trace of eternity. Create to live in eternity. Live to create eternity. The action of the spirit is a motivation to act coming from the soul. Eternal life provides ongoing development of the soul."....Grigori Grabovoi.

Excerpt from the book.Planet of the Free Choice.by Vitaly Tichoplav, ACT, Astrel, 2006.."The goal of humanity is physical immortality, which is the dream of all people. Does this contradict the goal of God's purpose? No! God has created humanity and all of us for life. Otherwise God would not just create us."

Evil evaporates in the light of love; proven in experiments.

God has faith in us.(how does this work?), that we are able to pull out of the mess we are in, the mess caused by the collective egos of humanity, playing their tune in us, because we have adjusted the dial to their radio station.

With love we can have a completely self-governing nation. Why?.Romans 13:10 "Love works no ill to his neighbour...".The key to getting rid of all the hurts of humanity is love, so then, it would be important to learn all one can about love. The song below will help you. God is love and when you are in love, you become all the Creator is, you know the Creator.

Love is a spiritual quality that can be increased:.1Thessalonians 3:12. The song below will increase yours. Love is a deep abiding feeling of continuance with someone or something else.

All that matters is how we love. The song of the same name by Beth Neilsen Chapman.(bethnielsenchapman.com). And another one of her great songs, We live to learn to love. All that really matters to someone is how we love.

Unfortunately many love things and use people. It should be the other way around.

"Love is the ultimate and the highest goal to which man can aspire. Love is an action, a difference we try to make in the world."....Victor Frankl, concentration camp prisoner.

"The solution is never at the level of the problem. The solution is always love and love is beyond all problems."....Deepak Chopra.

"To love that which should unite us requires us to believe there is something that connects us all, to know that at some level all of us love and want to be loved, to base all our actions on the sacred.covenant of love, to know that love is an act of will, to refuse to exclude others because of personal difference or race or language or ethnicity or religion. If you hate others they will soon hate or fear you. They will reject you."....Chris Hedges (readersupportednews.org type in their search 'chris hedges acts of love')

What the world is missing is the goodness of God.(Ephesians 5:9).affecting them:.1Thessalonians 4:9,10 "...you yourselves are taught of God to love one another...we beseech you brethren, that you increase more and more."

What existed before humanity, was love:.Colossians 1:16,17.

The family then was as it is today, of love. The Creator, called the Father, is the head of this family. The Creator is love and that's what we are here for, to learn love and all that love means and what can be done from this most high level of consciousness:.1John 3:16.

The Creator is a giving sharing being. Why should the Creator love us? When you love another/others, it is the most powerful thing in the entire universe. It changes enemies into friends. The whole history of the Old Testament was that of people rejecting the Creator's love.

The Creator we commonly refer to as God loves us and wants to do things that put us in continuous happiness. It's through love that started with God toward us that we even know love. Without love we are left to the selfishness of ego living:.1John 4:19; Human beings viewing life from the selfish ego level fail to see the Creator's love. This failing keeps humanity entrenched at the low consciousness ego level.

If you're unaware of the love of God, how can it affect you? God never overrides or imposes Himself upon anyone:.Malachi 1:2 "I have loved you, says the Lord. Yet you say, Wherein have you loved us?..."

To pull out of the morass the ego has made of our lives we need to use love. If you got it, use it! If you don't got it, get it! When you love you are using the greatest power in the universe, really!Get and see the movie.What If? The Movie.a few times for more of this in depth and to create the neurons needed for higher consciousness.

To be 'in love' one has to be also in the same consciousness that is love. There is no difference between being of love and being in the Father.

1John 2:5 "But whoso keeps.(original for 'keeps' implies a being aware of every thought; a guarding of your thoughts and actions so as to keep yourself in the way of love) his word.(what word?), in him verily is the love of God perfected. Hereby know we that we are in him." 1John 4:17,18.

"Take away love and our Earth is a tomb."....Robert Browning, 1812-1889,  Poet.."Love is cause of all perfection, everything positive and good."....The Secret, The Power, Rhonda Byrne, Atria Books, 2010.

"Each individual.(and circumstance).in your life is there for a reason and that reason always has something to do with love."....Dr. Wayne Dyer.

"Love is an element which though physically unseen is as real as air or water. It is an acting living, moving force. It moves in waves and currents like those of the ocean."....Prentice Mulford, 1834-1891. It is invisible like gravity and electromagnetism, yet more powerful when used. Without love there is no life. Without life there can be no love. God is love.

"Love should focus like light from a bonfire giving light and warmth to all."....Deepak Chopra

Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation. All love is perfect, but we learn early to involve the ego in love and give different amounts to others for selfish reasons, usually manipulation and this because we have yet to realize we are all one, the same thing underneath it all.

If you're no good at love, what are you good for? You are then part of the problems of humanity.

All lessons of life are lessons of love. Unfortunately, we mostly go after the things of selfishness instead of going after love, instead of going after learning what love is and learning to love.

You'll never know the power of love until you bond with someone. Love needs to express in relaxed body language, interest in the other evidenced by facing them squarely and showing your presence being open to them. Deep respect.(meaning it from your soul, the heart of you).goes without saying much about it. Love the other for the spirit in them, their connection with their Soul.

This Earth life is a stage for us to learn and live by spiritual principles of love which are all encompassed within the nature of the Great Infinite One:.Hebrews 5:2.

The depth of love to decide to attain is that which you cannot be hurt and you do no hurt to anyone. But this takes some maturity.

If aa individual believes in me, rivers of living water will flow out from his heart." So said Emmanuel in John 7:37,38. If a person continues on in life apart from the purpose he was put here in the first place, then he or she is in for a lot of trouble.

"A prayer's resonant energy comes most forcefully from heart felt loving intention to secure some miraculous manifestation of the petitioner."....Dr. Len Horowitz:.Jeremiah 29:11-13.

We too can increase understanding with these keys:.Ephesians 3:17-19; Hebrews 11:3. We too can enter his realm once our beings resonate.(are in harmony, are one with).with the correct frequency. This Great Being's base frequency is 528Hz:.1John 4:6-16. Being in this frequency is being in the realm of the Infinite One:.Matthew 6:8,25-34.

The degree to which we love humanity makes a massive difference for the entire world regarding avoiding or experiencing and correcting the things that bring trials and sufferings.(*). It's love that leads you into doing good things, for yourself and others, including doing what you can to reach others with God's message of hope for them:.2Corinthians 2:14 "...God...manifests...his knowledge by us in every place". Prayer and the other spiritual disciplines are most effective toward this purpose. This is opposite to efforts of the disciples and opposite also to  the religion Pharisees in Emmanuel's time used:.Matthew 23:13.

Those are best prepared for the life to come hold most loosely things of this present life. Realizing their temporality they put efforts into awakening others.

Whatever you do, do it with concern and caring for other living things. If you know truth and another asks you.(1Peter 3:15).something spiritual, be sure to share it with them if you have enough knowledge on his or her question to do so. No 'askey', no 'answery'.

When others have a growing nature of love in them, this makes it so much easier for those in the world not yet awakened to spirituality, not yet knowing what to do to help humanity.(istpp.org/video/); Video proof.

Fewer and less severe shocks in life are then necessary to awaken others to their true being. Apply the rule and make it much easier on those you love.

The reason for trials and sufferings is to jolt men and women into waking up spiritually.(Isaiah 58:1-11).to jerk them forcefully out of their confusion, selfishness and sleepiness to what's really going on, with all that means. Many need awakening to the fact of their selfishness and how these things take from others.

They need awakening to the so called 'Golden Rule' where in all you do, do for the good of all.

The Infinite One has always assured that those of love nature would be on the Earth, on the Earth to help others, on Earth doing 'the Lord's work'. He jerked Paul out of the world, meaning, the selfishness of the low ordinary consciousness of humanity.

We are spirits, existing forever, but now today in a limited physical body for the purpose of learning, for the purpose of choices towards the ultimate purpose of being higher frequencies of spirit beyond the slowed down frequencies of existence we now exist physically in. To this humanity needs awakening.

Things get worse in life the more selfishness we learn, as this cuts us off from the energy frequencies of the invisible universe that sustains us. It's like we come here as functioning frequencies that maintain our physicality and we take things in that are both good and bad which make our lives for us. The more good that becomes us, the better life we have and the more bad, selfish, greedy and the like, the more our lives take the dark road of heartache and despair. As a result of this we become the 'living dead'. We become dead to love. The invisible energy of the universe is love:.Matthew 6:23.

Once the selfish nature of humanity gets set in him, much 'retraining', what the Bible calls repentance, which means to change, has to be done, but with the power of the Infinite One in a person this can occur almost instantly. That's why it's important to pray, which means to sit quietly knowing.(that's what faith is, a sure knowing).you are in contact with God. And, in this quiet time, think of those you have love toward, and see what thoughts come forth that you want to be to their benefit.

When men and women grow in spirituality, which means growing in love, this has effect upon any future bad happenings; it ameliorates.them. How? The video will show you. Watch it!

Through the knowledge of what Christ really is, some great things become yours:.2Peter 1:3;.(*).

Love is a frequency, like everything else in the multiverse. Love is in this, what we today call the quantum field of energy, best described by the superstring. There are connection frequencies for us if we use them.."Awakening others is the process toward getting others to connect to themselves."....Charlie Ward.

Love is the key to the 'lock' which prevents misuse of the amazing power in this field of intelligent oneness of the Creator God. The process in comprehending.the Bible involves a growing in belief:.Isaiah 28:10,13.

"The mind is one."....Irwin Schroeder. See the movie The Connected Universe for amazing new discoveries proving this.

And see the video of Ven Lama Dondrup Dorje on using this tremendous power of electromagnetism everybody has, for good for him and others.

The power of this intelligent energy is strengthened when others are of the same mind:.Matthew 18:20.(for more on any verse(s) in this entire website, click on its link)."For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." That's what is changing the world now. How does this work?

One not of belief in love.(believing in love equates to believing in God:.1John 4:6-8,11,16).cannot open.(Luke 19:42; Revelation 3:20).the door to the riches of the invisible energies of high consciousness. Love is the key to the lock and finding the way to the lock to open requires belief:.Ephesians 1:13 "...after that you believed, you were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise."

He or she has to be in the oneness of love. The lock is called love, meaning love is the key to its lock, once you find the pathway to the lock.

Without oneness with the Creator, we won't be in oneness with others who are and can't help getting into problems in life. It's the oneness of God that is the way out of them.

It starts with belief that there is a Creator and that He is only love.(1John 4:8,16), this bringing many benefits. Knowledge of the truth of the Creator is important. The lock also ensures that those of common low consciousness cannot enter the realm of high consciousness:.Matthew 6:19-21 "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon Earth, where moth and rust corrupts and where thieves break through and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust does corrupt and where thieves do not break through nor steal, for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

Our consciousness is built by the Creator to be connected to him, but we have been led away.

"It is worth noting that the forces of destruction.(those of the dark side).could not resurrect. Resurrection is the privilege of the forces of creation..(more 1, 2, 3)

"All this knowledge is safe as it develops man for the better.(this developing involves being in sync with the 'operating system' we were designed with; the lesson of the Old Testament shows how important this being in sync with it is).

"Development and access to space time structure is only for those who can learn how and those are people whose intent has proved to be of a kind loving and helpful, non selfish non destructive nature. Be sure your attention is always positive and non destructive, although it can be if the object is a threat in any way to anyone.(what would these objects be?). Then one can annihilate it in consciousness, sending it to the abyss, a restrictive hole so dark that nothing escapes it once put into it.....from pages 5,6,230,304.Grigori Grabovoi's book

"Concerning destructive forces, the method of defocusing can be used.(in eliminating them). By defocusing of your consciousness you make the negative information so rarefied that it stops being perceived as if it had never existed. Always know that any upturned, any disconnected or pressed world.(world not of peace, but pressure).is always.(or, nonetheless).the world of unity, harmony and blessing.(underneath it all). Understand that there is always God's purpose behind all upturned and ambiguous or non typical states of the world.(Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."). Exist in harmony no matter what the storm out there may be by having the awareness that you have always been eternal and will remain eternal and no structure, no information will change this will of the Creator.

From page 502:
"Anything you want to create you can create right where you are. Anything you want to correct you may always correct. You are that one whom the Creator has seen in you. You are also the one who wants the Creator to personify Himself with His acts in that infinity in which you see yourself. The Creator who is present in you.(John 17:26).is that Creator who is moving together with you in each of your actions. Apply to Him. Desire for Him to be involved in all you do and in all your concerns and you will have harmony."....from page 502, Grigori Grabovoi's book.

"Higher energies.(producing higher consciousness).require a higher level of morality."....Arcady Petrov.

The spiritual realm is foolishness to those of a destructive low consciousness. Those in low consciousness levels cannot find the key to unlock available treasures. Walking a better pathway is the way to them:.Isaiah 28:9-13 "Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk and drawn from the breasts.(those having decided to move on from the common low consciousness 'baby' level). For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little. For with stammering.(original for 'stammering' is 'mocking', here being spiritual things are foolishness {1Corinthians 1:18-31; 2:9,14} to those who view them with a low consciousness outlook).lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.(people of common consciousness just don't get it, just don't comprehend it!). To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith you may cause the weary to rest and this is the refreshing, yet they would not hear.(1Corinthians 1:18,21; 2:14). But the word of the Lord was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go and fall backward and be broken and snared and taken.(the normal low level common consciousnss of humanity is a prison, a prison so that humanity will aspire to get out of it)."

One of the keys to begin to comprehend things and lead one to an overstanding of the spiritual realm is to come to see that the Bible.is a book of attitudes and those not wanting to alter their attitude will find it foolishness:.2Timothy 3:15.

For example, in the following passage, don't agonize.over words such as Chorazin, Bethsaida, Tyre and Sidon, Capernaum and any similar confusing things to you that you may come across when reading scriptures, as they tend to turn off one's interest. Try to see the attitudes the scriptures are presenting, as this is where spiritual growth springs from.

Matthew 11:21-25 "Woe unto you, Chorazin! woe unto you, Bethsaida! for if the mighty works, which were done in you, had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. But I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the day of judgment, than for you. And you Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven shalt be brought down to hell, for if the mighty works, which have been done in you, had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day. But I say unto you, That it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment, than for you. At that time Emmanuel answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and Earth, because you have hid these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them unto babes."

We all are the same pie but individual slices. We simply have different disguises, yet underneath them it's all frequencies, all the same energy in differing expressions as we grow. Those in this family of consciousness are impeccably honest and regarded perfect:.Matthew 7:16.

Because of the holy nature being as it is, anything, including man, unlike this holy higher consciousness nature, cannot be in this intelligent energy informational field, that is, until change occurs. Once change does occur, they too are part of the family of those of higher consciousness.

"When I speak of love, I am not speaking of some sentimental or weak response. I am speaking of that force which all of the great religions have seen as the supreme unifying principle of life. Love is somehow the key that unlocks the door which leads to ultimate reality.(higher consciousness)."....Martin Luther King Jr. Leader of Civil Rights Movement, Activist and Orator.

Galatians 3:20 "...God is one.", but the word is plural:.Mark 12:32 "...for there is one God and there is none other but he.".Mark 12:29; 1Corinthians 10:26; 6:17; 8:6; 12:12; Ephesians 1:10,23; 4:4-6; 1Timothy 2:5; James 2:19,20.

The core creative sounds of nature have been discovered synchronously by two investigators researching independently. Their confirmed discoveries hold tremendous potential for the future of civilization. ...the article (tetrahedron.org/news/corecreative.html)

Hear/see compositions on YouTube that will open you up spiritually; type 'spiritual compositions 528'. The frequency sensing DNA component in you.(the 97% of it science heretofore understood as having no known use).responds, bringing universal life giving energy into you from the invisible energy, the spirit, the consciousness that created all. Other inspiring compositions, though not done in 528, can also move the spirit to the fore in you, such as.the ones mentioned earlier.

This is the consciousness that surrounds us and supports us, that is, once we get our negative thinking mind out of the way. The coil in a DNA's shape is an electrical aerial bringing information to us from the invisible realm.

The incredible full length feature film.What If? The Movie.will help a lot here and learning about meditation is critical to the pathway.

"Recent research strongly suggests love is fundamentally an energy frequency.(all in the multiverse is frequency).of 528Hz. This is mathematically related to Pi, PHI, the Fibonacci series and the fundamental harmonics of the Sun as recorded by NASA."....Dr. Len Horowitz.

Love is frequency 528Hz.(incredibly interesting, not 'fluffy fluffy'; see 528revolution.com); hear/see the compositions on 528 mentioned above on YouTube that will open you up spiritually; you will feel the difference immediately, as the frequency sensing DNA component, 'aerial', in you responds, bringing multiversal life giving energy into you from the invisible energy surrounding you. Stunning evidence compiled herein proves DNA is nature's bioaccoustic and electromagnetic.(that is, 'spiritual').energy receiver, signal transformer and quantum sound and light transmitter. In other words, the bioenergetics of genetics precipitates life. Book is available from healthyworldstore.com

"I learned from Dr. Horowitz about 528Hz in contrast to 440Hz used in contemporary music that is 'out of tune',.modified intentionally, similar to the falsification in the Gregorian calendar. Tones are really the most fundamental things and I think it is really a problem for the whole of humanity if they are intentionally modified. 528 Hz was really pleasant to me when I chanted that frequency. So, I always recommend it to people when I lead water ceremonies worldwide. Dr. Horowitz's work is really important for those like me who are studying the essence of life."....Dr. Masaru Emoto, New York Times best-selling author of Messages from Water and the Universe; Director, Emoto Peace Project.

These scientific revelations bring expanded spiritual meaning to life. Chapters incorporated this metaphysical science non-fiction thriller include discussions of electro-genetics, quantum physics, bioholography, human consciousness and even spiritual dynamics, to accomplish an urgent mission, that of awakening humanity to the highest levels of risk awareness and accountability for our planet's destiny.

"Love is granting another the space to be the way they are and the way they are not."....Werner Erhard.

Ephesians 2:4 "But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loves us."

We already are spirit, expressed from or physically manifested as human; a spirit which is us in and around the body which we call human; a spirit already eternal, but doesn't know it. 

The 'real' of us is the soul beyond the ego level relied upon in the absence of knowing we even are a soul, in order to as best we can, organize and correlate at the human level. We are windows to the invisible multiverse of higher possibilities.

It's just that we have unwittingly allowed our ego to override and cloud the soul we never knew we had and keep us in the struggle of life with all its trials and sufferings. But like the Sun behind the clouds, it's still there awaiting the clouds to be taken away so it can shine.

We are an individual formed expression of the spirit that underlies us each of us, a spirit that is a special part of the entire quantum energy field that is intelligent and that we call God or the Infinite Intelligence.

Though we are spirit, most are not whole in spirit. The Bible calls those of whole spirit as having the Holy Spirit.

This spirit always has existed. You have always been an individual expression within it.

So, how is this love exemplified and how can we learn it? It's important to learn it, as without it one just will have to wait to be, as they say, in this kingdom, in this realm.

Once one understands love, he is in the 528 frequency that allows continuous spirit connection with what is called the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Wholeness and what science calls the energy of the quantum field that is intelligent.

Love is the experience of being in harmony with the natural flow of multiiversal law. And what then is this thing called 'sin'.

So where are we in our overstanding of this underlying reality? The movie.What If? The Movie.gives us an inspiring start:.1Corinthians 13:12,13 "For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then shall I know even as also I am known. And now abides faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.(charity is an old English word meaning love)."

Love is wanting others to do well, to be the best they can and to experience all of life that is good. Love is understanding that each person has eternal value and is to be greatly respected:.Philippians 2:3 "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves."

Love means that you think and do what is good when you can, both for you and for another and others. Love is not allowing a negative.opinion.to take hold in you, such as a negative opinion distancing you from any concern for another's welfare, such as thoughts that lead you into believing in separation: Romans 13:10 "Love works no ill.(original for 'ill' is 'nothing of a bad nature', 'nothing injurious', 'troublesome or hurtful').to his neighbour; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.".What law?.Galatians 5:14 "For all the law.(the way things have been designed to work in harmony and one can see this throughout the multiverse).is fulfilled in one word, even in this;.You shall love thy neighbor as yourself." James 2:8 "If you fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, You shall love thy neighbour as yourself, you do well.".It's saying that love is the law of the universe under which all else is subordinate:.Matthew 22:37-40.

If one is not loving, but rather, a child of the dark side, the guidance of what is called the Holy Spirit, the nature of love God has and shares, will lead him and keep him in love:.Hebrews 13:5. So, get it! It is impossible to enter this world of God, this world of love, unless one has the key to get in and that key is love:.Revelation 21:27; 22:13-15. Love yourself and you'll live better.

1John 4:7,8 "Beloved, let us love one another; for love is of God and every one that loves is born of God.(or, closer to the original 'bears forth God').and knows God. He that loves not knows not God, for God is love."

There is evil in the world. Evils need to be recognized in order to correct them. This is positive thinking. Seeing the evil is not negative thinking. Distancing oneself from any concern over it would be negative thinking. Not dealing with evil would be negative thinking. But, how does one deal with it?

Daniel made a decision to set his heart to begin to understand and answers came, leading him to an overstanding.

1Thessalonians 3:12 "And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another and toward all men, even as we do toward you."

"The first condition of real life is something to love and the second condition is something to revere."....Jowett.

Many college students live on love, the love of their parents!

The only 'right' we have is to love:.Ephesians 4:1-3. If you are an unloving person, you have no rights, you only think that you have them:.Romans 13:8 "Owe no man any thing but to love one another, for he that loves another has fulfilled the law.".Within this umbrella called love are many good ways to express it. Within the 1776 United States Constitution are principles laid down based on the Bible. Do you know what rights are for everyone in every country who follows it? See David Straight's video 5 at Utah beginning at 1:30:00, one hour and thirty minutes into it.

You are a mind using the physical body your mind is in. Mind is a process. The physical body is a thing. It too has many ongoing programmed processes. You are here for the express purpose of being in a 'school', the school of the universe as it were, a training session played out on a 'stage'; here to see the duality of existence, the good and the evil; here to see how both are in all societies of the world,past and today; here to observe which is the best for all, the way of selfishness, greed, subjugation and control or the way of the spirit.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be taught to children in school.

Love is why life is worth living, so why would some of us hate the bad people when it's God who first loved us and that love enables us to live not any longer from the ordinary consciousness, but from a higher consciousness?.1John 4:19.

It's God that gave life to humanity. God knows how to protect us in life from the evil of others:.Psalms 23:4. It's God who is responsible for evil, because there is no power greater than God.

All evil comes from humanity listening not to God, but to what's there in the mass mind and as soon as man aligns with a thought from the mass mind that is not at all a good thought, then man has opened the door for increasing evil in his life, because the opened door allows the dark side to further influence man toward his own destruction. An example of how the ordinary consciousness of humanity has allowed evil to rise to suppress all humanity, subjecting all of us whose minds were led away from the true God who created us.

Deceived humanity.(Revelation 12:9; Jeremiah 44:16,17).was led away from all the good that would have come along with following the love ways of God:.Matthew 22:36-40.

All things in life have a purpose and some, even the evil things, are to awaken us to learn some things while we walk the divided highway, sometimes taking us toward good and other times bringing us back to our old ways:.Mattthew 5:44,45.

We came here with two natures. Having been born good, a few years into growing up, negativity in the heart of dear children begins to show. Most parents are at a loss of how to handle it toward a positive outcome. Blinding him to his true birthright of knowing his God-self within as creator of his life begins to occur for a reason, that being, an alert to parents to begin to teach about why he or she is here. Howbeit, most parents worldwide have become blinded by their own selfishness as to how to produce a child of God.

And so the dark side perpetuating this negative direction, was able to further their aim of destroying humanity in ways such as control of government.(satanic inspired leaders who really don't care about people and would sell their mother out for personal gain), control of finances/taxations, control of medical/pharmaceutical, chemical and food areas to further negatively affect humanity through poisonings accelerating death.

God is love and it's God's love that gave humanity life. God is life and life is God. Not loving is dangerous! Even with all the disappointments.we have, living is because we have life, albeit, life today often at a far lower level than is possible for all of us.

"So, it is impossible to live if we take the artificial path. We human beings have to stay on the natural, true, Divine path if there's to be hope for Divine help. I know that it is not easy for many a person for whom material things are such a part of his flesh and blood that he feels comfortable only if he owns a lot of these things. Why do we hate people when they are bad?".(1Corinthians 6:7)"....Bruno Gröning.

Love is life, whereas hate, resentment, anger, greed, deceit, dishonesty, complicity and such things of the dark side are part of the way of death, the way of the dark side and we've all been on both to one degree or the other. Some have gone from bad to worse and from worse to evil, as Janet Ossebard has shown us in her astounding documentaries.

To love is the sum of life and yet how many think they are living who feel unable to be loved and love in return! Those who deserve love least.(*), need it most! Some as Janet has shown are do entrenched into evil, they have to be eradicated. And this is love from God to them. Why?

"The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved."....Victor Hugo

Another key to open up understanding is.2Corinthian 3:16 with.1John 4:8,16.

Loving one another is the highest thing we can do on this human plane.
   But what is it that breeds love?.Luke 7:47
   And how do we show it?
   Having compassion makes a difference in keeping one's self and others in the love of God:.Jude 1:21,22. God 'keeps' us near Him the more of His love we overstand, for God is love and anything unlike love separates us from His presence.(His frequencies of vibration).in us.

It is the same in any relationship; we only enjoy being around those who love us.(accept us unconditionally, see our best, are non condemnatory, are helpful, kind, listen with sincere interest, generous and have fun with).

But that is expecting others to be that way toward us. What if they are not? Well, we are what we love, not what loves us. Just because you love someone does not mean they will love us back.

God is love: 1John 4:8,16. We are what we love.(*).

Without love, we might as well close the door on the human race. Love knows no boundaries.

Love is a direction, not so much a destination. In true love there is no change of direction:.Hebrews 13:5 ".....for he has said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." Ephesians 2:4 "But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us.".God calls people to Him, not with threats of punishment, but with kindness.

"The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they are still alive."
...O.S. Battista
"Love that never tells its story, that never utters itself in word or gift or service, fades away into drowsy indifference." ...Jowett

It is amazing to consider that the Creator loves as much as He does to have planned what He has planned for us 1, 2, 3, 4. God is implementing it for us all in this great plan of Earth, man, space, eternity and God. Humans are far too important to the Infinite One to be here for a only a short 70-80+ years and then gone. Humans are the focal point of all the Infinite's interest.

If we never have been loved.(abused neglected child, told we were no good, stupid, clumsy, brought up in the underground cities, etc.), we find the concept of our Creator's love little more than flowery phraseology. Ask the Creator for help to see yourself as the Creator sees you and that.is.holy, righteous and perfect. That is how God.right now and forever sees you, even if you know how you are:.Romans 4:17 "...even God, who quickens the dead and calls those things which be not as though they were."

Just as you had nothing to do with the sin you were born into, you also had nothing to do with Creator's free gift of righteousness, reconciling you so that a relationship with Him is possible, if you choose to. Why if you choose to? All of us long for a relationship with someone who would love us unconditionally.

And, this relationship with the Creator is all just beginning and goes on after the physical life you and me are now leading, is over, over one way or the other; one way or the other meaning that one doesn't have to die.
   You came here from there,.just for learning.

One of love's expressions is a smile. Do you ever think of God as smiling at you because He's happy with you?.Jeremiah 31:3 "The Lord has appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved you with an everlasting love. Therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.".Romans 8:31.

"Agape" is the word the Great Infinite One inspired to be used in the.Holy Bible.when He says that He loves us. That word, in the original Greek, means 'rapport', 'a relationship with', this meaning a heartfelt relationship with, a fellowship with, closeness; how close?.1John 2:6; 2John 1:9; John 15:9; 1Corinthians 6:17; Ephesians 1:10. 'Agape' love, as compared to other Greek words for love just below on this page, is a love that 'sees' beyond the physical in who your attention may be on.

Love keeps others in rapport with you and you with others; they fit into you and you fit into them, mostly by just 'being' when around them. And so, the relationship grows deeper each time.
Love is the lock that binds two people in higher consciousness where they have a consistently deepening connection with each other, where their love becomes increasingly interesting as they go along. Why?

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia:."Love, whether used of God or man, is an earnest and anxious desire for and an active and beneficent interest in the well-being of the one loved."

What makes a life spiritual? It's love! It's love that protects. It's love that turns the so called physical body into spirit completely, as it draws more invisible energy into us from the quantum field by means of the Soul. That's why we meditate. It's love that transmutes things harmful into harmlessness:.Acts 28:2-6; Mark 16:18. What takes a life down the spiritual path if not intention?.Psalms 119:105.

'Phileo' is another word for love used in the Bible. Philadelphia is called the city of brotherly love. Phileo is love of brother, sister, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, pets, that sort of thing where someone or something has an affiliation. It's that movement inside all of us that longs for connection.

And we have 'eros' in the Greek from which we get 'erotic'. It describes an anxious desire for and an active interest in having sex. An example of erotic love. Love does not necessarily need having one's relationship confirmed at cost by going to a third party for a license for sex in order to have a family.

Love involves a concern for and a desire to be with sexually and otherwise.

It's love.(feelings, thoughts, partnership with, equal to, a rapport, etc.).in a true relationship that is constantly deepening and increasing from an understanding and toward an overstanding of each party; not that one overstands another as superior, but each overstands the other. If you're 'in love', you're actions will always increase rapport with another:.Romans 13:10. Rapport involves merging with another's soul. And so, separation vanishes and oneness is present.

In real love there is no fear.(1John 4:18).but at the ego level many fears reside.

When rapport exists, each time together the relationship takes a step up, somehow, even after working out problems. If the Infinite is active in both parties this always happen.

Use the baseball rule.in relationships,.three strikes and you're out! If it gets to the 3 strikes point in a relationship, something's wrong. One or both of you are stubborn, hardhearted and overly concerned about the self. It'll just get worse as the years go by. But if you're in a relationship already like that and many years have gone by, consider yourself as having done pretty well. Why screw it up even more by a major change?

But, know this,.God never strikes you out! He has the power to change us.(*), but again, never overrides anyone. His love is not.'do things for me and I'll do them for you', as it is with many unspiritual persons in relationships. Creator's love is 'baby, I love you any way you are and if you don't like the way you are, I can change you!'

True love is devoid of a guarded.(hypocrisy).aloof 'sophistication', the abeyant attitude some have, the wall people present forth, to keep others at bay, where one is fearful of showing any 'weakness'. People of fear never find happiness, because fear prevents it.

True love expresses from incredible strength.(1John 4:16).and is unafraid if personal vulnerability is noticed by another, as true love is imbedded within the source of all love and power.and confidence:.James 3:17 "But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy."

1John 4:7,8,11,16 "Beloved, let us love one another for love is of God and every one that loves is born of God. He that loves not does not know God for.God is love.....Beloved, if God so loved us we ought also to love one another...And we have known.(original Greek is 'experienced').and believed the love that God has to us....."

The Great Infinite One is all love, pure love, brilliant love, love through and through, great love. With love comes great power that is locked out for those in the prison of the low consciousness ego level.

It's the nature of the Great Infinite One to care, to be concerned, to be compassionate, to be merciful, to be kind, to be giving and to be forgiving and to now overlook the shortcomings humans have in their heart of this great love presence.

The many names of God in the original writings, describe God.

Thanks to His plan involving the purpose for Emmanuel coming to Earth, we all have a clear path to a relationship with this spiritual family of the Infinite One.

Love is not just an attribute of God, rather, it's His complete nature, used in all He plans, thinks and does:.1John 4:8 "He that loves not knows not God; for God is love.".Love is all these things. Love is His purpose:.1John 1:5 "This then is the message which we have heard of Him and declare unto you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all."

Believing God loves you makes your love perfect:.1John 4:16,17. Believing the Creator, allows more of His Holy Nature, the Holy Spirit, to indwell you and your nature's base now is as His.

What is love? The Greeks have three words for love. And what about loving too much? One of the tragedies of modern life is that love is often being defined by those who have yet to experience it.

1John 4:16 "And we have known and believed the love that God has to us. God is love and he that dwells.(original Greek is 'stays in a given place').in love dwells in God and God in him."

How encouraging. Isn't that just great!.One of the things Christ wants is for you know that the Father loves you. Love God. Love others.

Your new nature will lead you to love. Our love is being made perfect and the more we are sure God dwells in us, the more we are, as He is in our dealing in society:.1John 4:16,17 "And we have known and believed the love that God has to us. God is love and he that dwells in love dwells in God and God in him. Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment. Because as he is, so are we in this world." 1Corinthians 3:9-11 "For we are labourers together with God. You are God's husbandry, you are God's building. According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation and another builds thereon. But let every man take heed how he builds thereupon. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Emmanuel the Christ." 2Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." Ephesians 4:24 "And that you put on the new man, which after.(or as the original has it 'exactly like'; that is, we now have the same nature of love that the Great Infinite One has).God is created in righteousness and true holiness." Colossians 3:10 "And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him." Hebrews 10:20 "By a new and living way, which he has consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh."

"Wasn't there a time when charity was a virtue and not an industry!".(*)
"Life may not yet be the party we hoped for, but since you are going to attend
it anyway, you might as well dance." ...Unknown