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inhibit, inhibited, inhibiting, inhibits.transitive verbs
to hold back; restrain; curb; to prohibit; forbid; if you say that someone is inhibited, you mean they find it difficult to behave naturally and show their feelings and that you think this is a bad or 'to strange to do' thing (some of us are rather inhibited about touching each other)

the act of inhibiting or the state of being inhibited; something that restrains, blocks or suppresses; conscious or unconscious restraint of a behavioral process, a desire or an impulse
inhibitable, inhibitive.or.inhibitory.adjectives

inhibitor also inhibiter.noun,.plural.inhibitors also inhibiters
one that inhibits, as a substance that retards or stops a chemical reaction (those inhibiting progress through selfish practices)

the intellectual.elite of a society

having and using intelligence; mentally.acute; showing sound judgment and rationality
intelligence per se, includes.emotional intelligence, that intelligence which enables, by means of.empathy, one to do the best they can for others, as opposed to lower consciousness ways emanating from the mass mind of humanity, such as deceitful ways of implementing.practices of greed used in skillful.manipulations.in order to gain selfish.advantage; intelligence includes the ability to make useful, information acquired from experience and/or study; the ability to comprehend from observation, experience and attention, by using comparisons and selecting those things which are deemed valuable enough to retain for effectively solving problems, directing conduct, responding to new experiences, etc.; also the ability to recognize those things appealing to the intellect, including purposeful design, etc. (a rabbit would not recognize the intelligence in a book preschoolers would); intelligence is ability to think, reason and comprehend (skunks, cats, dogs, etc. have intelligence, just a different level of it and like humans, they too have their automatic systems); the cells of all things have intelligence; it's an intelligent multiiverse

secret information, especially about an actual or potential enemy; an agency, a staff or an office employed in gathering such information; espionage.agents organizations and activities considered as a group

the ability to learn and reason; the capacity for knowledge and comprehension; the ability to think abstractly or profoundly; mind together with the electrical frequencies we classify as spirit with its connection the soul

of or relating to the intellect; rational rather than emotional; appealing to or engaging the intellect (an intellectual book; an intellectual project); having or showing intellect, especially to a high degree; intelligent
an intellectual person
intellectualness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)

capable of being understood (an intelligible set of directions enabled us to build the house from the plans); capable of being apprehended by the intellect alone)

intend, intended, intending, intends.verbs
transitive verb use.to have in mind; plan (we intend to go, they intend going, you intended that she go; I intend to think about that as soon as I have some quiet time); to design for a specific purpose; to have in mind for a particular use; to signify or mean
intransitive verb use.to have a design or purpose in mind

determination to do a specific thing (I intend to go downtown; she had intention to both pray and fast {Isaiah 58:3-12} to break the bonds of evil); intention involves more

something that is intended; an aim or a purpose; intention; meaning; intents have implications
firmly fixed; concentrated (an intent gaze); having the attention applied; engrossed (the students, intent upon their books, did not hear me enter the room); having the mind and will focused on a specific purpose (was intent on leaving within the hour; are intent upon being recognized)
Law:.the state of one's mind at the time one carries out an action
for all intents and purposes.or.to all intents and purposes.idiom
in every practical sense; practically (to all intents and purposes the case is closed); to direct attention
intentness.noun.(words ending in 'ess' are usually without pluralization - adding an 'es' making '...esses' is clumsy)

done deliberately; intended.(an intentional act of kindness); voluntary; having to do with intention

intensity is the degree of feeling one has, such as love (Genesis 29:18-20 "And Jacob loved Rachel...And Jacob served seven years for Rachel and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her. Genesis 29:30 "And he went in also unto Rachel and he loved also Rachel more than Leah..."); intensity is also the force of something (the hurricane was of such intensity that it uprooted large trees; intense light is hard on the eyes)
intense, intenser, intensest.adjectives
possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to an extreme degree (the intense Sun of the tropics); extreme in degree, strength or size (intense heat; the dark cloud's mass appeared as having intense strength to produce a storm); involving or showing strain or extreme effort (intense concentration); deeply felt; profound (intense emotion); tending to feel deeply (an intense writer)
intenseness.noun.(words ending in 'ess' are usually without pluralization - adding an 'es' making '...esses' is clumsy)
intenseness is sustaining (everyday in her meditation she maintains her belief for a minute or two for some individual known to need help and/or healing, that they will be made well again); deeply felt (intense contemplation on something important to your life)
see 'intend'

intensify, intensified, intensifying, intensifies.verbs
transitive verb use.to make intense or more intense (the press has intensified its scrutiny of the candidate's background) 
intransitive verb use.to become intense or more intense (the search intensified as dusk approached)
in grammar, an intensifier is a word such as 'very' or 'extremely' which you can put in front of an adjective or adverb in order to make its meaning stronger

of, relating.to.or.characterized.by.intensity (intensive training for the upcoming marathon); in grammar
intensiveness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)

interconvert, interconverted, interconverting, introconverts.transitive verbs
to be subject to interconversion; interchange
mutual conversion (interconversion of chemical compounds) 

interrogate, interrogated, interrogating, interrogates.transitive verbs
if someone, interrogates someone, they question them thoroughly.in order to get information from them; to formally and systematically ask questions of; examine by questioning;.ask
an interrogation is the act of interrogating someone

asking a question or being of the nature of a question (an interrogative raising of the eyebrows); of, relating to or being an element or construction used to ask a question an interrogative adverb, such as 'whither' used in whither away; an interrogative particle
a word or form used to ask a question; a sentence or an expression that asks a question

question or set of questions that can make one feel uncomfortable

ipso facto.adverb
by the fact or act itself; by that very fact

a segment of a gene situated between axons that does not function in coding for protein-synthesis; (from, 'intragenic', meaning, occurring within a gene)

a foolish or stupid person; a careless person; an idiot is one who acts without thought for consequences of actions, an example; one who fails to take into consideration.effects of what he wants to do or is doing; (see also idiot savant)
foolish or stupid; characteristic of an idiot
the state of being an idiot
extreme folly or stupidity; a foolish or stupid utterance or deed

never changing or varying
in an immutable manner

in vitro.adverb-or.adjective
outside the living body and in an artificial environment

in vivo.adverb.or.adjective
in the living body of a plant or animal

indoctrinate, indoctrinated, indoctrinating, indoctrinates.transitive verbs
if people are indoctrinated, they are taught a particular belief with the aim that they will reject other beliefs (teaching evolution in order to separate people from belief in Creator-God); to imbue with a usually partisan or sectarian opinion, point of view or principle; to be brainwashed
teaching someone to accept doctrines.unquestioningly (using the concocted and corrupt unspoken rule of 'authority is always correct' to bamboozle another); uncritically (accepting without question is when you are on the path of selling your soul to the devil, leading to the searing of your conscience:.1Timothy 4:2); brainwashing

that cannot be avoided or evaded; a certainty

separated and alone; to set apart from others; apart from
isolate, isolated, isolating, isolates.transitive verbs
to put out in the Sun for drying, bleaching, etc.
the action of isolating; the condition of being isolated; solitude

immense.transitive verb
limitless; infinite; very large; vast; huge; enormous
immenseness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)

intersperse, interspersed, interspersing, intersperses.transitive verbs
to scatter among other things; to distribute among other things at intervals (interspersed red and blue tiles on the walls); to put here and there; to decorate and diversify with things scattered here and there; a newspaper section that was interspersed with advertisements

immolate, immolated, immolating, immolates.transitive verbs
to kill as a sacrifice; to kill oneself by fire; to destroy

inure.also.enure, inured, inuring, inures.transitive verbs
to habituate to something undesirable, especially by prolonged subjection; accustom (he became inured through the consistent banality of government officials); from 'in ure' where 'in' means 'no' or 'not', a negative and 'ure' is from Old French 'euvre' and 'uevre' meaning 'work', so, 'no work' or 'not working'

"An idea is a thought or thoughts you put together directed toward a purpose, which becomes an ideal you want."....Bob Proctor; an idea is a plan, suggestion or possible course of action (it's a good idea to plan ahead; I really like the idea of helping people; she told me she'd had a brilliant idea;."strong minds discuss ideas"....Socrates); if someone gives you an idea of something, they give you information about it without being very exact or giving a lot of detail; if you have an idea of something, you know about it to some.extent; the idea of an action or activity is its aim or purpose; an idea is an opinion or belief about what something is like or should be like; something, such as a thought.or.conception, that potentially or actually exists in the mind as a product of mental activity; an opinion, a conviction or a principle (political ideas are out of date when they favor a clique); a plan, scheme or method; a notion; a fancy

a conception of something in its absolute perfection; one that is regarded as a standard or model of perfection or excellence; an ultimate object of endeavor; a goal; an honorable or worthy principle or aim
of, relating to or embodying an ideal; conforming to an ultimate form or standard of perfection or excellence; considered the best of its kind; completely or highly satisfactory (the location of the new house is ideal); existing in the mind; imaginary; of, relating to or consisting of ideas or mental images; idealism
Philosophy:.existing as an archetype or pattern, especially as a Platonic idea or perception

the state or quality of being ideal; existence in idea only

one whose conduct is influenced by ideals that often conflict with practical considerations; one who appears unrealistic and impractical to the dullards of the world (as those who could not imagine the cell phone, the airplane, a self running vehicle); a visionary

the act or practice of envisioning things in an ideal form; pursuit of one's ideals; idealized treatment of a subject in literature or art
Philosophy:.the theory that the object of external perception, in itself or as perceived, consists of ideas

of, relating to or having the nature of an idealist or idealism

idealize, idealized, idealizing, idealizes.verbs
transitive verb use.to regard as ideal; to make or envision as ideal
intransitive verb use.to render something as an ideal; to conceive ideals or an ideal