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something that impedes; a hindrance or an obstruction; obstacle; an organic defect preventing clear articulation.(a speech impediment)
Law:.something that obstructs the making of a legal.contract; to impede

impede, impeded, impeding, impedes.transitive verbs
delay; hinder; retard or obstruct the progress of; hamper; impede suggests a slowing up of movement or progress by interfering with normal action (tight belts impede the normal circulation of blood)

intervene, intervened, intervening, intervenes.intransitive verbs
to come, appear or lie between two things (you can't see the lake from there because the house intervenes); to come or occur between two periods or points of time (a year intervened between the two dynasties); to occur as an extraneous or unplanned circumstance (he would have his degree by now if his laziness hadn't intervened); to come in or between so as to hinder or alter an action (intervened as the argument was going nowhere); to interfere, usually through force or threat of force, in the affairs of another nation
intervenor or intervener.noun,.plural.intervenors or interveners.

unfaithfulness to a sexual partner, especially a partner one has committed to; an act of sexual unfaithfulness; lack of fidelity or loyalty (infidelity to the family tradition, infidelity to the principles of the revolution); lack of religious belief

instil also instill, instilled, instilling, instils also instills
to introduce by gradual, persistent efforts; implant ("morality . . . may be instilled into their minds" ...Thomas Jefferson) instilling critical thinking where students question until something makes complete sense should be the job of any who educate); to pour in (medicine, for example) drop by drop
instillation, instiller, instillment.nouns

incense, incensed, incensing, incenses.transitive verbs
to cause to be extremely angry; infuriate

a perfume; an aromatic.substance, such as wood or a gum, that is burned to produce a pleasant odor; the smoke or odor produced by the burning of such a substance as used in ancient.pagan practices in wafting prayers to their supposed Gods (1Chronicles 16:25,26)
incense, incensed, incensing, incenses.transitive verbs
to perfume with incense; to burn incense

infuriate, infuriated, infuriating, infuriates.transitive verbs
to make furious; enrage

not to be dispensed with; essential; obligatory; unavoidable (the routine but indispensable ceremonies of state)
one that is indispensable
indispensability or indispensableness.noun

impossible to dispute; unquestionable
incontrovertibility or incontrovertibleness.noun

interact, interacted, interacting, interacts.intransitive verbs
when people interact with each other or interact, they communicate as they work or spend time together (while the children interacted and played together we had coffee and watched over them from the patio); to act on each other
acting or capable of acting on each other
the act or process of interacting; the state of undergoing interaction
Physics:.any of four fundamental ways in which elementary particles and bodies can influence each other, classified as strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational

exceeding normal or appropriate bounds; extreme (immoderate eating); excessive

that cannot be entirely consumed or used up (an inexhaustible supply); never wearying; tireless (an inexhaustible campaigner) inexhaustibility.or.inexhaustibleness.noun

not sensitive; numb; lacking in sensitivity to the feelings or circumstances of others; unfeeling; lacking in responsiveness (insensitive to the needs of customers)

lacking.sensation or awareness; inanimate; unconscious; lacking sensibility; unfeeling; lacking sense or the power to reason; foolish; witless

include, included, including, includes.transitive verbs
to take in as a part, an element or a member (thanked the host for including us)

the act of including or the state of being included; something included
Geology:.a solid, liquid or gaseous foreign component enclosed in a mineral or rock
Computers:.a logical.operation that assumes the second statement of a pair is true if the first one is true

including or intending to include; including the terms, limits or extremes mentioned 

involve, involved, involving, involves.transitive verbs
to contain as a part; include.(was told that the job would involve travel); your involvement in something is the fact that you are taking part in it (she disliked his involvement with the group and disliked his friends); to compose of; to consist of; involvement is the enthusiasm that you feel when you care deeply about something; to engage as a participant; to get or be involved
involvement, involver.nouns, plurals.involvements, involvers

an instance is an example that is cited to prove or invalidate a contention or illustrate a point (an instance of flagrant corruption); an occurrence.(in all such instances, let conscience be your guide)
instance, instanced, instancing, instances.transitive verbs
to offer as an example; cite; to demonstrate or show by an example; exemplify
for instance.idiom
as an example; for example

instant.noun, plural.instants
an instant is an extremely short period of time (still dealing with her fear of speaking to an audience, for an instant she was tempted to flee); the word instant suggests.quickly or immediately (at that instant the museum was plunged into total darkness); to do something the instant something else happens means to do it immediately (she closed the door the instant she saw the wasps); instant food is so-called 'food' that you can prepare very quickly, for example by just adding water (instant coffee); the word instant referentially.implies an almost.imperceptible space of time; a moment; a particular time (I'll be in the back yard, so please tell me the instant they arrive)
occurring at once; immediate (an instant flash of lightning); imperative; urgent (an instant need for world peace and prosperity)
at once; instantly
at once; with insistence; urgently

if you describe someone as intransigent, you mean that they refuse to behave differently or to change their attitude; unwilling to change your ideas or behavior, in a way that seems unreasonable; stubborn; refusing to moderate a position in the light of better information; unreasonableness; uncompromising
intransigence, intransigent.nouns

morally, socially or legally.obligated to another; beholden

the state of being indebted; something owed to another

relating to, occurring among or involving several people

immerse, immersed, immersing, immerses.transitive verbs
to cover completely in a liquid; submerge; to engagewholly or deeply; absorb (scholars who immerse themselves in their subjects)
capable of being completely immersed in water without suffering damage (an immersible hot plate)
immersion.noun, plural.immersions
the act or an instance of immersing; the condition of being immersed; baptism performed by totally submerging a person in water

offensive to established standards of propriety; improper; marked by a lack of good taste; coarse; lacking in consideration for the feelings of others; tactless

indelicacy.noun, plural.indelicacies
the quality or condition of being indelicate; something indelicate

impossible to comprehend or grasp fully; so unlikely or surprising as to have been thought impossible; unbelievable (an inconceivable victory against all odds)

Indic.also called Sanskritic.adjective
of or relating to India or its peoples or cultures

penetrating, clear and sharp, as in operation or expression (an incisive mind; incisive comments)

the act of incising; a cut into a body tissue or organ, especially one made during surgery; the scar resulting from such a cut; the condition or quality of being incisive; incisiveness

incise, incised, incising, incises.transitive verbs
to cut into, as with a sharp instrument (incised the stone tablet with chisels; a plateau that had been deeply incised by streams); to engrave designs or writing, for example, into a surface; carve; to engrave designs, writing or other marks into

impossible to solve; having no seeming solution (a seemingly insolvable problem

insert, inserted, inserting, inserts.transitive verbs
to put or set into, between or among (inserted the key in the lock); introduce; to put or introduce into the body of something; interpolate (insert an illustration into a text)
something inserted or intended for insertion, as a picture or chart into written material
a person who does an insertion
the act or process of inserting; something inserted, as an ornamental strip of lace or embroidery inserted between pieces of fabric; the addition, as by mutation, of one or more nucleotides to a chromosome