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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary (m-w.com)
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astound, astounded, astounding, astounds.transitive verbs
to fill with bewilderment or wonder
causing astonishment or amazement

the science of the physical properties and phenomena of the stellar phenomena, such as stars, planets, etc.

the science of the stars and other heavenly bodies, dealing with their composition, motion, relative position, size, etc.; scientific evidence attests to someone or something having designed the universe
astronomical, astronomic.adjectives
having to do with astronomy 
from the viewpoint of astronomy
one that specializes in astronomy

astronomical unit (AU).noun,.plural.astronomical units
the distance between Earth and the Sun, about 93,000,000 miles (150 million kilometers)

man has been watching the sky and stars in it since he has been here and has developed the science of astronomy in accounting for movements noticed in the universe; astrology however, is a concoction developed from an erroneous belief the movement of objects in the universe was above self-determination and so answers could be gotten from observing them; avoid the quackery by getting guidance from the true God; astrology iinvolves the study of the zodiac, which is the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural Earthly occurrences and human affairs (some believing the moon has an affect upon humanity, extrapolate this from the erroneous belief that the moon affects.tides; which it doesn't)

of, relating.to, emanating from or resembling the stars; one of the five bodies humans have and a caution about this level

apart; separately; in different pieces or places (the house was torn asunder by the tornado)

asymmetric, asymmetrical.adjectives
having no balance or symmetry
lack of balance or symmetry

the belief(s) of there being no God
an individual who does not know that God gives him the ability to believe and so, in ignorance, has assumed without proof that there is no God
relating.to.or.characteristic of atheism or atheists; inclined to atheism

atomic number.noun,.plural.atomic numbers
an atomic number differs by the number of protons, that is, the number of protons in their atomic-nuclei; an atomic number is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom labeling the position of the atom in the Periodic Table; elements in the Periodic Table are ranked by Atomic Number, example, hydrogen has 1, helium has 2, etc. There are only 100 elements. Why?

atomic theory.noun,.plural.atomic theories
Physics:.in physics, the physical theory of the structure, properties and behavior of the atom

atomic weight.noun,.plural.atomic weights
a number representing the weight of one atom, as compared to the weight of another atom, Carbon-14, used as the standard

atone, atoned, atoning, atones.verbs
transitive verb use.to.reconcile; to supply satisfaction for; expiate
intransitive verb use.to make amends
reconciliation; the reconciliation of God and man through the death of Emmanuel Christ; reparation for an offense or injury; satisfaction; one of the special days in the time of ancient Israel

an adenosine derived nucleotide, C10H16N5O13P3, (10 parts {molecules} carbon, 16 parts hydrogen, 5 parts nitrogen, 13 parts oxygen, 3 parts phosphorus) that supplies large amounts of energy to cells for various biochemical processes, including muscle contraction and sugar metabolism, through its hydrolysis to ADP (adenosine triphosphate); more on it

attain, attained, attaining, attains.transitive verbs
transitive verb use.to reach or come to; to go after what you want is to put effort into getting it; to arrive at (he attained the age of one hundred twenty); accomplish; achieve; to gain
intransitive verb use.to succeed in a directed effort, process or progression (eventually attained to wisdom; attained to high office)
that can be attained (*)
attainability, attainableness.nouns
the quality of being attainable 
anything attained

attenuate, attenuated, attenuating, attenuates.transitive verbs
reduce in force; make thin; rarefy
transitive verb senses.to make slender, fine or small; to reduce in force, value, amount or degree; weaken; to lessen the density of; rarefy
intransitive verb senses.to become thin, weak or fine
reduced or weakened, as in strength, value or virulence

attest, attested, attesting, attests.transitive verbs
to declare to be true or genuine and correct; to certify by signature or oath; indicate--
intransitive verb use-to bear.witness; give testimony (attested to their good faith)
attestant, attestation(s), attester or attestor.nouns

attitude results from our thoughts producing feelings and that is the energy that produces the actions we express in daily living, so attitude is specific.energy patterns (vibrations) leaving the body and affecting others and life itself; your mental attitude lays the road for your life to follow (he set his path in life from concepts important to him at the time); '-tude' is condition, state or quality; your attitude to something is the way that you think and feel about it, especially when this shows in the way you behave which produces results in life; attitudes come from our thought makeup, that is, thoughts accepted; a state of mind or a feeling affecting all a person is, thinks and does; disposition; if you refer to someone as a person with attitude, you mean that they have a striking and individual.style of behavior, especially a forceful or aggressive one; a mental position with regard to a fact or state (his attitude toward the loss was as his father would have expected him to have, one of appreciation for his father being around him so long and not one of grieving over the passing; his attitude was to help; Jonah, on the other hand, had a much different attitude: Jonah 4:1 "But it displeased Jonah exceedingly and he was very angry.");  attitude is also a position of the body or manner of carrying oneself (stood in a graceful attitude); posture; the orientationof an aircraft's axes.relative to a reference line or plane, such as the horizon; attitude is also the orientation of a spacecraft relative to its direction of motion; a position similar to the ballet position called arabesque in which a ballet dancer stands on one leg with the other raised either in front or in back and bent at the knee

attribute, attributed, attributing, attributes.transitive verbs
if you attribute a particular.quality or feature to someone or something, you think that they have got it and that it is indeed theirs (attributed his work to another so the credit for it would be held by her); if a piece of writing, a work of art or a remark is attributed to someone, people say that they wrote it, created it, or said it; to ascribe; attribute is a quality that is ascribed to someone or something ("God and all the attributes of God are eternal" ...Spinoza); attributes of God are listed here; an attribute is a quality or feature that someone or something has; to relate to a particular cause or source; to regard as the work of a specified agent or creator (attributed the painting to Titian {short for Tiziano Vecellio, 1488?-1576, an Italian painter who introduced vigorous colors and the compositional use of backgrounds})
an inherent.characteristic.(she has the attributes {love, kindness, beauty, persistence} of her mother); a quality or characteristic inherent in or ascribed to someone or something, a characteristic belonging to a specific person, thing or office
synonyms-imputed, ascribed, assign, refer

the act of attributing, especially of establishing a particular something, such as a narrative, a place or time as the creator, provenance or era of something, as a quality or characteristic related to a particular possessor (the narrative of a fascist attribution); an attribute
attributable, attributional.adjectives

insolence, impudence
suggests.either great presumption or defianceof social.convention, morals, absolutes, etc.
adventurous, brave, but not stupid; daring, reckless, bold; presumptuous; insolent, impudent

assimilate, assimilated, assimilating, assimilates.verbs
transitive verb use.to integrate, absorbing into the mind (assimilate knowledge); to consume and incorporate nutrients into the body after digestion; to transform.(food) into living tissue by the process of anabolism; metabolize constructively;  to make similar

the act or process of assimilating; the state of being assimilated
Physiology:.the conversion of nutriments (aka nutrients) into living tissue; constructive metabolism

at any rate.idiom
whatever the case may be

at arm's length
distancing from scrutiny

at least.adverb
at the minimum (at least once a week we go for groceries or have them delivered); not less than (at least studies two hours a night); in any case (at least you have a choice); if nothing else (at least he made it back for dinner, even if he did forget the potatoes)"; at any rate (at least the job did get completed

in or near the area occupied by; in or near the location of (at the market; at our destination); in or near the position of (always at my side; at the center of the page); to or toward the direction or location of, especially for a specific purpose (questions came at us from all sides); present during; attending (at the dance); in the state or condition of (at peace with one's conscience); in the activity or field of (skilled at playing chess; good at math); to or using the rate, extent or amount of; to the point of (at 30 cents a pound; at high speed; at 20 paces; at 350°F.); on, near or by the time or age of (at three o'clock; at 27 years of age); on account of; because of (rejoice at a moment of beauty); by way of; through (exited at the rear gate); in accord with; following; (at my request); dependent upon (at the mercy of the weather); occupied with (at work)

at it.idiom
one person's joy can be another's disturbance (the neighbors are at it again with loud music)

at all.idiom
in any way (unable to feel compassion at all); to any extent; whatever(not at all sorry)

amuse, amused, amusing, amuses.transitive verbs
to occupy in an agreeable, pleasing or entertaining fashion (she worked on the jigsaw puzzle for hours); to cause to laugh or smile by giving pleasure
the state of being amused, entertained or pleased; something that amuses, entertains or pleases like a good movie; see also Muses

once more; anew (try again to get the key in the lock); to a previous place, position or state (left home but went back again); furthermore; moreover; on the other hand (she might go and again she might not)

in a direction or course opposite to (row the boat against the current); so as to come into forcible contact with (waves dashing against the shore); contraryto; opposed to (don't go against your better judgment); in contrast or comparison with the setting or background of (dark colors against a fair skin); in preparation for; in anticipation of (food stored against winter); as a defense or safeguard from (protection against the cold); to the account or debt of (drew an amount of money against the bank balance); directly opposite to; facing (facing against a strong wind we carried on)

to the same extent or degree; equally (the child sang as sweetly as a nightingale); for instance (large carnivores, as the bear or lion); when taken into consideration in a specified.relation or form (this definition as distinguished from the second one)
to the same degree or quantity that; often used as a correlative after 'so' or 'as' (you are as sweet as sugar; the situation is not so bad as you suggest); in the same manner or way that (think as I think); at the same time that; while (slipped on the ice as I ran home); for the reason that; because (went to bed early, as I was exhausted); with the result that (he was so foolish as to lie); though (great as the author was, he proved terrible at explaining things; ridiculous as it seems, the tale is true); in accordance with which or with the way in which (the hotel is quite comfortable as such establishments go; the sun is hot, as everyone knows
that; which; who; used after same or such (I received the same grade as you did)
in the role, capacity or function of (acting as a mediator); in a manner.similar.to; the same as (on this issue they thought as one)
as by.idiom
made possible.by; by means of; able to function as something does, because of something else
as in.idiom
similar to
as is.idiom
just the way it is, with no changes or modifications (bought the vehicle as is)
as it were.idiom
in a manner of speaking; as if such were so

as if.conjunction
in the same way that it would be if (it was so frosty outside it looked as if she were made of ice; it seemed as if {that} the meeting would never end; as if telling her to smarten up would make any difference at all {that is, she wouldn't listen to us anyway})

as much as.adverb
almost, all but, as good as, essentially, practically, well-nigh

as of.preposition
on; at (as of February we'll be in the Bahamas)

as to.preposition
with regard to (we are puzzled as to how it happened); according to (candidates who were chosen as to ability)

as well as.conjunction
and in addition (he was courageous as well as being physically strong); together with; besides; plus; and; with; on top of; not to mention; to say nothing of; let alone
as well as.preposition
in addition to (the editors as well as the proofreaders are working overtime lately); together with; besides; plus; and; with; on top of; not to mention; to say nothing of; let alone
as well as
as well as.adverb
in addition; more; plus; extra; and; also; likewise; too; furthermore; further; and also; else; besides; to boot; et cetera; and so on; and so forth; into the bargain; over and above; moreover; with; including; inclusive

Usage note: One writes, with the comma 'He is as smart as or smarter than his brother' not 'He is as smart or smarter than his brother'; 'as' should be preceded by a comma when it expresses a causal relation, as in 'She won't be coming, as we didn't invite her'; when used to express a time relation, 'as' is not preceded by a comma (she was finishing the painting as I walked into the room); when a clause introduced by 'as' begins a sentence, care should be taken that it is clear whether as is used to mean 'because' or 'at the same time as', for example the sentence 'As they were leaving, I walked to the door' may mean either that 'I walked to the door because they left' or 'at the same time that they were leaving'. See more Usage notes.