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-in the Old Testament
-in the New Testament
Tabernacle.(built to show God's closeness to mankind)
Tabernacle.(David built a building to honor God)
Tabernacles.(Feast of Tabernacles, one of the ancient festival holy days of 
  the Mosaic Law in the Old Testament)
Table of elements.(periodic table of elements)
Tables/tablets of stone.(upon which the ancient old covernant was written, were orbs of light? Two times Moses had to go get the tablets, why?)
Tagore, Sir Rabindranath
Take no thought for ...
Takers and givers
Takes nothing good away
Taking thought for things?
Taking vengeance?
Talent, abilities and skills
Tamar.(a good and beautiful woman)
Tanis.(also called Zoan; ancient city in Egypt)
Taoism and other eastern religions
Tarsus.(where Paul was born)
Tarshish.(a Phoenician colony in the south of Spain)
Tartars/Tartaria.(or Tatars and Tataria)
Tattersall, Ian.(an encouraging scientific view re subject of evolution)
Taught by Christ in you?.(taught by Holy Spirit?)
Teaching.(teachers; see also 'schools'; see also pastors)
Teaching.(who taught the early ancients?)
-ancient technologies
-spiritual technologies
-technologies of the invisible
-Technology Highlights
Tears no more
Teenagers and boredom
Tehaphnehes.(a city in ancient Egypt)
Teilhard de Chardin, Pierrre
Tellinger, Michael.(what was found out about life on Earth before man)
Telomeres.(reverse aging by lengthening your telomeres)
Temple.(in the Old Testament the Creator communicated with the ancient people by means of a physical temple)
Tempts.(God tempts? (God had to write them again on stone tablets because Moses with his anger issue, broke the first set of them)
Ten commandments
...God had to write them again on stone tablets because Moses with his anger issue, broke the first set of them
Ten toes
Tenets of evolution:
-descent with modification
-human evolution
-natural selection
-pace and direction
-random mutations
-species change over time
-survival of the fittest
Tenses of Greek
Tentmaker.(how the apostle Paul supported himself)
Terror of God?.(being in terror of God)
Tesla, Nikola.(20th century genius; his work suppressed; movies about him)
Testing/proving.(God, others)
Text messaging.(dangerous while driving)
Textus Receptus
Thankful.(Thanksgiving Day, giving thanks, saying grace, blessing the meal, blessing the food; being thankful for everything and then God works it all out) 
Thanks!.(for help with the site)
That day.(what is 'that day' appearing so many times in the scriptures?)
The DaVinci Code.movie.(question on)
The Grand Self movie
The Green Mile.(movie)
Thebes.(important city of ancient Egypt)
Theft.(thievery) (why people steal)
Theomatics.(God & mathematics)
Theories:.(a theory must have...)
-big bang
-heterotic string
-naturalism.(philosophical naturalism)
-quantum chromodynamics theory
-quantum mechanics
-steady state
-unified field.(theory of everything)
Thermography/thermograms.(safe as compared to dangerous mammograms)
Thich Nhat Hanh.(quote of this Vietnamese Buddhist monk)
Thief.(Christ comes as)
Thiesen, Brian.(solid information on Smart Meter dangers and the con)
Think about
Thinker.(we think, but what's between the thoughts? not nothing; no such thing as nothing, so from where comes energy frequencies, emotions; many things can spur thought, but where are thoughts manufactured, how does the interpretation of thought work, how does decision work in choices we make, the idea maker, the intention decider)
Thinking.(creative witticisms of smart people)
Thinking logically
Thinking that one is unrighteous
Thirty fold, etc.
Thirty pieces of silver
This is good.(the This Is Good story; how you should always look at things)
Thomas.(one of the original 12 disciples)
Thomas, Browne, Sir
Thomas Edison
Thomas Jefferson.(what he did; quote)
Thomas Paine
Thoreau, Henry David.(American writer criticizing social policies)
"Thought it not robbery ..."
...careful what you think
...emotions follow
...established how?
...God's, toward us
...how come?.(the thinker)
...motivators.(avoiding wrong ones)
...no distance in
...what is?
...where they come from
Thousands (word 'thousands' often figurative)
Three heavens
Three high ranking angels
Three strokes against us
Threescore and ten
Thumb.(life for many is like going through it with a sore thumb)
Thumb.(story of the African king who lost a thumb)
Thummin & Urim.(ancient guidance system)
Thurber, James.(writer of humor)
Thyine wood