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Try as best you can to show compassion and help those in need:.Jeremiah 21:12,13 "O house of David, this says the Lord; Execute judgment in the morning and deliver him that is spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor, lest my fury go out like fire and burn that none can quench it, because of the evil of your doings. Behold, I am against thee, O inhabitant of the valley and rock of the plain, says the Lord, which say, Who shall come down against us, or who shall enter into our habitations? Jeremiah 22:3 "Thus says the Lord; Execute you judgment and righteousness and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor and do no wrong, do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, nor the widow, neither shed innocent blood in this place."

We are in the hands of the Infinite One:.Romans 12:19; 2Thessalonians 1:6; John 10:27,28; again, 1John 5:14,15. We can trust Him for protection. He will bring things to our individual attention on how to be alert and careful in life and will provide warnings towards being careful. There is another more.insidious war, that if we would wage it, we would not need 'outside' wars to 'tune us up', which was the lesson of Old Testament history.

Does the Infinite lie in all this?.Titus 1:2; Hebrews 6:18; Numbers 23:19. No, you can have confidence in it. When you're in love, you can have confidence and boldness, because you know that you're there only to love.(why? Romans 13:10).others and know that in this, you have the power of God on your side because you are aligned with what God is, the highest consciousness known:.Ephesians 3:12; Romans 8:31; 2Thessalonians 1:6

If you lie it shows you don't believe in the true and only God of all good. And, if you lie it shows you do believe in the true and only God of all good. What? Each circumstance is different. Learn from the prostitute Rahab's example.

Be aggressive for the spiritual qualities of kindness, love, consideration, all the aspects of the one multiversal overall law of love:.Titus 2:14; Matthew 11:12.(in the original Greek." .....the kingdom of heaven is gotten by those eager.{hot for the spiritual things}.for God.", talking about those who are warriors in life). These warriors in the spirit carry the gusto for the right things, such as having boldness.(Hebrews 10:27).based on that which is true, that is, the things which express the extremely high quality spiritual standard. Be on the lookout for those where love dances in the freshness of the unknown. Here love's intelligence ensures vibrant interest. 

When the word of the invisible Creator is in you with a fire, as it was for Jeremiah and later, Paul, life changes for you and you change in life. It was a consuming passion for Jeremiah and Paul. And many of those the Creator called after the resurrection of Emmanuel the Christ became hot for the things of God:.2Corinthians 9:2; Revelation 2:4,5.

What thaws in the Sun will freeze again in the shade unless one keeps the fire of the Great Infinite One in him or her. This is called enthusiasm.

Meditating is one of the four main things one can do to get into and grow further in the sincerity of higher consciousness, the realm of the Creator-Father, Christ and the Holy Spirit, the trinity

When you meditate, the flow of evil in your life is stopped dead. In addition to that, it is effective in stopping all evil everywhere. How?

The now passed on, yet still highly effective helper and healer from beyond, Bruno Gröning, gave one example of meditation that he called einstellen, a German word.

In these spiritual practices such as meditation, an individual becomes one with the most important function of the entire multiverse, which is love. This is what Emmanuel came to Earth from the Father to reveal to humanity:.John 10:28. So, it's been said that when in alignment with love or when we are of love for all humanity, then we are 'in Him'.(what does 'in Him' mean?).and have eternal life:.1John 5:11,12 "And this is the record, that God has given to us eternal life and this life is in his Son. He that has the Son has life..."

Meditation is directed thinking, that is, directing the mind to be calm so that the spirit of each of us can emerge and guide us by welling up to our attention what is important to become aware of. Using the ways described in the meditation subject will assist you in calming the mind.

Here one observes what one is being made aware of. Evaluation at this time stops any more insight; just be the silent observer. Forget evaluating. Just observe. Before bedtime go over each day's happenings quickly; don't labor over it for minutes. Upon awakening, go over what happened at night, if anything did. Again quickly. Any dreams? By observing what's going on in your life insights come.

Contemplation times are important because they anchor insights in memory for what comes along as your life continues onward:.Deuteronomy 8:5. Insights are a part of wisdom. Insights are the pathway to greater intuition and with intuition comes clairvoyance. Take the pathway!.Matthew 11:29 "Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest unto your souls.".Why to contemplate:.Proverbs 16:1 "The preparations of the heart in man and the answer of the tongue, is from the Lord."

This thing called repentance, which is a change of heart, involves contemplation to be able to do it effectively.

Meditating can also incorporate contemplation an aspect of the higher things of consciousness encapsulated into the 'container' formed of love. All things are part of everything else, because all is energy flowing from one form into another form, true for thoughts and.in a sense true for movement, true for things we call 'stable'.

Pick a thought about the Creator or some spiritual phrase, such as from your studying spiritual truths or some concern of yours. See what comes to your mind regarding it when you are alone and sitting or lying in the dark and quiet. One thought oftens begets another and so you surf a wide range of probabilities.

In your daily contemplation time it's beneficial to go over the day that you had, to see what your soul brings special attention upon.."The idea is interpretation of the self to the self. We interact with the self with different forms of our own attention....Unconscious thoughts run your life. You increase awareness by every thought that's good or dim it with every thought that isn't."....Deepak Chopra.."God sees you the same way you see yourself.(*).and he sees you the same way as you don't see yourself and he is your creator."....Grigori Grabovoi.

2Corinthians 10:5 "Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.(come to an overstanding of what 'Christ' really is)." 2Chronicles 16:9; Matthew 13:1-9.

Contemplation leads you to the hub of what your attention may be on, whatever it is that you are concerned about enough to think about:.Psalms 4:4 "...commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still..."

Contemplate on how you would like to become and let the idea grow. This is a first step in moving stuck energy that binds one to the low consciousness dark side.ego level:.Romans 13:12; 2Corinthians 4:6; Ephesians 5:8; 6:12; Colossians 1:13; 1Thessalonians 5:5; 1Peter 2:9; 1John 1:5; 2:9; 2:11.

Since there is no time in the invisible realm where your memory always is, you can mentally spiral back. Here you can handle one negative at a time, deciding now how you would handle it in the present memory. That dissipates it.

Think about how it is that you presently are and why? The purpose of life is moving the negatives in one's life into the light of truth. Deal with your darker side, those pesky negative habits, fears, worries, anxieties, strange aberrations, character weaknesses, etc., before they take you over, examples 1) 2) 3). Take contemplation as an effective tool to use in slaying and in avoiding living negatives. Living them embeds them more firmly into us.

Ego motivated people prefer TV to meditation because it pacifies the ego and keeps a blanket over their soul's silent promptings. Such promptings are urges for them to come to a higher level into a better way of living. But a person only sees what he or she allows.

It's often the traits we don't like that tack on to us. We respond more negatively than positively, so what can your expect? What you resist is what persists. To counteract negatives have a desire to love and be loved. Love is light and light eliminates darkness. 

Matthew 5:39 "But I say unto you, That you resist not evil....".All evil is of God, in that God controls everything, that why it's better to desist that resist:.Acts 5:39 "...if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it, lest haply you be found even to fight against God." 1Peter 3:9 "Not rendering evil for evil or railing for railing, but contrariwise blessing, knowing that you are thereunto called, that you will inherit a blessing."

Evil is healed in the unified field. Not resisting evil means to learn from why evil is present in your life. Not resisting evil does not mean that you allow yourself participation in it.

Those of the past who believed Matthew 5:39 did it because they saw something better in the future:.Hebrews 11:13-16.

Evil is necessary as the 'push' to get us to seek options. If evil came without the reap/sow law, there would be no push toward something better.(*), because man would rather cover up than clean up. Ancient David was this way for awhile.

Man would rather not seek for solutions, because his ego mind is always leading him to believe it's better to get away than it is to deal with. So he bumbles on to the next error in his life and does the same, as the ancient Israelites did. This continues until something serious makes him stop and think as it did for this individual.

Something has to lead humanity to get into the unified field through getting him or her meditating, so produce good and good will come by being good

One important way to resist and to not resist evil:.Proverbs 15:1.

Ancient king David learned this too:.2Samuel 16:11.

If things are in your life which are annoying to you, figure out if you're the cause and how beliefs may have affected this. If not, then it's a trial to strengthen character, as it was for ancient Job.

Take some time for contemplation and think! Only good can come out or contemplation.

Evil is a dis-ease. Evil is the other side of life, that is, it causes lack of ease in those who adhere to it, for awhile, meaning, doing evil again and again wipes away the lack of ease because the person has seared the juices of evil in him:.1Timothy 4:2. Perhaps he was never taught that he is one coin with two sides. And which side one's character is developing depends upon which side is chosen for attention. 

There are two kinds of people in the world. People who think the government is looking out for them and people who think.

Just as darkness disappears in the presence of light, similarly it is with the coin. You can look at the tail or turn it over and see the head. It's always your choice. Like driving to get somewhere, one must learn how and what road will be the better one to take: Psalms 109:3-5 "They compassed me about also with words of hatred and fought against me without a cause. For my love they are my adversaries, but I give myself unto prayer. And they have rewarded me evil for good and hatred for my love.".(always, follow good)

Spiritual things as these turn one from evil to good:.Acts 26:18 "To open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me."

The power of the dark side lies in deceptions of all kinds and from various angles, to get one into and/or subject to evils in any way the darker side beings can:.Revelation 12:9. Those of the dark side have many tricks toward evils aimed at those of low consciousness to affect their lives negatively. Just look at the world and consider how it has become over the last few centuries
Have you done research to prove it out? No? Why not? Perhaps you just don't really care.

Are you free? Are you living under policies which you, along with others, have approved as those wanted for governing society? Are you getting the truth from those in positions of trust, such as the pharmaceutical / medical / chemical / political / media / banking and religious cartel? Do you think you are?.Revelation 12:9.Think again please.

The ego is susceptible to and contributes to the darkness of humanity when it responds to dark side tricks. 

This keeps a person away from developing belief in truth and subtly keeps one bound in mediocre.attitudes and outlooks, outlooks based on selfishness at the exact degree of blindness to reality one possesses.

One example is that for hundreds of years we have third world living conditions when we know how to solve the issues to help. Why? Another example is because of greed being one of the tenets of low consciousness thinking processes and we are still laboring with antiquated poisonous methods of providing energy for humanity, when safe alternatives have been available for over a hundred years. See the movie.Unacknowledged. Another, lies and corruption for greed; see the movie.What the Health?.and.Sustainable.on Netflix, movies done to correct wrong paths societies have been on.

Belief is the power of the side of light, but like any power it can be used two ways, for good or for evil purposes:.Matthew 6:13 "...for your.(the Creator's).kingdom is the power and the glory...".And where's that kingdom?

If one does not know the power of the side of light, his life remains dark and in error:.Matthew 22:29. The power of the light side is in the gospel, which means, good news, good news of what?.Romans 1:16 "...the gospel of Christ...is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes..."

The power of the light has benefits:.Ephesians 3:20 "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us." Ephesians 6:10-12 "Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord.(how?).and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.".They are out to get you offside so they have an advantage over your life.

It's impossible to not resist the evil we come up against if we are taking action being motivated by our egos, because it is the way of the ego to defend and fight back, rather than go within. Do we have wars? Do we have upset people in litigation? Ever seen the other person's middle finger when you may have inadvertently cut him or her off on the road? If you're an inconsiderate angry driver at times, be glad that's all you got.

Not resisting evil and loving your enemies is a higher consciousness quality, way far and above the low consciousness problem causing, life frustrating ego level. One cannot solve problems created at the ego level while he is still at the ego level, because higher consciousness things change the heart that is steeped in ego workings. 

Just like a vehicle or a boat, the same energy makes it go forward or backward. The difference is your intention. You can leave the room in darkness or make the darkness leave, not by fighting it, not by sitting there cursing it, not by blaming it on someone else, but by putting your intention on turning on a light and then flipping the switch.

There is only unity underneath it all, a unity maintained through love:.Proverbs 10:12. There is only oneness of the universe. Your universe is simply a reflection of what you have put into it. How?

Nothing can come into your life unless it finds affinity. That's why you need to always be on the qui vive. See the incredible award winning movie.What If? The Movie.for a lot more on this.

What we have thought and accepted as true.(whether or not it was actually true; see the movies.What If? The Movie.and.The Grand Self.herein mentioned).is daily making our life out of the invisible energy. If you don't like it as it is, you can change it from how it is continuing to unravel. If what you have thought has made it how it is, the words.(words are thoughts).we now hold fast to will remake it and it limiting beliefs are preventing it being remade; in other words, your words don't produce because of limiting outlooks still held, then see the movie.The Grand Self. Yet it's work, but worth it.

In the time of the Old Testament, they had schools for those wanting to be more fully dedicated to understanding and using the tools of God that deepen spirituality. Today, such 'schooling' is at hand for worldwide spiritual growth on sites such as this one and in movies such as those mentioned. It saves one a lot of time and expense for this type of efficient and effective learning, a learning that was not easily attainable by those of olden times, but readily available for those interested today.

Evil is expunged when in the unified field by meditation, because this field is a field of love and love is light and light eliminates darkness:.Proverbs 10:12 "...love covers.(original is also 'overwhelms').all sins.(and just what is sin?)." Matthew 6:22.23 "The light of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light. But if your eye be evil, your whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness!".

Just as light covers all darkness, love covers all evil. You can't find the dark when the light is on. Love covers doesn't mean you sweep hurtful injustices under the carpet. It means you use love to overwhelm them, to dissipate them. How?

Emmanuel said not to resist evil.(Matthew 5:39).and to always be forgiving because if you resist the evil you created, it only hurts you. It is self-destructive. It you fail to forgive that which offended you, you are shutting off forgiveness from the one who created the deed needing forgiving, you. That's because nothing can enter your life unless it finds affinity. That's because you are in the collective consciousness by default if you are not in the higher consciousness realm.

In your contemplation time examine the thing(s).that you fear the most and the things that you have concern over. Take time for yourself. How else will the universe take time for you? Having the ability to stand aside and look at yourself is assurance that the Infinite One's mind is in you:.Ephesians 2:10 "For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Emmanuel unto good works, which God has before ordained that we should walk in them.(original 'in Him'; thus the purpose of our human experience, to walk in the high consciousness ways of He whom Emmanuel came to reveal)."

Although called meditation, this is really contemplation. Prayer is also sister to these two. This is the spiritual trinity which brings and keeps you keeps you growing in higher consciousness.

In the dark and quiet in meditation, one then has the consciousness necessary to be at one with the intelligent universal energy we commonly refer to as the Infinite One:.Psalms 46:10 "Be still and know.(to know is to believe).that I am God..."

TM is a great technique for meditation and one proven in scientific studies to be a definite key in contributing greatly to world peace.

Those in Old Testament times were not hot for God, because sin was in them and not Christ:.Isaiah 64:7 "And there is none that calls upon your name, that stirs up himself to take hold of you. For you have hid your face from us and have consumed us, because of our iniquities.".They were too consumed with selfish concerns.

You are hot for God if you are hot to learn/share/show love.(as Paul left us such fine words), by backing up your love with actions.(see 'Compassion'). Ezekiel 33:33.

Radiate to all the world the passion for life you feel. Some spiritual people get spiritual to get decent, but not dynamic!

Dynamic people live and learn from experiences in life. If you tend toward being bored, this will fix it, because you can't be bored if you are praying for others.

One can only radiate, be a light to others, when in action, getting out and among others on a regular basis and as such, action generates memory and memory generates desire. One's desires change the more he is out and around others:.1Corinthians 1:9; Ephesians 3:9..(*)

We change as time goes along. From Laura Aboli, https://t.me/LauraAbolichannel/40850

I'm not her anymore…

It was my dad's birthday yesterday and I hosted a dinner party with friends and family. My eldest daughter mentioned she had digitalised some old VHS videos of my wedding and of when she was a baby, so we ended up watching some of the recordings.

I had not watched the video of my wedding since when it took place, so it was quite an emotional experience to revisit the moment. 

My wedding was a simple and intimate affair that took place under the carob trees in my parent's garden, one hot summer evening many moons ago. The video was taken by a friend, so it's an unedited and totally candid capture of the beautiful spirit of the moment.

As I watched the video, what struck me the most, was the sense of time, it was much slower and the naivety, the lightheartedness, the calmness and the innocence of us all. 

How different life feels now…

I realised I wasn’t aware then, of just how beautiful I was. Such a natural and authentic beauty, so full of light, of love, of joy… A twenty three year old child full of dreams and hopes for the future, about to embark on a journey with no return.

There is an essence of that girl that still remains inside of me, but as I watched her smile and sing and dance, I realised, I am not her anymore. 

Life stole away the innocence and completely destroyed the naivety, it replaced the calmness with stress and the peace with a constant sense of worry. It limited the possibilities, constrained the dreaming, shattered my beliefs and shook me until one day, my life as I knew it, came tumbling down. That was the moment when my awakening started, when the girl I used to be, had to pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

None of us are who we used to be, my story is not unique, we've all had to face the crude reality of life with all its trials and tribulations. 

Life is a constant process of change and evolution and I am proud of all the mountains I have climbed and of who I have become and are becoming, but I confess, that I was overcome with a deep sadness to be reminded of the loss of that beautiful, unspoiled, genuine innocence that once emmanated from every pore of my being. 

I dream of that state of being. I dream of a reality where we can regain our unspoiled nature, our joy, our childlike innocence, our hopes, our dreams and our possibilities. 

Life doesn't have to be this way, it doesn't have to be this heavy and dark, the Great Awakening is about realising that things could be infinitely better.

We must remove the veil that distorts what's real, the lies that disguise the truth, the perversion that ruins the pure and the evil that is destroying the good. 

I may not be her anymore, life made me trade innocence for wisdom, but I know that her spirit is still with me and it's her spirit that made me start this channel, it's her spirit that talks to you everyday and it's her spirit that despite all, still believes that what I dream is possible. 

All I wish, is for more of you to dream with me so that together we can make it happen.

David N. Elkins, Ph.D., Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University, said."incorporate acts that move you". Only negatively inclined people avoid incorporating character and good acts that result in a passion for good works.(what acts?). And if negatively inclined, it's time to get out of the direction toward boredom, which can lead to hurtful acts to yourself in attempting to alleviate a negative mental state. Go to a different world in your mind. Go to the wonderful worlds of words.

"If you want to be outstanding, you must stand out."....Charlie Ward.

Boredom comes from not liking what you are doing or being what you are. Dissatisfaction creates negativity. Always have the mind on something positive and good. You can't be bored when engaged in some passion for good.

Many people who lack ideas and prefer not to learn things to improve their outlook and depth of comprehension, are those who allow the TV to do their thinking for them, that is, they willy-nilly adopt concepts and attitudes from what they are exposed to on TV and do so with no or little thinking about it. No wonder they get propagandized.

Careless in acquiring knowledge leads to carelessness in life. Such are they who prefer the stupor to the stupendous. These are on the road of the 'living dead'. It is no wonder such people are subject to boredom more than others who have and pursue ideas with fire of enthusiasm. There is more to discover today than ever before. Choices are endless. There is never any reason to be bored. Boredom is just plain laziness. The symptoms of boredom, fatigue and laziness are identical.

Boredom is the domain of those with minds too busy and out of control with concerns of the ego to bother with the high consciousness things that produce satisfaction. The ego will 'run you ragged' and disappoint you at every turn somewhere on and down the road of life. This leaves one fatigued and contributes to being bored with existence. Such is the way of the world for many people, ending up relegated to the sidelines of life. Rise above the ego rut. Explore a new consciousness, a new way of living. Break out of the worry bound Earth existence by thinking of the impossible in your quiet times. Why? A child feels wonder in the light of daily mundane living. Learn from the exuberance of children.

If you are bored, you are not allowing the Soul promptings to generate anything new. Perhaps a change of scenery, seeing and talking with people you have not met before, helping those you are able too, a new book, a new different book on a subject you normally would not have chosen. Become knowledgeable on some new things.

The flow back and forth from the Soul and your spirit is the real you. The way out of boredom is hidden within the invisible reality of the Soul. The Soul is invisible. The spirit you have is invisible. The results of a growing connection between your spirit and the Soul are tangible.

And it's not near all discovered, nor, ever will be, as all is continually changing. Like the multiverse, learning new things is endless. Creation never ends. It expands. Learning is useful, but learning just for the sake of curiosity doesn't accomplish anything:.Acts 17:21. There is much to do, much to learn, much to get educated about and take action on. Boredom is a trick of the dark side slanted downward toward frustration and inactivity, designed to take you down and out. There are many more tricks the dark side uses to 'get to you'.

New species are being discovered daily. More scientists are needed in all fields where emerging technologies require working with discoveries, especially in the free energy areas, but also in ethics, philosophies, human relations and on and on we could go.

The entire electrical engineering discipline is in need of radical realignment. New and hitherto unknown information needs to be turned into knowledge and worked with to benefit humanity. Look up the new manufactured folding houses. See what others are doing.

Don't allow the dark side to turn you into one of their lackeys, to turn you into their goal for you which is depression and guess where depression leads to. Their ultimate goal is your destruction and everyone else of humanity. Beware and be alert to destructive policies of governments, governments at all levels, school boards, etc. Destructive policies unapproved by people. of course, are designed to get you sick, enslave you, frustrate you, confuse you, steal from you, legally of course as the corrupt ones make the laws that violate rights of peoplew. The dark side is out to take away your natural rights. Such policies originate out of this invisible dark side:.James 4:7 "...Resist the devil and he will flee from you."

To find out just how hot, how enthusiastic for God you are, monitor your heart by being aware of what thoughts are in your mind. Be aware: Do many thoughts have to do directly with believing more about what is good for you and what is good for each of us is love here and now and one's soon and seemingly.far off life, with your reward in it? If not, you are out of sync with what the multiverse is. How to get in sync and stay in sync.

Thinking takes place in the mind and is frequency functioning  within the invisible spirit.(Isaiah 42:5).of each of us. Science has proved thinking occurs in our cells as has been been reported by Deepak Chopra, True thinking thereforis a non local silent event, affecting the physical and actually is more of a sensing, such as when you scan your body with your mind. Thinking is the action of the mind producing thoughts about what the attention may be on. Put your attention on a park you enjoy and note what thoughts are initiated. Thinking is a welling up to conscious attention from movement of mind begun by what is being noticed. The thoughts you have on something is thinking.

'Noisy' thinking is the 'chatter' of random thoughts running rapidly into and out of the mind. Control these mental actions.

"True thinking is that knowledge which gives us creativity."....Deepak Chopra.

Being hot for things of the Infinite One means excited about learning and believing that which is guaranteed to affect your heart, the belief that you are righteous because of what Emmanuel has given you. This will launch you forward.

What you know about yourself is what you become. If your life is no different today, it's because yesterday's thoughts were the same as the day before it. Avoid thoughts that don't improve you. Embrace thoughts that do. Avoid TV that adds nothing to you. Avoid people and corporations who live by their negative qualities ... selfish 'me always first' ways. One cannot allow changes God wants to make in a person without beginning to think apart from the way he or she always has..(*)
   Doing your best to help others without neglecting yourself, that is love.

Showing love can be clumsy at first and at times. Keep at it:.Exodus 10:26 "...we take to serve the Lord our God and we know not with what we must serve the Lord, until we come thither." 1Kings 3:7 "...I am but a little child. I know not how to go out or come in.".Learning to ride a bicycle was clumsy for all of us, but you either 'go for it' or you don't! People, where the wrong kind of pride comes first, are interested in upholding their name, as compared to others whose highest priority is to uphold love. Those who are arrogant avoid any sign of vulnerability.

Those who are loving aren't standoffish when it comes to stepping up with love in their heart to either awaken, care about and/or provide help to another:.Psalms 119:165 "Great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them."

Expressing love may cause standoffishness until others have time to assess your sincerity.

Some people may require a long time to be won over, as perhaps they have been abused and taken advantage of all their lives by those close to them and of course all of us by corrupt authorities and their conscienceless policies.

Then it's no wonder that someone becomes suspicious of another's motives and builds walls of resistance toward them. 

Acts of kindness which affect another.(or others).positively, will eventually break down the walls of disbelief in your sincerity.

"Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge;
it is thinking that makes what we read ours."
...John Locke, philosopher
"The richest people in the world build networks. Everybody else looks for work."
...Robert Kiyosaki, author of.Rich Dad, Poor Dad