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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary (m-w.com)
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a furnace or hearth where metals are heated or wrought; a smithy; a workshop where pig iron is transformed into wrought iron
forge, forged, forging, forges.verbs
transitive verb use.to form metal, for example, by heating in a forge and beating or hammering into shape; to form (metal) by a mechanical or hydraulic press; to give form or shape to, especially by means of careful effort (forge a treaty; forge a close relationship); to fashion or reproduce for fraudulent purposes; counterfeit (forge a signature; the forged pic of the so-called Fathers of Confederation in Canada)
intransitive verb use.to work at a forge, also called a smithy; to make a forgery or counterfeit
the act of forging, especially the illegal production of something counterfeit; something counterfeit, forged or fraudulent

forge, forged, forging, forges.intransitive verbs
to advance.gradually but steadily (forged ahead through throngs of shoppers); to advance with an abrupt increase of speed (forged into first place with seconds to go)

flushed with rosy color; ruddy; very ornate; flowery (a florid prose style)

a notable act or deed, especially an act of courage; an exploit; an act of skill, endurance, imagination or strength; an achievement

fragment.noun small part broken off or detached; a bit (glass broken into fragments)
fragment, fragmented, fragmenting, fragments.verbs
transitive verb use.to break or separate (something) into fragments
intransitive verb use.to become broken into fragments
the act or process of breaking into fragments
consisting of small, disconnected parts (a picture that emerges from fragmentary information)

frail, frailer, frailest.adjectives
on the physically weak side; delicate.(a frail pie crust is easily broken); not strong or substantial; slight; fragile; weak
the condition or quality of being frail

an established form of words or symbols for use in a ceremony or procedure; an utterance of a conventional notion or belief; ingredients in proportion; a recipe; a chemically inferior non homemade and usually manufactured liquid concoction called food for infants, containing mostly simulated ingredients of human milk
Mathematics:.a statement, especially an equation, of a fact, rule, principle or other logical relation; a set of specifications, including engine displacement, fuel capacity and weight, that determine a class of racing car, such as formula 1

formulate, formulated, formulating, formulates.transitive verbs
to devise or invent (formulate strategy); to prepare according to a specified.formula; to state as or reduce to a formula; to express in systematic terms or concept

easily broken, damaged or destroyed; frail; lacking physical or emotional strength; delicate; lacking substance; tenuous or flimsy.(a fragile ceramic)

possessing or displaying careful, meticulous attention to detail; exacting; scrupulous or sensitive, especially in matters of taste or propriety

fulfil.also.fulfill, fulfilled, fulfilling, fulfils.also.fulfills.transitive verbs.(some words in this group use one l and others two l's (go figure); welcome to the descriptive but confusing, English language; more examples: fulfil is to bring into actuality; effect (fulfilled their promises); to carry out; to measure up to; satisfy; perform; complete

physical or mental weariness resulting from exertion; something, such as tiring effort or activity, that causes weariness (the fatigue experienced from a long hike; the weakening or failure of a material, such as metal or wood, resulting from prolonged stress; fatigues are clothing worn by military personnel for labor or for field duty
fatigue, fatigued, fatiguing, fatigues.verbs
transitive verb use.to tire with physical or mental exertion; weary; to create fatigue in (a metal or other material)
intransitive verb use.to be or become fatigued

finagle, finagled, finagling, finagles.verbs
transitive verb use.to obtain or achieve by indirect, usually deceitful methods (finagle a day off from work); to cheat; swindle.(shady stockbrokers who finagle their clients out of fortunes)
intransitive verb use.to use crafty, deceitful methods

falter, faltered, faltering, falters.intransitive verbs
to be unsteady in purpose or action, as from loss of courage or confidence; waver; vacillate; hesitate; to speak hesitatingly; stammer; to move ineptly or haltingly; stumble; to operate or perform unsteadily or with a loss of effectiveness (he automobile engine faltered)
unsteadiness in speech or action; a faltering sound

flat out.adverb
at top speed (they worked flat out each day to get the job done); in a direct manner; bluntly (told me the truth flat out)

flatter, flattered, flattering, flatters.verbs
transitive verb use.to compliment excessively and often insincerely, especially in order to win favor; to please or gratify the vanity of; to adulate

the act or practice of flattering; excessive praise; adulation

fix, fixed, fixing, fixes.verbs
transitive verb use.to.place.securely; make stable or firm (fixed the tent poles in the ground); fasten; to secure to another; attach (fixing the notice to the board with tacks); to direct steadily (fixed her eyes on the road ahead); to capture or hold (the man with the long beard fixed our attention); to set or place definitely; establish (fixed her residence in a coastal village); to determine with accuracy; (he received a fixed small amount, a stipend, for his work contribution; ascertain (fixed the date of the ancient artifacts); to agree on; arrange (fix a time to meet); to assign; attribute (fixing the blame); to correct or set right; adjust (fix a misspelling; fix the automobile engine); to restore to proper condition or working order; repair (fix a broken machine); to make ready; prepare (fixed the room for the guests; fix lunch for the kids; fixed himself a healthy smoothie); to spay or castrate an animal (fixed the cat so she wouldn't have any more kittens)
intransitive verb use.to direct one's efforts or attention; to be on the verge of; to be making preparations for (we were fixing to leave on a holiday); if you say that someone has fixed ideas or opinions, you mean that they do not often change their ideas and opinions, although perhaps they should (people who have fixed ideas about things); if someone has a fixed smile on their face, they are smiling even though they do not feel happy or pleased (one could see that she wasn't pleased and nevertheless had a fixed smile on her face); someone who is of no fixed address does not have a permanent place to live (they are not able to get a job interview because they have no fixed address)
the act of adjusting, correcting or repairing; something that repairs or restores; a solution (an easy fix for an otherwise intractable problem); the position, as of a ship or aircraft, determined by visual observations with the aid of equipment; information providing determination or understanding (a briefing that gave us a fix on the current situation); a difficult or embarrassing situation; a predicament (he was in a fix over his error)
firmly in position; stationary; determined (they fixed their current location to be that just above the arctic circle); established; set: at a fixed time; a fixed price (the company fixed the price to both enable a decent profit and to ensure.affordability); you use fixed to describe something which stays the same and does not or cannot vary; not subject to change or variation; constant (pensioners on a fixed income); being in a stable form; firmly, often dogmatically held (fixed notions); illegally.prearranged as to outcome (a fixed election)
fix up.phrasal verb
to improve the appearance or condition of; refurbish

the quality or condition of being fixed; something fixed or immovable

fixate, fixated, fixating, fixates.verbs
transitive verb use.to command the attention of exclusively or repeatedly; preoccupy.obsessively
Psychology:.to attach oneself to a person or thing in an immature or neurotic fashion
intransitive verb use.to focus the eyes or attention. 2. Psychology:.to form a fixation; become attached to in an immature or neurotic way
the act or process of fixing or fixating; an obsessive.preoccupation
Psychology:.a strong attachment to a person or thing, especially such an attachment formed in childhood or infancy and manifested in immature or neurotic behavior that persists throughout life

an exact copy or reproduction, as of a document; a method of transmitting images or printed matter by electronic means; an image so transmitted, also called fax; something similar
of or used to produce exact reproductions, as of documents; exactly reproduced; duplicate

capable of being bent or flexed; pliable; capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage; easy to be intreated; open to others; tractable; responsive to change; adaptable.(a flexible schedule)

flex, flexed, flexing, flexes.verbs
transitive verb use.to bend something pliant or elastic; to move by muscular control (flexed his muscles)
intransitive verb use.to bend
a curve, turn or fold, such as a bend in a tubular organ (a flexure of the colon occurs each time we bend down); the act or an instance of bending or flexing (she released the flexure on her new bow and arrow device)
of, relating.to.or.resulting from flexure; characterized by flexure

fluster, flustered, flustering, flusters.transitive.and.intransitive verbs
to make or become nervous or upset
a state of agitation, confusion or excitement

direct and without evasion (he spoke straight to the point of the matter they were discussing); straightforward.(a forthright analysis)
directly ahead; directly and frankly
forthrightness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)

declining; weakening (flagging strength); languid; drooping
pavement laid with flagstones
flag, flagged, flagging, flags.intransitive verbs
to hang limply; droop; to decline in vigor or strength (my appetite flags in hot weather); to decline in interest (the conversation flagged)
a piece of cloth, usually rectangular, of distinctive color and design, used as a symbol, a standard, a signal or an emblem; a ship carrying the flag of an admiral; a flagship; the masthead of a newspaper
Computers:.a bit or series of bits with two stable states, used in software to indicate a single piece of information
flag, flagged, flagging, flags.transitive verbs
to mark with a flag or flags for identification or ornamentation (flag a parade route; flagging parts of a manuscript for later review); to signal with or as if with a flag; to signal to stop (flag down a passing car)

the chief one of a related.group (the flagship grocery store in their chain of stores; the flagship of a line of reference books)

a flat slab of stone used as a paving.material; an evenly layered sedimentary rock that can be split into paving stones