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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary (m-w.com)
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a particular way or manner of moving on foot (an individual who ran with a clumsy, hobbling gait)

genetic, also.genetical.adjective
of or relating to genetics or genes; affecting or affected by genes (a genetic experiment upon unsuspecting men and women such as genetically modifed 'food'); the genetic code; of, relating to or influenced by the origin or development of something

the branch of biology that began in 1900 thanks to the work of Gregor Johann Mendel, an Augustinian monk, begun in 1865 that deals with heredity, especially the mechanisms of hereditary transmission and the variation of inherited.characteristics among similar.or related.organisms; (the genetic.constitution of an individual, a group or a class); his work involved experimenting with seven contrasting characteristics of pure-breeding garden peas
genetic modification.noun,.plural.genetic modifications
the modification of living organisms, such as people, animals, food, etc., by tampering with the perfectness of functioning the true Creator designed
one who specializes in genetics

the act of gratifying; the condition of being gratified; an instance or a cause of being gratified
gratify, gratified, gratifying, gratifies.transitive verbs
to please or satisfy (his achievement gratified his father); please; to give what is desired to; indulge.(gratified her curiosity)
gratifying, gratifyingly.adjective

grumble, grumbled, grumbling, grumbles.verbs
intransitive verb use.to complain in a surly manner; mutter discontentedly
transitive verb use.to express in a grumbling, discontented manner
a muttered.complaint

gorge, gorged, gorging, gorges.verbs
transitive verb use-to stuff with food; glut.(gorged themselves with candy); satiate; to devour greedily
intransitive use-to eat gluttonously

a deep, narrow passage with steep rocky sides; a ravine; a narrow entrance

gross, grosser, grossest.adjectives
you use gross to describe something unacceptable or unpleasant to a very great amount, degree or intensity; disgusting (corporations guilty of gross negligence; translators guilty of gross errors in their translating); if you say that someone's speech or behavior is gross, you think it is very rude, unacceptable or disgusting; unrefined; carnal; sensual; overweight; corpulent; dense; profuse; broad; glaringly.obvious; flagrant.(gross injustice); brutishly.coarse, as in behavior; crude; offensive; disgusting; lacking.sensitivity or discernment; exclusive of deductions; total (gross profits); whole; unmitigated in any way; utter (gross incompetence)
the entire body or amount, as of income, before necessary deductions have been made
gross, grossed, grossing, grosses.transitive verbs
to earn as a total income or profit before deductions
gross out.phrasal verb
slang-to fill with disgust; nauseate
grosser, grossness.noun
a group of 144 items; 12 dozen

gross weight.noun,.plural.gross weights
the total.weight without deduction for tare or waste; see also net weight

gracefully.slender; graceful

any of various plump, chickenlike game birds of the family Tetraonidae, chiefly of the Northern Hemisphere and having mottled brown or grayish plumage

grouse, groused, grousing, grouses.intransitive verbs
to complain; grumble (after many legitimate complaints, she was groused out)
a cause for complaint; a grievance

grudge, grudged, grudging, grudges.transitive verbs
to be reluctant.to give or admit (even grudged the tuition money; the creditors had no mercy, grudging him into the ground); to resent for having; begrudge (grudged him his good ways with the children)
a deep seated feeling of resentment or rancor-(bears a grudge about the accident); to grumble; to carry around with you some complaint about another

grief is a feeling of extreme sadness (a heavy cloud of sadness was over her head until she realized getting out of that job was a blessing:.Romans 8:28); deep mental anguish, as that arising from bereavement; regret; a source of deep mental anguish; painful in heart; trouble or difficulty (the griefs of trying to meet a deadline; grief that cannot be pinned down)

grieve, grieved, grieving, grieves.verbs
transitive verb use.to cause to be sorrowful and upset (she was grieved that again her child was ill from a vaccine given by those she had trusted); to be distressed by a degree which quenches your enthusiasm for life; lacking hope to be negatively.affected by (she grieved for herself because, in comparison, she had so little and the rest of the family so much {*}:.2Corinthians 10:12)
intransitive verb use.to experience or express grief
causing grief, pain or anguish (a grievous loss); serious or dire; grave (a grievous wet day)

an actual or supposed circumstance.regarded as just cause for protest (her employer's attitude provided grounds for grievance); a complaint or protestation based on such a circumstance; injustice; indignation or resentment stemming from a feeling of having been wronged

an ancient city of Palestine southeast of the Sea of Galilee. It was one of the Greek cities of the Decapolis

gnash, gnashed, gnashing, gnashes.transitive verbs
to grind or strike (the teeth, for example) together; to bite (something) by grinding the teeth

unclear, wordy jargon

ghastly, ghastlier, ghastliest.adjectives
rousing shock, revulsion or horror by or as if by suggesting death; terrifying (a ghastly movie scene); extremely unpleasant or bad; very serious or great (a ghastly error)

grisly, grislier, grisliest.adjectives
repugnant; gruesome; ghastly

causing repugnance; frightful and shocking; ghastly

a dim or intermittent.flicker or flash of light; a faint manifestation or indication; a trace.(a glimmer of understanding) glimmer, glimmered, glimmering, glimmers.intransitive verbs
to emit a dim or intermittent light; flash; to appear faintly or indistinctly.(hope still glimmered in our minds)

gladden, gladdened, gladdening, gladdens.verbs
transitive verb use.to make glad; please
glad, gladder, gladdest.adjectives
experiencing or exhibiting joy and pleasure; appreciative (was glad of the fire's warmth); providing joy and pleasure (a glad occasion); very willing; pleased (glad to help); bright and cheerful (a glad August morning); having a naturally cheerful.disposition
glad, gladded, gladding, glads.transitive and intransitive use
to gladden

the doctrines of certain pre-Christian pagan, Jewish and early Christian sects that valued the revealed knowledge of God and of the origin and end of the human race as a means to attain redemption for the spiritual element in human beings and that distinguished the Demiurge from the so-called.unknowable Divine Being

of, relating to or possessing intellectual or spiritual knowledge; of or relating to Gnosticism
a believer in Gnosticism

gird, girded or girt, girding, girds.verbs
transitive verb use.to encircle with a belt or band; to fasten or secure clothing, for example, with a belt or band; to surround; to equip or endow
intransitive verb use.to prepare for action

a belt or sash worn around the waist and in ancient times soldiers wore them as were given them for special acts of leadership and as we do today with medals of honor, etc.; something that encircles like a belt; a woman's elasticized, flexible undergarment worn over the waist and hips to constrict excess weight, making one look trimmer (producing a false appearance for those deciding to not control what and the amounts of what they eat; a device for porkers); a band made around the trunk of a tree by the removal of a strip of bark; the edge of a cut gem held by the setting; a caul, a sort of cap worn on the head (Isaiah 3:18)
girdle, girdled, girdling, girdles.transitive verbs
to encircle with or as if with a belt; surround; to circle around (a ring of hills that girdled the city); to remove a band of bark and cambium from the circumference of a tree that may have been poisoned purposely (the chemtrails, fluoridated water, recycled toilet water containing perfumes, paints, solvents and other toxins, have taken its toll on the environment and illnesses of people, due to the satanically evil Rockefeller effects to kill humanity)

a horizontal.beam, as of steel or wood, used as a main support for a building or bridge

great, greater, greatest.adjective
very large in size (a great amount of apples were on the tree); larger in size than others of the same.kind; large in quantity, quality or number (a great meal was had at that restaurant); extensive in time or distance (a great delay); of outstanding significance or importance (a great work of art)
great.noun, plural.greats
a great person (a composer considered among the greats)
very well (got along great with the teacher)