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B4.(vitamin B4; whatever happened to it?)
...Elijah and the false prophets of Baal
Baasha.(king of ancient Israel)
Baba, Sri Satya Sai
Babaji, Sri Mahavatar.(also known as Haidakhan Babaji)
Babel.(ancient tower of Babel)
Babes in Christ
Baby, Babies:
...an amazing process to produce a baby
...dark truth about hospital births
...eight month old babies amazing
...genetically modified babies
...infant disorders
...mental stuctures for a child to grow into
...new born babies subject to an incredibly stupid medical system
...poisoned by 'safe & effective' products
...Shaken Baby Syndrome.(informational movie)
...ancient marvelous city famous for its hanging gardens
...better to be in captivity if God wants you there
...detailed study one can do
...modern day
...prophesies against 1, 2
Bacteria and viruses:
...how attitude makes a difference)
...what's the difference?
Bad.(beyond bad to evil)
Bad ancients.(how bad were they? and today?)
Bad ass parents
Bad boys.(why women tend to go for bad boys)
Bad dude.(an ancient bad dude in the time of Nebuchadnezzar-II)
Bad feelings.(feeling so sad at times)
Bad God and a good God
Bad into good.(what God can do)
Bad joke
Bad.(living the good and living the bad; difference between bad and evil)
Bad side of people
Bad things happen.(why?)
Bahl, Ashid.(For the Love of Children Society, Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Baalim.(another name for Baal)
Bailey, Dr Sam.(exposing sloppy research by prominent doctors)
Balaam.(what his ass tells him)
Balak.(Balak and Balaam's ass)
Balam, David.(astrometrist)
Balance.(balance system in our body)
Balance in our lives
Balance in multiiverse
Balloon.(child lost and her attitude)
Banks corrupt:
...Banker's Manifesto
...bankruptcy of US and other nations by the cabal
...money trick by the cabal
Banning helpful information
Baphoment.(aka Baal, etc.)
Baptism.(covers the various baptisms, baptize, baptized; physical necessary today? the pickle analogy)
Baptized for the dead.(what's this mean?)
BAR.(criminal controllers of criminals)
Barbarian.(what's the word mean?)
BarEmmanuel.(a sorcerer)
Bargaining with God?
Bartholomew.(one of the original 12 disciples)
Baruch.(secretary & friend of Jeremiah, a man of high character who had many spurious books written about him)
Baseball rule
Bashan.(an ancient fertile country and still like that today)
Basic operating system of the multiiverse
Battle.(how the battle is over)
Bathsheba and David
Be.(the word)
Be.(be yourself, not a phoney)
Bearden, Tom.(credentials at.cheniere.org/misc/bearden%20cv%20long.htm)
...about Tom & what he knows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
Bears.(Brown and Black, Koala, Polar)
Beast.(the number 666 & what is the mark of the beast?)
Beauty.(beauty inside makes outside attractive)
Beauty.(comes in different packages)
Beaver.(beaver butt secretions in foods and drinks)
Bechamp, Antoine.(a good man whose work was stolen and credited in history to the corrupt Louis Pasteur {of the infamous pasteurization process, the claim to fame for a man obviously not knowing about the body's powerful immune system and silver collodials and so his war on germs})
Becoming a spiritual individual of love
Becoming of value to people
Bedini, John.(gold from copper and sand)
Bedouin.(desert traveling Arab tribes)
Beds.(called 'med beds' and created with off-world technology)
Been.(the word)
Beer.(and other drinks with alcohol)
Beersheba.(a land area in the time of Abraham)
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Before God.(what was there?)
Before the beginning
Begin.(suggestions on where to start if new to this site)
Beginning of humanity.(how did man learn and from who?)
Beginning of races
Begun a good work in you
Behe, Michael
Being.(pure being is the base of the physical us)
Being yourself
Beings.(in the invisible world)
Belial.(who were the children of Belial?)
Belief.(wanting to is all that's necessary toward getting into believing)
Beliefs.(an unintelligent way to form beliefs)
Believe.(want it? you must believe you already have it; what does this mean?)
Belly.(some people serve their appetites more than others or God)
Belshazzar.(last king of ancient Babylon, son of Nebuchadnezzar II)
Belteshazzar.(the name Daniel was given by Nebuchadnezzar-II)
Ben Stein.(his genius in the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed)
Benhadad.(a horribly corrupt, greedy, selfish, hurtful king)
Benitez, Eddie.(story of the family's experience with a ghost)
Benjamin.(Benjamin was one of the ancient tribes who were all descendents of the man called Israel; Benjamin with Judah, split off from the other 10 sons of Israel to become their own separate ancient kingdom called Judah. These were not called 'Jews'. That was a Khazarian name they gave to themselves a few hundred years ago in the 17th century. They keep changing names to hide:.1Kings 10:12)
Benjamin Franklin
Berlinski, David, Ph.D..(on the common view of evolution; featured in the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed at the 28 minute mark; one of the smartest & sharpest thinking people on Earth)
Bermuda Triangle
Bernd-olaf Küppers.(protein molecule's amazing complexity)
Berners-Lee, Tim.(his plan to save the Internet from the criminals)
Bernie Siegel.(wise words from an M.D.)
Best thing to give another human being
Beta decay
Beth Chapman.(touching songs)
Bethel.(once a proud ancient city hosting the Ark of the covenant, turned into a place of idolatrous worship)
Betrayal of Emmanuel
Betrayal.(of relatives and 'friends')
Better life
Better looks
Better spirit.(a better attitude)
Beyond bad.(beyond bad to evil)
Bhakdi, Sucharit.(how bioweapons they call vaccines poison you)
Bible:.Downloads of free Bibles for your own computer
...when online can also use the Blue Bible for more and/or detailed info and/or you can listen to and/or download the audio of the Bible being read to you
...Bible is a book of attitudes
...chapters & verses of each Bible book.(search for what you're looking for)
...the Bible is a collection of books.(how many books in Old & New Testaments & a short history of each)
...777 total books (711 more books found {some of them}, besides the 66 books in the Bible we have known, but the 66 has proven to be enough up to now)
...a feast
...a foundation.(a living book)
...a history of humanity's contact with God
...accuracy of
...answers all questions?
...authenticity of
...Bible books removed.(these now available)
...chapters.of each book.(the scriptures list)
...comprehending and overstanding it
...different interpretations.(why?)
...evidence of its effects
...favorite verses loved by many
...information.(translations, order of writing of the books comprising the Bible)
...proof of.(is it really a book containing information from God?)
...history of each book
...King James Version
...many books referenced now lost
...Online Bible.(get for your own computer, free)
...scriptures index
...Tyndale version
...what's it for?
...why called 'Holy'?
...writers.(why they wrote as they did; why some books are not there)
Bicycle analogy
Bidding.(how dark side invisible beings can get you to do what they want)
Big 3
Big Bang Theory
Big Dipper
Big Horn Basin
Bills of Rights.(*)
Bill Gates
Billy Graham.(dedicated to awakening millions of people to Christ)
Bingo.(magico bingo)
Bioinitiative Report.(about wireless technologies and their dangers)
...epigenetic control.(control above the genes)
...how to transform biology
...missing the boat
...textbooks a joke
Bioluminescence.(or, the lost molecule that laughs at evolution)
Biosludge.(the movie about fertilizer you never want to use)
Bioweapons.(what vaccines really are and, how to decline it)
Bipolar disorder
...Albino peacock
...Bird of Paradise
...from reptiles?
...mimicking bird
...not as pets
Births.(the dark truth about hospital births)
Birth certificates.(true purpose of this original good idea, but trurned into a scam and kept hidden from you by those whose actions show it is impossible for them to truly do good, although it always appears that way to those they want to suck in)
Birth control (main)
...natural birth control
...5000 plus murdered to celebrate
...a beheading
...a hanging
...happy ones
...what's a birthday all about?
...boy or girl.(...how to 'lean' the sperm and egg one way or the other)
...Emmanuel.(His virgin birth)
......why was He born
...heritage unhappy
...John the Baptist
...Sarah and Abraham's birth of Isaac
Bishops.(and elders, leaders, overseer, pastors, rulers)
Bizzare true story
Actual sign in a Swiss restaurant:
Our wines leave nothing to hope for!