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Labeling of food
Labor Code, Canada
Ladder.(Jacob's ladder; actually a spaceship?)
Lady Jane Grey.(wrongly & on purpose condemned by Queen Mary I)
Lake of fire
Lamb of God
Land.(who owns it, not the Crown, they stole it)
Land of promise.(the land promised to the ancient Israelites who came out of 430 years of captivity to Egypt)
Language:.(language of God now heard by humans)
...Adam's.(what was the first language?)
...Earth had one language
...English confusing
...miracle of learning is how we pick up language
...(off site Christian information in the language of your choice)
Laodicea.(one of the seven churches the apostle John wrote to in Asia)
Lasciviousness.(what's this mean?)
Lash out.(ever had someone lash out at you?)
Last days.(scriptures about the 'last days')
Last Flag Standing.(free documentary on momentous occurrences with repercussions to the world)
Last time.(the end time)
Last two humans.(then what?)
Laura Aboli:
...about our spiritual journey
...on innocence when young
...a curse.(Mosaic Law); but today's corollary of endless debt is a horrendous substitute.?
...and the flesh
...book of the law.(also here 'the law of Moses')
...cabal's so-called laws
...Common Law
...Constitutional Law
...God is all about law
...law of sin & death
...laws of the multiverse.(and listed below here)
...legal but unlawful.(how?)
...Maritime law.(also known as Roman law, Admiralty law, Civil law, Statute law)
...Natural Law.(the law of the true and only everliving God for humanity)
...of Moses
...of the spirit of life
...the many Old Testament Mosaic ones
Law abiding?.(about innerstanding the 'submit to authority'.Bible.injunction)
Law and order in society
Laws of the multiverse:
...no favoritism
...of compensation.(reap what you sow)
...ones we make for ourselves
...multiversal laws
...Natural Law.(then, no other concocted laws needed)
Laws in heart
Laws of physics:.(see also 'physics'; 'Einstein'; 'theories')
...four forces? Nope.
Law's righteousness.(the Old Testament law)
Lawton, Geoff.(on the importance of permaculture)
Lawyers.(constitutional lawyers in Canada to help you with your rights)
Lawyers.(in the time of Emmanuel on Earth)
Laying on of hands
Lazarus and the rich man
Lazy intellectual loafers.(accepting lies others tell them without checking)
...David's example
...evil leaders in history
...great spiritual leaders
...leadership, what is?
...put in power by God
...responsibilities.(and what they should know)
Leah.(one of ancient Jacob's women)
Lean not to your own understanding
Learn from those experienced
Learn.(the easy way or the hard way)
Learn.(so much it seems to learn; find out how to handle it all without worry)
Learn to do good
Learn.(why should we want to learn?)
Learned tongue
Learning Christ
Learning.(how long to learn all this new stuff?)
Learning.(what is learning?)
Leave others alone.(when to)
Leaven (error) of Pharisees
Led of the Holy Spirit
Lee Coyne.(author.Fats Won't Make You Fat)
Lee Dawson.(many years experience as martial arts trainer; learn online)
Left alone.(family got rid of you {orphaned} or maybe in heart, they just didn't want you around?)
Left home.(so there would be more food for rest of family)
Legal but unlawful.(how?)
Legion.(man who Emmanuel cast out many demons into pigs)
Leisure time
Leighton Grey.(constitutional lawyer in Alberta)
Lemons.(importance of grating the rind of a frozen lemon for health)
Len, Dr. Hew
Len Horowitz, Dr.
Lenin, Vladimir Ilich.(first communist leader of Russia, 1917, a satanic criminal)
Leo Tolstoy
Leonardo da Vinci
Leopard Diabolo.(the incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit)
Leopards.(see the beautiful Snow Leopard)
Less fortunate.(help where you can, if you can)
...an important one.(step back from the curb)
...blessings & protection, how?
...Bruno on lessons
...evil.(evil holds an important historical lesson humanity needs to know)
...for us today; of the New Testament
...from history
...from life of ancient Abraham
...from life of Adam and Eve
...from ancient Balaam and his ass
...from the life of ancient Eli
...from the life of Frank
...from the life of a young logger
...from the life of one wanting God to correct him rather than himself doing it
...from life of ancient Job
...from the life of ancient king Hezekiah
...from life of ancient king Amaziah
...from life of ancient king David
...from life of ancient king Solomon
...from life of Morris Goodman
...from life of ancient Moses and his anger
...from the life of Paul
...from life of the ancient prostitute Rahab
...learn from lessons of the past; how?
...lesson on honesty
...lesson on protecting goodness
...lesson on protecting warriors
...lessons are needed to advance
...lessons are from God
...lessons from life
...lessons in all trials in our lives
...life like a sore thumb
Letter.(letter for employer to sign who wants to comply with having you vaccinated to keep your job)
Letter of the law kills
Levels of government
Levels (degrees) of spirituality
Levitical priesthood
Lewis, C.S.
Liars, Liars in life today, Lying spirits
Lie.(liars, lying, modern liars)
Lies in society
...a parade of egos
...a stage for acting out ourselves
...designing it
...essentials.(the grand essentials of life)
...given by parents
...how long for you?
...life is in Christ
...life is the time
...live the good, live the bad.(but live what's you from your heart, so you learn)
...mastering it
...meaning of
...mysteries of
...negatives of, why?
...pressure cooker
...what is life?.(and and you don't need to 'claim it back')
...what's life for?
...why does life have to be like this?
...why is life?
...your quality of life?
Life and Epistles of Paul.(book)
Life insurance.(is null and void if you die from an unapproved 'vaccine'; covid)
Life's meaning
Life's purpose.(how to find it for each of us)
Lift.(lift what?)
Light.(the subject of Light; light of life & our light):
...beings of light.(Intergalactic Federation of Light Beings Special Forces)
...children of light
...Earth lights
...faster than light
...of God seen by the heart
...full spectrum lighting.versus regular disease causing fluorescent lighting
...is attention
...'light' bringer.(Satan before his new purpose of evil)
...light just for you
...light of the world
...light packets
...light year
...things appearing as 'new light'
Lighting.(full spectrum verses regular disease causing fluorescent lighting)
Lightning or beam?
Liked.(how to be liked)
Limitations.(overcoming thinking that limits character development)
Limits.(man limits himself and women by his views on them)
Lin Wood.(Christian attorney in the Trump administration, speaks of what's really going on in the world)
Lincoln, Abraham.(book about him and who was behind his assassination)
Lindsey Williams.(on the oil con; type his name into YouTube)
Line upon line
Lineage.(of Old Testament patriarchs)
Lineage.(what's needed to know about the words of lineage used in the Bible)
Linear Accelerator
Links.(research organizations reporting on creation)
Links on videos:
...The Grand Self
...What If? The Movie
...Forgiveness (same location as Mother's Day)
......Mother's Day
...Hallelujah (beautifully sung by two young girls)
Linus Pauling.(discoverer of vitamin C's many beneficial functions; noble prizes)
Lipton, Bruce, Ph.D..(discoverer of stem cells in 1980's)
...epigenetic control.(mind controls genes; reverse aging; more)
...epigenetic control 2.(the mind's affected when cells renew)
...in the movie What If? The Movie
...listening inwardly
...worry is your prayer for negative results
...Emmanuel back to Adam
...Moses back to Abraham
...the 42 generations to the time of Christ
...of ancient Abraham through whom he became the 'father of many nations'
List of.ages of early humanity
List of.ancient prominent kings and list of pharaohs
List of.ancient nations ending in 'ites'
List of Bible scriptures.(chapters & verses of all & favorites)
List of Battles.(Joshua; David, Gideon and others)
List of.Books
List of.Bruno quotes 1, 2
List of.Christ
List of.comments on evolution
List of courts
List of.decisions
List of.disciples
List of.doctors
List of.Emmanuel
List of.evil things to avoid
List ofevils.(government was involved in)
List of.feasts.(kept in Old Testament times)
List of.God
List of.good things
List of.Grigori Grabovoi quotes
List of.harmonized accounts by Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
List of.healings
List of.higher consciousness things
List of.keys.(what are the spiritual keys?)
List of.kings.(and pharaohs)
List of.maps
List of.miracles done by Emmanuel
List of.movies
List of.Old Testament sacrifices
List of.original words notes
List of.parables
List of.questions
List of.your rights
List of.scripture verses by book & chapter
List of.seed sources (organic) Canada and world
List of.suggested scriptures to contemplate.(and scripture favorites)
List of.topics.(and the site's opening page)
List of.twelve tribes of ancient Israel
Lists of words:
...list of.original Greek and Hebrew words in English
Listening.(or not)
Little Dipper
Little flock
Little things important
Liu, John D..(restoring the ravaged land)
Live.(how long; how to know)
Live the good, live the bad.(also, to know how to relate to others)
Lively hope
Liver transplant averted
Living creatures.(4 heavenly)
Living.(ancients still living?)
Living safely.(be sure to keep your home, vehicle, etc. safe for you and all)
Living for today
Loafers.(no, not the shoes!)
Loan or give?
Location change time?.(consider Calgary, take a free video walking tour now of this really nice city)
Lock.(a lock to prevent misuse of its power)
Lockridge device
Locke, John
Lodges/churches/clubs/gangs.(joining one)
Logger.(6 warnings, but didn't listen to life; more lessons from life)
...amazing thinking on logic
...fuzzy logic.(resolving hurts with)
...logical thinking
...logic removed, weaponizes education
Long life
Longing.(and maybe lonely; the need for connection)
Look after you.(God can look after you in any situation; trust God to do so)
...fear of Lord (meaning)
...how the word looks when referring to Satan)
...various styles of word Lord)
Lord of hosts.(meaning)
Lord Of The Rings
Lord shall reign
Lord's brother
Lord's prayer
Lord's supper
Lose when you walk with God?
Losing your belief in God?
Losing heart?
Losing weight
Lot(s).(ancient system of direct guidance from the Creator used for selection)
Lot.(the individual whose wife turned into a pillar of salt; was with Abraham)
Lou Pritchette.(VP Proctor and Gamble)
Louis Armstrong.(changed the course of jazz)
Louis Pasteur.(pasteurization; the criminal who stole and took credit for Antoine Bechamp's work)
...comes from where?
...David's unbreakable love for his son who was killed
...finding true love
...freshness of love
...For the Love of Children Society
...if love is everlasting, we are too
...kinds of
...love your enemies, why?
...loving ourselves, loving others
...that special love with someone
...ways to increase in
...words for love in the Greek
Low consciousness
Lower (man lower than the angels but will be higher)
Lower than insects (how the so-called 'elite think of the common people)
Lucifer.(see also 'Devil' 'Satan')
Lucy.(pathetically incomplete)
Luke.(who wrote the book of Luke, who wasn't one of the original disciples)
Lunch.(the devil's lunch)
Lupus.(a disease)
Lust.(what is it; how does it work?)
Luther, Martin.(lived 1482-1546; Luther on Galatians)
Luther, Martin King Jr..(lived 1929-1968)
Luxor temple.(a temple in ancient Egypt)
Lynn Margulis.(exposing evolutionary lies)