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Dead.(asking for help from those high consciousness individuals who have passed on; who are they?
Dead.(praying for them)
Dead Sea Scrolls
Dead to things
Dead twice
Dead.(we're already)
Dead works
Dealing with others in life
Dealing with those who may not like you
-after death, then what happens to our spirit? And what's for you then?
-are those who have killed in war guilty of murder and go to hell?
-better on the 'other side'?
-creator of death; is God a creator of death?; where did death come from?
-departed ones
-do we go to heaven after we die?
-does it make any sense at all that a loving Creator would be in favor of something that removes from you the presence of ones you love?
-exposition of original word for 'destroy' {destroy death})
-how long before we go?
-how long are gone?
-how would one know what eternal life is and that He has eternal life now?
-if the Creator created death, would He not be destroying His own creation?
-if you're born of the Creator, who is eternal, how can you die?
-inspiring stories
...Jimmy's story
-just what is death? 
-what are the second deaths?
-what is eternal life?
-what is the main belief of the world?
-what it's like for those passed on
-why did the Creator allow little Timmy to die, when I loved my brother so much?
-why do some die even after praying for them to be healed?
-why does the Creator commend His love toward us?
-why fear death as there's no death of the real you in the first place?
-why should there ever be any need for death?
-you didn't ask to be here, so why get upset if you're on the way out?
Deborah.(and other fine women
...clock Canada.(about your posterity being infinite slaves to debt)
...clock U.S..(about your posterity being infinite slaves to debt)
...forgiving.(one's spiritual debts)
...God can provide for your debts.(money)
Debts.(gambling, drug, drinking, sex and other problems)
Deceived.(women more easily)
Decisions.(includes, is 'making a decision for Christ' even valid?)
Declaration of Independence.(U.S.A document having within it rights of man)
Declared.(a short message will He declare to get to the heart of it all)
Decode, Gene.(a man who comprehends how God creates)
Deep things of God
Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra.(notes on Deepak's CDs)
...ego's default position
...how the subconscious works for or against us
DEET mosquito repellant dangers
Defeated.(the evil has been defeated)
Defile your body
Degrees.(of spirituality)
Degrees, Song of.(meaning)
Delight in Creator-God
Delilah.(of Samson & Delilah infamy)
Dembski, William A..(non evolutionary view)
-doctrines of demons
-Emmanuel casts demons out of a man and puts them into pigs
-feeding the demons.(and just what would they consume?)
Dennis Kucinich.(U.S. Congressman who gave a great speech)
Deny God's power
Depart from evil.(how to?)
Departing from God
-sometimes all you can do
Depression.(the Great Economic Depression in 1929 and what we can learn
from this contrived occurrence)
Derek Sanderson
Desires of heart
Despise not.(when God seems to be correcting you)
Destiny of humanity
Destroy.(dark side out to destroy humanity)
Destroy.(God does destroy those of the dark side)
Destroyer.(what destroyer is it talking about here?)
Detoxifying Through Grounding and Grounded.(two important movies
for getting yourself better and for continued health)
Destroy self?
Destroy.(exposition of original word for 'destroy', re destroy death)
Detail.(Creator-God aware of every detail of His creation)
Device.(our bodies are created for spiritual growth)
Devices of Satan
Devil(s):.(see also Lucifer', 'Satan')
-access to God's throne anymore?
-anything to do with ghosts?
-cast down to Earth
-casting out
-chance of reconciliation
-clutches of evil.(how to get out of)
-comes and goes in peoples' minds
-destroy.(dark side out to destroy humanity)
-feeding the demons.(and just what would they consume?)
-gets a hold on us?
-guarding self and others from his ways
-in the snare of?
-influenced by
-is he Lucifer?
-resist devil; don't resist evil - huh?
-(the small 'g' god is also written as GOD; proper for word God is writtten as this is.(the god of this world)
-used by God
-what are devils?
-works destroyed
-world here on earth?
Diabolo.(the incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit)
Didulo, Romana.(Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government, Queen of Canada)
Diet of Worms.(legislature)
Dieter Häusler.(Bruno group; his quotes)
Difference.(how the Creator dealt with those in Old Testament times as compared to New Testament times)
Dimensions.(4 and more)
Dimensions of consciousness
Dina Knight.(chef who cured her father's diabetes in under a month)
Diocletian.(cruel ruler of ancient Rome who persecuted Christians to displace Christian influence)
-be thankful, for everything
-miracle man.(miracleman.org)
Disciple.(Emmanuel especially favored this person)
Disciples and their commission.(how did they handle it?)
Disciples.(disputed amongst themselves which of them is the greatest)
Disciples.(had earlier interaction with Emmanuel, just didn't up & follow Him the first time)
Disciples.(how many including the main 12 of the apostles?)
Disciples.(many turned away from following Him, not liking what He said)
-of children
-of self
-spiritual disciplines
-sometimes all you can do
Discover.(more to discover than ever before)
...and viral infections
...natural antibiotics
-banishing disease
-black death (aka bubonic plague)
-cause of dis-ease
-chronic diseases
-definition by FDA (Federal Drug Administration)
-ear infections (hearing; infections; methods of hearing testing)
-emotionally induced illness
-infections.(and antibiotics)
-information of diseases.(are from the overall memory bank)
-manic depressive
-parkinson's disease healed
...rabies (what to do about it)
-viruses and bacteria; what's the difference? and how attitude makes a difference)
-wheelchair bound now walks
Dishonesty with self
Dislike.(you'll know who may be against you in their heart)
Disorder.(quote on it)
Dispenza, Dr. Joe.(amazing healings, his and others)
Dispersion.(the Jews as mentioned in the Old Testament who chose to remain in the land in which they originally were taken captive)
Distance (no distance beyond space/time)
Distorted energy
Dividing in studying Bible
Divination practices.(the many ancient practices of divination)
Divisions in the faith?
DNA.(also mitochondrial DNA)
...code of apes similar to humans
...how DNA works
...sequential DNA