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(see also Questions About God)
God -a God of comfort, peace and enlightenment
God -a man?
God -advice to those in captivity given by God
God -alerts us first.(awakens us sometime later)
God -aligned with.(1, 2)
God -all belongs to Creator-God
God -all comes to pass as God determines
God -all for women.(more)
God -all for us
God -all in all.(what's this mean?)
God -all is this intelligent energy, the Creator
God -all there is is God
God -allows evil
God -always acts and wins.(when those of good heart act by praying)
God -accepting of you
God -access to
God -adjusts to us
God -aligned with
God -always for us.(not against us {?})
God -always wanted good for men and women
God -always warns
God -and Christ
God -and death
God -anger of
God -answers
God -anyone seen God?
God -appearance of
God -attributes of
God -awakening men and women
God -aware of every detail of His creation
God -aware of evil before man
God -back to.(why 'back to' God? when were we there in the first place?)
God -bad God; good God
God -battles with us.(God's always 'got your back' if you're with God)
God -before God, what was there?
God -behind our trials
God -best.(God wants the best for you and where is it?)
God -body & spirit belong to Him
God -His body.(what's this all about?)
God -bring us to where He wants.(if on place away from Earth)
God -brings to your remberance what you've learned
God -building.(what is God's building?.1Corinthians 3:9)
God -calls us
God -can change us, so why doesn't He?
God -can only ...
God -cares
God -causes grief
God -changes?
God -changes evil into good
God -chastens us.(because He loves us, but why?)
God -children are taken care of by God
God -children of
God -chooses.(who God chooses)
God -Christ came from
God -circumstances.(God and our lives)
God -city of
God -clears up our confusions
God -close?
God -chose ancient Israel
God -chooses.(how?)
God -chooses now
God -comforting
God -coming.(when is God in Christ {or, Christ in God} coming visibly?)
God -coming to God.(can't come to God unless He calls you)
God -communicates with us
God -compares Himself
God -compared with humanity
God -concerned and protective over those on His side
God -coexist with sin? Nope!
God -confounding us?
God -connecting with
God -controls one's life circumstances, why?
God -corrects us
God -created by whom?
God -created evil
God -creates how?
God -crucified Emmanuel
God -cruel?.(contrasting Creator of the Old Testament with the New)
God -current or flow from
God -deals with and through individuals
God -deals with our spirit after death
God -deep things of
God -delivers us
God -delight in
God -designer
God -destroy.(God tells Samuel regarding the Amalekites)
God -uses the devil, what for?
God -disregarding
God -Does God Exist?
God -does not punish
God -don't screw with God
God -drawing back the spirit.(the spirit or the energy of God which sustains the multiverse and all within it)
God -dreams.(God wants your dreams fulfilled)
God -elect of God.(what's this mean?)
God -energy source of all there is
God -engineers circumstances.(for us to learn)
God -eternal plan includes us
God -everywhere.(there is nowhere where God is not)
God -evil into good.(God working behind the scenes)
God -evil.(why God doesn't intervene when you want Him to)
God -excited to bless you
God -expresses as us
God -face to face.1) 2) 3)
God -fair.(always is fair to all)
God -family of.(how brought into it)
God -Father of spirits
God -favoritism?
God -fearing.(meaning of)
God -fights our battles
God -finding
God -first time with humans
God -fits in our thoughts.(with all else going on out there)
God -following God.(quote by Bruno)
God -forgiveness.(is it a cop out to ask God for forgiveness?)
God -forgotten.(people allow themselves to be conned out of the ways of God)
God -frames evil against us why?
God -frequencies.(God as Emmanuel, Melchisedec, Lord, etc.)
God -friend
God -fulness of
God -gets 'spit in the face'.(ancients don't appreciate God)
God -gifts of God.1,.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
God -gives:
...all things for our lives
...eternal life
...evil and grief
...good things
...guidance.(Psalms 23:2 gives us guidance and the words to speak; teaches us) 
...His Holy Spirit
...ideas for good things to do
...repentance.(ability to be like Him) 
...us the heart, the will to do things
God -glory of over the Earth
God -good God; bad God
God -goodness of
God -grants more living after prayer
God -greater than all else
God -guidance from
God -hand of God.(Emmanuel on the right hand of God)
God -hands.(placing your hands in His hands)
God -has secrets
God -hates some things
God -hating Him?
God -hearing God
God -hears us
God -heart of
God -helps, in spite of our evil ways
God -hides from us as He did in Old Testament times? Why?
God -His intelligence in us
God -Holy Spirit.(God is spirit; about the current or flow of)
God -house of.(where and how big?)
God -how God acts
God -how He deals with us
God -how He made us
God -how He sees us
God -how to know God is in us
God -how to serve
God -image.(man made in the image of God)
God -in all.(importance of seeing this)
God -in Christ.(what does this mean?)
God -in God's care, you're ok
God -in God's presence, how?
God -in us
God -in His favor
God -Infinite One.(also known as the Creator)
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