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W h y  A r e  W e  H e r e ?
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The number one reason each one of us is here is to get the hell out of here, but with a better character than that which we have. And that involves whatever contract was made with God, the Father of all light, love and compassion, in heaven, before we came to Earth to fulfil it:.2Timothy 1:9. You can tell what that is by the passion you have for specific good things. Good things are things of love:.Romans 13:10.

Creator-Father God will use those like Him, because He can trust them to carry out ways of love throughout the multiverse of eternity. The entire multiverse is to change to the ways of love so all in it benefit, having a greatly improved life. God always wanted this for people.(Deuteronomy 5:29), but the people, not comprehending God, really didn't get it mentally:.Jeremiah 6:10.

We are to bring love's ways to all throughout God's creation, a creation that goes on forever, as we too also will:.1Corinthians 2:9.

God Almighty created us not to fit in to this corrupt world, but to stand out as a light to what the true God is doing:.Revelation 18:4; 2Peter 3:18. In this we have things to learn. 

But alas, mainstream media junkies have no idea what's going on and seem to want to remain comfortable with their stupidity:.Matthew 24:39 "And knew not until the flood came and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." Hosea 4:17 "Ephraim.(another name for the physical descendants of Abraham.{and now all descendants whether of Abraham or not:.Galatians 3:7, us}).is joined to idols..Leave him alone."

It's helpfulness and service oriented purpose things that count for reward. Live in some way that you feel strongly about, such as, having children and bringing them up best you know how and many other good high quality things, the key to which is 'What is your passion in doing good', however seemingly unimportant that may be?.Hebrews 12:2.

All good you do contributes to your reward. What you do is recorded.

Ephesians 4:7 "But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.".Do the best with what you know.

Now, what to do?.1Thessalonians 1:9 "...turn to God from idols to serve the living and true God.".Many people make idols of ignorance by preferring a lazy attitude and close-mindedness to learning. They gravitate around things that fit in with how they are, such as ignorance; the mainstream media programming to keep you that way; the compliance with so-called authorities proven to have harmed us in various ways. What ways?

God has given us gifts we can use to give and get an amazing life, now and on forward, gifts such as...

The kingdom of God brings forward a peaceful, prosperous and healthy world for all humans.with eternity bringing so much more even beyond that:.1Corinthians 2:9.

We all have a part in bringing the new world. What is it? As Moses needed help to win the battle against the evil, so it is that the good militaries today need our help.

We are here to bring the world back from satanic attacks. What would some of these be, besides the DUMBS and tunnels?

One has to be of the nature of wanting this to be done:.1Corinthians 12:31. So, first then is that. The true God of all life, love and creation in the multiverse, exemplifies the nature we need. How to get it:.Matthew 7:7-10. We are here to come to the true God of all life, light, love and compassion. That's what this site is about. Ask God to help you learn what is important for you to know.

Here's why we all should pray and meditate, if that's all we can do at this time. At least, pray and meditate for the soldiers who are on the dangerous front lines, fighting the cabal to save the children and others still alive the cabal had stolen. The combined good militaries are rescuing them from the tunnels the cabal put them in, to abuse and murder them. The some 32,000 plus, miles of tunnels have been pretty well cleaned up worldwide. Now the criminal satanists on the surface are being sought after. None will escape. 

Many soldiers have lost their lives bringing you freedom and paving the way for the great GESARA program in various processes of release depending upon country. At least do your part to hasten it all and protect the soldiers. Pray and meditate. Whether you do or not, is being recorded by those not on this Earth. We all eventually reap what we have sown. If we have sown little, guess how much we'll reap:.Luke 19:20.

God told the ancient Israelites to go into the promised land:.Numbers 13:25-28. This they did, but the Amalekites there were out to destroy Israel and take their stuff. As Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were on the winning side. When he was tired and his hands went down, the battle shifted against the good army:.Exodus 17:8-16.

We have to learn from that and hold up the hands of those on the front lines. And for our good works, we'll be rewarded:.1Corinthians 15:19. Please praise God for what good that's already been done and meditate for the militaries out doing so much good for the rest of us, that God would be with them as they militarily rescue the land from the cabal's control. And so it is today as it was in the time of Moses, who needed those with him to help him win. 

What went on before man.(longer history of man).was on the Earth and what is at least one reason humanity was created? Though not the most important reason, this is:.Hebrews 2:7.

Why is history unclear of what went on before humanity? If we had known that there were many ages before of man that led to the destruction necessitating a remake of Earth as described in Genesis 1:2, we may have been so discouraged as to another go around. As it was, this reboot turned into the same thing as before, as the Old Testament clearly shows.

And so something new was done to turn things around. Christ was that something. Now humanity could have a different future than all that came before. Why and how so?.Jeremiah 18:8 "If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them." John 17:3 "And this is life eternal, that they might know you the only true God and Emmanuel the Christ, whom you have sent."

Will human life end with the good people going up in some giant spaceship.(Genesis 15:17), taken away from what was left to come on Earth? Will controllers of the world change in heart and the world for all will become an honest, completely transparent, fair place with equal justice for all? Or will it carry on as it has, with both good and evil passing on to what awaits each of these categories? We do know Earth is a human processing factory, a place for processing the attitudes of the ego into the attitudes of a higher consciousness and that rewards for this apply.

1Corinthians 15:52 "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump, for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed."

The character we came here with, the ego, the lower consciousness of living, can't lead us to God, instead leading us in the opposite direction to good, so we end up with a mistake prone life, leading us further from the good God and keeping us in an ego prison:.Jeremiah 44:16,17. Your job is to defeat the evil in the collective consciousness. What works in this and what's the expected result?

Ecclesiastes 8:17 "Then I beheld all the work of God, that a man cannot find out the work that is done under the sun, because though a man labor to seek it out, yet he shall not find it. Yea further, though a wise man think to know it, yet shall he not be able to find it." Ecclesiastes 9:1 "For all this I considered in my heart even to declare all this, that the righteous and the wise and their works are in the hand of God. No man knows either love or hatred by all that is before them." Proverbs 14:12 "There is a way which seems right unto humanity, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

And this because apart from God, human beings are locked into the pathway they have been on, the pathway of no long term solutions. As Einstein put it.

We are here to prepare ourselves in this school of existence on Earth, for the next step in becoming an extension of God and this requires some.learning:.Luke 1:17 "...to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord."

It also requires.guidance:.Ephesians 2:10.

Learning is important for us in this Divine plan. Each one of us is here to LEARN! Enhancing humanity is one thing to get good at. To do that, one must learn to be of higher consciousness in words and actions. Why bother?

You're here! We might as well dance! Learn from where you are in life right now and as you go through each day. Make each day count for something good, for you and others. Avoid being a drifter through the 'nowhere land' of meaningless existence.

It's all about the minds we have; what is in them, good or bad thoughts; what's good? what's bad? We have the conscious and the subconscious. Most people know little about the subconscious. Learn some things about it.

Are you loving and enjoying this precious life we have on Earth in spite of its challenges for you? No? Well then, get it right! You have a friend from the other side who will help you in fulfilling God's plan for you, as it's through actions of good this is accomplished. Each of us is here as no willy-nilly.matter.

Something had to provide for the struggle toward a higher consciousness and so we came with the natures most of us have yet to move on from, which provides for a necessary opposite towards a reward in this time of being on Earth for processing humans into a higher consciousness.

The struggle is, wanting to be healthy and happy and wondering why it's not happening, no matter what you may do. It can be so frustrating. The fact of the struggle of life leads one to the question, why? Why does life seem so prone to mistakes, no matter how much effort we put into trying?

Living, giving, sharing is what we're here for. But what to give, what to share? Love fulfills both. How you apply love is your individuality. You have a mind. Use it to fulfil the contract you made with God. Well, what is that? To find out, ask God. God is capable of bringing it to your mind. How? Your contract with God before coming to Earth involves something of serving and helping others, so what would you passions be regarding this. What along those lines do you really like. Don't worry if it seems impossible to do for you right now. Just find out what it is for you. Know what it is. God will take care of the rest by making the way possible. Just don't get sucked into the devil's tricks. They are always evil, though may be attractive at the first or you wouldn't at all be interested in walking that way.

"The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why?"....Mark Twain.

"It's easier to fool people than it is to convince them they've been fooled."....Mark Twain.

And the why is to awaken to one's true stance, that more and more are coming to know about. So, let's know about it. It's important in convincing oneself of truth.

"Question: and what did you do? What did you do for yourself at least? Follow that which you need for yourself. Do it! And with that you will become what God has ordained for you. Then you are following God."....Bruno Gröning.

Everything is frequency, even thought and thoughts are always subject to what it is that you are. Here we choose daily from what it is we are, what are to be standards for our living. We choose from what goes on in our minds and from what is 'out there' in the mass mind of humanity. These are the thoughts that come to the mind, some good, most not. They come from the mass consciousness.

Humans are here to fix their problems by developing the higher consciousness needed for what's coming. Not doing this is holding up the next step in man's development, by not preparing for Christ's return to Earth to manage His good government on it:.Zechariah 14:9

All the negatives must be fixed. And they are and people are awakening to it, but some don't even care to do the little things they could easily do.

Why fix the negatives.(1Corinthians 15:52).and fixing yours fixes others. And, how to fix them. We need to come to believe, through learning.(*), that the Creator-Father, called.the Silence.and the Creator-Son, called.the Word.and the whole family in the invisible realm, is real and then to come to know that sin no longer counts because sins never did matter at all, as we were all saved as it were, from the beginning:.2Timothy 1:9.

We just didn't know about this! We didn't know that the work for us was finished by what Christ did:.John 17:4 "I have glorified you on the Earth. I have finished the work which you gave me to do."

So, this holographic stage we call the world was made for us to have opportunity for growth spiritually.

We are not here to prove who is right, but to forgive who is wrong.

Sin was just another impetus for furthering character development, however those in sin in humanity's early years on Earth, just stayed there, just never could learn the lesson. Many are like that today also. Thus the importance of getting the message of awakening to them, so they can know their true state of existence. So, do your best to help them. It'll count for your reward.

The plan of the Creator is an all encompassing one, including the entire universe.

We are however, on Earth at this time to awaken to that.

And, that the belief one arrives at.(and that can be quickly).is the steppingstone to change.(?).in one's life from the regular low consciousness mind.(*).we all developed through life.(*).to the higher consciousness.(?).that God is.

God always wanted men and women to believe in His existence.(Exodus 4:5; 1Kings 20:13,28; Judges 3:6-10).because God always wanted good for all men and women:.Jeremiah 7:23.

God doesn't need us.(Matthew 3:9; Luke 19:40), but God wants us for everything:.1Corinthians 2:9; 2Peter 1:3. God wants to share joywith us, but there is a lock on this.

Although God.can.accelerate this process.(as He did in ancient Samuel's case {1Samuel 3:19,20} and also in Paul's life), He prefers to leave it to us and not override us.(*), because this is good for our works.(*).as we grow spiritually. But to begin to grow in the spiritual realm, one has to awaken. One's desire for this is from God.

We are on Earth to learn and grow:.Hebrews 5:14-6:2. And to do this we need knowledge both from experiences of life and from God, so sense can be made of it all, sense that we can take into us and do something with it.

We can liken this to, the Sun comes up and each new day comes forth. It's up to us how we use the day. But, sometimes, say for example, God wants you to stay home. Then circumstances are made to make sure you stay home. There's a tornado coming in the region you may have been planning to go to. There's a snowstorm that makes the roads much too perilous to travel on. You don't feel so well today or your kids aren't well. Your plans to go somewhere are interrupted by something more important like your brother that you haven't seen in years phoned that he's on a plane to see you and will be landing soon. Someone died. Work calls and wants more done of the project section you were working on at home and this right away and then to send it in to them by Email as soon as you're ready to. Or it could be a myriad other reasons why you can't leave home today.

God controls all and at any time can do what he darn well wants to, but always in accord with His character which is love:.Romans 8:28. That love includes circumstances to awaken.

What is the consequence of your existence? What life.are you carving out for yourself? Did you know that thoughts make life?.Proverbs 23:7 "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he..."

Most people know not where it is that they are going in life, nor what they are here to do, nor what life is:.Ecclesiastes 6:12 "For who knows what is good for man in this life, all the days of his vain life which he spends as a shadow? For who can tell a man what shall be after him.(come on the Earth after he's gone).under the sun?".John 12:35 "Then Emmanuel said unto them, Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness come upon you.(if you're not walking in the light, the darkness isn't far behind and soon you'll be lost in the dark as most people are today), for he that walks in darkness knows not whither he goes." John 8:12 "Then spoke Emmanuel again unto them saying, I am the light of the world. He that follows me.(how does one 'follow Emmanuel if not His consciousness of what He thought and what He did of what He thought:.1Peter 2:21).shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life.".He came to reveal the way of the invisible, the way of the invisible One He called the Father.

When you first came upon this Earth you were like a blossoming bud but soon forgetting what tree it came from and ready to emerge into whatever the bud was to be:.Psalms 100:3 "Know you that the Lord he is God. It is he that has made us and not we ourselves..."

Many occurrences in life are required daily to reveal ourselves to ourselves. We are here to learn what we are and why we are and what can be done about and with us. Daily life is for this.

Most people, do not know why they are here:.2Corinthians 4:11 ".....that the life also of Emmanuel.(and His was a good spirit {attitude} as the Father's high consciousness was in Him, the spirit that fills life full for everyone:.Colossians 2:9; 1:19; Ephesians 4:13; 3:19; John 13:3).might be made manifest.in our.mortal flesh."

Most people do not know who they are. The age old question has been answered.

This time on Earth is the time to be your best:.Romans 8:28. The time to be what's the best you, for this is you or more correctly, Christ expressing as you to the degree desired.(*). We are here to be a conduit for the intelligent energy that is God working through us according to our individual interests.

Learn from the example for us. Type in 'as Christ' in any of the programs or in the Search and see the verses that come up.

What do you think? That God is up there and you're down here, trying to do your best so He can use you? Trying to do the finest you can to make yourself look like Christ? This is the realm of assessment of that which is always incomplete, fuzzy, that is, evaluating those things beyond you and comparing them.

Instead, know what is true of you now. This moves one to an awareness that Christ's life of love can be your life expression also, for why would you ever want to be anything but love? That is how Emmanuel thought:.John 14:9 "...He that has seen me has seen the Father...".Philippians 2:5. Know where God is.

If you know anything but total nearness with Christ, you are thinking that you are not as good as Him. You then do not really believe:.Romans 8:1. And in this frame of mind know that all things.(yes, even the problems you have, problems that God could remove in a second).work for the good:.Romans 8:28. They work for the good because they are there so you can get quiet and ask yourself some questions. This helps you to get to know yourself.

He knows us better than we do:.1Samuel 16:7 ".....the Lord looks on the heart".

To know Him, one must love:.John 15:9-12. To know yourself, you also must love yourself, otherwise you just don't care.

To have a great future with God, ask!.Jeremiah 33:3.

Creator-God has a purpose for each and every one those of His creations. Each of us is here because God wanted us here. The only true ever living God makes no mistakes, ever:.Joshua 21:45  "There failed not ought of any good thing which God had spoken unto the house of Israel. All came to pass."

Each of us is not here by happenstance. There is a plan and each of us is part of it:.1Corinthians 2:9. Get with it, as they say. How?

And what about the Mosaic Law which was a disaster? Wasn't that an error by God? The Mosaic Law was given to Moses as a means of keeping the people in harmony. The people had just come out of Egyptian bondage of some 430 years, where Egyptian taskmasters kept them in line for the slave purposes they were used for. Now they were free and needed something of cohesion, something to keep them together as one, as they marched toward the land promised to them:.Numbers 13:25-28.

Probably one of the reasons they came to hate the Mosaic Law, after agreeing to follow it, was it seemed oppressive to them, something over their heads like the taskmasters were to them in Egypt. To them, they were now in freeness. Why should they now have to follow all the rules and regulations of this new Mosaic Law?

Well, it was an agreement, a contract, as it were that they fully agreed to follow after hearing all the good points of the Mosaic Law and after hearing the results of not following the Mosaic Law and what that would bring would bring.(*).

So, the Mosaic Law was designed by God to bring them the good results they would experience if they kept on it's pathway. But the more they adheredto it, the less they liked it, until it got to the place of outright rejection of it and God with it:.Jeremiah 44:16,17. Finally the Mosaic Law was abolished. It wasn't a mistake because the people had agreed it was good, at the first, but they just couldn't keep it and then turned against it entirely.

Just as there was a purpose for John.(Luke 1:13-17), this John who was called John the baptist, so it is with each one of us. The way to be in that purpose, if one is not there already, is to think back to when you were little. What was it that seemed to be of greater interest to you then, whatever it may have been? This is a step in getting to know yourself. This time would have been as the ego was beginning to lead you over to its side, so you had choice. Don't recall? Spiral back and see if it comes to you.

God puts you through trials. Why?.Malachi 3:3.

"You are he or she whom the Creator has seen in you, whom He has created in you. The Creator has personified the world in your manifestation. You are a manifestation of the love of the Creator, since He is the love in relation to you. You initially received the Creator's gift and you're in Him. You too are a creator as you are created by the Creator, by the eternal and all embracing God. Go the way of the creator where He calls. Since He calls everywhere, He is where you are.(*). He is everywhere you are. You are in the movement of the Creator. You are a personification of His eternity. Go along with the concerns of the Creator.(*). He created the eternal world in universal mutual development and you will see that the world personifies eternal you. You are a creator who creates the eternal and the Creator created you eternal when creating the eternal world."....Grigori Grabovoi, from pages 502-513 in his book.

What you are like is proof of who you are. What you are like is how you have thought. What thoughts you have now are becoming you. Be happy with others. Be kind and helpful.

Generations have existed on Earth for thousands of years. Why, unless the Infinite One is expanding creation in the universe?

All that matters in life is how we love. Beth Chapman's songs 1, 2. We live to learn to love. Without love, you have no future apart from what the unloving ordinary consciousness ways bring and that's what we see in the lives of most people, heartaches till they die. But there is something so much better to awaken to.

The Infinite One is running the world with us.(it's not the time to be sitting around doing nothing, just letting life pass on by:.1Corinthians 15:10), otherwise what is the purpose for humanity? We contribute what it is that we are.(and what it is that we are is our thoughts; thoughts are frequencies, but so is absolutely all else and so, there is connection).into the collective consciousness of all. A person aspiring to higher consciousness contributes very effectively into the collective consciousness. How so?

We are here to use this material life for a purpose that isn't material:.Matthew 6:19-21; Romans 8:15; 1Corinthians 2:9; 2Corinthians 4:2; Galatians 3:26; Colossians 3:24. As Deepak Chopra has said."The big job is diminishing the evil in the world.".How?

High consciousness is achieved by many small steps, an important one being meditation.

The truth of our reality is disguised in the heart and stays covered up there because of our ego nature.

We need to understand what this means. First understand what Christ really is and go from the info that is there. Physical life is for the purpose of ever getting deeper into the presence of the Great Infinite One.

The main reason we are here on this Earth is to have opportunity to be loving and when awakened, to search out those things of the spiritual side, to see what we will do in this regard; in effect to bring the Soul's influence and guidance into our daily lives. That's why the whole world is a 'stage'.

The deeply loving nature of Christ can be expressed by us in good works of love toward others.(1Peter 2:21; *), as well as reaching others with the good news message Emmanuel had for humanity. Emmanuel was.life! John 1:4; 2Corinthians 1:19,20.

-We are here to learn the ways of love. Having someone of the powerful invisible family of the Creator come here and straighten out the mess on Earth for us, would deprive us of learning the ways of the universe that work well for higher consciousness civilizations. Nevertheless, an overall framework is necessary, a house, as it were, where humans have opportunity to live their lives and hopefully, learn of better ways, which ways are of love.

We are here to learn not to allow expressions of the dark side, instead allowing love to predominate:.1John 3:16. Why?.Ezekiel 20:43,44. Master these!

We are here to express light. When the way of light is chosen, character that is of value for self and others is made.

Most people are unaware of what they are. Not realizing that we are what we repeatedly do, many flounder through a life of confusing circumstances, gaining little or no wisdom nor change apart from increasing selfishness. So, they remain at the low consciousness level they have always known and existed by. And this suits the designs of corrupt educationalists. Download the free book.The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, senior policy advisor in the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Book is aimed at what today's false information called 'education' is doing to children.

The purpose of life is to share the best you have become as a live individual expression of the underlying Great Infinite Intelligence and to share this with others. Why?

Unfortunately, this awakening only comes through a process we call life:.Ecclesiastes 1:13. And, even then, few fully awaken. How can you awaken fully?

The Great Infinite One has an incredible plan into eternity for creation:.1Corinthians 2:9 "But as it is written, Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him."

With faith.you can.live the life. And just what does that life involve? That life is comprised of good works:.James 2:8; 14-26; 1Peter 4:8,9.

-We are here to bring others to the wonderful world of the Creator through healing and helping, once we have attained the high consciousness quality of belief:.John 6:29 "...This is the work of God, that you believe on him whom he has sent." Jude 1:3 "Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."

-We are here to live the nature of love Christ came to Earth to reveal that is possible for us to define and to the degree we can personally agree with its expression. The degree to which we can agree with its expression, depends upon our belief:.Mark 9:23 "Emmanuel said unto him, If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes." Mark 10:27 "And Emmanuel looking upon them said, With men it is impossible, but not with God. For with God all things are possible."

Does this mean we give up our wills, our individually to live His nature of love in expression toward others? No. God does not want clones.

Remember when you were a teenager? You wanted to be just like certain.prominent individuals, perhaps like certain movie stars or models whose qualities of character and expressions you admired enough to emulate. Just follow the One inside you as best you can as you learn. He's the master at loving.

The expression of the Creator is always hinting to your mind the real you, the you that was created just to be.you. And, this doesn't mean the world wll ever see this. That doesn't matter.

What matters is what God is doing.in you.and in others and that is, building a kingdom of loving beings for a purpose way beyond this world:.1Corinthians 2:9; 1John 3:2. This world is for learning lessons of love. This world is for your particular expression to become loving in its own unique way. And here is where meditation comes in. Meditation keeps you connected to that real you the Creator is forming:.Galations 4:19; Romans 9:20,21; Psalms 94:9.

Life here is a stage, designed by the Creator to be a certain way for His ultimate good purposes:.1Thessalonians 5:9 "For God has not appointed us to wrath.(the Creator is not out to punish anyone), but.to obtain salvation.(Acts 17:30.and.to be saved from what may be hurting you).by our Lord Emmanuel the Christ."

Galatians 1:4 "Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world.(out of the low consciousness ego level of living and into a higher consciousness), according to the will of God and our Father.".And so, we are also here to become convinced evil is just no good, no good for us, no good for anyone and therefor to shun evil where we understand it to be. Evil is so far down the road, even over the cliff from high consciousness, because evil exists only in the heart of man, not even in the animals. Love, on the other hand has no opposites because it is whole, thus allowing for nothing else. So it would behove us to take some time and understand what love is.

-We are here to discover what we really are, how to know the real self that is you, once connected effectively to the Soul. Apart from that, reality to many of humanity is simply a reflection of old beliefs.

True reality is when one becomes the 'knower', the observer, the real you as opposed to the ego level you, which exists in the tangible physical world of the senses, a world which is illusory, a 'slowed down' form of spirit energy, perhaps better said as being a set of different frequencies manifesting as the physical within the total spirit that your physical body and your invisible/spiritual body actually are.

"Certain objective reality doesn't exist. What people think is objective reality is in fact the manifestation of the collective consciousness. Many become so accustomed to believing the world exists as reality as they see it, that they accept the surrounding world as real, not realizing that it is a holographic illusion where all is frequencies, with us being built as frequency sensors, so that things feel like they are real and this only because of the electromagnetic differences between say, our fingers and what we may touch. If we actually touched anything, which we can't, we would actually fuse with it forever.
And this happened with the Philadelphia Experiment, as explained in the movies about it.

"It's due to the way the ordinary consciousness sees the world that is the cause of their problems. People fail to see that if needed, all they have to do is change the course of the playing hologram.(change in the Bible is called repentance:.Matthew 21:32).and this is done within each person.(and what does one get for doing this or, why the hell would anyone be interested in changing?). Each person can change his view of reality by accepting new higher consciousness concepts as we have discussed. Each person has his own keys to alter his own life and its happiness. We only need a good understanding of the situation to arrive clearly at what requires changing to our better liking. When one realizes that he indeed can control events, the magic of living and enchanted life returns."....page 95 Grigori Grabovoi's book.

"Happiness is your ability to love."....Leo Tolstoy.

In this objective reality the physical body is primarily concerned with the things of the self and can remain blinded to the reality of the oneness of all humanity and things concerning humanity's eternal purpose.

In discovering our true self, the Soul must flow. It's intelligent energy. But we have used many ego ways to stifle our Soul's influence, including those used to the extent of cutting us off from the Soul's influence:.1Timothy 4:2

Life is not in conflict with anything inside itself. When you become one with the events.(*).around you and stop complaining and fighting them.(Jeremiah 27:9-17), you won't be outside of life. Be at peace! Live life. Live it to learn.

Without comprehension, there is no reality. It's our familiarity of death that gives it its power:.1Corinthians 15:55-57. It's the awareness.that enables us to comprehend.both.the inner and outer world, the outer world being the world of sensory experience.

Emmanuel is the awareness of all things of the Father. He was always aware of the Infinite One in His temporal Earthly experience:.John 11:41,42 "...And Emmanuel lifted up his eyes and said, Father I thank you that you hear me. And I know that you hear me always...".Emmanuel was wholly the Creator in the flesh, the offspring, as we too and are to fully express as He did. This was the Holy.(or wholly, or complete, outlook of the Creator regarding all humanity that every person can have:.Acts 17:30; this new outlook sets him apart from the ways of the world which are the ways of the ego level of low consciousness).Spirit.(the spirit, the attitude of one with the high consciousness of the Father). If you are of this high consciousness, you can know for sure you have the Holy Spirit.

We have all acted from this lower level in life. Really what choice have we had? The low consciousness ego level submerges what we really are like, submerges it from our awareness, submerges the free running qualities of higher consciousness. It restricts freedom to create in the energy field, the energy field accessed only when in higher consciousness:.Matthew 13:22 "...the care of this world and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word and he becomes unfruitful."

We need to comprehend what we are like and how past hurts and future worries can't even begin to contend with the victory available within the present moment, if our minds areattuned there. To this end, understanding contrasts helps.

Reality is at the level of the Soul when the 'knower'.(and you are 'the knower' when connected with the Soul), is in the present moment. Keep attention in the present and then there is no problem with past hurts and future worries:.Matthew 6:24-34.

This is the way to fix the issues today negatively affecting all humanity. We each create the world we exist within. How? ."See the world as harmonious and ideal for everyone. It will be that way for everyone if it is that way for you."....Grigori Grabovoi

So, what can we do to get there if you don't feel that way? Even thinking the phrase 'I'm so excited' changes things. Words work! Why?

You are a creator:.Philippians 2:12,13 "...work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God which works in you..."

The Creator is the master potter, but it's you that chooses how good the clay is to be made. In that way, you are a creator. It's a cooperative creation, a co-creation:.Isaiah 64:8 "But now, O Lord, you are our father. We are the clay and you our potter and we all are the work of your hand." Jeremiah 18:4 "And the vessel that he made of clay was marred.(original 'destroyed').in the hand of the potter, so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.".Romans 9:21.

You are made for a great purpose and a great future:.Hebrews 1:5; 1Corinthians 2:9. God wants to know how much you can still improve. With God, it's always upward and onward. What is needed, God designs to make us better:.Deuteronomy 8:16.

It's all the individuality the Creator made; that is, each of us being individual and unique creations of this massively intelligent being, exist within the world of the creation we allow. There is no 'them' out there. It's all within each of us. Think of it like a video game, for like it, the entire thing is an illusion, an illusion that, also like a video game, produces lessons, training and whatever other things the game was designed to bring forth at various levels. There is no separateness from others as we may think. It's all you. Though you see others out there and many and various circumstances, there is really no 'out there'. It's all in you. If you don't feel this is reality for you, learn about how the created world is all a hologram.

A video game may be in many houses, on many computers, but it's the same game, played individually by those who play it and it's played differently, but each game is unique to whomever plays it. We all play it differently; like each snowflake or each season of the year as the years pass by, they are different, though each season is still what that season is, spring, summer, fall and winter. Every time the season is played it's somewhat different, never the same. And so it is with you.

Our lives are played out by us as on a stage.

Learning to use the interaction between consciousness and the invisible energy is a reason why it is that we are here. These are both one and the same, being both functions of specific frequencies. Everything is frequency, just of different vibrations. 

Being an expression of the Intelligent Energy, we therefor are also creators in training.

So, how does creation occur? You are an individual expression of the Creator and thus are a creator in your own right. Problem is, people are not creators and they could be if they would only learn to use their minds to affect the invisible energies. This would greatly help the world. An individual grows spiritually when he of she creates. Where are you in the creative process? What could you create? Whatever it could be it will be spiritual and of value when of love? Ask Suby.

This may all sound strange to those still in the cause and effect ego level of existence. Sounds strange, sounds foreign because of man's present low level of existence at the ego level. And so humanity throughout the ages has missed seeing that he is what we commonly refer to as God, that is, when in higher consciousness, he and she are on the God road.

Man just cannot see the possibilities when at the lower consciousness level:.Matthew 13:14-17.

1Corinthians 2:9 "But as it is written, Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him.".This fits with the purpose of humanity. Begin to meditate today.

Worry.is being sure something bad is going to happen and goes away when you face the situation. Face it first with contemplation. When gratitude flows lower consciousness goes.

Be mindful, full of awareness in this present moment. Don't allow your past to control your present state of mind. Don't allow concern over the future, tomorrow, next few days, next week's expected events, next months financial concerns, etc., to take any peace you have in the present moment away. How? Know they will work out just as they should:.Romans 8:28.

Keep it always the present; that is do not allow past negatives and worry over the future to take you from the present. Sure, you have to think of the future or how would you plan your trips, etc. Sure, you have to have memory of the past or you would never find your way home. It's just that one should not allow the past and worry over the future to override a happy present happy state of mind. If you do those states of mind will control you. Control them instead. If you don't, you're a victim in a state of dis-ease.

What we are really like is, we are a soul, a person connected with the Soul by means of one's spirit; we are souls finding fulfilment when focused not upon externals. Externals vacillate.

The things of the Soul, the high consciousness things, are stable and provide calmess, provide the rest within.(Matthew 11:28), the security within and the knowledge.(2Peter 3:18).that Christ promises to provide all your needs.at the moment needed.

He is the Great Infinite Intelligence and His nature of love is in you. He is fully capable of looking after you moment by moment. He does not have to worry as you often may, that, how can you exist beyond the next 2 hours with no money for food and for shelter tonight? Does God lie? He says He is your sufficiency:.2Corinthians 3:5; 9:8;.Matthew 6:30 "Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?"

It takes thinking about one's particular life circumstances to reveal this promise clearly. Think about them and that God is responsible for fulfilling the promises He has made. Of course, it would help you to know that the Great Ever Living Infinite One indeed does exist and is totally aware of every detail of His creation. And, it would also help to review some of the falsehoods the mass mind has adopted, evolution being one of them.

The Creator knows how to bring into your life what you need, but how hot are you for having it so? Rest in the assurance of His promises.

Many occurrences in life are required to reveal ourselves to ourselves.

Most of us know that we are here.(some think that they are not here .. Ha ha! .. really!).Perhaps they are similar to those individuals that just 'have to go somewhere and find themselves' .. Hey, got a mirror; there you is! Ha ha! Peter in the time of Christ on Earth was kinda like this. He thought he knew himself, but he didn't:.John 13:36-38

What people mean is they just feel that something is missing in their lives and they are right! We do indeed exist, but we often do not quite get what or why we are or from whence we came.

-We are here to follow the narrow gate and pathway of life Emmanuel talked of.(Matthew 7:14), that of allowing Christ's nature of love.(which is the same as the Infinite Intelligence, the Father:.John 10:29,30).to be expressed as us.(Colossians 1:27).to take us from being mostly an external individual where one's identity is tied to money, security, job, clothes, car, family, movies, etc...the things and interests we pursue on Earth for the energy of life and for some kind of temporal meaning, the things that so often can disappoint us unless we learn that they are there to change us for the good. Without knowing how things can contribute to discouragement, we bypass the inner life of a new loving nature within us and how much good this new nature can do for all of us:.2Corinthians 5:17.

Find the meaning of life and all changes for the better.

This is all a step beyond having being forgiven and having just become a spiritual individual that may sit 'dead in the water' if he gets into an alternate message some religions teach.

This new vibrant life of love is the vine that keeps you from this...

In hard times some follow God, but maybe not all that well and for the 'draggers', there may not be enough time left in their partiular lives to develop character necessary for a great reward anyhow.

Life is all about growing up, learning things through many heartaches, having family and friends and spending time with them, having enough to get through life and that healthily and then dying.

Sickness during this time is not normal. During this time we are being trained, whether or not we have been called by God and we, just like ancient King David, often go through grueling circumstances.

One reason we are here in the first place is to have a relationship with God:.1Samuel 25:29; Job 12:10; Psalms 36:9,10; 66:9; Luke 20:38.

It is impossible to progress within without knowing what love is, thus enabling a wonderful physical life and here on Earth too, and leading on to life in the hereafter and then on and beyond.

Ephesians 2:22 "In whom you also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit." Revelation 4:11 "You art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power, for you have created all things and for your pleasure.(original is 'will' and 'for what you have in mind').they are.(exist now).and were created." Ephesians 3:9 "And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world has been hid in God, who created all things by Emmanuel the Christ."

-We are here to learn about our Father which is in heaven and to grow in a relationship with Him.

The Creator wants us to know Him:.Isaiah 45:6.

He has a great future in store for us:.Hebrews 2:6 ".....What is man, that you art mindful of him? or the son of man, that you visit him?.(how?)."Hebrews 2:7 "You made him a little lower than the angels. You crowned him with glory.and honour and did set him over the works of your hands." 1Corinthians 2:9 "But as it is written, Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him." Colossians 1:12 "Giving thanks unto the Father, which has made us meet.(fit for).to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light." Philippians 3:14 "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Emmanuel."

This is our preparatory time, both the time to qualify for as high a position in the government of God to be on the Earth and this involves preparing the way for the coming of Christ.

This is the time in all of eternity that God decided was the time for your spirit to exist in and express through a physical human shell.

The word of God also enables us to come to a deeper overstanding.(for one to stand under something, it has to be bigger than him; for example: the first article one may read about evolution hardly would provide an understanding of that subject).of ourselves.(Hebrews 4:12).towards fulness in Christ.

"The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is
marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and
comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the
great devotions and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at
the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement
and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while
daring greatly."....Theodore Roosevelt.