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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary (m-w.com)
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an outline or a model of an expected or a supposed sequence of events; a screenplay portending an actual event; an outline or synopsis of the plot, play, scene, etc.; if you talk about a likely or possible scenario, you are talking about the way in which a situation may develop (in the error.prone.scenario posed by some climatologists in disagreement with scientific facts, they claim decades of continued global warming, now called 'climate change', would raise sea levels anywhere from 20 inches to more than 11 feet as the polar ice caps melt and the ocean's upper layers expand and many non thinkers can't see what's wrong with their reasoning); the scenario of a film is a piece of writing that gives an outline of the story (dad and mom took turns telling life lesson stories at bedtime to their children)

the script for a movie, including camera directions and descriptions of scenes

something seen by a viewer; a view; the place where an action or event occurs (flowers provide scenes of beauty); the place in which the action of a play, movie, novel or other narrative occurs; a setting; a subdivision of an act in a dramatic presentation in which the setting is fixed and the time continuous (the movie depicted life in the new west); a shot or series of shots in a movie constituting a unit of continuous related action; the scenery and properties for a dramatic presentation; a public display of passion or temper (the kids made a scene in the grocery store); a sphere of activity (the teen scene; political scene); a situation or set of circumstances (a scene of wild animals at play)
behind the scenes.idiom
in private (though it's purported government is transparent, regarding decisions affecting those who may have voted them into power, they often contrive plans behind the scenes); away from being seen, heard and/or noted; backstage

a view or views of natural features, especially in open country (enjoying the varied mountain scenery); the painted backdrops on a theatrical stage

constituting or affording pleasing views of natural features (climbed a hill for a scenic panorama of the valley; a scenic drive along the crater rim); of or relating to the stage, stage scenery or theatrical representation (scenic design)
a depiction of natural scenery

a following of one thing after another; succession; an order of succession; an arrangement; a related or continuous series; series (the television program had 7 sequences, one showing each week)
sequence, sequenced, sequencing, sequences.transitive verbs
to organize or arrange in a sequence; to determine the order of constituents in (a polymer, such as a nucleic acid or protein molecule)

a following of one thing after another; succession; forming or characterized by a sequence, as of units or musical notes

that can be dissolved (Vitamin C powder is water-soluble)

position; rank; standing; the status acquired by an individual through birth (and what was that?); a birthright; status is what category an individual, organization or place belongs to and gives them particular rights or advantages; the status of something is its state of affairs at a particular time; the status of someone of something is its importance; for example, the status of a State National, is We the People that control government. That's declaring your status. Both governments exist. There's a corporate government and a de jure government. There's two of everything. See David Straight, Arkansas 3, at 2 hours 53 minutes. And for an Australian example of the same type of con job, see What the FUQ?

the very small world occurring with an atom; subatomic particles like the photon must travel at the speed of light, therefore having no zero momentum states. Subatomic matter is pictured in terms of quantum strings and dealt with by the theory of quantum mechanics

an argument or form of reasoning in which two statements or premises are made and a twisted deceitful erroneouslogical.conclusion is drawn from them; often used by corrupt attorneys to trick you (for example, all dogs are animals; all dogs have four legs; therefore all animals have four legs, the problem here is not all animals have four legs, so a couple of facts are used in twisting the conclusion through syllogism)
syllogistic, syllogistical.adjectives
syllogize.transitive-and.intransitive verb
to reason or infer by use of syllogisms

secrete, secreted, secreting, secretes.transitive verbs
if part of a plant, animal or human secretes a liquid, it produces it (your sweat glands secrete water and salt); to generate and separate a substance from cells or bodily fluids (secrete digestive juices)

secrete, secreted, secreting, secretes.transitive verbs
to conceal in a hiding place; cache; hide; to secretly steal; filch; if you secrete something somewhere, you hide it there so that nobody will find it (she secreted the gun in the kitchen cabinet); to steal secretly; filch; to generate and separate a substance from cells or bodily fluids (secrete digestive juices); if part of a plant, animal or human secretes a liquid, it produces it (the sweat glands secrete water which is usually salty and containing substances the body is trying to rid itself of, such as substances which may be toxic)

the separation and elaboration.of a substance from sap or blood

having the function of secretion

secretory vesicles.(vesicles are  small membranous cavities that store cargo before it is sent out of a cell to a vacule)

Freshly made proteins are carried in these little bags. Their functioning is like our intestines. When a vescile reaches its destination, it merges with the membrane and releases its contents. When a courier comes to your home or place of business, he sees you for a signature (merges with you) and then releases the package he has for you.

Inciting this merging are two proteins, t-SNARE and v-SNARE. The vesicle knows exactly which 'address' to go to, as an 'address' has been put on the package. How it does this is not understood; but can you see the electricity that carries your request by phone for an item to be delivered by courier?

Vesicles with ER (endoplasmic reticulum) v-SNARE shake hands only with Golgi t-SNARE.

seep, seeped, seeping, seeps.intransitive verbs
to leak through small openings or pores; to run out; drip; ooze
the act or process of seeping; a quantity of something that has seeped (the lemonade seeped out of the paper cups)

an area of power, control or influence; domain; the extent of a person's knowledge, interests or social position; a realm
Mathematics:.in mathematics, a three-dimensional surface, all points of which are equidistant from a fixed point; a spherical object or figure; a celestial body, such as a planet or star; the sky, appearing as a hemisphere to an observer (the sphere of the heavens)
sphere, sphered, sphering, spheres-transitive verbs
to form into a sphere; to put in or within a sphere; to surround or encompass; in nature, spheres and spirals.evidence.amazing.patterns
a body that is shaped like a sphere but is not perfectly round
having the shape of a sphere; globular (looks like a globe, round like the Earth)

supernova.noun,.plural.supernovas or supernovae
an exploding star with a characteristic red light emission of great brilliance, producing neutrinos and often producing a black hole; when a massive star goes supernova, it leaves behind a neutron star, however, many supernova remnants show no evidence of neutron stars

a numerical datum; a numerical value, such as standard deviation or mean, that characterizes the sample or population from which it was derived
statistics.plural noun
assembled from individual datum the classified data used in presenting information about a given subject; statistics is a branch of mathematics concerned with the study of information that is expressed in numbers; statistics are a set of numbers which represent facts or measurements; a collection of information shown in numbers (employment statistics)
based on statistics
a mathematician.specializing in statistics; a compiler of statistical data
vital statistics.plural noun
statistics concerning the important events in human life, such as births, deaths, marriages and migrations

a clever, often underhand.scheme for achieving an objective; a maneuver designed to deceive or surprise;artifice

a plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal; a plan; using stratagems in endeavors such as in dating, politics and business

strategic also strategical.adjective
of or relating to strategy; important or essential in relation to a plan of action (a strategic plan of study gave him the advantage); essential to the plan (strategic materials in grade one include pencil and paper)

shifty, shiftier, shiftiest.adjectives
having, displaying or suggestive of deceitful.character;.evasive or untrustworthy

lacking.ambition or purpose; lazy (a shiftless student); characterized by a lack of ambition or energy (studied in a shiftless way); lacking resourcefulness or efficiency; incompetent

shift, shifted, shifting, shifts.verbs
transitive verb use.to move or transfer from one place or position to another; to alter position or place; to change gears, as in an automobile; to exchange one thing for another of the same class (shifted assignments among the students)
intransitive verb use.to change position, direction, place or form; to change gears, as when driving an automobile; to select uppercase characters by depressing a key on a typewriter or computer keyboard
a change from one to another; a substitution; a group of workers that relieve another on a regular schedule; the working period of such a group (worked the night shift); a change in direction (a shift in the wind); a change in attitude, judgment or emphasis; a change in position

something presented to placate or soothe; you describe something as a sop to another when they are offered something small or unimportant in order to prevent them from looking further; a bribe; a piece of food soaked or dipped in usually, a sweet warm liquid
sop, sopped, sopping, sops.verbs
transitive verb use.to dip, soak or drench in a liquid; saturate; to take up by absorption (sop up water with a paper towel)
intransitive verb use.to be or become thoroughly soaked or saturated

savory.variant of savoury .adjective
appetizing to the taste or smell (a savory stew); piquant, pungent or salty to the taste; not sweet
a dish of pungent taste, such as anchovies on toast or pickled fruit, sometimes served in Great Britain as an hors d'oeuvre or instead of a sweet dessert

an annual Mediterranean aromatic herb (Satureja hortensis) of the mint family, having flowers with a pale lavender to white corolla. Also called summer savory; a related Mediterranean aromatic herb (Satureja montana) having flowers in a long, white or pink corolla; also called winter savory; the leaves of either of these plants, used as seasoning; any of several plants of the genus Micromeria in the mint family

savor.variant of savour.noun,.plural.savors
smell; to appreciate fully; the taste or smell of something; a specific taste or smell; taste; a distinctive.quality or sensation (enjoying the savor of victory)
savor, savored, savoring, savors.verbs
intransitive verb use.to have a particular taste or smell (a dish that savors of curry); to exhibit a specified quality or characteristic; smack (postures of models that savor of vanity)
transitive verb use.to impart flavor or scent to; season (savored the bland soup with salt); to taste or smell, especially with pleasure (savored each morsel of the feast); enjoy or relish (I want to savor this great moment of accomplishment)
(the savorous meal topped off the evening)
one who is savoring something

in a plain and unadorned way (dresses simply; rather than get into a complicated.detailed.explanation we simply call it balance in the universe); in an unambiguous way; clearly (explained the concept simply); merely; only (it is simply a matter of time; absolutely; altogether (simply delicious); frankly; candidly (you are, quite simply, the most charming lady I have met; they simply figured they were entitled to the pool for themselves)
simple, simpler, simplest.adjectives
having or composed of only one thing, element or part; pure; not involved or complicated; easy (a simple task it was to put the bread in the toaster; a simple toaster is one without a lot of settings; in the early days of automobiles they were simple, but nowadays ...); being without additions or modifications; mere (a simple 'yes' or 'no'; having little or no ornamentation; not embellished or adorned (a simple dress); not elaborate, elegant, luxurious or extravagant; plain; unassuming or unpretentious; not affected; having or manifesting little sense or intelligence; uneducated; unworldly or unsophisticated; not guileful or deceitful; sincere; humble; not arrogant; not ostentatious (a simple woodcutter); ordinary or common (a simple night at home); basic; not important or significant; trivial; having no divisions or branches; not compound (a simple leaf on tree)
a single component of a complex; a person of humble birth or condition
the property, condition or quality of being simple or not being complicated; absence of showiness; plainness; absence of affectation or pretense; lack of sophistication or subtlety; naiveté; lack of good sense or intelligence; foolishness; clarity of expression; austerity in embellishment

simplify, simplified, simplifying, simplifies.transitive verbs
to make simple or simpler, to reduce in complexity; to reduce to fundamental parts; to make easier to take the meaning into one's mind

the tendency to oversimplify an issue or a problem by ignoring.complexities or complications

an individual who is felt to be deficient in judgment.(*), good sense or intelligence; a fool

requiring great effort, energy or exertion (a strenuous task); vigorously active; energetic or zealous

having sense.perception; conscious; thinking; experiencing sensation.or.feeling (sentient human beings and sentient non terrestrials such as angels who can make themselves into any shape including buildings to accomodate humans); a sentient being is capable of experiencing things through its senses and think about and decide about such things as it may want
the quality or state of being sentient; consciousness; feeling, perception and thought

saturate, saturated, saturating, saturates.transitive verbs
to soak, fill or load to capacity; to imbue or impregnate thoroughly; charge
the act or process of saturating; the condition of being saturated; in meteorology, a condition in which air at a specific temperature contains all the water vapor it can hold; 100 percent relative humidity; regarding color, vividness of hue; degree of difference from a gray of the same lightness or brightness; also called intensity

simulate, simulated, simulating, simulates.transitive verbs
to have or take on the appearance, form or sound of (living in such a way as to make others think that you are greater than ypu know yourself to be, basically a hypocrite); imitate; to make in imitation of or as a substitute for; to make a pretense of; feign (simulate interest); pretend; artificial; to create a representation or model of (something similar, such as a 'knock-off' purse or watch)
the act or process of simulating; an imitation; a sham; imitation or representation, as of a potential.situation or in experimental testing, as used in computer simulation training of airline pilots; representation of the operation or features of one process or system through the use of another (computer simulation of an in-flight emergency)
simulating; feigning; pretending; imitating (someone or something cloned); doppelganger
an individual or thing that simulates

one who attends a school, college or university; one who makes a studyof something; an attentive.observer (a student of the invisible world of quantum.physics)

the act or process of studying; the pursuit of knowledge, as by reading, observation or research; attentive.scrutiny; a branch or department of learning (graduate studies); a room intended or equipped for studying or writing (the study at the end of the hall)
study, studied, studying, studies.verbs
transitive verb use.to apply one's mind purposefully to the acquisition of knowledge or comprehension of a subject; to carefully read; to inquire into; investigate; to examine closely; scrutinize; to give careful thought to; contemplate (study the spiritual meaning in quantum.physics)
intransitive verb use.to apply oneself to learning, especially by reading; to pursue a course of study; to ponder; reflect

given to diligent study (he was studious with efforts to understand what he wanted to know well); conducive to study; marked by steady attention and effort; assiduous (made a studious attempt to fix his old computer); giving or evincing careful regard; heedful

skim, skimmed, skimming, skims.verbs
transitive verb use.to read or glance through (a book, for example) quickly or superficially; to remove floating matter from say, a liquid; to take away the choicest or most readily attainable contents or parts from; to throw so as to bounce or slide skimming stones on the pond); to glide or pass quickly and lightly over; brush
intransitive verb use.to move or pass swiftly and lightly over or near a surface; glide; to give a quick and superficial reading, scrutiny or consideration; glance (skimmed through the newspaper)
the act of skimming; something that has been skimmed

skimpy, skimpier,skimpiest.adjectives
inadequate, as in size or fullness, especially through economizing or stinting (a skimpy meal); meager; unduly thrifty
skimp, skimped, skimping, skimps.verbs
transitive verb use.to deal with hastily, carelessly or with poor material (concentrated on reelection, skimping other matters; the meal was thrown together in a skimpy manner); to give inadequate funds to; be stingy with (governments who ingratiate.themselves and skimp the public shows the public has allowed control to slip away from them; misers who skimp their own children)
intransitive verb use.to be stingy or very thrifty
scanty; skimpy

to some extent or degree; rather; along or close to the same lines of thinking