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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary (m-w.com)
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the quality or state of being changeable; alternating change; a favorable or unfavorable event or situation that occurs by chance; a fluctuation of state or condition (the vicissitudes of daily life); succession; difficulty; mutability, the natural change or mutation visible in nature or in human affairs; difficulty or hardship attendant on a way of life, a career or a course of action and usually beyond one's control

moral excellence and righteousness; conformity to a standard of right; goodness; an example or kind of moral excellence (the virtue of patience); chastity, especially in a girl or woman; a particularly.efficacious, good or beneficial quality; effective force or power (believed in the virtue of prayer)
in virtue of.idiom
in the name of, by the authority of, under the auspices of
by virtue of.idiom
on the grounds or basis of; by reason of (well off by virtue of a large inheritance)
having or showing virtue, especially moral excellence (led a virtuous life); possessing or characterized by chastity; moral; pure (a virtuous woman:.Proverbs 31)

the technical.skill, fluency or style exhibited by a virtuoso; an interest in fine objects of art

a musician with masterly ability, technique or personal style; a person with masterly skill or technique in the arts; a person who experiments or investigates in the arts and sciences; a savant
exhibiting the ability, technique or personal style of a virtuoso (a virtuoso performance)

as if all; almost all (virtually everyone in town was at the beach on this beautiful afternoon)
existing in the mind and affecting the imagination, yet generally beyond the range of common experience (virtual reality; TV provided a virtual trip to Fiji; we haven't seen him for so long he is virtually unknown; I lived the author's experiences through reading his books); close to actual (the virtual extinction of the buffalo); paranormal; as existing or resulting in essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted (virtual reality {this present illusory world})

vouch, vouched, vouching, vouches.verbs
intransitive verb use.to give personal assurances; give a guarantee (vouch for an old friend's trustworthiness based on one's knowledge and experience with his character)
transitive verb use.to substantiate by supplying evidence; prove; to assert; declare

a piece of substantiating.evidence; a proof; a written record of an expenditure, a disbursement or a completed transaction; a written authorization or certificate, such as one exchangeable for cash or representing a credit against future expenditures
voucher, vouchered, vouchering, vouchers.transitive verbs
to substantiate or authenticate with evidence; to prepare a voucher for (vouchered or authenticated each department of government); to issue a voucher to (a company that vouchers employees when the payroll cannot be met)

vouchsafe, vouchsafed, vouchsafing, vouchsafes.transitive verbs
to grant or furnish often in a gracious or condescending.manner; to give by way of reply (refused to vouchsafe an explanation); to grant as a privilege or special favor

revengeful in spirit; inclined to vengeance; an attitude.resulting from a desire to hurt; spiteful

vindicate, vindicated, vindicating, vindicates.transitive verbs
if a person or their decisions, actions or ideas are vindicated, they are proved to be correct; to prove that someone or something is right or true; to provide justification or support for; to justify or prove the worth of; to defend, maintain or insist on the recognition of one's rights, for example; to clear of accusation, blame, suspicion or doubt
the act of vindicating or condition of being vindicated; the defense, such as evidence or argument, that serves to justify a claim or deed

vituperate, vituperated, vituperating, vituperates.verbs
transitive verb use.to speak abusively to or about; to rebuke or criticize.harshly; scold; berate
intransitive verb use.to use harshly abusive language; rail
vituperation, vituperativeness, vituperator.nouns

intense in feelings or thoughts; hot; earnest; characterized by forcefulness of expression or intensity of emotion or conviction; fervid.(a vehement denial); intense; marked by or full of vigor or energy; strong (a vehement storm)
vehemence, vehemency.nouns

vex, vexed, vexing, vexes.transitive verbs
to grieve; disturb, irritate, bother, annoy, distress or afflict as with petty.importunities; to cause.perplexity in; puzzle; acerbate
vexedly, vexingly.adverbs

something that vexes such as a longing or striving for what never seems to come; cause annoyance or distress; gall
characterized by or causing vexation; annoying, troublesome, etc.

vague, vaguer, vaguest.adjectives
not clearly expressed; inexplicit; not thinking or expressing oneself clearly; lacking definite shape, form or character; indistinct (saw a vague outline of a building through the fog; not clear in meaning or application; ambiguous; indistinctly felt, perceived, understood or recalled; hazy (a vague uneasiness; a vague purpose presented to the nation as justification for negative action)

vanquish, vanquished, vanquishing, vanquishes.transitive verbs
to conquer or defeat in battle; force into submission; to overcome or subdue; suppress; subjugate; conquer

expressed in spoken.rather than written words; oral (a verbal agreement); of, relating to or associated with words (he painted verbal pictures to the kids when telling them stories); of or relating to proficiency in the use and understanding of words (a verbal aptitude test)

words only, without any real meaning

a person who fixes his attention on mere words and not facts

verbiage is simply words being expressed by someone and is nothing but chatter unless to you, the listener, it has some value; an excess of words beyond those needed to express concisely what is meant; wordiness

using or containing a great and usually an excessive number of words; wordy; talkative, wordy
verboseness or verbosity.noun,.plural.verbosenesses or verbosities

vertebra.noun,.plural.vertebrae or vertebras
any of the bones or cartilaginous segments forming the spinal column

any of a large division of animals having a spinal column or backbone of bone or cartilage
compare invertebrates
having a backbone or spinal column; of or characteristic of vertebrates or a vertebrate
a member of the subphylum Vertebrata, a primary division of the phylum Chordata that includes the fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals including humanity, all of which are characterized by a segmented spinal column and a distinct, well-differentiated head; both vertebrates and invertebrates have an amazing blood clotting system

vigor or vigour.noun,.plural.vigors or vigours.
active or healthy growth; vitality

strong, energetic and active in mind or body; robust; healthy; marked by or done with force and energy; active; done with vigor and vitality

a small membranous.cavity, sac or cyst; secretory vesicles

vacule.noun,.plural.vacules.also spelt.vacuole,.vacuoles
a space, a cavity, within the cytoplasm-of a living cell that is filled with air, a liquid, food particles, etc.; vacuoles receive spent.proteins by way of the secretory vesicles as they are the cell's garbage dump

the system of veins for conveying blood or lymph; of or having vessels or ducts

face to face with (a carriage with facing seats); opposite to; in comparison with; in relation to
one that is face to face with or opposite to another; a date for going to a party; something that has the same functions and characteristics as another; a counterpart
face to face

well grounded on principles or evidence; able to withstand criticism or objection; producing the desired results; efficacious (valid methods); containing premises from which the conclusion may logically be derived-(a valid argument); correctly inferred or deduced from a premise (a valid conclusion)

validate, validated, validating, validates.transitive verbs
to declare.valid; to sanction; to establish the soundness of; corroborate; to confirm

verve is lively and forceful enthusiasm; energy and excitement toward the pleasures of life and in the expression of ideas, especially in artistic performance or composition (the play lacks verve); vitality; liveliness; vigor

vast, vaster, vastest.adjectives
very great in size, number, amount, quantity, area or extent; immense; very great in; very great in degree or intensity; enormous
an immense space

the amount of space occupied by a three-dimensional object or region of space, expressed in cubic units; the capacity of such a region or of a specified container, expressed in cubic units (the volume of liquid the vessel will hold is one quart or .946 of it, being one litre); amount; quantity (a high volume of business; a considerable volume of lumber; a large amount); a collection of written or printed sheets bound together; a book; one of the books of a work printed and bound in more than one book; a series of issues of a periodical, usually covering one calendar year; often used in the plural as in 'volumes of praise'; the amplitude or loudness of a sound; a control called a volume control, as on a radio, for adjusting amplitude or loudness
having great volume, fullness, size or number (the tree had a voluminous trunk; a voluminous cloud); filling or capable of filling a large volume or many volumes (the voluminous records of Christian writers); ample or lengthy in speech or writing
she writes voluminously

a bondman; a slave; a subordinate or dependent; a person who held land from a feudal.lord and received protection in return for fealities, homage and allegiance
being in the condition of a vassal; the service, homage and fealty required of a vassal; a position of subordination or subjection; servitude; involuntary servitude

of, relating.to.or.having.the.characteristics of an adult male; having or showing masculine spirit, strength, vigor or power; capable of performing sexually as a male; potent
the quality or state of being virile; manly character; masculine vigor; potency