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a cold blooded (regulates its body temperature largely by exchanging heat with its surroundings), smooth-skinned vertebrate of the class Amphibia, such as a frog or salamander, that characteristically hatches as an aquatic larva with gills. The larva then transforms into an adult having air-breathing lungs; an animal capable of living both on land and in water; an aircraft that can take off and land on either land or water; a tracked or wheeled vehicle that can operate both on land and in water

the act or process of providing explanatory notes; a commentary

annotate, annotated, annotating, annotates.verbs
transitive verb use.to furnish.(a literary work) with commentary or explanatory notes

having an unknown or withheld authorship or agency (an anonymous letter; an anonymous phone call; an anonymous author); having no distinctive character or recognition factor

advance, advanced, advancing, advances.verbs
transitive verb use.to move or cause to move forward; to put forward; propose or suggest (advanced a novel.theory during the seminar); to aid the growth or progress of; to raise in rank; promote; to cause to occur sooner (advance a deadline by one week); to pay before due; to supply or lend; 
intransitive verb use.to go or move forward or onward; to make progress; improve; to rise in rank, position or value
the act or process of moving or going forward; a forward move, as toward an objective; progress (an advance in free energy); payment of money before due (an advance on next week's salary)
made or given ahead of time (an advance payment); going before, in front or forward
in advance.idiom
ahead of time; beforehand; forewarn
in advance of.idiom
in front of; ahead of

forward step; an improvement; development; progress.(the advancement of knowledge thanks to the computer); the act of moving forward

opinion about what could or should be done; counsel (Proverbs 11:14; 15:22); information communicated

advise, advised, advising,advises.verbs
transitive verb use.to offer advice to; counsel; to recommend; suggest; to inform; notify
intransitive verb use.to take counsel; consult
worthy of being recommended or suggested; prudent

empowered to advise (an advisory committee set up by the community); relating to or containing advice, especially a warning (an advisory memorandum.regarding airworthiness
areport giving information, especially a warning (a weather advisory of snow in the mountains)
one that is advised
careful consideration (your views will be taken under advisement)
adviser or advisor.noun,.plurals.advisers or advisors
one that advises, such as a person or firm that offers official or professional advice to clients. 2. An educator who advises students in academic and personal matters.

the mathematics of integers, rational numbers, real numbers or complex numbers under addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; a book on this kind of mathematics

a generalization of arithmetic in which symbols, usually letters of the alphabet, represent numbers or members of a specified set of numbers and are related by operations that hold for all numbers in the set; a set together with operations defined in the set that obey specified laws

of, relating to or designating algebra; designating an expression, an equation or a function in which only numbers, letters and arithmetic operations are contained or used

in any case; regardless of what has occurred or will occur

assail, assailed, assailing, assails.transitive verbs
to attack with or as if with violent blows; assault; to attack verbally, as with ridicule or censure; to trouble; beset: was assailed by doubts
assailableness, assailer, assailment.nouns

abuse, abused, abusing, abuses.transitive verbs
to use wrongly or improperly; to assail with contemptuous, coarse or insulting words; revile
improper use or handling; misuse (drug abuse, abuse of the people of a nation)

of or relating to abuse; characterized by abuse.(abusive government policies and tactics); physically injurious to another (bullies)

concentration of one's mind upon something; a close or careful observing or listening; observant consideration; notice (once we looked closely we noticed intricacies of design in the flowers); consideration or courtesy (attention to others' feelings)
used as a command to assume an erect military posture

giving care or attention; watchful (attentive to detail); offering devoted and assiduous attention to the pleasure or comfort of others; thoughtful

subordinate (sculpturing was never more than ancillary to his writing); auxiliary; helping (an ancillary pump)
something, such as a workbook, that is subordinate to something else, such as a textbook

approve, approved, approving, approves.verbs
transitive verb use.to consider right or good; think or speak favorably of; to consent to; confirm or sanction
intransitive verb use.to show, feel or express approval (approved of the decision)

the act of approving; an approbation; sanction; favorable regard; commendation
on approval.idiom
for examination or trial by a customer without the obligation to buy (took the dress on approval)

applaud, applauded, applauding, applauds.verbs
intransitive verb use.to express approval, especially by clapping the hands
transitive verb use.to express approval of (someone or something) especially by such clapping; to commend highly; praise (applauded her decision to complete her degree)

approval expressed especially by the clapping of hands; praise; commendation (a scientific discovery that won applause)

acclaim, acclaimed, acclaiming, acclaims.verbs
transitive verb use.to praise enthusiastically and often publicly; applaud
intransitive verb use.to express approval of
enthusiastic applause; acclamation

enthusiastic approval; an oral vote, especially an enthusiastic vote of approval taken without formal ballot (a motion to build a new library passed by acclamation)

abide, abode.or.abided, abiding, abides.verbs
intransitive verb use.to remain with or in a place; to continue on with (she was going to retire but has decided to abide at work at least another year; I'm going to abide here during the winter); to be consistent with; to continue to be sure or firm; stay; to dwell or sojourn
transitive verb use.to wait patiently for; to be in store for; await; to withstand (a thermoplastic that will abide rough use and great heat)
abide by.idiom
to conform to; comply with (abide by the rules of driving to be safe; abide by the decision of your mother who cares for you; her father abided with her through all the young years and she turned out to be such a fine lady)
a dwelling place; a home; the act of abiding; a sojourn

abuse, abused, abusing, abuses.transitive verbs
to use wrongly or improperly; misuse; to treat a person or thing wrongfully, incorrectly or harmfully; to hurt or injure by maltreatment; ill-use; to assail with contemptuous, coarse or insulting words; revile; misuse; mistreat; ill-treat, maltreat
improper use or handling; misuse (drug abuse); physical maltreatment (spousal abuse); a corrupt practice or custom (abuse of power); insulting or coarse language (verbal abuse) 

ashamed is feeling there is something deficient in you compared to what you feel another may expect (example:.Genesis 2:25); if someone is ashamed, they feel embarrassed or guilty because of something they do or they have done or because of their appearance (she was ashamed that she looked so shabby, but was poor and had to put her money towards food {*}); if you are ashamed of someone, you feel embarrassed to be connected with them, often because of their appearance or because you disapprove of something they have done or said; if someone is ashamed to do something, they do not want to do it because they feel embarrassed about it; feeling shame or guilt (the cook was ashamed at the botchy meal); feeling inferior, inadequate or embarrassed (ashamed of my torn coat; the mechanic felt ashamed the new parts in the car didn't work as he had hoped); reluctant through fear of humiliation or shame (ashamed to ask for help)

abash, abashed, abashing, abashes.transitive verbs
to make ashamed or uneasy; disconcert; embarrass