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worse, worst; not healthy; sick; not quite normal; unsound (an ill condition of body/mind); resulting in suffering; distressing: ill effects of vaccines and subtle.poisonings); having evil.intentions; ascribing an objectionable.quality (holds an ill view of that group); harmful; not favorable
worse, worst; in a sickly or unsound.manner; not well
disaster, distress or harm; something that causes suffering; trouble (the social ills of urban life; the guilt from sin can make one ill)

ill at ease.adjective

if you say that someone is ill-bred, you mean that they have bad manners and that you disapprove of them; uncouth; bullish; badly brought up or showing bad upbringing, such as a bully; impolite; crude; lacking in refinement or grace

poorly conceived or planned (an ill-conceived plan it was to head into the mountains for a hike in winter)

obtained in an evil manner or by dishonest means (they didn't receive their money apart from ill-gotten gains)

having a bad.temper; irritable (he's an angry person who flies off the handle when he doesn't agree with what you said)

ill will.noun
unfriendly feeling; enmity

dis-ease of body or mind; poor health; sickness; a dis- ease, meaning not at ease

incapable.of having existence or of occurring; not capable of being accomplished (an impossible goal space travel is using the firecraker approach of burning fossil fuels to reach other other dimensions)
the condition or quality of being impossible; something impossible

impossible to calculate; something that is incalculable cannot be calculated or estimated because it is so great (a massive amount of incalculable figures); too great to be calculated or reckoned (the Creator has provided incalculable wealth, more than enough for everyone on Earth); impossible to foresee; unpredictable

impeccably clean; spotless; free from stain or blemish (immaculate skin; an immaculate white dress); pure; free from fault or error (an immaculate record of honesty and transparency); having no markings

impossible to move; incapable of movement; unyielding in principle, purpose or adherence; steadfast
one that cannot move or be moved; property such as a house that generally cannot be moved; real property

inflate, inflated, inflating, inflates.verbs
transitive verb use.to fill something with air or gas so as to make it swell (filled up the balloons for the party; blew up the tire that was leaking); to enlarge or amplify; aggrandize; to raise or expand; exaggerate; to cause a currency or an economy to undergo inflation
intransitive verb use.to become inflated

of, associated with or tending to cause inflation (inflationary prices; inflationary policies)
inflationary spiral.noun,.plural.inflationary spirals
a trend toward ever higher levels of inflation primarily as a result of continuing interactive increases in wages and prices
an advocate of the policy of deliberate inflation achieved by increasing the supply of available currency and credit

the act of inflating or the state of being inflated (we inflated the tire that was leaking a bit of air); a persistent increase in the level of consumer prices or a decline in the purchasing power of money, caused by what has been assumed to be an increase in available currency and credit beyond the proportion of available goods and services, but that's not necessarily what causes inflation; Germany and Japan have historically had the lowest interest rates and the lowest rates of inflation, proving the ridiculousness of the cabal's concocted economic policy. You've heard the lies 'We have to raise interest rates to control inflation'. Why is this a lie? It is purposely assumed that too much spending has produced inflation, that too much money is chasing too few goods. But that's untrue. It's rather not a problem of production. It's a consumption issue because of not enough money for all but a few to live the life they want and to save for a better life for themselves. Money to pay interest is never put in circulation when a debt is made, so the whole thing becomes a pressure to survive, for how can a society pay back that which is not made available to pay back? That is all money comes into society because of borrowing, but the money to pay that interest on borrowed money has not been put into society. So, where does one get the money to repay? Either it is put into society by more borrowing, placing society further into debt or you have to get it from somewhere or someone else. So, someone has to lose. Foreclosures and bankruptcies abound. The whole system is satanic and has been set up as a con job, a control mechanism on mostly the poor and upon those increasingly heading that way due to corrupt economic policies requiring you to turn over (give up) to the bank, property you may have put equity into and/or sell what you have just to 'keep your head above water'.

Germany, Japan, China and Russia have public banks and so does the American state North Dakota. And so did the nation of Canada, with the ATB in Alberta and the Bank of Canada's original mandate, which was to be that of a public bank for all Canadians. But that changed with the onset of the controlled, not by Canadians, but by Europeans behind the present big Canadian banks and similarly in other countries where major shareholders are beyond the borders of the country they are in. So we have crushing compound interest, rising debt and the heartaches it brings to those owing and the joys it brings to those owning. Germany and Japan have for decades had the lowest inflation rates and the lowest interest rates, but large banking complexes have infiltrated them as well and are taking an ever increasing bite towards control of the entire world financially and otherwise. Iceland and other wise countries have taken or are in process of taking action against this corruption. 

The true cause of inflation is not enough money in circulation to pay all that is owing. Money to pay the punishing compounding interest was never put in circulation, never put into the economy, so it keeps people under the thumb by those desiring to subjugate them for their own continuing world control evil purposes. Money can be used as a weapon by those making decisions on it that negatively affect others, just like everything else the would be world controllers do. Due to a corrupt and seriously flawed money system that creates currency out of 'thin air', nothing bad about that alone, but it's created on the credit side (credit to them) of a ledger sheet and then loaded, with of all things, interest, interest that used to be 'simple interest', but now is 'compounding interest', a captivitity of sort (find out more about compounding interest in the video Money As Debt). To make it worse, the money didn't even exist until the individual borrowing it puts his signature on an agreement, an agreement such as a mortgage, credit card, etc., which says in effect 'thank you Mr./Mrs. borrower for creating the money by your signature and for signing that you agree to pay us back three to four times of it over the next 25 years of your mortgage'. All this takes a bank a few minutes to do in putting the figures into a computer, but you are obligated by putting up collateral, perhaps the house you just got or the vehicle, perhaps the family farm that 6 generations have worked on to improve. Such a con job, this putting up your collateral for money that you, yourself are creating. And no fault to those doing the con job, because, not knowing any better, you agreed to it! Even the educational system is corrupt. What has it ever taught you about money or about law? It was concocted to be a hurtful scam made legal by an equally corrupt court, judges, attorneys so-called legal system (See David Lester Straight's videos). It's no wonder people go bankrupt as there is never enough currency in circulation to pay off the debt and the interest? You hear bullshit platitudes from crooked politicians, like 'balancing the budget'. Some people know the difference between the debt and the budget, but it's not taught in schools. So a country's debt has been set to continue to rise because there's not enough money in circulation to repay debt principal with the compounding interest riding the debt to new heights. This entrenches the criminals who destroy societies of honest people. This, the true cause of inflation and why prices on everything must increase. They have to increase because the present system is designed for loss, that is, something of loss has to happen. There would have always been a huge and increasing debt, transferring the wealth of a nation to those controlling the purses. That's why it's the 'budget' that the equally corrupt and complicit controlled media mostly talk about and not the debt, a debt that need not be there in the first place, but nevertheless is and affects those ignorant of how to solve the problem. The true wealth and strength of a nation is in the people, not in its currency, so whatever bolsters peoples' strength and wealth, is good. Whatever doesn't is bad? It's all changing now, thanks to good people who are doing something about it.

To help make this all palatable to a bamboozled public, the lie of loaning other peoples' money is heard. No bankbook has every shown an entry from a supposed loaning out of someone else's money, nor has your credit card or mortage identified just where and who allegedly advanced any funds. Fact is by law, banks cannot loan out depositors' money. So, now they no longer classify it as depositers' money. If it's in a bank, it's now their money and they give you the priviledge of taking it for use, so it looks as if all is fine, until that is, they decide to hold onto your money, which because you have given it to them, is now their money. You are reduced to their contol of it and then listed by them as a creditor which they deal with as instructed from time to time by those shareholders controlling bank policies. Have those policies been good for you and for the country? Well, are you 'going up' or down or just going 'all around' in the swim of things financial? Is the country in or out of debt? Are you in or out of debt? Do we have increases here and there on everything imaginable or not? Have you been left to stew in your distrust? Thank God it's all changing and you can accelerate it. How? There were and are, some good and very smart people who have been looking out for the betterment of others. To them, living or passed on, we are thankful. And it's good to overstand why this all is happening.

improve, improved, improving, improves.verbs
transitive verb use.to raise to a more desirable or more excellent quality or condition; make better; to increase the beauty, productivity or value of persons, land or property)
intransitive verb use.to become better; to make beneficial additions or changes
the act or process of improving; the condition of being improved; a change or an addition that improves

not accessible; unapproachable (inaccessible politicians and executives)


The word 'in' is another English language screw up by those manipulators out to set the world 'anew' and in error. How so? The word 'in' is a negative, meaning 'no' as with the word 'invalidate' meaning 'no validation' and 'inconsistent', 'not consistent'. Similar words are 'incapable', 'inconceivable', 'incomputable', 'incredulous', 'inactive' and so on, but other words prefixed with 'in' mean the opposite, such as, 'innate', 'inborn', 'inbred', etc., so they have added confusion to screw you up. Confusion emanates from these corrupters of all there is, presenting lies every way they can:.John 8:44; Isaiah 5:20. For how to write (and this leads to proper thinking too) and get out of the mess the devil and his cohorts have made of language (Leviticus 18:22-24; 1Corinthians 14:33; James 3:16)
to or toward the inside (opened the door and stepped in; we're heading out in an hour); so as to include or incorporate (fold in the egg whites); so as to occupy a position of success or favor (his son joined in the family business when he was older)
located inside; inner; incoming; inward (took the in bus); currently fashionable (the in thing to wear this season); concerned with or attuned to the latest fashions (the in crowd)
if you put something in a container, you move it so that it is enclosed by the container (he was in his car; clothes hanging in the wardrobe); one that has position, influence or power (the ins against the outs); influence (had an in with another company)
within the limits, bounds or area of (the branch hit her in the face; born in the spring; a chair in the garden); from the outside to a point within; into (threw the empty package in the wastebasket); to or at a situation or condition of (was split in two; in debt; a woman in love); having the activity, occupation or function of (a life in carpentry; who is in command here?); during the act or process of (almost tripped in racing for the bus); by means of (paid in cash); made with or through the medium of (a statue in bronze; a note written in German); with reference to (six inches in depth; has faith in your judgment); used to indicate the second and larger term of a ratio or proportion (saved only one in ten)
to the inside or interior of (went into the house); to the activity or occupation of (he will go into his dad's business); to the condition, state or form of (dishes breaking into pieces; changed into a butterfly); so as to be in or be included in (parties entering into an agreement; wrote a new character into the play); interested in or involved with (they are into vegetarianism); to a point within the limits of a period of time or extent of space (well into the week); in the direction of; toward (looked into the distance; pointed into the sky); against crashed his bike into a hedge); as a divisor of (number 3 goes into 9 three times)

in lieu of.idiom
in place of; instead of; from French 'lieu' meaning 'place', 'stead'
in spirit, in the spirit.adverbs
the part of a human being associated with the mind, will and feelings (though unable to join us, they are today with us.in spirit, that is, their hearts and thoughts are with us)
inspirit, inspirited, inspiriting, inspirits.transitive verbs
to instil.courage or life into; encourage; animate
in turn.adverb
(in proper order or sequence (talked to each individual in turn)
in a sense.adverb
also in some respects; in other words; in spite of; in the first place
in for.idiom
guaranteed to get or have (you're in for a big happy surprise)
in store.adjective
in readiness; awaiting (when you come and visit you will have a present waiting)
in that
for the reason that; in this or that regard means
in connection with the point previously mentioned; in or into that thing or place (the ball glove is in that cupboard)

a public.lodging house serving food and drink to travelers; a hotel; a tavern or restaurant

of, relating.to.or.constituting an island; living or located on an island; suggestive of the isolated life of an island

insulate, insulated, insulating, insulates.transitive verbs
if a person or group is insulated from the rest of society or from influences, outside of them, they are protected from them (smaller towns wonder if their community is no longer insulated from big city problems; their wealth had insulated them from reality); to insulate something such as a building means to protect it from cold or noise by covering it or surrounding it in a thick layer substance such as a proper.type of insulation (in colder regions houses are usually insulated with a outside wrapping and just inside of that, a thicker type of insulation material; are your hot and cold water pipes well insulated?); if a piece of equipment is insulated, it is covered with rubber or plastic to prevent electricity passing through it and giving the person using it an electric shock (in order to make it safe, electrical wires have insulation on them) the element is electrically insulate; to prevent the passage of heat, electricity or sound into or out of, especially by surrounding with a nonconducting material)
a material that insulates, especially a nonconductor of sound, heat or electricity

a material or substance used in insulating (soundproof cork insulation; a layer of trapped air that serves as insulation); insulation is a thick layer of a substance that keeps something warm, especially a building); the act of insulating or the state of being insulated

a going in or entering; right or permission to enter; a means or place of entering
of, relating.to.or.involving ingress
Linguistics:.of, designating or being a speech sound produced with an inhalation of breath

beginning; initial
Grammar:.of or being a verb or verbal form that designates the beginning of an action, a state or an event