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a severe or formal rebuke
reprimand, reprimanded, reprimanding, reprimands.transitive verbs
to reprove severely, especially in a formal or official way; admonish

rail, railed, railing, rails.intransitive verbs
to complain.violently; to express.objections or criticisms in bitter, harsh or abusive language, especially to another about someone; to be or become angry; rage; to hurt another's fame; insulting language; invective; abuse; vituperation (always be respectful, speaking with kindness and respect of others:.Colossians 4:6); to supply or enclose with rails or a rail (we had a rail put on our staircase; a protective measure:.Deuteronomy 22:8)
a structure made of rails and upright members that is used as a guard or barrier or for support (the railing on the stairs); the upper rail of such a structure; rails considered as a group
a bar extending horizontally between supports, as in a fence; a structure made of such bars and supports and forming a barrier or guard; a railing; a steel bar used, usually in pairs, as a track for railroad cars or other wheeled vehicles; the railroad as a means of transportation (I'm going by rail this time; goods transported by rail)

a road composed of parallel steel rails supported by ties and providing a track for locomotive drawn trains or other wheeled vehicles; the system of railroad tracks, together with the land, the stations, rolling stock (traincars being pulled) and other related property (railroad lines; railroad ties)
railroad, railroaded, railroading, railroads.verbs
transitive verb use.to transport by railroad; to supply an area with railroads; to rush or push something through quickly in order to prevent careful consideration and possible criticism or obstruction (criminal politicians and the so-called justice system railroading an individual using their deceitful ways, examples; to convict an accused individual without a fair trial or on trumped-up charges
intransitive verb use.to work for a railroad company

flourishing; widespread; spreading.unchecked (the weeds are running rampant in his yard)
running rampant.phrasal verb
widespread; rife; occurring seemingly everywhere; abundant in  bad way (swarms of locusts running rampant over the land)

reprove, reproved, reproving, reproves.transitive verbs
to speak disapproval of; rebuke; admonish; to express disapproval of; rebuke censure; to find fault with (to reprove the works of darkness, you must see where their works are in error and to do that one must have a moral.compass.(moral compass)., that is, know what's of low consciousness and what's of high consciousness)
deserving reproof; blameworthy
the act of reproving; an act or expression of criticism and censure (mom got after little Johnny for soaking the dog with the hose)

a reproving; a reproval; rebuking; censuring

restrained or reserved in style; reluctant; unwilling; inclined to keep one's thoughts, feelings and personal affairs to oneself 
being reticent 
reserved; taciturn

deserved punishment for evil done; pay back; we always reap what we may have sowed, sometime, someway
retributive, retributory.adjectives
of, involving or characterized by retribution; retributory retributively.adverb

revile, reviled, reviling, reviles.verbs
transitive verb use.to subject to verbal abuse; to curse; vituperate
intransitive verb use.to use abusive language; rail; to regard.triflingly as something.being.of little account
revilement, reviler(s).nouns

rude, ruder, rudest.adjectives
a deliberate.lack of respect for others; to do with one's own impertinent feelings and connotes.insolence and impudence; aggressively.impolite; lacking kindness, refinement, culture or elegance; unmannerly; discourteous in actions

relegate, relegated, relegating, relegates.transitive verbs
to consign to an inferior position; to refer, commit or hand over for decision or action; to exile or banish; if you relegate someone or something to a less important position, you give them this position

retort, retorted, retorting, retorts.verbs
transitive verb senses or use.to reply, especially to answer; to return in kind; answer; to present a counterargument to
intransitive verb senses or use.to make a reply; to present a counterargument; to return like for like; retaliate
reply; the act or an instance of retorting

rising from or going to a root or source; basic (a radical flaw in a plan; chose the radical solution of starting all over again); departing markedly from the usual or customary; extreme (radical opinions on education); favoring or effecting.fundamental or revolutionary changes in current.practices, conditions or institutions (radical political views)
Linguistics:.of or being a root (a radical form)
one who advocates fundamental or revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions or institutions (radicals seeking a better governmental system); an atom or a group of atoms with at least one unpaired electron; symbol R (see free radical)
from the very origin or foundation; basically; completely (as, radically mistaken)

in a prompt, timely and easy manner; promptly; easily; in a cooperative manner; willingly; in a manner indicating or connoting ease; without hesitation or difficulty; quickly

ready, readier, readiest.adjectives
prepared or available for service, action or progress (I am ready to work; the soup will be ready in a minute; the pupils are ready to learn to read); mentally.disposed; willing (he was ready to believe he could make the climb up the high hill); likely or about to do something (she is ready for a holiday); prompt in apprehending or reacting (he always had a ready intelligence; a ready response)
ready, readied, readying, readies.transitive verbs
to cause to be ready
make ready.idiom
to make preparations

the basis of either good or evil being.motive for an action, a decision or a conviction; because; why; a declaration made to explain or justify an action, a decision or a conviction (inquired about her reason for leaving, being the mental.mechanism which led to her reasoning, her forming of an opinion about leaving, which apparently.involved 3 major.considerations); an underlying.fact or cause that provides.logical.sense for a premise or an occurrence.(there is reason to believe that quarks and baryons are even smaller than the atom); the capacity for logical, rational and analytic.thought; intelligence; good judgment; sound.sense; a normal.mental.state; sanity (he has lost his reason)
reason, reasoned, reasoning, reasons.intransitive verbs
to use the faculty of reason; think logically; to talk or argue logically and persuasively
transitive verb use.to determine or conclude by logical thinking (reasoned out a solution to the problem); to persuade or dissuade.(someone) with reasons
use of reason to form conclusions, inferences or judgments; evidence or arguments used in thinking or argumentation; the drawing of inferences from known or assumed facts; thinking coherently and logically
by reason of.idiom
because of
in reason.idiom
with good sense or justification; reasonably
within reason.idiom
within the bounds of good sense or practicality
with reason.idiom
with good cause; justifiably

capable of reasoning; rational.(a reasonable person); fair and sensible; sound.thinking.(a reasonable solution to the problem); being within the bounds of commonsense.(arrive home at a reasonable hour so you can get enough sleep); not excessive or extreme; fair (reasonable prices)

resemble, resembled, resembling, resembles.transitive verbs
to be like or similar to in appearance or nature; to exhibit similarity or likeness to
the state or quality of resembling, especially similarity in appearance or in external or superficial details; likeness; something that resembles another (ever notice how all the car designs resemble each other)

revert, reverted, reverting, reverts.intransitive verbs
to go back; to return to a former condition, practice, subject or belief; return
revertible, revertive.adjectives
a return to a former condition, belief or interest; a turning away or in the opposite direction; a reversal. 3. Genetics. A return to the normal phenotype, usually by a second mutation; in law, the return of an estate to the grantor or to the grantor's heirs or successor after the grant has expired; the estate thus returned; the right to succeed to an estate

dwelling in a particular place; residing
a physician serving a period of residency; one who resides in a particular place permanently or for an extended.period
someone's residency in a particular place, especially in a country, is the fact that they live there; the period during which a physician receives specialized clinical training

the place in which one lives; a dwelling
of.relating.to.or. having residence (a residential college); of, suitable for or limited to residences (residential zoning)
having a residence; involving or requiring residence
one who resides in a certain place; a resident

reside, resided, residing, resides.intransitive verbs
to live in a place permanently or for an extended period; to be inherently present; exist (the potential of free energy that resides in the space all around us)

a rising again; resurging
rising or tending to rise again
resurge, resurged, resurging, resurges.intransitive verbs
to rise again; experience resurgence; to sweep or surge back again; to rise again; revive; be resurrected

frequently or commonly.occurring; widespread; prevalent; abundant; plentiful; replete

rifle, rifled, rifling, rifles.verbs
transitive verb use.to search with intent to steal; to ransack or plunder; pillage; to rob (rifle a safe)
intransitive verb use.to search vigorously (rifling through my drawers to find matching socks)

a firearm with a rifled bore, designed to be fired from the shoulder; an artillery piece or naval gun with such spiral grooves
rifle, rifled, rifling, rifles.transitive verbs
to cut spiral grooves within a gun barrel for example

cruelty, strictness or severity, as in temperament, action or judgment; a harsh or trying circumstance; hardship as in slavery (Exodus 1:13); difficulty
harshness or strictness in conduct, judgment or practice
rigidly.precise; thoroughly.accurate or exact; a test, a system or procedure that is rigorous is very thorough and strict
characterized by or acting with rigor.(a rigorous program to restore physical fitness; full of rigors; harsh.(a rigorous climate); rigidly.accurate; precise; burdensome

the annual sexual excitement of male deer, camels, sheep, goats, etc. (in elephants, called the time of musth), corresponding to estrus in the female

a sunken track or groove made by the passage of vehicles; a fixed, usually boring routine (feeling like you're in a rut is common in 'go nowhere' jobs)
rut, rutted, rutting, ruts.verbs
transitive verb use.to furrow
intransitive verb use.to be in rut

repeal, repealed, repealing, repeals.transitive verbs
to revoke or rescind, especially by an official or formal act
the act or process of repealing

means, 'we the public', 're public',.We the People; 'the things having to do with the public', but it's still a corporation like organizations called 'parties', such as republicans, liberals, conservatives and others, they are corporations and as such not set up by We the People of a country, instead being controlled by those who own set it up and/or own and/or control it; a political order in which the supreme power lies in a body called citizens who place into positions of responsibility, individuals elected by them to represent their wishes in how the nation should be governed; a nation that has such a political order as the United States of America.(map), the Baltic.(map).republics and the Republic of Ireland.(map); a republic is a country where power is allegedly held by the people through any representatives that they elect and are able to recall them from their position if their actions show selfish unconcern for those having placed them there; republics have presidents who are elected, rather than kings, queens and prime ministers; when God's ways are followed there is no need for political parties:.Romans 13:10; getting back to God is the key; compare democracy
of, relating.to.or.characteristic of a republic; being in favor of a true republic as having ideals, morals and values favoring We the People ; a member belonging to the Republican Party of the United States of America
one who favors publican principles as having the best structure for governing

retain, retained, retaining, retains.transitive verbs
to maintain possession of; hold onto; keep; to keep or hold in a particular place, condition or position; to keep in mind; remember; to hire an attorney, for example by the payment of a fee; to keep in one's service or pay (attorneys are good at retaining their customers)

one that retains, as a device, frame or groove that restrains or guides; in dentistry an appliance used to hold teeth in position after orthodontic treatment; the fee paid to retain professional services of an adviser, such as an attorney, a counselor or a consultant

having the quality, power or capacity of retaining; having the ability or capacity to retain knowledge or information with ease (a retentive memory)
retentiveness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)
the act of retaining; ability to recall or recognize what has been learned or experienced; memory