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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary (m-w.com)
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characterized by many curves or turns; winding (a sinuous stream); characterized by supple and lithe movements (the sinuous grace of a dancer); not direct; devious (explanations appeared as a cover up by their sinuousness)

consisting of or resembling sinews; having many sinews; stringy and tough (a sinewy cut of beef); someone who is sinewy has a lean body with strong muscles; lean and muscular; strong and vigorous (a sinewy rope)
a tendon; vigorous strength; muscular power; the source or mainstay of vitality and strength
sinew, sinewed, sinewing, sinews.transitive verbs
to strengthen with or as if with sinews

from then until now or between then and now (they left town and haven't been here since); before now; ago (a name long since forgotten); after some point in the past; at a subsequent time (my friend has since married and moved to California)
continuously from (they have been friends since childhood);  intermittently from (she's been skiing since childhood)
during the period subsequent to the time when (he hasn't been home since he graduated); continuously from the time when (they have been friends ever since they were in grade school); inasmuch as; because (since you're not interested, I won't tell you about it)

irregular, often illegible handwriting' something, such as a note, written hastily or illegibly
scrawl, scrawled, scrawling, scrawls.verbs
transitive verb use.to write hastily or illegibly
intransitive verb use.to write in a sprawling, irregular manner

Baruch.or.Benedict Spinoza 1632-1677
Dutch philosopher and theologian whose controversial pantheistic doctrine advocated an intellectual love of the Creato; his best-known work is Ethics, 1677

scowl, scowled, scowling, scowls.verbs
intransitive verb use.to wrinkle or contract the brow as an expression of anger or disapproval; frown
transitive verb use.to express with a frowning facial expression
a look of anger or frowning disapproval

sift, sifted, sifting, sifts.verbs
transitive verb use.to put (flour, for example) through a sieve or other straining device in order to separate the fine from the coarse particles; to distinguish as if separating with a sieve (sifted through the possibilities); to apply by scattering with or as if with a sieve (sift chocolate on a dessert); to examine and sort carefully (sift the books)
intransitive verb use.to make use of a sieve; to pass through or as if through a sieve; to make a careful examination (sifted through back issues of the magazine for his research project)

a utensil of wire mesh or closely perforated metal, used for straining, sifting, ricing or puréeing
sieve, sieved, sieving, sieves.verbs
transitive verb use.to pass through a sieve
intransitive verb use.to use a sieve; sift

snide, snider, snidest.adjectives
derogatory in a malicious, superior way; sarcastic

swear, swore, sworn, swearing, swears.verbs
transitive verb use.to promise or pledge with a solemn.oath; to make a vow; to avow; to be bound by what you say; if you swear to do something, you affirm that you are serious in carrying out what you say (she swore that he would do everything in his power to help us; we have sworn to fight cruelty wherever we find it; if one has integrity, he or she acts from the premise that one's word is as if a bond, that is they meant what they had said, remembered it and made sure that what they said that was good, was completed); to declare or affirm.solemnly by invoking a deity or some sacred.thing; to swear or affirm; see explanation here:.Matthew 5:34-37
intransitive verb use.to make a solemn declaration, invoking a deity or something sacred, in confirmation of and witness to the honesty or truth of such a declaration; to make a promise; to use profane.oaths; curse (she uses offensive language because she lacks the vocabulary to speak intelligently)
Law:.to give evidence or testimony under oath
swear at.phrasal verb
to use abusive, violent or blasphemous language against; curse swear by.phrasal verb
to have great reliance on or confidence in (He swears by his alternative health practioner); to have reliable knowledge of; be sure of (I think she said she was going to the library, but I couldn't swear to it)
an obscene or blasphemous word

the act or an instance of charging oneself with a fault or mistake; to reproach oneself

select, selected, selecting, selects.verbs
transitive verb use.to take as a choice from among several; pick out; the word select stresses.fastidiousness in choosing from a wide variety (four skiers will be selected to represent each country)
intransitive verb use.to make a choice or selection; choose
singled out in preference; chosen (a select few); of special quality or value; choice (select peaches)
one that is preferred or chosen in preference to others or because of special value

of or characterized by selection; discriminating; empowered or tending to select; in electronics, able to reject.frequencies other than the one selected or tuned to

the act or an instance of selecting or the fact of having been selected; one that is selected; a carefully chosen or representative collection of people or things; choice

solve, solved, solving, solves.transitive verbs
to find a solution to; to work out a correct solution to (a problem); to clear up or explain something puzzling or unintelligible; decipher; resolve, unravel
possible to solve (solvable problems; a solvable riddle)

schedule.noun.pronounced 'sked jool' or 'sked jil'
a list of times of departures and arrivals; a timetable (a bus schedule; a schedule of guided tours); a plan for performing work or achieving an objective, specifying the order and allotted time for each part (finished the project on schedule); a printed or written list of items in tabular form (a schedule of postal rates); a program of events or appointments expected in a given time (can you fit me into your schedule Tuesday afternoon?); a student's program of classes; a supplemental statement of details appended to a document
schedule, scheduled, scheduling, schedules.transitive verbs
to enter on a schedule (next week his work schedule changes); to make up a schedule for (I haven't scheduled the coming week yet); to plan or appoint for a certain time or date (scheduled a trip in June; was scheduled to arrive Monday)

past tense and past participle of spend
used up; consumed (the economy was spent by piling debt upon debt and taxes upon taxes); having come to an end; passed; depleted of energy, force or strength; exhausted (at the end of the hot day the spent workers slept under a shady tree); of or relating to a vessel at the end of a voyage, with fuel, stores and water consumed and cargo discharged
spend, spent, spending, spends.verbs
transitive verb use.to use up or put out; expend (spent an hour each day walking); to pay out money; to wear out; exhaust (the storm finally spent itself); to pass time in a specified manner or place (spent their vacation in Alberta and B.C. {map}); to throw away; squander (spent all their creative resources on futile projects)
intransitive verb use.to pay out or expend money; to be exhausted or consumed
having the means to spend without becoming short on liquidity

sap, sapped, sapping, saps.verbs
transitive verb use.to deplete or weaken gradually; to drain of sap (after a long day of physical work he felt sapped); devitalize; to undermine the foundations of say, a fortification
intransitive verb use.to dig a sap
one who is an energy thief, by depleting your emotional vitality
the watery fluid that circulates through a plant, carrying food and other substances to the various tissues; the fluid contents of a plant cell vacuole; an essential bodily fluid; health and energy; vitality; a gullible person; a dupe; a covered trench or tunnel

a young tree; a youth

a seasonally flooded bottomland with more woody plants than a marsh and better drainage than a bog; a lowland region.saturated with water; a situation or place fraught with difficulties and imponderables (a corrupt corporate evil swamp, such as Trump is cleaning up)
swamp, swamped, swamping, swamps.verbs
transitive verb use.to drench in or cover with or as if with water; to inundate or burden; overwhelm (she was swamped with work); to fill a ship or boat with water to the point of sinking it
intransitive verb use.to become full of water or sink

smear, smeared, smearing, smears.verbs
transitive verb use.to spread or daub with a sticky, greasy or even a dirty substance (the kids had smeared the window with their hands having peanut butter on them); to apply by spreading or daubing (smeared suntan lotion on my face and arms); to stain by or as if by spreading or daubing with a sticky, greasy or dirty substance; to stain or attempt to destroy the reputation of; vilify (political enemies who smeared his name)
intransitive verb use.to be or become stained or dirtied
a mark made by smearing; a spot or blot (cleaning the mirror without a clean cloth will cause it to smear); an attempt to destroy a reputation; vilification or slander; a sample, as of blood or bacterial cells, spread on a slide for microscopic examination or on the surface of a culture medium

scuttle,scuttled,scuttling,scuttles.intransitive verbs
to run or move with short hurried movements; scurry
a hurried run

a small opening or hatch with a movable lid in the deck or hull of a ship or in the roof, wall or floor of a building; the lid or hatch of such an opening

scuttle, scuttled, scuttling, scuttles.transitive verbs
to scrap; discard; to cut or open a hole or holes in a ship's hull; to sink a ship by this means (the ship had 90 years of use, she's now rusting badly, so they are going to drag her out to deep water and scuttle her)

a shallow open basket for carrying vegetables, flowers or grain; a metal pail for carrying coal

a small room adjoining a kitchen, in which dishwashing and other kitchen chores are done

scurry, scurried, scurrying, scurries.intransitive verbs
to go with light running steps; scamper; to flurry or swirl about
the act of scurrying; the noise produced by scurrying