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competent in many things; that can be turned and moved around 

something that is viable is capable of doing what it is intended to do; a viable idea, plan or method can work successfully; capable of success or continuing effectiveness; practicable (a viable plan); workable; possible; able to take root and grow; able to live; capable of living, developing
(the viabilities of the proposals)

vivid, vivider,.vividest.adjectives
full of life; lively; bright; intense; brilliant; striking, said of colors and light; perceived as bright and distinct; brilliant (a vivid star); having intensely bright colors (a vivid tapestry); having a very high degree of saturation (a vivid purple); full of the vigor and freshness of immediate experience; evoking lifelike images within the mind; heard, seen or felt as if real (a vivid description); graphic; active in forming lifelike images (a vivid imagination)

changeable; fickle; quickly evaporating

You can also read the non science, the nonsense of published medical opinions presented as fact about a so-called virus, here. See if you can spot the flaws, the nonsense conjectures, the way its prsented and why they try to bury one's mind with so much gobbledegook and why simple basic conclusions are avoided. It's good mental exercise - if you can take the time.

Anyhow, here, in plain language proves viruses are not what was taught by their bullshit to support their vaccinations agenda.

The word 'virus' means 'toxin', so why do supposedly reputable scientists use the word as meaning infectious ("you are infected with the covid virus"), when a so-called virus is actually an exosome, a normal healthy immune system's working to remove non infectious dead and weaked cellular matter from the body?

According to the father of anthroposophy.Rudolph Steiner and as described by.Dr. Thomas Cowan (*), viruses are excretions of cells which have become poisoned and now need removal from the body. None, not one, so-called virus has ever been isolated. Isolation is the way to prove something is actually infectious. For isolation to be accomplished, it must follow the gold standard of Koch's postulates. No so-called virus has fufilled Koch's postulates, therefor, they do not exist apart from a name unscrupulous medical/pharmaceutical conspirator/criminals decided to call the garbage matter the body normally agglomerates for expulsion from the body.

Dr. Tom Cowan
https://www.brighteon.com/bcaaa489-c4c7-406d-8ed9-4f3c72d75178 (showing up the fraudsters and how they work; proof they don't seem to know WTF they're doing, but they do know; how they create their fraud)

Dr. Sam Bailey https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/
   Sam researches deeply, finding errors of pharma/medical tenets, such as... (viruses don't exist).

(no proof microbes cause disease).

https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/Shedding-Stories-featuring-Peter-McCullough:e.(about so-called shedding).

(about so-called Lyme disease)

The vaxxed dropping like flies. How to recover from vaccine induced illness.

Dr. Robert Young
"No virus has ever been isolated."

Dr. Andrew Kaufman."Without isolating there is no way to determine what the thing is made of..."

Various agglomerations (they call them "new strains") are gathered by the body's immune system for disposal and look different depending on what one's immune system is removing from the body at any one time. Corrupt medical, pharmaceutical and politicians who know this, lie, telling you 'the virus has a new strain', because they think you're so stupid, that if they told you to walk around naked because the 'virus' can infect you from your clothes, many dolts would do just that.

So the garbage told is erroneously called things like SARS, West Nile, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, H1N1, H1N5, Ebola, Zika, COVID-19, etc., anything the corrupt medical / pharmaceutical / chemical / political cartel backed by the cabal, think they can bamboozle the public into fearing so they'll take a vaccine or in the case of the Covid jab, it's not even a vaccine, so you've been lied to here as well. If you get your beliefs from the mainstream news, you probably think vaccines are a wonderful invention to save humanity from diseases of nature that are harmful. Please think again. But many obviously love being in a covid coma religion.

From the unique.perspective of these doctors who don't deal in ambiguities as those dealing in obfuscatory.obscurantisms do, a virus is not the cause of an illness, nor can it be once one comprehends what a virus actually is.

God made us with an incredible immune system. It works as it was designed to in maintaining body health and rid itself of garbage.

The cause of illness, according to an anthroposophist, is a disturbance in the electrical equilibrium of the body; a so-called virus.comprises weak shrunken, dying and dead cell bacteria.clumped together that individually are 20 to 100 times smaller than normal bacteria and as such are ready for removal from the body by its natural processes, peeing, pooping, breathing and sweating. 

Viruses are pieces of DNA and RNA and are not the cause of anything, because viruses are not living; these clumps of material called viruses, are the accumulated garbage from cells, much like the garbage at your house is put into a bin ready to be removed when the garbage trucks come to pick it up. That's why they are not considered free living, since once they are garbage, they cannot reproduce, so its simply the garbage the body needs to rid itself of. Such agglomerations may appear to reproduce to those unfamiliar with or discounting truth that doesn't fit into their narrative, but being non living material, they do not replicate, but may seem to as they do accumulate for disposal. Such are they who fail, for whatever reasons, to learn how the amazing human body actually does function.

This body cleaning due to such cells now being garbage, is produced due to something that happens necessitating a clean up of the human body's internal workings, for example, the blood stream must be kept free of any impediments that hinder the bringing of nutrition to cells, just as your street needs to be kept clean of obstacles so traffic can flow efficiently and ambulances, police and garbage pick up vehicles can get to where they may be needed.

Waste material from the body could have been caused by harmful.chemicals sprayed on food and/or food grown in them that you ingest and/or by poisoning of some.sort and this can be often be from industrial pollution. For example, wireless technologies (cell phones, their towers and the highly dangerous over time, frequencies they emit) cause cellular garbage which is matter that the body cannot dispose of quickly enough through peeing, pooping, sweating and breathing in order to maintain its health, so it clumps up, awaiting removal by the body's processes, just as the garbage pick up truck sometimes can't regularly come around, so your garbage piles up. Sometimes as the body becomes overloaded, it dumps this too much garbage waiting for the body to handle, into sinus cavities and lungs and one gets what is called a cold or flu and often has to blow the nose to remove what's in this emergency chute.

The term 'virus' comes from the Latin word for poison or venom, which is probably related to the Sanskrit word 'visha', meaning toxin or poison, where cells of our body swell and become mangled when exposed to poisonous substances including metals like lead, mercury, formaldehyde, strong perservatives, etc., the stuff found in vaccinations and toxic foods (criigen.org/?option=com_content&task=view&id=366&Itemid=130), pesticides and other '...cides', other chemicals, such as the poisonous glyphosate (Roundup) and so forth and then modern 'scientists' mislabel these symptoms of environmental poisoning as specific diseases caused by 'viruses', thus, the truth hides in plain sight and they know it, but perhaps been paid off in various ways, they become part of the satanic conspiracy to wipe humanity from the Earth, which the televison induced comatose viewers would never thinl about.

Thomas Cowan M.D. Videos, type Dr. Thomas Cowan into Brighteon.com, then look specifically for the video 'Dr Thomas Cowan MD discusses the coronavirus' about what really is a virus and/or similar and also on Brighteon.com, look up Dr. Andrew Kaufman, look for 'it is not a virus but an exosome (starts at 12 min.)' or similar. Also search in an Internet search engine for such things. 

Morphologically, exosomes and viruses are the same thing, cells with debris the body has sent to the garbage, being removed from the body through peeing, pooping, breathing, sweating and massively removed in a renewing fast. The intelligent systems of our bodies are designed by God to keep them clean on the inside. Again, these exosomes appear different depending on what the body is getting rid of at any one time. They are not mutative viruses as we have been lied to about by the evil cabal's corrupted so-called 'scientists'.

As stated in Dr. Cowan's video on the corona virus "viruses are from broken DNA or poisoned DNA and emerge from within your cell, being toxic excretions of the cell". These toxic excretions are called exosomes. A video on it. Therefore a virus is not the cause of an illness, but merely a symptom and like with any illness, there is always a disturbance in the electrical equilibrium of the body when balances are upset.

in 1963 the famous Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research reported that viruses multiplied after cells were exposed to 'x-ray, ultraviolet light or certain mutagenic chemicals' and that this exposure seemed to 'alter the benign relationship' that otherwise existed between cells and bacteria; then in the 1980s Robert Gallo reported that, when he added certain chemicals to cell cultures, these cells produced retroviruses. Gallo thus named these chemicals his viral 'growth factor' and Montagnier at the Institut Pasteur used the same. If retroviruses were indeed thus produced, then surely this can be explained as a cellular response to stress from toxins? So, we have purposeful misunderstanding leading to misdiagnosis leading to prescribing of drugs which exacerbate the problem, a no win situation.

In 2007 Dr. Dominic Dwyer, a Senior Medical Virologist, formerly of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, testified that to persuade blood cells to produce HIV retroviruses 'we stimulate them with compounds such as PHA' (Phytohemagglutinin). He added; if we want to persuade.cells to produce the flu virus 'we use other things like tryspin', thus they expose cells to different chemicals to make them produce different 'viruses' or configurations of bacteria clumping as cells die! So from this people are fed the propaganda of 'new strains of covid'.

Tryspin is destructive to proteins and Phytohemagglutinin (PHA) is mitogenic. This surely suggests that virus production can be a cell's response to being stressed and poisoned and that there might thus be no need for it to be infected beforehand?

Dr. David Gordon, the Chair of the Clinical Drug Trials Committee at Finders University in Australia, testified, at the 2007 Parenzee trial in Australia, that there is no need to 'purify a virus in order to identify it'. He repeated emphatically 'No need to purify' then rhetorically questioned: 'Has any virus ever been purified?' He explained: 'The issues are exactly the same with any virus'. He doubted if any virus was ever isolated from sick cells, because it's the sick and dying cells that clump together producing an agglomeration labeled a virus.

It seemed that cellular illness and whatever would have caused it was all the proof he needed to conclude that.unseen.and so-called.viruses were present, no matter how artificial the laboratory circumstances or what chemicals were added. This is not science! It's nonsense! It's experimentation producing cell death. Pollution and 5G wireless can do similarly. Chemtrails, now called geoengineering contain many heavy metals which cripple one's health in ways including infertility; perfect for those who believe in depopulating thw world, such as the nutcase Bill Gates

So, what we call viruses may not be the primary causes of illnesses. They might instead be caused by cells being poisoned. Why do our cells make what we term as 'viruses'? Could they be possibly a protective reaction, getting the garbage out of the blood stream, clumping the weakened, dying and dead cells together for disposal? and all this in order to protect the body. Such brilliance in design!

The viruses supposed to exist are called by names such as measles, polio, smallpox, hepatitis, rubella, mumps, chicken pox, influenza, meningitis, Varicella-zoster (shingles), human papillomavirus (HPV) and rotavirus.

What we attribute to a tiny particle actually has an environmental basis, but we can see that the disease in many cases didn't arise from what is termed a 'virus', but from a toxin introduced into the body. Have somemore genetically modified 'food' along with your genetically modified dose of poisoning vaccine or device.

So-called viruses are non cellular micro.organisms, visible in moving fashion under the Rife universal microscope and as a still picture under the electron microscope; this is bacteria that looks like clumps of material which can poison one's system if not gotten rid of and includes the cells of plants, animals and other bacteria, unless new, strong and healthy cell bacteria can eat the poisoned garbage bacteria. Cells called macrophages do and then die in the process, all to keep one's body in optimal functioning and of course they too then need removal. These so-called viruses, these clumps, accumulate, appearing to reproduce as the clumping continues, so the body becomes in a dis-ease state and we call this clumping a 'virus', yet that is just a misnomer for an agglomeration; such specific diseases caused by what are being labeled as 'viruses' then are said to need pharmaceutical intervention; remember, so-called viruses are the nano.equivalent to garbage eaters, but the macrophages clean up the garbage and the other, the so-called viruses, are simply accumulations of garbage to be gotten rid of; let's take rotavirus for example, where symptoms.can be watery diarrhea, severe dehydration, fever, vomiting; when you have eaten something bad, something that didn't agree with your body, you feel sick; perhaps it was improperly cooked or rotten or poor quality, a diseased food that your body doesn't want, so it creates vomit and diarrhea to remove what you ate; it wasn't a rotavirus causing this condition, it was a something the body deemed to be a poison and so the body was trying to rid itself of it to keep you going.

Many western physicians believe disease is a result of the bodies response to poison, not the result of a so-called.virus, believed to being germs that grow to infect the system, which it is not; more at healingourchildren.net/Vaccine/viruses_really_poison_physician.htm
and see Dr R.E. Tent's video on YouTube The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic. Also the book Virus Mania
More at infectiousnmyth.com

German virologist and molecular biologist Dr. Stefan Lanka came to startling realizations when doing his own virus research as a university student:."Viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous, in fact do not exist at all. The pictures of influenza, herpes, HIV, measles, hepatitis B, smallpox and other diseases are not pictures of viruses, but pictures of damaged cells with typical particles or other cellular material.

"It must be said that these photos are an attempt of fraud committed by the researchers and medical scientists involved, as far as they assert that these structures are viruses or even isolated viruses.".healingourchildren.net/Vaccine/viruses_poison_vaccines.htm

And the well researched article at www.greenmedinfo.com.Why Everything You Learned About Viruses Is WRONG. And why would that be?.Luke 8:43,44.

See also Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s (nephew of JFK) website www.childrenshealthdefense.org

And, with an analytical mind, read how viruses are explained in an encyclopedia and note the many wrong roads taken in their assumptive explanations. Opinions are provided as being facts while scientific research is bypassed. And these deceivers are presenting this stuff for absorption.by the unwary, not to help you, but it's always for them and there purposes in some way, such as their murderous depopulation agenda:.Titus 1:10 "For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers...".

Now you've read what a so-called 'virus' actually is, look at the non science or nonsense of the published medical opinions presented as fact about it, here. See if you can spot their flaws, their nonsense conjectures. It's good mental exercise.

vaccinate, vaccinated, vaccinating, vaccinates.verbs
transitive verb use.to inoculate with a vaccine.in order to allegedly.induce.immunity to an infectious disease; to inoculate with a specific.vaccine.(a preparation of toxic chemicals and weakened or dead disease causing bacteria introduced into the body to allegedly produce immunity to a specific disease by causing the formation of antibodies-{a protein produced in and by the body in response to contact of the body with an antigen.which has the specific.capacity to neutralize}).in order to prevent or lessen the the effect of some disease; how safe are they and what poisons are in them which can cause harm? they are so bad that some people liken.vaccinations to the old dark side trick used for thousands of years
intransitive verb senses or use.to perform vaccinations or a vaccination; are vaccinations immunizations?
the act of vaccinating (toward making it a vaccine nation)
repeated vaccination with the same vaccine, believing that the virus will eventually have no further effect on the body is like doing the same things over and over, yet expecting a different result, when only an idiot doesn't know that the body is designed with its perfect immune system to work specific ways and that vaccines drastically.interrupt this perfect functioning, often in ways that sooner or later in life become evident
Danger in vaccination:.Why Dr. Shiv Chopra said to never, ever, get any. Injection is the only route in which the entire amount of a toxic vaccine is absorbed, because the chemical concoction is introduced directly into the body. 

Chemicals may be injected intravenously (directly into a vein), intramuscularly (into a muscle), subcutaneously (under the skin), and intraperitoneally (within the membrane lining the organs of the abdomen).

Because the blood is the vehicle of chemical distribution in the body, intravenous injection is the most rapid method of introducing chemicals into the body. The almost instantaneous distribution, together with the irreversibility, makes intravenous injection a dangerous method of chemical exposure. 

Because there is a relatively large flow of blood to the skeletal muscles, chemicals are absorbed into the blood relatively rapidly after intramuscular injection. The slower absorption of chemicals into the blood after subcutaneous injection is probably due to the low blood flow in the subcutaneous tissues. Intraperitoneal injection is used only in biomedical research. Absorption is relatively rapid with intraperitoneal injection because of the rich blood supply to the abdomen.

Know the heavy risks of vaccinations. Read to product monograph that comes with each vaccine. You can look them up at childrenshealthdefense.org, naturalnews.com, mercola.com, greenmedinfo.com and see what Dr. Shiv Chopra has to say about vaccines after 45 years as world vaccine expert.

rapidly communicated to others as of new information of great interest to others posted on the Internet
gone viral.idiom
information posted on the Internet having appeal that quickly becomes widely known
of, relating to or caused by a virus

truthfulness; honesty; accuracy of statement; accordance with truth; that which is true 
speaking truly; habitually truthful; honest; true; accurate

verify, verified, verifying, verifies.transitive verbs
to prove the truth of by demonstration, evidence or testimony; substantiate; to determine or test the truth or accuracy of, as by comparison, investigation or reference (science conducts experiments to verify hypotheses); confirm
verifiable, verificative.adjectives
verifying or being verified

being truly so called; you can use veritable to emphasize the description, such as size, amount or nature of someone or something (the area is a veritable paradise for those who love walking and swimming); being in fact the thing named and not false, unreal or imaginary, often used to stress the aptness of a metaphor (a veritable mountain of references; the professor is a veritable gold mine of information); real or genuine
the quality or condition of being true, factual or real; something, such as a statement, principle or belief, that is true (the enduring truths of the ages)

a vector is a variable quantity, such as force, that has size and direction, a quantity having direction as well as magnitude; a course or compass direction especially of an airplane; a quantity such as velocity that has magnitude and direction especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another and that is commonly represented by a directed line segment whose length represents the magnitude and whose orientation in space represents the direction; a vector is a variable.quantity, such as force, that has size and direction; a quantity possessing both magnitude and direction, as force or velocity; the direction or course followed by something, as an airplane; an organism such as an insect or vaccine that transmits a pathogen (those who usually become ill from some disease are often those vaccinated to protect them, somebody massaged the truth); pollinator; a sequence of genetic material (as a transposon or the genome of a bacteriophage) used to introduce specific genes into the genome of an organism; a carrier (an organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another); compare scalar
Mathematics: a matrix with one row or one column; a course to be taken by an aircraft
Computing: denoting a type of graphical representation using straight lines to construct the outlines of objects
vector, vectored, vectoring, vectors.transitive verbs
to guide (a pilot or an aircraft, for example) by means of radio communication according to vectors
3rd person present
vectoring.gerund or present participle

veer, veered, veering,veers.verbs
intransitive verb senses or use.to turn aside from a course, direction or purpose; swerve; to change direction or course; to shift clockwise in direction
veered, veering, veers.transitive verbs-
to direct to a different course
a change in direction; a swerve

devoid of matter; empty; lacking.intelligence; stupid; devoid of substance or meaning; inane; devoid of expression; vacant; lacking serious purpose or occupation; idle

vacuum.noun,.plural.vacuums or vacua
absence of matter; a space empty of matter; vacuum is energy that fills all space; it's the potential for creation of matter; a state of emptiness of all we think should be there; also known as the ether and chi (meaning energy), the nothingness, dark energy (dark because years ago it wasn't understood, the stuff (that everything works with); a void (for much of the twentieth century, space was visualized as a near vacuum, however the astronomical reality now being discovered, is actually quite different); a vacuum cleaner
of or relating to or used to create a vacuum; containing air or other gas at a reduced pressure; operating by means of suction or by maintaining a partial vacuum
vacuum, vacuumed, vacuuming, vacuumes.transitive and intransitive verbs 
to clean with or use a vacuum cleaner
vacuum tube.noun,.plural.vacuum tubes
an electron tube from which all or most of the gas has been removed, permitting electrons to move with low interaction with any remaining gas molecules

the combining.capacity, such as, of an atom or a radicaldetermined by the number of electrons that it will lose, add or share when it reacts with other atoms; see also univalent and monovalent

an evil, degrading or immoral.practice or habit; a serious.moral failing; wicked or evil conduct or habits; corruption; sexual immorality.such as.inappropriate actions toward another; fault; a flaw or an imperfection; a defect

a clamping device of metal or wood, usually consisting of two jaws closed or opened by a screw or lever, used in carpentry or metalworking to hold a piece in position
vise, vised, vising, vises.transitive verbs
to hold or compress in or as if in a vise

open to bribery; mercenary (a venal public official); capable of betraying honor, duty or scruples for a price; corruptible; marked by corrupt dealings, especially bribery (a venal administration); obtainable for a price

a very long and violent fight between two families or groups; a series of acts done by someone over a long period of time to cause harm to a disliked person or group (examples:.he waged a personal vendetta against his rivals in politics; she claims that the police have a vendetta against her [that the police are deliberately and unfairly trying to cause trouble for her])

vilify, vilified, vilifying, vilifies.transitive verbs
to make vicious and defamatory statements about; malign
vilification, vilifier.nouns

consuming or eager to consume great amounts of food; ravenous; having or marked by an insatiable appetite for an activity or a pursuit; greedy (a voracious hoarder)

used to call attention to or express satisfaction with a thing shown or accomplished (mix the ingredients, chill and voilà!, a light, tasty dessert)

arising from or acting on one's own free will (voluntary community work)
a volunteer
the use of or reliance on voluntary action to maintain an institution, carry out a policy or achieve an end; a theory or doctrine that regards the will as the fundamental.principle of the individual or of the universe

an individual who performs or offers to perform a service of his or her own free will usually without pay 
volunteer, volunteered, volunteering, volunteers.verbs
transitive verb senses.to give or offer to give voluntarily (the school kids volunteered their service to pick up garbage in the schoolyard)
intransitive verb senses.to perform or offer to perform a service of one's own free will; to do charitable or helpful work without pay