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a hydrogen atom is a single proton orbited by an electron: atomic number 1; atomic weight 1.00797; melting point 259.14°C; boiling point 252.8°C; density at 0°C 0.08987 gram per liter; valence 1; it's a colorless, odorless gaseous chemical element having three isotopes, the lightest of all known substances; the perfect balance of abundances of hydrogen and helium in the multiverse, also denotes a balance also in the gravitational and weak-nuclear energies. One hydrogen atom holds on to its heat, but two of them in a molecule.dissipate thermal energy. Such design and so tiny that 10 million of them can span the diameter of the head of a pin; protium is the most common isotope of hydrogen

water that generates electricity by means of turbines rotating from the movement of runnng water; hydroelectrichy; hydroelectric power

hydrodynamics.noun.plural.but singular in construction 
a branch of physics that deals with the motion of fluids and the forces acting on solid bodies immersed in fluids and in motion relative to them; compare hydrostatics 

hydrogen peroxide.noun
a colorless, heavy, strongly oxidizing liquid, H2O2, capable of reacting explosively with combustibles and used principally in aqueous (water) solution as a mild antiseptic

a colloid with water as the dispersing medium

hinder, hindered, hindering, hinders.verbs
transitive verb use.to be or get in the way of; to impede; to obstruct or delay the progress of; to make difficult for; thwart; impede; frustrate; to keep or hold back; restrain; hamper
intransitive verb use.to interfere with one's actions or progress
the rear position; posterior; hind
the act of hindering; the condition of being hindered; one that hinders; an impediment; obstacle

located at or forming the back or rear; posterior (an animal's hind legs; the hinder part of a steer); a female red deer; any of several fishes of the genus Epinephelus of Atlantic waters, related to and resembling the groupers, a class of larger fish inhabiting warm seas
the hindquarters of a four-legged animal are its back part, including its two back legs; the posterior.portion of a side of beef, lamb (young sheep), veal or mutton, including a hind leg and one or two ribs; the posterior part of a quadruped, adjacent to the hind legs, called the rump

a polygon having six sides, as is for one example, a honeycomb

a relatively stable state of equilibrium or a tendency toward such a state between the different but interdependent elements or groups of elements of an organism, population or group

any baryon that does not decay.(except the proton or neutron); the heavier hyperons are lambda, sigma, xi and omega particles

having a related or similar position, structure, etc.

if you refer to a professional writer, such as a journalist, as a hack, you disapprove of them because they write for money without worrying very much about the quality of their writing; if you refer to a politician as a hack, you disapprove of them because they are too loyal to their party's old principles and disregard the public's need and thus do not deserve the position they have
Computers:.one who is proficient at using or programing a computer; a computer buff; one who gains access to or enters another's electronic system to obtain secret information or steal money
hack, hacked, hacking, hacks.verbs
transitive verb use.to cut or chop with repeated and irregular blows (hacked down the saplings); if you hack something or hack at it, you cut it with strong, rough strokes using a sharp tool such as an axe or knife; if you hack your way through an area such as a jungle or hack a path through it, you move forward, cutting back the trees or plants that are in your way; to break up the surface of something such as soil; to cut or mutilate as if by hacking (hacked their arguments apart; hacked millions off the budget); to cope with successfully; manage (couldn't hack a second job at this time; couldn't hack the constant.criticism); if you say that someone can't hack it or couldn't hack it, you mean that they do not or did not have the qualities needed to do a task or cope with a situation
intransitive verb use.to chop or cut something by hacking; if you hack at or hack something which is too large, too long or too expensive, you reduce its size, length or cost by cutting out or getting rid of large parts of it (he hacked away at the video footage to get the 48 hours of video down to a 2 hour movie)
Computers:.to work or perform as a hacker; to cough.roughly or harshly

a rough, irregular cut made by hacking; a tool, such as a hoe, used for hacking; a blow made by hacking; a rough, dry cough

a horse used for riding or driving; a worn-out horse for hire; a nag
hack, hacked, hacking, hacks.verbs
transitive verb use.to let out a horse for hire; to make banal or hackneyed with indiscriminate use
intransitive verb use.to drive a taxicab for a living
by, characteristic of or designating.routine or commercial writing (hacking away at the report); hack prose

used so often so as to be trite, dull and stereotyped
hackney.transitive verb,-usually.passive
to make commonplace and banal by too frequent.use

foolish, rash, giddy, flighty

of or having the shape of a helix; a spiral; having a shape approximating that of a helix

a tool with a flat blade attached approximately at a right angle to a long handle, used for weeding, cultivating and gardening
hoe, hoed, hoeing, hoes.verbs
transitive verb use.to weed, cultivate or dig up with a hoe
intransitive verb use.to work with a hoe

a helix's looping curve is identical to the one below or above; helixes are a form of, but different from spirals;-example

the region in space through which the Sun's gases and magnetic field extend

hoodwink, hoodwinked, hoodwinking, hoodwinks.transitive verbs
to take in by deceptive means; to 'pull the wool over someone's eyes' by causing another, to be blind to a true.situation; deceive; bamboozle; to dupe (the big hoodwinker:.Revelation 12:9

hertz.both noun and.plural;.abbreviation.Hz
a unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second (after Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, 1857-1894, German physicist who was the first to produce radio waves.artificially); a kilohertz thusly is one thousand hertz (1000 Hz or 1000 cycles per second {cps}); all is frequencies

until this time; (the weather, which had hitherto been sunny and mild, suddenly turned cold)

to or toward this place (reach in hither)
located on the near side
hither and thither or hither and yon.idiom
in or to many places; here and there (looked hither and thither for the ring; ran hither and yon)

excessively critical; captious; hypercritical suggests a tendency to judge by unreasonably strict standards (hypercritical.disparagement of other people's work)

false or distorted.perception of objects or events with a compelling sense of their reality, usually resulting from a mental disorder or as a response to a drug; the objects or events so perceived; a false or mistaken idea; a delusion

hallucinate, hallucinated, hallucinating, hallucinates.verbs
intransitive verb use.to undergo hallucination
transitive verb use.to cause to have hallucinations

a dangerous.substance that induces.hallucination
capable of causing a hallucination

a slight.indication or intimation (wanted to avoid any hint of impropriety); a brief or indirect.suggestion; a clue (give me a hint about the big news); a barely perceptible amount (just a hint of color)
hint, hinted, hinting, hints.verbs
transitive verb use.to indicate or make known in an indirect manner
intransitive verb use.to give a hint (wouldn't hint at who was to be at the surprise party); suggest

the land directly adjacent to and inland from a coast; a region remote from urban areas; backcountry; a region situated beyond metropolitan centers

a song of praise or thanksgiving to God or a deity; a song of praise, joy or serious feelings such as one can find in the 150 Psalms in the Bible and in some of the fine hymns, many written so long ago.
hymn, hymned, hymning, hymns.verbs
transitive verb use.to praise, glorify or worship in or as if in a hymn
intransitive verb use.to sing hymns

a printed sheet or pamphlet distributed by hand

he, him, his.pronoun
used to refer to the man or boy previously mentioned or implied
Usage note: issue re generic use of 'he', 'him' for 'she', 'her'. This issue can be sidestepped. In place of 'Every student handed in his assignment', write 'All the students handed in their assignments'; in place of 'A member must appear for his award in person', write write 'Members must appear for their awards in person' and so on. As a substitute for 'his/her' or 'her and his', third person plural forms, such as 'their' are recommended. 'Make someone happy, give them a goosedown Christmas' where 'him' would be misleading and 'her or him' would be fussy. See more Usage notes.

a hoard is a store of things that you have saved and that are valuable or important to you and that you do not want other people to have any of what you have hoarded; a hidden fund or supply stored for future use (people who would rather store and not use than give to share); a cache
hoard, hoarded, hoarding, hoards.verbs
intransitive verb use.to gather or accumulate a hoard
transitive verb use.to accumulate a hoard of; to keep hidden or private

a large groupor crowd; a swarm (a horde of mosquitoes)

a feeling of uneasinessor nervousness; the jitters

a harbor or an anchorage; a port; a place of refuge or rest; a sanctuary (the city provided a peaceful place of rest with the well treed park)
haven, havened, havening, havens.transitive verbs
to put into or provide with a haven

deeply or sincerely felt; earnest; heartfelt suggests depth of genuine feeling outwardly expressed (expresses our heartfelt gratitude)

showing and/or feeling little interest, enthusiasm or heart; uninspired (a halfhearted attempt at writing a novel)

Anatomy:.the chambered, muscular.organ in vertebrates that pumps blood received from the veins into the arteries, thereby maintaining the flow of blood through the entire circulatory system; a similarly.functioning.structure in invertebrates;
the vital center and source of one's being, emotions and sensibilities; the repository of one's deepest and sincerest.feelings and beliefs (an appeal from the heart; a subject dear to her heart); the seat of the intellect or imagination (he designed the a most helpful course of study taking one into higher consciousness); one's emotional constitution, basic.disposition or character (a man after my own heart); one's prevailing.mood or current.inclination (we were light of heart; my heart is not in it); capacity for sympathy or generosity; compassion (ancient David was a leader who had a heart for both God and others); love (heart of kindness); affection (the child in the movie My Summer in Provence won my heart); courage; resolution; fortitude (Paul developed and held to the heart to love others); firmness of will (Emmanuel hadn't the heart to send them away without food:.Matthew 15:32); a person esteemed or admired as lovable, loyal, courageous and altruistic (a dear heart); the central or innermost physical part of a place or region (the heart of the Chinese district); the core of a plant, fruit or vegetable (hearts of palm; artichoke hearts); the most important or essential part (it was an interesting talk but he finally got to the heart of the matter); a conventionalized two-lobed.representation of the heart, usually colored red or pink; in games, a red, heart-shaped figure on certain playing cards; a playing card with this figure
in a cordial.manner; with warmth and sincerity (seeing us coming, she came outside and greeted us heartily; thoroughly; completely; with zest or enthusiasm; appetite or enjoyment (eat heartily, there's lots of food for you all)
heart, hearted, hearting, hearts.transitive verbs
at heart.idiom
in one's deepest feelings; fundamentally
by heart.idiom
learned by rote; memorized word for word
does one's heart good.idiom
to lift one's spirits; make one happy
from the bottom of one's heart.or.from the depths of one's heart.idiom
with the deepest appreciation and/or feelings; most sincerely (thank you so much for helping them)
have one's heart in one's mouth.idiom
to be extremely frightened or anxious
have one's heart in the right place.idiom
to have good intentions
heart and soul.idiom
completely; entirely (he put his whole heart and soul into production of that movie)
in one's heart of hearts.idiom
in the seat of one's truest feelings
lose one's heart to.idiom
to fall in love with
near one's heart.or.close to one's heart.idiom
loved by or important to one
steal someone's heart.idiom
to win one's affection or love
take to heart.idiom
to take seriously and be affected by (take the advice to heart and you'll improve)
to one's heart's content.idiom
to one's entire satisfaction, without limitation
wear one's heart on one's sleeve.idiom
to show one's feelings clearly and openly by one's behavior
with all one's heart.idiom
with great willingness or pleasure; with the deepest feeling or devotion
with half a heart.idiom
in a halfhearted.manner

causing anguish or deep distress; arousing deep sympathy

hearty, heartier, heartiest.adjectives
expressed warmly, exuberantly and unrestrainedly (gave us a hearty welcome); sincere; complete or thorough; unequivocal (received hearty support when building their own home) 3. vigorous; robust (a hearty glow of health; providing abundant nourishment (she prepared a hearty meal; a hearty chowder); satisfying; substantial
a good fellow; a comrade; a sailor; others you are in close contact with (hey, me hearties)
heartiness.noun.(normally used without being pluralized)

a mountainous region north of a line connecting Firth of Clyde & Firth of Tay in central and northern Scotlandand extending northwest and including the Grampian Mountains; the highlands are famous for its rugged beauty (see the James Bond flick.Skyfall), the area maintained a highly distinctive culture, based on the Scottish Gaelic language and the clan system, until well into the 19th century, the 1800's

elevated land; highlands; a mountainous or hilly section of a country
of, relating to or characteristic of a highland