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any of various small, soft bodied insects of the family Aphididae that have mouthparts specially adapted for piercing and feed by sucking sap from plants; also called plant louse
aphidian.adjective and.noun

adenosine.proper noun
a nucleoside, C10H13N5O4(10 parts {molecules} carbon, 13 parts hydrogen, 5 parts nitrogen, 4 parts oxygen), that is a structural component of nucleic acids and the major molecular component of ADP, AMP and ATP (blend of adenine and ribose)

a purine base, C5H5N5, (5 parts {molecules} carbon, 5 parts hydrogen, 5 parts nitrogen) that is a constituent of DNA and RNA

a self-evident or multiiversally recognized truth; a maxim; an undeviating principle, such as.Romans 1:20
of, relating.to.or.resembling an axiom; self-evident

clothing or array; apparel; the antlers of a deer
attire, attired, attiring, attires.transitive verbs
to dress or clothe, especially in elaborate or splendid garments

a real or imaginary straight line on which an object actually or supposedly rotates (the axis of a planet; the spinning toy's axis)

ax.noun, plural.axes
ax.or.axe.noun, plural.axes
a tool with a bladed, usually heavy head mounted crosswise on a handle, used for felling trees or chopping wood; any of various bladed, handheld implements used as a cutting tool
ax, axed, axing, axes.transitive verbs
to use a heavy, bladed cutting implement in order to chop or fell something such as a tree; to stop or cut out (the government tax program was axed)
ax to grind.idiom
a selfish or subjective.aim; an ulterior often selfish underlying.purpose

axle.noun, plural.axles
a supporting shaft or member on or with which a wheel or a set of wheels revolves; the spindle of an axletree; either end of an axletree
a bar, fixed crosswise under an animal-drawn vehicle, with a rounded spindle at each end upon which a wheel rotates; a crossbar or rod supporting a vehicle, such as a cart, that has terminal spindles on which the wheels revolve

a jump in figure skating that is initiated from the outer forward edge of one skate, followed by one and one half midair turns and a return to the outer backward edge of the other skate

the long thread like process of a nerve fiber; an extension of a nerve cell that through an electrochemical process conducts nerve impulses away from the nerve cell body; compare dendrites

the existence, especially in the solid state, of two or more crystalline or molecular structural forms of an element
allotropic or allotropical.adjective
a structurally.differentiated form of an element that exhibits allotropy

characterized by quickness, lightness and ease of movement; nimble; mentally alert (an agile mind)
the state or quality of being agile; nimbleness

a unit of electric current in the meter-kilogram-second system (length, weight, time); it is the steady current that when flowing in straight parallel wires of infinite length and negligible cross section, separated by a distance of one meter in free space, produces a force between the wires of 2 × 10-7 newtons per meter of length

having existed in a region from the beginning (aboriginal forests)' native; of or relating to aborigines
an aborigine
a member of the indigenous or earliest known population of a region
the flora and fauna.native to a geographic area

the letters of a language, arranged in the order fixed by custom; history of the alphabet
arranged in the customary order of the letters of a language, of, relating to or expressed by an alphabet

the phase of metabolism in which simple substances are synthesized into the complex materials of living tissue

affront , affronted, affronting, affronts.transitive verbs
to insult.intentionally, especially openly; offend; to meet defiantly; confront

anon means.quite.soon (you shall see him anon); in a short time; later; at another time but soon
ever and anon.or.now and anon.idiom
time after time (he's been saying for ever and anon that he'll be coming here); now and then

the position of being without an owner or claimant; the condition of being set aside; suspension; in a condition of undetermined ownership; if something is in abeyance, it is not operating or being used

admire, admired, admiring, admires.verbs
'admire' means to add to the mire, but cabal has changed meanings of words
transitive verb use.to regard with pleasure, wonder and approval;  to have a high opinion of; esteem or respect
a feeling of pleasure, wonder and approval; regard; an object of wonder and esteem; a marvel

deserving admiration

not conforming to type; unusual or irregular

acknowledge, acknowledged, acknowledging, acknowledges.transitive verbs
to admit the existence, reality or truth of; to recognize as being valid; to express recognition of (acknowledge a friend's smile); to express thanks or gratitude for
the act of admitting or owning to something (I did it so I'm responsible for it); recognition of another's existence, validity, authority or right; an answer or response in return for something done; an expression of thanks or a token of appreciation

afford, afforded, affording, affords.transitive verbs
to make available; provide (a sport affording good exercise; a tree that affords ample shade); to have the financial means for; be.able to meet the cost of (able to afford a new car); to be able to spare or give up (can't afford an hour for lunch today); to be able to do or bear without disadvantage or risk to oneself (can afford time to help you)
if something is affordable, most people have enough money to buy it (the availability of affordable housing)
affordability.noun, plural.affordabilities
that can be afforded (affordable housing; an affordable risk); research into homelessness and housing affordability

assure, assured, assuring, assures.transitive verbs
to inform.positively, as to remove doubt.(assured us that the train would be on time); to cause to feel sure.(assured her of his devotion); to give confidence to; reassure; to make certain; ensure
made certain; guaranteed (an assured income); exhibiting.confidence and competence (paints with an assured hand)
assured.noun, plural.assured.or.assureds
Usage note: assure, ensure and insure all mean 'to make secure or certain'; 'assure' is generally used with reference to a person in the sense of 'to set the mind at rest' (assured the family that the car was checked mechanically before heading out on the trip); although 'ensure' and 'insure' are generally interchangeable, only insure is now widely used in American English in the commercial sense of 'to guarantee persons or property against risk'

the act of assuring; a statement or indication that inspires.confidence; a guarantee or pledge.(gave her assurance that the plan would succeed); freedom from doubt; certainty.(set sail in the assurance of favorable winds; another way of saying insurance

characterized by a strong desire to gain and possess; tending to acquire and retain.ideas or information (an acquisitive mind)
acquisitiveness, acquisitor.nouns

a peculiar or characteristic impression; an aura; personal bearing, appearance or manner; mien; an affected and often, a haughty.pose; a condescending.manner; affectation (affected manner to impress others (the phoniness of those lacking the will to treat others properly);.Philippians 2:3 "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves."

a colorless, odorless, tasteless, gaseous mixture, mainly nitrogen (approximately 78 percent) and oxygen (approximately 21 percent) with lesser amounts of argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, neon, helium and other gases; this mixture with varying amounts of moisture and particulate.matter, enveloping Earth; the atmosphere; the sky; the firmament; an atmospheric movement; a breeze or wind; vent (gave air to her feelings); the electronic broadcast.media
used to modify another noun (air movements; air safety; air ballons)
air, aired, airing, airs.verbs
transitive verb use.to expose so that air can dry, cool or freshen; ventilate; to give vent to (airing my pet peeves); to broadcast on television or radio (it was aired on local television)
intransitive verb use.to be broadcast on television or radio
in the air.idiom
prevalent (excitement was in the air with the graduation ceremonies coming up soon)
up in the air.idiom
not yet.decided; uncertain

airy, airier, airiest.adjectives
of, relating.to.or.having the constitution of air; high in the air; lofty; open to the air (an airy set of screens on windows); performed outside in the air; aerial; being as light as air; light-hearted; delicate; displaying lofty nonchalance (dismissed us with an airy wave of the hand)

of, in or caused by the air; reaching high into the air (lofty as a giraffe); suggestive of air, as in lightness; airy
an antenna

one of the paired, flexible, segmented.sensory.appendages on the head of an insect, a myriapod or a crustacean.functioning.primarily as an organ of touch; something.likened to this sensory appendage, as in function or form; a metallic.apparatus for sending or receiving electromagnetic waves, such as an aerial on a vehicle.for example

aerate, aerated, aerating, aerates.transitive verbs
to supply or charge liquid with a gas, especially to charge with carbon dioxide (many soft drinks use carbonization to make them fizz); to expose to the circulation of air for purification; to expose a tissue to oxygen, as in the oxygenation of the blood by respiration

a place or collection containing records, documents or other materials of historical.interest (old land deeds in the municipal archives; the studio archives, a vast.repository of silent-film prints and outtakes); a repository for stored memories or information (the archive of the mind, the akashic record; ancient archives of kings:.1Kings 14:29)
archive, archived, archiving, archives.transitive verbs
to file or collect in or as if in an archive (archive documents; archived information on his computer)
of, relating to, kept in or suitable for archives
one who is in charge of archives

the act of mixing or mingling; the state of being mingled or mixed; something that is produced by mixing; a mixture; something added in mixing

awl.or.aul.noun, plural.awls.or.auls
a pointed tool for making small holes, as in wood or leather; an awl like object used for piercing ears to enable the placing of earrings

of.or.relating.to aeronautics
the design and construction of aircraft; the theory and practice of aircraft navigation

anthology.noun, plural.anthologies
a collection of literary pieces, such as poems, short stories or plays; a miscellany, an assortment or a catalog, as of complaints, comments or ideas
anthologize, anthologized, anthologizing, anthologizes.verbs
intransitive verb use.to compile or publish an anthology
transitive verb use.to include material in an anthology
anthologist.noun, plural.anthologists

utterly.stupid, silly and absurd (asinine behavior; asinine reasonings used in evolution); of, relating to or resembling an ass