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in former times, a herald was an individual who delivered and announced important messages; an announcer; one that conveys news or proclaims; an individual who carries or proclaims important news; a messenger; one that gives a sign or indication of something to come; a harbinger.(the crocus is a herald of spring)
herald, heralded, heralding, heralds.transitive verbs
to proclaim; announce
of or relating to heralds or heraldry
heraldry is the study of coats of arms and of the history of the families who are entitled to have them; the study of coats of arms; a branch of knowledge dealing with the history and description in proper terms of armorial bearings and their accessories; the profession, study or art of devising, granting and blazoning.arms, tracing genealogies and determining and ruling on questions of rank or protocol, as exercised by an officer of arms; armorial ensigns or similar insignia; pomp and ceremony, especially attended with armorial trappings; pageantry

a system of individuals or things arranged in order of rank; a graded or ranked series; an arrangement
of, relating.to.or.arranged in a hierarchy 

having or showing great pride in oneself and disdain, contempt or scorn for others; presenting one's self with an attitude.exuding an overtone of superiority; arrogant
the ways of the haughty ones

hearken also spelled harken, hearkened, hearkening.or.harkening, hearkens.transitive-and.intransitive verbs
to keenly hear; listen, having an attitude to apply what one hears; giving heed to what is attentively listened to; to give careful attention to; to listen attentively to what is important for you

harrowing.transitive verb
to cultivate with a harrow (a cultivating implement set with spikes, spring teeth or disks and used primarily for pulverizing and smoothing the soil); torment; vex; distressing; agonizing (a harrowing experience)

a farm implement consisting of a heavy frame with sharp teeth or upright disks, used to break up and even off plowed ground harrow, harrowed, harrowing, harrows.transitive verbs
to break up and level soil or land with a harrow

harrow, harrowed, harrowing, harrows.transitive verbs
to plunder; sack; to inflict great distress or torment on (trying to drive down the steep road in the mountains when it was icy and in a blizzard, was a harrowing experience)

a recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent.repetition; an established.disposition of the mind or character; customary.manner or practice
habit, habited, habiting, habits.transitive verbs
to clothe; dress (a nun's garb is called a habit)
of the nature of a habit (habitual lying); being entrenched by habit (a habitual liar); chronic; established by long use; usual (my habitual place); usual

habituate, habituated, habituating, habituates.verbs
transitive verb use.to accustom by frequent repetition or prolonged exposure
intransitive verb use.to cause physiological or psychological habituation (she only wanted to again visit her beautiful cabin on the wide river whenever she felt the need to get out of the city)

of the nature of a habit (habitual living is living stably, often being that of getting up the next day and doing the same work); being such by force of habit (the Sun has a habit of rising in the East each day); chronic; established by long use; usual (my habitual place to relax is in the big chair)

the area or type of environment in which an organism or ecological community normally lives or occurs (a marine habitat); the place in which a person or thing is most likely to be found; habitable

that can be inhabited (lived in); habitat; suitable to live in or on; inhabitable (habitable land)
habitability or habitableness.nouns
a place in which to live; a habitable locale

on the other hand; by contrast (the first part was easy; the second, however, took hours); in spite of that; all the same; nevertheless (the book is expensive; however, it's worth it); in whatever manner or way (however he did it, it was very clever); to whatever degree or extent (they have begun, however reluctantly, to fix what they had broken); in what way; used as an intensive of how (however did you get here so soon?)
in whatever manner or way (dress however you like)

the offspring of two differing somethings, such as, animals or plants of different races, varieties, species, etc.; something of mixed origin or composition (hybrids and reptilians.shape-shifting into looking like a regular human); something, such as a computer or powerplant, having two kinds of components that produce the same or similar.results (a hybrid vehicle which combines two propulsion.systems, such as a combustion.engine that runs on gas along with another engine that runs on electricity); a word whose elements are derived from different languages; the word is often used to modify another noun (a hybrid tulip; a hybrid car {many dangers to you and the environment from their lithium batteries, search for it})
hybridize, hybridized, hybridizing, hybridizes.intransitive.and.transitive verbs
to produce or cause to produce hybrids; crossbreed

an idol in the form of an animal with the sexual organs of both male and female (supporting the corrupt concept of transgenderism), which stupid satanically influenced people (mankind) gave allegiance to, even worshiping such an idol called baphomet; in biology, an organism, such as an Earthworm or a monoclinous plant, having both male and female reproductive organs; something that is a combination of disparate or contradictory.elements

hadron.noun,.plural.hadrons-(from Greek 'hadros, thick')
hadrons are constructed from quarks. A hadron is any of the subatomic-particles, such as a proton, that are made up of three quarks and are subject to the strong force. Hadrons can be manufactured in accelerators

A hadron is any particle that feels the strong force. Subclasses of hadrons are baryons and mesons. All hadrons except protons and neutrons are unstable and decay into other hadrons (baryons and mesons).

in genetics, the offspring of genetically dissimilar parents or stock, especially the offspring produced by breeding plants or animals of different varieties, species or races; something of mixed origin or composition; something, such as a computer or power plant, having two kinds of components that produce the same or similar results; a word whose elements are derived from different languages
attributive.often used to modify another noun (a hybrid tulip; a hybrid cell, a hybrid vehicle engine)
hybridism, hybridist, hybridity.nouns

hybridize, hybridized, hybridizing, hybridizes.transitive.and intransitive verbs
to produce or cause to produce hybrids; crossbreed
hybridization, hybridizer.noun

having human characteristics or form; a shapeshifter
a being having human form; also a mechanical android; having human characteristics or form; resembling human beings; a robot or shapeshifter

Hammurabi.a Babylonian king, B.C.E. 1792-1750, who made Babylon the chief Mesopotamian kingdom and codified the laws of Mesopotamia and Sumeria

feeling or showing enmity or ill will; antagonistic.(a hostile remark); unfavorable to health or well being; inhospitable or adverse (a hostile climate); of, relating to or characteristic of an enemy (hostile forces; hostile acts)
an antagonistic individual or thing; an enemy in warfare
the state of being hostile; antagonism or enmity; overt warfare

a brown or black organic substance.consisting of partially or wholly.decayed vegetable or animal matter that provides nutrients for plants and increases the ability of soil to retain water; peat

a smooth, thick mixture of mashed chickpeas, tahini, oil, lemon juice and garlic, used especially as a dip for pita bread

spelt 'honour' is the British English spelling; to place a high value on; to respect; to esteem.(the honor you show to another recognizing his higher, though maybe hidden, qualities that you know are there because you know that underneath it all, we of humanity, are all of the same source (see about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier); the honor shown to a Nobel.laureate); honor is recognizing and remembering what another has done (Mark 10:19; 14:8,9); the quality of honor involves integrity, uprightness, honesty, respectfulness, esteem and a good name (one's reputation); one receives honor from others because of a good name, caused to be such by one's uprightness and integrity, thus having a reputation of honesty; honor is a mark of character known and appreciated by others, providing for them a token or gesture of respect or distinction; when you show honor to someone you feel is worthy of it you are showing appreciation for them (the place of honor at the table)
honors.special recognition for unusual academic achievement (graduated with honors); a program of individual advanced study for exceptional students (planned to take honors in quantum physics)
honor, honored, honoring, honors.transitive verbs
to hold in respect; esteem; to show respect for; to bow to (another dancer) in square dancing (honor your partner); to confer.distinction on (he has honored us with his presence); to accept or pay as valid (honor a check; a store that honors all credit cards {recognized acceptance of them as being valid})
honor bound.idiom
under an obligation enforced by the personal integrity of the one obliged
the recipient of an honor

deserving or winning honor and respect (led an honorable life by being honest); bringing distinction or recognition.(honorable service to helping less fortunate persons); consistent with honor or good name (followed the only honorable course of action); distinguished; illustrious.(this honorable gathering of scholars); attended by marks of recognition and honor (received an honorable title, a honorific); used as a title of respect for certain government officials (The Honorable Jane Doe, Associate Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts); used in the House of Commons as a title of respect when speaking of another member

held or given as a mark of honor (an honorary degree); holding an office or title given as an honor, without payment; voluntary (the honorary secretary of the local community club)
honorary degree.noun,.plural.honorary degrees
a degree.conferred to honor the recipient

conferring or showing respect or honor
a title, phrase or grammatical.form.conveying.respect, conferred in recognition of exemplary work benefiting humanity in some way (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

a payment given to a professional person for services for which fees are not charged or traditionally required

the terminal part of the human arm located below the forearm, used for grasping and holding and consisting of the wrist, palm, four fingers and an opposable thumb; a round of applause (clapping) to signify.approval; physical assistance; help (could you please give me a hand with the bags?); the cards held in a card game by a given player at any time; a player or participant in a card game (we need a fourth hand for the game of bridge); one who performs manual labor (a farm hand); the strength or force of one's position (negotiated from a strong hand); possession, ownership or keeping (the books should be in your hands by noon); power; jurisdiction; care (the dinner is in the hands of the chef); influence or effect (the general manager had a hand in all the major decisions); evidence of craft or artistic.skill (can see the hand of a genius even in the lighter poems); an aptitude or ability (I tried my hand at decorating)
hand down.phrasal verb
to bequeath as an inheritance to one's heirs; to make and pronounce an official decision, especially a court verdict
hand on.phrasal verb
to turn over to another
hand out.phrasal verb
to distribute freely; disseminate; to administer or deal out
hand over.phrasal verb
to release or relinquish to another
at hand.idiom
close by; near; soon in time; imminent
by hand.idiom
performed manually
hand it to.idiom
to give credit to (you've got to hand it to her; she came off those horrible drugs mostly by herself)
in hand.idiom
under control (the project is well in hand);. accessible at the present time; in preparation
off one's hands
no longer under one's responsibility or in one's care (we finally got that project off our hands)
on hand.idiom
available; on deck; on one's hands or upon one's hands; in one's possession, often as an imposed responsibility or burden (now they have the grandchildren on their hands)
on the one hand.idiom
as one point of view; from one standpoint
on the other hand.adverb
used to present factors for and against; as one point of view; from one standpoint and another point of view from another standpoint; contrastive; instead; contrariwise, on the contrary, to the contrary; rather; vice versa; in compensation; on the other hand
out of hand.idiom
out of control (untruths in society have gotten out of hand; over and done with; finished; uncalled for or improper; indiscreet
to hand.idiom
nearby; in one's possession

a helper and companion
one that helps; an assistant
help, helped, helping, helps.verbs
transitive verb use.to give assistance to; aid (I helped her find the book; he helped me into my coat); contribute to the furtherance of; to give relief to (help the needy); to ease; relieve (herbs to relieve the flu); to change for the better; improve (a fresh coat of paint will help a scarred old table); to refrain from; avoid or resist, used with forms of can or cannot (couldn't help laughing); to wait on, as in a store or restaurant
intransitive verb use.to be of service; give assistance
providing assistance; useful
providing useful.assistance; friendliness evidenced by a kindly and helpful disposition
the act or an instance of helping; aid or assistance; relief; remedy; one that helps (you've been a great help; a food processor is a help to the serious cook); an individual employed to help, especially a farm worker or domestic servant; such employees considered as a group; often used with 'the'
help yourself to.idiom
to serve or provide oneself with (help yourself to the cookies)