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Interlinked Dictionary based on
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary (m-w.com)
and Star Dictionary
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shapeshifter.noun,.plural.shapeshifters.also.shape-shifter, shape-shifters
a being that is able to change their physical form at will (pics); one that can assume different forms as of animals

the characteristic.surface.configuration of a thing; an outline or a contour; a form; something.distinguished from its surroundings by its outline; the contour of an individual's body; the figure; a definite,distinctive form (the kids made forms out the changing clouds that looked like people and animals); a fabric that holds its shape (linen holds its form in hot weather better than many other fabrics); the proper condition of something necessary for action, effectiveness or use (the used vehicle was in excellent shape)
shape, shaped, shaping, shapes.verbs
transitive verb use.to give a particular form to; create; to cause to conform to a particular form or pattern; adapt to fit (the clerk managed to fit two scoops of ice cream into the cone)
intransitive verb use.to come to pass; happen; to take on shape (the moist clay was beginning to look like something familiar as it hardened into pottery)
shape up.phrasal verb
to improve to an acceptable standard

a bundle of cut stalks of grain or similar plants bound with straw or twine
sheaf, sheafed, sheafing, sheafs.transitive verbs
to gather and bind into a bundle
sheave, sheaved, sheaving,sheaves.transitive verbs
to collect and bind into a sheaf

a wheel or disk with a grooved rim, especially one used as a pulley

a self-imposed rule, duty.etc. is one that you have made for yourself and which no one has asked you to accept (he spends three hours three nights a week on studying); imposed by oneself on oneself; voluntarily.assumed or endured

Scandinavia.proper noun
a region of northern Europe consisting of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Finland, Iceland and the Faeroe Islands are often included in the region (map)
of or relating to Scandinavia or to its peoples, languages or cultures
a native or inhabitant of Scandinavia

sleek, sleeker, sleekest.adjectives
smooth and lustrous as if polished; glossy (brushed her hair so the body's natural oils made sleek); polished or smooth in manner
sleek, sleeked, sleeking, sleeks.transitive verbs
to make sleek; slick (sleeked his hair with a solution of sugar and water)

a fine, lustrous fiber composed mainly of fibroin and produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons, especially the strong, elastic, fibrous secretion of silkworms used to make thread and fabric; thread or fabric made from this fiber; a garment made from this fabric; the brightly colored identifying garments of a jockey or harness driver; a silky, filamentous material, such as the webbing spun by certain spiders or the styles forming a tuft on an ear of corn
composed of or similar to the fiber or the fabric silk
silk, silked, silking, silks.intransitive verbs
to develop silk
silky, silkier, silkiest.adjectives
resembling silk; lustrous; sleek; made of silk
covered with or characterized by fine, soft hairs or feathers (a silky chick; ingratiating; seductive (she spoke with silky plausibility)

Satan.proper noun
also called the Devil; one of the evil representatives the evil adversaries of the true God of all good creation and humanity; Satan is the leader of the fallen angels on Earth; other evil beings lead the evil in many other worlds; the word 'Satan' comes to us us from Greek 'Satanas' and from Hebrew 'satan' meaning 'devil', 'adversary' and 'accuser'; the ones who worship Satan are those of the dark side, the other angels who chose the way, the pathway leading from the light and many of Earth have allowed themselves to be highly influenced by these evil ones of the dark side as we call them, through bribery, blackmail and/or brainwashing
something or someone that is satanic is either the epitome of evil or on the road toward it; the word 'satanic' means 'of satan' and who may they have been of late relating to Satan.or.evil, but those who are selfish; cruel and fiendish, such as were the Clintons, Hillary Rodham & William Jefferson, Obama, Fauci, the actor Kevin Spacey and many others of their ilk, such as Oprah, Madonna and a few million more around the world in everything including corporate heads, political/justice/legal/police systems and ad infinitum:.Matthew 7:16-20.
the worship of Satan (they practice their satanic rituals many days each year); wickedness
satanists are those worshiping Satan, meaning, giving attention to working death ways of their cruel and evil.cult; they are not human, though some of their creations are partly so and the 'partly so' ones walk amongst us:.Matthew 7:16-20; 10:14.

a smooth.fabric, as of silk or rayon, woven so that one side is glossy and the other is dull; a garment made of this fabric
made of or covered with satin; glossy, sleek and smooth

a chemical.compound.containing the bivalent.group SO4
sulfate, sulfated, sulfating, sulfates.verbs
transitive verb use.to treat or react with sulfuric acid, causing a chemical reaction, such as causing lead sulfate to accumulate on the plates of a lead.acid storage battery, such as used in vehicles
intransitive verb use.to become sulfated

sodium hydroxide.proper noun
a strongly alkaline.compound, NaOH, used in the manufacture of chemicals and soaps, such as castile soaps and in petroleum.refining; also called caustic soda, lye

a chemical.compound formed by replacing all or part of the hydrogen.ions of an acid with metal ions or electropositive radicals; salts are substances that are formed when an acid reacts with an alkali (the rock is rich in mineral salts); a colorless or white crystalline solid, chiefly sodium chloride, the salt used as a food seasoning and preservative, also called common table salt; various other mineral salts used as laxatives or cathartics or as smelling salts or Epsom salts; salts such as gray sea salt and Himalayan pink rock salt give flavor or zest to foods
containing or filled with salt (where's the salt shaker? a salt spray blew in from the ocean; salt tears); having a salty taste or smell (breathed the salt air); preserved in salt or a salt solution (salt cod); flooded with seawater; found in or near such a flooded area (salt grasses)
salty, saltier, saltiest.adjective
of, containing or seasoned with salt; suggestive of the sea or sailing life
salt, salted, salting, salts.transitive verbs
to add, treat, season or sprinkle with salt; to cure or preserve by treating with salt or a salt solution; to provide salt for deer or cattle; to add zest or liveliness to (salt a lecture with anecdotes); to give an appearance of value to by fraudulent.means, especially to place valuable minerals in a mine for the purpose of deceiving

smelling salts.plural noun.(used with a sing or plural verb)
any of various preparations of ammonium carbonate and perfume, sniffed as a restorative or stimulant especially to relieve faintness and headache

in biology, a taxonomic.category of related.organisms.ranking between a family and a genus; in linguistics, a division of languages below a family and above a branch

stark, starker, starkest.adjective
from Middle English, stiff, severe, strong; bare (the stark deserts of the world); blunt; very plain in appearance, with little or no color or decoration (in the cold dawn light, the castle looked stark and forbidding; the stark beauty of the Rocky Mountains in Banff); complete or utter; extreme (stark poverty; a stark contrast); harsh; grim
utterly; entirely (stark naked, not wearing any clothes at all; stark raving mad)

a filmy layer of extraneous or impure.matter that forms on or rises to the surface of a liquid or body of water; the refuse or dross of molten.metals; refuse or worthless matter (world controllers who, because of their position gotten not by ability, but by craft, walk around thinking they are the cream and you are the skim milk {*})
scum, scummed, scumming, scums.verbs
transitive verb use.to remove the scum from
intransitive verb use.to become covered with scum

marked.by.absence of noise or sound; still; inactive; quiescent (a silent volcano)
Linguistics: in linguistics; having no phonetic.value such as the unpronounced b in the word subtle
a silent movie
the condition or quality of being or keeping still and silent; the absence of sound; stillness; a period of time without speech or noise
silence, silenced, silencing, silences.transitive verbs
to make silent or bring to silence (silenced the crowd with a gesture); to curtail the expression of; suppress (silencing all criticism; silenced their opponents)
silent partner.noun,.plural.silent partners
one that makes financial investments in a business but does not participate in its management
silent treatment.noun,.plural.silent treatments
maintenance of aloof silence toward another as an expression of one's anger or disapproval

characterized by relatively low annual rainfall of 25 to 50 centimeters (10 to 20 inches) and having scrubby vegetation with short, coarse grasses; not completely arid