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Deepak's comments page 2
(Information gleaned mostly from Deepak Chopra's writings and speakings)
Index to his comments

IDEAS see under body

IMAGINATION."The Cosmos was created when God imagined His existence. Never underestimate the power of your imagination."....Unknown. See your project being accomplished, run your project through all your senses. The sensory part of your mind has been activated and this sets a pathway for passion to follow through on your project. It's the art and and science of manifestation. Think in images, as they are not time bound. Help others envision. Ask the master of a skill you want to come forward from within the cosmic sea.

ILLUSION Separation is only an illusion. We are separate from nothing we know of. Dr Len explains it well. We are just illusions that we have manifested through our own desire instantly in order to remind us of something we already know. The world is only an illusion (John 17:11 "And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world and I come to you. Holy Father, keep through your own name those whom you have given me, that they may be one (one day we'll come to see that all there is, is the oneness of the Creator and His variousness, variousness expressed as the unique individuals that we are, having all the experiences in this 'game' of life that we have), as we are."). We exist with an illusion which is in touch with the highest of ideals for individual and planetary fulfilment. Everyone seems swept along seemingly by things beyond their control. This cements the illusory life, making it seem like 'this is all, this is it'. Your self will shrink to fit your perception. Bless those who come into your life to teach us what we need. Accepting your darkness brings out the light. There is much unnecessary suffering in world due to not knowing what is truly real and becaause of identifying with an imaginary self.

IMMUNE SYSTEM.is a circulating nervous system, a thinking system, in touch with all else going on in the body. It makes the same chemicals as your brain does when it thinks a thought. You have to free the mind. Metaphors (a figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another, thus making an implicit comparison) won't get you to a place where you can love your mind.

INERTIA means giving in to old habits, previous conditioning, the repository of memories and desires.

INDIVIDUALITY your individuality is derived by allowing the unformed substance to flow as you.

INFORMATION and energy states give rise to affluence, no effort just know, let go of an attachment to the outcome. Have carefreeness and sharing. Knowledge has organizing power inherent in it. Look at a baby. The true state of universe is all is possible. It's our inner self that gives rise to the abundance of universe in our lives. The principle of highest rank is first and that is love. Ask receive is equal to slipping into the gap. The word information comes from a universe and multiverse 'in form' for 'action' ('ation').

INTELLIGENCE definition: looking at self non judgmentally. The highest form of intelligence is to allow the universe to flow through you. The same intelligence that is your body is the same throughout the universe. One is only as intelligent as the words and concepts he or she retains for use in memory. To be alive is a multi dimensional act. In a single moment of life this intelligence is thinking, feeling, perceiving, breathing, digesting, doing it as you, just as it does in all others. A good analogy is the candle flame.
INTELLECT is the mind's decision maker, where ideas, concepts and beliefs come from. Intellect looks upon the vast array of possibilities afforded by life naturally. 

MODELS Sometimes the ego feels overwhelmed, just can't deal 'with it all' at once as one sometimes feels he or she should do. So it decides to make small representations, reductions of things, such as ideal upbringing, ideal marriage, ideal man or woman. Such models are useful to judge in converting the unknown into the known. Models are ideals, not reality, but they can be relied on when one is in a conundrum.

HEART is not a pump as it repairs itself, sending various nutritions to various places."When you begin to touch your heart or let your heart be touched, you begin to discover that it's bottomless, that it doesn't have any resolution, that this heart (your soul) is huge, vast and limitless. You begin to discover how much warmth and gentleness is there, as well as how much space." ...Pema Chodron. Your soul, is superior to the brain's intelligence as the neuro peptides generate the molecules of emotion and are intelligence receptors. The heart is not sentimental, it's sober. The heart has an intelligence that is more powerful than matter and has neuro.cardio sites. The heart is also a pacemaker, has automaticity and can last forever. It's the result of synchronicity of a 100 different cells.

CELLS a cell is a conscious entity. The many cells comprising humans have synchronous intelligence, such as in the heart and this is a non local phenomenon. Different cells without communicating with each other, work in synchronicity, where each cell must discover its own source. Such are stomach cells, heart cells, etc. where all have their own purpose, their own, what's called Dharma. They must serve its own fellow beings (other cells) and only by expressing its own unique talents can it maintain its own integrity.

Disease is when a cell is confused on what it has to do and has lost its Dharma. The internal dialog of each cell is, how can I serve, how can I give, how can I help the other cells, as it senses the needs of other cell. It's a magnificent cellular orchestra which all serves the collective. Each part of our life is to serve parts of our life we sense needs. The heart generates the largest electro magnetic field in the body. The heart becomes immediately coherent when attention in put on the heart. The heart sutras are probably the most important.

Peace, is established in non violence. Our very presence creates peace and others cease to feel hostility when we are perfectly established in non violence and harmony. Be perfectly established in the unity of all. We all are affected by the circadian rhythms, the tidal rhythms. Everything that happens in the body is totally correlated with all else that is happening in the universe and bodily entropy is slowed down.

Laughter is established in the cosmic.paradoxand there's cosmic contradiction in changing perspectives, which is the ability to shift perspectives as there are many ways of looking at things. Being lighthearted is a God quality. Not being serious about ourselves males is not so judgmental. Laughter is not a mere.sentiment, but is the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation, comes from a unity consciousness where it is impossible to be hurt or to hurt. 

Be quietly alert and aware of your desires. Don't defend the temporary. Let go of that which may lead to struggle. To what higher values have you offered your allegiance, consciousness and awareness? To a unified field of intelligence?

Intelligence is fields of information, a living information awareness. We are a field of living information. This non local intelligence is unmediated (doesn't communicate with itself in the conventional sense as regarding its power, there is nothing that drains it or impedes it, no time lag, no distance impediment or weakening over distance), unmitigated (everything happens with no time lag, it's always the present, always in eternity, is in fact eternity, just is and always is), and immediate. From here you create your miracles. In this virtual domain everything is either a wave or a particle before observation when it becomes a wave if measured or a particle if observed, so it is in the state of potential for both. It's the observer that turns the possibility into reality. In this realm is instant communicational correlation, called the 'Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen Paradox' which = non local communication faster than speed of light, E=MC2 is that energy and mass (material things), including the information that enables energy to become things and is all the same thing. Energy is coded for different information dependent upon the frequency of vibration; example 95.9 and 96.5 FM brings in different stations, different information. The vibration in this non local realm is so fast, like radio waves which are undetectable by us, but we know it's real. An individual's quantum mechanical body senses that his or her feelings have been understood. This is beyond all rational thought, it is primal, go with that knowledge.

PARADOX.is a seemingly.contradictory statement.

INTENTION/THINKING/THOUGHT/EMOTIONS."Although we live under the assumption that we think, it's more likely that we are being thought."....Nietzsche. And where would those thoughts come from? We can use our mind and intentions to transform our biology. See what Bruce Lipton speaks about in the movie What If? The Movie. Human awareness operates as a whole. Every thought you have contributes positively or negatively to the field and your attention is enough to alter the field. It's not good enough to just want change, to see the hurts out there. One must intend something new to replace it. You can create the most powerful intentions by aligning your desires with the intention of the universe. Make the manifestation of your desires quick and effortless by making sure they create joy and fulfillment for yourself and everyone involved. Like a well being dug, a lot of dirt has to be cleared out of the way before you reach the flow of water. Detaching solves the fight in you between good and evil. Plant the seed of an intention and the journey of your soul takes wings and unfolds automatically. God takes the responsibility for carrying them out (how?) and everything else that you do is secondary, however you can still exert a great deal of influence through your everyday conduct.

SPIRITUAL GROUND RULES for spiritual life that have proved effective for Deepak individually and that he feels will work for many people. Know your intentions. Don't let your false intentions remain masked, look at them, root them out and work on the danger and fear that keeps you attached to them. False intentions take the form of guilty desires such as 'I want someone else to fail', 'I want to get even', 'I want to see bad people punished', 'I want to take away something not my own'. False intentions can be elusive. You will notice their existence by feeling connected with them, a feeling of fear, greed, rage, hopelessness or weakness. Sense the feeling first. Refuse to buy into it and then remain aware until you find the intention lurking beneath. Set your intentions high. Aim to be a saint and a miracle worker. Why not? If you know that the goal of inner growth is to acquire mastery, then ask for that mastery as soon as possible. Do not strain to work wonders, but avoid denying them to yourself either. The beginning of mastery is vision. See the miracles around you and that will make it easier for greater miracles to grow. See yourself in the light. The ego keeps its grip by making us feel needy and powerless and from this sense of lack grows a hunger to acquire everything in sight such as money, power, sex and pleasure which are supposed to fill up the lack, but they never do. Escape this package of illusion if you see yourself in the shadow fighting to get to God instead of in the light from the first moment.

SAINT The only difference between you and a-saint is that your light is small and a saint's is great. You are both of the light. See everyone else in the light. Revere (regard with awe, deference {submission or courteous yielding to the opinion, wishes or judgment of another, courteous respect} and devotion) what is holy. Our society teaches us to be skeptical of the sacred, but every saint is your future and every master is reaching over his shoulder to look at you, waiting for you to join him. Human representatives of God constitute an infinite treasure, dipping into this treasure will help you open your heart. Reinforce your intentions daily. Everyday life is a kind of swirling chaos and the ego is entrenched in its demands. You need to remind yourself, day in and day out, of your spiritual purpose. For some people it helps to write down their intentions, for others, periods of regular meditation and prayer are useful. Find your center. Look closely at yourself and do not let go of your intention until it feels centered inside yourself. Your intention is the most powerful tool at your disposal. Intend for everything to work out as it should, then let go and allow opportunities and openings to come your way. The outcome you are trying so hard to force may not be as good for you as the outcome that comes naturally, if you could give one percent of your life over to God every day, you would be the most enlightened individual in the world in three months, keep that in mind and surrender something, anything, on a daily basis. 

Every thought you have is either a memory or a desire. Thoughts are waves of energy. Thought can cause energy to move, that's how objects can be made to move. Thought controlled in another way can result in telepathy and can cause a individual at a distance to do a certain action if it's of higher consciousness that he's attuned to already (The Third Eye by T. Lobsang Rampa). We plant seeds with thoughts, allowing these seeds to grow and flourish and manifest at just the right time. With every thought a molecule is made. Set the intention for that day, perhaps one of uncertainty, so you grow spirituality. Constantly being in the ordinary tends to stagnate spiritual growth.

Feeling the heartbeat in the-fingertips is just from intention. Look at your fingertips for a moment. Your intention can take your awareness anywhere. Plant your intention for the future. Attention is usually on the present. So set goals, targets and move in direction of your dreams.

Just don't be-attached to outcomes. You don't control outcomes. Don't be rigidly attached to the particular outcome that you want. Trust the universe here: Romans 8:28. Thinking makes molecules. It's the idea that structures the molecule. Any thought not filled with love is an invitation for the shadow to enter. Every thought either heals or harms. Our thoughts have power no matter what we think, so think with love. Law of cause and effect guarantees that we will experience the result of what we choose to think. We can think whatever we want to think because we have free will. Merely to think is to ask properly. Avoid chasing your dreams into the world. Pursue them into your heart where thoughts come from and where do they go? Turn your attention to who's listening. It's your consciousness, so from this deeper consciousness thoughts arise and subside. Set intention it so it is impossible to go back. Single mindedness of purpose is a well defined purpose not countermanded by anything else. Have fixity of purpose and just be alert to the opportunities. Thought has no localization in space but in time as it has a beginning. All is thought. Thought creates vibration. Vibration comes from a silent motionless source. A thought is an impulse of energy and information or an intention. Every thought is a state of information and energy. Thought is an epiphenomenon produced by physical matter.

Consciousness is the epiphenomenon of matter. Molecules move around and produce this epiphenomenon we experience as thought. Plant that intention like a fertile seed in your heart, your soul. Then release it. Leave it up to the universe to answer, leave itup to spirit to work out the details.

Intention is the activity of the information field (see Attention). Intention always originates in non local mind where the prompts come to you from. Repeated thoughts here are important. Intention is information toward transformation. Mantras are sounds in consciousness and they're also thoughts in consciousness, but they are thoughts without a history, vehicles of the mind as it were; that's how the word translates in Sanskrit

THOUGHT HISTORY Every thought that you have has a history from your memory and/or from what's called the collective consciousness. Every thought creates a vibration in the universe, but the thought itself has no location in space. It's thinking energy. Intention is an impulse of energy. You become one with what you think if you choose to, by agreeing with it. Only agree with the best thoughts.

You have thoughts but where is the thinker? The thinker is the field of infinite potentialities between the thought. Where are thoughts manufactured? There is a statistical likelihood (a probability) that a certain thought will progress to another thought. You have emotional experiences, but where do the emotions come from?  Where is the interpreter of thoughts and the choice maker, the idea maker, the intention decider? 

"From where did reason originate. We have it, but what's its present source? Is it intuition, the omniscient.faculty of the soul, that fathers the faculties of reason and discrimination?"....Paramahansa Yogananda.

Doing occurs when thinking and feeling are in sync. Organs think but not linguistically as the brain does. The universe thinks through you. It's all the same molecules and atoms. Your intent brings up the necessary events. Intention magnetizes so that meaningful.coincidences now occur. You are not your thoughts. You are the thinker who decides on which thoughts are right for you. With every thought a molecule is made. In this is the process of interpretation of the self to the self. We interact with the self with different forms of our own attention, such as the thoughts regarding going over the circumstances of your day.

Unconscious thoughts run your life. Increase awareness by noticing every thought that's good or dim it with every thought that isn't:.2Corinthians 10:5. Do you recall the parable of the sower and the seed?:.Matthew 13:1-9. Our purpose is to transcend the physical world to the soul. This is accomplished when an individual meditates, contemplates, prays and gathers new spiritual insights by studying and learning from life. The real you seems to be, but is not, in the physical body. The thinker is not in the body. All religions say something to the effect of 'being in this world but not of it':.Philippians 2:15; 2Peter 1:4,10.

Reality is not local. We are born unconditioned spirits as it were trapped in conditions of physical existence. Why?

The thinker and the interpreter are one. Each is a function of mind; depends upon which the attention may be on, the thought or the interpretation. All functions are possible because of energy, energy directed by intention, therefore intention is transformation and the source of this is what's called the gap

Each thought and emotion circulates around the planet. We are all members of one body. Thought gains its integrity from feelings. Intention is information. Having the mind's attention on information produces thinking. Our intentions are the intentions of the universe:.John 16:24 "...ask and you'll receive, that your joy may be full."

Intention knows how to create what the intention is. One's emotions and body are intertwined. Bad emotions more toxic than bad food.

NEURO PEPTIDES Every time you have an emotion or thought neuro peptides (neuro = of the brain {nerves} and peptide = protein like molecules) are made in the brain and cells have receptors so the cells can talk to each other. These chemical changes become attached to cells throughout the body through these receptors. The processes can't be found, yet all we say and do in daily living comes out of these processes. Where your thought goes, a molecule goes.

Unlike animals, we can use imagination. Humans ask questions. Animals don't. No animal knows difference between Monday and Tuesday or between Eva and Evan's preference of car colors. We are the only creature knowledgeable about death.

Question your thinking. Is it from love or fear? Holistic speech is saying the right thing at the right moment. Do things impeccably and leave results to universe. The gap is where leaps of creativity come from. The power to manifest through intention orchestrates its own fulfilment. Get rid of toxic living, emotions, food, water, relationships. Ask self if things to decide upon cultivate separation or unity. Get total knowledge of yourself. 

We think that we think but really we are usually the thoughts of the collective consciousness. Often thoughts we have are offensive in some way to ourselves. Relinquish the need to judge helps create silence. You are not of the thought. You are the thinker and this never changes. Merely to think is to ask properly. 

Since all is God, what is it that makes a life spirit? It's intention. Where your attention and intention is, it grows. Seek to understand and know your soul. Just have the intention, the invisible world of God or intelligent energy, will carry it out. What's sown in the heart is carried through with in daily life.

Close the gap of separation, the fear, greed, rage and hopelessness. Emphasize the truth of reality, the higher consciousness things that give life its meaning and joy.

Connect to these better things so you can stay apart from the negatives. A habit is a repeated intention. Repeat your intentions until they are habits. Intent organizes the non local energy information into what we know. Intention is a seed in consciousness or Spirit. Plant a seed in the ground, add water and it knows what to do. The programming is there. Put all your concerns into the hands of the non local mind of God:.1Peter 5:7 "Casting all your care upon him, for he cares for you."

Thoughts are of only two kinds, memories and imaginings. Think and repeat thoughts to break out of the impossible, because intent collapses from the non local into the material world. Decide what you want to do that's aligned with the intelligent energy and non local mind supports it. Intention must fulfil the needs of both the local intelligence and non local universal spirit, your soul and the Soul of all.

Have the intention to create joy in others. Intent is the means by which one's soul is changed. Intent is decision. One can avoid having intent toward change. It can be masked by developing friendships and family ties. Ultimately, however, each of us needs to feel a sense of inner fullness and peace.

INVISIBILITY be familiarly dressed, have no brain waves, which is thinking. Some in Tibet can shield their brain waves. Some who can do other phenomenons cannot become invisible; just like some can play musical instruments with training and others are not so good at it.

JESUS (proper name is Emmanuel). His mission was to redeem humanity and to bring about the kingdom of God on Earth. As we move into the intuitive response, one of the 7 ways we react to the world, we become less reactive, having been redeemed. The Bible is a book of these stages of consciousness; The Father refers to the ineffable, the Silence

Emmanuel is an awareness we have once the mind is redirected toward the spiritual, the light, which is higher consciousness, which has always been there:.John 8:58. Emmanuel is in a state of unity with the Father of the family.

We are here, not to imitate Emmanuel's individuality but to abide in him, that is, His character and that was of high consciousness:.John 15:4. Emmanuel is always among 2 or 3 humans of high consciousness who may be gathered together:.Matthew 18:20.

The prize is spiritual. Emmanuel said what good is it to gain the world and lose contact with the soul:.Matthew 16:26. Emmanuel wanted to inspire a new world in God. Emmanuel's name for calmness of soul was kingdom of God. Here, the Father and love are one. Here there is no separation in thought. Emmanuel was able to manifest physical things out of the invisible realm. Remember the money in the fish:.Matthew 17:27. Remember I am alpha and omega:.Revelation 1:8. The word becomes the physical or,  the quantum event becomes the neuro peptide.

JOB: Choose a job that nurtures you. Live in a place that connects you. Listen to the answers that arise when you ask the questions.."Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence." ...Henry David Thoreau. Every involvement with others is an opportunity. The best job is impossible to define as there are many factors yet to know; same with the 'best' car. Be only in the present when applying for a job. Forget about what they may think of you. Don't give place in your mind, especially to past rejections or to fears of the future.

JUDGMENT Once you begin to refer to yourself as the source, the goal, the path to all happiness, judgment begins to dissolve because it is no longer necessary. It's hard to face judgment because a strong force called denial pops up every time you impose a model over reality. You are then judging and in judging you are limiting yourself. To tell if an individual is free of judgment ask him if this is the best time of his life, which it always is if one is living from the spirit and in the present. He or she is then growing spiritually. The cheapest way to feel good about yourself is by feeling superior to other people and from this small seed grows every manner of judgment. Use this simple formula, when you are tempted to judge another human being, no matter how obviously he or she deserves it. Remind yourself that everyone is doing the best he or she can from his or her own level of consciousness and leave the rest to God:.Romans 14:4 "Who are you that judges another man's servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Yea, he shall be holden up, for God is able to make him stand.".Replace need to judge with complete acceptance. Forget about comparing yourself:.2Corinthians 10:12

Don't judge yourself. When you act out of love you don't need to judge self:.Romans 13:10 "Love works no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.".When you judge yourself as having no regrets and no expectations, then every day is the happiest day of your life..Today I will judge nothing that occurs, I shed the burden of judgment and when I shed it I'll be free as a leaf in the wind.".Avoid living in fear of judgment. Observe yourself without judging yourself. With some people it's yesterday's hurt that they are defending against today. Yesterday's glory we may want to regain, but blame and judgment blinds our own being.

Is guilt wearing a moral mask to disguise its pain? There seems to be no pain when we instinctively hold our breath when we get a bad cut or whatever. Deal with all pain or it increases. It can come out as anger, hostility, fear or anticipation of misfortune. Be in touch with the pain as it is happening. This is responsibility. Nobody can hurt you unless you give them permission to do so. Shed the burden of judgment, those things which create the turbulence of our internal dialog. It's not necessary to judge. Get away from things that cause turbulence in our internal dialog, such things as this is right and this is wrong, also analysis, classifications, values, various judgments, putting labels on people and occurrences, definitions, descriptions, evaluations, etc. All judgment comes down to judging against yourself, such as a general lack of confidence, a sense of victimization, like, I'm not good enough. Many develop a false image and try to live up to it, even to such an extent that you believe you are the idealized self. Forget it! Just progress spiritually and things will be what they may.

One can't be happy judging someone, concentrating on blame, on a mistake of someone else. All judgment comes down to judging yourself. You can exchange judgment for the real experience of compassion, love and forgiveness, that's the healing that comes with being whole. Judgment is often simply guilt wearing a moral mask to disguise its pain. Once you decide your inner pain is a moral issue you have no trouble blaming someone else you feel is inferior to you in some way.

KAMA SUTRA Kama is desire, your object of desire. Sutra (means to join together by sewing; a suture) is a mantra, a statement that can cause a shift in consciousness.

Social conditioning has made it look like God is not friendly to sex. If God is an omniscient (all knowing) creator why would he have created sex knowing that it would turn into an endless source of trouble? Of course He didn't. We have added the social conditioning which has affected our minds to add the constriction (to make smaller or narrower by binding or squeezing; to squeeze or compress) which so many evidence towards sex today..Life is a sexually transmitted incurable desire. We were all made with it. We wouldn't be here without it.

KNOWLEDGE highest form of knowledge is to know who you are. We learn from life by experiencing it. Same with God. We learn God by experiencing God. Knowledge has organizing power and is the greatest healer producing neuro peptides. Knowledge is different at different levels of consciousness. Say no to negativity, but one has to determine what is not comfortable for him or her and what is. The opposite sides in life are necessary for this.

LACK is an illusion but abundance is real.

LESSONS FROM LIFE.A peak experience is one that has great meaning. Memory + experience = karma. Remember, caterpillars turn into butterflies. Let the cells in you create you into a new form.

LEVELS There are many levels of spirit but our thinking, due mostly to social conditioning, confines us to the experiential level, being that of the ego level, also called the ordinary consciousness level. Hearing about something is only one level, the level of thinking. Also needed are feeling and doing. All three have to merge before you are actually changing your individual reality. But what to do, what to feel? Where from here should we individually go and what's the vehicle that could take us there? First, the questions for consideration and next a vehicle to get there.

LIFE/.LIGHT there are many ways to live the light. The power of light is to bring every individual into a more advanced state. Walking a road is what we all do. Our home is always the present moment. Life is meant to be sweet:.John 10:10; 3John 1:2.

SWEET The times when life is truly sweet come from spirit.

HEAVEN is your life of love.

5 LEVELS OF EXISTENCE: 1) environment, the world, this country, this city, this room and all else we experience through our senses. Without a world there is no experience. If you can feel it, touch it, become aware of it through your five senses, then it's of this world; 2) physical body, which is also an experience; 3) mind; 4) soul; 5) spirit. All these are different manifestations of the same invisible intelligent being, which differ according to our physical growth from a baby to adulthood. All are different disguises of the same self which is you underneath it all. It's a responsibility of living. It's all just different ways of experiencing the same being.

What's this 'nothingness' from which we all come? Nature goes to exactly the same place to create all, including a thought.

LAWS TO LIFE: Non violence, truthfulness, integrity, honesty (unimpaired, undivided, wholeness) purity, self referral, together they constitute the great law of life, which is love:.Matthew 22:36-40. When firmly established in integrity all riches present themselves freely.

5 RULES OF LIVING: simplicity, contentment, purification, refinement, surrender to the infinite unbounded pure consciousness. Live life with gusto which is vigorous enjoyment, zest (know the stream of life flows through you, the life throb of ages). Four principles of existence are.being centered in mind.(centered awareness, aware of your connection with the stillness {the part of the Creator that comes through your mind}),.feeling.(is being precise in action, not distracted by toxic impulses that disempower you, things like anger, hostility, retribution, fear and jealously),.thinking.(its highest form is creativity, that there is no problem that cannot be solved by creativity using high consciousness ways) or.doing.(actions based upon the other).

In the presence of this invisible life of you, fear is gone. Joining with others in the search for increasing light makes it easier to live in the light. Be reflective and contemplative. Thought times cultivate light. The divine light comes from a thought system beyond our own. Live with detachment from the things which take away joy, such as the anger, etc. mentioned in the above paragraph. Live from the inner self not the ego self.

MYSTERY OF LIFE The mystery of life is we create our own universe. This includes how to bring the inner world to the surface. What is the duration of a life span in eternity? This life span of ours is but a trivial moment, whereas eternity stretches before and after it. Existence is the infinite unbounded consciousness and a life span is but a single thought in that consciousness. 

Another mystery of life is how are we held together? Have zest (flavor or interest; piquancy; spirited enjoyment). Appreciate it. Only one life expressing itself in myriad forms. Welcome the known that is beyond the known of past conditioning. Let life unfold as it will. Light is awareness. Your life is the product of your awareness. Every choice follows from that and so does every step of growth. Life is not a set right and wrong unswerving road to all you want. Life is desire. Life leaves nothing and no one out. The meaning of life is everything. Chemicals don't reproduce themselves like life does, for example, the new life in a baby.

LIGHT in the Bible is awareness:.Luke 11:9; Revelation 3:20; Matthew 7:7 ask and it's given you; Psalms 119:130 "The entrance of your words gives light. It gives understanding unto the simple.".Life is the play of the tension between the forces of creativity and inertia. The mystery of life is how we are held together as we are mostly space.

Most walk a life of low expectations. Instead, want the best and trust your soul to bring it. If individual lives are precious to God why do we have wars? People try to freeze events. The flow of life is always receiving. Life is a school to unfold consciousness. Life is attracted to light. Let your light shine otherwise no good unless it flows:.John 1:4 "In him was life and the life was the light of men." I am the light, said Emmanuel:.John 8:12.

The purpose of God is to raise others to His status. You are the light of the world. Emmanuel came from the light and went back to it. Truth and love is the essence of the light. The light shapes itself into anything. Obstacles can't stop the formation of light. Realize you are the light. You are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14) and are in unity with God. Missing the mark is missing the light; missing the mark = forgetfulness, forgetting who you really are:.Philippians 3:14 "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Emmanuel."

Trees are your lungs. If they didn't breath neither would we. The flow of life is renewing, where inspiration is continuous and comes from everywhere but with certain inspirations for each of us alone. Life contains suffering and there are causes for this. Fear of death and other negatives are all because we do not know ourselves. We all have our shadow side where the ego is always there. If no shadow then you're not in the light. The brighter the light, the more distinct is the shadow. Get to know yourself. Examining your darker side is a part of the process.

Live your life from the level of the soul. God's light becomes real if we can see a definite brain response. Don't wish for externals:.Matthew 6:33. Solomon asked for wisdom, a quality of higher consciousness:.1Kings 3:9-15; 4:29-31. Wish for inner change, wish for the riches of the soul and all else will be added. If you wish for externals you'll be unhappy. All wishes we may have are for happiness. We just see it coming to us in ways that we've seen it come to others. But God has many ways to do things.

LISTENING /-SPEAKING don't be in hurry to give advice or interrupt when listening. Attention is listening with your whole being, not planning a response while others are still speaking. The purpose of speaking is to create happiness in the listener. Learn about conversing

Who is the silent listener if not your soul which is always awake. When you dose you are aware of all going on in the room, then someone or something awakens you and says you were snoring and you now realize that you were asleep.

LOVE strips away the illusion of separateness and turns any situation into sweet nectar. Be alert to how you can apply love in any situtation. Apply it to yourself. Love the parts of you that you normally have disdain for. Love the negative attitudes you have that are part of what it is that makes you, you. They'll fall away in time when you keep yourself in love. Replace any unloving thought you have about your body with love thoughts. Give yourself permission to love every wrinkle on your face and every pound on your body. Love the parts of you that you try to hide. Love the parts of you that you may be embarrassed about. Love the parts of you that are sometimes unkind, impatient and judgmental. Love the parts of you that are kind and gentle. Just be content with yourself where you are in your life. Allow this vast love to heal you from the inside out. Allow love to fluorish as the unique you that you are. Leave off from negatives that remain to haunt you by loving them too. They are all there for a reason and the reason is the uniqueness that you are. Allow others to have the gift of their unique natures. Why do we choose to hate and kill instead of love? Why is there hate anyhow? When you truly find love you find yourself. All that matters in life is how we love. We live to learn to love. In all you do be a lover. This takes you out of the ego realm. Find that path of love and you've found your own love story. Love is the natural course of everyone's awareness. See the world in the light of love. Love can never be taken away or lost because it comes from the spirit inside of us and thus, there is always enough of it. If it feels like love is lacking it's because we have forgotten who we really are.

LOVE AT THE CORE OF YOU To experience the love at the core of your being be gentle with yourself, noticing when your inner dialogue is harsh or critical and offering yourself patience and compassion. Here one can use affirmations such as "I love and accept myself just as I am."
"Everything in life is most fundamentally a gift. And you receive it best and you live it best by holding it with very open hands" ...Leo O'Donovan
"You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself and that individual is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection." ...Buddha

Know that you are pure love and infinitely lovable. Others being around a loving individual are affected for good even if they don't particulary care for the one who has love in his or her heart. Love is a strange frequency that affects all coming into contact with it. Love is stronger than terror because ultimately every impulse can be traced back to the eternal silence from which every created thing including all human beings arises. Your awareness knows this even when the cloak of turmoil covers over the truth. The highest expression of love is creativity.

CONDITIONS that turn consciousness toward love are, sitting alone in your own silence, immersing yourself in natural beauty, giving love to others and receiving it back, making art and appreciating art in all of its forms, laughing, dancing, playing with a child, any outlet for joy, communing with deep emotions, acting out of kindness and compassion, bonding, feeling at one with a group whose goals are positive and offering yourself in service. Love becomes an empty word when hurts are held. With deep love there is no room left for hurts. Love is the ultimate nature of reality, the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of all creation and it's this love that can change the whole world. In duality, in the belief in separateness, love comes and goes. In unity there is only love. Believe your love is pure. Love takes many forms. It's up to each of us  to chose which one to express. Love is like fertilizer to the heart. Nothing in the universe is more powerful than love, as it transforms human nature . . . example of rabbits fed a junk food diet, one group that was stroked by a keeper before feeding didn't get sick. Spirituality is about a new way of seeing and a new way of being. Love which is what the spirit is, is a force that binds all things into a single field of awareness, a single realm of spirit where no one is left out. Individual love is a manifestation of multiversal love in conditioned form, conditioned by the differences each individual. It leaves everyone out except the present beloved. At least here we catch a glimpse of the larger universal love. We all are attracted to and respond to the values of love such as feeling safe, worthy, at peace with ourselves, sexually gratified and appreciated.

You may claim you love someone but if he or she betrays you with another, your love turns to hatred. You were only in love with the image of what you thought the individual was like and now that image has been defiled. It was the image you loved all along and its betrayal makes you enraged, because you're not getting what you wanted for selfish reasons:.James 4:1; Habakkuk 2:18. Images are fantasies. We use them to protect ourselves from something we don't want to face.

AWARENESS AND LOVE ARE CONNECTED.Awareness is part of universal love. Love dances in the freshness of the unknown. Just be, be with your beautiful self. Let your love become a raging bonfire. Know it's true that you are loved, lovable and loving. Love = connection, acceptance, understanding, appreciation, intimacy, warmth and all the higher consciouseness qualities. Love can't be lost, taken away or earned, as it comes from inside us. If we feel it's lacking it's because we have forgotten who we really are, identifying instead with our ego's fears and forgetting our true identity.."Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." ...Rumi

If you have chosen to give love, you have also chosen to receive love, go out and live now. The universe listens to our intentions, give love, receive love. Love is a force as real as gravity. In believing we are lovable we attract love. Our natural state is to be in love every minute of every day. It's our intended natural state. By knowing that the love we seek is inside us our defenses melt away, our hearts open and the love in our life expands. Every infant knows this. We attract in our life who we are. Become the qualities you seek. Love is meant to remove all doubts and remove all fear. Love harmonizes differences:.Romans 13:10

The moods these meditations evoke will bring you all the things your heart, the deep heart of you, really wants. What you seek, you already are. It's your attention on it that you have that brings it out from the invisible. The secret of love which is love itself, guides us back to love through the effortless act of listening. It is believing that we are lovable. It is self love, not of the ego or the individuality, but in the knowing that each of us is completely loved and lovable.

The negatives submerge love:.Matthew 24:12 "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

Knowing that you are a being of love causes the world to mirror your knowing of it. You can have confidence in this, going forth in life with joy:.Romans 5:5 "And hope makes not ashamed, because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.".Emmanuel said:.John 17:26 "...the love wherewith you have loved me may be in them and I in them.".God never takes away what He's given you, only you can submerge it to not affect you:.Hebrews 13:5 "...for he has said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you."

Judging against sex has been humanity's big mistake. Spirit and flesh have never been separate, they just keep apart so they can flirt. Your life with love is heaven. Both the beauty and love you see in life is a reflection of the beauty and love you see in yourself. All wrongs in the world arise from a belief in non love. If you want a scripture you can believe in read your lover's eyes and read the eyes of a child. Awareness and love cannot be destroyed. When you live to love you last forever. Love is constant:.1Corinthians 13:8. The journey is our way of experiencing an illusion, the illusion that love can change, but although love changes things, it itself never does:.1Corinthians chapter 13. Although the wind can change a landscape, it's always wind.

A deep wish is love. J. Paul Getty, one time purported to be the richest man on Earth, said after four failed marriages, something to the effect of 'I would gladly give up all I've got to have one loving relationship'. Healing is love, all prayers ask for love. 

Don't buy into someone else's reality, why? Love is the eternal being at the core of individuality. Love is attention without judgment. When giving of yourself out of love, you lose nothing. Instead one's sense of self expands beyond ego driven needs and desires. Love is reassurance that you are cherished (precious and important to, fondly in mind). Love can't flow when it's trapped inside one individual.

The secret of love is having nothing to hide. Don't spend your whole life guarding your own private world. Live from your inner world that is open to everyone. When lovers meet, one part of God is taking pleasure in another part of God. Making love feels like being God because God invented it. What we seek in love and sex is the deep soul of God. If there's no love in it, it's an illusion. Pleasure is the smile that love bestows on mortality. Loving another individual is not separate from loving God, one is a single wave, the other the ocean. The awakening of true love lies in finding peace within passion and passion within peace. Love changes with the passage of time, but it never diminishes, it is always present in its fulness. Love does not need a reason. It speaks from the irrational wisdom of the heart..The freshness of life is love.(*).and nothing else. Love is like water, if it doesn't flow it stagnates.

HOW TO KNOW if you love someone and they love you? If they take a piece of your heart with them when they are away from you, is a good indication. Like everytime a new dog comes into your life they gift you with a piece of their heart.."Footfalls (footsteps) echo in the memory down the passage which we did not take towards the door we never opened."....T.S. Eliot. How we love!

INFINITY extends in all directions from any of us; any dog, any rock, every point in space is every other point, all of them are points of awareness.

Are we located in space or time? If we don't know where we are located, here, there or anywhere, how can we say this body of me is mine and not that other body (hints to a key of how Dr. Hew Len healed the criminally insane as reported in ZeroLimits). If we can't hang onto any specific location in space or time, how can we claim any exclusivity over our thoughts. There is no idea you have or I have that we can claim to be exclusively ours:.Ecclesiastes 1:9 "The thing that has been, it is that which shall be and that which is done is that which shall be done and there is no new thing under the sun."

Where is this self? this silent witness, this observer, this commander is not found in the body or mind because it is beyond the body and mind. It's in the gap. The thinker, the small self, communicates with the big self, the intelligent universe. The thinker behind the thought is in this gap, this corridor, this window, this transformational vortex, the non local. Quantum physicists call this the 'no thing ness' and the 'void', a 'something' that they know is real, though invisible and  through which each of us and that cosmic mind communicate. My desires are like seeds in the ground waiting for the right season. That's who I am. The unknown is the territory of lovers.

5 MASCULINE ENERGIES On the emotional level, they are courage, discipline, decisiveness, strength, chivalry (bravery, courtesy, honor and gallantry toward women {gallantry is nobility of spirit or action, courtliness [stately, elegant; refined, elegantly or politely]}). On the feminine side the 5 emotional energies are beauty, intuition, nurturing, affection and tenderness.

Passion in life and passion in love keep the fire of life alive and spark the birth of creation. Passion for another has to fade. Everything rises and falls, comes into and out of existence. But passion for life itself is eternal..A love based on spirit has no fear of being wounded. If we create any open space within ourselves, love will fill it. Create an open space by the giving up of negatives which so often fill us and instead allow the impulse of love to dissolve the old imprint which has marked our character.

JOURNEY: Love is the beginning of the journey. Love is its end and even the journey itself. It's not about the destination we believe we are heading towards, but the journey in which we fill our emptiness and then flow our fulness back into the world. Love never forces:.Luke 6:35 "But love your enemies and do good and lend, hoping for nothing again and your reward shall be great and you shall be the children of the Highest, for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil." 1Corinthians 13:4 "Charity suffers long and is kind. Charity envies not. Charity vaunts not itself, is not puffed up.".Charity is an old English word for love.

Love is intelligent and brings the good needed. Love is based not on how we act or feel but on our level of awareness. If you are aware of a desire to be more loving you'll become more loving, that easy. Be aware too, that you are loved and that you are love and that you are the process of love and are the beloved (beloved is being dearly loved). Have the intention of love in all your thoughts and actions. Contemplate love every day (contemplate is to look at attentively and thoughtfully, to see, to consider carefully and at length, to meditate on or ponder {contemplated the problem from all sides}, to have in mind as an intention or possibility). Loving reflections make the heart grow. Attachment is a form of dependency based on ego. The freshness of life is love and nothing else. What God gives us out of love can be given to someone else. Love is non attachment (joined to something) based on spirit, that is, you love yourself and the other. Self love grows when we refuse to follow the impulses of anger and fear. Trust that the universe is on your side.

DEFENSELESSNESS: Vulnerability, complete naturalness and playfulness (full of fun and high spirits; frolicsome or sportive, like a playful kitten; humorous; jesting). We all draw upon the higher self for identity, life, awareness, will, love. The individual our affectionate attention is upon reflects our share of universal love. If we learn to look deep enough we will see our reality is only love.

ROMANCE: is a state in which our primary relationship is not with our beloved but with ourself. Get oneself right and the world reflects that back. Romance begins when we can show our soul to another human being. What creates romance is the ability to see ourselves as lovable. Romance is set apart from all other forms of love by the intensity of bliss. Bliss is natural to life but once we cover it over we must search for it in another, that is why you feel attached to or feel the need to be attached to one you believe is separate from you. The secret to sexuality is the absence of guilt. All things alive come from sexual energy. In animals it's biological creativity, in humans the creativity is physical, emotional and spiritual. Sexual energy is at work anytime we feel attraction, arousal (to awaken as if from a sleep, to stir up, excite).

-AWAKENING:."Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakens."....Carl Jung. Alertness, passion, interest, inspiration, excitement, creativity or enthusiasm; when you feel these states of awareness, put attention on this energy that is being experienced. Nourish it with attention. Experience it with joy. This keeps it alive in your awareness

-CONTENTMENT and belonging; contentment is one of the four qualities that lead you into living from the spirit, others are; be ecstatic and be well.

INFATUATION: Infatuation is the release from old boundaries and makes everything new. Infatuation is makes lovers feel reborn. A shift in perception occurs. Sex without love is like trying to grow a rose with Sun and no water. Sexual energy is the primal creative energy of the universe. To understand who you are, sex must be part of your complete self. It's the mind that separates love into the separation we call good and bad. Sex and love in general is the most powerful spiritual experience we will have in our lifetimes. Bodies squeeze so close in sex that they melt into one another. Women gain satisfaction by the consciousness that she is being pleasured. Sexual energy is neutral, it can be loving or unloving depending upon how you use it. Sex is crucial as part of the virtuous (virtue is moral excellence) life. Pleasure and virtue are linked. Finding one's self in sex is a blessing. Losing yourself in sex is a pleasure. When you love someone, you crave to touch. Desire doesn't require expert advice. Love making is an art and science. Pleasure is as necessary to the body and one's sense of wellbeing as food. Pursue pleasure in moderation and with caution. No one refrains from cooking because they fear beggars will come and eat their food once it's made or from sowing seed because they fear the deer will come and eat the growing crop. While we are caught in the ecstatic moment of sex, all of reality seems like a miracle. We were born to be the hero of our own story. The face of one who loves you expresses the love that was there forever. It existed long before this individual and was just expressed through him or her. Love isn't a feeling. It's a state of being. When sex is fully loving we experience the Divine through our partner.

ECSTASY: Sexual love energized by absolute love is ecstasy. Ecstasy is a state of emotion so intense that one is often carried beyond rational thought. Ecstasy flows through love. Nature is expresses ecstasy with all its beauty. Shed all your labels and what remains is ecstasy. A life filled with chaos as created by one's ego is extremely difficult to fill with ecstasy, but chaos is there with a pattern for one's good beneath it all. There is no fear of living to the one having decided to love. Love casts out fear:.1John 4:18 "There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love."

Equality is the first step toward acceptance and acceptance is love (see your partner as equal). sex allows us to blend the needs of the self with the freedom of the self; sexual desire is sacred; the highest eros (sexual yearning, love or desire) is to take God as a love. Bliss, carefreeness and playfulness are the essence of sex. People who really love us keep on loving us even when we are not loving ourselves. God's ability to love us is limited only by our ability to receive that love here and now. Attune yourself to spirit and it'll speak to you in love. In a state of unity the Self (which is you actualized by love, which is God:.1John 4:8,16) will provide unconditional love which means no betrayal or abandonment could ever harm us. Love takes many forms, it's up to each of us to chose which one to express. Like a new born child, the infatuated (unreasoning passion or attraction) lover sees the world through eyes that make the world holy.

COMMITMENT: Fear of commitment mirrors a belief that spirit is unreachable, thus love becomes hopeless. When you feel love, speak your heart, be truthful, remain open. We are the gift and the giver. We are all innocent in the light of love. Don't give up on your commitment. Being  committed to someone means to have enough love and understanding to let the other individual be who he or she wants to be. Have the love that permits freedom. All love is based on the desire for spirit. It is not based on how we act or feel but on our level of awareness. God is love. Light is love. Nothing but love exists, but we submerge it for illusion. Never lose sight of love. Love prevents the realms of darkness and fear from invading out lives. Any thought not filled with love is an invitation for a shadow to enter. Every thought either heals or harms. Having experienced perhaps at birth that one moment that split us from love, we are forever tempted to deny love to others. If you withhold love from anyone you withhold it from yourself. Add to the light by adding to your love. Learn to love the unlovable:.James 1:17 "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.".In the presence of light the shadow does not exist, because one is the light himself.

The purpose of life is to remember the love within you by remembering its presence within everyone else.

Ask for help in this. When you even say that you are willing to see this situation differently you are giving permission to the Illuminator to enter into our thought system leading us from insanity back to truth. Love is not thinking unloving thoughts about others and situations.

HOLY SPIRIT: The Holy Spirit is a spirit of wholeness, the thought adjuster or the illuminator. Never be tempted to deny love. See the love in everyone else. See their light. Where there is no love, the expectation of fear.looms. In alignment with love, we receive love constantly.

What to do with the shadow. Fear slowly burns to crush the soul. The shadow can only be eliminated by shining the light. To live in the light, shine it forth. Never withhold love from anyone. Avoid blaming. We achieve sanity by learning to love as God loves. Love is attention without judgment. We have strayed far from that first moment of birth. Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given. The solution to issues is never at the level of the problem. The solution is always love and love is beyond all problems.

To see love in the moment we must clean the windows of perception. Perception is a selective act of attention and interpretation. All perception is movement of consciousness which we call thought. Perception is awareness with thought content and awareness without thought content is consciousness. What you experience is shaped by your habits of perception; always be thinking what can I give; all obstacles are created by ourselves through a belief in non love. Love grows on the basis of giving. Giving and receiving are different forms of the same energy. When we give from the limitless joy and abundance of our heart, we increase the circulation of abundance and love in our lives. If we feeldiminished when we give or we give grudgingly, then the gift is not truly giving. To receive love we must give love. To love, be lovable. Love knows we exist. What are you observing, feeling, needing? Love grows on the basis of giving. Kindness is courtesy of the heart on the top of the list that makes you special. Compassion is even more precious because they it is not selfish. And peace, is another rare quality. Be at peace no matter what and wherever. Peaceful people show you their soul.

LOVE QUALITIES: I love myself for being with positive and negative qualities because I am complete when both are present. Just radiate simple humanity. Love has no opposites as it's whole, it's not the opposite of hate. Love renews (Revelation 21:5), removes all doubts, ousts all fear and harmonizes differences, brings us peace, makes us safe, inspires us with its power. Love is honesty, faith, devotion. Love = connection, acceptance, understanding, appreciation, intimacy, and warmth.

From the Kama Sutra p33, mutual love is when each looks on the other as his or her very own. You want people to see you without your labels.Gget away from the need to label and to judge, then all will fall into place. Live beyond your label classifications. People buy into the judgments they make on the spot. You can't make people see you the way you want them to. The image you have of you has power over you. We see in others what we want for ourself. It's always a mirror. Only at the soul level is a real individual looking for another real individual. The heart can't be fooled by image. Your beloved is your mirror. The secret is that you feel loved and you attract in your life who you are. Become the qualities that you seek. You can't be yourself when you are on display. Love is the opposite of being on display. Then you show who you are. Never shop for people. Know that your essential nature is pure love (what does that mean?). Knowing this you will instead feel free to be lavish in your expression of love and you will enthusiastically respond to the gesture of love that comes your way, such as a smile from a stranger or a child, a twinkle in the eyes of a friend, a warm hand shake, a gentle squeeze, a hug or a compliment. Exhibit the grandeur of your being and your whole life will be a romance and a long love story dedicated to bliss and joy. Every infant knows this. This is the secret of love. When you are comfortable with your own ambiguity, your inner dialogue won't lead you to act in ways that push love away. The ultimate truth at the heart of all creation is love. It's the solution to every problem (a problem is a question to be considered, solved or answered, a situation, matter or individual that presents perplexity or difficulty). Self love is to be in the knowing that you are loved and completely lovable and then the world will mirror that knowing. It's your world and by responding to it that way it responds back to you. The secret of love is love itself. To receive love we must give love. Love is spirit. Spirit is the Self, located nowhere, yet everywhere at the same time. We freeze it by putting attention on itself which freezes it into a space time event in a continuum of eternity. This force flows through all the universe, flowers, waterfalls, etc. Love grows on the basis of giving. The solution is never at the level of the problem. The solution is love, which is beyond all problems. Don't force solutions on problems, it creates more problems. We are deluding ourselves when we believe that another individual is who we love. The other individual is a pretext (an excuse) by which we give ourselves permission for love. Love isn't a feeling, it's a state of being. Recall the love you have had with parents, others, etc. The story of almost everyone is a story of love waiting to be coaxed (persistent persuasion) out and of affection that has to wait in silence because it is afraid to emerge.

FEELINGS Love is sparked by feelings of delight. When did love start, for you, for humanity? Love's greatest action is simply to be, which is no action, it's a supreme state of nonattachment and yet the most satisfying state. Find an outlet for your love where you can give it freely. Love wants to find itself and when the circuit is complete love flows. Love that doesn't flow is no love at all, only yearning and longing. The pain of yearning is a mask for the ecstasy of bliss. Shakespeare:."love is not love which alters when it alteration finds".

Love becomes fractured when our ego overshadows our spirit and when we ourselves are fractured within ourselves. It's not natural to be unloving. The face of one who loves you expresses the love that was there forever. It existed long before this individual and was just expressed through this individual. See the other in yourself. What you seek, you already are. Deepak has said the."mirror of relationships".is that in which you see the other in you and yourself in the other, 'tat tvan asi' (I am that).

Metta is a Buddhist meditation means 'loving kindness meditation', where you start with your own heart and radiate metta of loving kindness out into the world. The process allows you to reflect on each relationship in your life, starting with the relationship you have with yourself. Begin by inviting loving kindness into your heart and filling whatever emptiness is there until you are so full of love that you have plenty to share, then let it flow first out to your teachers, family members, friends, acquaintances, those with whom you have a grievance and finally to all on the planet. Then allow this lovingkindness to be the foundational element of every other relationship past, present and future. Looking at life through the lens of lovingkindness allows you to view each relationship as a divine connection, you step forward with compassion, appreciating that the other individual is doing their best from their own level of consciousness. The mirror of relationships is seeing the other in your self. Love is a flow of information and energy, aunity of consciousness. Then it's impossible to hurt or be hurt. Love transforms. Hate constricts and leads to heart issues. Love clears negatives.from the heart because it flows renewing energy. Have a good time with your life. You are divine, of love and here there is no sense of separation. When you look at yourself see only love. When lovers meet one part of God is taking pleasure in another part of God, the union of sex and love is above the union of men and woman. Universal love is the expression of individual love and individual love is the concentration of multiversal love. Love is merging of the spirit with the spirit. Do you feel the other's soul merging with yours? We are the same being in different disguises. God is yourself in disguise or you are God disguised as you. Action without love is meaningless. If you feel unloved, unworthy and unsafe, no amount of the opposite will help, but if in love, you are aroused by the sexual and romantic thrill of the other individual. Every unselfish act allows more love to come into the world. Love increases the immune response. True love is recognizing another's soul. Love is a vibration older than humanity. Clean the obstacles that prevent love from expressing is much like cleaning out obstructed plumbing. Love and creativity, in fact, all higher consciousness things occur at the non local level, that is, occurs in the spirit. Mature love = the Spirit behind it. You want to merge with the soul of others. Silence is the home of the Spirit. The soul is waiting for you to tap into the most powerful force in the universe. The supreme force is love and is like fertilizer to the heart. Nothing in the universe is more powerful than love, as it transforms human nature. The example of rabbits fed a junk food diet; one group that was stroked by a keeper before feeding didn't get sick. Love is more than a feeling, it's a power to change when you release the flow of love inside throgh good actions. Love is being vulnerable and invincible at the same time. Love transforms biology. All lessons of life are lessons of love. You'll never know the power of love until you bond with someone. Love needs to express in relaxed body language, interest in the other as evidenced by facing them squarely and showing your presence being open to them. Deep respect is soul to soul. Life unfolds spontaneously from the source. When we believe we are loved there is room to allow another individual to love us. In the eyes of spirit each of us is always enough.

The secret of infatuation is second attention. Infatuation brings the fantasy closer. Being shown a gesture of love is like being offered a portion of God. The infatuation vision of lovers is like the holy vision of saints. A lover sees in ordinary things the spiritual light that is always there. The infatuated ones see not as others see, they see as lovers do."Lovers share a sacred decree ... to seek the Beloved. They roll head over heels, rushing toward the Beautiful One like a torrent of water."....Rumi. Those infatuated with each other have gone into a truer reality. They have discovered the extraordinary in what everyone else sees as ordinary. They have lept into an unbounded world, a causeless and timeless one. Rumi one of the Sufi poets said."Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing there is a field. I'll meet you there." ...Rumi. Nothing kills romance faster than fear. Although infatuation fades, its value does not. Receive graciously. True love is here and now. Whatever we can remember or anticipate is only a shadow of love. We know we have fully experienced love when we turn into love. That is the spiritual goal of life. Loving our beloved is the way we love God. Love's greatest action is simply to be. Here there is no action, only a state of nonattachment. We are deluding ourselves when we believe that another individual is who we love. The other individual is a pretext (excuse) by which we give ourselves permission for love. Think about love, recall the love you have had, with parents, others, etc. The story of almost everyone is a story of love waiting to be coaxed (persistent persuasion) out and of affection that has to wait in silence because it is afraid to emerge. Love is sparked by feelings of delight. Keep in touch with your feelings and any pain, by being aware of bodily sensations, as they reflect emotional states. Love nurtures and sustains us depending upon our commitment to it. In the realm of lovers there is only one beloved. Here there is no coming or going. Lovers wander looking for each other. There is no need for this wandering. The soul of lovers lives in a place beyond time. The one beloved searching for herself in the other. Let us become passionate lovers, lovers in life, lovers in death, lovers in the tomb, lovers on the day of resurrection, lovers in paradise, lovers forever. If you have not known this love, don't count your life as having lived. On the day of judgment it will not be counted. There is a bazaar where love is traded for free. There is a river of wine where drunken merriment knows no rest, where burning passion knows no repose, where billions of galaxies dance, where restless lovemaking gives birth to universe upon universe. Lift your veil so I may see your face. Part the clouds so I may see the moon. Scatter your hair so I may sense your fragrance. Part your lips so I may kiss your breath. I want that love that moves mountains. I want that love that splits the ocean. I want that love that makes the winds tremble. I want that love that roared like thunder. I want that love that will raise the dead. I want that love that lifts us to ecstasy (a state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond rational thought and self-control). I want that love that is the silence of eternity. ...End Disk 1 The Secret of Love;

The Secret of Love Disk 2: The secret of love is love itself. Love is not just a mere emotion, it's the ultimate truth at the heart of creation. People don't allow their natural state of love to come out. Many find this difficult. Love heals. Love makes us feel safe, makes us closer to the divine because it is the divine presence. We all have abundant love available within us. Use it! Love is the solution to every problem, so let's explore the secret of love in a simple manner and also the stages of love as it moves from selfish love to universal love. The social mask hides what all are and that's love. Sexual love energized by absolute love is."You split me and tore my heart open. You filled me with love. You poured your spirit into mine. I knew you as I know myself. My eyes are radiant with your light. My ears delight in your music. My nostrils are filled with your fragrance. My face is covered with your dew. You have made all things new. You have made me see all things shining. You have granted me perfect ease. I have become like Paradise."....Rumi.

MANIFESTING: Desire is the connection between manifestation and its realization. Once you realize you are God, to the extent that you are (how?), you can manifest. Christ was manifest by the Creator-Father we call God:.1John 1:2. If you have a desire, you are meant to fulfil it. Learn about manifesting your desires. Have a goal but detached, like, if I don't get there I don't care, my life is in God:.Psalms 62:5-8. The emergence of this world is no more than thoughts manifesting themselves.(John 6:63 "It is the spirit that quickens; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life."), this happens when the infinite vibrates. All these worlds are no more than modification of consciousness/ The material world rises from vibrations from this unified field. Even as movement is inherent in air, manifestation is inherent in consciousness. Our beings have manifested by becoming what was in God's mind. God is life. Without God there would be no life. 

Slip into the silence. Be sure your ego is not your internal reference point. Release your desire into this field of silence, the silence of meditation. In the desire itself is the mechanics for its fulfilment. This present moment holds the entire future of your life and manifests in about 6 mths.

Opposing energies are needed in order to have manifestation. Experience validates the knowledge we have put into practice. The universe orchestrates what is necessary to bring it all into manifestation. It knows what to do with your desire. Let it work. Leave it be until you see pathways to follow. Take the pathway always of love. That way you'll know it's what God expects you to follow. Your life gets better. Divine intelligence manifests whatever we can imagine. Consciousness creates reality. Embrace silence. The gap is where leaps of creativity come from. The power to manifest through intention orchestrates its own fulfilment and things appear in time according to what you are looking for. Every act of what we call magic is giving permission to natural law to act. Whatever is in the mind is like a city in the clouds. In order to have manifestation you need contrast, opposing energies; consider a battery, consider male and female producing a baby.

GESTATION the emergence of this world is nothing more than God's thoughts coming into manifestation and like a seed for a baby, a tree, a flower, a vegetable, they have separate times for manifesting, for coming into physical view. An Indian mantra of manifestation is 'so hum'.

MATTER is a burst of particles from waves. Matter is condensed energy, like a carrot is the condensed energy of the Sun.

MEASURE.how do you quantify/measure love, emotions, feelings, a thought? The body is energy and information, not solid matter.

MEDITATION meditation helps you find the part of you that doesn't change, the timeless you and when you find that part of you that doesn't change then you'll be able to cause transformation in the part of you that does change:.Psalms 4:4 "Stand in awe and sin not. Commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still. Psalms 77:6 "I call to remembrance my song in the night. I commune with mine own heart and my spirit made diligent search."

In the silence of meditation (meditative music in background is also good) you return to your original unconditioned mind which starts to restore balance in your physical body. When you meditate, you go beyond the mind's restless, agitated and confused state into a higher state that is clear and steady and still. When you meditate on a regular basis, you cultivate inner calm and peace. From the stillness of meditation one is in his or her best position to access the intuition and creativity to manifest his dreams. In meditation we get to know that oneness from which all else is known, the one master formula governing the entire universe.

In all the universe the pattern is only love.."Every soul innately yearns for stillness, for a space, a garden where we can till, sow, reap and rest and by doing so come to a deeper sense of self and our place in the universe. Silence is not an absence but a presence. Not an emptiness but repletion, a filling up." ...Anne LeClaire. The physical body changes, feelings and emotions change, the psychological makeup changes. The magic happens outside meditation time, after the mediation, so don't judge the quality of your meditation such as am I doing it right, am I sitting still enough, is my mind wandering too much, etc. If listening to a guided meditation allow the voice to be your guide. Move ahead in your imagination 1 month, then 6 mths, then a year and consider what your life looks like, go 5 years. What 4 or 5 words come to mind at any or all of these points. Mine was love, wealth, health, mobility, safety, protection, freedom, joy. Rejoice in.what's possible and release your intention for these possibilities as a ripple in water moving away from its center.

Meditation creates vibrations in the spirit, your invisible body. Just meditate and when thoughts come, don't fight it, just allow yourself to come back to the stillness. Meditation is spending time in silence. When you meditate you access the field of pure potentiality that is the source of all inspiration and everything else in the universe. Here you go beyond your mind's repetitive thought traffic into the silence and peace of pure awareness. You are just there alert and aware. Here this stillness refreshes and calms the mind allowing new ideas and insights to spontaneously emerge. In meditation you go from the world of sensory experience through the world of the mind, intellect and ego with all its secret passages and dark alleys and ultimately to the world of soul and spirit, the real you. This is often called 'into the gap'. From there one projects one's awareness onto the body with just a simple intention to do so, no struggle, no strain. The longer you spend in meditation the deeper is the experience. Meditation is so valuable in changing the way we are because it gently changes the way we think. Meditation does not require a quiet environment, but most people like the quiet alone. Meditation involves focusing on a mantra or on the breath or just being still in the silence, just like we can think in a noisy environment so we can be quiet in a noisy environment too. If you have to meditate on a decision it's not meditation but contemplation also known as inner questioning or reflection. In meditation it's good not to assess your experiences because whatever happens in meditation is a spontaneous result of what your biology needs at the moment. Sometimes thoughts carry you away and that's ok. Meditation takes you to higher levels of awareness. Meditation spontaneously allows you to become a witness to this process of going into the soul. In meditation you go from mind to the soul. Meditation puts you in touch with that inner silence. It's a way to get into contact with one's inner reality, into the silence beyond thought. Whatever gets you into that silence is good, such as prayer, sound, pictures, nature, etc. Just flow in meditation some times. To go beyond thought into the silence have attention on your breath. When other thoughts come, bring your attention back to your breath, which are thoughts nonetheless, but in the process of moving back and forth from breath to a thought, back to your breath (which is also a thought), then from breath to another thought and so on, they both become faint, vague, abstract, then once in a while you become unaware of your breathing and unaware of your thought and that's when you have slipped into the gap where there is just silence. Silence is just one way of slipping into the gap. This way of slipping into the gap is called mindful meditation when you have your mind on a mantra or on your breath, that is you are engineering it, mindful of it.

SUBTLE INTENTION At the end of every meditation for two minutes have the-subtle intention with your eyes closed to experience your light body, to nourish your light body which is the first principle of transformation. Subtle intention is just a little, a slight intention and let it go.

PRIMORDIAL SOUND MEDITATION is another way, based on a mantra; sounds are metabolized by the body and become molecules (John 1:14), become flesh. Primordial sounds are the sounds nature uses in order to create form and phenomenon. Use the vowels 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', and 'u' and sometimes 'y' as in style. You'll find you like one better than the other, that's your primordial sound. Consonants too, once you get onto it, 'n' for tinnitus, inner ear, 'h' back of the throat breathing for lungs and related, 'ma' for sinus, 'yah', 'you', good for temporal mandibular joints, 'ga', 'ka', 'ca' good for strengthening vocal cords.

When you meditate you access the field of pure potentiality that is the source of all inspiration and everything else and here you go beyond the 'noise' of your mind's repetitive thought and into the silence and peace of this pure awareness. It's here stillness refreshes and calms the mind allowing new ideas and insights to spontaneously emerge. When you become still and listen for the still small silent voice of your inner intelligence you move beyond the emotions thoughts and memories that usually occupy the mind and into the pure awareness that is your essential nature and here fears and insecurities dissipate and you will flow with grace, a grace that becomes evident later.

Once in a while experience a meditation of being quiet inside yet having some faint thoughts, here thoughts can be entertained. It's the overall development of self awareness that's important, not the isolated goal one may have in mind. All things come through proper channels and when in harmony with all else going on out there, merely to think is to ask properly. You are a spirit and the spirit is everywhere in the body and is integrated with the body and mind, so it's all one. Meditation is a sacred, safe and silent space allowing us the opportunity to view our current life circumstances created by our actions, imprinted as memories and driven by our desires and the freedom to make different choices in the present moment. Through this process of witnessing, of identifying and letting go, we create a new upgraded version of ourselves that is emotionally free. Meditation connects us more deeply to our individual soul and this brings clarity to what it is that we want to see unfold in our lives. In meditation there is comfort because the more comfortable our body is, the freer our mind will be to let go and enter the silence and stillness of meditation and this brings you the point of being constantly aware of and in touch with the spirit that is the real you. Meditation is where you awake to the interconnectedness with all other things. What has the cat got to teach you if not playfulness. A cat is agile yet intent on getting the mouse. A key to meditation is don't stress about it. When you're relaxed in meditation an ambulance can go by and you don't even hear it. It's where your attention is, like a conversation with someone and you don't hear others.

You can move your awareness anywhere. Just live the questions, Who am I and What do I want? The entry to our spirit is through the space between our thoughts, called the gap. Questions such as these and more are your awareness of what you want to know about, what you want to learn. Live the good; live the bad, but with the intelligence to select what's best (how?) for you and others:.Matthew 22:36-40. Learn! Questions connect you to the consciousness of the universe.

Meditation is to get in touch with your deeper self, your real self, not to get away from yourself as in just relieving stress. Meditation is not about getting away but about getting in touch, in touch through our soul, our spirit by means of the Soul of all, to which the entry is the space between our thoughts.

The way you exist involves the on and off pulsatiing from the invisible that holds one in the world he is in:.Psalms 66:9 "Which holds our soul in life...".Once one is in the life God freely gave us, he will be held there, meaning, free from the evil that dogged him previously and in the realm of eternal life; but God never overrides anyone. He or she just has to find what works or give up on the search, giving up trying to hold on to himself or herself.(*). In meditation, prayer and contemplation we share love with the creator.

SILENCE.Nature functions through silent efficiency, the principle of least action and maximum effectiveness applies. Healing takes place in the silence of awareness where one transcends to the field of the unknown. The silence of meditation that is never overshadowed by any activity is what to aim for. Make it your intention. The presence of the silence, which is what you are at your core, always remembers you. Silence sharpens the mind and softens the heart. The greatest teacher, teaches in silence. When you meditate daily, silence stays with you so that circumstances that normally would overide your peace are seen now from a mind more tranquil and able better to deal with them.

Have timeless awareness in the midst of the fuddled upside down world the egos of people have made for themselves. Know that the right response comes to you for every situation that occurs:.Mark 13:11. The mind can become very turbulent as one lives through the frustrations of daily life. When your mind is quiet your inner energies awaken. Living in the present quiets the mind of chatter over both the past and worries about the future. The spirit knows how to take care of things. Look at its intelligence. Look at nature. Consider the universe. Silence is no thoughts, desires or feelings. Access the silent spaces between your thoughts. In the field of silence, healing takes place. Meditation is a progressive silencing of the mind until it becomes completely still and when it's beyond any consciousness of activity it's pure consciousness. You are then in the field of what physicists call the nothingness:.Psalms 4:4 "Stand in awe and sin.(meaning of word 'sin').not. Commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still." Psalms 46:10 "Be still and know God.(John 10:34)..."). 

Meditation is becoming one with your soul and means to remember...:.Matthew 10:28. Meditation transforms your awareness, by expanding your consciousness. In meditation you find an intimate rightness that suits you to live from. Meditation warns that the worst thing a spiritual path can do is to deliver what you expect, instead of reaching the truth, the path of the unknown, the path of faith. The expected, sure path of comfortability, the path of non adventure, the path of a virutal slave, the path in which.despots would have you stay, this path simply turns you into another version of your old self perhaps somewhat improved on the surface or at least appearing to be so. Meditation is not about forcing your mind to be quiet but about experiencing the quiet that is already there below the choppy surface of thought and emotion.

When you silently repeat your mantra, it creates a vibration that helps you slip into the space between your thoughts, into the complete silence sometimes called 'the gap':.John 15:4,7. One can meditate on the breath and add 'who' when you exhale to keep the mind from wandering about. One can meditate on the heart, the center of the chest or meditate on light, white light golden tinged or meditate on the quiet, the trees, the mountains, wherever you may be. Here one can go beyond the physical by meditation. Trust the intelligence to bring your life into order. In meditation you can find the level of your mind that isn't conditioned. Meditation is to take the mind to where there are no thoughts, emotions and sensations. Meditation turns off the automatic negative switches in your conditioning. Meditation takes you to the level of solution for stuck energy (see under energy). The silence is for awareness. Each time you meditate is like dying a garment, it comes each time with a little more of the color. Meditation affects the cells of the body. In meditation be aware of the body, keep attention (attention is energy, intention is transformation) there. Meditation is to be more alert, not so much to relax, relaxed but curiously exhilarated. That way we eavesdrop on the universe (uni-verse = one verse, one song). Once in meditation can use attention and intention to transform the body. Meditation takes you away from the level of the problems and into the level of solutions and moves old stuck energy. All problems come from your belief that you are a separate self. There is nothing you can't fix, as the world is a mirror of the invisible and only a change in consciousness fixes it. One can't fight darkness; only can shine the light. The test if meditation is working is if old stuck energy is moving. Is a new better outlook emerging? Meditation is transcending from a busy mind state we are all engaged in. True meditation makes you more aware, alert, not just relaxed. Your expectation here is important. Expect to deepen your spirituality. You want healed and meditation brings consciousness there. Be in gratitude for what you have. With attention to the heart, ask 'what do I want', 'what do I really want in my life', 'what is my heart yearning for' and listen for the answer which seldom comes but that is not the important thing, why? Ask the question(s) then let go and do the I Am meditation for about 10 minutes (Amen = I Am). Then awareness to body again and done. In the gap intentions are very powerful.

You meditate to tune in. Sense your heartbeat. Turn your awareness to fingertips and then back to the heart. With attention on heart, think or say slowly and as meaningfully as you can, 'peace', 'harmony', 'laughter', 'love', then move awareness to a part of your body you want healed. In meditation you reclaim authorship over yourself. Come out of meditation, now with authorship over your life (from Deepak's Why Is God Laughing CD, Disk 3, Track 12.

Transcendence is the kingdom of God. There are no outward signs of this kingdom of God:.Luke 17:21. The purpose of meditation is to tune into the peace, the gap. You win by finding a new game the moment the old one is over. The pre-frontal cortex gets activated in meditation. Test of effective meditation is that you feel lighter every time, not so worrisome, not activated negatively by every vicissitude. Every time you go into the silence you bring a little bit back with you. 

Meditation turns on the pre frontal cortex which spills over to affect the whole brain. Meditation allows you to place your attention and intention into higher levels, these subtle levels giving access to all that unseen and untapped information and energy. Again, meditation helps you to get out of the fog, the hypnosis of daily living and helps you to get out from under the abundance of chatter thoughts. Transforming your awareness and expanding your consciousness is the true purpose of meditation. In meditation there has to be an intimate rightness that suits you. Follow what you think is best for you. Meditation should take you into the unknown, the unexpected in life; nothing to be apprehensive of here as the universe is all good.

Meditation carries an individual beyond the thinking mind which means beyond conflict. Just pay attention to your normal breath to meditate. Learn from all sources. Don't follow someone else's path. No amount of effort will take you to the age of 3 when you are 2; you just have to go through the process (see also Gods and Goddesses under mythology). When thoughts come in meditation, acknowledge them and let them go. We meditate because we want to be in the stillness where transformation occurs and awareness expands. Meditation guideposts are, life should become easier, losing its struggle and things of the shadow side of us dissipate. You feel and act more spontaneous. The world no longer brings negative reflections. Your desires are fulfilled more easily and you find happiness in the simplicity of existence, where, just being here is enough. You gain in self awareness knowing who you really are and you feel included in the wholeness of life. If you don't see these things occurring as months go along, but like an artist or writer their muse (source of inspiration) doesn't answer on a time schedule or you need to prepare the right conditions for going inward for the true self to unfold. Examine why not; excessive stress, emotional pressures, distractions, depression and anxiety, lack of discipline and commitment, opposing intentions, seeking more than one way of life (double mindedness), these won't go away just because you sit down for sometime with your eyes shut. Prepare the right conditions for going inward. Ask those in the invisible council of Christ for help in anything you may need.

LEVITATION Surrender and innocence (aspects of attributes of love) are the keys in meditation to levitation. You don't try. If your mind is in the frame of 'trying', you'll stay at that level. Unlock the lock and simply have the intention to do what you want to do.  If it doesn't work right away, you need to grow more in spirituality.

FIVE TIBETAN RITES Stories abound of phenomenons such as incredibly long lives into the hundreds of years and longer, going into one's Soul through connection with it by means of your spirit and walking and running vast distances above the ground without ever tiring, called trance walking, also of floating into the air. See the-Five Tibetan Rites book Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth (at libraries) for reports by scientists of these things they observed while in Tibet regarding the Five Tibetan Rites which stimulate the circulation of essential life energy throughout you by means of the body's energy centers. In India the energy is called prana and the energy centers which circulate invisible energy throughout the body mind and soul, are called chakras. This invisible energy can be seen with Kirlian photography. These wonderful things of body renewal happen where there is a proliferation of uncertainty, where intention becomes very powerful because of the phenomenon called the Observer Effect and when one becomes free from the poisons of fear, worry and anxiety, so, meditation and relaxation is probably the most powerful tool to cultivate creativity and to become younger in the process. In meditation we learn to be not so reactive and instead get centered. It's interesting to journal experiences of how you react to events, situations, circumstances, or at least take mental note of them. Everything we call reality is a projection of consciousness including most experiences of people of God, they pray to what they think is outside themselves somewhere; until enlightenment. In enlightenment God is an experience.

7 WAYS WE REACT TO WORLD are fight/flight, reactive, restful awareness, intuitive, creative, higher guidance, transcendence or sacred. Meditation allows one to enhance their experiences of circumstances, meaningful coincidences or synchronicities. Meditation provides an inner wakefulness and if you are really interested in embarking on a spiritual journey, meditation expands your consciousness in extremely unusual and wonderful ways and you begin to experience the presence of your soul and that soon becomes a firm reality to you. Other states of consciousness are cosmic consciousness, divine consciousness and unity consciousness and each has its own biology, its own perception and reality, but that's when we really get deep into meditation, so that we begin to understand the nature of our spirit and our consciousness, the true reality of ourselves.

A ahortened meditation from Deepak:."I invoke the vast and beautiful day and night heaven and Earth, Mitra, Varuna, Indra, the Maruts, the mountains, the waters, the heaven the Earth, the waters of the firmament (expanse of the sky), the whole host of the Gods. May the intelligent and truthful heaven and Earth defend us from ignorance and from the malignant. Let not the malevolent forces have power over us. We solicit today this protection of the Gods...."

BANISHING DISEASE."I banish disease from your eyes, from your nose, from your ears, from your chin, from your head, from your brain, from your tongue. I banish disease from your neck, from your sinews, from your bones, from your joints, from your upper arms, from your shoulders, and from your forearms. I banish disease from entrails, from your anus, from your abdomen and from your heart. I banish disease from your kidneys, from your liver, from your other viscera. I banish disease from your thighs, from your knees, from your heels, from your toes, from your loins, from your buttocks, from your private parts. I banish disease from your urethra, from your bladder, from your hair, from your nails, from your whole being. I banish disease from each limb, from each hair, from each joint, where it is generated. I banish disease from each limb, from each hair, from each joint, where it is generated. I banish disease from your whole being. Let us solicit today the protection of the Gods."

Ode to Solomon: "You split me and you tore my heart open and you filled me with love. You poured your spirit over mine. I know you as I know myself. My eyes are radiant with your light. My ears delight in your music. My nostrils are filled with your fragrance and my face is covered with your dew. You have made me see all things shining. You have made me see all things new. You have granted me perfect ease and I have become like paradise. And having become like paradise, my soul is healed."....Rumi.

The quality of your attention determines the lucidity of the encoding in the holographic template. It all depends on the quality of your attention. Meditate on peace, harmony, laughter and love which are the four sutras (a sutra is a mantra, a statement that can cause a shift in consciousness, a mantra that has meaning and means to join together by sewing (suture). Meditation allows us to reach the level of the soul. Meditation allows you to place your attention and intention into the spirit planes. The purpose of meditation is to stop thinking for awhile. So, we can focus on one thing to keep away stray thoughts by using a mantra

DESTINY: Destiny is a result of an individual and collective karma, because we are part of a collective consciousness. In meditation don't fight the thought. Let your attention go to where it wants and day by day your silence gets deeper.
Meditation: the Sprouting Meditation: relax, take a full deep breath and release it slowly allowing the tension in your body to flow out of you. With each inflow envision a nourishing, inspiring life force filling your entire body and with each outflow of your breath, continue releasing any tension, fear or discomfort you may be holding onto. Let go of all this negativity. As you find yourself becoming increasingly comfortable, peaceful and open to life, affirm your transformation; affirm 'I am changing'. Now, imagine that you are transported to a beautiful beach on a warm summer day where you hear the sounds of seagulls calling to the waves while you lie on a blanket over the soft sand protected from the direct rays of the Sun by a woven umbrella. Feel the support of mother Earth upholding you with her sweet strength and stability. Imagine deep unwavering energy flowing from the heart of the Earth through the sand into your body, infusing you. Feel yourself becoming grounded in the vitality of the Earth. Now, allow your attention to go to the Sun, the source of all life energy. Bring the golden energy of the Sun down into your body, into your heart. Feel your connection with the Sun as it nurtures and enlivens you. Observe the intermingling of the supporting energy of the Earth, rising up to nourish you and the radiating vitality of the Sun bathing you in its life giving energy. Enjoy the dance of mother Earth and father Sun as they rejoice in your being. Whenever you feel ready, return your attention to this place and time and slowly become aware of your surroundings. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and spend a few minutes observing the thoughts that are swimming through your mind. You will probably notice that at times your awareness is occupied with ideas of the past and at other times with projections into the future.

-LAUGHTER. Notice the emotions generated by your various thoughts. Observe how your thoughts give rise to happiness or sadness, bring you laughter or anxiety. Do they inspire you to take action or reinforce your fears? Laughter reminds us that there is more than one way to view a situation, it shifts our perspective and opens us to new possibilities. Spirit is inherently light hearted and laughs easily, through laughter we shift our internal reference point from ego to spirit, often awakening to the truth that everything is unfolding for our highest good, even when we can't always see how."Laughter is a symptom of spirituality. Laughter is the flow of love coursing through your body. Laughter is the nectar of present moment awareness. Invite more laughter into your life and relish the magic in every moment." ...David Simon. Give yourself permission to commit spontaneous acts of silliness, joy and lightheartedness. For every thought in your mind there's usually some subtle or obvious driver to reinforce a particular perspective. Have fun with laughter, your memories, desires and cultural background.

EDUCATION is based upon linguistically (human speech) structured-rational (ability to reason) thought, which divides the observed from the observer and mistakes images of reality for reality, the map of life for life itself, this is what prevents us from being in touch with our reality within. Education is devoid of explanations that include the soul. Awards, degrees and everything else you've experienced shape the way you see yourself and the world (see we).."All this struggling to learn, when all we have to do is remember."....Deepak Chopra. And what to remember? Remember our true nature and how by becoming silent through meditation.and asking yourself questions we grow.

STUDY for sure, but not too much revision, as it clutters up the memory. Just be calm and the knowledge will be there. As you spend time meditating on a regular basis, both the repetitive thought patterns and their accompanying emotions lose their tight grip on you. As you observe them arising and disappearing in the vastness of your awareness, you will become less and less identified with your conditioned mind and its creations. They will cease to define your reality as you begin to see that they are just one perspective in a universe filled with perspectives, just one more expression of the infinite Divine that resides in each of us.
...a meditation 'The abundance that flows through the universe flows through me in every moment'. Attention is all that counts for affluence for we are our attention. What we see and agree with we become. The abundance that flows through the universe flows through each of us in every moment. The flow of life's abundance brings all we may want. Ask your soul to make you rich inside:.Matthew 6:33.

...meditation for action/activities: The mantra to evoke this is simply 'I know'. The power is of pure action or action rooted in awareness and creativity. The affirmation to evoke this is 'I act'."Today I will open the door of my calmness and let the footsteps of Silence gently enter all of my activities. I will perform all duties serenely, saturated with peace."....Paramahansa Yogananda.
...bliss meditation mantra is 'I am bliss'. Have a pure intent, an intent that wants to create joy and fulfilment.
...Brahman (Indian word expressing God) meditation, 'I have nothing to do with sorrow, actions, delusion, grasping or clinging, I am at peace, free from sorrow. Such is the truth, I am free from all defects, I express the All and I do not seek anything, nor do I abandon anything. I am blood and flesh, body and consciousness. I am the mind also, such is the truth. I can do all things:.Philippians 4:13.
...breathing meditation is a mindful meditation. Just have your attention on your breathing if your attention drifts away, gently bring it back to your breathing. In meditation see the day ahead at the beginning of the day, as it's being born, this way you add the influence of your awareness and silence.
...decision meditation: 'Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I relinquish all regrets grievances and resentments and choose the miracle.' Keeping your awareness in your heart, think of anyone you may be holding a grudge or a resentment against and visualize them in your awareness and practice forgiveness recognizing that everyone is doing their best from their state of consciousness. Have the intention to forgive others and yourself for any trespasses that may have resulted in pain.

DEFENSELESS...defenselessness meditation: 'I have no need to attack myself or anybody'. The example of Emmanuel when they came to get him to put him to death:.Matthew 26:50-55. If someone attacks you and you in turn attack him, you are agreeing with the principle of attack. When you agree with the attack principle, you are putting power to the self in looking after yourself, not realizing how stupid this really is:.John 15:5 "...without me you can do nothing."

If you can't defend yourself without hurting another, you have put yourself deeper into the ego realm and since we reap what we have sown, guess what you'll get more of? Why instead did you not call on God for help. It's instant? Psalms 46:1.

Know that you have no need to forgive yourself or anybody because there is nothing to forgive {why?} and no need to defend the self or anybody, no need to hurt yourself or anybody. In being totally defenseless is invincibility. Totally surrender to what is because you are what is. In your world be whatever is. There is nothing to forget, nothing to forgive, nothing to remember, no grudges to hold, no conflicts to fight, no one to-spite (malicious ill will prompting an urge to hurt or humiliate), even in conflict there is no conflict.

In my world there is lightheartedness, carefreeness and silent joyfulness. In my world there is life in all its moods, in all its contradictions, in all its manifestations. I accept this life as life itself and because I accept life as life, in my world nothing ever goes wrong. In my being is the universe. I do nothing as I'm an observer where just being, manifests and living happens. I am that consciousness, you are that consciousness, all is that consciousness, infinity, immortality and light are my-natural state and that is oneness for all.

There are many types of meditation and they all focus one's attention on the great good invisible intelligent energy that is God.
...there is meditation with prayer, where of course, all or some the following types can be rolled into one, if an individual wants to do this.
...eyes open meditation: look left up, horizontal, down, then right, then middle up, middle straight ahead, then at your tongue area.
...meditation mantra; means perfect destiny; inner love becomes the outer joy for all humanity;
...meditation Moksha = freedom, harness your emotional turbulence "I am emotionally free", free of whatever is negative, only 2 emotions pleasure and pain, not so much love and fear but pleasure and pain, love comes under the pleasure category and fear under the pain category, go towards and away from respectively, can be male or female, strong stable, flexible as the wind, an angel with wings, divine being of God playing in celestial (celestial mechanics, the so-called four forces follow a single harmony in their mathematical patterns) realms, imagine you are a field of awareness, imagine you can choose any goal and achieve it, imagine free of any addiction, no gossip, free to respond at the highest level, imagine no limitations, infinite possibilities. Mantra is Om Vardanam Nama which states 'I am the nourisher of the universe and the universe nourishes me'.
...meditation gratitude think of gratitude; think of someone you love; compassion: think of someone who is suffering, think of what they must be feeling, have the intention that it be relieved; joy. Remember an experience of extreme joy, birth of a child, for example. Peace: think of someone who is peaceful, such as Rumi, Emmanuel (John 14:27) or just listen to the deep stillness. Stillness when listened to in meditation provides access to tremendous power which expresses itself through radiant confidence, charisma (individual magnetism or charm) and clarity.
...meditation happy 'I am worthy of being happy'; then stop the affirmation or mantra; breath in and out with a sigh.
...meditation healing meditation on heart, sense it as a sound or sensation; finger tips, cheeks, bring attention to any part of the body that needs healing, just bring awareness there, awareness itself is healing.
...meditation heart 1) attention to heart in middle of chest and whisper, PEACE, HARMONY, LAUGHTER, LOVE and allow that to radiate to others close and far. Allow these 4 intentions, these 4 sutras of the heart chakra, to radiate to all near you and to every heart that's across the planet and from here into the web of life. "I will ask my heart for guidance." This rewires the whole planetary mind. With every breath, move to a greater intention to open and expand the heart and mind, the body, the soul. If any resistance, trust the intention. Allow the self to be with the heart. Imagine a lotus flower in your heart and that you are moving through it to a place of beauty, expanse, a safe place where you can open the deeper subtler feelings that we normally keep locked awa. Make an imaginary sacred space. 
(track 11 Secret of Love) breath in and out for a minute without manipulating your breath. Now put your awareness on your heart and keep it there and on the screen of your consciousness see yourself with the individual that you love and want. If no such individual in your life at the moment, imagine one. See her/his face, listen to their voice, notice the body language and now on the screen of your consciousness see that individual looking at you with the eyes of love and as she looks at you with the eyes of love, look back at her with the eyes of love and send a silent message from your eyes to hers. 

The message is I'm a individual, I'm a beautiful individual, I'm a wonderful individual, I'm an exciting individual (you are seeing yourself in the other), I love myself exactly as I am because every cell of my being is filled with and radiates only love and I have embraced my negatives. I'm the best I can be because I am all love. Love is me. I see myself as most attractive. I see myself as extremely handsome, charming, confident, intelligent, healthy, wholesome, warm and friendly, sensitive, understanding and I live in abundance because the abundance that flows through the universe flows through me every moment and I am giving, thrilling to be with yet calm and patient. I am authentic, genuine and I come with the unknown making me very interesting and exciting. My voice, dress and manner have the quality of fine wine. I am complete in every way because I have both positive and negative qualities (traits) and because I give a sense of wonder, I fire the imagination and automatically my needs are filled up. I create excitement and fire up the meditation to accomplish and continue all these as I continue in love, love is my life, love is my ongoing journey. I allow love into the very fibre of my being. And as you send this message see the sparkle in her eyes as she recognizes the truth of this message and now look at this lover of yours and observe her as she makes gestures to me of love, through her eye movements, through her body language, through her facial expressions. Once again look at her in her eyes and send a message I'm a beautiful individual, I'm a wonderful individual, I love myself exactly as I am and see her eyes sparkle as she sees the truth of it and let your lover make love to you in any way that you want to imagine, through their eyes, through the gestures, through speech, through acknowledgement physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually. Let your imagination roam and keep looking into her eyes and saying I'm a wonderful individual, I'm a beautiful individual, I love myself exactly as I am. Thank you God for making me exactly as I am. Let your imagination flow and now with this individual in your arms, say thank you for sharing your love with me, thank you for sharing the love with me. End your meditation. Pick a spot in the mulltiverse to go, maybe a tranquil place on Earth. Pick an individual you love who can sit down in front of you, one who can share your space with you. Imagine a token in your hands and ask this individual to receive this token that you love so much. Put it in her hands and say I love you for who you are, I adore you for who you are, I cherish your life and I admire your soul. Everything now is synchronized. You planted a nourishing seed and you are completely detached from the outcome. 
...meditation heart 2) try this meditation for a few minutes and notice how you feel before and after the experience. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes gently placing your attention on the area of your heart. Allow any feelings and sensations to arise and pass. If your attention drifts away, gently bring it back to your heart.
...meditation on the 5 H words are health, healing, harmony, help, happiness
...meditation.I started.holy and healed and I live daily this way. I can heal those not well, all my thoughts and words bring benefit to the world. Success to those who are failing, weak, fearful and helpless. Good weather? Bring attention and awareness to whatever needs healing. The eastern tradition of Vedanta states healing is the return of the memory of wholeness.
...meditation Ahum bramasme = I am the universe. Whatever's in the universe is in me. Where I am is, is where there is no thought or desire. Here you are divine, beyond the layers of your life. This is the realm of the energetic, the subtle, the psychological. Here is the endless sea of consciousness, the consciousness of being in the ultimate reality, the core of one's being. Let life unfold; no grasping or anxiousness. Each of us is the infinite projecting a particular point of view. Ahum brahmasme means 'I am the universe'. You are divine, beyond the layers of your life.
......meditation Who am I, what do I really really want, what is my purpose, and if mind drifts while awaiting an answer, bring it back to the? You may not get an answer right away but you will begin to live the answer. Who am I is always the silent witness.
......meditation I am good. Every choice you make is a decision between a grievance and good. When you meditate you go beyond repetitive thoughts of the past. In meditation one's attention shifts from the self to the all possible. Relax your body by putting attention on your body. Keep awareness present things. Take a moment as you live your day to experience conscious expansion. 'I will not criticize, condemn or complain.' 'Every decision I make today is a choice between a grievance and a miracle.'
......meditation I act from the field of infinite possibilities. I let go of any beliefs about money that no longer serve me. I feel the gift of life. I choose to be present in the moment. I let go of negatives. Let go, detach. The secret of letting go is to know that the universe if it takes away, always gives something better, Life will give you something better than whatever it asks you to give up. This is also the secret to peace within and fearlessness. Life is not in conflict with anything inside itself. I am a meditator, part of a community, part of the collective, a creator, teacher, a giver, a silent witness, a parent, a lover, a friend, a supporter, a child to my parents, a loved one, I am friendly, outgoing, understanding, merciful and am a good and effective listener. I am prosperous, healthy, wise, compassionate, humble, kind, warm hearted, transparent and pure, honest, moral, I am loved, lovable and loving, patient, hopeful, content, encouraging, lighthearted, circumspect (watching thoughts and emotions, heedful of circumstances and potential consequences), helpful, faithful to high standards, intelligent, moral, a quick learner, happy, joyful, prosperous, loved. I'm a blessing to others, a destroyer and recreator (I destroy the things in me that are not of the highest standards {how}, those things which no longer serve me). Love can touch us once and last a lifetime. Remember the words from My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion).

...meditation for manifesting So hum is quiet breath = the mantra of manifestation, quieting the mind. Allow into your heart love, knowingness and bliss (sat, chit, ananda in Indian) by agreeing with it. 

...meditation of peace (equanimity) Think things of peace. Let all not of peace go and detach from it. Now observe your breath as it goes in and out. Now just bring attention, awareness to whatever needs are in the mind. If you say 'this is a good day for war to end'. War will affect you no longer and the consciousness of the world begins to change. Healing occurs where peace is. Have the awareness of peace when focusing of what needs to be healed, that's all. 'I am connected to the stillness and silence that rests within'. Want these things in the lives of others as well. 'Peace', 'Harmony', 'Laughter', 'Love'. 'Today I will relinquish all resentments and grievances.' 'Let me be loved.' 'Let me be happy.' 'Let me be peaceful.' 'Let my friends be happy, loved and peaceful.' 'Let my perceived enemies be happy, loved and peaceful,' 'Let all beings be happy, loved and peaceful' 'Let the whole world experience these things.'
...meditation potential "I am the immeasurable potential of all that was, is and will be and my desires are like seeds left in the ground. They wait for the right season and then spontaneously manifest into beautiful flowers and mighty trees, into enchanted gardens and majestic forests." ...The Vedas. 'I now know myself as the immeasurable potential of all that is, all that was and all that will ever be.' I am the eternal spirit that animates everything in existence, for all is unity.' How? 'I am omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent.' 'I am all that I know of the qualities of the eternal spirit.'
...meditation prana Prana meditaion is your breath being your mantra.
...meditation present moment 'I let go of resistance and accept the moment exactly as it is.'
...meditation primordial sound meditation
...meditation 'The right response always comes to me in every situation I find myself in.'
...meditation shadow Meditate with the intent to examine your shadow.
...meditation uncertainty 'Today I will factor in uncertainty as an essential ingredient of my experience for here solutions spontaneously emerge out of the problem, out of the confusion, out of the order and chaos.' 'The more uncertain things seem to be, the more secure I will feel, because uncertainty is my path to freedom and here I find my security.' 'I anticipate the excitement that can occur when I remain open to an infinity of choices, here is all the fun, adventure, magic and mystery of life.'
...meditation multiverse is in you I am space, I am the sun, I am the directions above and below, I am the God, I am the demons, I'm all beings, I am darkness, I am the Earth, I am the ocean, I am the dust, the wind, the fire, all this world, I am omnipresent, how can there me anything but me, me the spirit, you will rise beyond joy and sorrow, the world exists in me, the self, the infinite consciousness, even as a reflection seems to exist in a mirror, I am the fragrance in flowers, the light in radiance, and even in that light I am the experience, whatever mobile or immobile beings exist in the multiverse, I am their supreme truth or consciousness, free from conceptualization (to form a concept or concepts of, and especially to interpret in a conceptual way), I am the very essence in all things in the multiverse just as butter exists in milk and liquidity exists in water, even so as the energy of consciousness I exist in all that exists.

MEMORY.Memories go back far, even to the moment of conception and beyond into the timeline of infinity past:.2Timothy 1:9. When you decide to recall something from say your childhood, what comes to mind? Visual images, names and faces, all kinds of emotions, physical details, associations, various sensations, all of these exist at the level of energy. Cells die, new ones replace them, neurons are made of cells. How does a memory get transfered to a new atom or a new neuron when it's time for an old one to perish? Memory actually persists on a non physical level (Life After Death Disc 4, Track 4). Memory can keep old hurts alive when it's using you. When it is like that, where your behavior is influenced by past memories and future worries and fears, burdened by guilt and sorrow, it causes entropy, aging and death. Memory is frozen pictures of space time events, events occurring in physical life at times when they have made an impression upon us. Often here we may have taken pictures for later recollection.

The 'me' that experiences these memories is the non changing space between these space time events, called the gap. It is here where negativity is also born.

Akashic field.The-Akashic field is where memory resides when we are not using it. The physical basis for memory is unknown as it's beyond space/time and part of the intelligent Silence out from which all that ever has been or ever will be comes and has come. Where is your memory of a rose? Memory is stored in 'no thing' or the invisible stuff we call cosmic consciousness. The synapse, the dendrite (which is a branched protoplasmic extension of a nerve cell that conducts impulses from adjacent cells inward toward the cell body and a single nerve may possess many dendrites. In this sense, also called dendron) which is a neuron (which are impulse conducting cells that constitute the brain, spinal column and nerves, consisting of a nucleated cell body with one or more dendrites and a single axon. Also called nerve cell). Axon is the long process of a nerve fiber that generally conducts impulses away from the body of the nerve cell.

A ghost is an unresolved memory. Our memory is primordial (original, primary, fundament) to our physical expression. The information field that gives rise to form and to emotions has memory that outlasts the molecules of the body of which you get a new one every 2 years, as the body is in continuous formation.

Karma = action and as such generates memory and memory generates desire. The eastern tradition of Vedanta states healing is the return of the memory of wholeness. Seeds of memory shaped by experiences = karma. Memory resides at the level of the soul; example dinner last night, the info was only virtual until we summoned it. It existed at the level of potential. Seeds of memory are built by experience. Memory holds ghosts back. Memories are located in the non local domain. The unknown ia a field of all possibilities in every moment. Time is an illusion, a construct in the physical for relational purposes (what time this afternoon will I meet you there?) , but eternity is real.

MIND The mind functions at the invisible level of awareness/consciousness. One can know his or her past mind by looking at their body now and if you want to know what your body will look like in the future examine your mind now because those two are inseparably one. The future exists only in the imagination; the mind is not in the brain, it's in every cell of our bodies and is part of a larger mind. Cells have intelligence. The mind is like the ocean. The mind is a network of energy and information that we experience subjectively as emotions, feelings and desires. The body also is a network of energy and information that we experience as material, the molecules that we experience objectively. Mind includes feeling, emotions, intellect, desires, memories, instincts, drives, likes and dislikes, etc. Should we always act on what's in the mind? No, because we have all kinds of thoughts that are irrevelant or fantastic. Should we then ignore what's in the mind? No, because the mind gives us all the desires upon which we build ourselves. So what is the proper way to relate to your mind? There is no single way to relate to the mind. You can't take a stance that will always work. When people decide arbitrarily to be optimistic, they may miscalculate when it comes to serious crises, evil doing, wars, individual conflict, etc. If they elect arbitrarily to be pessimists they will miss many opportunities for joy, fulfilment, hope and fatih. They must find their own infinitely flexible way to relate to the mind, for example a loving parent can't just love and hope her child's addiction will go away. Action has to be taken to get help, such as, Bruno could be asked. Love may not defeat torturers. Tolerance in you won't stop the excesses of others.

Mind, the world and karma are all the same thing, perfect mirrors of each other. Their complexity is impossible to fathom as they are full of so many possibilities and so we have the uniqueness of us all as we apply the art of the mind to our experiences. Mind is organized into its own invisible body, a body of individual memories and beliefs, a body we guard from harm as fiercely as we guard our physical body. Mind is more collective than individual as 90% of our thoughts are picked up from society and its many outlets. Many memories are shared and because the stuff of thought, which is language, is a collective creation, mind is the first kosha where wholeness dominates over separation. We get closer to wholeness through shared beliefs, social conditioning, belief structure, received opinion and common values. What keeps us in separation and away from the same consciousness that Christ revealed (1Corinthians 2:16) is devisive beliefs, politics, religion, prejudice, the us verses them thinking, nationalism and arbitrary mental boundaries made of fear and hatred. Mind includes emotions, sensations, memories and other uses of the brain. When your mind is quiet, inner energies wake up.

CENTERED Most of the time we are not, meaning the mind lives in the past and worries over the future, whereas the body resides in the now, the present and never doubts itself, so listen to it. Where is your mind right now, past or future? To stay centered always be mindful of what's real, the real you. Contemplate on the God and you remain alert and in the present, presently minded. This is what the Bible meant when it said to 'pray without ceasing'. Use mindfulness tools such as breath awareness, meditation, yoga and the intention to be present in each moment. When you are completely connected to spirit in each moment, you allow yourself to just be and you are sweetly present yourself to whatever is going on. This is humility because you're not just out looking for more of what's in that world out there for yourself. 

Your body knows the truth and will guide you toward the better choices. The individualized consciousness perceives what it thinks it perceives on account of its conditioning;."Mind is not limited or contained within the boundaries of the material world."....Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. quantum physicist.

Whatever the mind thinks of, that alone it sees: 1Corinthians 2:16. The mind only knows its own point of view which it considers the truth. If the mind is fully saturated with something, whatever happens to the body does not affect the mind, the mind is even unaffected by the good and bad intentions of another even as the firmly established mountain is not moved by the horns of a little beast. The body does not create the mindbut the mind creates the body. The mind also is the seed for the body. When the tree dies the seed does not, but when the seed perishes the tree dies with it. If the body perishes, the mind can create other bodies for itself (*). If the mind is elsewhere, the taste of food that is being eaten is not really experienced. If the mind is elsewhere we do not see what is right in front of us.

AGITATED MIND when the mind ceases its agitation all the good and noble qualities blossom. There is peace and purity of heart and we do not fall into doubt or error. There is friendship which promotes the happiness of all and worries and anxieties dry up. When the darkness of ignorance is dispelled the inner light shines brightly, mental distractions and distress cease, just as the ocean becomes calm when the wind ceases to agitate its surface, infinite consciousness alone shines. Whatever is in the mind is like a city in the clouds. The emergence of this world is no more than thoughts manifesting themselves. Life craves continuity, does not like to be surprised by every moment of existence. We want to know where we always stand so we rely on inner models, pictures of reality to hold up so we can judge. Our past is the source of our models and this keeps us from the unknown.

CONTEXT is an individual association we have with something; The-world is in you. You are not in the world. This is because you are of the energy and information field that all is within, including you. It's in you permeating you. 

Mind is the process of observation. Mind is also a process like the body. You are not in mind, the mind is in you, you are not in the world, the world is in you:.1Corinthians 3:22. You are not in your body, the body is in you. Body mind and world happen to us because we find them interesting. The world 'out there' is actually a construct of our own interpretation. Gandhi understood this. The vast expanse of the sky isn't 'out there', it's in the mind because the mind is everywhere and there is nothing outside of it. Mind is an embodied and relational (relational because your mind is always in relationship with other minds) process that regulates the flow of energy and information in our bodies. It's the gate that allows what affects the body and there is no mental event that does not have a brain representation.

PSYCHOLOGICAL NEEDS Mind needs emotional connections; attention, affection, appreciation, acceptance (acceptance means you've been invited in; a sense of community toward you). Mind is conditioned. All mental experiences have representation in the brain (called neuro plasticity), like listening. Deep listening influences the actual healing of another. There is no mental or spiritual experience that does not have a representation in the body. The brain can change by using the mind. There is no activity in the brain that doesn't have a physical activity in the body. Breath is very related to our brain activity. There is no such thing as separate mind because mind is an embodied (is in your body) and relational process (we relate to each other) that regulates the flow of energy and information. Wherever consciousness wants to go, the mind follows.

Burdens of the mind come from the past. The crux of the matter is time. Live in the present, not the past hurts, regrets or future worries. Your mind allows you to understand yourself and everything around you. Your mind is your active consciousness. The mind will always become panicky over life's ups and downs, but that's the nature of life and is different from your underlying soul. You have thoughts but where is the thinker? You have emotional experiences, but where do the emotions come from? Where are thoughts manufactured? To bring about a peaceful world we have to relate peacefully, encouraging healing not disease. Encourage and support the self determination of the individual. 

The brain is a processor of information in the mind from memory which is activated by thoughts from the spirit, the thinker, the observer. Having the brain execute those thoughts creates new thoughts of which there are only two kinds which go into memory. The mind keeps chattering only as long as it is in doubt. Our natural state is usually overshadowed by the turbulence of the mind. Spirit moving within itself creates mind. Mind is the thinker of the thought. Thought is not the thinker says Dr. Penfield. Mind is like a runaway coach pulled by horses whipped by the driver, but a still small voice whispers occasionally that we mostly pass over.

The doubter of a thought is that of the doubter. Who is the doubter who can categorize thought according to memory? Mind and body are one. Mind experiences things subjectively. All experiences are a result of contrasts. The body is objective. The truth of existence is masked by the physical. Know that you are entirely sane, entirely loved. Mind is like an electron in a computer where you produce the energy. Where do you comprehend what you see and hear if not in the mind. The mechanical energy doesn't convey meaning for example when you think of the meaning your career means to you and those you love. The output is different for each of us depending of what words for example 'positive' means to us. No didactic proof the mind exists apart from the above; example, the brain can be stimulated to move an arm. The patient can use the other arm to hold his other arm from moving. So where is this commander? It's not inside the body.

It's like listening to Beethoven and if you tore the radio apart you wouldn't find him in it. The body  like the radio is a space/time event, where the radio takes a non local event and captures it as a space/time experience. The body gives the mind a space/time experience. Memory, desire and action is the software of the gap or soul. We are all connected to the mind of the universe and this proves mind exists. All bodies have same patterns of sexual organs, immune systems, cell reproduction, repair system, etc. We couldn't speak or walk without it as a human being. The universe has no beginning and no end. The mind is in you where 'I' is the domain of the spirit. There's the inner knower and the mind which sifts everything.

Freedom is being in the present. 6 stands for the 5 senses plus the mind. The non local mind is pure consciousness. Mind is turbulent but can be transcended as in meditation. Mind, world, karma are all infinitely related. The unknown is a field of all possibilities in every moment, a silent field of infinite possibilities and within that are different probability amplitudes created by one's mind and this generates memory of the experience and memory creates possibility of desire, example being, maybe you want another cup of coffee, so your desire seeks manifestation through action. Need all 3 of these for without one the others don't exist. A memory automatically triggers some desire. Mind does exist outside of brain. Thge whole universe is God's mind. Align your mind with total mind and you can create all that total mind can. The process of creation therefor is self interaction. Body and mind are just means of communication for the invisible intelligent spirit energy we call God. One can't understand life with the mind. We have to go beyond, stepping outside of all that. Interpretation of what we see occurs at the level of the mind. The mind makes the mistake that its true nature depends upon things outside itself. The football of fate is fear based, allowing opinions of others to affect your attitude negatively. Mind is mental things, that is, the brain processing information received either by the ego or the soul. The mind likes quiet, a being detached from all around you; notice how you feel just upon awakening in the morning,

MINDFULNESS means observing, witnessing; no evaluation, just observing. Observe at night what happened during the day and in the morning what happened at night. Observe dreams. Be mindful of what is happening in the present moment. Mindfulness is being a silent observer of yourself and leads to insight. Book Mindfulness by Ellen Langer, Harvard psychologist, is a book about one's environment.

MIRACLES can be done with a speck of faith. A so-called miracle is the outer world mirroring the mind;."A miracle doesn't conflict with the laws of nature, only our idea of nature's laws."....Grigori Grabovoi. A miracle is thought to be based on a breach of nature, but it's not.

MISL where do you comprehend what you see and hear if not in the mind? How do you quantify/measure love, emotions, feelings or a thought? The body is energy and information and is not solid matter. It's called a subtle body. 

SUBTLE BODY = mind, intellect and ego and is made up of transformation fields. The subtle body is the body that subsists after what we call death occurs to what we call the physical body. It has no location in space only in time, whereas the physical body exists in both, as we know. Transformational fields (see also body) can't be experienced through the senses. You become one with what you think if you choose to. You have thoughts but where is the thinker? The thinker is the field of infinite potentialities between the thought. There's a statistical likelihood (a probability) that a certain thought will progress to another thought. You have emotional experiences, but where do the emotions come from? Where are thoughts manufactured?.

INTERPRETER Where is the choicemaker, the idea maker, the intention decider? No one can prove that the material world is real. It isn't as it's all a hologram. Where do you store your roles, like an actor who can play Hamlet or Macbeth? Where is your memory of a rose or of the taste of coffee? We can become aware that we are aware, that's the cosmic mind of which we are. Why do we believe that all events in nature are without spirit? All in universe is manifestation of God's thoughts, every Hz in nature occurs simultaneously but we are only aware of what we focus upon. 

Shame makes you feel not good enough and never can be. Imagining a sunset requires the mind, like a picture on a TV is only an agglomeration (gathering of mass) of pixels applied simultaneously to a phosphorous screen. The mind is like this. God responds to God when you have that feeling you get from say a sunset or looking at the stars. When you think of yourself as a physical creature there is no room for the soul to express. Good and love are functions of the soul and reveal the soul's connection to the Soul. The real you is the animating force that without it, you would be paralyzed. Ice, steam and snowflake are illusions of water. If we see only what is before us we only see the surface and miss the part that the ice, steam and snowflake are all made of water. We allow the mind to be distracted by illusion of the physical. Ee are interpreters and choicemakers, the thinker of the thought, not the thought, these are not in the body. The real you is not in your body. A radio is a space/time event that traps a non local field of information into a space/time event. A radio could be anywhere. Radio waves are used to communicate with satellites way beyond our solar system. As soon as you say where am I, it's the wrong question as it implies a location to something that has no location. Between your thoughts is the silent thinker or silent awareness of the thought. Has to be silent otherwise it's the thought. The universe is becoming conscious of itself. The soul is beyond the 5 senses, that's why you have no sense of smell in dreams. Where does appreciation of beauty, inspiration, memory, will, intention come from? What does the world of the 5 senses depend upon? Where does the color red or whatever come from? Imagine a girl with a red scarf blowing in the wind as she walks in a yellow and black dress.

LABELS Today we accept a fixed set of-practice. To see beyond the masks of individuality, look into the eyes of the people you encounter and see the reflection of your soul. We are all one below the atom. Labels such as name, age, ssn/sin numbers, status, family, occupation, gender, religion, nationality; though these may label the individual, it tells you nothing of one's present character. Labels distract from the true reality conditioning. We accept ourselves as the labels being the real us, instead that we are each a body embedded in the spirit that is the real individualized us; "Self-actualization is just learning to be independent of the good opinions of other people." ...Abraham Maslow, American Psychologist. 

The universe thinks and acts through you just as a cell expresses its whole as you. We (the ego, the I, the me mind) normally tell others what we want others to think about us. We are defined also by what we wear, what we watch and that's ok. We are multidimensional. Ask yourself 'who am I'. Sometimes you're not that anymore, as we grow by learning from life. The only constant is change and herein lies hope. We have chosen the feelings we each experience. Labeling things about yourself limits you. Shed all your labels and what remains is that which makes the choice, the commander.

The soul gives the body meaning. You can't have a body without a soul. We are soul made into flesh and have out hopes, aspirations (strong desire for high achievement). We have faith. We respond to humor and attention. Who wrote the music or puts ideas down? We listen to sounds but it's the soul that hears or puts together the music in the notes that are heard. It's not the brain that creates love. Awareness is where meaning happens. Minds are all connected to the same intelligence that has set patterns of functioning in the world we know as physical. Nothing is possible in the brain without energy. You have a project in your mind. You work on it and go home. You come back next day and are able to start at where you left off. Where was the information stored that was not in your mind after you left work to do other things? There is this 'something' which keeps a continuity of your interests. A sense of continuity is held by our memory. 

COMPASSION, trust, appreciation, devotion, service (recognizing all are just like us) is all held in memory. Compassion is the ability to feel the suffering of another along with having the desire to relieve it

EMPATHY: culture empathy and compassion which are, you don't try and figure out why someone is feeling the way they are feeling, you just feel the way they feel. If you can see yourself in the same context as those, say, such as terrorists who threaten you, it will open a way for reason and the steady decrease of fear. Empathy says I don't need to be right all the time, I don't need to be in control all the time, I can ignore my needs for the time being. So ask your loved ones what they are observing, needing, feeling and try to see the world through their eyes. Put yourself in their shoes, in their consciousness. Remember we're not in the body, the thinker is not in the body; example Beethoven. All religions say "in this world but not of it".(*).means you are rooted in the deeper reality. Reality is not local, as is the physical world.

We are unconditioned spirits as it were, but 'trapped' in conditions. The thinker and the interpreter are one. In every time bound experience the experiencer is the timeless factor, the real self of each of us in every time bound experience and not the same body as say, 2 years ago. Ask a physicist what the nature of anything physical might be and they'll tell you it's nothing but empty space, frequencies that are slowed down that we label as subatomic particles (not an actual particle) so our senses can transduce (convert {energy} from one form to another) them by mind. You are the listener. Your body and mind and experiences are not the 'experiencer'. We are thinkers, interpreters, 'choicemakers' and imaginers. We are not in the body. The body is in us. Ideas come from the soul. The body's like a radio where the song is at the source, not in the radio. It comes through it. It's a trap for space/time events, so is a TV. The real you is non local, not trapped in space and time as physical things are. How does each atom have the same properties if the weren't created to be as they are? The 'experiencer' is the timeless factor in every time bound experience Move in your mind from time bound present awareness by meditating. Thinking impresses upon 'empty' space, the so-called non stuff that makes up all we see and know. Thought has no localization in space but in time as it has a beginning, middle and ending. We are a melodramatic society. There are no sights or sounds that can be detected in the brain, only faint electrical firings and chemical reactions. The sights and sounds exist in this invisible thing called consciousness, that is, what you may be aware of. Consciousness is being awarel You don't have to instruct the brain to reproduce a sunset, just have the intention. Intentions are from the soul level. Your explanations are never the same, because you use different words, inflections, presentation, etc. Mind is the thinker of the thought. Thought is not the thinker of the thought, it is the thinking of the thought that is mind, says Dr. Penfield. The thinker is the invisible soul beyond thought.

Dr. Penfield found out that reality is manufactured in the brain, like a woman who was in surgery who knew she was in surgery but was experiencing something else, say, her kitchen. Dr. Penfield also found that a choicemaker exists, which is the real you. He found this out when he used a probe, a patients arm moved up, similair to the involuntary movement experienced when a Dr. taps your knee with his little rubber hammer and your leg kicks out. So he asked the patient to move his arm that was moving up, to move it in a different direction, which he did. So here we have this choicemaker taking control away from the brain, very interesting and shows that an intelligence separate from the brain can control the body.

The doubter of a thought is that of the doubter. Who is the doubter who can categorize thought according to his memory? Where is the intender, the interpreter, the 'choicemaker', the 'commander', the real you. The thinker is non local, not in the body (see soul), so you are in this world but not of it and are a human being not a human doing, more accurately a spirit being human.

When something is needed, ask/request, don't demand things. The government should use money to further human consciousness. We are mostly empty space clouds of energy. A mysterious force holds us together and is making patterns out of clouds of energy. Without this there would be no universe and no you. Your name isolates you from others, but below the atom all is one. Awareness can't be found in information. If you intend to change your consciousness so completely that violence is extinguished, you will no longer be an ego driven individuality and you will have no stake in politics, psychology or money or the future. Your only stake will be in the timeless region where consciousness is born. Find that seed ground and everyday that you touch it you will add to the peace of the world in a way that no other action can hope to do. At one level you will remain the concerned citizen, the doer of good, the individual full of hope, but at a deeper level you will keep your eyes on the absolute as the only begetter of transformation here on Earth.

People have bought into the idea of spending money that they haven't earned to buy things that they do not need in order to impress people that they do not like. Don't sacrifice the needs of your heart, your soul, for your job, etc. Everything in the universe including the stars, the rain forests and our bodies has the same origin. In meditation we go beyond thoughts into pure stillness and silence, into the field of pure potentiality called the gap and we experience the state of boundless awareness. Here we are able to create anything we want with effortless ease.

The aim of science is to understand nature, where nature, the universe, goes to the still point to create stars, time and space. You and I go there to fetch a word or retrieve the memory of a face or the scent of a rose. 

Have culture.-EQUALITY.is knowing the spirit is in everyone. See the presence of God in all. Others are beautiful as they too are of God.

A CHURCH.should get you to listen to your heart. We are all part of an infinite ocean of vitality, love and joy, yet when we are caught in the turmoil of an agitated mind or heat, our access to that unbounded source is obscured. Ever wonder why all the frequencies out there don't interfere with your brain? Because the brain and mind come from the patterns of the soul. Be comfortable with uncertainty. Welcome that which is good that keeps you away from boredom. Confront reality, have a clear purpose to your life. Serve others knowing that  ideas affect physiology. In the dark and quiet, time stands still. A quiet mind is all you need. Every impulse begins in the silent level of the mind. The silent awareness seeks out all it needs to heal on its own or bring affluence. We refer to objects for our identity and in the process sacrifice our spirit for self image, the ego. Our environment is always telling us what to think and what to remember. Bondage and freedom have to do with what you remember at this instant that your thoughts and actions are springing from.

We need to become more alert, aware, more awake. Our purpose is to awaken human beings from their dream state where they think they are the objects they identify themselves with, when really they are spirits having a human experience, being human. Help creation expand and grow by turning the negatives into the light of truth. 

Psychopaths have distorted brain functions and have little or no conscience, that is, being unable to know and preferring, right over wrong, good over evil:.Micah 6:8 "He has showed you, O man, what is good and what does the Lord require of you, but to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God?"

Our invisible true self is called a subtle body because it doesn't experience through the senses. Some don't think the universe is conscious, well I am conscious and am I not an expression of the universe? Greatest hunger in life is finding the pearl:.Matthew 13:45,46.

Transformation is a turning the negatives into the light of truth. People living on the surface miss fulfilling the great hunger. All lives has special moments where the universe is especially close. 

Your influence is on everyone everywhere. Trillions of electrochemical stimulations occur in the invisible in its support of the observable universe. The universe is as it is because we are here to make it what it is. We are here to create peace in others or whatever. It's our ability of perception which enables us to perceive. Disease is the absence of health not the other way around. Were we a victim of our perceptions coming frothe 5 senses? All experiences come to us as a result of the information from the 5 senses. Feelings and thoughts are generated from info from the senses, from actions and from one's sense of being. Holding on to something is being afraid of losing. The reason reality hurts is so we can be pinpricked to awaken to the fact that this life is an illusion. Outside self, nothing exists because the world is in you. How does this work?

Most people see themselves in the world, functioning in the world, seeing themselves in the world, but the world is in you. How? 3 things that cannot be destroyed in the universe is being, awareness and love. The seeker is the one doing the seeing, a looking for self, The seeker is being, thinking  and doing. The being and thinking leads to the doing and away from the ego. Both the mundane and magical are in you. Infinity is to know God. We are in the movie and are the movie. Imagining a sunset requires the mind, like a pic on a TV is only an agglomeration (gathering of mass) of pixels applied simultaneously to a phosphorous screen. We are limited to the speed of light. But beyond the event horizon all is one, where there is no time. The event horizon = known/unknown, crossed when a particle accelerator bombards atoms causing a sub atomic particle to emerge for a millionth of a second.

One can only know God by becoming God, we are Gods in embryo. Photons are on leading edge of the expanding universe. Where is God? There is not a place where God is not (*). In the lightning there is love and beauty. These things come from the primal stuff, which is the unformed possibility which can react to vibrations of thought that manifest in the world we understand to be made of material stuff. God is weaving along with us. God responds to God when you have that feeling you get from say a sunset. God is in the unknown, but revealed when we have an intention to know ourselves. Heaven is seen within. Realize you are physically in this world but that you are much 'bigger' than the universe and actually the world is in you. When you think of yourself as a physical creature there is no room for the soul to express. It's all an 'inside' experience. Hell is payback for evil thoughts generated. This thing called 'eternal hell' is a misnomer, because eternity is outside of space and time.

Reaping what we have sown keeps us honest and reveals pathways of benefit and curse if were alert enough to learn. Question yourself what you are taking for granted. Let no outer experience override your awareness. The right response comes to you for whatever present situation you may be in. There is an inexhaustible supply of wealth. Have zest for life by realizing the power in the present. Knowing this you can always confidently face the present as you are always in the field of all possibilities. God is in the present so why attention to the past or future? Whatever you experience is as a result of the quality of your attention. We can't see these tiny particles, yet we know of their existence because in accelerators we can see their trails and they come into existence by our attention. It's the attention that transforms the waves into material existence. Being born again is a process. The present is the only moment you have. At this moment you are perfect. You are here because you have a place to fill and right now is exactly where you need to be. Do the work of spirit with an  attitude of joy. What to think on James 1:17. The yoke is easy and the more so we are on the spiritual path. Go with the flow through you. The world is not pushing against you but flowing through you. All fulfillment comes from within. When you ask (Matthew 7:7) it's the one asking the one, a recognizing those things you want to occur in and through you. There is always a response. Be still and know that I am God: Psalms 46:10. Be forgiving. A healthy immune system is aided by healthy relationships. Praise the virtuous and don't condemn others.

WAR: (see also conflicts) All wars are eruptions from the unconscious where the lucky survive at the expense of others. War is the ultimate defense of a point of view where you want to change something. It never has worked. The way of winning wars one conflict at a time is not working. Erasing the conflicts within ourselves that contribute to the collective consciousness, is the key and this way is by using meditation and a looking at our individual shadow sides. When we have desires that are so bad or shameful that our official self totally rejects them, they get split off into a region that has no contact with the rest of the individuality. Many kinds of extreme behavior fit into this category such as murderous rage of the kind that propels serial killers or psycopathic sexual violence as that which crops up in serial rapists. The individual can split off these negatives so completely that the individual appears milder and nicer than average. Once split off these energies of the psyche are part of ourselves, therefore they can think feel and talk and like neglected children, they want attention and the more we ignore them the louder their demands become. No one is immune from this splitting, although it may be extremely well masked. 

War betrays our higher nature and condones murder. Humanity never has had continuous war till now. Human life is sacred and this is betrayed in war. War is an extension of individual feelings here and now. War and violence stem from the behavior of each and every individual. At their core every religion says this. The level of consciousness that makes God a supporter of war and a source of fear, shifts to be replaced by a peaceful and loving God. That God is only sustainable however if your consciousness has shifted to support it. This is one of the laws that governs spiritualness. As you evolve so will the Divine, the way of peace depends on bringing that truth to life step by step:.Romans 3:17.

STAGES: God is revealed in stages. Stage 1: War is struggle born of fear, God encourages the struggle and takes sides. Stage 2: War is competition for lands, money and power, with the aggressor often believing God is on the winner's side. Stage 3: War is a struggle to understand oneself but God is the wisdom reached from looking inward. Stage 4: War is the work to make harmony out of differences and God includes everything in harmony. Stage 5: War is the inspired effort to reach beyond limitation to create a new world and God is the progenitor of all new worlds. Stage 6: War is the last vestige (a visible trace, evidence or sign of something that once existed but exists or appears no more) of good versus evil and God is a vision of heaven regained. Stage 7: War is non existent, the Creator lives in every moment of being. All these stages tell us that nobody was wrong in his or her view of their Creator but nobody was completely right either. We are all living within these 7 stages of consciousness. When one of them attracts us and dominates our mind it doesn't block our sense of the others, suah as the sufferer clouded by fear can also experience moments of being embraced by the highest state of unity. The important thing is the eternal journey of transformation. On that road no one is ever at war with anyone else. War reflects the inner conflicts of the collective soul, the mass mind, religion and war. One pattern moves into another pattern. There is no way to peace, peace is the way. Peace has power of its own. 

Consciousness has to flow out in relationships. Be involved with others. The building blocks of a new world have to become stronger. The way of peace is that no one is your enemy, meeting them face to face one realizes they too are human beings. Must intend something new, not just want the old out. Best thing you can do for peace is to deal with self and stop believing in that legendary enemy of 'them'. The demonizing of others produces an enemy consciousness. Making the enemy less than human is an age old tactic. They are evil we are good, they believe in a false God, they deserve what they get, we have to defeat them or they will destroy us. This turns them into aggressors, ex. Germany was respected for its culture and its philosophies took its place among nations. Truth is, we all are trapped in separation and need to get out. Work to end separation in your own life. The enemy is in you. Examine the layers of false identity you identify as you. Ask self are you thinking for yourself or are you accepting what others are saying and feeling. Are your ideas your own? We cling to our false identity because we want to fit in. When you have opinions ask self is this the real me. Are you talking because you want others to love you, respect you? 

The ego hates humility. Need to look inward and see our own darker side. Upon awakening in the morning declare to yourself that you want to be new today. Everyday is a new day, a refreshed day from the last, up to me how any moment is received, processed understood and absorbed. Love should focus like light from a bonfire giving light and warmth to all. Without a calm ocean you would have no waves. We need rooting in the unchangeable. Being is enough. Just step into the unknown. The fruit has to ripen before it will fall. Be self actualized (to develop or achieve one's full potential) and detached from influence of any negative, but this takes awhile sometimes as it did with this individual. When you turn outside yourself you are buying into reality. Natural greatness is in innocence and simplicity. The crime is its punishment. Treat all others as yourself. 

All the problems come from individuals making choices. What are they to show us? Redemption/salvation is a return to the ecstasy life. Your explanations are never the same, different words, inflections, presentation, etc. You are always learning, growing.

Denial is a form of escape. Denial equals believing things will improve if we do nothing. In this, humanity has been betrayed. Always ask your heart. Remember the Sony example, swallow the deal. Was it comfortable or uncomfortable? Consider does the other individual make you feel put upon (imposed upon, overburdened by) and annoyed? 

Anger closes the door to the realm of spirit. The level of the solution is different from the level of the problem. Einstein said a problem cannot be solved by the same consciousness that caused it. Our highest wish is for unity in a state of peace. You surrender to the path forgetting trying to be right. Live from the level of pure being. Religion hates in the name of love.

More people are changed by an act of mercy than by years of incarceration. Grace is for all. It rains on the just and unjust, God is no respecter of individuals. Grace is the fruit of your surrender. In surrender one finds humility. Ask and it is given. You are the light of the world. Just ask God for your needs. God said he said He feeds birds etc..Matthew 6:25-28. In doing good works, don't think about the dollars, think about what the dollars mean to you. 

A saint.(Deuteronomy 33:2).is one reputed to be in a higher state of consciousness. Become you therefore perfect:.Matthew 5:48 "Be you therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.".Enlightenment is more important than holidays such as Christmas or Easter. Enlightenment involves sociability and doesn't require accepting holidays as excuses for involvement.

One can't live by 'resist not evil'.(*).without possessing a higher consciousness, a consciousness way above the ego. Ask to see what's behind evil.

Naj Hammadi scrolls talk about Gnosticism.which replaces dogma with irrationalism.

PROGRESS.If there was a beginning or an end, what was before it and what comes after the end? Spiritual progress is the expression of being able to change the information and energy. Progress is the basis of survival. W need the sense of constantly growing. Progress is unfolding our potential. We all have potential to be great. All the forces (good and evil) come out of the same cosmic energy, like a radio station it depends on which one you tune into. Whyare you here and why not is so interesting.

To learn fast, become one with the speaker, his writings, his works, etc. Body, mind and spirit all one, where dfferent frequencies make for different functioning and qualities of purpose of each of us. Energy information is either emitted or absorbed and out of the one of energy comes photon, graviton, electron

Truth withheld is truth frozen:.Romans 1:18. Family discussions more important than many time wasters. Problem and solution are always present at the same time because all problems are rooted in consciousness. A shift in consciousness is needed to eradicate problems easily without struggle. Spiritual people do more to help humanity that any government.

It's the whole that influences the function of the parts, opposite of the 300 year old scientific-REDUCTIONIST point of view or theory, which states that if we can understand the small parts, the pieces, it will lead us to understanding the whole, but that's all backwards. Scientists have been missing the boat for years looking for a fundamental particle. They are trying to understand the whole by looking at its parts, instead of looking at patterns, as patterns reveal a wholeness

PROCESS.In the case of the body, your body is not a part, not a thing, not a structure but a process, a verb not a noun, a process that follows patterns, example, medical science and much of the commonly accepted evolutionary theory, still lack clueing into this. For example, guidelines should allow for maximum achievement in healing and not interfere with the flow of healing. Find out what foods are best for your health and see.The Game Changer.movie.

You don't have to steer the river. Give up need to control and defend. The time you do things re biological rhythms is important, called chronobiology in science, where it's waves of nature passing through us, like a surfer who catches the wave.

Entrainment = into harmony with, falling into a rhythmic relationship with, to lock in a rhythmic relationship with, in correlation or synchronization with. Goal is to get exhilarating energy from nature. Sleep allows mind's awareness to be on whole body and this helps you calm yourself to sleep.

Interest Example, decide you need compassion and practice (takes discipline:.Proverbs 25:28), stick to it, pursue good interests, example turning inward to empathy

Guru is a dispeller of darkness. When darkness goes light comes and creativity expresses. The life throb of the ages is accompanied by joy. When connected one can know events before they happen.

CRITICAL MASS causes phase transition is the lesson of the 100th monkey. Once criticsl mass is reached, the world changes, your world and the world for everyone, but it only works for good. The laws of the universe and how you use them are watched, Those of high character (*) are in for a high reward.

Keep quiet feel the silence. Does your mate have a sense of wonder? Are they inspired and enthusiastic about the process of living? Being enthusiastic is actively one with God.

There are three levels of reality: Matter (1. your body), information and energy (2. your mind) and intelligence (3. the level of flow from your Soul, your collective soul and universal spirit or God) are the three levels of reality, all these are projections of your own soul connected with your spirit. Religion is ok if not bounded by it. Free will is a conscious decision to take the pathway to God, ideal is that all decisions must serve both the local or non local, the greater good. Serve the great chain of being. Ask yourself how would your intention and surrender to the non local, benefit all? If you believe in a rock, you believe in God. Genesis is now. How? by curving back on itself and this can't be understood in normal consciousness, can you understand it?. Humans can't visualize no beginning and no ending. All you can do is accept it. Nature functions through silent efficiency. The higher self is where a mere desire is the trigger for manifestation. The main thing is to bring about that carefreeness inside of us, because this is a carefree universe that is orchestrating itself by itself without any interference, as Frantz Cafca in his Path to Knowledge, said "You need not do anything, remain sitting at your table and listen, you need not even listen, just wait and you need not even wait; just become quiet and still and solitary and the world will offer itself to you to be unmasked. It has no choice but to roll in ecstasy at your feet." Here. we can do less, yet accomplish more.

DO NOTHING accomplish all, non doing = put your trust in higher intelligence, non doing is innocence regained and an enjoyment of what you do, doing is using the ego, calculating, feelings, etc. Non doing is like the garden of Eden, no struggle, non doing is remembering who you really are. Non doing is, do the minimum and stand back. Your inward dweller knows how to fulfil what it is that you have your attention on. Find the 'sweet spot' in life. 

In golf enjoy even your swing; no 'efforting'. Efforting means one is constantly monitoring himself. It's a struggle and is the effort way. Just let wisdom of the body take over. You exert effort whenever you are off center. Life is not suffering but it contains suffering because of the low consciousness of man in it. 

Value in money is how you feel inside about it. People join gangs because society has submerged mythology. Myths have value in expanding imagination, taking us away from boredom that makes life baneful.

Sin is a wrong that leaves an impression. We all were born good, a wave of the infinite, but the further we get away from our source, our soul connection and into our ego where it rules us, the closer we get to negative circumstances leading to death, such as overriding the body's good processes in keeping you healthy:.Ecclesiastes 7:29 "Lo, this only have I found, that God has made man upright, but they have sought out many inventions." Psalms 106:39 "Thus were they defiled with their own works and went a whoring with their own inventions."

Natural disasters are not from God but from ourselves, we are creators. Imaginings in mass consciousness are responsible for evil in world. Spanish Inquisition, Nazi concentration camps, etc. had torture and inhumane treatment. Authority has to forbid cruelty to stop torture. Is it a bad barrel you are considering being in? A bad barrel can make all the good apples bad. By doing certain things torture can flourish and torture accepted gives permission to disregard morality. It's done by putting an authority figure close to reinforce the cruelty, making it a duty. A hierarchy is arranged so that lower ranks must obey upper ranks. An atmosphere of fear is created. Group pressure is applied by showing that everyone else is going along. The evil deed is released from any thought of being punished and everything is done behind closed doors. A seemingly valid reason for evil actions is concocted. This was found out from a Stanford University study conducted and terminated after a week due to horrible results where roles played were guards and prisoners.

In absence of distorting ideology the natural course of everyone's awareness is in the direction of love. To turn your consciousness toward love, sit alone in the silence, immerse yourself in natural beauty, take actions of love toward others and accept being loved back. Make a point of and appreciate telling the truth, laughter, dancing, playing or any outlet for joy. Act out of kindness and compassion. Bond with others you like. Feel at one with a group whose goals are positive and offer yourself in service. 

The attractiveness of an individual or nation is how they let their light of these points shine. The above points will break one from any prevailing pattern. War is a complex social creation experienced through individuals who themselves are complex. Here we have to let go and let the natural direction of love flow.

Denial = believing things will improve if we do nothing. Humanity has been betrayed into believing in these falsities, such as, diplomacy = lying gracefully.

Negotiating peace involves showing respect for your opponent, recognizing perceived injustice, believing in forgiveness, bonding at the emotional level. Peace negotiations require desisting in belligerent actions. Recognize values that are opposed to yours. Don't pass judgment and make your opponent wrong. Don't talk in terms of ideology (a body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, a group, a class or a culture; a set of doctrines or beliefs that form the basis of a political, economic or other system).

Confront the underlying factor of fear. We hold waiting for an apology.from each side. Constant war was unknown in primitive societies as anthropology has proven. Survival of fittest is not true in nature as nature is a dance of interdependence. Western religious world likens the hereafter as another material world re heaven & hell, a different material world where time is spent in either of these places.

4 secrets to Leonardo da Vinci's creativity, that of right brain thinking, left brain thinking, thinks in images, feelings sounds, taste, smell and he looked for-hidden meanings behind everything; it gets you in touch with the software of the soul and makes you alert to opportunities, so pay attention to who you meet and you'll see much more than others see.

Good luck is nothing other than this wakefulness, this alertness and the seed of opportunity in space time events; This is also intuition. If you protest it should be a loving protest. We can't ever know it all, example the weather, best they can do is forecast for 2 days with some accuracy. Religion tends to make one afraid of uncertainty, that's why some are negative, hard hearted and cheap and draw back from giving to help. Why do some die as in say, some holocaust and some don't? We have the capacity for good and evil within only our own consciousness. We can choose love or hate. Descriptive words such as unseen, not recognized, overworked (Deepak's Spontaneous Fulfillment disc 5), are words that give others too much power over you. When we throw a ball in the air and it comes down, the ball doesn't care who threw it. 

Winning is passion with detachment.

What you dislike in another, such as their darker sides of stubbornness, argumentativeness, uncompromising, controlling behavior, neediness, are the ones you try hardest to hide in yourself. We all want.PROTECTION from social harm. We are here to find the friendlier side of life.

The reason you can levitate is because you are weighed down with negatives. Just a light intention is what's needed here from one that is free of the dark side heaviness of life, for there is no easy or hard at the spirit level, it all just is. And this is true for all else to.

CHILDREN.are extremely natural. They respond to gestures of love. They spontaneously express their love, they are unconditional in their love, they don't pretend to be who they are not and that's the secret, they are just being themselves and don't pretend to be who they are not. Realize this means non of us is all positive all the time. Positive people all the time are exasperating (very annoying) and are difficult to be with. Complete naturalness wherein simpleness is the key.

Learn to be a good storyteller. To kids, good vs evil nature (superheroes balance the forces of good and evil), talking animals. Sometimes make up your own ending. Sometimes let them think on it till tomorrow night and see what endings they come up with as they have fertile imaginations tapping into the reservoir of the collective consciousness. Children are not pretenders. The secret is to be ourselves. Have to have it to give it. What interferes with it is the social mask we put on as a result of the-HYPNOSIS, that is, an altered state of consciousness. It is not really the same thing as meditation because meditation is an authentic baseline state of consciousness, the ground state of our consciousness, where hypnosis is an induced state of consciousness where you are under the spell in the sense of suggestions from the outside world, again, although hypnosis has valid benefits for some, it is not the same as meditation because again, it is a mental activity and it is in many ways either suggestion from the outside or auto suggestion that definitely has effects on the body of social conditioning which starts to happen in the first 3 or 4 years of our life (Ecclesiastes 3:11 "He has made every thing beautiful in his time, also he has set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God makes from the beginning to the end." Ecclesiastes 7:29 "Lo, this only have I found, that God has made man upright, but they have sought out many inventions.").

MOVING ON: if we are consistently feeling depleted, stuck, depressed or comfortably numb, then we are holding onto something that is no longer serving us, like a painful memory, grieving or maybe a toxic relationship or a negative belief that drains our life energy and prevents us from experiencing our inherent happiness. 

Depression is anger turned inward. A caregiver neglected or abused you but you feared that showing your distress would provoke further abuse. A lover betrayed you but you were afraid that setting an appropriate boundary would lead to abandonment. You tolerated your supervisor's demeaning behavior because you were worried abut losing your job. In all these scenariosyou were unable to find an appropriate outlet for your legitimate emotions so you most likely turned them against yourself. What am I not dealing with in my life? is a question to ask of yourself. Here consider each of your important relationships and listen to the messages of comfort or discomfort your body is sending. If the message is one of distress ask yourself? what do I need do to eliminate this distress? Once you have the answer, you can change it, release it or continue to suffer. Once you've made your choices conscious, it is much more difficult to choose to suffer. Ask yourself what it may be that is preventing making changes I know are necessary to restore my balance energy and joy? Listen to the responses that occur. Notice that this is the point at which excuses and rationalizations tend to come up. Justification tends to use the word 'but'. You can always find plenty of reasons to stay with the known than exploring the unknown. If your current choices aren't bringing you happiness and fulfilment it's time to change your direction. You are the author of your life. Write a new script. One can change the past by reinterpreting it. How? Use what you have learned to move towards greater expansion. Forgive all whose actions have created pain for you, including yourself. Write a letter, draw a pic, use an old photo, to serve as a container for the toxic feelings you are going to release. After expressing your emotions, tear up the object, burn it or flush it, consciously letting go of the noxious energy that has been limiting your happiness and creativity. How to do that? Learn from others having done it. Feelings of pain and disconnecting are warning signals from nature that something needs to change. If you can't seem to do it ask Bruno, he'll help you! If you do not deal with it, it will likely get worse forcing you to pay attention, so listen carefully to the signals your inner being is sending and trust your soul is guiding you to greater truth, wisdom and peac.;

MYTHOLOGY is about God and Goddesses, angels, heroes, divine and diabolicalbeings that represent mythical stories or themes. These Gods and Goddesses are not external forces but states of information, states of energy, generated within each of us as we get in touch with our archetypal being, our collective soul, with that part of ourselves that represents higher consciousness. The archetypal individualities that these Gods and Goddesses go by represent the collective imagination, the collective desires and yearnings of an entire civilization and culture. They represent our desire to lift ourselves from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from the natural to the supernatural to the miraculous. These Gods and Goddesses represent our collective soul, concentrations of the collective psyche. Various archetypes include the redeemer, the wizard, the warrior king, the wise old man, the trickster, the adventurer, holy child, divine mother, Goddesses of wisdom, of magic and sorcery, of love and seduction and untamed natural forces. And of animals, the eagle represents freedom, the snake represents deep wisdom of the Earth, the dolphin represents playfulness and joy. Such archetypes are aspects of your own soul that connect with the archetype or collective soul. If something isn't working for you, don't hold on to the suffering; if you can do anything at all to make it better, do it.

NEGATIVES negative feelings such as violence, born of greed, anger or-DELUSION (deceived, false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence, such as), are damaging to life whether we act upon them ourselves or cause or condone (overlook without protest, forgive) them in others. The fruit of these negatives, whether slight, moderate or intense, is endless ignorance and suffering. To remember this is to cultivate the opposite. On account of ignorance when the notion of an ego self arises, at that very moment the delusion of a beginning, a middle and an end, also arises. A negative attitude of suspicion destroys any chance of obtaining the spiritual proof of the soul, especially in the West where commerce and money and physical proof are worshipped. In the rush of commercial life many take no time for the things of the mind. The storm we run from never passes. Colliding systems produce storms. Negative states are the product of resistance. You can't get negative unless you first resist a condition that you blame upon that negativity. When you resist something you are pushing away because it's a thought of that moment that bothers you. The pushing of the mind against itself produces pain.

Negativity is an unconscious response produced by a conditioned nature that does not want anything to challenge its beliefs. You create each moment. Feel down? It's your emotional body. Blast it with magenta (a moderate to vivid purplish red). For negative thoughts, do something physical to get out of your head and into your body, like gardening or imagine soil coming up through your feet from the Earth. Say no to negativity. Be simple. Embrace the positive and negative (anger, jealously, deceit, etc.) inside you, such as stress, resistance, revulsion, frustration and anger, jealously, greed, divisiveness, destructiveness, self sabotaging thoughts and all negatives. Look at each one objectively and overall, just say no to all negativity. Negativity is the gap between the observer and the observed. It leads to disaster as runaway events and unexpected suffering (Book of Secrets, Disc 3, Track 8).

NEGATIVITY IS BORN in the gap when love has been excluded. Gaps occur in the places where we are afraid to see ourselves. Fear nothing about being bare to all, but don't be offensive. Negativity is born in the gap if there is no love sensed there. Ignorance of your true identity is the main cause of all negativity. Need to look beyond the ego wherein is the thinking that you are separate from others. Ignorance is a negative, something that makes you unhappy. All negative messages need to be looked at. Analyze your awareness of negatives. If you feel negative, your spirit is telling you that you need to change. How? Detoxify your life by witnessing the negatives, look at them, why?

Self actualized means to develop or achieve one's full potential, a being detached from influence of any negative. Label your feeling when you are trying to get rid of toxic feelings, as most actions are rooted in past conditioning. Witness the feelings. All of us have a dark side. That's for a purpose. It's supposed to be that way. Get to know it to release it. Clear away obstacles. Ask God for guidance. Be alert to what messages are coming through to you. Freedom comes from complete awakening..Saint Basil said: "A human is a creature that has received the order to become God.".Ask self what you are doing in a state of consciousness to experience what negatives are presently in your life. Focusing on the present is most important to avoid negativity. Look only at what is the present. Stop anything that takes you out of the present. Avoid polishing the mirror in hopes of changing the reflection you see. Need the will and incentive to change

Boundaries.People have boundaries that kindness, compassion and empathy can't reach, like this individual. To them, you are threatening to take away their identity. Don't you be like that. Be open to receive joy, abundance, peace and fun. That keeps the negative boundaries away. Find ways to fulfil these positive qualities. Expectations can be a mechanism to control the future. Be contented so the unexpected doesn't set you off. Anxiety is chronic.fear.

ARROGANCE is disguised anger. Be clear of what you want to let go; poverty and poor health is not your real self. Expect the best and let go of the rest. Watch and wait. It's all what your attention is on. Reexamine self from the ground up. How to know you are in God's mind and that God cares.

Have the ability to stand aside and look at yourself. Take your bad habit and contemplate on it till answers come. The only way out is through. This is letting go and transcends your old conditioning that was set by time and repetition. We can't avoid the negatives of life so, just don't entertain them. Be indifferent to them. Be neutral. Shift to positive. The mind naturally prefers to dwell on something positive. Hhave a growth attitude and give up being right all the time. To create something new must let something go to make room for it.

NON LOCAL AWARENESS: non local means can't be localized in space or time, is unbounded, everywhere. Non local is nowhere in particular and everywhere, not confined or restricted to a particular space or time. Scientists call it a non local field of information with cybernetic feed back loops (self-referral). The local separates. The non local is the Silence. We see ourselves as separate in this sensory world, a world that exists for us because of how it's made and how we are made. We see the Earth as being separate from other celestial bodies. Looking at things from the sensory level (our five senses) tells us there is no connection. The Earth is here and what's out there, well, is just out there. The local level is the ego level, necessary for the human physical experience, however it misses the spiritual non local level, because we can only respond to one level, one voice as it were, at any one moment. Non local is, all this is mine, as compared to the local, this is mine.

It's a gigantic cosmic (of or relating to the universe, especially as distinct from Earth. Infinitely or inconceivably extended; vast) living being and that is who we are. Once we realize this, we are then this being, as we are in alignment with this intelligent energy, similar to a drop of water being the same or having all the same qualities as the ocean it is completely within. This seeming nothingness is not a void, but a womb which gives birth to all in the universe.

NUTRITION Put your attention on your stomach when considering eating certain foods. If attention is not good, don't eat it. Consciousness affects metabolism. You have thoughts but where is the thinker, where did the thought come from? We mostly refer to objects for our identity (my life, my family, my car, my job, my friends, my money). What are you? Are you an expression of a holographic giant computer that is the universe and is manifesting itself as a continuum of probability amplitude (means, range and in Physics means, the maximum absolute value of a periodically varying quantity)? Where is the interpreter and the choicemaker?

OBSERVER QUANTUM MECHANICS according to quantum physics, a possibility is only realized when it is observed, that is, as it's seen, so that it is, thus a quantum object capable of existing in one of two possible states 'suddenly' jumps into one of those states at the instant it is observed. This is called the 'observer effect'. An electron occurs when we are expecting to see one, until then it only existed as a possibility. Observance is the ultimate creative act. A possibility is only realized when it is observed. Quantum objects such as an electron is capable of existing in one of two possible states. We also can exist in happiness or in depression. A quantum object suddenly jumps into one of those states at the instant it is observed. This is the observer effect.

Quantum mechanics has discovered that observation changes the qualities of that which is observed, producing increased order. Prior to measurement of an electron it was only a wave function, the act of observation and in this case measurement enlivens the properties of a system, increasing order. Turn your attention to the observer, the one who is listening, that is your soul. Your body and the rest of the world is the object of observation. The observer observes itself and becomes the observed. Observe yourself without judging yourself. The observer is eternal, not in space time, so its timeless. Both the process and the objects change all the time. Mind is conditioned but the observer is beyond, in the field of infinite possibilities, which is also a field of infinite correlation connected to all others, the ground of all others, also a field of uncertainty. Learn to move beyond your comfort zone.

PARTICLES all particles are frozen waves. Moving as frequency vibrations, they become matter according to a mind's intent. But what if different minds have different intent? All material bodies are condensation of frozen vibration. Matter is the world of material objects, the scenery, the object of experience.

PAST you can revise the past as it's all just an interpretation anyhow. The past will drop away in time depending on where your attention is. Just gain from the past what you can. See how it fits in with where you may now be in your life, such as how forgiveness may play a part.

The past is the known and offers opportunity for choice and possibility. How? One can know his or her past mind by looking at their body now and if you want to know what your body will look like in the future examine your mind now. The future exists only in the imagination. Freedom is only in the present moment, the only place one can choose from all possibilities. No matter how long stuck, every moment is an opportunity to choose anew. In the prison of the known resides the prison of past conditioning. One can create the future and revise the past, but living in the present moment, accept the present moment as is. The entire universe is as it is in this moment. Imagine yourself as the baby you once were., Ask it to look into your eyes. Invite the baby to join you. Bring it to your chest. See that image melting into you.

PATHWAY LOWER TO HIGHER the lower levels to the higher levels. God responds as protector for our fears, so we can dispense with the normal fight or flight response. God is our as almighy power. God responds as restful awareness, as a peace brought to those seeking it. Here, in midst of greatest worry we find solace.

Telepathic-POWERS, such as levitation and walking on water, these powers are the outcome of using natural laws, which spring from the unchanging essence of the soul, wherein resides the oneness of all things.

From the book THE THIRD EYE by T. Lobsang Rampa."In-TIBET.there are some who can best develop in company and others who have to retire to solitude. These latter men go to outlying lamaseries (a monastery of lamas {Buddhist monks of Tibet or Mongolia}) and enter a hermit's cell. It is a small room, usually built on the side of a mountain. The stone walls are thick, perhaps six feet thick so that no sound can penetrate. The hermit enters at his own desire and the entrance is walled up. There is no light whatever, no furnishings, nothing but the empty stone box. Food is passed in once a day through a light-trapped, soundproofed hatch. Here the hermit stays, first for three years, three months and three days. He meditates on the nature of life and on the nature of man. For no reason whatever can he leave that cell in the physical body. During the last month of his stay a very small hole is made in the roof to allow a faint ray of light to enter. It is enlarged day by day so that the hermit's eyes become used to the light once again. Otherwise he would go blind as soon as he emerged. Very often these men return to their cell after only a few weeks and stay there for life. It is not such a sterile, worthless existence as one might suppose. Man is a spirit, a creature of another world and once he can become free of the bonds of the flesh, he can roam the world as a spirit and can help by thought.".It is comforting to know some are so dedicated to benefit the rest of us by their dedication to grow spiritually as fast and as much as they can.

THOUGHTS are always one of two, either an interpretation or a choice. What is a thought? Where does it come from? Once you have a thought, where does it disappear to? What comes first, a feeling or a thought? Molecules move around and produce this epiphenomenon we experience as thought, which is that which cannot be imagined but without which there is no imagination. In other words, we use what we often know little, if anything, about. It cannot be conceived of but without which there is no conceptualization. It cannot be seen but without it there is no seeing, no perception.

Thought comes from pure consciousness, but it has to go through conditioned consciousness, before it surfaces. If your thought comes from the field of pure consciousness, it is the evolutionary impulse of the universe, moving all spiritually higher in love. If your thought is coming from conditioned consciousness, it is based on previous experience and pretty much a repetition and it is in constricted awareness, not unbounded awareness, because of social conditioning.

Expanded awareness, though it is a higher level, is still a conditioned awareness. You are just connected through the web of relationships, the mass mind, the collective consciousnes. On the other hand, thoughts coming from pure consciousness are those of higher consciousness and come to those who are seekers of high consciousness things, those whose individualities have affinity for spiritual things and growing in them. You are not the thought but the one who has the thought. Time, breath, thought, movement of consciousness, they are all the same thing. You are not your thoughts, you are the thinker between thoughts.

Thoughts arise from the silent space between your thoughts which is your soul. They come from the field of pure high consciousness from wherein is the Soul connected with your soul. Thoughts can also come from one's conditioned consciousness and from what one is opened to from the mass mind of humanity.

Breath is the movement of thought. Between every thought that we have is a space and it is in that space that the thought is manufactured. For example, you may have the thought that you want a chocolate ice cream cone, then you have the thought to check your cell phone, the space between these thoughts is the soul. A thought is manufactured about 6 seconds before it comes to your conscious mind.

A thought is a quantum fluctuation of energy and information. You can have the thought that you'll wiggle your toes, showing that thoughts have an animating life energy without which you couldn't even speak or move around. So, thoughts have energy, otherwise your toes wouldn't wiggle. Thoughts have specified information that tells the energy what to do, a set of instructions that is different from the automatic systems of smiling or speaking or walking. You initiate them, otherwise you couldn't walk and think about your early childhood in school at the same time. Thoughts are waves of energy, units of information and energy. Everything is that, even a tree, all is the same connected stuff.

We think because the universe thinks. Through us the universe is becoming aware that it is aware. Awareness is the flow of information and energy. Thinking and our body are both experiences in time. The soul is all one. There is only oneness. The soul is not the thought, it's the thinker. 

Matter is energy condensed. It is thought, carefully directed and partly condensed, which can cause an object to move 'by thought'; thought, controlled in another way, can result in telepathy and can cause an individual at a distance to do a certain action. This isn't so very difficult to believe in a world which regards as commonplace the act of a man speaking into a microphone guiding a plane to land in dense fog, when the pilot can see no ground at all? With a little training man could do this by telepathy instead of making use of a fallible machine. Real power for life is the power coming from the deep spirit levels. From here comes hopes and aspirations supported by love.

Creative response is.SPONTANEOUS FULFILMENT. When we live in harmony with the nature of reality we experience spontaneous.fulfilment of our desires and needs and we are able to create anything we want with effortless ease, although it takes time to show up in the physical. Why?

FREE WILL is a conscious decision to take the pathway to God. The principle of free will allows what we think to come into being. Ask God to lead you back to light, to love. 

Stages of-CONSCIOUSNESS. If you do not have the notion 'this I am and this I'm not' you will not limit your consciousness:.Philippians 3:13-16; 1Corinthians 3:3,4. In earlier states of consciousness everything is deterministic, where events, acts and decisions are the inevitable consequence of antecedents (what has gone on before, what has preceded) that are independent of the human will. 

In higher states of consciousness there is freedom Alchemy powered by love has ability to transform human nature into higher consciousness where love is supreme. The Christ consciousness is the awakened mind to what we call God found in inner silence. 

Christ must be lived to be known (1Corinthians 15:21-23 "For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ {or, in the same consciousness as He displayed} shall all be made alive."). Christ lived revealing the Father and as the Father (John 14:9 "...he that has seen me has seen the Father..."). How do you see Christ if not in your heart?.Luke 17:21.

PATTERNS are mathematical and require code, denoting intelligence, takes intelligence to understand patterns, takes intelligence to use a mathematical code such as in the sunflower. Pharmacology.presupposes only physical things. Drugs can help but so can talk therapy in eradicating old patterns. Every experience has its own energy pattern. These are held by the ego in memory and reflected in the brain as memory, emotion, sensation, etc. They can be cleared in many ways, such as through dreams, insight, imagination, deep recollection (just observing the past event), confession (talk about it with someone), prayer, atonement, meditation, love, etc.

PEACE is the seed of sweetness at the center of the heart. The emotions of peace are compassion, understanding and love. Meditate for peace. No way to peace, peace is the way. It has power of its own. When you trust, there is no need for hidden hostility and suspicion, the two great enemies of peace. Develop new ideas for peace, be creative. You are at peace when you are established in witness consciousness, wanting to see, wanting to know. A new world won't be born until the building blocks for it have become stronger. Wanting bad things to stop is not enough. The building blocks for the new world are non military. A new way of relating peacefully is needed. The us versus them way (defeat them or they will us, they are evil, we are good) is not a good way and leads one from peace into conflict. 

The enemy is within each of us. Key is to have a better life for all. Peaceful people show their soul. Get away from the us versus them thinking, from this dualism. Don't let dualism write you into its script. There will always be a 'them' if we believe in an 'us'. We supply arms and send our troops over to be killed by them. The greatest nation of the future must be peaceful and sincerely so, that is, having no ulterior motives. Want the benefit for the other. Lifting others up, shows them a peaceful and prosperous world. Peaceful thinking has to become our habit. People will adapt to peace or anything at the level of their own consciousness. No way to peace, rather peace is the way and has its own organizing ability. Actions of peace harm no one, cause loss to no one. The rock can't defeat the rain even though rain is soft. The tree can't defeat the wind, though one is invisible. How can there be any happiness for those who are not peaceful? Peace must exist inside before it can be seen in the world. Peacemakers practices: be for peace, meditate for peace, harmony, laughter, love, relinquish all grievances. Think for peace. Let me and all be happy loved and peaceful. Feeling for peace involves being of compassion which is not allowing anyone to remain alone in suffering. World today is in a state of perdition, that of separated from their soul. Speaking for peace involves refraining from criticism and complaining and being a comfort to another, respecting others, speaking only when centered, that is, when your words come from higher consciousness thinking and you are calm before you speak. Have creative ideas for peace. Look at others a new way. Acting for peace involves bringing a smile to others and offering help. Creating for peace is having an idea that brings others together. The enemies of peace are hostility and suspicion. Sharing for peace is connecting with others who are peaceful, helping to move the world to a critical mass and dedicating your life to peace.

PERSONALITY/INDIVIDUALITY individuality = identification with past events and projecting that information into the present with hopes for a better future. Individualality is created by selective identification re our relationships. What is there about this individual I can identify with? Where is it we have a meeting of minds? Individualality per se, is the result of recycled relationships now used because of our desire for more happiness. Individuality is time bound and is the result of composite.impressions.adhered to when relationships are recycled in the mind. The self is really a reflection of all selves when operating at the ordinary consciousness level, which is subject to influence of the mass mind.

POTENTIAL /-POSSIBILITIES a possibility is only realized when it is observed. This is not the world of electrons, it's the field of the potential of electrons. Pure potential is beyond the cosmic soup which creates the physical out of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. It's this energy that binds the 'cosmic soup' into all things. What you see is what you get. Pure potentiality includes all and excludes nothing. Get in touch with it through meditation or silence and by being intimate with nature.(*). Here you'll feel the presence. Without consciousness acting as experiencer or observer, everything would exist as pure potential, which is the total of natural law. Potential is the same as unseen possibilities. See the possibilities.

All laws of nature are found in the unified field. Energy always carries information. It has infinite organizing power, as evidenced by the movement of galaxies, migration, seasons. The human body is also a field of infinite organizing power, with 6 trillion reactions going on at the same time. It can digest food, play a piano, think, make a baby, etc. and all done at the same time. The unified field is fully awake within itself. It's a field of pure awareness, that is, awake fully and lively. Here any eventuality is possible through the quality of the attention in the field itself. It has infinite correlation with perfect order even though it appears as chaos on the surface; example Grand Central Station. We identify ourselves with our body and our mind but our true essence is the pure consciousness that gives rise to everything in the universe. When you know your true self, you realize that there is just one mind, one intelligence, one observer and one Being perceiving itself through the countless persepectives of different beings, like a cake is all one cake but able to be many slices.."Once you know who you really are, being is enough. You feel neither superior to anyone nor inferior to anyone and you have no need for approval because you've awakened to your own infinite worth."....Deepak Chopra.(deepakchopra.com).

PRAYER is a request made from a small part of God to a large part of God, an intention introduced into the field of consciousness and collapse of possibility waves into space time events. Prayer is a mental phenomenon where you actually speak mentally to a deity. Important thing here is to be sincere. Although prayer has many beneficial effects and more and more are scientifically getting validated, prayer is not meditation because meditation is going beyond the mind, where as prayer is a mental phenomenon (perceptible by the senses), it's still mental activity. The mental activity is directed to a deity. Whether you believe in a deity or you imagine the deity or you actually have experience of the deity, that inevitable mystery that we call God. Prayer is asking for guidance. Ask to see the light and to know what grace is. Prayer connects the physical to the non physical. There has never has been a separation between you and God. You just have focused on what society fed you to focus on. Prayer is applied consciousness. Prayer is thought and all thought produces something, every action leads to a reaction. Good actions and grow you spiritually. Pray always means to maintain your alertness and awareness through the day, to change from thief to saint (the thief on the cross:.Luke23:39-43). Prayer is a journey of consciousness to the souls needing help. Prayer turns you into something special as it connects you with the Soul. Prayer is a state of non local correlation, intention through non local correlation; Prayer is intention introduced into the field of consciousness and collapse of possibility waves into space time events. People often are not aware that others may be praying for them.

PRESENCE The presence of God is always there. Just as the air is always there, so is the spirit that is the real you, but with both, you are unaware of unless you mind's attentiveness is upon them. How many times do your remember your breath going in and out during the day? The preence of God can be felt in one's own vitality. It is always there and was always there, before you were born and you can know it. Turn your attention to the one listening (you) and notice the silent presence. Carry the consciousness of this presence everywhere you go in that way you are in eternity. If God has a presence that means He can be expressed. Body and mind are just means of communication for the Spirit, the presence. Important to be aware of the constancy of the presence of the way that mind of God works,.

7 Laws of Spiritual Success: success being the progressive realization of worthy goals. You are what your deep driving desire is, ask how your desire will serve me and all others. As is your desire so is your will, as is your will so are your deeds. as is your deeds, so is your destiny. ...from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Law of Potentiality. Take time to notice and meditate on nature and yourself, nature is vibration.

Programed We are the author of our own vibration, unhappy vibrations create unhappy circumstances. Create silence. Be quiet and hear the vibration. Your not 'in the world', the world is in you. You're not the body, the body is in you. Forget judging good or bad, accept it as the way it is. Every time you impose a model (the way you have allowed yourself to be programmed to think) you are judging. All in universe is accessible to us 1) Pure Potentiality is your real being and real being has no limitation. 2) Law of Giving: universe has it all so it can only give. Give and it shall be given unto you. This starts the process of giving and receiving. This way energy flows. You can always give to others.

Three most important human needs are attention (means you listen, really listen to someone when they are talking to you), appreciation (you speak and you consciously and sincerely appreciate something that's good in another {their eyes, smile, their dress, something}) and affection (touching with love). The body captures energy. It circulates within it and then gives it back out. One way to give is to listen, which is your attention or the attention of the Spirit toward the other. Relinquish the need for moral judgment. Listen to others when they are talking and have appreciation when you speak. Say appreciative things.
3) Karma: means action, choice making, many choices every second. What could you do right now. Ask self what's best thing to do right now. Do what is right at the moment and leave results to the universe. Choose that which brings joy and good for yourself and others. Intelligence flows to make and sustain things. Always ask how you feel about what is in front of you (Sony founder's example). Look at what's in front of you. You don't have to analyze it. Just allow it to witness to you. Does it feel good or not so. Does is give comfort or discomfort? Witnessing the choice brings it up from the subconscious. Ask God for guidance and follow it. Every thought is either a memory or a desire. All is a going toward being aware of awareness itself.

4) -LAW OF-LEAST EFFORT anytime your straining, trying too hard and hitting brick walls in your efforts, you must be doing something wrong, because success, at least the success of the realization of your goals and the expansion of your happiness and the manifestation of your desires, is not based on hard work, exacting plans or driving ambition. The mind of God doesn't function that way and who are you? To activate the law of least effort, the key is acceptance, that is you don't accept the past as it can be revised, after all it's just our interpretation of it and you can reinterpret it in any way you want. You don't accept the future because you can manifest any future you want, but you must accept the present which is just this moment right now. Have your attention on what is and you'll see its fullness in every moment. It's the quality of your attention that determines if you'll find that presence and that comes through acceptance of this moment which has been created and conspired by the entire universe to be just as it is right now. In addition, you activate this law through responsibility. Have the ability to embrace ambiguity, where uncertainty and paradox is the hallmark of spiritually enlightened beings.

."Nature is made to conspire with spirit to emancipate (to free from bondage) us."....Ralph Waldo Emerson

The multiverse has the know how, the organizing ability, the effortless organizing ability, where the principle is, do less, accomplish more. Do nothing accomplish all. One doesn't have to 'try'. The universe doesn't 'try'. We need to learn to live life in the same way we view a movie, without any stressful effort of the mind.

Don't cultivate a mood, say, of affluence; remember no effort. This applies also to healing. It's the law of least effort. Do the hairs on your arms try to grow? Do birds try to fly?. Does a fertilized ovum try to become a human being? You cannot try to have a positive attitude. Does a flower struggle to open its beauty? You will be positive when acting from your soul level with karmic choices (that of, knowing that you reap what you are sowing) because it's those karmic choices that generate those thoughts of positivity.

Nature's intelligence functions with effortless ease, with carefreeness, joy, harmony, love, laughter. One can accomplish without the working of the ego when actualized as an integral being. A bird doesn't try to fly, a baby doesn't try to be born, it just grows toward birth. Many things have been programmed by the Great Intelligence to be as we see them work:.Romans 1:20. Accept the moment as it is. Let go of things that may not be going as you want. Let go of imperfections. Sometimes a bumpy road greets you when you begin to let go. You are repairing the holes in your leaky boat when you begin to let go. Your desires are trying to free you from all limitations. No power is greater than your self aligned with God. But, this is understood at our level of awareness. Awareness is the key here. Desires not realized come from being attached to the results of your actions. Don't take self out of the present moment. Timeless awareness is in the present. It's the only moment that never ends. This moment is as it should be because the universe at this moment is as it should be. Be responsible and confront the pain or it will return and deplete your energy. Deal with what's in your mind at the time. If your internal reference point is God, no one has permission to hurt you. 

Yoga and yoke are from same root word meaning united with the universe. 5) Intention and Desire: desire is pure potentiality seeking manifestation; God knows how to fulfil the desire. Trust God. If no desire then only a universe of possibilities that don't get manifested, so have a desire. Attention and intention = energy and information. Energy can be converted into matter and matter can produce energy. You walk because of your intention to walk. You would never walk if you needed to know all the many things that go into making you walk, so it is with the your intention and desire. The Infinite Intelligence knows how; 6) Detachment: there are always 2 centers operating, the ego and the spirit. Ego is the fears and time concerns. Spirit enables alert witnessing to your own self, that is, 'I'm not the role I play'. There is this invisible you which is the real you. Don't have to be attached to your goal as it's the process on the way to the goal that matters. Stay in the process. Forget the result. It doesn't matter if you don't reach it. The universe may have a different and better journey for you. Decide to commit yourself to detachment by being wedded to uncertainty. 7) We are spiritual beings having a human experience. God's mind runs the machinery of the universe. We are 'Gods' in embryo (*). Meditate to get out of the outside world and into the inner world of the spirit.

PRESENT Passion is in the moment. You miss passion when you worry over the future or pine over the past. "The secret of health for both body and mind is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future and not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly." ...The Buddha. All you have is this moment now. Keep your attention on the present. Living in the present moment keeps you out of the ego realm. Accept the present moment as it is offering no resistance and you discover the choices available in the present. Each second of time is an eternal renewal (Galatians 5:16 "This I say then, Walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh." Galatians 5:25 "If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit." Stop agonizing over a resentful past and worring over your security in the future. The whole of reality is contained in the present moment. When in the present moment, one is in presence of total mind. If you're in the present then you are in the presence of that total mind that is orchestrating the universe. God know what He's doing. Stay away from the mental doors that open to the ego things of the past that are hurtful and the ego things of worries over the future. Therefor surrender to this moment as they are, not as you may wish them to be. 

God is love (1John 4:6-8) and you having being created out of love (the invisible workings that brought you to birth), the Father of all knows you exist and cares for your existence. To receive love give love. To love be lovable. Time can't affect you if you are always in the present. Catch the present moment without words or thought. Just because you are the way you are doesn't mean you have to be the way you are (*). 

PROCESS the process can't be found yet all we say and do comes out of it. See things in your mind; closed eyes see sunset, focus on the listener when listening to something. Be open to the present.

PROJECTION.Don't interpret another's behavior from where you are in looking at things, just feel the body's reacton. Ask the questions and be attentive to your body's signal such as a feeling or comfort or discomfort.-Projection is a convenient scapegoat we manufacture. Such mental concoctions step on one's intuition. Projection is evidenced by finishing peoples sentences for them, acting defensively when not accused, getting angry if others disagree with you. You have a hard time reading peoples faces and frequently and erroneously feel misunderstood. You feel others dislike you. You believe that when your partner looks at another, sexual interest is being shown. You harbor extreme likes or dislikes about people you hardly know. Must get rid of projection in order to tell true love from false love either as a giver or receiver. If you defend yourself before being accused, you feel guilty. The guilt needs to be faced before you can stop the projection. Projection masks the truth. It's a way to psychologically turn the tables. If you feel your partner is constantly looking at others with sexual interest, you are the one who cannot be trusted. If you think your boss secretly hates you, you have hidden rage against authority. Reclaim and bring home your feelings that you project onto others and you'll feel liberated and less judgmental. We do everything we can to push this demonic force outside ourselves, trying to separate ourselves from it. Enemies were the 'other' who had to be guarded against and fought with. Projection couldn't make the pain go away permanently so a constant state of inner versus outer warfare ensued. Ignoring your own weaknesses and explaining it's the act of God or the devil so you don't have to take responsibility for it. We ignore our own weaknesses and project them onto others. Examples, the latest movie star is criticized for losing too much weight while the whole nation becomes more obese; anti war movements are denounced as unpatriotic while everyone is paying taxes to kill citizens of a country that has never done us any harm. Projection is used as a defense to avoid looking inward. If you can't feel your own anger, you label a group in society as violent and to be feared.

SUPERIORITY Projection exemplifies itself in (I know I'm better than you) superiority which disguises a feeling that you are a failure or that others would reject you if they knew who you really are. Injustice toward others disguises a feeling of sinfulness or the sense that you are always to blame. You feel that it's unfair these bad things are happening to you. Arrogance disguises bottled up anger and beneath that lies deep seated pain. The I'm too proud to bother with you, the, your very presence irritates me, are negatives that'll take you down. Defensiveness disguises the feeling that you are unworthy and weak. Blame disguises a feeling that you are at fault and should be ashamed of yourself, like 'I didn't do anything, it's all you fault'. Idolizing others disguises the feeling that you are a weak helpless child who needs protection and taken care of. 'My father was the best', 'the man I have is my hero'.

PREJUDICE.disguises the feeling that you are inferior and should be rejected, like 'He's one of them and you know what they are like'. Jealously disguises your own feeling to stray or a sense of sexual inadequacy and so comments often are 'You are thinking of betraying me, I can see it'.

PARANOIA.disguises deep seated overwhelming anxiety. Get to the heart of the anxiety. Whenever any of these attitudes appear, there's an unconscious feeling hidden in the shadow that is hard for you to face. To stop projecting, you must be in the present in your thinking and your doing and contact the feeling beneath the surface. Projections are an open gate to the shadow. Every impulse of anger, aggressiveness, fear and resentment leads directly from you to the collective unconscious and back again. Ask self what am I really feeling right now. Don't let the shadow win by simply acknowledging the negative feeling you have and your unwanted feelings will start not to feel so unwanted and will reveal to you the story that lies behind the feeling. Most stories are rooted in childhood. Your old feelings hang around to protect you from being in the same situation again and having the same wound repeated. Make peace with these negative feelings. To pay back the emotional debt from the past, listen to the story that lies behind it. You had a valid reason for holding onto negativity. Your old feeling stuck around to protect you. Fear wasn't holding on to hurt you. It thought you needed to be on guard in case of another potential hurt. 'I was only trying to help' often hides unwelcome intrusion.

PURE.Purification is how you move out old energies. Pure is living without the need to be bound to anything in the physical world:.1Corinthians 7:31; Matthew 6:19,20. Find spiritual components that release negative feelings.(Isaiah 24:11). Hold onto good memories. If our awareness is pure, every desire is fulfilled completely. How can I ensure my awareness is pure? Pure is being non manipulative. Manipulation is of the ego level and true pureness, is of love.

PURPOSE.on Earth is to provide to others, to provide to them the right path by explaining to them an individual is led to the right path so that he can believe in himself, his true self, his real source and believe in what he needs.(*).for his body so order is restored in it. Once we have learned that we are living the knowledge of natural law in order to prevent the mistakes that cause all the problems we have today. But there are-so many laws of nature, where does one start? by being in meditation we intuit the truth to follow as we experience our daily lives. And from here all behavior becomes life supporting, from here we come to be living in the higher consciousness realm. From here we fulfil our purpose: 1Corinthians 15:28 "...that God may be all in all.".The universe is always sending messages that tell us where we individually are on our 'dharma' or have become sidetracked. 

When living out of your true purpose, events seem to conspire in your favor and you find it easy to move forward; "Drink your tea slowly and reverently as if this activity is the axis on which the whole Earth revolves. Only this actual moment is life." ...Thich Nhat Hanh. For most of us, being alive is so we can pursue the feelings of being safe, loved, happy and fulfilled. Living from the level of the soul at every moment is the purpose of life (more). Purpose in life is to heal, to make others happy, to create peace, to restore balance to the world where balance in environment promotes balance in individuals. Find your purpose (how?). Do you have purpose to awaken human beings from their dream state where they think they are the objects they identify themselves with. God is now calling everyone to change:.Acts 17:30.

Purpose is also to transcend the physical world to the soul, to bring the soul back into daily life. Emmanuel's mission was to bring about the kingdom of God on Earth and to redeem humanity from the ego level that has entrapped them, holding them in a prison. Find the part of you that is unborn and you will be free of birth and death. Find this in meditation.

Suffering is because people are filled up with their unreal self. Show people a way out, pluck out the old worn out superstitions. Life is not suffering though it contains suffering. Life is unsatisfactory because nothing is permanent. The separate self is unreal is an illusion. We are all connected, to each other and to everything else. If people can come to realize this there is opening for awakening. The mind keeps searching in vain for cause and effect explanations and we end up with strange speculations like 'I once cheated on my partner and this bankruptcy is payback', 'I used to be full of anger and now I'm sick', 'the community quit believing in God's commandments and now a hurricane has leveled it'. We weren't taught another way to explain the unseen workings of reality.

QUANTUM:.Every wave collapses into an electron. Quantum reality is only known in higher states of consciousness, a higher dimension. Nothing is separate at the quantum level. What's a quantum? Unified field qualities are; only act out of God in all you do and think, for example to feel peace is better than anger. Quantum physics proved long ago that the observer is the deciding factor in every observation, example electron, where the observer creates the world he lives in. According to quantum physics, a possibility is only realized when it is observed. Out there is a quantum soup. In here it's created. The whole whole world a projection of our consciousness.(*).

We have a whole different reality we have to awaken to. Open up to a higher dimension. There are many layers to reality, the one you're in and the higher levels of love.

QUANTUM LEAP:.A quantum leap in physics is a phenomenon where you have a subatomic particle in one location and suddenly you find it in another location without going through the space in between, like being in one city and then instantly in another. It's a discontinuous jump that is non algorithmic, Euclidian geometry is algorithmic, for example, a non algorthimic system is where you go from 1,2,3,4,5,6 and then leap ahead to say 132 with nothing in between. This comes out of what has been called the 'nothingness'. An atom, like its electron components changes orbit without passing through space. Electrons change,  moving into a higher orbit when they gain energy and into a lower orbit when they lose energy. All of a sudden we too are in higher consciousness, that's why it's important to desire your soul level. To express the desire in a thought is all that's necessary, like magnetic north attracts the metal in the compass, the soul will draw you to it. Creative ideas are quantum leaps.

LEAPS.of creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value. Creation has its own mechanics. These quantum leaps are prepared in the invisible domain when the switch is off which appear in the visible domain when the switch is on. Quantum leaps are like getting to the stage from the door without walking to the stage. Our ability to read is programmed into our cerebral cortex. The ability to read should have disappeared if evolution, as many geneticists say, is as random as they think it is, as the ability to read wasn't necessary for survival. Consciousness builds into every particle of creation the potential not just for one unfolding future, but for any future. Nature opens many avenues for growth and then nature makes the leap when the time feels right, such as these times. As long as potential is alive, nature can evolve by choice. It's a leap in consciousness that brings new meaning or new context to any situation or problem. If everything were fixed, there is no creativity.

REDEMPTION is freedom from the negatives. A redeemed soul is a soul in awareness. Redemption is seeing with the eye of the soul.

REINCARNATION all nature recycles, why not us?

RELATIONSHIPS Instead of allowing a relationship to fluctuate as mood dictates, intend for it to become richer and deeper. Your partner is constantly filling you with a stream of desires, needs and opinions and you are doing the same back. You must discriminate how much of this outside influence is positive for you, neutral or outright negative and having paid attention to all these you can fully accept your partner without posing a threat to your integrity and individual growth. All the things that make a relationship work apply to your soul. View each relationship as a divine connection. Rejoice that another human being is with you.."You're only lonely if you don't like the individual you're alone with."....Wayne Dyer. Peaceful indifference is having no particular interest in or concern for. Wish for others deep fulfilment. Express approval to all who help. Offer service and show devotion to those who love you.

NEEDS Being in touch with your needs and desires is being in touch with where your inner intelligence is heading at this very moment. This attentiveness makes you a conscious individual and unique. Needs are not met by another individual, perhaps because they are not able to meet our needs or don't know or care what your needs may be or they could be in conflict with another's needs. You haven't clearly communicated your needs because you've assumed that someone else could guess your needs; example, if you loved me you would know what my needs are, doesn't clearly express needs. A Sufi poet said."To love more and be happy will be your choices when all your needs are met.".

Every decision we make, we believe it will bring us closer to the good things or at least further away from the negatives. We choose how to show up in our relationships and ourselves. Think about what the other may be thinking and feeling. Try to imagine the words thoughts and actions of say a farmer, an executive, etc. You plant seeds with your thoughts, allowing these seeds to grow and flourish and manifest at just the right time. To make a relationship, more surrender is all it takes. Leave people nourishe. 

DISAGREEMENTS All disagreements are the result of misunderstanding someone else's level of consciousness. The individual you call an enemy is an exaggerated aspect of your own shadow self. Open and honest communication is what's needed here. To influence kids, be the change you want to see in them. Be authentic. By totally accepting yourself the way you are, you create better relationships. Every secret reveals itself without effort. Maybe have a talk with the toxic individual, such as, this is my observation, this is my feeling, this is the need or just bless them with your presence and peace. Nature will always correct itself. The multiverse does not depend on us for its progress. Consider what are the best qualities you have that you can express in relationships. Give up the need to be right all the time, to have the right view. Have a view of no separation, we are all one, so question your perception and your thinking. To not offend when you speak, be mindful of what you are saying. The purpose of speaking is to create happiness in the listener. Observe what you are saying and it will administer grace to the listener, instead of being damaging. Only have one or 2 things in mind when you are speaking. Listen carefully, even to your own self as you are speaking. 

Relationships are rewarding when you find new things in each other, a growing into increased awareness present in each of you of how it's always the present. Is there a flow from the inside to the outward? Offer the real you. Are you deeply relating or negotiating. See more to love in your partner then you both will desire more. Understand who the individual really is. Problems in relationships comes from relating at the ego level, where both are in a resisting attitude, resisting each other. Relationships thrive when both parties are getting their needs met. Try not to trigger defenses in others. Separate your judgments from your observations. Avoid words that require another to be ignored, abused, neglected, rejected and abandoned. Use requests. Ask nicely. Don't find it necessary to find the other individual wrong. Choose work that helps you grow younger, where time flies. "I like this individual because ..." Mentally note what you like about the individual and what you don't like. What is it that you want on all levels of desire, ego, material, spiritual, emotional? Let go of any grievances. Women emphasize process rather than product. Relationships are important to them. Does being with her or with any people) make you feel alive, alert?

RELIGION contradicts reason and quantum physics where reality is explained in such a way where miracles and the soul's existence are even more credible than they were in traditional religion, yet many continue to defend traditional religion no matter how much it contradicts reason. Traditional religion has yet to evolve so that it gains the kind of relevance that science cannot defeat. Spiritual concerns have returned not as a blind obedience to a canon (an ecclesiastical law or code of laws established by a church council), but as an individual exploration of consciousness. We can only escape enslavement to the shadow by exploring it, bringing in the light of consciousness, but exploring the shadow turns religious people off as they prefer to live with the drama of sin and redemption. Religion states killing is wrong and one cannot love God without loving and cherishing other human beings, yet religion puts God on the side of war by, the truth must be defended, unholy acts defile God and must be punished, heresy is a crime that true believers must redress (set right, remedy, rectify), vengeance is a part of God's nature, sometimes a lesser evil is needed to vanquish a greater evil; what sane individual would destroy another individual because heretics and unbelievers must not succeed? God doesn't interfere in human affairs anymore because no one wanted God to be like that. 

God transcends war altogether. The nature of God is peaceful. Religion betrays its mission to make God's will into our own, by condoning war. That's why religion.is quarrelsome, divisive and in many places, idiotic. A vision that makes you choose sides isn't a vision. A true vision never condems an outsider for their sin.

SCIENTISTS Science is still burdened by spiritual materialism, that is, the belief that any explanation of God, the Soul of all or the afterlife is valid only if matter contains the secret. This is like saying we can't understand jazz until we diagram the atoms in Louis Armstrong's trumpet. We just can't explain how the multiverse is so uncannily regulated. Scientists know the universe only expresses 4% of what's in it. it's a dichotomy (division into two usually contradictory parts or opinions) that keeps the Soul at bay, most such dichotomies are lines drawn not on the basis of fact but one's own worldview. Religion says the soul is a spark of the divine and each individual has had a soul placed within us. What science can't explain, it simply doesn't see, such as the things that make life worth living, like beauty, devotion, faith, inspiration, nobility, compassion, empathy, individuality, fate, intuition and love. Each journey into peace is unique, the musician finds the essence of beauty, the scientist finds the essence of reason, the devoted mother finds the essence of motherhood, the unloved child finds the essence of compassion, everything is shaped to who you are.

Avoid the 'I am right, you are wrong' way of thinking that is typical of some religions, worshiping the creature more than the creator:.Romans 1:23,25; Isaiah 44:20; Jeremiah 10:14; 13;25. Avoid giving in to the ego. You're here to move from that low consciousness realm. You live in the body and see through it at the same time.

Malachi 3:2,3 = before God is real to them they have to go through the results of the law of reaping and sowing in life which will awaken them out of their hypnotic socially conditioned imposed sleep. Religion wants you to be holy and a normal kid at the same time. Why don't they fit. Religion is really someone else's experience. Spirituality is your own experience. Hinduism is a religion, the corruption of Vedanta which is a conversation between students and teachers looking into consciousness). Religion is a trying to figure out the spirit with an ego mind. Religion offers the great reward, but what if you just need the next small reward. 

If you're positive all the time you are boring and if negative all the time you are annoying. Be positive, but have wisdom. How to get wisdom.

SAFE Rely upon your higher power to protect you.

SALVATION is a glimpse of reality. Get more glimpses as you grow spiritually.

SAYINGS The saint has a future and the sinner has a past. People say God is close or far, but think of the color blue or the word elephant, was it near or far away? Distance isn't relevant. God is how near? Know that you are of infinite worth and no amount of money can equal that. We are all in the same boat of human conflict and confusion. Sometimes it helps to admit that the doctor is not far from being a patient.

SECURITY If you seek security in the outside world, you will always be chasing it. Let go of attachment to the illusion of security, which is an attachment to the known, the material world and you then open yourself to step into the field of all possibilities, the field of uncertainty where happiness, abundance and fulfilment are.

SELF The self is a process that makes you a human being. Habits of the old self must give way to the habits of the new. Nature gives you new desires to lead you in the way of higher consciousness, this is the truest path regardless of the belief system one may hold onto.

DISCIPLINE is constancy, patient and renewed belief in what is real as opposed to what is unreal. Your true identify always remains untouched. Whatever mistake you may have made about who you are is temporary. You have never sinned against your true identity or affected it in any way (why?.2Timothy 1:9), except to lose touch with it. The prevailing problem for each individual is separation and nothing else. There are only masks we wear. There really is no self to change, only the masks to discard There is only one self and no higher self, no deeper self, no true self, no partially true self; actually only one self, the one you are experiencing right now.

Everything that will ever happen to the self appears on the screen of your mind in the same way as wanting a hamburger, remembering your name or fantasizing about a beach in Bermuda shows up. The only show that will hit the screen is filled with thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, fantasies and impulses of every kind. Yet there is something else behind the screen and that is where transformation occurs, where you feel you have been touched by beauty, inspiration, genius, nobility and even God, almost as if what lies behind the screen of our present attention wants to get our attention. Avoid being immune to the depths of life where you can only access bland images that flicker without feeling across the screen of the mnd. 

The self does not go nor does it come, for space and time derive their meaning from consciousness alone. Where can the self go when all that is, is within it. It's right with you now. The awareness of the self (your spirit) is supremely concentrated in the present. The self, the spirit of you, doesn't calculate. Instead, it feels and goes with the feeling, the right response to every situation that occurs. This is carrying the consciousness of eternity wherever you go. Seeing yourself as whole is the first step in seeing yourself as attractive.

SELF REFERRAL-Self referral doesn't refer to anything outside itself, doesn't refer to any outside object in order to identify itself. Here one's happiness doesn't depend on any approval of others, only on what's inside you. Characteristic of self referral is a silent witnessing. It is our own awareness, wheere all is available within the field itself, the field being the state of mind you are in, in this regard. In self referral you have an internal sense of wellbeing regardless of what is happening around you because you aren't identified with transient.objects or events. Creative people have this characteristic, where they are not object referral. Instead they are self referral, that is, referring to what one's self is (Good based) and not being bothered by any circumstances which are negativ. One of the best ways to directly experience your true self is meditation. Wholeness is self referral, not ego based object referral. If what you do feels natural it's the right pathway of good for self and others affected by you.

SENSES (Magical Mind Magical Body Disc 2, Tracks 7-12).The 5 senses must operate as though time is real. Through our senses we find the doorway to God, the senses purpose being to bring us to the reality of 'something greater than this must be there'.

The world of the 5 senses would collapse were it not for the invisible support of Infinite Intelligence. Immanence is remaining within, the mind, inherent, subjective, the immanent world is the one apparent to the senses, material, changing, subject to time. The mind knows what the 5 senses tell it. This is the natural man 1Corinthians 2:14.

Taste buds change every 6 weeks but you still remember what a strawberry shortcake tastes like. Smell, hearing, feeling are all projections of consciousness. Senses are codes of intelligence; example, if right handed (reverse for left handed) looking up to left activates visual memory, down to left retrieves sound memory, down to right is kinesthetic experience and the experience of touch and emotions, up to right creative visually, horizontal to the right create new auditory (Mozart anybody?). The 3rd eye narrow beam, can be widened to 'see' past present and future timelines.

The biggest mistake we make is accepting things as real because we can see and touch it. We are reassured by the things of the five senses. Our senses draws our attention outward. We think that they are reliable, but that's a response of the observer. However, as mosy know, the eye is limited and can't see all there is, so is the hearing limited. Dogs hear more. So-called material reality is just a lens of perception:.1Corinthians 13:12.

shadow: The shadow is the hiding place of stress and anything that keeps you asleep from reality is a result of the shadow. The shadow increases whenever you keep a secret, harbor guilt and shame by denial, deliberate deception, fear of exposing who you really are and conditioning by a disfunctional family.

The shadow has surrounded you with the fog of illusion. Where did the shadow come from? The impulse for separation created the-contrast. All our divisions between inner and outer exist so that we can make sense of these two worlds which seem to be separate but eventually they merge and as that occurs a individual ceases to be a limited cause for change and turns into a universal cause for change. Contrasts and the war between light and dark and when separation goes pathological (manifesting behavior that is habitual and compulsive), it manifests as the shadow's anger, fear, envy and hostility, so the human soul feels simultaneously divine and diabolical, sacred and profane, saint and sinner. The shadow is the separation impulse. The split self is the most damaging conclusion. 

Man invented war as another way of suffering. You have no experience without contrast. We need opposing energies in order to have manifestation. The human soul is a place for ambiguity (doubt), contradiction and paradox. Duality is where you are. One can use Attention and Intention to transform self and to get away from the dark things of the low consciousness world; be clear of what you want to let go; look at your shadow self; poverty and poor health is not your real self. Ask to see what's behind evil. Our own life can be sustained. Life exists to sustain life, to nurture it. We are being fooled by our own creation when we think life exists for selfishness. Don't be a victim of erroneous thinking. Be a willing receiver of what wells up to your mind from the Soul. Know the Creator sustains us. Know that you are the projection of reality and that you control your movie. The whole thing is a hologram.

The way to rid yourself of your shadows.

You are safe. To many, simply being alive is the ultimate risk. You are secure when you realize the Creator has provided you with all you need. Take your place inside the play with confidence and let go of things not going as you want. Forget judging good or bad, accept it as the way it is; the shadow is the separation impulse; within the shadow lies atavistic impulses of rage and fear. Any thought not filled with love is an invitation for the shadow to enter; the shadow self seems to be the opposite of self, actually it is the way to love; the individual you call an enemy is an exaggerated aspect of your own shadow self. How so? And if the shadow self is a negative aspect of me, then I am whole, as wholeness is both positive and negative; every thought either heals or harms; whoever we are or whatever we have been through something or someone often with the best of intentions casts us into the realm of shadow and the task of the rest of our lives will be to exit the darkness and return to our inner light; don't focus on thoughts of someone else's shadow, because they affect you; in life we have been falsely conditioned to not reveal our basic drives and desires; guilt and shame results once the basic drives and desires are hidden, because they felt bad; the shadow builds and gains power when we keep secrets to ourselves and others, such forms of doing so are denial, deception, fear of exposing who you are, and conditioning by a dysfunctional family and an off-base society including its school system; so we harbor guilt and shame; to become free, we need to look at our shadow side; attention is spirit, spirit is love, love is what we commonly call God; when we look at our shadows, we expose them to the light and this dissipates them (1Corinthians 4:5 "Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come {comes in your mind}, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts. And then every man praises God."); making yourself and others wrong. If you need someone to blame? Once you decide it's a moral issue you'll have no trouble blaming someone else you feel is inferior to you. The shadow side thrives on that which creates fear and suspicion. This is the first step in exposing the process of how we ended up in a shadow. To escape we just need to make the opposite choices that got us into the shadow in the first place; 4 categories for consideration: 1) Stop projecting don't ignore your weaknesses, don't see others as not good enough; look inward; admit what you feel. Is it your own anger, sexual feelings you feel are wrong; superiority, injustice (I don't deserve this, it's unfair) arrogance (I'm too proud to bother with you, your very presence irritates me), blame (I didn't do anything, it's all your fault), idolizing others (the man I marry will be my hero); 2) Detach and let go; 3) Give up self judgment; 4) Rebuild your emotional body; trust in your unlimited nature; must deal with your shadows or they'll deal with you, keeping you in a state of perpetual denial, keeping us from helping those we love when they most need us, when they are faced with their own demons; the shadow keeps us in a characterization of the individual we think we should be, stifling our self perception; shadow is only dangerous when we lock it away; allow it to lead you; what are y hidden urges?; don't ever worry about 'fitting in', be yourself; your secrets keep you sick; find healthy ways to express your shadows; we seek attention, excitement; exchange your secret life for an authentic life; make peace with your shadows, your self destructive behaviors; shadows show us our inner world is out of balance; the lie begins with ourselves; the shadow is messages we need; are we acting in ways that destroy anything; avoid all denial; any hypocritical acts?; do we do the very things we criticize in others?; every feeling deserves healthy expression; embrace the qualities that disturb us in others; if you receive what is happening as a point of interest that's ok, if it affects us it has touched a shadow we must deal with; we have also buried the light shadow, the joyful self that we have submerged; emulate others good qualities; if you are attracted to a quality in another, that quality is also inside you; our shadows are so well hidden it's by projecting onto others that we are able to see what we are really like; guilt is self directed pain when you blame yourself; choosing unity over separation brings the era of the shadow to an end; the shadow is the separation impulse; the divine impulse is unity, where it sees no separation; we secretly love our bad boys and girls; the devil is the mythical shadow, the fallen angel; can't have God without the devil; contrasts; all is positive and negative; life is the ego's wild ride of good and bad; the root of all evil, the cornerstone of the shadow's thought system for it involves a separation from God and a casting of blame. The way out lies in comprehending how the shadow came to be. How to diminish it: Open the box of shadows and you'll see that there is a power there to move toward our highest potential. If you are standing in light you have a shadow and the brighter the light the sharper the shadow.

The darkness rising to meet the light means that every step that conscousness takes attracts its opposite.

We don't get the enemies we deserve. We get the enemies that are forced to show themselves when the light shines brighter, like vermin scurrying out from under a rock. There are two kinds of enemies, the external and the internal ones. They are both against you. Once exposed they can be dealt with:.Psalms 21:8 "Your hand shall find out all your enemies. Your right hand shall find out those that hate you."

If you are the light you have no shadow. Shadows surface when we suppress ourselves. Shadows we have embarrass us unless we are in the darkness. If in the darkness there is no shadow.

Clear shadows by removing toxic emotions, substances, food, relationships, etc. and replace fear based thinking with love based thinking. Before you do anything, ask does it cultivate separation or unity? If in a toxic environment do not be affected by it. Express harmony through your presence everywhere you are as best you can. Shadows have positive life altering gifts. How is a shadow born in us? What's its role? Shadows involve self-sabotage because we have refused to accept our true nature's purpose which is to bring the shadow into the light. Shadows vanish in the light. Only by shining forth your light can you cast out shadows. This is living the light. The shadow self (the ego, not of the spirit, the social conditioning) is the opposite of self, but actually it is the way to love. It is the way to love because embracing your shadows is the only way to eliminate them. And you can embrace them because you know the energy of love is way more powerful than the non energy of shadows. Reweave your mind and body. What you focus on you choose.

You choose the dark side by attention to the dark things, the shadow side, the side that deals in duality, separation, the side that takes charge if we don't bring out the wisdom of the spirit, can come to an end when we choose unity.over separation. You don't have to conquer every aspect of yourself that is tinged with darkness which would be impossible in any case, just become who you really are and from that moment on darkness is no longer anything you can identify with.(Matthew 6:23 "But if your eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness!" 1John 2:10,11 "He that loves his brother abides in the light and there is none occasion of stumbling in him {why?). But he that hates his brother is in darkness and walks in darkness and knows not whither he goes, because that darkness has blinded his eyes."). 

Don't be individually invested in any outcome. Know how to surrender. Wholeness is beyond the shadow. Can't conquer the shadow, one has to go beyond it. Wholeness overcomes the shadow by absorbing it.  Where doe the darkness go when the light shines? Acknowledge your shadow when it brings negativity into your life. Embracing and forgiving your shadow side, turns an unwanted obstacle into your ally. Ask what conditions are giving rise to the shadow. Is it stress, anonymity (being unknown or unacknowledged), permission to do harm, peer pressure, passivity (passive {subjected to an action without responding or initiating an action in return, accepting or submitting without objection or resistance; compliant} inactivity, quiescence or submissiveness) dehumanizing conditions, us vs them mentality To change the collective, change yourself. We entered this whole shadow process by making simple choices and so the opposite simple choices will take us out of the shadow's grip on us, stop projecting, detach and let go, give up self judgment, rebuild your emotional body. Take responsibility. Don't blame others. Realize you are worthy of love and respect. Avoid anger and fear as natural reactions to life. 

Creating the shadow is a process, all experience of life which is a manifestation of the soul, is as a result of contrast. The shadow keeps us away from life giving energy. Have a shadow meditation to get move on from the shadow side (see in meditations under meditation). Examine your shadow. Stand in the light. Then you asee your shadow. Don't be dragged into fighting the shadow. Evil comes from screwed up energies, dragging you into a belief in separation. There is never separation between those of humanity and God. 

Imagine the sun in your heart and it will glow through every cell of your body and out through our emotional, mental, spiritual bodies. Have no attachments to the.PARTICLES of chaos created from a belief in limitation (see The Grand Self movie; has good information that works on ridding yourself of limitations.

Fear based things such as stress, resistance, resentment, revulsion, frustration and anger, jealously, greed, divisiveness, destructive, self-sabotaging and the like; show you what you are like and are the nudgers to take you forward into love. They produce hardships so you can see that the fruit of these things isn't good. Pass on from them. Go to the joy in life.

You choose love by being kind, considerate, by being giving, compassionate and by being happy. Learn about being sympathetic. Compassion or commiseration involves harmonious agreement with the feelings of another; an accord. Put on friendliness, appreciation, acceptance, affection, trust and insight

INTUITION is heightened awareness that comes with familiarity of the information fields in your body, which information is recorded holographically in the cells of our bodies. It's the act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes, an immediate cognition (knowing). How to use it. Intuition is a sense of something not evident or deducible. It's an impression and is a form of intelligence providing a heightened sense of awareness of what is going on in your own body, whose cells are responding to all in the environment including the cells of others around you and those things your attention may be on, even if not around you. Intuition is sensing energy. Intuition is God's mind and is a present moment thing;."Learn to hear your internal voice and listen to what it tells you"....Grigori Grabovoi.

Deepak never plans what he is going to say. It is always God's mind or your ego mind speaking, but how to tell the difference? The ego mind is you concerned with only the self. The God mind is....

Major discoveries in science are due most often to intuitive insights. The spirit can make you certain that you know something. This is intuition based on faith, forgiveness, revelation, merging, binding, transcendence, peace, etc. Just by looking at another for a few seconds and focusing on the feeling you get from creates the space for intuition to grow and thrive in your life. 

HOSTILITY, Hostility is remembered pain accompanied with the desire to get even. If held on to one cannot evoke the healing response due to fear. Anger triggered by pain, cuts you off from spirit. Angry people are trapped in a nightmare. Anger is as of a result of harboring a belief in injustice. People believe they are victims, have to know the soul has a way out, I am the way () not seen by those out of awareness, angry people are at war with themselves, deep seated fears and anger are as a result of ego conditioning over many years; also
RESENTMENTS and grievances, "Resentment is like drinking poison and thinking it will kill your enemy" ...Nelson Mandela, people have knots of discord and confusion; only the stained repetition of outword memories keeps us in an old enemy framework of mind; energy flows to us naturally if no blocks, blocks = out of balance with natural law, with nature, balance = integration on all levels body mind behavior environment, be aware of your energy; find your shadow, it hides in shame; to have a shadow is to be complete; we all live with the wreckage of failed ideals, that once seemed liked perfect solutions, solutions that came from the dark side; not demons, but many think so; clean up your act is the modern version of removing demons; list of what to look for in a mate and what to avoid is the modern of this demon removal; why is the shadow undefeated; human nature includes a dark side, the fog that traps us in our own darkness; things of the past keep rearing their head cause we don't see it; shed the image of yourself that belongs to the past; the shadow exerts its power by making the darkness feel like the light; humans haven't grown emotionally at all; the secret lies in consciousness; the shadow plagues the world with PAIN is a gift allowing us to birth our beautiful self, giving us the wisdom and the drive to step into the magnificent expression of our self and heartache; only complete understanding can confront; first step is to abandon all notions of defeating it; talk about winning? Y've lost already; good has no part in winning against the shadow; the more you try to suppress it the stronger it becomes;-ADDICTION comes about as the good side, and the dark side cannot be resolved; all cravings and anxieties vanish when it is realized when the infinite vibrates worlds appear to emerge and when it is still the worlds appear to submerge, even as the torch example, not realiziing this we are subject to delusion; habit plays a strong part in addiction, what you have not released you will repeat over and over again, addictions are compulsions to repeat over and over again, way out honesty, express your feelings in the moment; key is to disarm the shadow's negative effects in you life by looking at the things of your shadow; the shadow side if not looked at, keeps out of site until an opportune time for its expression, how often have you seen the TV news of the neighbor who saying that 'he was always such a good quiet and friendly individual, how could he have done that'; when it comes to addictions we have to realize that we are more than the addiction, this helps the self to come together and see itself without blinders; consciousness seeing itself is the solution; humans share the self, our unique focus on the world, we enter the world as ego creators, to give our individual stake in the world; if you lose your house, spouse, money, world falling apart, it's really the self falling apart, losing its confidence in the reality it thought it understood, but souls don't break, they bounce; we have influence from the collective mind, the shared unconscious, which itself has a shadow; we are all in the collective mind, where we rely on others, feel in a crisis as others feel; 'we' is as much of our identity as 'I';-contracted/expanded awareness - the brain translates every emotion to a chemical which affects the body; what a crisis does to us is we draw back and contract inside and feel the grip of anxiety, this is the ememy of finding a solution, solutions come from expanded awareness where fresh ideas have space to grow, from your true self you find expanded awareness and spontaneous solutions, life was meant to unfold in joy, not to be a struggle, every challenge is a creative opportunity, when you are fully open you view yourself and the world with loving understanding, peace and freedom, unless you are shown how to live in expanded awareness you have no choice but to live in a state of contracted awareness, the mind has a reflex that makes it draw back when faced with mental pain, in bad situtations ask self what can I give or give up here to make peace, or what can I make light of here to brighten the situation, your vision should extend beyond the conflict; ; bad conditions allow dark side to emerge, absence of law and order allows for shadow expressions; the shadow keeps us unconscious until it has opportunity to erupt; James Fowler's book Connected, is about behavior runs in groups; invisible connectors run through all society; if children were taught to become aware of their shadow, sharing even dark feelings, forgiving themselves for not being good all the time, learning how to release shadow impulses through healthy outlets, there would be much less damage to society and the eco system; human soul is ambiguous (open to more than one interpretation; doubtful, uncertain) so consciousness is not one flat field; we need a dark side to see how we are; who am I is constantly changing as consciousness is always changing; we all have contributed to the shadow by our hates, and feelings of animosity, but in its essence it is the totality of the universe acting through a human

NERVOUS SYSTEM I am the totality of the universe acting through a human nervous system, your immune system is a circulating nervous system constantly listening to what's going on in body. The brain/nervous system is all a two way antenna monitoring the reality out there and in us. The world out there is connected to our body and has no defined edges to us. Our choices determine who we are. 

We have the somatic nervous system (of, relating to, or affecting the body, especially as distinguished from a body part, the mind, or the environment {environment is your extended environment}), the Soul, which is all conscious information and is autonomic, such as the the autonomic nervous system (ANS or visceral nervous system is the part of the peripheral nervous system that acts as a control system functioning largely below the level of consciousness and controls visceral functions, the ANS affects heart rate, digestion, respiration rate, salivation, perspiration, diameter of the pupils, micturition {urination} and sexual arousal; whereas most of its actions are involuntary, some, such as breathing, work in tandem with the conscious mind; it is classically divided into two subsystems: the parasympathetic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system. Relatively recently, a third subsystem of neurons has been named 'non-adrenergic and non-cholinergic' neurons, because they use nitric oxide as a neurotransmitter. The information that we are unconscious of involves the part of the vertebrate nervous system that regulates involuntary action, as of the intestines, heart and glands and that is divided into the sympathetic nervous system {the part of the autonomic nervous system originating in the thoracic and lumbar regions of the spinal cord that in general inhibits or opposes the physiological effects of the parasympathetic nervous system {the part of the autonomic nervous system originating in the brain stem and the lower part of the spinal cord that, in general, inhibits or opposes the physiological effects of the sympathetic nervous system, as in tending to stimulate digestive secretions, slow the heart, constrict the pupils, and dilate blood vessels}, as in tending to reduce digestive secretions, speeding up the heart and contracting blood vessels} and the parasympathetic nervous system) have been described and found to be integral in autonomic function, particularly in the gut and the lungs. With regard to function, the ANS is usually divided into sensory (afferent) and motor (efferent) subsystems. Within these systems, however, there are inhibitory and excitatory synapses between neurons; nervous systems, part of the autonomic system is the limbic system (a group of interconnected deep brain structures, common to all mammals, and involved in olfaction, emotion, motivation, behavior and various autonomic functions)

SICK see under healing

SLEEP solution to all sleep problems is what happens during the dynamism of the day, the activities that are responsible for changes in your thinking; a settled contented happy mind is essential to good sleep;

SOCIAL CONDITIONING none of us were made so as not to be able to get along with others; we all were made in unconditional love, but that soon changed with living life and all the conditioning we were exposed to; the individualized consciousness perceives what it thinks it perceives on account of its conditioning; the hypnosis of social conditioning begun in childhood has made us feel powerless and afraid, from childhood we have been instructed in limiting beliefs, constrictions and fear, whenever you feel threatened or fearful it's because you are in a state of object referral; question what is held as true to break through the social conditioning; limits you placed on yourself no longer bind you to past conditioning such as the composition and decompositioning of the body; the social mask is a self-image.

SELF-IMAGE is not the true self; the self image is just a social-PERSONA (the role one assumes or displays in public or society, the public image or individuality as distinguished from the inner self), the veneer (thin surface layer), the mask behind which we hide, the front which people mistake for themselves, a ghost that doesn't exist, masking the source which y are which is your true self, infinite love and the receiver of infinite love; the self image is intellectual (rationalrather than emotions, relates to the intellect {of the mind learning and reasoning}), it calculates, it determines its behaviors in anticipation of responses of others and this is a fear based time bound awareness; compare the real self; question dogma, outside authority, what people take for granted, in this way you break through the social conditioning that has entrapped us all; social indoctrination makes for all the problems; don't live from a social mask; keep with the innocence of love; question dogma, ideology, outside authority to break through the mask of social conditioning; the social mask hides what all are, love; children are not pretenders; the secret is to be ourselves; have to have it to give it, what interferes with it is the social mask we put on as a result of the hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness;

SODA Stop, Observe the feelings in your body because the body doesn't feel good when stressed, Detach from Automatic responses (the reptilian brain) and keep observing until you don't need to respond and after 6 weeks the reptilian brain shuts off and you are not at the mercy of the normal stressful reactions when things go wrong as they do for most;-CHANGE-BEHAVIOR there is no resting place in change but that's just how life is; we change our behavior by ritual; (Malachi 3:6 "For I am the Lord, I change not"; James 1:17 "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.");

SOUL (see also spirit) the soul is spaceless, timeless (eternal and non local) and dimensionless; it is beyond thought, beyond the place where thought occurs; as Rumi said "You are the unconditioned spirit trapped in conditions." (this physical 5 senses world); the soul is in the silent spaces between thought,-the subconscious mind as it's drowned out by the thoughts that predominate our daily existence; the thought is born in the space between thought, in the silence; in this space is the potentiality for any thought, so choose the highest and best for yourself and for others, therefor the space between thoughts is an field of infinite possibilities or to put it another way, the thinker of the thought, the soul, is a silent field of infinite possibilities, so if it's the same for all of we must be the same Being, the difference being that there are different probabilities in that field of infinite probabilities, aka, different probability amplitudes; a silent field of infinite possibilities and within that are different-PROBABILITY AMPLITUDES a probability amplitude is that which defines the statistical likelihood of the next space time event; for example, I look at a snowstorm and suddently get the idea I should be in Fiji, and you look at the same snowstorm and suddenly get the idea of going skiing, another individual looks at the same snowstorm and suddenly gets the idea that he should make a snowman, so even though in the space between the first thought and the second thought there were infinite possibilities, there were different probabilities; the probability in the first case, Fiji was the statistical likelihood of that space time event, and in the second case the statistical likelihood of that space time event was possibly skiing, or shovel the driveway, etc., there are infinite possibilities but different probabilities; so the space between thoughts is in fact a probability amplitude in that field of infinite possibilities, and you and I are continuums of these probability amplitudes in that field of infinite possibilities; what creates that probability amplitude?; it's karma, the ancient Sanskrit word meaning action or experience, so if you have a cup of coffee that's a karmic event, and karma or action generates memory, you remember what the coffee tastes like and the experience surrounding it; so desire is a result of memory and memory creates the possibility of desire, and desire creates action again, it seeks manifestation through action (call it a circle of fulfilment), you may want that nice cup of coffee and experience again; desire therefor is the progenitor of action; withing the software of the soul are the seeds of desire, way down there somewhere, seeds because we are not consciously aware of these memories and these desires; if you are not aware of your software (created consciously or subconsciously) you are a victim of it, if you are aware of it you then have a choice; not being aware is being in a sort of a hypnotic state; so you don't let memory use you, you use memory, if memory uses you, you are at the mercy of anyone who pushes your buttons, you then are a Pavlovian model; are created by karma and this generates memory of the experience and memory creates possibility of desire example maybe want another cup of coffee and desire seeks manifestation through action, need all 3 for without one the others don't exist; a memory automatically triggers another and some with desire; where does a memory go when we are not using it?; so the soul is a continuum of probability amplitudes which has as its software karma, memory and desire, and in seed form all three are exactly the same thing, because without karma there is no memory, and without memory there is no desire. and without desire there is no karma, so they are actually the same thing, they are just different ways of looking at the same thing; all memories are the basis of interpretation, and all desires are the basis of choice; the essential you is an interpreter and a choicemaker, the interpretation is based on the memory and the choice is based on the desire, they are inseparable, each of us is a bundle of memories and a bundle of desires; part of the karmic software of the soul; through association of memory and desire an automatic process is engendered, and that is the activity of the mind, it just keeps happening; we don't consciously choose to have a particular thought; most of the time we are thinking because of the automatic software, as soon as we have a thought we have another thought, the thoughts just keep happening, as soon as you have a thought it makes it necessary to have another thought, this happens through association, one memory triggers another memory, and a desire triggers another desire, thoughts happen automatically through association; forget trying to force yourself to be positive; the only way to change self is to go beyond the software, into the silence; the soul is a little different from the spirit; many treat soul as an object instead it's a link to the infinite, soul has no bounds, can't be lost or saved; relying on a higher power to protect you takes you out of the ego realm; keep your mind on your soul, when you bring attention to the level of the soul your life changes; decorate your soul with high consciousness things; exists in consciousness and therefor must be found in consciousness, it's a living dynamic part of everyone; the soul is the idea the body develops of itself; everyday actions can no longer mask the soul but now can express it; soul is like art, which grows and deepens the more you devote yourself to it; religionsays the soul is a spark of the divine and each individual has had a soul placed within us; the soul will do everything it can to end blindness and unreality, it's nature is only love; individualized consciousness appears as the subtle or ethereal body and when it becomes gross that itself appears to be the physical or material body; that individualized consciousness itself itself is known as the soul where the potentialities are in an extremely subtle state and when this juggling of the soul ceases that itself is the divine or supreme being; soul is the conference (the bringing together of) of meanings, contexts (how we interpret life), relationships and mythical stories or archetypal themes that give rise to everyday thoughts, memories and desires conditioned by karma, this creates the stories in which we participate; soul is the window to the greater reality, to the field of higher intelligence, the window to a more universal field of infinite possibilities, the key to the door (Revelation 3:20 "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock. If any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him,and he with me." Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."), the higher self; the soul is the most real thing of us; the body disguises the true self which has no limitations; the soul is the aspect (a way in which something can be viewed by the mind) of yourself that is beyond rational thought; the soul consists of pure awareness; the growth of these higher consciousness things in your life is a sign that you are getting closer to your soul; the journey of the soul takes an individual from a fragmented state to one of wholeness, here events start to weave into a pattern, small details fit together instead of being scattered and random, we feel connected to the whole; goal of the soul is to awaken all the qualities of matter which is but the deep end of spirit.

SOFTWARE of soul is memory, karma, desire; we are multi-dimensional. Our soul profile 1) Physical realm, environment, energetic body, physical body; 2) Subtle realm being the mind, intellect, ego; 3)-Causal realm which is the individual soul and-collective soul of like minded others (Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.") of love and our spirit and our spirit. The causal body is made up of the information field (the software or information for manifesting) and the unified field. The collective consciousness is also the repository of all the thoughts of humanity. The collective consciousness is part of you, but it isn't your real self, so don't mistake what others feel for what you feel.

The soul will give you an answer to every question not in words but in-guidance ask for the higher self to come into the guidance. This is having your mind on the spiritual part of you we call the soul, where here, 'soul' means your individual pattern in the invisible Soul of all. Soul answers through the synchronicity of circumstances, situations, events. The entry to our soul is the space between our thoughts, that's the way you exist. When you turn your attention to the observer, it's your soul. Meditation is the process to go beyond the object of observation and to the soul. The observer is a constant and  is eternal. The observer, unlike the mind, is beyond conditioning. The soul has seeds of karma, memory and desire. Turn your attention to the observer.

This merging brings an individual into-harmony with the soul which merges all opposites and loss and gain become the same, twin aspects of fulness, attraction and repulsion move together, depending on what is needed to come and go; when everything is flowing according to our idea of how things should be, it's easy to feel in harmony with the rhythms of the universe; when there is a lack of alignment between what we want and how our life is unfolding, we're more likely to feel disharmony, stress, or frustration, yet it is our resistance to what is happening in the present moment that intensifies our distress; whether we're getting a root canal or finding out that we've lost our job, our fear and the frightening stories we tell ourselves about our situation magnify our pain; the present moment is not always easy to accept, but learning to listen to the sensations in our body and the message they are sending will calm our emotional turbulence and ultimately will enable us to benefit from the experience (Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."); connect to your body, accept this moment, know that change is inevitable, and become clear on what you would like to see manifest; your ability to co-create the next moment requires acceptance of the present; all is self organizing self coordinating, complimentary, in harmony; at the level of spirit everything is always unfolding perfectly, you don't have to struggele or force situations to go your way; silence and activity join as the in-breath and out-breath of creation; creation and destruction serve the same end, the constant unfolding of new forms of life; know that one thing by knowing which everything else is known; everything in the world of soul comes down to not believing yout eyes but believing only what can't be seen; soul is a unique expression of the underlying universal field of consciousness from which it emerged; a simple way to see yourself as youu never have before, as someone who has the same power and vision as your soul.

The soul alphabet:
A.is Appreciation. How often do you say, 'You are a good individual', 'You are so thoughtful', 'I'm glad I can count on you'. Appreciate others and appreciate the spiritual treasures and they increase in value to you.

B.for Beyond. Let others speak instead, even when you have the most important thing to say. 

C.is communicate. Be brave enough to communicate with others: 'I think we are a lot alike', 'I feel really comfortable around you', etc.

D.is Doing for others. Must feel as if you're doing it for yourself. Realize that we we are all one, allows more love to come into the world. 

E.is Expand yourself. Read a book. See things as the opposite sex does. Learn things about the mind. Understand more about life and the soul. And, do you feel light carefree and safe in the world? What message is your body giving back to you at various times as you life your life? What about emotions? Do you feel happier and more positive and fear and anger don't cloud you anymore? Do you feel more free? You are expanding spiritually if your vision of life is coming true.

F.is forgiveness.

G.is Gift. Count your blissings (aka blessings). To make every day feel like a gift you must feel deep down that no one can take it from you. To most people, life is for grabbing to, that is, they feel life is more like loot they must grab. Everything you have came from God and goes back to God. Find little and big things in your life which you can be thankful for. Think back to some highlights of things you've been thankful for. Perhaps a pet was in a thankful experience; perhaps some individual; perhaps some occurrence or perhaps a gift that really 'hit the spot' at some time in your life?

H.is Heart awareness. Overlook faults of others. See them as good. The heart asks one question, Am I feeling love? If yes, you are feeling heart awareness, if no, get back to heart awareness, but what if you just don't like somebody?

I.is Inspiration, means bringing in spirit, a thing of the soul. Music, scenery, etc. is effective here. The soul uses inspiration to send you a message.

J.is Justice. Be-FAIR. Do something to make it right for others if they are on the other side of fairness. Either life is unfair and God is just or vice versa. It's all about the spirit taking you along. Ancient David was a good example of being fair in life. Life feels fairer when it comes from the level of the soul.

K.is Kindness. Understand the feelings of those having been hurt. Stop looking for flaws in others and kindness comes easily.

L.is Love and like. Take time to like someone you love. It's hard to like someone who has hurt you. There's a place inside you that can't be hurt. Uncover that place.

M.is Music of nature, waterfalls, rainbows, birds singing, rush of a stream. See the harmony of one in all the differing beauty of nature.

N.is Negative. Don't demand perfection. Don't blame or be critical.

CRITICAL..When individuals are critical they are ignoring their own weakness while criticizing those around them. Being critical is the process of projection which many don't see or understand. When we blame and criticize others we are avoiding some truth about ourselves. 
INNOCENCE.is the ability to give and receive love without holding on, to live innocently is to allow others to express who they are. Whenever you explain a situation as the act of God or the devil or 'them', that is the problem and the problem then is seen by you as being that of other people because you see separation. It's the old 'them' and 'us' food the shadow thrives on. This increases fear and suspicion and you, being fooled by your shadow, feel that evil lurks everywhere. Because self judgment is too painful to live with, you are projecting. Don't put anyone down. Don't tease unless you are sure the other individual will take it humorously. Life is always positive. What is life? Say yes, saying no makes things shrink away. Allowing life to unfold is allowing the spirit to solve problems. Trust life to unfold.

O.is Open. Be open. What have you got to hide that God hasn't seen.(*)? Water can't flow through a pipe unless it's open. Don't try to keep everything under control. People just want to be them. Rest from competition. Listening brings others on your side. Sharing a secret about your life shows you are trusting and open. Don't be negative, it makes others tense.

P.is-PARENT. Imagine you are a parent. Be an agent of good to your chidren. Children need to be taught what in life is right and wrong, what is best for them and what isn't good for them. What is good? Although there is no right and wrong in the spirit, as there is only love (Romans 13:10), at the human interaction level there are do's that work to maintain harmony and don't's that if heeded can keep one in a safer state in all ways. Don't leave morality to God. See others as a parent does. Act as a parent by questioning.

Q.is Questioning. Ask if you had to decide this argument which side would I pick; does God exist, does Satan exist, etc. New things come to mind when you ask questions. Doubt doesn't lead to answers only to more doubt leading to more doubt. Grow in small answers and the big questions will become clear.

R.is Response; not mechanical like reactions. Pause and wait to see if something new wants to come out. Reactions will always come first, so wait.

S.is Seeing, not just noticing, see with the spirit. What's deeper here to what you are in front of?

T.is 'That'. That doesn't stay around for long. When you think you have found it you find it left 5 minutes ago.

U.is Unity. Don't see separation, the game of us versus them is won by walking away. It starts quite innocently and can be circumvented at that time. No such thing as being greater all the time. The fear of losing goes away when you see that us and them are the same;

V.is Voice of silence:.PEACE.is spirit setting the mind into quietness. Spirit doesn't need words. Spirit can make you certain that you know something. This is intuition and can keep you from being stressed and overwhelmed from the chaos around you. This is called detachment. Spirit can remove self-doubt, this is called being centered:.CENTERED.The keys to these things is to relax and go inside.

W.is Wealth. Tap into the flow of nature's abundance. Here is new life and new ways to fulfil desires. In every seed is the promise of a new forest. In every mother the seed of a whole new human. You should have enough money to do what you want when you want to do it. Spirit energy doesn't know the difference between a penny and a billion dollars. It gives according to the need that must be filled, but self-doubt blocks us, as does confusion, contraction, fear. God's plan for you is never for lack:.Matthew 6:33: John 10:10:

Creation is now. Just see a need that you can fulfil.

X.is the factor denoting the unknown. Most are afraid of the unknown. We need new thought daily. It's about when you wake up tomorrow and say to your soul, make this day unpredictable, but positive overall.

Y.is You. Make sometime for the real you. This is the you you want to be once you try out all the other models, the ones others want you to be. Be yourself. Others are already taken. This is the you the ego gets at all the time and is always demanding more of. Don't live for the approval of others. The real you is here to find out the secret of life, not to satisfy someone else's opinion.

Z.is Zero and is the empty void which is God. We are no thing:.John 15:5. We are spirit and 0 is infinite possibilities. You have to find ways that get you to a place beyond the mind. Love nurtures and sustains us depending upon our commitment to it in our hearts. Any change you make at the level of the soul reflects in the outer world which is a mirror of the soul. The job of the soul is to make evil vanish without a fight. Your soul matches what you want to what you really need. Bit by bit your puzzle is being put together. Trust that your soul knows exactly what makes you perfect in your own way. Your soul connected with the Soul of all things, is always working on just what you need. It proves to you that a part of you never changes. By staying connected to your soul, step by step it leads you to your deepest desires. Stay true to your wish and it will become reality. Make the image of your desires for good detailed, detach and let the universe work it all out. If you change your expectations as you go along, your soul will make it come true as naturally as possible, just trust that it works. Your connected soul  has a quality, in that it knows for sure. Don't be detoured from your soul by life's distractions. Living from the level of the soul at every moment is the purpose of life (more).

SHADOW energies are those derived from the dark side of the soul, the part of the soul that feels separate from the source, usually emerging as fear, guilt,  shame and embarrassment, things that we do not want others to know about us;  dark, secretive, primitive and extremely dangerous things. To find your shadow energies, you have to be dedicated at this time to a journey of descent. Think of this journey as going back to retrieve parts of your life that have been abandoned because you felt so ashamed or guilty about them. The anger that erupts from the shadow is attached to past events that you will never resolve. Now those events are over and gone but their emotional residue remains.

SHAME.is a painful emotion caused by a strong sense of guilt, embarrassment. Guilt and fear cannot be accessed by thinking. Such a shadow as this is in a region of thoughts and words. Even when you have a flash of memory and recall such emotions, you are using a part of the higher brain, the cortex, that cannot touch the shado. The journey of descent begins only when you find the doorway to the lower brain where experience is sorted out not according to reason but according to intense feelings. No matter how free you feel from shadow energies, they exist inside of you, if they did not, you would be in a state of total freedom, joy and unboundedness. You would be in unity, the state of innocence regained when the hidden energy of the shadow has been purified. How? Shadow energies make themselves known whenever a controlled situation turns unexpectedly anxious or causes unexpected anger or dread. If you feel guilty or ashamed of yourself after you have experienced this, then you have touched however briefly on the shadow.

The eruption of irrational feelings is not the same as releasing them. Venting is not purification, so do not mistake an outburst for catharsis. When the shadow energy truly leaves, there is no resistance anymore and you see something you didn't see before. The nonlocal domain called the soul and spirit is immortal, beyond birth and death, is infinitely correlated, infinitely silent, eternal, has no time, but is the source of all time, has no energy but is the source of all energy, has infinite organizing power which means it can organize an infinity of events simultaneously or synchronistically, has infinite creative potential, a domain of existence where wholeness, healing exists at every point, is unbounded, has no boundaries, is immeasurable and is infinitely dynamic in its relation to energy and/or objects in motion.

The overall Soul is the '0' point around which your soul coalesces. Each soul has its own individuality, unique expressions of the qualities of love, knowingness and bliss and is your essence, the unique you, which is comprised of meanings, relationships and contexts (a set of relationships woven around intent, example, you listening to this CD is part of a context). Others who feel similarly have a common interest or intent with you, so a context is derived from relationships, individual associations (relationships are a conglomeration of people, situations, and events). As a result of these relationships and contexts we derive a certain meaning in our life, meaning derived from the interpretation of the contexts and relationships. These contexts, relationships and these meanings are in turn an expression of an archetypal theme or story and archetypal (model we have adopted) themes. Context determines the meaning of everything.

Doctors don't deal with the Soul which is everywhere and unbounded. God is made of the same pure awareness as the soul. If you die, you become a new soul after death and have new body energy. Your emotions have a longer shelf life than the molecules through which they express themselves. We are human beings not human doings. The soul in us is beyond change and is the information field. The soul is the process of observation. Go to the place where the soul lives while you are alive; how?

The individual can't be crushed by the universe if you realize you are not an individual. You are in a spiritual body. Essence of spirit is the stuff that enables us to live from level of the soul. It creates the soul. Soul is the middle between the virtual body and the physical body keeping it all together. The soul takes center stage if we die.

Good and love are functions of the soul and reveal the soul. The soul is a potential not a place. Things of soul are the things of high consciousness, that which makes life worth living, see under higher consciousness. The soul uses no energy but funnels it from cosmic consciousness into the body. The soul is an animating force. When it goes the body disintegrates. Avoid depending on another to define you. The individual whom you seek is the individual seeking you. This is the real, but invisible you. Ideas coming to you are from the soul. Your soul is a link to the infinite. The soul is not an object and thus has no bounds. The soul can't be lost or saved. It's always present, though hidden until awakened in you.

The way of mind is the awakened soul, alert and open for anything, because all of life is brought to you by the soul. Be ready for anything including the unexpected. Most people are distracted and worrisome. If you allow yourself to be distracted from your allegiance to the richness of the soul, those inward things, how can you expect the soul to help you:.Matthew 6:33 "Seek first the kingdom of God which is within you."

From the richness of the soul all else is added to you. Wish for the internal things. Everyone no matter what they want in the externals (money, position, power, respect, love, etc.), it all boils down to they want to be happy and happiness is of the soul. Create your own joy, joy of the soul. Everyone can have this joy of the soul as it's beyond external acquisitions, God doesn't become actuality until we participate. I am, therefor God is. This can't be experienced intellectually, but you can grasp it in love and compassion. We are the ocean in a drop. Ask God to make you rich inside. Stay connected to your soul and it leads you to your deepest desires. The soul is spaceless, timeless and dimensionless. Soul consciousness focuses on self while listening. Invisible forces harbored in the soul will come to your aid. The soul expands whenever we decide to keep open and progress. To get an open mind, know you will identify with your world view at every moment and be courageous enough to change your view every day. Every aexperience is valid for this.

OPEN MIND = free of obstacles (how?). The mind is closed by mental viruses, samskaras. Have your allegiance to higher values. All a soul has to do is radiate its magnificence, to let light shine, to transmit to another Mark 10:46-52 = Emmanuel heals and about how your faith has makes you whole. Healing depends on higher souls sending energy to another's body. Your soul is you. Don't ignore yourself. You don't remember you breath all day long. It's the same with the soul. When you keep your mind on your soul, you are bringing attention to the level of the soul and your life changes. It's love that awakens the soul.

Disk 5 Reinvent & Expectation. The soul expresses love through action. It's not a individual has a soul. An individual is a soul. The soul consists of pure awareness. The soul accepts, is approving, is detached, calm, compassionate, empathic, kind, forgiving, selfless, peaceful and non judgmental. It's good to live from this level. The soul is the connection to the infinite consciousness, the gap

The brain adapts to your intention and produces a result in a field of physical activity. It's the soul that carries the potential, the mind, intuition, will and desire. One can test the soul. Ask soul for guidance and watch for result. In innocence we receive the gifts of the soul. Living from the qualities of the soul level means you are loving. It's sat, chit, ananda. Freedom is referred to as Moksha or liberation. Every act of connection sharing and communication is a step toward the intimacy and truth of love. Every knowing is a step toward the knowing of ultimate reality, the experiential knowledge of immortal existence. Every flavor of happiness is a step toward your true essence of bliss. The soul is where God and humans meet on common ground, the transition area, the intermediary between the spirit and the body. The activity of the body is organized by a nonlocal intelligence called the Soul. Our extended body called the universe, is also organized by nonlocal intelligence called the spirit or Infinite Invisible Intelligence. Nonlocal means nowhere in particular and everywhere, not confined or restricted to a particular space or time. 

The relationship of soul to spirit is like the relationship of a wave to the ocean itself. They are different aspects of the same phenomenon. The wave appears different but is just a pattern of movement of the ocean. Your soul may appear distinct but is distinct only because it is a particular pattern or movement of spirit or God. The Soul and Spirit are the nonlocal intelligence that creates and organizes everything that exists. Your soul is connected to the Soul or God when in higher consciousness. This level of Soul is manifesting all that is, all that was and all that will ever be and it's doing this in every instant and with effortless spontaneity and ease. When you can be this level of existence and be thinking and acting from the level of your soul's connection with the Soul of all, then you will manifest healing and all you can imagine and more because imagination is also the activity of the Soul and Spirit. The Soul and Spirit imagine themselves into sentient beings and also into the universe in which the sentient beings find themselves, into observer and observed, into seer and scenery, into knower and known, into lover and beloved. This knowingness is instantly everywhere. Every aspect of this nonlocal domain has to be intimately one with every other aspect of itself. This intimate oneness is love. The essential state of the soul is love knowingness and bliss. Healing is about living life from the level of the soul. Peaceful people show their soul. The Soul is like water, always flowing, always fresh. The Soul faces itself in 2 dimensions, the time and timeless ones. 

Living in the Soul level is living beyond the ego. Who is the observer of the four footed creature, but the Soul. Interpretations of what we see occurs at the level of the mind. One may be afraid of a dog, but another will play with it. This is due to conditioning from previous experiences. Our soul is conditioned by our experience. Actions we take change the soul. Experiences of life come from context and meaning. Context is how we interpret experiences of life. The Soul is universal and individual at the same time. At the individual level it gives our souls the ability of observer and choicemaker. Memory also resides at the level of our individual souls. For example, dinner last night; what was it? The information was only virtual (existing or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact, form or name), until we summoned it. And until we summoned it, it existed only at the level of potential. 

What would allow your soul to complete its destiny? Your soul is disguised when too tired or stressed or pulled out of yourself or when your attention is dominated by externals or when you let others think for you or when you act out of compulsion or influenced by fear (feel danger) and anxiety (uncertain of the future to the point it affects you negatively in the present). Or even when you struggle and suffer. All these suppress the soul. The soul is a potential, taking on what we imagine and still has full potential left over. It's the raw clay shaped by the hand of choice. We go through life making up who we are. Some of the choices we make build invisible barriers to the Soul's expression. Meditation allows your soul to be a witness to the process. 

There are 7 junction points between consciousness and physiology. Matter = CHAKRAS. The so-called 3rd eye is the Ajna chakra. Why don't some people want to get back to their souls? The body is pure creative potential. A rose is an expression from the orchard of the soul. The ego is the 'I' occupied with materialism that clouds the soul. 

The memory of our individual experiences are called karma. Our interpretations and choices in life become our specific soul. You glimpse the soul by being aware of the silence between thoughts, called the gap. The soul likes unpredictability as its creative and can handle anything, whereas the ego loves stability. The Soul is like the sun, you can hide it but it's still there. The Soul doesn't wink in and out like all matter does because it is behind all matter causing the blinking. It is always on. Many people have clouded out the Soul, so it disappears. Clear the clouds away by giving attention to your soul. Even saying the words 'my soul' brings it back. Trust that it works; example of Deepak falling backward and Baba catching him, had to trust and after a few times it got easier to trust him, when your breathe air there is no doubt that it's there. Your soul always listens to you. All has its timing, like the bear in hibernation, nature has determined that the bear obeys the timing of the seasons, horseshoe crabs rise from the ocean depths and on one night of the year millions come ashore. 

Ask your soul to take you to that high place where visions become reality. The Soul is constant like the north star. The soul is always there for you no matter what. It never changes. the Soul pays attention to what you really need. The Soul, like DNA, has knowledge of the future. What you really want is matched by your soul with the Soul of all, matched to what you really need. Your individual  soul is how you feel and what you want. Some things of the soul are beyond words, where you just can't describe what it is that you are experiencing. Words are not as important as reality itself.

You'll never find anything invisible if you believe only your eyes. Change your allegiance to the soul from the negative aspects of religion. The real you is love, God. Remove obstacles that hide your real self from you. The presence of the soul = presence of God. 

Intuition is an entry into the non local. Don't blame the gov't, the news media, technology, etc. or you cut off your intuition. Blaming is negative. The Soul is positive. Just keep on the side of God through the 4 disciplines. and negatives will be on the way out. A book besides the Bible, about how to live from the Soul level is Yogi, which means unity, by Vashista (Vashista is the author). 

SOUNDS vowel sounds a, e, i, o, u, you are non local and also the consonant sounds, local sounds, heal the body; sound important for newborns and infants; example baby in womb parents arguing one slams door baby later associates door slamming with anxiety, called free floating anxiety; sound is important for healing; sound and massage for babies;

SPACE/TIME(see also 'time') time and space events comprise the world of dimension (occupies space, has height, width, volume and exists in time, has a beginning, a middle and an ending). These are products of the mind we have manufactured in order to make separate circumstances out of our experience here in what we interpret as the physical world.

A space-time event is any event that has a location in space and has moments in time, a happening, for example a chair, which has a place in space and has moments in time, those being a beginning, a middle and an ending; same with a tree, your body, even birth and death are space-time events, just a short interval in your eternal existence. Rumi said."You are the unconditioned spirit trapped in conditions.".And so we relate more to the conditions than to the spiritual. Everything you perceive with your senses is a space and time event. At the speed of light there is no space and no time, as quantum physics has shown; space and time begin from this point on downward until we can perceive a material world. Space and time is the place where beyond it is beyond the speed of light. This is the infinite energy realm, the 'nothingness', the formative.factor, the 'no thing ness' that we contact in meditation. In space time you exist everywhere. Space and time derive their meaning from consciousness alone. We are spirit, mind being a function of that and mind is not in space/time. Space/time is the physical world. Although the physical world generates thoughts in the mind through the five senses, the physical basis for memory is unknown. It's beyond space/time in what is called the Akashic record. How do you quantify/measure love, emotions, feelings, a thought? The body is energy and information and is not solid matter. Where are thoughts manufactured? Space/time is structured in the gap. Where can the self go when all that is and ever will be, is within it? If a part is taken from one place to another the space it was occupying does not move from one place to another, for everything is forever in space. Time is an illusion but eternity is real. The 5 senses must operate as though time is real. Photons fire in a TV. They turn into a picture. Why do photons fire in the cosmos? For the same reason. Time and space are projections on the blank screen of consciousness, the screen of Akasha.

SPIRIT/SPIRITUALITY.(see also soul) consciousness is your spirit; "Spirituality is the expansion of awareness."....Deepak Chopra.

"Spirituality without materiality is meaningless. Materiality arises through the creation of individuals. Without individuals there is no individual particles, there's no individual matter, there's no individual beings, so the arising of the material world is the arising of individual particles of matter, individual atoms, individual electrons."....Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, quantum physicist. 

"The action of the spirit is a motivation to act coming from the soul. Eternal life provides ongoing development of the soul."....Grigori Grabovoi.

Spirit is-a little different from the soul in that all three, the generator, the organizer and the deliverer are the spirit, because really all is spirit, but the soul is mainly the generator, the mind is mainly the organizer and the body is mainly the deliverer. When we talk of living from your spirit, we mean living from your best, your highest consciousness. Once aligned we rise from a 3d way of existing and looking at life from that level, to a 5d or higher realm

At such higher levels we can create all that we call God can. Living from the spirit is living in love. Living from love is being in the high consciousness spirit we call God, for the attributes of love are above the ego level, where most of us are stuck at. When love and spirit are brought together it can accomplish anything as they are then one. Spirit is like gold and there are many forms of gold, but they are still gold. The illusion of life is like that of an individual wearing a ring and doesn't know it's gold. 

Spiritual development is natural, but it involves choices. It is not as automatic as physical maturity. Being spiritual means our connection to the creative source of the universe. A causal body, such as what it is that we are, needs creative expression. It requires oneness. From a consciousness based point of view, all beings are the One Being in disguise. Everything is God in drag (dressed up as something else; as it appears on the surface). I am exploring myself, a seduction (entice or beguile into a desired state or position; to win over; attract) of spirit. You are the spirit in manifestation as the individual expression of it that you are. 

The fact that you can have attention on the thoughts in your mind is proof you are not your body but are the spirit that you are. See the whole play of creation within you. Entry to our spirit is through the space between our thoughts; western spirituality makes lovers and saints separate species, ripping them apart. 

Spirituality is-sensous because true spirituality is being in the present. When we are established in the cosmic paradox, there is lightheartedness and humor, carefree, a being joyus, because it's all a paradox anyway, as compared to the ego which is serious, because it feels it's self-important and possesses self-pity which are both the same thing. Sensuousness encompasses the whole range of physical delight and is often considered low in compared to the delights of the soul. Ecstasy is all love, be it individual or multiversal, human and divine merge to become pure love, unconditional and simple. The ingredients to the divine state are physical/sensual ecstasy, which comes from the world of our senses. This happens when we have life centered present moment awareness and our senses are alive to every nuance of touch, sound, sight, taste and smell, this is sensuousness, as compared with-sensuality which is associated with arousing sexual desire. When we give full attention to every texture and flavor of life and to love in every aspect of our being, our life becomes sensuous, and we realize God created a sensuous universe; spirituality is about the impossible; you are spiritual when you stop pretending that God is anywhere but in you; you can change the universe; your every thought is taking place in the field; the whole universe thinks; creation has a mind, that's what Einstein meant when he said he wanted to know the thoughts of God, all else is details; God is letting us make all the decisions because nothing hurts spirit and takes it away; know the difference between ego and spirit; ego is needy but spirit is not; spirit is passionate; without passion no one can be truly spiritual; in spirit all are equal; the absence of ulterior motives is what marks spirit; everything is the same spirit watching itself through the eyes of different observers; spirit is me, me is the thinker behind every thought, the experiencer behind every experience and all experiences are time bound, the observer behind every observation, the seer behind every scenery, the seer is the spirit, the seeing is the mind, the scenery is the world, and it's all one; the real you, the spirit, spirit is the real me; everything is the same spirit watching itself through the eyes of different observers; nature's sights and sounds are reminders of a loving creation; spirit's assignment is to turn our desires into reality; now you act from the will of God within you which is only love; the absence of material motives is what marks spirit; (see also consciousness); is the ground of creation; when you think of yourself as a physical creature there is no room for the soul to express; it's all an 'inside' experience; the soul is everywhere; the spirit surpasses any organized religion; the essence of spirit is in all, see this; courage renews the spirit; the spirit is awareness, be aware of you need so it can come; water is like the spirit; pure spirit if infinite possibilities; spirit is the creator, the process of creation and that which is created or the observer, the process of observation and that which is observed or the seerer, the process of seeing and that which is seen, or the knower, the process of knowing and that which is known, all these are unmanifest, soul is the spirit is the Generator, the mind process the Organizer and body is the Deliverer; Spirit is everywhere; spirit warriors are those fighting to know who they are; we resist the spirit because we have been conditioned by the workings of the ego, that is, you assume you already know what life has to offer and your memory has conditioned your soul to remain at the ego level;

THINGS OF THE SPIRIT are generosity,-gratitude, which is a way to experience spiritual energy and then the ego moves out of the way. There is always a reason to be grateful; have gratitude that this moment is exactly as it should be, and all the various aspects of love; bring your awareness to the things in your life you are thankful for; don't worry if you don't feel gratitude right away; God, goal, gap, principle of highest first, values, truths, integrity, love, faith, devotion and beauty, expressing honest appreciation and thanks to all who help us; so adopt God as the field of all possibilities, goal is in the gap, have a clear goal; gratitude, gratitude brings your attention into the present where miracles happen; be in the flow of gratitude, it kills the shadow which is illusory, exposing it to light causes it to dissipate; the deeper is your appreciation the more you see with the eyes of your soul; when you are appreciating something your ego moves out of the way, you can't have your attention on gratitude and the ego at the same time; gratitude moves ego out of the way;

STRESS and-STRUGGLE at the level of spirit everything is always unfolding perfectly, you don't have to struggle or force situations to go your way; stress is the perception of threat (like here), anything that interferes with that movement of energy from unmanifest to manifest; struggling against old patterns only reinforces them; new behavior new ideas and new approaches give your mind the opportunity to adopt fresh practices; do old things in a new way; look for new things to do once you have mastered older ways; be patient and loving to yourself and soon the old conditioning will give way and you will be free to be your true self in the present; stress = disappointment, rejection, doubt, we develop a chronic limiting attitude keeps us below the surface of real living, go beyond, transcend, use meditation to do this and get some knowledge on it; the physiological expression of stress is not having your needs met; stress is the melodrama and hysteria over stressful incidents which in a sense overshadows your sense of life; your body does not want to host stress but wants to release from it; if in stressful situations walk away saying I need to be alone for awhile; accidents are the result of being distracted; stress occurs when we perceive a threat; stress comes from grasping or aversion and a fear of losing approval, fear of loss; balance your mind by eliminating stress, stress is undue pressure of experiences on body systems not prepared to handle them, stress changes energy in the body appearing to drain it; distorted energy pattern make stomach tight, etc., reduce stress through meditation, proper sleep time, exercise including yoga (known in science as neuro muscular integration), etc.; stress is an interpretation of what may be happening to us; stress is the inability to handle a situation because of perception of what is actually occurring; biggest interrupter of body's natural rhythms is stress; stress is a form of anxiety, if things not going your way surrenderto non local intelligence "I put all this at your disposal" or "this needs you to handle it"; no stress in presentmomentawareness, shift attention to the soul;

QUESTIONS TO ASK OF SPIRIT ask the ? then detach and listen to the universe for the answer, instead of an answer your spirit will immediately take you into living the answer, here be alert to what is presented in front of you to take action upon; pay attention for the answers and continue to ask the ?; for example, what does my life look like when I have chosen to let go of that thing which no longer serves me? you ask who am I and no answer comes, it's about asking the ? not necessarily getting an answer each time, but you will automatically begin to live the answer; live the ?'s and the soul will move you into the answer; as we move through life we must constantly ask ourselves What am I creating, What am I protecting, What habits or toxicities in my life must I get rid of in order to renew myself, What will I reveal about my intent to those around me, How can I best find the spirit concealed within me, What do I need to do to bring abundance and happiness, Who or what inspired my today, Where is love for me? Where is abundance for me? Where is perfect health for me?; Who am I?."I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'who in the world am I'? Ah, that is the great puzzle!" ...Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland; I am love, other answers are illusory. What traits do you find attractive? Become those traits. What mysteries do you want to discover answers to? What gives you a sense of wonder? What fires your imagination? What new challenges are interesting to you? What creates excitement for you? What do you want meditation to accomplish for you? Look at your body in its most ideal state; mind, intellect, ego, the sense of self, self esteem, those things we've claimed ownership on> What do I want to transform here? The causal realm is the realm of spirit and soul, connection to source, one's most Godlike version of who they are. What do I want here? Breath in and ask how can I help others? How can I heal. How can I serve? What are my unique talents, my special abilities, my unique gifts? What is it that I love to do? Imagine yourself as a child. What brought you joy then? Where do you feel the sense of joy in the body? Now see yourself moving further out in time. See yourself as a teenager and move through as a young adult. What makes you lose time because you so love what you're into? Move now to the present and what is it now that brings you joy? What does the heart that is now opening up tell you? Ask yourself, how do I express myself with my unique talents and gifts? Have the question in mind. What is the reasonyou're here? Ask what is it that you do better than anyone else and how can I use this talent to bring joy to others? The ?'s you ask connect you to the consciousness of the universe.."Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself." ...Rumi. You are as good as you imagine yourself to be.

SUPERSTITION.Religion.becomes superstitious when one adopts a belief that he or she may be in trouble with some deity if he or she does not do something to perform in a manner believed to be acceptable to it. An example here from the Old Testamant, of false relgion and the superstition surrounding it:.1Kings 18:22-29 "...Baal's prophets are four hundred and fifty men...call on the name of your Gods and I will call on the name of the Lord and the God that answers by fire, let him be God. And all the people answered and said, It is well spoken. And Elijah said...call on the name of your Gods...and they called on the name of Baal from morning even until noon, saying, O Baal, hear us. But there was no voice, nor any that answered. And they leaped upon the altar which was made. And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them and said, Cry aloud, for he is a God; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleeps and must be awaked. And they cried aloud and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them. And it came to pass, when midday was past and they prophesied until the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that there was neither voice, nor any to answer, nor any that regarded."

sympathetic Be sympathetic with yourself and others. It's a synonym for compassion which means to suffer with. Sympathy for others should not exhaust you or overwhelm you making you feel worse that he or she to whom you have sympathy towards. Inside each of us is a voice that sits in judgment. Call it a conscience or the super ego or the Soul, this voice doesn't come from an outside judge or parent, but it acts independent, evaluating the worth of who we are and what we are thinking. Let's say you get angry at someone unjustly and later feel guilty about flying off the handle. The judgmental voice in your head says you were wrong. You probably got yourself in trouble and you deserve it. This voice is just you so in judging against you is it actually judging against itself. There is no independent objective judge inside (*). It's a fictional character that never sympathizes. It's the ego bound programming. To keep its power over you it must intimidate you. When you offer sympathy, the wounds of another are heard and passed on to a higher awareness. Through your sympathy you open a channel to the healing powers. Rebuild your emotional body by replacing any negative feeling that surfaces with being light. Have a lightness of being toward yourself and toward others. Carefreeness is whatever you feel comes quickly to the surface. Be resilient. Expect the best. All emotions blend with your thoughts. Wholeness is the key. Approach your life from one reality. It's the only way out. Your separate self which is a total illusion has such a hold over you with its opinions, its unique point of view and has such a huge individual stake in the world, isn't who you really are, though it makes the ego feel good, But it feels better when away from all this.

synchrodestiny 7 levels of synchrodestiny which is a way of relating to Spirit with its infinite possibilities.

TERMS (also see mythology) Adita= non-dualism, that the universe is ever abundant, ever growing; our true self is beyond the physical; we are that abundant, every expanding what we could ever think at this moment;

AGNI = the Sanskrit word for fire, strong digestive fire; "An individual with strong digestive fires can convert poison into nectar, while someone with weak digestive fires will turn nectar into poison." ...Vedic saying; Agni burns away physical, mental and emotional debris like the periodic forest fires clear away everything that threatens the trees survival while ensuring their growth and regeneration (see the mythical Phoenix bird), without the clearing force of fire, for example, the giant sequoia seedlings would be overcrowed by competing shade trees and not have enough sunlight to grow; Agni is the God of fire or transformation, the fire of the sun, fire of life, fire of transformation, fire of the metabolic processes in our body, the fire that transforms illness into wholeness; strong Agni equals clear skin, and eyes, great energy; weak Agni equals poor skin, toxins in the body; say no to those experiences that lead to fear and yes to those experiences that foster health and happiness; strong Agni is evident when relationships blossom, when choices are healthier and easier, when deepest desires start to become fulfilled; "If you want to know what your experiences were like in the past examine your body now. If you want to know what your life will be like in the future examine your experiences now." ...Deepak Chopra; "An individual with strong digestive fires can convert poison into nectar, while someone with weak digestive fires will turn nectar into poison." ...Vedic saying; not only do we assimilate food, we assimilate experiences, feelings, sights, sounds, and other sensations, whatever is in our environment; be aware of what you are taking in on a daily basis; take in only the most nourishing aspects and eliminate that which takes you away from a life of joy, vitality and love; Agni represents the elements and the forces of the universe that bring about transformation in our body, all these elements and forces come from five domains space, air, fire, water and Earth, also Agni refers to the God of consciousness, awareness and mindfulness.

Ahum bramasme = I am the universe. You are divine, beyond the layers of your life, the energetic, the subtle, the psychological. You are God, a specific expression of the great Infinite Intelligent Energy. As such, there's no positives to be gained from anxiousness, so let life unfold, without being a grasping individual. Each of us is the Infinite projecting a particular point of view.
Ajna chakra refers to the 3rd eye. Develop insight. See intuition.

Akasha = blackboard empty space with potential. Akasa is the field of all consciousness, the field through which the mind operates. Akasha is space. In English it's called ether. Lightwaves are a medium to travel through and "Akashic is a medium for invisible light." ...Laslow. All things that have ever happened are part of this field that organizes and coordinates all projections we call time/space, matter and energy. This establishes that the material world is projected from a non material source where the invisible world comes first establishing the seeds of time and space. We also find that reality increases the closer one gets to the source, like becoming more balanced, for example, the more of higher consciousness, the closer one gets to what is God. Unlike energy, information can be created, but like energy it cannot be destroyed. Energy also carries information. 

The Akashic field, the whole universe, accumulates information. Consciousness and information is accumulated ...Ervin Laszlo website ervinlaszlo.com
Laslow's Akashic Record and Science talks about this field where memory goes when we are not using it and where the universe holds memory of patterns formed

The physical basis for memory is unknown. It's beyond space/time. Where is your memory of a rose. Memory goes to the Akashic field when we are not using it. Akasha is a creative space which produces whatever is wanted and here we arrive in the afterlife. Akasha takes us out of all time/space limitations, here there is structure without rigid rules and creative possibilities without cultural dogma.

Ananda is bliss, lightheartedness.

Ama = impurities in food, toxin producing food; Ana, mya, kosha = one of the 5 koshas; ana = the physical body, matter and energy, our body is a sheath covering of our real selves, mya = subtle body, your soul; kosha = energetic body; Artha = material success; Asanas are physical postures used in various types of yoga; Atman is the soul part at the virtual level, the nothingness, it never changes, like the magnetic field, it doesn't move yet moves objects like a compass needle; event horizon = known/unknown;-Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word meaning 'wisdom of life', and has to do with things found out which work well with the human body, like foods that are properly sustaining and life principles along the same line;-BRAHMAN = unified field, the Spirit, the single consciousness that created all; Christ wasn't a Christian; J believed mental processes can shape reality; Emmanuel was comfortable living with eternity daily John 4:34; word became flesh John 1:14; Emmanuel didn't teach meditation but implied it (abide in me); disciples belief turned into the second coming and resurrection; Emmanuel renounced the devil = material world dominated by the ego for the work of the soul done by spirit; Chala = disciples; Cham is mantra for contact with your higher self; Davita;-DHARMA = your purpose in life, in Sanskrit means 'to uphold', our natural path of action an inner impulse to grow, that we are here to discover our true self to find out that we are spiritual beings, that each of us has unique talents that we are here to express, that we are here to serve our fellow man (ask self how can I help); another meaning of the word is 'essence'. Your essence is the heart of your existence; your dharma is the essence of you who are and from your essence arise your intentions; your intentions drive your thoughts, your thoughts give rise to your words, your words are translated into actions, your actions into habits of behavior, your habits of behavior manifest as your contribution to the world, this is your dharma; when your creative expressions match the needs of your fellow human beings wealth spontaneously flows from the realm of the spirit to the world of form, but most self dialog is What's in it for me?, if what you do feels natural it's the right path; purpose or that which upholds your purpose in life and virtue; is your purpose in life which is of the soul; (from Lee Ann Rimes song On the Side of Angels: a gentle hand is guiding us, you to me, me to you, don't be afraid to fall, never been so certain, never been so sure, there comes a time in every life we find the heart we're waiting for); up to you to find your purpose; the mechanics of creation, state it simply, ex. to make everyone I come into contact with happy; Dharma is the upholding force in nature will support any action that closes the gap; how can I help, how can I serve using my unique talents, the things that make me special? how can I heal? ask self what do I want; what do I love to do so much that I would pay to do it, comes from your heart, your soul, nature upholds your desires through a cosmic force known as Dharma which is virtue or right living; that which brings you joy, fulfilment, that makes you smile; need to feel valued, the acknowledgement that comes from your own heart; Dharma is virtue or right living; is the upholding force in nature; is the way the universe tells us how the game works; your purpose in life, your path of action in life that supports your spiritual evolution; whatever your activity of choice is, it should engage the unique talents you have in a way that helps others; it should be something that feels deeply right and natural to you, even if is challenges your abilities or conversely sometimes seems monotonous; something inside should tell you that this is what you should be doing right now; once you develop the ability to follow that inner sense, you will always be following your dharma; is a purpose in life; when you are ready to move forward it provides the way; relate to universe as though it was alive, it is, how, talk to the universe, connect to it, be alert to moments where you see the way; will support any thought, feeling or action that closes the gap between the observer and the observed because the universe is set up to fuse the observer and the observed; "Although we all have a unique purpose in life, discovering what that is can feel daunting, and actualizingit can be even more challenging. Yet the answers we seek are always within. We just need to quiet ourselveslong enough to hear what our soul is telling us. Before you meditate or spend time in silence today, ask yourself What is my dharma? How can I help others? How can I serve? As your mind becomes still, you will be able to hear the wisdom and guidance of your inner self." ...Deepak Chopra, deepakchopra.com; Diva = celestial beings;-DOSHA = mind body types or principles (from Deepak's CDs Chronic Fatigue CD Disc 3, Track 3 and Journey to the Boundless CD Disk 2, Tracks 6 to 11 and Disk 4 Tracks 9,10 and Magical Mind Magical Body Disc 2, Tracks 2-6); principles here are Vata (motion, movement), Vata body types are more responsive to sound {words} and touch, good to know if you're trying to nourish a relationship, here this type needs to be touched, stroked, cuddled; Pitta (digestion) body types are more visual, they need to be shown things graphically as they respond more to the written word, visual images or to colors, here this type responds to gifts, flowers; Kapha (structure) body types respond more emotionally because emotions are connected with the sense of smell and taste, they respond more to emotions, here this type responds to being taken out for dinner and gifts of perfume, etc.; these are not manipulative, it's just nourishing a relationship by understanding an individual's needs, and that's our role in a relationship; all diseases can be looked at as either vata, pitta or kapha disorders, see under the respective titles; these disorders be helped with the scents used in-aromatherapy, just take a little bit of the applicable aromatic scent (available from many health food stores) and put it over the lip so you can smell it or have someone use it in massage; meditation however, is the overriding key, you want to get into the gap, meditation takes you there, for example, for an ulcer which is a pitta disorder, after their meditation, every 15 seconds thereafter for awhile use a sutra which is the opposite of the characteristics of the type of disorder, such as cool and dry would be in this example (which is the opposite of warm and moist) - cool.....cool.....cool....cool....cool....dry...and so on; listen to signals of comfort and discomfort coming from your body as you live your life; Giva = the individual soul, the part of the soul that holds us as individual, that we have molding ability over, changes as we do;-GUNAS are the universal energies of light, motion and mass, the gunas operate on various levels, gross, subtle, causal and unmanifest, but the self is boundless, unbounded, the pure consciousness that illuminates the contents and animates the mind; Heliotropism = the natural process in plants that allows them to grow towards the light;-JOTISH = 'light' in Sanskrit, Indian astrology; Jotushi = astrologers;-KAPHA = a Dosha mind body type or principle meaning structure; kapha disorder characteristics are cool and moist, associated disorders are obesity, nasal and sinus congestion, lung congestion, fluid retention, hyperlipidemia, fluid in joints; use camphor or eucalyptus aromatic oils, and all spicy and pungent aromas are helpful; we have chosen the body through which we want to express;-KARMA = actions or experience, applies to the balance of right and wrong, implies the eternal struggle between good and evil, this matches the religious concept of choosing between good and evil actions and being rewarded and punished accordingly - heaven and hell, rewarded and punished and heavenand hell.concepts are at variance with the purpose of the multiverse, it's really you reap what you sow, because you are the creator of your life; "Karma is the eternal assertion of human freedom...our thoughts, our words, and deeds are the threads of the net which we throw around ourselves." ...Swami Vivekananda; because karma ties choice to cause and effect (you reap what you sow) it keeps our choices honest; karma never ends, it's part of the soul's continuous journey; karma has its binding effect, such as when you just can't seem to get that song out of your head, you may be completely aware that you have a certain-TRAITsuch as being stingy, irritable, easily flattered or self important but you cannot say why that trait sticks to you (the ancients called these Samskaras) however much you dislike it, these are beliefs that can be changed when we can stand aside and look at ourselves, the key is meditation where we can detach from all attachments that affect us, here we can see right into these sticky things; karma is paying for the actions based on non love which one has perpetrated; creates the potentiality for space/time events in the future, such as the law of giving/receiving when used would be a karmic event; every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in life kind, you reap what you sow; individual soul is conditioned by memory and imaginings of life = karma; in Sanskrit karma means purpose in life; is sowing and reaping; karma is action and as such generates memory and memory generates desire; we project onto others what we can't stand to see in ourselves; karma gives rise to probability amplitude; karma = same as sin but with no guilt;-SIN = a wrong that leaves an impression, sin is the guilty knowledge of being imperfect; if you had never done any trespasses to others you would not now have the opportunity for forgiveness of yourself and others who may have tresspassed against you; free of sin = undoing of attachments, attachments are usually to positions, money, possessions, attachment to names/labels, every war and conflict comes forth as disagreements to some name (Jew and Arab, etc.), surrender to the wisdom of uncertainty realizing that you are part of a larger scheme; once you admit to yourself that you'll never become completely good or free from sin, something changes inside, your attention can go somewhere else, when you are no longer distracted by the war; now you go beyond the warrior, beyond the prisoner of desire; who do I return to once pain or pleasure is over?; feel the peace of simply being; wake up to that and you'll be free from the war you can never win; good and evil are built into the eternal scheme of nature just as the summer sun opposes the cold winters; don't conquer evil or embrace good, detach from both; sunlight looks different on different walls but it's the same sunlight; memory + experience = karma, seeds of memory shaped by experiences = karma; individual soul is conditioned by memory and imaginings of life = karma, action can change this karma; karma is a spiritual value applying to the balance of right and wrong; difference between boundaries and boundlessness is a prisoner of karma; unknown = field of all possibilities in every moment, a silent field of infinite possibilities and within that are different probability amplitudes created by karma and this generates memory of the experience and memory creates possibility of desire example maybe want another cup of coffee and desire seeks manifestation through action, need all 3 for without one the others don't exist; one who kills a killer takes on his karma; Karma = memory based on previous experiences, seeds of memory built by experiences; our soul is conditioned by past experiences; karma = past experiences, memories; the total effect of a individual's actions and conduct during an individual's existence;-Koshas = 5 levels of existence; kosha translates to mean sheath, layer or envelope; think of pure consciousness as a point that wraps 5 bodies around itself like layers of an onion, or think in terms of vibrations moving from grossest to highest as one goes from physicality into pure consciousness; the 5 layers give rise to the self or more accurately the self system, you and I are multi layered because we are inseparable from the 5 koshas, each sheath has its own rules, this provides us with a structure for the subtle world (the invisible world of the spirit), the afterlife is a journey only in a sense that a daydream is as we are, taking our attention away from one level and placing it on another, our travels remain within the self system, a kosha is a dynamic realm with its own laws and experience, a realm we can enter alone or with others; every kosha reveals separations and wholeness at the same time; the 5 layers or levels are-1 physical body is the ana mya kosha, the physical body is the most separate aspect of the self system, people struggle to get their share of food, money, possessions and status, they want to promote the well being of their physical body to enhance its charm and beauty and to protect it from the threat of injury and death, at this physical level first consciousness is biology which operates silently as it organizes the myriad functions of the body, yet even here if you look at what is happening at the cellular level we see that consciousness transends boundaries as cells cooperate, communicate, exchange functions, perform acts of self sacrifice, remain in balance, keep aware of their environment, adapt to change and know that they survive by being part of a greater whole; each kosha level reveals wholeness and separation at the same time, for example it's obvious our bodies are isolated from each other, which keeps us in separation by giving rise to the illusion that we must struggle and compete with every other isolated body, yet this kosha brings us closer to wholeness through cooperation, communication, mutual benefit, physical security in social groups and shared desires for food, shelter, sex and physical comfort;2 prana or subtle breath or life force, at this level consciousness is the binding force that keeps nature intact, we all realize that we are united with all living things, when you feel conncected to a pet, an old shade tree, a thunder storm, etc., you are feeling the flow of vitality that binds nature together, yet even here separation seems to dominate over wholeness which is why human beings continue to depredate the eco system without realizing they are destroying part of their own self system, this kosha keeps us in separation through imbalance, a disrupted eco system, pollution, urban overcrowing, this kosha brings us closer to wholenessthrough vitality, kinship with other living things, balance in the eco system and empathy, 3 mind and with it the individual ideas and thoughts, you know who you are by what you think, this is the level where you process the raw data of the world to make it meaning; mind includes emotions, sensations, memories and other uses of the brain; 4intellect and ego this is the level dominated by I, me and mine, here we find the will to succeed, where society places a high value upon, don't have to kill the ego, this level of self brings identity into being and brings us closer to humanity through its myths, heroic exploits, and the need for self respect, dignity and inner worth; this kosha keeps us in separation through individual alienation, separation anxiety, lonliness and repressed emotions that give rise to shame and guilt, 5 body of bliss;-Locas = worlds after death that reflect the kind of reward or punishment that your actions deserved, here you experience your own awareness working out its own dilemmas and conflicts - why am I here, do I deserve to suffer, is there a way out; people who are disconnected from themselves will be as baffled by the afterlife as they are by the present, however being disconnected is an illusion from the soul's prespective and however long it may take, until an innerstanding symbolized by light begins to dawn and in clarity it's realized that I AM is your basis and you now identify with just being conscious; Lord Yama = death;-MANTRA means vehicle of the mind, mind instrument or instrument of the mind, a switch; mantras are thoughts, sounds in consciousness and they're also thoughts in consciousness, but they are thoughts without a history, so have no karma with them, they are just a sound with no associative memories, so they can take you into the silence quicker; a mantra has no story, my name has a story, your name has a story; for ex, mantra is a thought without a story, something is evokes no memories for you and cancels the other thoughts;a mantra has no meaning, it's just meant to keep you interfering with all those chattery thoughts that constanly ramble along in the mind; because thoughts interfere with the mantra, and the mantra interferes with the thoughts, they cancel each other out and it's easier to get into a deeper silence, into deep consciousness; a mantra has no memory built into it so it is easier to transcend into the silence, especially for beginners; because they are a thought nevertheless, using a mantra is called-mindful meditation, because you are using your mind, it has a thought, the mantra; just repeat the mantra, fast or slow, silently, loud or soft in your mind; mantra helps to not have thoughts that carry you away from your present intention of meditation, don't want anything to generate thoughts; every thought that you normally have has a history, so when I say I'm Deepak, that has a history; most of our thoughts are about ourselves; even when you are thinking of other situations and of other people, the thoughts are about ourselves as they pertain to other situations and other people; a mantra on the other hand is a thought which has no history, so, "I am" for example is a mantra because "I am" is a universal statement of existence; I'm not this, I'm not that. I just am; it's without label; so, you know when Moses goes to speak to God in the burning bush and says "What's your name?" God says, "I am." And when Emmanuel speaks in the New Testament he says before Abraham was, "I am."; that sound in English "I am" is the same in Sanskrit as "Ah Hum"; and actually if you look at that universal sound called "Aum (Om)" or "Amen", they're all related, they are thoughts but they are also mantras because they do not have a history attached to them; like that, there are many mantras and many wisdom traditions all over the world; and we use them to quiet the mind and also to transcend the mind; "You split me, and tore my heart open. You filled me with love. You poured your spirit into mine. I knew you as I know myself. My eyes are radiant with your light. My ears delight in your music. My nostrils are filled with your fragrance. My face is covered with your dew. You have made all things new. You have made me see all things shining. You have granted me perfect ease. I have become like Paradise." ...Rumi "Lovers share a sacred decree to seek the Beloved. They roll head over heels rushing toward the Beautiful One like a torrent of water." ...Rumi; Marga = the way, the road, the path; maybe it's all an experiment that is not working and human life will go away; relative world = space, time and causality;-Maya = the veil of illusion, known as maya in the ancient yogic tradition, the way of the externally appearing illusory life; Metta= sweet loving kindness; Moksha or liberation, freedom (from negativity, past hurts; emotional free) = freedom, harness y emotional turbulence, "I am emotionally free", free of whatever is negative, only 2 emotions pleasure and pain, not so much love and fear but pleasure and pain, love comes under the pleasure category and fear under the pain category, go towards and away from respectively, can be male or female, strong stable, flexible as the wind, an angel with wings, divine being of God playing in celestial (celestial mechanics, the four forces follow mathematical patterns) realms, imagine you are a field of awareness, imagine y can choose any goal and achieve it, imagine free of any addiction, no gossip, free to respond at highest level, imagine no limitations, infinite possibilities; Moodra = any fixed positions in the body like the eyes; OM = which contains all the vibrations of the universe that ever were, that ever will be; universe is in us; mantra is Om Vardanam Nama = a law of giving and receiving; which states I am the nourisher of the universe and the universe nourishes me; this sets the intention for self love and nourishment; Nirvana = when you find out who you really are you have found nirvana, the happiness that is so great it cannot be described, you just know it, like you know the color yellow or whatever color; PEPs = Primary Energy Principles; also see energy;-PITTA = a Dosha mind body type or principle meaning digestion; pitta disorder characteristics are warm and moist, associated disorders are hypertension, inflammatory disorders of the skin, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcers, reflux esophagitis, coronary artery disease, inflammatory types of arthritis, these all balanced by cooling smells such as sandlewood and all the various varieties of mint (spearmint, peppermint, etc.);-PRANA is an Indian (from India) word meaning vital breath, the life force, the vital or biological underlying energy coming through us. Prana is attention and awareness. Life is awareness, awareness is life. Get fresh air daily. Many work in near hermetically sealed environments which lack the vitality of fresh air. Prana is energy, the life giving energy. Prana is much more than air, it comes 6 ways; from the Earth so walk in your bare feet about 5 minutes a day or so, it comes from bathing in any natural body of water and from water rich foods that are fresh and of course sunlight or full spectrum light and starlight, look at the stars. Pran also comes from air. Be amongst trees.

There are four types of energy in the universe. The Indiam words for them are: Qigong.(pronounced Cheegong) = directing the chi; American Qigong expert Bruce Kumar Frantzis and Ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje for more; Retum = awakened to all improbabilities, imagine yourself dancing in perfect rhythm to the universe, imagine what you seek the universe provides clues to it, imagine yourself growing in consciousness; Ritum = thought/manifestation no time lapse, profound (deep, coming from depths of one's being), silence with profound clarity, precision of thought where all desires are instantly fulfilled, goal is self awareness;Samsara = basis of Earthly existence, time, means a flowing together of things that produce consequences of causal relationships, samsara also refers to the circle of time but in a spiral, that is, the endless round of birth, death, that's in a-spiral, where everything flows into the next moment, but to us it all seems like it's a straight line starting at birth and ending at what we call death; we are like the galaxies, spinning off a duplicate of itself as we spin through eternity in various cycles of living, never as something less than we already are; no link of the spiral could exist without the previous link of the spiral; we are in this spiral at a specfic focal point not realizing we are in this spiral of passing time apart from our linear view of it; we go through what to us is this life of ours, forgetting as it were our true reality, that of an eternal being and so we need to be reborn as a child to remember who we really are, until the living of life again takes us into the 'linearity', the straight line of belief encompassing the birth to death existence; so what can we do to remember who we really while living this physical existence; intentions have infinite organizing power, imagine your intent to heal those not well, bring success to those who are failing, hope to the helpless, some benefit to the world with every thought and deed;-Samskaras = thought forms that grip us, imprints in the mind which stick to us for good or bad, observe yourself (how?) without judgment to get rid of these beliefs; when you stop defending the behavior of your beliefs they become less sticky;-SANSKRIT = An ancient Indic (relating to India or its peoples or cultures) language that is the language of Hinduism (a religion of India) and the Vedas and is the classical literary language of India; Sanyama = perfectly concentrated meditation;-SAT CHIT ANANDA = my soul is free from limitation, spontaneous knowing and soul exists in complete fulfilment, 'sat' meaning existence, truth, reality, truth that love is the essence (intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify something) of everything in the universe, creation springs from 'sat' or existence, 'chit' meaning mind awareness, total knowledge, pure consciousness of being, when you radiate chit you radiate being, knowingness and bliss (intense joy or delight, extreme happiness), creation springs from 'chit' which is consciousness, 'ananda' is bliss, also includes freedom from all limitations and conditioning, the potential for vibration to arise, from sat, chit and ananda comes all we see and know; Sat guru = the divine body of wisdom; monks focused on this, the practice of full attention on their spirit;-SHAVASHAKTI = an awakening of the-GodS and GodDESSES in each of us, shavashakti is shapeshifter, transform self into an individual for which great things happen, example video; the male and female side in each of us; stable as a mountain, having archetypes which are states of awareness universal concentrations of psychic energy are dormant in consciousness existing as potential, no physical form, archetypes are inherited memories represented in the mind as universal symbols and can be observed in dreams and myths, archetypes are universal concentrations of psychic energy, they are states of consciousness, leave behind any resentment, anger and guilt, give birth to all the Gods and Goddesses inside me, once triggered it will manifest its power in you, triggered through intent, ask them for wisdom protection, Zeus and Thira is power, Athena is wisdom; Venus is sexual love and beauty; be a-SHAPESHIFTER, transform self into an individual for which great things happen; Sidhanta = he who has attained all desires; Sidies = supranormal powers;-Sivitri = the mother of truth; Shubda = creates light, sound, touch, taste and every other quality;-SO HUM quiet breath = the mantra of manifestation, quieting the mind; meditation on; breath into your heart love, knowingness and bliss (sat, chit, ananda), pause and repeat;-SUNKULPA= is any intention or wish that you put your will behind; root word 'kulpa' means time; imagine your intention, can heal those not well, all my thoughts and words bring benefit to world; success to those who are failing, weak and fearful and helpless, good weather; can play with time just as with any other part of your world;-SUTRA = thread; a sutra is a mantra, a statement that can cause a shift in consciousness. A sutra is a mantra that has meaning and means to join together by sewing (suture). Read a Sutra when you feel you are beginning to lose your center. One is, with its variations, Tutrumasme = I am that, I see the universe in others, you are that, you are God, I am God.

We are all mirrors of others, everyone else is a different version of the self, we are the infinite being projecting a particular point of view, or we are the infinite described from a particular point of view "I like this individual because; holy child = expression of pure divine potential; scripture = script of nature;-UPANISHADS = any of a group of philosophical treatises (a systematic, usually extensive written discourse on a subject) contributing to the theology of ancient Hinduism, elaborating on the earlier Vedas.

VEDAS/VEDA means pure knowledge. These are any of the oldest Hindu sacred texts, composed in Sanskrit and gathered into four collections, used not at all in their fulness to form a religion called Hinduism. They much predate Hinduism. Vedic masters of India have for thousands of years taught that our essential nature is infinite, whole and eternal and such things as they knew are now being proved by quantum physicists.

Here the spiritual knowledge of how the multiverse was set up to work is becoming increasingly known in this day and age to be accurate, thanks to the work of physicists including Nassim Haramein, John Hagelin, Einstein, John Archibald Wheeler, Richard Phillips Feynman, etc. The Sanskrit word Vedic refers to the wholeness of knowledge.

VATA = a Dosha mind body type or principle meaning motion, movement,-vata disorder characteristics are cool and dry; aromatherapy balancing smells are floral and fruity, helps migraines, pms, muscle aches and pains, spasms, cold intolerance, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, heart palpitations; listen to signals of comfort and discomfort in your body;-VEDANTA = all reality is a single principle; Vedanta means the end of the Veda (Veda is knowing), the end of all knowing or a looking beyond goodness, the point where you reach pure consciousness; the truth, the good life as handed down by God; vedanta is realizing that only spiritual solutions work, and that these solutions only come about by a change in consciousness, and that realizing spiritual solutions come by a change in consciousness one individual at a time; the system of philosophy that further develops the implications in the Upanishads that all reality is a single principle, Brahman and teaches that the believer's goal is to transcend the limitations of self-identity and realize one's unity with Brahman, Vedanta, have knowingness; Vedanta's purpose is to explore the different levels of consciousness at will, Vedanta is a looking beyond goodness, only change is by change in consciousness; Vedanta's purpose is to explore the different levels of consciousness at will; miracles from Latin word mirare meaning to be filled with wonder, a miracle is creativity in motion, a process of manifestation, biggest miracle is the creation of the universe from absolutely nothing; Vigni = digest what life presents; Viu = air; Wishfa = the universe, the eternal dance of creation;-YIN/YANG is the whole force of the universe; yin is passive, female and negative; yang is positive, and continually assertive; both are dependent upon each other; Yoga is unity, joining; is a deepening goal, an aspiration to make a contribution to your family, to the world; this is the essence of Vedanta and higher yoga (more on yoga); Yane-YOGA is yoga of knowledge;-ZEN not a religion but a system of living where the aim is complete freedom from attachment to anything in the material world;

...test alter reality: Imagine a vivid pic, a sunset, a mountain peak, envision it with color and depth or see a good friend's face, your own face, now taste, coffee or chocolate, now go into that sensation deeply until you actually taste it, now to a sound you love such as your favorite music, now a texture such as fine cotton or velvet, now an intoxicating smell such as lavender from a lilac bush, or a rose or lily, now open your eyes and notice that the world in suddenly alive, colors are brighter, a vibrancy hangs in the air, key here is the heightening of your inner world affects the outer world in that it follows suit, the power to alter reality, not available on the surface of life;
...test your thinking from the invisible realm: Do you think you are getting thoughts and feelings of higher consciousness, which come from the invisible,  welling up to your mind?
...test your awareness: Are results in your life making you feel better about things. Are things better. Are they going better. If so, then energy is moving.
...test yourself as a choicemaker: Hold up two things and ask a individual to choose one; you can't find in the brain that which made the choice, only that which executes the command, the commander exists not in space time, but beyond it. This is you when connected from your soul to the Soul of all. The brain has electrical firings once a choice is made. To execute the command, the commander however, chooses the body to execute those commands. The commander is in the gap between our thoughts. The mind is in the physical body.
...test for desire: The test here you can use on yourself is to ask 'does this desire feel relaxed and loving? Is it coming from a place that already feels good about itself? Do I want this for others as well as for myself?
...test existence: Take a deep relaxing breath and breathe out all present thoughts, say I am existence. Notice a presence there?
...test the gap: Think of these three things, scene of flowers, a rushing river, a hot dog. Note the spaces between the thoughts. Also note spaces between musical notes, between all things and attentions. The spaces are always there. In this space I am; before birth I am, after death I am, I always am.
...test meditation: Mediation is working if old stuck energy is moving, making you feel renewed.
...test if on the right path: Results here are similar to other positive results in the other tests and that is, do things come easily?
...test if you are the observer, a quality of the Soul: You are sitting there as you are; now put your attention in front of you far enough so that you can look back and observe yourself (maybe easier with your eyes closed). Doing this you see that you are aware and you know that you are aware. This is using the faculty of inner seeing, a quality of the Soul. If it were just imagination you would be looking out at yourself. See the difference? Or try, when watching someone, say on a movie screen or on a stage, pay a bit of attention to who the seer is, the one watching. Ask self, who is watching this? That's the observer, the seer, the silent presence or quality of the Soul connected with your soul, the real you.
...test presence: When listening to what someone is saying, for a moment, pay attention to who's listening; that's the listener, the silent presence which has always been there; the body and the mindare just means of communication for this presence; as you observe by aware of the observer, as you listen be aware of the listener, as you see be aware of the seer; as you feel be aware of who's experiencing the feelings; just turn your attention to these things; when you do these things you will become aware of the constancy of this presence in your life, aware of the presence of spirit, make that your anchor so that no matter where you go you are carrying the awareness of the spirit in the fiield of time you are carring the awareness of eternity, in the field of mortality you are carrying the awareness of immortality, in the field of change you are carrying the awareness of non change (Malachi 3:6 "For I am the Lord, I change not..."); if you do that nothing will overshadow the consciousness of eternity you now carry with you;
...test soul 1: Conversation with someone don't hear others; you can move your awareness anywhere; ask it for guidance and watch for result; awareness test is results, are you feeling better about things, things better, going better, then energy is moving; true guidance is being guided out of fear and into joy; nature of consciousness is happy; test of effective meditation feel lighter every time you go into the silence; awareness test is results are you feeling better about things, things better, going better, then energy is moving; the test if meditation is working is old stuck energy moving; on the right path test, do things come easily?, you feel grounded and centered and have witnessing awareness of your thoughts and feelings, emotions, bodily sensations and environment, you will respond to all challenges with love, knowingness and its experiences such as intuition creativity and vision and feel a sense of connection with the creative power of the universe or God, you will have ease and fluidity all your relationships, you will feel a living connection with the web of life, you will feel aliveness and passion in all you do, you will be free of addictions and attachments, clinging, grasping and fear, this is experiencing true freedom, you will lose the fear of death, you will have the ability to accomplish healing; God's light becomes real if we can see a definite brain response; who is capable of taking the universe away and putting it back again thousands of times a second, God is where all energy is stored before materialization; be aware of the listener; soul should feel more free; you know you are in the spirit when your vision of life is coming true; the 5 senses enable you to expand spiritually. The test is if small details begin to fit together, you feel you have a real purpose here; memory resides at the level of the soul, example, dinner last night what was it, the information was only virtual (existing or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact, form, or name), until we summoned it, it existed only at the level of potential.

GESTALT = a physical, biological, psychological, or symbolic configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that its properties cannot be derived from a simple summation of its parts which is the modern but changing scientific theory that by looking at individual parts we can understand something's whole; your body believes what your mind tells it, test imagine a lemon you are biting into, saliva runs; born good a wave of the infinite but the further we get away from our source our soul and into our ego where it rules us, the closer we get to negative circumstances leading to death, test is the more negativity you see the greater is the separation from the source of all that is, you get what you think in your heart; who is the observer in your mind when you see a dog, an individual, mind is involved in the knowing but who is the observer; memory resides at the level of the soul, example dinner last night, the info was only virtual until we summoned it, it existed at the level of potential; who is the experiencer of happiness or sadness; taste buds change every 6 weeks but you still remember what a strawberry shortcake tastes like, stomach cells every 3 days but you still remember what hot and cold feels like in your tummy, skin changes every 3 weeks but new skin still has the same scars, all these because memory outlives the death of the molecules on which they ride; attention itself is an expression of S; Samedi = deep meditation; the vibration in this non local realm is so fast, like radio waves which are undetectable by us, but we know it's real; non local proof of existence of non local intelligence is that subatomic particles are wave packets which are concentrations of energy, called the Heisenberg principle, the local separates, non local is all this is mine as cp to local this is mine; non linear experience, can observe yourself and at the same time participate in what you are doing; test close eyes, go through every room in your house, helps align you with your subtle senses; when meaning blossoms you are shifting from to the soul from the ego into the experience that words can't touch; turn your attention to the listener and if you hold onto that core consciousness, that place of imagination, the unknown, that was there when you were a baby, you will see that it's your ticket to freedom;
...test soul 2: You are the thinker between thoughts, thoughts arise from the silent space between them which is the soul; between every thought that we have is a space and it is in that space that the thought is manufactured, for example, you may have the thought that you want a chocolate ice cream cone, then you have the thought to check your cell phone, the space between these thoughts is the soul and where a thought is manufactured;
...test you are a spirit: The fact that you can have attention on the thoughts in your mind is proof you are not your body but are the spirit that you are; try it, have a thought, any thought, now rest from thinking the thought, now look at the thought again and notice that you are not creating the thought, but rather are looking at it, looking at an like an image of the thought, like the thought was not an image;
...test voice: Amazing hidden intelligence must produce a whole symphony just so you can speak and sing;
...test walking and metabolism: If you had to be aware of every little physiological change in muscles that have to contract and relax, necessary to ensure you can walk from A to B, you would go nuts and tremendous things have to go on just to metabolize sugars so that you can walk.
...test watcher: Close eyes and note what's going on in your body. You are the unchanging watcher.

THINKING see intention thinking thought emotions

TIME: (see also space/time) time is actually not real, we think time is a thing, but it's a notion, a concept to explain how we experience change in our environment; definitions of time; time, breath, thought, movement of consciousness, they are all the same thing; time is a container of memory; the 5 senses must operate as though time is real for the appearance of substance of life in this physical world; time is the field of gain and loss; the inexorable passage of invisible and intangible time eats up all creatures, knowing this the wise keep their attention on the timeless; is packaged inside us as memory; time is just as much in you as beyond you; time is conceived in consciousness, processed in the brain, and metabolized in the body; we take the experience of time which is non material and turn it into a biological clock; the flow of linear time is a purely psychological event; we believe we should stay in the same time frame every day; most have a time bound awareness because they have sacrificed their self for their fear based time bound awareness self image; time is just an artifact (an object produced by human craft) based on the quality of our attention; time is a concept, a psychological event we have invented in order to explain our experience of change; no such thing in the world of spirit, it is purely a concept (a general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrence, something formed in the mind, a thought or notion, an idea) of this physical world for the experience of being human, time is the womb providing for the spiritual creation of humanity; best use of time is to reconnect to your being; how, use Sunkulpa; when I quantify space I create time, time is a way of measuring space, when I quantify time I create space; when I quantify myself I create a individual; note the background silence behind everything and note that all these are the same space, this is the window to spirit, the womb of creation; is the movement of thought; is what keeps everything from happening all at once; the timeless takes care of time; the experiencer is the timeless factor in every time bound experience; linear time is nature's way of not overloading us with all that goes on at once; physicists have no way to measure linear time; body does things in multitasking, like a parallel processor; more important that time is quietness; time submits to your desire allow the timeless to manage your time; only time is now Emmanuel said take no thought for tomorrow; time is needed at the material level; time explains the experience of change, time will overtake one man and wait for another depending upon what each expects, example of Chinese upcoming festival where people seemed to wait until after this important event with their families before passing on; our bodies experience time because of atomic vibrations at the level of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen the building blocks of organic chemistry, eternity is not a function of time; a snail's brain clicks over every 10 seconds, humans can be aware of events 1/1000 of a second, like lightning; time is a container of memory; where does a memory go when we are not using it?; time is an illusion but eternity is real; why do photons fire in a TV, because they turn into a picture; why do photons fire in the cosmos, for the same reason; time and space are projections on the blank screen of consciousness, the screen of Akasha;

TRANSCENDINGsee under meditation

TRANSFORMINGis not having any longer our self image as the internal reference point, but the self itself; need something new in the mind to be transformed; at the end of every meditation for two minutes have the subtle intention with your eyes closed to experience your light body, to nourish your light body which is the first principle of transformation;

TV why do photons fire in a TV, because they turn into a picture; why do photons fire in the cosmos, for the same reason; if you look inside the TV you won't find any people in there, if you look inside your body you won't be found there, you are not your body, although your body is of you, that is, a manifestation of the real you; like a TV, your soul provides the signal for the projection that is the body others see when they look at you; just look at your body, you'll intuitively know that it is not the real you; you are choosing and recognizing your choice as the pic on the screen, just like you select a channel and recognize the news anchor as your choice; time and space are projections on the blank screen of consciousness; we move through time and space the same way as does the Earth in its orbit and the stars in the sky - we actually don't move; quantum impulses switch on and off and a change in position occurs because energy gets excited a bit to the left or right from the last excitation; in reality not a single quark or photon changes position in space/time; universe is like a TV, nothing moves, the pattern of signals turn off and on and what appears seems to be moving; it's all 0's and 1's, same as a computer; not a single quark or photon moves, just blinks off and on; then if it appears to move why not say it moves? which is more real, the TV or the TV's station that has the signal origin, or the radio, same thing; the radio simply is an object that receives signals and does something with them, same for a TV which appears to create the reality of movement as well as sound, but neither the TV or the radio is the source of the signals; it's the same with us, we do something with what comes to us from our source, and this is where thought, feeling, emotions, memory are; Akashic record more real that physical world, the bridge between mind and matter; evidence mind is above matter; information = inhabit a formed universe;God is the whole multiverse; act as though you influence everything everywhere, your intent brings up the necessary events;

UNITY/UNIFIED FIELD-COMMUNITY We are part of the oneness field of that which comes out of the Silence, the stillness, the gap, the so-called.'nothingness'. We are not outside of what we are interested in, that is, what our attention may be on. Everything that is happening is happening in the one mind. The Creator and souls are a single unit, proven in physics; see the movie The Connected Universe.

We are all in it but we are not all fed by its love frequencies. Everything is frequency. Even thought is frequency. Some people are fed not by the spiritual side, but by their egos to one degree or another and others are fed by the dark side heading to oblivion: Revelation 20:15. That is, when connected to love (God is love: 1John 4:8,16) you have immortality and when not connected this way, the pathway leading to death is one's fate. We are one with the cosmos because the whole cosmos is the same intelligence, the same field of consciousness, the same field of light. Become one with it. Feel your body as one with the light body of the universe. The field works as a whole. The field works on its own. It is a conscious field and we are all connected by this same field of consciousness. The properties of this field operate here and now. It correlates distance instantly. It remembers all events. It exists beyond space and time. It creates entirely within itself. Its creation grows and expands in an evolutionary direction and as said, it is conscious.

From one-candle many can be kindled. It is the same flame that burns in all candles. Similarly, it is the one consciousness (Brahman).appearing to be many. Ephesians 1:10 "That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ {understand what Christ is}, both which are in heaven and which are on Earth, even in him." Ephesians 3:21 "Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Emmanuel throughout all ages, world without end. Amen."

SORROW When those of us who contemplate the unreality of this diversity, that is, that nothing at all ever is separate from anything else, they are freed from any sorrow. They then see the truth when they see that their is no division between the one and the other and that the one infinite light of consciousness exists as the sole reality. Get in touch with that part of yourself that is inseparable form all that exists; we all want our lives to have a meaning, existence feels empty in separation. this gets healed only by moving into unity with God; instead of turning outward to find your purpose, in unity, you feel that just being here, as you are, is the highest purpose in creation; is a collaboration of different peoples talents, their different way of infusing into this community; the essence of union, think of all those who surround you, experience these individuals in your heart, that's where we all resides, where we all connect, where we all reside, just as you can see them, you can also feel all these individuals within you and know that you are within all of them, connected in the most important and beautiful ways, in that place of truth, honesty, love, integrity, grace, etc., feel this union with them; in unity we perceive only love, express only love, are only love; we will be in love when we know that we are loved; in duality love comes and goes; we are not just one way or the other, we have dualistic natures, we have access to wisdom, yet continue to act in ways that hurt; in unity there is only love, animals example; separation is merely an idea, an illusion, at its core reality is only unity; unity behind all diversity; see the unity behind all diversity; the secret is to transform our awareness from separation to unity; unity comes from 4 things; in unity nothing is 'out there', it's all seen as part of the self; really only one self, not true self, higher self, etc., no self to change only masks we need to discard; Unified Field is total potential of natural law the gravity, electromagnetism, strong interaction which holds all atoms together and the solidity we touch and see is really atoms bumping against atoms, we see objects as three dimensional and solid because our senses are tuned to respond to only the lower vibration, making the world we are in seem real; every time we touch something we gain and lose some energy; it's our senses that provide a sense of continuity to the world we perceive as real, this sense of continuity is held by our memory; the weaker interaction which is responsible for transmutation of elements and radioactive decay, Unified Field is the infinite organizing power, the movement of the stars planets migration biological rhythms, correlation; Unified Field is fully awake, fully aware, pure awareness, any eventuality is positive through quality of attention; Unified Field is infinite correlation; Unified Field is perfect orderliness though appears as chaos on the surface, example Grand Central Station; Unified Field is infinite dynamism, creativity, pure knowledge, all that is, unboundedness in space and time, balance, all is in balance, self sufficiency all created within the field, self referral; invincible not destructible, unmanifest but source of all that is, nourishing processes digestive, etc., heart beating, integrating all processes are integrated, freedom comes to us from the experiential knowledge of our real nature an immortal spirit, bliss, purifying it can purify you;

MULTIVERSE The multiverse is but a long dream; there is a mind that runs the multiverse, a total mind. We live in a conscious multiverse, it is an intelligent multiverse, a dynamic multiverse, an alive multiverse; the multiverse is looking at us through all its eyes, such as people, animals, etc. both the subject and the object are qualities of consciousness within consciousness; a recreational (refreshment of one's mind or body after work through activity that amuses or stimulates; play) multiverse to nourish our spirit; we take delight in touching and in being touched, feasting our eyes on the beauty of the physical body and the physical world, feeling nourished in every pore of our being; through our senses we find the doorway to God; the cosmos is structured to bring about growth, and growth is always in the direction of greater love and happiness; if we ask what the multiverse is doing, it is eavesdropping on our every desire; getting better and best, go first class all the way and the multiverse responds; when your brain carries out a desire the multiverse is carrying it out at the same time, for example, when you have a child, the vast gene pool of the multiverse has formed it (from Book of Secrets, Disc 3, Track 2); we are all thinking bodies in a thinking multiverse, a multiverse of information and energy; the multiverse gets to play through us, gives us the controls to see how we will do; we are its vacation;-universe is in you, the multiverse thinks through you, therefor it is in you, referred to as the Christ in the Bible; your body is the extended body of the cosmos; I am an expression of everything in existence; the universe has only two positions, on and off; in the off position there are no objects, it's pure potential; more was created by the infinite having a finite thought than we know; multiverse has no fixed agenda, you create your own multiverse, you have created what you now experience daily, once you make any decision, the multiverse works around that decision, because you are God; look at the multiverse as if it's 360 degrees of mirrors so every situation in the environment is me interacting with myself and experiencing it as this situation, this individual, this thing; it's all just you expressing as this diversity; see it all as a circle with the dot in the middle being the source and the larger circle, the expanding universe from the source of your life; experience your world and yourself as your source and you have become whole; people instead identify themselves with all the separate things in your world, like forgetting your mother as you grow old; in the multiverse is why did the multiverse needs us to look on in wonder? maybe we are putting on the whole show ourselves, the whole multiverse is our playground; universe is set up to fuse the observer and the observed, to bridge the gap; temperature in multiverse is the same everywhere; to be creative you have to be conscious, consciousness created the multiverse; is always in on or off position, 1's and 0's; in on position it's the material world, the physical multiverse, in off, it's the cosmic invisible energy with its invisible created patterns that sustains the world we see and know of; we create in the off position; quantum events create the manifest multiverse; multiverse is conscious of itself; all is self organizing self-coordinating, complimentary, in harmony; the multiverse can't get away from itself so it plays, is on vacation through us, allow it to have fun through you; talk to the multiverse as though it is alive, otherwise how will you know that it is?

VEIL parting the veil means going into the deep reality from the present state of disbelief;

VISUALIZATION (see also contemplation) the vision becomes yours when you can see yourself in it, a vision isn't about the future, it's about taking on what's yours right here and now; one can't be what one can't see; a vision is real when you see yourself transforming daily, a vision is real when it creates change in you, a vision that makes you choose sides isn't a vision (why?), a vision is from your true self when it never condemns outsiders for their ignorance and sin, we don't need a spiritual vision to support the very habits that need to change (how?); choose a vision that challenges you; see yourself walking through a park and just be aware of it all; build on your vision each day; visualize relationships, imagine other individual expressing love to you; whole universe is meaningless without human kind; have a clear vision of outcome, example "I'll have a position that enables me to fulfil my full potential"; if a vision can't be turned into a practice it's arid and useless, example, those who know it speak it not, those who speak it don't know it; progressive dimming of our lives occurs when we leave our inner reaches unexplored;

WAVES see particles

WE we are unique like the snowflake, singularities within the wholeness, like each planet, like each galaxy, like each flower, every cloud, like the weather each day, never exactly the same; this shows us what comes out of the universe is infinite; we all are equal as we are all the centers of our own universe; we are beyond memories, we are the silent witness of the memories; we are local concentrations of information and energy inside the wholeness that is the body of the universe; to put it another way, human beings are focal points in this field of intelligence which is information and energy and we call this, God; we are not the body and not the mind, we are the one who has the mind and who has the body; the universe is in us, we are not in the universe.

"You are the luminous mystery in which the entire universe with its forms and phenomena arises and subsides. When this realization dawns there is a complete transformation of your individual self into your universal self . . . the complete loss of all fear, including death. You have become a being who radiates love the same way the sun radiates light. You have finally arrived at the place from which your journey began."....Deepak Chopra; according to physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf (aka Dr. Quantum) individually we have always been floating conscious minds and what is happening all around is what we have chosen so that we could have the particular experience and the illusion that we aren't a mind floating, but we are. Were you in your father or were you in your mother, your grandfather, your grandmother, their parents, but go back further and you'll see we all had the same parents, so who are you apart from a spirit, a floating consciousness throughout what we call time, an expression in an ocean of consciousness. The quantum field exists in, around and through you. Nothing is separate at the quantum level. We are bound together in the field of consciousness. Human awareness operates as a whole. Every thought you have contributes positively or negatively to the field. Your attention is enough to alter the field.

All of material creation is nothing but the self, experiencing itself through different qualities of its own attention to itself. It's the one self, the one Being, God, interacting with itself and experiencing itself. And you are aware of what it is that you are experiencing. All that exists is the 'me' interacting with myself and experiencing myself as spirit, mind and matter. There is only the one self able to fully create out a universe and that's the only one true, everliving God of all life, light, love, compassion and creation:.1Corinthians 2:9.

You experience the 'myself' subjectively as the mind and objectively as 'my body' and the world. The body, mind and world being just different manifestations of the 'myself' as different forms and phenomena. Have an innate impulse to grow and create health and fulfilment. To fully experience these gifts we need to embrace a holistic comprehension of life that considers the whole individual, the mind, body and spirit. This is stuff so far beyond the ego level which believes in separation, that it just cannot be comprehended apart from a high consciousness level which would include meditation. Just as the planet's ecosystems are interdependent, the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives are also intimately connected. 

When one's system is out of balance, it affects the functioning of the whole. STRUCTURE is the foundation of individuality, your vision of life, your purpose for being here, your deepest goals, your view of physical existence and your attitude toward pleasure and pain. This is your identity, your structure is the boat you use to sail across the structure of space and time. All you can do with your structure is witness it because in that moment of witnessing you stand at the threshold where the individual meets the soul

This is an enormously liberating moment of recognition. When you build any new structure in your mind you take advantage of certain subtle qualities that pertain to mental structures as revealed by the Rishis. They organize energies so that it serves the highest purpose. They interface this lifetime with universal experience. They open you to the higher self and its transmissions. They expose you to the force of evolution (change), so work on the three fields of energy, belief and structure.

The reason why most just.DON'T GET IT in life is these profound things are overlooked because people are too overwhelmed and too convinced by their beliefs and energies. Clear these energies and beliefs that have built patterns, by creating new patterns. In other words, change. Then one can look at the why at the bottom of your participation in maya.(the way of the externally appearing illusory life).and ask the ? why am I alive, what is my overall purpose, to what higher values have I offered my allegiance? All you can do with the structure that is you is witness it. When you can see the questions clearly the questions bring their own answers (how?). What for most of us being alive is so we can pursue the feelings of being safe, loved, happy and fulfiled.

There are no spare parts in the universe,.YOU MATTER. You are an integrated process. When you influence one thing you influence everything, just as the cells have intelligence of all other cells and what's going on with them so they can all cooperate and correlate their activities, so you too, influence the entire cosmos; you are a choice making entity, choosing between the ego and drawing on your higher self. You are consciousness. We each go through life making who we are. 

Choice.is the hand that shapes the raw clay of the individual; there are no extra pieces in the multiverse, you are here because there is a place to fill, this moment is exactly as it should be, you are where you need to be; we are temporarily disguised as a human being but our essential nature is infinite spirit which is unbounded, immortal and invincible; we are all thinking bodies in a thinking universe; our future is formed from choices we make in every moment; choices made from the higher conscious level are good for you and all, because higher consciousness is love, and love works no ill to anyone:.Romans 13:10; we are energy transformed into what we interpret as physical; we are connected to everything in the world; we are all at different levels of understanding of ourselves and the world as we progress along the pathway to the oneness of God (1Corinthians 12:6 "And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which works all in all."), the road to what is called Christ consciousness; you are the Infinite Intelligence of the universe in Christ consciousness; spiritual people aspire to be both in the timeless and the time bound; this is my world and it runs as my vision of perfection wants it to run; if you do not have the notion 'this I am, and this I'm not' you will not limit your consciousness; if you properly understand the purpose of the ego self, you will not limit your consciousness; the individualized consciousness perceives what it thinks it perceives on account of its conditioning; as Emerson said."You are here to enjoy an original relationship with the universe"; what is the duration of a life span in eternity?; this life span of ours is but a trivial moment, eternity stretches before and after it, existence is the infinite unbounded consciousness, a life span is but a single thought in that consciousness; we have formed all we have become from the-KNOWN, which is the rigid patterns of past conditioning, as compared to the unknown; that which is known as an individual is nothing other than the self experiencing of the infinite, in truth it is the magnificent ocean of consciousness where numerous universes appear and disappear like ripples and waves;."You aren't here to be as good as possible. You are here to be as real as possible."....Deepak; we are all in the same boat of human conflict and confusion; sometimes it helps to admit that the doctor is not far from being a patient; there is no other 'I' other than the entire universe; I am pure potentiality, the quantum mechanical subtle body of ours, unborn, never dies, what happens when we die, nothing, we are always here, we do not die; I am being, and I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time; we exist to actualize the deepest desires of our hearts; the small self need to realize that we are God, the large Self, are one particular holographic focal (relating to a focus) point at which the whole universe expresses itself; we are unique manifestations of the whole universe; you and I are the whole process, totality itself, when we know this it is bliss, not mere happiness; when you know yourself as the totality, you know your self as bliss and this bliss is closer to you than your body, nearer than hands or feet, nearer to me than my mind and follows me wherever I go; I now know myself as the immeasurable potential of all that is, all that was and all that will ever be; are individually unique manifestations of the whole universe; we are everything, there is no other 'I' than the entire universe (Prison of the Intellect Track4); you don't even have to be spiritual, all you have to do is look into yourself and yearn to become clear, to wake up and become complete, everyone posseses a bit of these motivations, present mindfulness puts you on that pathway; every life is woven into the web of karma, which has no beginning nor end, until you accept that you won't know who you really are, which is, we are all one and are Earth bound expressions of the divine universe; we may suffer in this life as it may be the quickest way to learn some things, ask what it is that you are to learn, the answer is always love in some way that the individual has missed and needs; we are an agglomeration of ambiguities (doubts as to interpretation of thing; we do not know what we are all about) a silent field of infinite possibilities and within that are different probability amplitudes created by karma and this generates memory of the experience and memory creates possibility of desire example maybe want another cup of coffee and desire seeks manifestation through action; we each are pure unconditioned spirit, awareness that has temporarily identified with this limited body and this limited span of time and space; here to know self as the unconditioned spirit; we have two centers operating in us at all times, the soul and the ego; we are states of awareness in the universal field of total mind; the soul remains detached from the ego which is always in fear, always wondering is this right, is this wrong, what will be the reaction if I do this, it's all fear, time is manufactured in the ego; all we are is points of view; purpose of life is the expansion of happiness; Why am I here? What happens to me when I die, What is all this about, Who am I; here to create the world in every moment; who we are rests at the level of the spirit; we define ourselves by our experiences, interactions, friends, lovers or loved ones, past accomplishments, dreams, affiliations, behaviors, habits, body, appearance, physical abilities or limitations, mind, intellect; to experience expansion broaden understanding of all the things we are and everything we are capable of doing; we are just a big bag of memories, so choose the present moment over those things in the past that need healing; go within or go without; there are only 3 kinds of people in you life; those who leave you alone, those who help you, those who hurt you; all others are our mirrors, both negative and positive

From the infinite consciousness we have created each other in our imagination, as long as there is a you and an I there is no liberation, so what do we do, live from essence; you are the unborn and undying-I AM, live your life from that. If you do not have the notion 'this I am, this I'm not, you will not limit your consciousness, if your ego self is dead you will not limit your consciousness; I AM the infinite consciousness whose kinetic state alone appears as the whole universe; that turn away from the notion of I and the world; stop trying to steer the river. All we have to do is plant the seed; we are perceptual artifacts (an object produced or shaped by human craft, especially a tool, a weapon, or an ornament of archaeological or historical interest; a typical product or result), but we get bogged down in the interpretation of the perceptual artifact; we are just illusions that we have manifested through our own desire as an expression of the Creator when we existed before being physical. Your original state is always present but not in manifestation as we mostly exist with the framework of physicality.

BONDAGE the sole-bondage here is the notion of 'I am this'; bondage is being stuck in this or that possibility, having lost the ability to choose from an infinite range of responses, caused by our conditioned response; the bondage is always to one's own boundaries, one's own premature cognitive commitments, the prison we have inadvertenly constructed around ourselves; have to go beyond the boundaries and experience the boundless, the boundaries we have committed ourselves to are our concepts, notions and ideas, beliefs, the prisons we have inadvertently built; when bondage is non existent, surely liberation is false too; when we are bound by the ego sense 'me' and the conditioning of the mind, we can easily be defeated; the source of our bondage is our conditioned beliefs and responses, even though we are infinite choice makers most of us have automatic predictable reactions to certain people situations and events, for example when someone makes a rude comment is anger your immediate response, or past experiences of rejection make it difficult to initiate a new friendship or business venture, that's why , even though we are totally free, we sometimes feel trapped, constricted or limited and caught up in our fears, desires, aversions and cravings. 

Just as the-SILKWORM spins its cocoon and is caught in it, so do humans weave the web of their own concepts and are caught in them. Most of us are totally conditioned by the past, our memories beliefs, assumptions, prejudices, stresses conspire to trap us in one boundary after another; we have enclosed ourselves in a prison of space, time and causation, squeezed ourselves into the volume of a body and the span of a lifetime, when in fact we are limitless, unbounded; when we turn away from the notions (belief or opinion) of I and the world, we are liberated, the notion of 'I am this' is the sole bondage here; except for the idea of a separate me or mine; you are awareness, so what are you aware of?; feel the world, don't exhaust yourself trying to understand it, can't pin down the flow of energy, the flow of life; we project how we feel unto the world, feel your way and trust feelings, understand that you are enough, you know exactly how to live; seek your own mystery, not one handed to you like religion, etc., have a passion for freedom; no one knows what made us, where we came from, it's an ever expanding living creation, purpose is to bring the soul back into daily life, you are found in the wonder of creation, key is to greatly admire and appreciate creation, you made yourself; only you can have the experience that your life represents.

You fit into a plan that-CAN'T DO WITHOUT YOU, a plan that is made up as you go along, if you opt out the universe won't unfold through you; you win by finding a new game the instant the old one is over; we are the thinker of the thought; we are different because; greet each new day with fresh energy. Consider that your are new today Lamentations 3:23; the freedom is always there for you, never leave or forsake you; a new me is being revealed, one aspect at a time, not conflicted any more, no anxiousness, more clarity, no confusion, guilt, no sameness (how to know meditation is working for you), you feel a new you emerging; be comfortable with your own inconsistencies is a sign of enlightenment; see self as a soul; what am I a space/time event; take your place in the drama w confidence, I am the author of all that happens to me, you are standing in the center stage in your own individual drama; an individual's worth is in his soul not his ego, find the part of you that doesn't change; innocence, humility, laughter, love, servant to humanity rather than ego; you are important to the scheme of the universe; some say they feel Emmanuel, or God but do they really, that's a long way after dealing with the self first; if God's plan unfolding for you then you are in touch, manifesting apple, stages of consciousness - buying it, having it given to you, appearing out of nowhere, thoughts and things are one and the same Disk 3 Why Is God Laughing?, 13; on the right path test, do things come easily?; every hour of your life is fit into a plan, in the unknown is your potential, trust in spontaneity, ask for openness, do not react the same old way; follow the seeds that deeply interest you; learn to let go by being alert, struggling isn't the way to God, answer is energy; there are hidden dimensions to our existence; recreate self by dying to the past; we are the eyes of the universe looking at itself, universe thinks through us; we are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience; as your joy belongs to all (weep w those that weep) so does you pain; no enemies and a common sympathy links everyone, seek agreement (agree with them in the way); inspiration comes from everywhere and certain inspirations are for me alone, reach into the unknown and pluck out the next meaningful thing, should feel right about what you are thinking of doing, this is from the soul, waiting for a clear intent keep an eye out for a spark that refuses to be extinguished, invisible forces are harbored in the soul will come to your aid, nothing is really individual, nothing against you as all in consciousness of all and life follows from what we hold in awareness, don't try to be good or bad, just find God, help the new self grow in silence, go where the river of life takes you; everything is consciousness, we are both a thought in the universal mind and part of the thinking process; everything you want is coming to you, have complete trust no fear 'your thoughts are not your own'; dealing with a controlling individuality show them over and over that your love can be trusted, use respect admiration and all aspects of love, it's futile trying to convince them; be open to joy, abundance, abundance = peace, fun, compassion, etc.; everyone is addicted to their old self; we are souls having a human experience; all equally can have guidance, in lower animals instinct is a form of guidance, ex salmon hormones are secreted so that after spawning they die; pose the question and an answer will come, answer is in the question, every question is paired with its answer; know awareness guides you; seize the reigns yourself, guru is inside you, ask for guidance, trust your highest instincts, true guidance is being guided out of fear and into joy; in innocence we receive the gifts of the soul, decide you need compassion, etc.; look at what may be limiting your potential (https://www.grandselfmovie.com), stress = disappointment, rejection, doubt, we develop a chronic limiting attitude, can't fight 'em, go beyond transcend, object referral is defining self based on what others may think, need self referral then actions are spontaneously right, this is more accurate than the ego calculations of living life; individual progress = unfolding y full potential, realize the greatness you are, desire to unfold is the goal of life; if what you do feels natural it's the right path, actionis the vehicle to unfold, respect, service to others, opposite hurting feelings, speaking harshly, can't avoid the negatives of life just don't entertain, be indifferent to them, mind naturally prefers to dwell on something positive, have a growth attitude; are human beings, question y thinking is it from love or fear; holistic speech, do the right thing at the right moment, do things impeccably and leave results to universe; the self is a-REFLECTION of all selves; as we are so is the world, the world is as we are, whatever our state of consciousness we'll reflect that in the world, our very presence creates peace in the environment; which is the real you, the baby, the older individual yet to come in the future, none of them, Nirvana is the real you, the self actualized you; live in present moment, have a choiceless awareness, just go with the flow, don't try to steer the river; don't fear rejection, need no approval of others, seek no flattery Jude 1:16; cut off in traffic, shift attention to the body or on spaces between the situation, or view as an opportunity to bless the other in your mind, an emotion is a feeling, a sensation in the body, put your attention on it, make sure you have mature emotions that is that you are responsible not that others have caused you be this or that way like victim, abandoned, mature emotions are you admit you got angry; seek your own mystery, not a prepackaged one such as religion provides; don't pursue a fixed goal as life comes to us from all directions; by having a passion for life you are open to being on your own path; our own life can be sustained, don't be a victim, God sustains us; I am the projection of reality, you control your movie, you are safe, to many simply being alive is the ultimate risk, you are secure when you realize God has provided you with all you need, take your place inside the play with confidence; you are a consciousness with life's events coming and going; questions to ask yourself what creates joy for you?, who are my heroes, what are my unique skills and talents, what do I look for in a best friend, what best qualities can I express in my relationships, if you live the question you will move into the answer, just know the question, take one each day; no judgment, say "I love myself exactly as I am"; a measure of enlightenment is being uncomfortable with paradoxes (contradictory statements); radiate a simple unaffected humanity; to create something new must let something go; death of the toxic and resurrection of the new; replace fear with love, love = unity, fear separates us; all is connected to everything else, no us versus them; observe what you are speaking kind only, purpose of speech is to make the other happy; do what is right at the moment and leave results to the universe; realize that you are independent of the good and bad opinions of others, "I am fearless", grove these things; ask self who I am, what do I want, what's my life purpose, what contribution do I want to make to the world; who we really are, not a body, not a mind, not an intellect, not an ego but a soul which is a drop in the ocean of consciousness which is a part of the collective soul which in turn is part of the universal spirit or God, your soul is the window, the corridor, the transformational vortex through which you the essence of your being communicates with the universal spirit or God; we are is based upon perceptual experience, the spirit is not 'out there' but in us; self image determines its behavior in anticipation of other people's response; we are a provisional (for the time being in human form) reality; we are sustained by the forces of creativity and dragged by the forces of entropy, life is the play of the tension between the forces of creativity and inertia, the repository of your memories and desires; you find Nirvana when you know who you are; we are conscious sentient (conscious with sense awareness) beings with awareness; we hold onto things of impermanence and yet we too are impermanent, we are a part of all selves; we fear death because we are attached to the idea of a permanent self, who is you, the baby, the child, the teenager, the adult, the aged individual? Where is the manifestation of the real you; bodies are focal points in the multiversal field of intelligence; you are a co creator of the world; forget the demands of the ego self, it's the ego demanding meaning for stability of the emotions, and this happens because one is separated from his true self, his soul and its connection to the infinite the virtual field of no thing; enemies and friends are created in your mind, many are your friends for their own reasons, few want to know your secrets; expand with mind and body, emotions, spirit; everyone else is a different version of the self; what do people want on Deepak's CD Spontaneous Fulfilment of Desire Disk 4, Track 5; exercise: why are we here, write down fist thing that comes to mind, do this 20x building on the previous if you can, study the answers; we are particular ripples in the sea of mind, core of my being is the ultimate reality; awaken to infinite possibilities; real you and others is a field of intelligence, all one; attraction = what resonates with us; we are all participants in our own story; miracle of how you see a house as a house, an individual as an individual, as the world does not exist as these pics; all comes down to just be ready for God to use you; break old patterns by looking for signs of new direction, what are the ruling principles of the universe you need to be in wholeness with; ask am I thinking for myself or a nobody trying to be a somebody, is it the real me talking, if not stop; depend upon support from invisible reality; we are the makers of reality, we are emanations of ourselves; you know who you are and what you think; see nature without fear and hostility; each of us has all the answers to the deepest mysteries inside us; goal is to be to be the same as your soul, to unite with self, the real self of you; you cannot escape what you are, only can deal with it, this field is the field of gain and loss; you are connected to pure being; permit yourself to know what you already know, realization makes the difference in hope, go into the field beyond all right and wrong; no allowance in the world for those who transcend who break from the prevailing pattern; can't force yourself to change by your thoughts, only can change the software by going into the silence; look at the hidden meaning behind all events, look for the recipes the seed of opportunity in all events; we are an conglomeration of ambiguities a silent field of infinite possibilities and within that are different probability amplitudes created by karmaand this generates memory of the experience and memory creates possibility of desire example maybe want another cup of coffee and desire seeks manifestation through action; experience your real self as you curve back upon yourself, decide to have awareness in every cell of your body, decide for totality of consciousness or bliss in every cell then whole body is a self interacting field of consciousness; what am I, I'm a local concentration of information and energy: we are a focal point in the field of creation, go beyond memory into the field of consciousness; read the book of your own life; who do you return to when pleasure is over; always be open to all possibilities, reexamine everything y do in life to get ahead; non self is who we are underneath when you go beyond all distractions, in the morning upon awakening you are just you, stop investing yourself in thinking, to the degree you can do this what you heart wants comes into your life, can't understand life with the mind, have to go beyond, step outside all that; every time we touch something we gain some of its energy, and lose some of ours, an exchange; a sense of continuity is held by our memory; who is doing the reading, who is the experiencer, the soul; we often feel circumscribed, limited, fearful, this is the ego realm; have the attitude that your actions are those of the non local intelligence, then no anxiousness over result; we give meaning to the events that happen; everyone else is a another version of the self. through mirror of relationships we discover ourselves; we keep attracting the same type of individual because we need to accept our dark side instead of always submerging it; we all are multi dimensional omni dimensional beings, everything that exists somewhere in world exists also in us; the traits you see clearly in others are the ones that exist most strongly in ourselves, the ones that prevail in us; be free of melodrama and hysteria; the room is in you not you in the room, planet too, world is in you; balance, creativity and inner fulfilment are the goals; never set negative parameters for yourself like "I'm not the kind of individual that 'can do that', 'oh, I couldn't do that', etc., must transcend them not fight them; avoid-BEHAVIORS that are negative to others such as speaking harshly, anger and the like, negative things are those that cause discomfort to yourself and/or another; spiritual people have broken through the-BIOLOGY determines behavior concept is rendered null and void by the fact many spiritual individuals have transceneded violence; see the positive in others, there is always something that is positive, this saves you from the negativity of the situation, have an attitude of indifference toward those who may be negative and toward negative things; do you really know more about life or just have lived more of it: how do you feel is a good question to use when meeting someone to get close to their heart; the squirrel and the peanut, throw a peanut and he runs away, hold it in your fingers for him and he comes close, goes back, comes close again a few times until he can trust you, then takes the peanut, got to gain trust first; same with a horse, just giving loving attention to it for awhile, then if you can, get close to it, stroking it, feeding it a bit, gains its trust, then you may be able to mount it, rather than the blunt 'ride 'em cowboy' forced approach to break the horse, a willing horse is better than a broken one, be in harmony with the other, without trust there is no harmony; attitude of 'why am I wasting time with you' is from someone with a closed heart; judging means making someone else feel inferior; feel about others as you would have them feel about you; purity, revitalize, replenish for getting younger; it's the energy and enthusiasm for life that tightens the skin; don't lose your flexibility (comes from letting go of concern over outcomes, creativity and wonder for life; don't attach to outcomes; have a clear vision of outcome, example "I'll have a position that enables me to fulfil my full potential", gather info, become an expert on the challenge that confronts you; note the comfortable approaches, incubation period, insight is the creative leap, should be enthused here, exhilarated; integrate the changes in your life; all equals in being born again; not fixed in time and space but are part of the flux of the multiverse; How much do you make? "I am of inestimable value." Be alert to moments that seem meant just for you; catch the present moment without words or thought. The real you is love, God; some are accustomed to disappointing others, a form of negativity; ask self what negative things mean, listen to them and then ask it to leave, view them (fears, anxiety, etc.

Mating - ask yourself re the other you may be considering is he or she in the body, or somewhere hovering over it and sort of watching the day go by and not living in the moment, sure the soul loves quiet but with you is interaction time; things to want for your life are intuition, happiness which is living your passion, loving mate, great health, people ask others for advice and that's good, but you can know what decision is the best at this time, asking others what decision you should make is shoving the decision away from your responsibility where the answer is already there; ask ? feel your body's reaction, listen to your dreams, don't interpret things just ask self what does this mean? what's happening here? don't try to go after anything but awareness of it, what's God trying to tell me, what's the message here? daily ask who am I, I am the totality of the multiverse acting through a human nervous system. 

Idolizing others disguises the feeling that you are a weak helpless child who needs protection and taken care of. My father was the best. The man I now have is my hero. I've learned not to let disagreements progress to a point where they take on a life of their own. Transform yourself into the individual for whom the probability of great things happening occurs. Just see it as 'it is' that is, fulfilled, complete. Reflect on what you are doing nurtures you; take a moment every so often to check in with yourself; do you feel light and clear? "When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music and what is it to work wth love? It is to weave the cloth with threads drawn from your heart even as if your beloved were to where that cloth." ...poet Calio Gabrand in The Prophet.

Take the time to nurture yourself; don't feel bad to do this; we often give so much of self and feel depleted; love the energy in you that has caused all the world's ills and see the face of God in all; reason here is to love all, even the evil in me as that dissipates it; I got to where I am by choices made 6 months ago; tap into this divine healing flow of the universe by using your unique gifts and special talents; now the universe is acting through you; nothing is more satisfying and fulfilling than doing the work of the cosmos through your own individual expression; be honest with self about what drives you; note especially when time seems to stand still, when you are completely absorbed in what you are doing as you use your talents to serve yourself and others; this is dharma and love; this is the fulfilment of your deepest purpose; must identify what is currently challenging us be it body mind or spirit, emotional physical or spiritual; harness your body's innate healing abilities, have mindful eating, ask what health challenges do I want resolved, what choices can I make that will move me more toward health and balance, what am I holding onto that is no longer serving me; I set the goals that I will achieve and everything that seems to happen to me I ask for and receive; be conscious of the forces that drive your choices; God wants you, not what you produce; you are your deepest driving desire. As is you desire so is your will. As is your will so is your deed; as is your deed, so is your destiny; so your desires can be your destiny if you flow it through, flow through you're will and your actions which essentially are your attention and individual commitments; I am a meditator, part of a community, part of the collective, a creator, teacher, a giver, a silent witness, a parent, a lover, a friend, a supporter, a child to my parents, a loved one, I am friendly, outgoing, understanding, merciful, good and effective listener, prosperous, healthy, wise, compassionate, humble, kind, warm hearted, transparent and pure, honest, moral, I am loved, lovable and loving, patient, hopeful, content, encouraging, lighthearted, circumspect (watching thoughts and emotions, heedful of circumstances and potential consequences), helpful, faithful to high standards, intelligent, moral, a quick learner, happy, joyful, prosperous, loved, I'm a blessing to others, a destroyer and recreator (I destroy the things in me that are not of the highest standards, those things which no longer serve me), a maintainer; y are responsible for what you see, how you react to it all; all that happens to me I have asked for; let go of who you are to become who you might be; make better choices by paying close attention to the choices you are making, every word, every thought, every deed; can't take back what you've done, what's done is done; look at yourself as a third individual viewing you, touching you; be detached from yourself; this present moment holds the entire future of your life and manifests in about 6 mths; peel off the layers of unconscious behaviors by observing your interactions with others; share who you are with all the world; pay attention to your feelings; releasing the self into the stream of life as a light to others and realize that your experiences are teachers; remember as you go through the day peace, harmony, laughter, love, this anchors you and if things go wrong, you've welcomed uncertainty anyway; I am responsible for what I see, I choose the feelings I experience, I set my goals I will achieve, everything that seems to happen to me I receive as I have asked; ask questions of yourself; become the traits you find attractive in your beloved; what traits do you find attractive; the mystery of love is that nothing is more selfish and yet nothing so purifies selfishness away; in sex we reveal who we are, lovers rejoice in this, those who only pretend to love hate it; the union which pleases God most isn't the union of man and woman but the union of sex and love; sex isn't the original sin, guilt is; orgasm is that fleeting moment when the burden of self is gone; orgasm is the body's bliss, if you add love it becomes the soul's bliss; the greatest pleasure one can experience is just a hint of the soul's possibilities; ask me what pleasure is and I will know you've never experienced it, pleasure needs no words unless it is absent, the same is true of happiness and love itself; truth is love in action; when making love, a lover gives all gifts and asks for none; the madness of lovers makes sanity seem like so much dust in the wind; I am a human being; one individual is a wave, God is the whole ocean; decoding human nature is easy by looking at those who love and those who don't; ask what is the purpose for my life; ask self what am I feeling; what am I observing; what stokes the fires of passion in the deepest parts of my soul; what is the need of the moment and how do I fulfil that particular need, so ask your loved ones what they are observing, needing, feeling, see the world through their eyes, put self in their shoes, their consciousness; real intimacy at all levels (including romantic/sexual) is shedding all your defenses; be vulnerable, exposed, no pretense whatsoever, as in sex where you are totally exposed; sex is the most sacred experience we can have because it is many peoples moment of transcendence, the lover and lover become one; think of all those you are attracted to and those that disgust you; write down these traits and say that's me; to have negative traits is not to be flawed but to be complete; praise the positive and negative inside me; our existence is an expression of love, the only expression it can have, everything else is an illusion; does the you within you wish you well; we are non material, made up of non stuff, both the material universe and my body flickers in and out of existence at the speed of light, my nervous system cannot process these quantum events at the speed at which they are really happening, so it decodes the energy and information soup of the universe into the experience of solid 3 dimensional material body, in my decision to become an observer I create the experience of my physical body and also that of the physical universe; what we call 'me' is actually 'us' to a greater degree than we realize; we inherit immunity (immune system) from the collective mind; your role in life is just an identity that your consciousness has decided to play at this particular moment in time; rigid self identities enforced by long standing behavioral patterns, have trouble evolving into a new better individuals; your life is worth investigating; need-PASSION and dedication to get there; the law of passion says that the higher reality is experienced in the merging of the masculine and the feminine in one's own being; and y'll become a passionate lover; live life with passion no matter what you are doing in life; learn to love with that passion, otherwise consider that you haven't lived; passion for life and passion for love are the same thing because life is love; "the most important thing in life is to become a passionate (having powerful emotions, marked by strong-SEXUAL desire; amorous (strongly attracted or disposed to love, especially sexual love; indicative of love or sexual desire, such as an amorous glance, love, being in love, enamored) or lustful; sex is the desire for the appearance of being, which constitutes the appearance of existence; nothing can be, without the desire to be; desire for sex comes from wanting sex; all things are which desire to be. Desire dominates all thinking. Desire dominates all matter; all desire is sex desire; all desire is for the continuance of existence in the orderliness of existence; showing or expressing strong emotion; ardent) lover; the desire for sex comes after one has said yes to it; "If you have been a passionate lover in life then you will be a passionate lover in death, a lover in the resurrection, a lover in Paradise, a lover forever." ...Rumi. Passion will create anything you want. The mystery of passion is that it can move mountains (Matthew 17:20), accomplish the impossible, conquer the material world and move objects; events unfold as your passion dictates they must; to experience passion there must be what stokes the fires of passion in the deepest parts of my soul?; in adults the loss of passion is marked by 3 qualities, that of creation is lost when nothing new seems to happen anymore, that of protection turns into a smothering desire to keep the past in place, to live out of habit and conditioning, that of revelation becoming impossible because the doors of perception are closed and one sees only the mundane world colored by shadows from the past;; ecstatic (intense joy or delight, enraptured {enraptured is the state of being transported by a lofty emotion}); the awakening of true love lies in finding peace within passion and passion within peace; passion must contain surrender in order to be authentic; strength is the foundation for passion; passion allows one to express all aspects of himself because the whole individual is being expressed, but because of that, that is, placing your whole identity on the line, passion is held in check by most because they dislike the negative part of themselves so much; don't remain at the level of what y already know which dictates what you are; I am the resurrection and the life, not become, but, I am; we are pure awareness, we are the thinker, we are not our thoughts, we are the unchangeable thinker; we are patterns in the universe (from Book of Secrets Disc 3, Track 5, at 10 seconds when in Now Playing Tab of WinMediaPlayer); we create the patterns and that creates attachment, but it is the satisfaction of the work is important; (from Book of Secrets Disc 3, Track 3, at 6:20 when in Now Playing Tab of WinMediaPlayer) every event is good, to teach you, make corrections, or it's just good for you, it's win win; me and universe are unfolding together; always enough time to evolve; know who you are, you are not just what you see, but are all the individual moments and memories of your history that have culminated in the present moment to provide the self image of what is regarded as you; release yourself from your self image by just feeling what you fear and are no longer offended by things, you stop appraising how a situation makes you look, you don't exclude people you feel superior or inferior to, you quit worrying what others think about you, you no longer obsess over money status and possessions, you no longer feel the urge to defend your opinions; shift your perspective from your self image to your Self, the real Self of you, the Awareness that is alert, awake, silent and intensely alive, the listener, turn your attention to the one doing the listening; walking into a room see all there as one; in the eyes of spirit you are always enough; myself changes, in the mirror I'm not the same individual I was 10 years ago, but it's the same me; being non material and dimensionless the spirit can neither be created nor destroyed, no beginning no ending, this is the essential me, you find spirit only be being, not by thinking or doing, only in silence, it is the seer not the scenery, the scenery changes buy the seer never does: Malachi 3:6 "For I am the Lord (what's the Lord?), I change not...."; only by silence, only by just being can I know myself.

BEING Just-being is not using memory, not anticipating, just being, then we are just awareness; being is unboundedness, where you know you, the real you, the spirit you, if not confined to the limited reality of your ideas, concepts, notions, but us, we are not confined to our skin; by going beyond any thoughts in meditation, we can then just be; when established in being, the mind body and senses are play things, purity, total fulfilment of all desires, the absense of cravings, friendliness to all, truthfulness, wisdom, tranquility, blissfulness, sweetness of speech, supreme magnanimity, lustrousness, one pointedness, realization of cosmic events, fearlessness, absence of divided consciousness, these are the constant experiences of one who is established in being; being manifests by becoming; established in being one is "What do I want to grow in my life"; only you can open and close the door of your heart; master hopelessness; where am I is the wrong question; between your thoughts is the silent receiver thought, has to be silent otherwise it is the thought; how do you define yourself; what is the message that you are delivering to yourself?; create or find a company that resonates with you; appreciation (noticing the good qualities of another individual and telling them that you noticed them, their strengths); see God in all, the closer we come to see the appeal in all people, the closer we come to God's perspective; then I experience myself in the midst of time bound experience, the boundless in the midst of boundaries; though all these things change but the thinker, seer, experiencer, the observer never changes; can't use your senses because to experience the self, the observer, seer, thinker, experiencer, because when you use your senses you begin to have experiences and then I'm no longer with myself but with the experience; the old paradigm says that the material world which includes human beings is made up of clumps of matter, and says many other things that have been put to rest by the new paradigm;

WHOLENESS.wholeness is whole mindedness; when you are whole, you are always healing, as this is the nature of infinite energy; wholeness is the return of the memory of wholeness, the state of us when once in oneness, before all our conditioning; the Rishies (very ancient Indian masters) considered wholeness, unity, to be the only reality and can be reached by concentrating on each of the koshas; it is a being at one, being in the present at all time; wholeness is what we are at our source; it's when you're not presently minded that you make errors, try pouring a cup of coffee while you're mind is on something else; experience your world and yourself as your source and you have become whole; when you are whole you lose the fear of death because you realize death is a creative opportunity to recreate yourself; is never a thought or action, but the potential to do and think, we are wholeness, it's something we become, a connection with all things so that their breath is your breath, must see yourself at the center of nature; wholeness = self referral centered in present characterized by spontaneity, characterized by support of nature; diversity is revealed when the wholeness, the silence is hidden (explained); see that underneath it all is the oneness of it all, no separation; goal is wholeness of life in joy, not object referral, completely integrated, in the flow, self-actualization (Maslow), supported by nature, bliss, the life throb of ages dancing in your blood, having a sense of all flowing together effortlessly, feeling connected to the source of energy itself, the potential to do and think, we are wholeness, unity is something you become; wholeness is never a thought or action but the potential to do and think; wrapped up inside us is the capacity to command every force of nature, to influence every atom in the universe; not a matter of acquiring the power to control wholeness, but rather, we are wholeness; when you get to the point that unity is a real possibility, the knowledge of attaining it is not something you learn, it's something you become; you forge a connection with all things with such intimacy that their breath is your breath; we are a whole, not a collection of parts; seeing self as whole is the first step in seeing self as attractive as the world mirrors the spirit, and you are only as attractive as you see yourself to be; have your attention on wholeness, see the wholeness behind that the play of light and dark; there was nothing to blame in anyone; the solution is to surrender to being to achieve unity; give up one way of seeing yourself for another, the higher one;

WISDOM is knowing the pathway of love and full wisdom is when love runs all you do. Wisdom is pursuing the Self, the Soul connected with your soul. Example of Sun reflecting in water; muddy the water and reflection is gone but Sun is still there. The kingdom of God is near at hand. Be in the world not of it = repudiate its negative things. You are sons of the living father. Like ice, snow, steam, behind it all is water but you would never know it by looking at water's various forms. Similarly,  you'll never find life in the physical limitations of world things. See essence of life.

WORK should provide for creative expansion.

WORLD.The world out there is a network of energy and information that we experience objectively. The mind and body are also networks of energy and information. The emergence of this world is no more than thoughts manifesting themselves from where thought is generated and that's in you. You create your own multiverse. This is why the ancients said you are not in the world, the world is in you and "greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world"....1John 4:4. The limitations of the world disappear for one who knows the self. See the movies.What If? The Movie.and.The Grand Self.and note how to remove any limitations you have to the progress you want.

Everyone has a different idea of the world. World is the play of what's called the gunas, the universal energies of light, motion and mass, which take form as the elements and the senses. The purpose of the world is to provide us with experience and thus to lead us to freedom from imprisonment by the ego. It is only for the sake of the self that this world exists. What then is the nature of the real world? Life itself is a miracle. Truth is the world is in you, not you in the world, that's object referral as compared to self referral, so it's the attention. The world is a stage for creative leaps of the soul. It's an impermanent world and people cling to permanents. The world is our own way of looking at it. A good movie to one may not be to another, same with music, smells, etc. World is as we are. Don't like it? Change it. How? The world is made of the same stuff as the mind, so you can change the world. Material world is projected from a non material source. Our capacity to think and feel gets projected into the physical from a source the '0' field of consciousness that is eternal. Akashic is the '0' point field. The material world is experienced through your senses and time. This world is a two fold path of contemplation and action. Action from soul level is the key. Every frequency in nature occurs simultaneously but we are only aware of what we focus upon. Ordinary thought can affect the world. Remove the ways of the world that are negative by asking for God's presence. This removes your old life and ways.

YOGA /-YOGI For those into yoga, there's lots. Yoga means unity, union, a unifying of body, mind, soul, experience and environment (see the quote from the Bhagavad Gita), the practices intended to lead those who do them into a meditative state, really another approach to meditation. Yoga benefits are superior to conventional exercise benefits as reported by Dr. V.H. Dhanaraj of the University of Alberta and T.J. Thorpe Ph.D. University of Tennessee. Yoga is a simple process of reversing the ordinary outward flow of energy and consciousness so that the mind is no longer dependent upon the fallible senses but capable of actually experiencing God/truth..A.yogi is one who seeks union of body mind and environment. To do yoga, stretch body, but always in comfort and allow an awareness to be on that part of the body.

Types of Yoga: Bhakti Yoga.all surrendering devotion through which one strives to see and love the divinity in every creature and in everything, thus maintaining an unceasing worship. Hatha Yoga.is a system of physical postures or asanas, whose higher purpose is to purify the body, giving one awareness and control over its internal states and rendering it fit for meditation, basically it is mastery over the purely physical body. Karma Yoga.is selfless service to others as part of the larger Self of an individual, without attachment to the results. Karma yoga is a divine movement of consciousness, a doing the right thing at the right time without anticipation of a response and leave results to the unknown, understanding that your choices are true when you have the assumption that you come from the infinite and are returned to the infinite. You came from a source that was never born and will never die. Perform of all actions with the consciousness of God as the Doer. Kriya Yoga is the quickest and most effective approach to the goal of Yoga, employs those methods of meditation that deal directly with energy and consciousness. It is this direct approach that characterizes Kriya Yoga, the particular system of meditation taught by Paramahansa Yogananda. Specifically, Kriya is an advanced Raja Yoga technique that reinforces and revitalizes subtle currents of life energy in the body, enabling the normal activities of heart and lungs to slow down naturally. As a result, the consciousness is drawn to higher levels of perception, gradually bringing about an inner awakening more blissful and more deeply satisfying than any of the experiences that the mind or the senses or the ordinary human emotions can. Kundalini Yoga is for giving one psychic power such as clairvoyance and similar powers. Laya Yoga teaches mastery over the mind, one of its offshoots is to remember permanently a thing once read or heard. Mantra Yoga centering the consciousness within through japa or the repetition of certain universal root word sounds representing a particular aspect of Spirit. Raja Yoga prepares one for transcendental consciousness and wisdom. It is the royal or highest path of Yoga, formally systematized in the second century B.C.E. by the Indian sage Patanjali, which combines the essence of all the other paths. At the heart of the Raja Yoga system, balancing and unifying these various approaches, is the practice of definite, scientific methods of meditation that enable one to perceive, from the very beginning of efforts by an individual, glimpses of the ultimate goal, it is conscious union with the inexhaustibly blissful Spirit. Such methods are an integral part of the Self Realization Fellowship teachings. Samadhi Yoga is said to lead to supreme illumination and enables one to glimpse the purpose and plan beyond life on Earth. This is the branch of yoga that enables one to, at the instant of leaving this Earth life, to grasp the greater reality abandoning the round of rebirth, unless one decided to return to Earth for a special purpose, such as to help others in some particular way. Yane Yoga yoga of knowledge. There are other forms of yoga as well. What they all miss is that we are God and that's not something we have yet to attain, only to realize, only to awaken to.