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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary (m-w.com)
and Star Dictionary
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gay, gayer, gayest.adjectives
showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry; bright or lively, especially in color (a gay, sunny room)
a state of joyful exuberance or merriment; vivacity; merry or joyful activity; festivity (making preparations for the holiday gaieties); bright color or showiness, as of dress

any of several trailing or climbing plants related to the pumpkin, squash and cucumber, often of irregular and unusual shape and bearing fruits with a hard rind; more

a festive.occasion; a lavish.social.event or entertainment
marked by lavish or festive celebration (a gala ball after graduation from university)

a warm word or gesture of welcome or salutation
greet, greeted, greeting, greets.transitive verbs
to salute or welcome in a friendly and respectful way with speech or writing, as upon meeting or in opening a letter

adopted from Hinduism; a spiritual teacher; teacher and guide in spiritual and philosophical matters; a trusted counselor and adviser; a mentor; a recognized leader in a field (the guru of animal behavior)

gripe, griped, griping, gripes.verbs
intransitive verb use.to complain.naggingly or petulantly; grumble
transitive verb use.to irritate; annoy; to oppress or afflict
a complaint

glance, glanced, glancing,glances.verbs
intransitive verb use.to direct the gaze.briefly (glance at the menu; glanced in the rearview mirror); if you glance at something or someone, you look at them very quickly and then look away again immediately (he glanced at his watch; I glanced back at his attention); if you glance through or at a newspaper, report or book, you spend a short time looking at it without reading it very carefully (I picked up the phone book and glanced through it; I never even glanced at the political page of a daily paperglint;  to strike a surface at such an angle as to be deflected (a pebble glanced off the windshield); brush; to make a passing reference; touch briefly (history books that only glanced at the real truth that came out later)
transitive verb use.to strike a surface at an angle; graze (the arrow glanced the target but didn't stick; to cause to strike a surface at an angle (glanced a stone off the wall)
a brief or cursory look (gave the paper a glance before breakfast); a quick flash of light; a gleam; an oblique movement following impact; a deflection (the car struck the barrier and went off at a glance); any of various minerals that have a brilliant.luster (silver glance)
at first glance.idiom
on initial.consideration (at first glance proposals always seem workable)

a momentary flash of light; a sparkle; a faint or fleeting indication; a trace
glint, glinted, glinting, glints.verbs
intransitive verb use.to gleam or flash briefl; flash (I got a glint in his presence that he likes me)
transitive verb use.to cause to gleam or flash; if something glints, it produces or reflects a quick flash of light (the sea glinted in the Sun; Sunlight glinted on his spectacles)

a long, narrow furrow or channel; a settled.routine (got into the groove of a nine-to-five job); a situation or an activity that one enjoys or to which one is especially well.suited (found his passionate groove was woodworking)
groove, grooved, grooving, grooves.verbs
transitive verb use.to cut a groove or grooves
intransitive verb use.to take great pleasure or satisfaction; enjoy oneself (just sitting around, grooving on the music); to be affected with pleasurable excitement; to react or interact harmoniously
groovy, groovier, grooviest.adjectives
pleasing; wonderful

grin, grinned, grinning, grins.verbs
intransitive verb use.to draw back the lips and bare the teeth, as in mirth or good humor
transitive verb use.to express with a grin (I grinned my approval) grin.noun
a grin is a broad smile; the act of grinning; the facial expression produced by grinning; smile 

in sports, of or relating to gymnastics
in sports, a gymnasium; a school course in physical education
in sports, physical exercises designed to develop and display strength, balance and agility, especially those performed on or with specialized apparatus; the art or practice of such exercises; complex intellectual or artistic exercises (mental gymnastics)
gymnasium.noun,.plural.gymnasiums or gymnasia
in sports, a room or building equipped for indoor sports
a person who is trained and skilled in gymnastics

gain, gains, gained, gaining.verbs
transitive verb use.to come into possession or use of; acquire (gained a small fortune in real estate; gained important information from the Internet); win (gained a decisive victory); to obtain through effort or merit; achieve (gained his degree after much study); earn (gain a living; gain extra credits in school); to manage to achieve an increase of (gained wisdom with age); to increase by a specific amount (gained 2 pounds; the market gained 30 points); to come to; reach (gained the top of the mountain); reach; to become fast by a specified amount of time (my watch gained two minutes)
intransitive verb use.to increase; grow (gained in experience and maturity; a painting that gained in value); to become better; improve (gaining in health); to close a gap; get closer (the runners in the back were steadily gaining on the leader); to increase a lead; to put on weight
providing a gain; profitable (gainful employment)
something gained or acquired; progress; advancement; the act of acquiring; attainment; in electronics, an increase in signal power, voltage or current by an amplifier, expressed as the ratio of output to input, also called amplification
one that gains

gush, gushed, gushing, gushes.verbs
intransitive verb use.to flow forth suddenly in great volume (water gushing from a hydrant); to emit a sudden and abundant flow, as of tears; to make an excessive display of sentiment or enthusiasm (gushed over the baby)
transitive verb use.to emit abundantly; pour forth
a sudden, copious outflow (a gush of tears); excessively demonstrative language or behavior
gushy, gushier, gushiest.adjectives
marked by excessive displays of sentiment or enthusiasm

commodities; wares (frozen goods)

what good really means?; being positive or desirable in nature (she was a good person many liked as she was as helpful when needed as she could be); better; good means pleasant or enjoyable (we had a really good time together; I know they would have a good life here, as this location would be better for them; there's nothing better than a good cup of hot coffee; it's so good to hear your voice after all this time); not bad or poor (a good experience; good news from the relatives); having the qualities that are desirable or distinguishing in a particular thing (a good exterior paint; a good joke); serving the desired purpose or end; suitable (is this a good dress for the party?); not spoiled or ruined (the leftovers are still good as they've been in the fridge under 4 days); in excellent condition; sound (a good tooth); superior to the average; satisfactory (a good car; a good book); worthy of respect; honorable (kids should be taught to maintain the family's good name); attractive; handsome (good looks); beneficial to health (a good night's rest); competent; skilled (a good mechanic); complete; thorough (a good walk of 45 minutes twice weekly will keep one's appetite normal); reliable; sure (a good investment); valid or true (a good reason); in effect; operative (a warranty good for two years); able to continue in a specified activity (I'm good for another round of golf); able to pay or contribute (is she good for the money that you lent her?); able to elicit a specified reaction (he is always good for a laugh); ample; substantial (a good income); bountiful (she sets a good table); full (it is at least a good mile up the road from here); pleasant; enjoyable (had a good time at the party); propitious; favorable (good weather; a good sign he's finally awakening to himself); of moral excellence; upright (a good person); benevolent; kind (a good soul; a good heart); well-behaved; obedient (a good puppy); socially correct; proper (good manners)
something that is good; good, valuable or useful part or aspect; welfare; benefit (if only we could elect those whom we wish to govern the country for the common good; did you pick up the box of goods?); goodness; virtue (there is much good to be found in people once awakened to love)
as good as.idiom
practically; nearly (as good as new)
for good.idiom
permanently; forever (I'm moving to the country for good, where it's a healthier lifestyle)
no good.idiom
worthless; futile; useless (it's been in the fridge too long and now no good to eat) arguing with them 
Usage note: good is properly used as an adjective with linking verbs such as be, seem or appear (the future looks good; the soup tastes good); it should not be used as an adverb with other verbs (the car runs well {not good}), thus, the dress fits well and looks good; see Usage note at well. See more Usage notes.

the state or quality of being good; the beneficial or nutritious part

goodwill.or.good will.noun
an attitude of kindness or friendliness; benevolence; cheerful acquiescence or willingness; a good relationship, as of a business enterprise with its customers or a nation with other nations; conducting one's affairs with goodwill

a mixture of plant proteins.occurring in cereal grains, chiefly corn and wheat, used as an adhesive and as a flour substitute