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listings in all of Index C are

Listings on this page are of Christ

Christ -a many membered body
Christ -accepting Him as personal savior not required
Christ -the Advocate.(help to rise above no matter what)
Christ -appearing.(when?)
Christ -meaning of acceptance
Christ -all things are from Him
Christ -and God
Christ -anointed
Christ -appeared to many after resurrecting
Christ -appreciation of Him
Christ -ascension
Christ -author & finisher of faith
Christ -being 'in' Him
Christ -blood of
Christ -body of
Christ -bought by
Christ -bride of
Christ -brought the light
Christ -burial of Emmanuel
Christ -calling.(respnsible for our awakening)
Christ -came not to condemn
Christ -came from God
Christ -came to save
Christ -child?
Christ -came in the clouds in 70 A.D.
Christ -comes as a thief
Christ -coming of
Christ -contest.(no longer a contest between good & evil)
Christ -corner stone
Christ -council of
Christ -created all that is
Christ -crucifixion
Christ -day of
Christ -day star
Christ -dead in
Christ -'decision for'.(do we really 'make a decision for Christ'? Is that even valid?)
Christ -declared Son of God by the resurrection
Christ -denying Him and not realizing it
Christ -died on our behalf
Christ -disdain for.(by the religious leaders of the time He was on Earth)
Christ -doctrine of
Christ -Emmanuel Christ
Christ -an example for us to follow, how?
Christ -expresses as us
Christ -finished the work
Christ -finisher & author of faith
Christ -forming in us
Christ -found of those who didn't seek him
Christ -fulness in us
Christ -gift of
Christ -given us all things
Christ -gospel of
Christ -government of
Christ -greater works than Him can we do?
Christ -healing by those in Christ
Christ -His choice to save us
Christ -how Christ came about
Christ -house of
Christ -image of God
Christ -in God.(what does this mean?)
Christ -in the beginning
Christ -in us
Christ -in us of none effect
Christ -incorruptible
Christ -ineffective?
Christ -Intercessor.(intercession, intercedes)
Christ -is learned.(something one needs to learn to grow spiritually)
Christ -job in us
Christ -killed by whom?
Christ -killing.(of Emmanuel who was the Christ in physical form)
...David's throne now Christs
...king.(New Testament scripture on)
...Old Testament scriptures foretelling Christ coming to be King
Christ -knowledge of
Christ -Lamb of God
Christ -learning
-light bringer.(replaced Lucifer who became Satan)
-light of the world
Christ -little flock of
Christ -loved the world
Christ -made sin.(He was made sin for us, that is, He took all the world's wrongs on Him, so they wouldn't apply spiritually to us)
Christ -made us accepted
Christ -making a decision for.(is this even a valid concept?)
Christ -Mediator
Christ -mind of
Christ -miracles of
Christ -mystery of
Christ -needed.(why?)
Christ -no darkness.(and no sin in Him)
Christ -one body.(those in Christ are a body of believers)
Christ -one with Father-Creator
Christ -oneness with.(a special oneness not known before Christ came)
Christ -our Savior
Christ -our sustenance
Christ -predestinated?
Christ -priesthood.(different than that of Old Testament)
Christ -promise of by the Father
Christ -prophesies about
Christ -reality of
Christ -reconciling the world
Christ -reigning with
Christ -rejection prophesied
Christ -requirement of believing negated.(the before the cross necessity and the after the cross newness)
Christ -resurrection.(of Emmanuel, the one Christ at that time)
Christ -returns of
Christ -righteousness of
Christ -Rock
Christ -sacrifice of?
Christ -saves
Christ -Savior of some?
Christ -Savior of the world
Christ -second coming
Christ -seed Son
Christ -Shepherd
Christ -stablish us
Christ -suffered.(so we wouldn't have to)
Christ -supreme over all
Christ -Sustainer
Christ -sword he brought
Christ -taught by Him
Christ -the Word
Christ -transfiguration of
Christ -workmanship of
Christ -works of
Christ -vine
Christ -was made a curse
Christ -what does He want of us
Christ -what is
Christ -where is He?
Christ -why He came
Christ -why He died