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Coal.(the story of coal and dangers of burning it)
Coat of many colors.(Joseph's)
Cob homes.(easy to build yourself; been used for thousands of years)
Cochlea.(inner ear)
...Code of Hammurabi
...spiritual code
Cognitive dissonance.(what it is)
Cohabiting agreement
Cohen, Alan.1) 2)
Coin.(for a coin to be a coin it needs two sides)
Cold.(the common cold purloined into a pandemic)
Colon cancer
Colonies.(Britain's 13 American Colonies before 1763)
Colors.(Joseph's coat of many colors)
Collusion.(example of)
Coma.(for weeks, suddenly ok)
Combating terrorism
Come out of the world
Come.(the word 'come')
Comes and goes.(the devil does)
Comfort after heartaches
Comfort/discomfort.(how you may feel over decisions in front of you)
Comforter.(God's mind in you makes life both interesting & worthwhile)
Coming back to God
Coming of Christ
Coming to God
Coming of the new world
Commanding respect or gaining respect?
...original Old Testament 12 commandments
...for today
...of men
...original meaning of word
...the two great
...the ten.(actually twelve; what were the original other two?)
Comments on evolution
Commission to us
Commitment.(as in mating; also contracting with the state, info on)
Common Law.(and Common Law court)
Communion.(some feel unworthy)
Communism.(and see 'other systems of governing'):
...the divide and conquer ways they use
...Karl Marx.(with the help and support of Friedrich Engels, wrote a new form of the old slavery in The Communist Manifesto {a new way of enslavement} and Das Kapital)
...Vladimir Ilich Lenin.(first leader of the Communist Party, 1917)
...'progressive' income tax.(progressive for the few, retrogressively oppressive for others)
Community Natural Foods.(in Calgary)
Comparing ourselves
...classic story
...excuses used by 'Christians' to not help another
...moving out from home so one less mouth to feed
Compensation.(law of?)
Complainers.(noboby complains like the ancient Israelites did and they did it constantly and about ecerything they could)
Complaining about self:.Lamentations 3:39-41
Complete in Him
...Bernd-olaf Küppers.(protein molecule's amazing complexity)
...George Swenson Jr. (complexity in universe limited to Earth?)
Compulsive destructive complex
...greatest problem manufacturers face
...storage in space
Concern and caring
Concept and precept
Concert.(pic is, the rug under a table)
...Christ came not to condemn
...condemned by our words?
...condemning ourselves.(feeling bad, somewhat condemed, not knowing why?)
Conditioned.(why we glide over evil)
Confessing.(not being reticent regarding a relationship with Christ, but not being pushy or proselytizing either)
Confession.(why and to whom?)
Congregation.(of the dead)
Coniah.(king of ancient Judah)
Connected Universe.(Nassim Haramein movie, physicist)
...with God
...with others
Conned.(ever been tricked by someone to your disadvantage? how to know)
Cons.(Covid, HIV/AIDS, more Pharma cons)
Conquer after dividing.(from ancient Cain to the communist/nazi ways of today)
Conscience of sin
Conscience seared
...a simple exercise to gauge how high consciousness can be
...and control
...consciousness creates matter
...consciousness, what is it? why low consciousness was necessary?
...higher level active.(common state of spiritually minded man) 1, 2, 3)
...levels (also called dimensions) of consciousness
...lower level/ordinary.(common state of physically minded man) 1, 2, 3)
...structure of
Consent.(Informed Consent is one of your rights)
Consideration of others is prayer
Consolation.(Christ the consolation)
Conspirators/conspiracies.(1, 2, 3)
Constantine the Great.(a so-called 'Christian' Roman emperor)
...based on God's laws.(simple & effective, a model to follow when making a constitution)
...Brian Peckford and his Charter of Rights and Freedoms
...constitutional lawyers in Canada to help you
...of the multiiverse
...of the U.S.A..(and its bankruptcy.compact)
......US or USA
......US Constitution
......1776 & 1781.(constitution trick upon the people)
Consulting the dead
Contact.(the Telegram address for contacting us)
Contemplation.(one of the 4 spiritual keys)
Contentment.(contented, content)
Contest.(why no contest any longer between good & evil?)
...before coming to Earth
...changing jobs
...God's contract with the devil.(how long it lasted)
...read the contract to make sure you agree first
Contrite.(the word)
Control.(the Spirit of God in you)
Controls you.(let your body control you for your good)
Control events
Convincing yourself.(of what & why?)
Convocations.(feasts, festivals or Holy Days)
...highest art form
Copernicus, Nicolaus.(disproved the Ptolemaic System of Astronomy)
Cops.(good ones, bad ones)
CoQ10.(an important enzyme)
Corban.(a way corrupt religious leaders came up with to avoid helping any but themselves)
Cord.(the connection from your DNA to your soul)
Cord.(the silver cord and what it does)
Core.(at our core we are good and divine)
Core.(name of a leader of a rebellion against Moses and Aaron)
Corners.(protecting toddlers: sharp corners on furniture, stroller safety, etc.)
Correcting others
Corrupt.(who are the satanic corrupt ones?)
Covenant of salt
Corn.(and see popping corn cautions when eating)
Corner stone.(Christ)
Cornet.(a musical instrument)
Coronal mass ejections
...are they really needed?
...Abe Lincoln warning.(another quote of his)
...example of one to work for
...examples of the type to run from
...movies (Food Inc., The Corporation, Empire of the City)
...way to solve negotiation stumblingblocks
...naming others 'enemy of the state', who try to take the country out of corruption because of this; and see Kevin Annett who has worked over 30 years to bring the political criminals in Canada and elsewhere to justice
...in new testament times
...in old testament times
...justice syatem
...things which corrupt character
...warning to corrupt authorities
Cosigning.(Proverbs 6:1-5)
Cosmic consciousness
Cosmic ray bombardment
Cosmic ray interaction
Cosmic rays
Cosmological constant
Costa del Sol.('coast of the Sun', Spain's sunny southern coast)
Costner, Kevin.(his well researched series 500 Nations: The Story of the American Indians, about the untold true history not written in school textbooks and Kevin Annett, who worked over 30 years in Canada to bring corrupt governments and churches to justice)
Count it all dung
Count it all joy
Count your blissings.(blessings)
Countries.(cabal changed names of countries to confuse and hide history)
Course In Miracles.(great book akin to books in the Bible)
Course of the world.(which way the world is going, to be aware of)
Court.(International Court's verdict against criminals)
Courts.(types of courts the deep state cabal has tricked you into)
...old and new
...with ancient Abraham
Covering.(upon all nations)
The Covid con 1, the covid con 2. Selling you on a poisonous injection after convincing the dolts that a virus can infect them, in spite of massive evidence to the contrary, such as what the Irish government admitted in a letter and such as in these.two pivotal videos:.bitchute.com/video/Pz0SBTvKrDrV/

It's the vaccine that kills you, there\s no virus, that's the con. But they got you looking at what they call a virus. One example of commonsense would be regarding the covid debacle, when many people just couldn't comprehend and therefore didn't research, that an experimental.concoction not even tested on animals or people, was pushed out for public consumption by those heretofore.trusted authorities.
   Animal testing was started and then stopped when all the animals were dying. Those with commonsense researched the why's of vaccines. They were.called.'vaccines' because it sounded better than those pushing them saying they are an intentional poisoning of one's innate.immune system by an actual bioweapon. That wouldn't have sold anyone on them. But the lies did. 
   Commonsense is sister to caution.

See also GrandJury.net on the damning evidence against the world controllers about their covid con job toward murder. And the result of the International Common Law Court's Criminal Division, a verdict against the Covid con. Wake up to the things you should know about.

It's a similar trick the cabal's educational system (indoctrination system) uses, that of teaching falsehoods as facts using intimidation, such as with the lie of evolution and now with coercion of the covid con..How to stand up to the lies is by research and questioning, such as, regarding research, seeing the fruits of something (Matthew 7:16,20), that is for example, regarding the lies based on covid, checking out why some people on one side report that there is no virus at all that is infective. Is it them revealing the truth the so-called trusted authorities keep from you? Would not the crackpots.be the ones keeping truth from you so that you will be harmed? The ones telling the truth are out to protect you from those with insane agandas.

A lesson on it:.Deuteronomy 7:17-26.

If you don't care enough to at least stand up by pleasantly letting others know about what's going on, they too will end up as you may be, that is, not caring where the world goes. This not caring is dangerous. If you don't care about it, you can't expect the Creator to either:.Zechariah 1:3. The true God has shown this by how he responded to those who thought the same in times past:.Jeremiah 44:16,17.

Without doing research, what you hear may be like an incomprehensible voice in the wilderness:.Matthew 3:3.

So you first need to find out about viruses and if they could possibly infect anyone and if not, then you know the lie is bigger than anyone could imagine it to be. After finding out this stuff ask yourself if it could have been a big lie told to you by authorities you willy-nilly trusted. Then see what the result of any virus could possibly be, for example, you find out from those not pushing covid jabs, why they would be against it, that is, against what the health departments and governments are purporting as true. Here you'll discover much and more so the deeper you may look. You then see beyond their lie into total widespread corruption and then you ask yourself why. And you discover that virtually the whole world has been sucked into propaganda. The why is they are out to kill you. So, why do they want you gone? Either fast or slow, you've got to go, as far as they are concerned. Bottom line is there are those behind a world genocideprogram. The those are they that are of the same string of people who have been planning your demise for decades. Then you'll find out that they are satanic cults.that hate humanity. And who's the big lying deceiver boss behind such evil?.John 8:44; Revelation 12:9.

And who is behind Satan? Satan knows which ways work on one's mind to create fear for compliance to tyranny and those are the precepts that are pumped into minds supported by the zeitgeist provided through corrupt government, controlled pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, agricultural, etc. companies who are all supported by their satanic cohorts comprising the mainstream media.

So, we've had and have poverty, illnesses and wars, such as with the Nazis and wars with those also of the same satanic mind as Nazis, such as Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot and today the CPC/CCP and Nazis having taken over the Ukraine and Israel, all corrupt puppets of the cabal behind them. Their goal is to establish their criminal agenda against We the People. See the movie InDOCTORnation.

The satanists work on false opinions made to seem valid to those who are unthinking, to those too disinterested to formulate questions and do their own research, to those swallowing up whatever the mainstream media and those believed to be authorities may dispense

What can you do? Know the facts about their cons and know the facts about your rights, so you don't get bamboozled like so many others who stupidly or unknowingly.(unknowingly because they select ignorance instead of knowledge, by choosing the 'tel lie vision' to get an illusory fix, than do research to uncover truth; truly, many peop[les' thinking capacity has been diminished, why?).and who consider 'authority' to be the dispensers of truth; big, big mistake!

STAND UP against falsehoods by using your guaranteed rights.(*), as the apostle Paul did and this persistent widow did:.Luke 18:1-8. Rise away from the extremely low consciousness way of getting information:.Matthew 15:14 "Let them alone.(*). They be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.".Matthew 13:27-30.

Ephesians 6:13 "Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all, to stand."

And about selling you on a poisonous testing swab, a test that's a hoax along with a concoction.erroneously called a vaccine, rather than emphasizing how to strengthen a human's immune system

That alone tells you it's a con and tells you those promoting it are corrupt and satanically motivated.(Revelation 13:4), having allowed themselves to go into the dark ways of evil:.Psalms 53:1; 1Timothy 4:2.
...small businesses reimbursed for any losses from the covid con
...forms and short information on your absolute rights. You have no rights unless you know them and live strongly by them.
...informed consent
...PCR testing, etc.
...exemptions - know the law
...Canadian Labor Code
...religious exemption
Cowan, Tom.(a doctor building medicine on truth, not the common practice of lies)
Coyne, Lee L..(author.Fats Won't Make You Fat)