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If you are not helping others with your prayers and whatever else you can do if they are in distress, then you are asleep in selfishness, having, as it were, a vail over your head, not caring about the plight of others:.2Corinthians 3:16

If you are not growing in the knowledge of God.(2Peter 3:18), you are actually oblivious to reality of true living and are obviating yourself from going forward spiritually:.Matthew 16:2,3 "He answered and said unto them...you can discern the face of the sky, but can you not discern the signs of the times?"

If ready to wake up to what has gone on during past centuries on the Earth to today, consider looking into some of these if you still think your government has been telling you the truth and still think they have your best interests in mind. Those influenced by or are part of the dark side, never do think that way. Type into an Internet search engine for information about these items.

Project Bluebird
Project Bluebeam
Project Evergreen
Project Artichoke
MK-Ultra mind control program
Project Monarch
Operation Chaos 
Operation Gladio
Operation Mockingbird 
Operation Paperclip
Operation Northwoods 
Operation Ranch Hand
Operation Popeye.(Doomsday Project)
Operation Project Seal
Operation Stargate
Operation Highjump
Operation Delirium
Project Rainbow
Operation Midnight Climax
Project Woodpecker 
Project Stagate Grill Flame, Sun Streak
Operation Cloverleaf
Operation Fishbowl
Project Bluebook
Project Coast
Musical Control (Rockefeller)
Project Groom Lake
Jekyll Island
The creation of the Federal Reserve
Fiat currency
Operation High Jump
Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd
Operation Paperclip
Fluoridation effects
Agenda 21
Agenda 30
B G H (Bovine growth hormone)
Rothschild's family history
Albert Pike
Adam Weishaupt
Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)
Committee of 300
13 families
Skull and Bones Society
The Bush family's business dealings
General Wesley Clark
Bill Cooper
William Guy Carr
Zachariah Sitchen
Nephalim or Nephilim
Nibiru (Planet X)
Ninth Circle Cult
Nazi eugenics
Council of 13
Council of Nicea
Library of Alexandria
Vatican Catacombs
Emperor Constantine
Bloodlines of the Illuminati
Sabbatean Frankists
Phil Schneider
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
The Secret Covenant
Tavistock Institute
Frankfurt subversion techniques
Fabian society
Satanic ritual abuse
Elm St Guest house, 788 - 790 Finchley Road, Hampstead
Christchurch Primary School, 
Balfour Declaration and the Creation of
The Samson Option

And how then can the love of the Creator.(because God is one thing and that is love, in all God does:.1John 4:8-16).grow in you?.1John 3:17 "But whoso has this world's good and sees his brother.(who is 'my brother'?).have need and shuts up his bowels of compassion from him.(would rather buy a cool muffler for his car than help children through their families who are lacking what is needed {*} to avoid having the hard times they may be going through), how dwells the love of God in him?" Isaiah 56:10.

Woodrow Wilson found this out in the politics of his day and has some good wisdom on it. Compassion allows us to reach out to others, providing hope for them in their darker periods of life.

You just can't have confidence in the majority of people to help others, as they are selfishly concerned with their temporary presence in this world:.Proverbs 25:19; Jeremiah 22:13

Christ came here to show us:.Matthew 20:25-28; 23:11; 18:23-35; 25:35-40.

The Great Infinite One is full of compassion, but He's left the Earth alone to see what we would do:.Psalms 115:16; Psalms 86:15. What a mess we've allowed other to make it.

If those who think they are of God really were of the true God, the Father of all light, love, compassion and creation, they would love, care for, pray for and meditate on the concerns of others and have compassion toward them, finding out and serving and helping others in need:.Matthew 25:42-45 "For I was an hungred and you.(frozen chosen people often carry the label of Christian or of some other religious name).gave me no meat.(original 'food'). I was thirsty and you gave me no drink. I was a stranger and you took me not in, naked and you clothed me not, sick and in prison and you visited me not. Then they answered him saying, Lord when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison and did not minister unto you? Then He answered them saying, Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as you did it not to one of the least of these.(verse 40 explains 'these' as 'my brethren'), you did it not to me."

Mark 3:35 "For whosoever does the will of God,.the same is my brother.and my sister and mother.(in other words, if you do these things, you're in Christ as close as it's possible to be)." John 8:42 "Emmanuel said unto them, If God were your Father.(*), you would love me.(if God was their attention they would be in the higher consciousness of love, why?.1John 4:8,9)..." John 3:16 "For God so loved the world...".Romans 8:29 says He was the firstborn among many brethren. We are called brethren. He is our brother. We are in God's family. Romans 15:2.

Those who aspire to true, that is, loving spirituality, are brothers and sisters of Christ:.Matthew 23:8. They would live life not as a namby-pamby, but as one dedicated to higher principles. A true executive is one who does his best in bringing others to his level so the unit will be increasingly effective in the purpose they are together on Earth for at this time.

You find some people like this in families and in some companies today. They are teaching their children to reach high in quality of character. Their works are good:.Matthew 7:16-20. But then, we have others being the dumb ass types who need to be reached as well.

Many people are apathetic towards anything but selfish concerns. They want to be number one. They want to be in charge. Some even envy those in front of them in life. This is not the way of a servant unto others.(Luke 22:26), but for many not knowing the overall purpose of life, it seems like it's the right way to go:.Proverbs 14:12.

However, it is the way of lying against the truth:.James 3:14.('bitter envying and 'strife' here means 'a driving zeal to rise above others'), an attitude far from the humbleness of being a servant unto others.

Lamentations 3:32,33.(grief has made many humble and serious and has weaned them from the world);.Matthew 15:32; 18:27; Luke 7:12,13.(Emmanuel got involved);.Hebrews 5:2; 1Peter 3:8; 1John 3:17-19,23,24.

Meek Moses had a pent up.streak of anger in him and as such was angry and misrepresented his Creator by implying to the ancient Israelites that there was displeasure with them, making them think that Moses and surely the Creator too, as Moses was Creator's direct man then, were angry and displeased at them. In this way, Moses disparaged God to the people.

Although God was angry with the people, Moses should have pointed out to God why, because the people were just following what seemed the best way for them, even though that wasn't very good:.Proverbs 14:12.

Instead Moses vented his anger. This tended to turn the people further from God by showing them that God too, was displeased with them. Moses had a history of acting on his anger, such as when he killed an Egyptian, such as when he threw and broke the tablets God wrote instructions on that he was to tell the people about.(Exodus 32:16,19).and such as when he struck a rock in anger:.Numbers 20:8-12. Not good.

Even though there was good reason to be angry.(Deuteronomy 9:7,8), it should not be expressed overtly. As a result of Moses' anger he was restricted from entering the promised land. He was not allowed to lead the people in the new realm of living awaiting:.Numbers 20:1-12; Deuteronomy 3:23-27; 4:21,22.

Moses was fed up with the constantly complaining Israelites. Moses had been told by God to speak unto the rock, but he was angry and took his rod and smacked it twice. This attitude kept Moses out of the promised land. He has this history of anger that he just couldn't seem to master, by deciding to not be like that and have some awareness of how he was as he lived his life.

Earlier, meek Moses showed his meekness by a lack of confidence. He just didn't want to do what Creator wanted him to do as he was looking at his inability and not at the Creator's ability to help him. At this time he also knew the Creator, but Moses lacked confidence in Creator-God, so much so that he tried to talk Creator out of what He wanted Moses to do. Creator got angry at this, but gave Moses a work around for his lack of confidence:.Exodus 3:6,11; 4:1,12-16

Similarly, we must not now misrepresent our Creator by being overly self-concerned about what we fear others may think of us if we do this and that. Avoid focusing on your inabilities. The true powerful God in you can do anything.

Wisdom to live lovingly and kindly is preferable to greed:.1Thessalonians 5:22.

Moses here had disregard for their welfare. It is also important to heed any sign of an inherent.rashness toward anger

Matthew Henry's Commentary on an example of life Emmanuel was explaining to His disciples, said, He was slighted by those who should have been his friends. He was cared for by a stranger, a Samaritan of the nation which those of the cabal back then who later called themselves Jews.(the religious controlling ones and their lackeys).despised. At that time those religious ones detested Samaritans and would have no dealings with them. That's how you can tell who is influencing them - Satan:.Matthew 7:16-20.

It is lamentable to observe how selfishness governs all ranks, how any excuses men will make to avoid trouble or expense in relieving others. And then there are others who despicably use others with deceit:.Jeremiah 22:13. And of course there are many others of good heart.

But the true spiritual individual of God, called a 'Christian' in the Bible, has the law of love written in his heart. This is what converts his character from selfishness to caring and doing the best he can for others by being helpful and kind. The Spirit of Christ then wells up in him. The parable is a beautiful explanation of the law of loving our neighbour as ourselves, without regard to nation, party or any other distinction." We need to 'see the face of God' in all men and women and allow their actions to speak of what they are in heart. 

More than anything else, it is by showing care for fellow Christians.(what really is a Christian?).and for others in the world, or not yet called.(1Corinthians 12:25), that Christians reach out with the message of love:.John 17:23. In this we are truly the light of the world, the salt of the Earth.(Matthew 5:13,14).and grow in favor of God and people.(Luke 2:25), bringing forth fruit of the Vine to which we are attached.

If we are to love and pray for our enemies and those who use or abuse us.(Matthew 5:44,45; Luke 6:27; Romans 12:20), how much more then those who aren't our enemies?.Galatians 6:10. Regarding our enemies: the original Greek word in Matthew 5:44 for 'pray' means 'to be all for wanting another's best'. This is why the one we call Emmanuel tells us to forgive others 70x7 or unlimitedly when they ask to be forgiven and when they haven't asked, because Christ gave us that example:.1Peter 2:21. He died on the cross for all:.Luke 6:35.

But living from the low consciousness ego level we have mostly all been brought up in, makes it near impossible for us to even grasp this concept, apart from perhaps a glimmer of truth:.1Corinthians 13:12. It takes a level of high consciousness to comprehend to the point of belief. The level of belief is where action comes from and from action, change.

Many hold a priority ensuring that they are always ok, in that their retirement options are secure, their homes are continually enhanced, even beyond reasonable necessity, their vehicles renewed with unbalanced frequency, their social life isn't hindered and so on and so forth.
   This is good as long as one is concerned also for the underprivileged majority of humanity, wanting them also to experience the same, and one is doing a part in making it possible for them. Otherwise it is simply selfishness:.Acts 20:35; Isaiah 3:15,16.
   Otherwise it is simply selfishness based on the belief that there is not enough for everyone, so I will keep mine close to me so they do not get it. Believing in this will cause negativity to come along. There is always more than enough for every person on Earth.
   Our job is to show them how to use the laws of the universe that prospered us. Some need water, food, medical supplies, and education first, so their minds can even comprehend the knowledge that would free them from the negativity that has for so long held them in bondage:.Romans 8:2 "For the law of the Spirit of life.(the multiversal laws that can bring us all we want).in Christ Emmanuel has made me free from the law of sin.(missing the mark of getting all we want).and death.(the direction that leads toward death)."

This is the law we all have been subject to; that of the negative mass mind influence:.James 4:8.

"Natural greatness is in innocence and simplicity."....Deepak Chopra.

Many fail in understanding what comprises a simple life. They may unnecessarily.complicate their lives because of an inability to discern a difference between needs and wants:.Proverbs 19:23. Minds can get clouded by excessive desires, lack of understanding as to why they are on Earth in the first place, and most strongly of all, the dark side influenced mass mind pumpin' negativity like there's no tomorrow. 

Many are not content and thankful for what they have and where they are in life:.1Timothy 6:8; Ecclesiastes 9:9. One needs to be content enough so that he can pursure the spiritual things of the heart and mind.

Once this is decided upon, all else is looked after.(Matthew 6:25-34).so you can continue growing spiritually.

Unlike even Einstein those still steeped in the ego level of existence desire to take more and more, even engaging in legal but immoral manipulations to ensure continued ingratiation. They are addicted to the prosperity of fools where money is power: Proverbs 1:32.

They have succumbed to the selfishness demon, the more so the higher up the corporate ladder they may be positioned, where climbing supersedes giving. They learn the vain values of temporal existence, imprisioning themselves within a mental vein, keeping them unable to selflessly give to help others. They have been sucked into the system:.2Peter 2:19 "...for of whom.(original 'what', 'which', 'whom', 'that', 'whereof').a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage." Matthew 16:26.

Dark side tricks are beyond counteraction by even the highly educated.

This gives testimony to the fact that without spiritual  principles.(honesty, integrity, kindness, generosity, wisdom, etc.).being taught in our educational system the system cranks out more deceitful crooks

Individuals without this proper education fail to see why they are here. They waste time on excessive material concerns; time that could have well been spent on that which will last forever:.Matthew 15:13-19; 6:19-21. They are deluded:.Revelation 12:9.

The key to overcoming anything about you that may be distasteful to you is to develop compassion for the less fortunate. This is one step toward eradicating limitations that hold back the blessings available for all who have taken steps toward a better like now and forever. One helpful step is learning from others, such as in the recent movie.The Grand Self.

To be involved in helping others more effectively one needs to understand how to rid the self of limitations in character that hold us away from progressing.spiritually, so very important, because we are here to learn how to do these things. Why are they important? 

These things help a person to move away from his or her limitations. Learn from one who had a rocky road doing this. His experiences will make it much easier for you in this life. And after you take this step with the help of notes for remembering, then get on the bandwagon of the new life now for you and I do mean now.

This affects even the most hideous problems we may have. The opportunities for a great spiritual reward are all around us. In these times, perhaps Mother Theresa saw this clearer than any other we may be aware of.

Don't let the car fool you. My treasure is in heaven. Yeah, right!