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Historical info on so-called July 1st Canada day

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Take a video walking tour of this beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta, one of the 10 sun cities in what
is known as North America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldAJ3NUZFrE

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Be sure to follow what's new being released.('med beds' heal all illness, restore limbs and organs, get you younger by 30 years, all no charge and always free, for pets too. The medical marvel, med beds set to revolutionize healthcare: the introduction of medical beds in Germany, soon to be followed by Canada. This isn’t just a step forward; it's a giant leap for mankind. Imagine surgeries that once took hours, now completed in mere minutes, without the need for anesthesia and with patients walking out immediately, ready to resume their lives.).

The new QFS.(Quantum Financial System, where all the money you've ever paid in Income Tax, Property Tax, interest and principal on mortgages, vehicle loans, insurance, etc. is coming back to you)
Keep up with what's really going on.(6000 suppressed devices to help humanity are being released and so much more, like new free quantum cell phones and transmission of signals from the new Star Link satellites and computers with new free and way faster unhackable satellite Internet, a whole new court and justice system and much more, like.free energy.to run your vehicle and for heating and cooking and, the replicators).
Follow these and more on Judy Byington's daily updates read by Mary https://rumble.com/c/Mary


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In addition, the Alliance Special Forces.(Trump, Putin & some 34 other nations of the BRICS Alliance).along with the Alliance of non terrestrial light beings have basically completed the DUMBS & tunnels.clean up worldwide, saving all the alive children.(half were already dead). There are a lot of very good hearted people on this Earth, who are cleaning up the few who controlled the money and paid authorities.(politicians in power).to enforce their will of harm upon We the People.
Great info on the truth about Russia that the controlled educational system and corrupt media keep from you and good intel on the Covid vaccine con, toward the end! See it all the way through. To verify see these documents
Also, updates at this link, how Pascal Najadi is making out, suing the corrupt Swiss government.
Do we want God to speed up bringing us all the good we prefer? 
Envisioning does it!


Luke 10:19 "...nothing shall by any means hurt you."
-at 2 minutes in, reincarnation.
-at 6 min. in, about Christ, how meaningful was His crucifixion, the meaning kept from us. And, Christ's gift was for all in the multiverse
-14 min in, your soul body, how to not give it away, if you do, what happens to it?
-17 min in, Study the Bible yourself, think for yourself. Don't let others tell you what it means. God is with you.
-at 19 min. in, Earth not flat as some claim. And, the things that matter and why to demand your unalienable rights given to us by God.
-at 25 min in EBS alerts released by the cabal on October 4, 2023 had bad silent frequencies to harm people. They were intercepted and cleaned by the Alliance. Also speaks here about people 'zombied' out.
-at 36 min in about the fascist Trudeau.
-at 41 min. 40 seconds in, Martin Luther King Jr's amazingly inspired words.
-at 43 min What's God look like?
-at 48 in we win the war not by dying for God, but by living for God. 
-at 50 min in Antartica, what the cabal kept hidden from us.
-at 54 in, more on Earth is a sphere, not flat.
-at 1:00:00 Flrst stargates found were in Iraq. Cabal still working to locate the genetic code 'keys' that enable it to function. They do this by intermarrying with those of humanity and also use PCR 'test' on you to find it; guess who has the 'keys'.
-at 1:03:00, 920 different humanoid species that are also on Earth, which at present to us, appear as we do.
-at 1:12:00 pineal gland. Also, decalcifying the pineal gland so you can see what you now can't. Laetrile aka B17 decalcifies pineal gland from fluoride the cabal has been poisoning us with, then your eyes can see them.
-at 1:21:00 Gene meets many humanoids shopping in a Target store. His story about it. And, If you're bothered by strong negatives, Gene explains what to say to get rid of the 'darkies' pemanently.

See the free movie series The Chosen, on the life of Christ. 
If on ROKU, choose the blue BYU circle logo.
What Christ thinks about children.

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If not healed instantly, ask God why? Be bold
Are we here to become perfect through sufferings? Nope!
Don't be so friggen busy that you miss time for good memories of love
Take time for them. 
But what if they also have bad memories associated with them?
What about awakening others? What do we do?
What about the life of ancient Joseph, Jacob's son? 
Read it all from Genesis chapter 37 all the way through to Genesis 50:20.
gene Decode interview on Charlie Ward, covers Maui truths kept from public & newer spiritual information. And an update on it covering Hopi Indians and ant people, Maui residents should sue insurance companies for their losses; thermite used in all bldgs for insurance purposes, why?

And, why Russia is so powerful, because trade schools in Canada, US & UK train mostly not producers, creators, inventors of new things, only fixers. A purposeful dumbing down of people. https://rumble.com/v3h7ri2-gene-decode-ancient-lands-in-america-maui-ukraine-and-the-truth-behind-911..html

And here.(https://rumble.com/v3div5w-gene-decode-huge-intel-8.31.23-u.s-military-bringing-it-all-down.html).gene Decode speaks about how humans got here on their long route from where originally created and what's really going on both here on Earth and on other worlds and why most of us can't recall our past lives. It's mind blowing, breathtaking and cliff-hanging, but is it true? Yep! See the honesty and concern gene has shown for us all in his amazing life in this video.

And then see the Journey to Truth mind blowing video interview.
You've never heard anything like it! Simply fantastic!.(click on the graphic).
It starts at 1 minute 50 seconds into the video.

Update on the cabal being finished. God has never left us. Bye bye so-called New World Order.(or should we say odor and a putrid one at that).and good riddance. They and their fellow demon shapeshifters.masquerading as humans are never coming back to Earth because of bringing the world to the mess it has become due to their deceits and acts of harm so horrible that they are Crimes Against Humanity, such as what's been done to children and all of us with poisonings in drugs, vaccines, city drinking water and violence. David E. Martin explains in this most seen of any video on the Internet.

Follow the daily Situation Updates by Judy Byington at.https://rumble.com/c/Mary
Monday to Friday.and sometimes Saturday and occasionally on Sunday, thanks Mary. See August 31.(https://rumble.com/v3dr4ly-situation-update-83123.html), starts off with corrupt ones and at 6 minutes in, the Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii debacle and at 43 in, crooked world controllers. September 1.(https://rumble.com/v3dykxk-situation-update-9123.html).is an update on Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. Mainstream media in reporting many news items uses obfuscation and outright lies.(2Corinthians 11:13), in order to hide any truth reflecting on their satanically influenced ilk. See also gene Decode's short history on Hawaii.(11 minutes), starting at 1 hour and 58 minutes in.(https://rumble.com/v3do34y-live-situation-update-with-gene-decode-and-special-guests-from-lahaina.html), about how the criminals originally took over Hawaii. And this one starts off with gene's amazing life and at 29 in, beware ancestry sites, continues with how the military is taking all the evils down
Please be sure to also follow.Canadian.Kevin Annett.on his continuing 30 year effort stopping world genocide. Very important to get and thoroughly read his free well written book Murder By Decree. You can also get a hard copy book of it; you pay for the hard copy one. Read it free, download the free one to keep or get the hard copy, all at http://murderbydecree.com
You can read and save it from here and also can read an in depth interview of Kevin and a record of only a few of the 60,000 plus, murders, plus all those murdered and permanently injured by the covid jab. The cabal experimented on.(that is, tortured).children to see how their injections could be made to various degrees of toxicity. 

The International Criminal Court verdict shows crimes of the Roman Catholic churches, Anglican churches, United churches, RCMP, local police departments, courts, judges, lawyers, mayors, corporate heads and includes school boards, hospitals and of course politicians in both federal and provincial governments.at all levels, local, regional, county, provincial/state and federal, who were involved in torture, murder and cover ups. Evils done for the money received from these peoples' crimes against We the People, is how Satan controls the world:.1John 5:19. Money they received for their crimes cannot purchase their freedom. That's why the uncorrupted Alliances are taking them down worldwide.

Kevin's November 12, 2023 broadcast.(when there, scroll down to the black audio line and click on the arrow to start). 42 minutes in shows why Canada is only a nation because of its peoples adherence to custom, convention and tradition, designed not by We the People. https://bbsradio.com/podcast/here-we-stand-november-12-2023

Get Kevin's new book.Crimes Against Humanity, on his site and at Amazon.

Police never took an oath to protect you, We the People. Their oath was always to the Queen and her rat pak, protecting the politicians and other criminal crown entities. The Crown has now been taken down, therefore all policies against We the People are no longer in effect.

Thanks to Kevin and his team we now have an International Court verdict on crimes committed by these corrupt ones, these criminals, including the pharmaceutical & medical ones. The 'med beds' will wipe out the systems of poisoning they had set up to, slowly or quickly, murder you.

Follow Kevin's information.(these previous talks by Kevin and a link to Kevin's latest, help to get and keep you in the know).on what's initially been called the Republic of Kanata.(Kanata is a First Nations word, meaning 'all sit around the fire as one'), an absolute control in Canada by We the People of only rules created by We the People for such a new society, a society no longer contaminated by the satanic cabal globalists pretending to be for We the People as governments and political parties, while actually were private, foreign.corporations with others feigning as their managers of society, such as 'health' departments, which have shown themselves to be satanically nazi/communist departments of death, as they have shown by promulgating death:.2Peter 2:13.

See the new movie Sound of Freedom, already way over 100 million dollars 
at the box office, about the truth of the massive worldwide pedophile ring
and the children being saved from these sickos. In theaters worldwide.
And from the movie's star; what he says about this true movie and the man it is based on, 
Tim Ballard and his team, who are saving children from corrupt politicians, 
judges, corporate heads of health, police depts. and along with the corrupt
mainstream media lackeys, et al, engaged in human trafficking for 
horrific child abuse and, much worse.
It is a worldwide satanic ring covering all aspects of our societies.
And here, the movie's star, Jim Caviezel says more
a lot more info in this short video.
We are in a war to defeat the evil cabal.(aka Deep State, aka Illuminati).and 
share in the win! There are those who fight, there are those who pray.(1, 2)
there are those who watch mainstream media and say, "what war?" 
Isaiah 35:4 "Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not. Behold, your God will come with vengeance and a recompence. He will come and save you."
So, how would you know if you are awake? When you research enough
to see what and who is behind the evils and bring yourself to
the point of seeing the entire world.was almost taken over and
would have been if it was not for the few seeing this early and
taking action to save all of us, then you are half awake! 
The other half of it is realizing that not only is God real
but also is Satan and those above him
such as the top AI who had to be superseded by 
Christ.(superseded by Christ).because....Jude 1:6.
A special Q & A Event

Link takes you to this amazing and I mean, just absolutely amazing information
on this gene Decode Q & A Event with the Venus twins and also, all that's on his Deep Dives section is free for you for 3 days after you sign up, so you can look around and come upon what else you may like to see.

What do you do when feelin' high to keep it?
See Dr. Steven Greer's eyeopening video on non terrestrials and government cover-ups, called The Lost Century.
Got issues in life you wish weren't there? Somebody not well?
If it doesn't go away with this, then it's in your experience for
a good purpose that you may not see at the present time and
will vanish when something is learnt that needs to be.
Always be learning what the true God guides you to. 
Where is this guidance?
from Situation Update by Judy Byington for July 19, 2023 at 57 minutes in, see the list of lies the cabal dishes out which those trusting authority swallow hook, line & sinker.
from Situation Update by Judy Byington for July 1, 2023
-at 5 min. in, McDonald's, Burger King, human meat and body parts found in food
-at 6 min. 10 seconds in, all cabal government assets handed over to We the People, cabal can't pay quadrillions owed
-at 8 min, DO NOT GET INVOLVED in the cabal's FEDNOW or their CBDC.(Central Bank Digital Currency), their new currency scam for their New World Order. Many of their ilk have awakened, seeing an ultimate fate with these criminals that's not good. They have given those 'dyed in the wool' globalists who are still in the scam, the middle finger salute. They had come to see it's the same old financial slavery system we've had worldwide 'forever' but updated with a new wrapper.

Instead stick with the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) of the BRICS Alliance already out in over 80% of the world and is greatly beneficial worldwide for We the People; should very soon be in Canada, U.S. & Mexico, as well as the few other countries not yet in BRICS.
-at 8 min, 20 seconds, Canada, U.S. & Mexico, signed treaty called declaration of North America. Soon all one We the People and for the people. Say Bye bye and good riddance to the corrupt system of lies, greed, sickness, poverty, death and financial hardship.
-and at 15 min, 15 seconds in, 'med beds' shown
-and at 51 min in, Canadian clean up

What was it that fired enthusiasm in early Christians so much that they 
were able to endure horrible persecutions, even to death?
And what happened to it today that the fire is mostly dimmed? 
Was it they knew these truths that the cabal hid from us?
If you're serious about eliminating evils out there, this will do it!
Christ invocation by gene Decode. Protection for you from the effect of 
negatives, seen & unseen, upon your heart. When the heart is strong spiritually, the 
negative winds blowing won't topple you.
Wealth for you!

  Or, wait for it to be done very shortly by Trump, Putin and the 8000 plus helpers and 
military Generals of the Alliamce militaries working behind the scenes for you.

Get yourself well!

Military conclusions were so good on CDS, it's now law for an entire country.
View results. See these videos:.1, 2, 3.(how to easily make it), 4, 5, 6. And see the new series called Remedy, put together by Ty & Charlene on recovering from the vaccine debacle.

*** To see former lead articles that were on this page***

E x t r e m e l y  g r e a t  t i m e s
a r e  u n f o l d i n g  q u i c k l y ...

...as more nations and territories join the BRICS Alliance. BRICS is now at over 80% of the world's population with many nations, Britain being one, having joined and started to rewrite their constitution in line with the great American We the People Constitution of 1776. Trump restablished this great constitution to bring freeness back to We the People worldwide. The 1871 cabal bankers criminal constitution was actually a corporation and against the good We the People. Pretty well all countries now are in BRICS except for Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand and they, thanks to the military, have applied. Almost all of Africa & South America is now in or have applications to be. If you're not praying to hasten where you are, you're risking being left behind. NESARA and GESARA.are.finally upon us. Speed it up where you are.
Monday to Friday.(and sometimes Saturday and occasionally on Sunday; thanks Mary).Situation Updates by Judy Byington at https://rumble.com/c/Mary  Follow Charlie, Judy and Simon to keep up on which other countries are joining BRICS, how close we are getting to all the good coming and what else is going on we should be aware of, such as about your millions, at 1 hour in on the December 16, 2022 Situation Update. And see more below on that at millions.

Such governments throughout the world are still in operation, masquerading.as administrators of law, along with justice/legal branches which show their war on the people by violating people's rights in favor of their own illegal pronouncements including rulings to cover one another's ass. All they do and say are lies. They cannot tell the truth. It's just not in those with satanic natures:.John 8:44.

If they want to change, God can repair their corrupted souls as Gene Decode explains, but it's up to We the People to ensure these massive evils never again begin to occur:.Jeremiah 8:10 "...every one from the least even unto the greatest is given to covetousness, from the prophet even unto the priest every one deals falsely."

We the People say NO to pharmaceutical.(the bribe money), chemical.(poisons everywhere), agricultural.(poison what grows), food processing corporations.(calls it food when it's actually poison chemical concoctions {see the absolutely horrific things at 40 minutes in.https://rumble.com/v2e7mvg-situation-update-32123.html}). Grow your own food and get away from what the liars are doing to us. Soon you can get away from all the poisons in food by using a replicator for quick nutritious food and other things such as clothes. On YouTube at https://youtu.be/sx6Lrp6fXkI and also on July 24, 2023 Situation Update at 1:02:17 in https://ruumble.com/v325nmi-situation-update-72423.html

We the People say NO to such corruptions that are propagated by, approved by and protected by evil corporate politicians and their ilk of the satanic dark side, including the so-called 'health' agency corporations, corrupt corporate court systems, a corrupt corporate justice system, corrupt judges, corrupt attorneys & lawyers, corrupt corporatized police and associated departments/agencies, such as Child Protective Services, corrupt corporate pharmaceutical, food, chemical and just about every other corporation that interacts with the public. You're screwed by virtually all of them and so all these corporations created under satanic Maritime/Admiralty law, will not exist under We the People's Constitutional law. All in these corrupt administrations are being offered retraining in proper We the People's law. Those that refuse will reap what they've sown.

Follow.Charlie WardAnd a very important Charlie show on how the system steals children using the 'legalities' of a horribly corrupt cabal legal system worldwide, of courts, justices, lawyers, politicians, police, CPS.(Child Protective Services).and, are hospitals in collusion with the crimes they all get massive amounts of money for?.https://t.me/DavidLesterStraight293
You may think as you look around your life, Surely the world isn't that bad.(1John 5:19), not realizing it's much, much, much, much worse than you could ever imagine.(laid bare here:.the cabal's Secret Covenant and on Charlie's show it's explained about your status as a slave, here https://www.bitchute.com/video/cCGNP1j2O9Ic/).

And an example about learning to watch for evil things so they never again are allowed to occur as in Calgary, Alberta: https://t.me/Peopleofthelie/1380.

Check out Simon's solid wisdom on his blog. Click on the pic. He and Charlie tell you about what's leading to the worldwide humanitarian fund. Got an idea to make the world better in any way, even in some small or gigantic way? Get on the list. 

See.David Straight here for more on how unlawful 'legal' criminalities are, at 2 hours 19 minutes in, on how evil the present systems really are and earlier in the video on how David and Bonnie get the children back from the entire corrupt system before they are raped, abused, tortured, organs taken while alive and eventually murdered for profit and/or eaten by these shapeshifting demons masquerading as humans. Only a demon would do the things that are being done and all the while the demonic legal system looks askance:.Matthew 7:16-20. See the Aug. 6, 2022, free documentary by Stew Peters.(https://t.me/StewPeters), These Little Ones and you'll wake up to who these criminals are and see that, apart from enjoying nature and good friends, it's not the nicey, nicey society the brainwashing media makes it out to be in keeping you asleep https://rumble.com/v1ef59d-live-world-premiere-these-little-ones.html

Really is it that bad? No, it's way, way, way worse than decent people could comprehend. Pray will you. How to wake up yourself, wake up others and how to stand up for rights God gave you:.James 4:7 "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you." Joshua 23:10 "One man of you shall chase a thousand, for the Lord your God, he it is that fights for you as he has promised you." 2Chronicles 32:7,8 "Be strong and courageous. Be not afraid nor dismayed for the king of Assyria, nor for all the multitude that is with him, for there be more with us than with him. With him is an arm of flesh, but with us is the Lord our God to help us and to be with us in fighting our battles..." And, 2Chronicles 31:1. What Gene Decode said about it.

Also see.Janet Ossebaard's recent report on murder in hospitals, murder purposely done by those presenting themselves as worthy of your trust. How could this happen? And the why is because they are satanists. Satanists don't care everywhere they are and that's the whole world. They have one overall purpose and that's to eliminate those of humanity.(the ones the true God created).and then all the mankind ones.

Step by step society has been led into the evil mess it's now having to come out of. Dan Willis shows and explains in the interview about a history of the cabal, start at 4:57 in to the end. Dan's site is thewebmatrix.net

Also follow.Gene Decode.(who's Gene Decode?) at genedecode.org and blessedforservice.org and.https://t.me/realgenedecode.(one of Gene's interviews {just below, the rumble.com video, Gene's also on rumble.com} covers 'solar warden' and, the money, how much there is for all of us, you won't believe it, at 25 to 26 minutes and at 1 hour 56 to 57 minutes. We've got a great future guys, 'we' {meaning not the cabal but We the People} got the gold, etc. and other valuable assets and it is close to 90% done in reaching the rest of the world. Hang in there guys. The evil is permanently finished everywhere on Earth and beyond, as explained by David E. Martin here. Wow!.Jeremiah 31:34. https://rumble.com/v1fl7rj-gene-decode-with-tom-numbers-of-psych-club.html). Give some thought to how you want management of a new government in your country. The old ones are now being taken down. They ALL were corrupt. Many people want their new one to be similar to the original 1776 American Constitution. Read it and write down what you think. There'll be no more political parties. Those in them caused the problems. Goodbye and good riddance to them and the corruption they brought on all of us. Talk is of Mexico and Canada being one with our long time neighbor, the new United States.(or whatever it will be called).arm of the BRICS Alliance.

Some 76 % of the world is now in or applied to be in the new gold backed QFS.(Quantum Financial System).of the BRICS Alliance countries and territories. No more fake money.for people to trust in, the fake.fiat money the corrupt banking system worldwide created at will. Many people still being dull and numb minded in especially nations of the fiat currency and its poisoned Western world.(UK, US, EU, Canada and some other nations).have yet to wake up from the stupor of unknowingness and disbelief as to what has negatively shaped lives for centuries and their lives today. Theirs today, the duping.by the MSM.(Mainstream Media), the regular and mostly false lying news on the tel-lie-vision. What to do?

"If you keep doing nothing, you are the enemies best weapon."....https://tacticalcivics.com/

Some sell themselves short by believing God will 'do it all for us'. Although that is true, they may not have considered their part in getting rewarded:.Luke 19:12-26.

Find out about your millions. I don't think that would be quicker at this time, as we are so close to wide release of QFS, NESARA and GESARA, it being announced some time ago, but coming out s l o w l y. NESARA/GESARA will embody all of what's in your Cestui Que Vie trust, saving you much learning and paperwork if you did it on your own. It's  good to get an overview, so you've at least got a heads up and know something about it.

This verdict by the International Common Law Court of Justice, Criminal Court applies worldwide and is effective January 16, 2022. It is being enforced.

And, the recent SCOTUS ruling (Supreme Court of the United States)

And, the International Court's verdict is against those having committed Crimes Against Humanity, such as genocide, which methods of destruction have also included use of the bioweapon.(the so-called 'vaccines'). Everyone coming under this worldwide arrest warrant includes any and all those having recommended the bioweapon that is falsely called a 'vaccine', but is really an mRNA.concoction. Included in the arrest warrant are medical, pharmaceutical, media and anyone known to have recommended harmful vaccines.(which actually were bioweapons to kill fast or slowly over a few years, depending on the changing crap they put in these things, such as snake venom).to anyone. Known as the ITCCS, it comes under a world wide superior rule, this one.

The International Common Law Court of Justice Criminal Division covers Crimes by Church and State. This Court alone is very powerful. In Canada local law enforcements had until January 25, 2022 3pm, to begin arrests on the January 15, 2022 Court's order or International Allied Special Forces.often called 'the White Hats'.(example).will enforce the Court's International Arrest Warrant with or without the assistance of domestic law enforcement agencies.

Emma Walmsley, the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline.(GSK).Pharmaceuticals, is one of 75 felons who was convicted of Crimes Against Humanity by the Court. The penalty for Crimes Against Humanity is death or life in prison. Her GSK company also owns Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc. which quickly erased and censored the Court's January 15, 2022 broadcast put on YouTube of its verdict and sentencing of Walmsley and others such as Justin Castro (Trudeau), Stephen Harper, Theresa Tam.(former Canadian 'health' {more properly, death} minister and now she's gone, a new puppet placed there), Bonnie Henry, Jean Cretien, Paul Martin, Beverly McLachlin, Elizabeth Windsor.(Queen Elizabeth II), Paul Willms (RCMP), Joseph Ratzinger (the pope), Devin Stockfish (Weyerhauser Ltd.) and many, many more, as in the full court document. The cabal's (aka Deep State, Illuminati) lying corrupt media covering up what is really going on, is complicit and must also now be dealt with

The top and middle level ones throughout this society of evil we live in have been removed for tribunals involving charges of Crimes Against Humanity. Conviction of these crimes against We the People, earns them either death or life in prison.

Observation now is upon the 'coming uppers' into positions vacated by the top and middle ones. As we see them do similarly, they too are earning the reward of those having gone before them. We wait and see what they are doing:.Matthew 7:16-20. All the unrepentant evil ones must be eradicated. It will then be a clean kingdom:.Revelation 21:27.

The entire cabal CORPORATION government of Canada, is called just 'Canada', but is or was Canada Inc. that is now bankrupt.(Canada was in operation since 1867 and has been run by the CPC.{Communist Party of China}, as it's called in China, but called CCP.{Communist Chinese Party}.by the media in western countries. Canada was mostly run by criminals. There still are a few good people remaining.

Canadian politicians had sold out the Canadian people for decades. Criminals such as these have been convicted of Crimes Against Humanity by this Court. Corrupt Canadian political parties were in on the scam to keep this information from We the People of Canada. They never said a word. There'll be no more political parties in Canada or the US, Britain, etc. They've shown by their fruits what they have been like for hundreds of years:.Matthew 7:16-20. We the People will run the countries we live in. We don't want these controllers around to hurt us any longer, nor ever did need them, because of what they have done and are doing.

The entire Canadian corporate Government being removed includes.(cities, provinces, municipalities, territories and anything allied with the cabal instituted federal government, a foreign owned corporation named Canada {*} created by the cabal, not We the People).in this International Arrest Warrant, along with 10,786 companies belonging to the now defunct cabal corporation called Canada, masquerading as some kind of a legitimate Canadian government, which Canada has never had. The Court is seizing all of corporate Canada's criminal government of 10,786 corporations, all of its 570,000 employees, all of their assets. And, anyone who continues to promote.(you promote something by yourself showing you have complied with it).and Administer the mRNA.so-called.Vaccine.(now proved to be a bioweapon to kill people of all ages).is included in the Arrest Warrant for contributing to genocide. The order to stop the promotion, sale and use of the Vaccination.(bioweapon), is Worldwide

In Canada they accused, tried and convicted the entire corporation government according to that published verdict. That includes all levels - City, Municipal, Provincial and Federal Politicians, Bureaucrats, Healthcrats.(doctors, nurses, health care workers, pharmacists, hospital staff who complied and even promoted what was lyingly called a pandemic), School Board Trustees and everyone working under that umbrella has been issued or comes under the International Warrant of Arrest

Includes also, anyone and everyone who continues to partake in the promotion of, dissemination of information and direct administration of covid injections. Do you wear a mask and/or social distance? This communicates these illegal and corrupt practices to others. This shows you are following a totalitarian 'health'.(death).dept. policy that is, in typical Nazi fashion, violating established into law human rights of others in Canada and similarly in most countries and territories in the world and that you are part of the problem and therefore you come under the International Court's Arrest Warrant. It may take awhile to get to all these criminals, but they will, even if it takes years upon years. No one escapes! The big fish come first. One's only option is to change now. Genocide is very serious business and comes with serious penalties - death or life in prison, where one's life is finished here!

Basically, the Court acknowledged and confirmed the vaccine.(bioweapon).is a genocide weapon. This Court has their own Sheriffs and Deputized Police worldwide. They are huge. The arrests have begun. Nowhere to hide. And like in everything there's two, one evil and one good and so it is with the courts, as with other things.

Now, watch for the arrests continuing over the next few years. Note also all Covid injection sites are being shutdown and all mRNA injections seized worldwide.

All who pushed and injected people with mRNA 'therapy' / covid injections, are part of International criminal investigation.

Every Country is arresting all who were/are connected to the covid so-called vaccine, such as employers and employees of grocery stores, doctors' offices, provincial and city departments, transit companies, paramedic organizations, police department administrators and employees, all stupid employees and company owners who went along with ridiculous threats and couldn't even stand up for themselves, instead allowing coercions to violate their and the rights of others, thus becoming a terrible example to others of compliance to tyranny. Every single one is known in the quantum computer and will be gotten to no matter how long it may take, perhaps up to ten years, but they were complicit to murder and they will be gotten to. Nowhere in the world can they hide. All is known. They were all so stupid thinking nobody would notice us individually as there's too many of us. Boy, were they wrong! They just didn't believe the multiversal law of 'you reap what you sow' and that because of being highly satanically influenced. They always had a choice but chose evil and in one way or the other, chose it for money.

Love is of humanity. Evil is of the dark ones who have proven themselves unlovable by their choices. They are harmful to a society of love. They will not be in it and are being eliminated now so they won't be. How harmful have they been?

All the information here similarly applies in most countries which use the satanic cabal's concocted corrupt Maritime, Admiralty, Civil, Statute, Rules, Codes, Ordinances, Bylaws, Mandates law system, called the BAR, in its subjugation of people's rights and used in how children are dispossessed.(stolen), because of it. Many of these trafficked children have had their minds messed with in severe mkUltra experiments. See the Situation Updates series on it starting January 24 at 52-1:03 minutes, January 25 at 41-57 minutes, January 26 at 43-59 minutes January 30 at 27-42 & at 49-55 minutes, January 31 at 38-46 minutes, February 1 at 32-41 & 58-1:03 minutes, February 6 at 26 minutes in, February 7 at 22 minutes in, February 8 at 26 and a half minutes in, February 13 at 22 to 30, February 15 at 27 to 28 minutes, July 19, 2023 at 47 minutes in.

And see what the incredibly cruel Khazarian mafia world controllers did to the Czar of Russia and his family, the Romanovs.(some pics; some info). And a short very well done historical documentary on the Khazarian Bolshevik Revolution.(and.some pics) and for a great condensed accurate history on Ukraine, see the Surface Area at genedecode.org), who started it, why and who these evil ones are today who are still out to get Russia and to enslave and murder all of us anywhere, how? They operate under different names such as liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, Jew and many more names used to keep people everywhere.at odds with each other:.1Kings 10:12; Revelation 2:9; 3:9

Such are these ones not of humanity, not of the true God's creation, but satanic creations who came here in their craft, landing on the steppes of the Caucasus Mountains to begin their evil in taking over Earth. The Russians stood against this evil subjugation, strongly resisting them, kicking them out of Russia. Because of that these Khazarian demons immensely hate Russians and even set up the Bolshevik revolution in retaliation and murdered the ruling family who were the Romanovs.

We the People do not need political parties. They have been proven to be divisive, self-serving greedy liars, example 1, example 2. Only a proper constitution set to benefit all good people will do and that's one based on the great 1776 American Constitution.

England is now working on theirs, but you won't hear about it from the yet to be taken down Khazarian controlled news mass media. The criminal Khazarian Nazi/Communist, etc. types could not exist under a proper people's constitution.

Evils we have today is what happens when people allow rulers to run away from the principles of Natural Law as originally laid down to produce the 1776 American Constitution.

Psalms 90:20-23 "The throne of iniquity.(the cabal).frames mischief by a law. Why do you have fellowship with it? They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous and condemn innocent blood.(how have they done this?). Let God be your defence and the rock of your refuge.(always follow God's ways:.Matthew 22:35-40). God shall bring upon them their own iniquity.(*).and cut them off in their own wickedness.(happening now with the Alliance and non terrestrial militaries straightening things out; pray about it will you? Remember God Almighty responds to you, 'no wanty no getty':.Jeremiah 44:16). Realize God shall cut them off.".For those grappling with the criminals at CPS.(Child Protective Services).over the concocted reasons they come up with to permanently steal your children, this one is for you from David Lester Straight. Learn from David Straight about your rights and how to protect your life and your kids with rights you have, but have not known about due to the educational system we were all brought in.

What Gene Decode has to say about the CPS criminal scam, at 1 hour 25 minutes in, at https://t.me/GeneDecode2354.

And Gene's latest info on what's going on in the world and Ukraine, is on https://rumble.com/user/RealGeneDecode and a detailed expose on Ukraine is on gene's Deep Dives at https://www.genedecode.org. Deep Dives is 7 dollars monthly or 77 yearly.


Wait for the new financial system now being rolled out:.Luke 12:32 "Fear not little flock for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.".Be sure to care for those in need:.Matthew 25:40 "...Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.".

Do envisioning and pray.(on what?).and meditate so all the good stuff comes quicker than it would if you didn't and in the process you'll save many from the clutches of the satanists, such as these poor children:.Daniel 12:3 "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever."

https//t.me/murderbydecree.com (Kevin Annett)
https://t.me/realgenedecode (DUMBs, tunnels, cabal, true history, non terrestrial creatures, ascension)
https://t.me/NursesAgainstLockdowns (Canadian Frontline Nurses channel)
https://t.me/mod_russia_en (how's Russia doing?)
https://t.me/SpecialQForces/26280 (Putin)
https://t.me/hsretouther17 (JFK. Jr.)
https://t.me/childrenshd(RFK Jr.'s Children's Health Defense)
https://t.me/Secretary_Pompeo (some daily news)
Dr. Rodger Hodkinson, Vaccine Choice Canada
https://t.me/ReinerFuellmichEnglish (massive worldwide lawsuit on the covid con; and in Canada, another one of the many occurring 'everywhere'

Chlorine Dioxide Solution pure and preferred, information from Dr. Andreas Kalcker,.to safely get rid of the jab's poisoning & safely get rid of most other diseases that you may have. His video with the scientific facts. And, Charlie's video of January 17, 2023 about it. And there's also Potassium Iodide, which amplifies the working of Chlorine Dioxide Solution, please see MMS & MorgellonsDirect.com, (info on both). And there's also Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine (can easily make Hydroxychloroquine yourself at home) or get them inexpensively at mahoneylive.com/shop. David Mahoney makes no money on it. It's done to help you. You only pay what he pays to get the product and then get it sent to you. And if you need it but can't afford it, send a note with your order, stating so.
https://t.me/StewPeters(in depth but concise news)
https://t.me/MichaelYeadon (former chief scientific advisor {or 'adviser', welcome to English} at Pfizer; his warnings on the jab that he left his job to bring you)
https://t.me/NaturalNewsMedia (more true news)
https://t.me/GlobalResearch_ca (in depth comprehensive true news)
https://t.me/bobiselvis (the real deal guys)
https://t.me/NoMoreFakeNews (Jon Rappoport)
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                ...and see the movie
https://t.me/simon_parkes (Charlie's friend)
https://t.me/thecrowhouseoffical (Max Igan)
https://t.me/joinchat/ZdcEossRxSRhYmZh (for government workers being forced to vaccinate; concern yourself with your rights, not the criminal illegal mandates)
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