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Take a video walking tour of this beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta, one of the 10 sun cities in what
is known as North America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldAJ3NUZFrE


What was it that fired enthusiasm in early Christians so much that they 
were able to endure horrible persecutions, even to death? 
And what happened to it today that the fire is mostly dimmed?
If you're serious about eliminating evils out there, this will do it!
Christ invocation by Gene Decode. Protection for you from the effect of 
negatives, seen & unseen, upon your heart. When the heart is strong spiritually, the 
negative winds blowing won't topple you.


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At 40 minutes in, the God of all light, love, compassion, creation, health & prosperity can give you a new soul or repair your soul, no matter how evil you have been, if you ask. At 45 in, examples of kindness to street dwellers. At 49 in, the wisdom of God in what fabrics do you the most good. At 1:04:00 in, what's our job after Earth? At 1:10:00 (one hour, ten minutes) in, Gregg Braden, most interesting new info on spiritual historical writings. At 1:19:00, 2 true stories on the love of these lost dogs, heartbroken to find their owners. Click the graphic for the video.
Please be sure to follow.Canadian.Kevin Annett.on his continuing 30 year effort stopping world genocide. Very important to get and thoroughly read his free well written book Murder By Decree. Read it and/or get it at http://murderbydecree.com It's free. You can also read it here. It shows crimes of the Roman Catholic churches, Anglican churches, United churches, RCMP, local police departments, courts, judges, lawyers, mayors and of course politicians in both the federal and provincial governments at all levels, who were involved in torture, murder and cover ups. Police never took an oath to protect you, the people. Their oath was to the Queen and her rat pak; protecting the politicians and other criminal crown entities. An in depth interview of Kevin and a record of only a few murders
And, follow Kevin's information on what's initially been called the Republic of Kanata.(Kanata is a First Nations word, meaning 'all sit around the fire as one'), an absolute control in Canada by We the People of only rules created by We the People for such a new society, a society no longer contaminated by the satanic cabal globalists pretending to be for We the People as governments and political parties while actually are private, foreign.corporations with others feigning as their managers of society, such as 'health' departments, which have shown themselves to be satanic by being promulgators of death:.2Peter 2:13.

A new society based on the great republic constitutions of the world, including the American Constitution's initial writings in 1776 is taking the place of corrupt corporate systems people in all countries have been slowly bamboozled into, that is, thinking they were their government and not knowing they are corporations having policies against the best interests of people.

England right now, as well as many other BRICS countries, are working on their We the People's constitution, using the original 1776 American Constitution as a template. The reason you see both good and evil in your country's governing, is because in all countries there are two governments.(an example), the satanic one, which we are most used to.(why?.Psalms 55:21).and the good one which is unfolding again into view as the evil one is removed.

We the People say NO to criminal cruelties and poisons used by medical systems.(the bioweapon jabs, which include all vaccines since day one. Today they come under violation of the 1972 Convention On The Prohibition Of Biological Weapons).

And here's a February 26, 2023 'here we stand' talk from Kevin with a music introduction; true, shocking, will change your mind about those you've trusted.(Psalms 146:3).who have ruled you and harmed your life. https://www.bbsradio.com/podcast/here-we-stand-february-26-2023 When there scroll down just a bit to the black audio line and click on the arrow to start. 

The March 5, 2023 talk shows how to be a one man army, explains how people get zombified, talks about the Nazis first brought into Canada under Operation Paperclip and then the scientist ones went to the states and also shows the power of ridicule and mocking; see https://www.bbsradio.com/podcast/here-we-stand-march-5-2023

And the March 27, 2003 talk on the atrocities committed on children and others by those we once trusted, at 25 minutes in https://rumble.com/v2f2eho-situation-update-32723.html

The April 23, 2003 talk about the 30 trillion resource based value of Canada/Kanata to catch up to.We the People.BRICS countries and covers the importance of uniting the true republic of United States with Canada and Mexico and then or along with, South America https://www.bbsradio.com/podcast/here-we-stand-april-23-2023.

And this May 7, 2023 blockbuster report showing why the crown of England was and is illegal and was and is corrupt and what Crimes Against Humanity were allowed to be committed by them and others in Canada, a nation allegiant to the crown of England and a nation illegal from 1867 till today. In Canada deceit upon the people, as well as Crimes Against Humanity continued to be spread and upheld by the controlled lying media, the RCMP, United Churches, Anglican Churches and the Roman Catholic Churches along with complicit politicians, pharmaceutical companies, etc. What Kevin says about all this corruption, you may know only a little bit, understandly so, because of the media cover-ups. 

May 7, 2023. Learn the full picture and you'll see how the covid con is also part of it https://bbsradio.com/podcast/here-we-stand-may-7-2023  When there, scroll down to the black line and click on the arrow to start the talk; has a musical introduction.

Kevin's also on Telegram at https//t.me/murderbydecree.com


Putin wants this war ended, but the Nazis who took over Ukraine, continually refuse any plans for peace, because they are satanic and Satan wants death and more death. The satanic plan is always toward death, whether it's wars or killing by vaccines and other poisonings. And why God allows these things is to awaken (awaken to what things we've been asleep to?) us to turn our hearts away from evil selfish things and to the true God of all light, love, compassion, health and prosperity, that is, to turn from the evil rules based society and toward a loving heart based society:.Leviticus 26:14-33; Matthew 22:35-40. It starts with your heart.

Monday to Friday.(and sometimes Saturday and occasionally on Sunday too; thanks Mary).Situation Updates by Judy Byington at https://rumble.com/c/Mary

Also follow Charlie and Simon to keep up on which other countries are joining BRICS, how close we are getting to all the good coming and what else is going on we should be aware of, see about your millions, at 1 hour in on the December 16, 2022 Situation Update.

Wealth for you!

  Or, wait for it to be done very shortly by Trump, Putin and the 8000 plus helpers and 
military Generals of the Alliamce militaries working behind the scenes for you.

Get yourself well!

Military conclusions were so good on CDS, it's now law for an entire country.
View results. See these videos:.1, 2, 3.


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Not for the queasy. Warning! Warning! This one is an animation, but a gruesome representation of what satanically evil medical criminal murderers do, while these dissemblers smile nicely and talk softly to you in order to suck you in:.2Corinthians 11:14 "...Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." Psalms 55:21 "The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war.(war is getting what one wants from another without asking, without agreement and with actions of violence from the heart).was in his heart. His words were softer than oil.(and non thinking people swallow it hook, line and sinker:.Isaiah 30:10), yet were they drawn swords.".Search for Silent Scream on Telegram.
1John 5:19 "...the whole world lies in wickedness.".Revelation 12:9.
We are in a war to defeat the cabal.(aka Deep State, aka Illuminati).and share in the win! 
There are those who fight, there are those who pray.(1, 2)
there are those who watch mainstream media and say, "what war?"

Start awakening yourself.(how?).and you'll also become alert to see if another is awakening.
How to get through the rough seas to reach the calm waters. Learn about prayer.
Get up to date on more true news at this link:
also at https://t.me/GitmoTV/20280).and, learn why there is evil, the lesson in it for us.

E x t r e m e l y  g r e a t  t i m e s
a r e  u n f o l d i n g  q u i c k l y ...

...as more nations and territories join the BRICS Alliance. BRICS is now at 76% of the world's population with many nations, Britain being one, having joined and started to rewrite their constitution in line with the great American We the People Constitution of 1776. Trump restablished this great constitution to bring freeness back to We the People worldwide. The 1871 cabal bankers criminal constitution was actually a corporation and against the good We the People. Pretty well all countries now are in BRICS except for Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand and they, thanks to the military, have applied. Almost all of Africa & South America is now in or have applications to be. If you're not praying to hasten where you are, you're risking being left behind. NESARA and GESARA.are.finally upon us. Speed it up where you are.
Monday to Friday.(and sometimes Saturday and lately on Sunday too; thanks Mary).Situation Updates by Judy Byington at https://rumble.com/c/Mary  Follow Charlie, Judy and Simon to keep up on which other countries are joining BRICS, how close we are getting to all the good coming and what else is going on we should be aware of, such as about your millions, at 1 hour in on the December 16, 2022 Situation Update. And see more below on that at millions.

Such governments throughout the world are still in operation, masquerading as administrators of law, along with justice/legal branches which show their war on the people by violating people's rights in favor of their own illegal pronouncements including rulings to cover one another's ass. All they do and say are lies. They cannot tell the truth. It's just not in those with satanic natures:.John 8:44.

If they change, God can repair their corrupted souls as Gene Decode explains, but it's up to We the People to ensure these massive evils never again begin to occur:.Jeremiah 8:10 "...every one from the least even unto the greatest is given to covetousness, from the prophet even unto the priest every one deals falsely."

We the People say NO to pharmaceutical.(the bribe money), chemical.(poisons everywhere), agricultural.(poison what grows), food processing corporations.(calls it food when it's actually poison chemical concoctions {see the absolutely horrific things at 40 minutes in.https://rumble.com/v2e7mvg-situation-update-32123.html}). Grow your own food and get away from what the liars are doing to us. Soon you can get away from all the poisons in food by using a replicator for quick nutritious food and other things such as clothes.

We the People say NO to such corruptions that are propagated by, approved by and protected by evil corporate politicians and their ilk of the satanic dark side, including the so-called 'health' agency corporations, corrupt corporate court systems, a corrupt corporate justice system, corrupt judges, corrupt attorneys & lawyers, corrupt corporatized police and associated departments/agencies, such as Child Protective Services, corrupt corporate pharmaceutical, food, chemical and just about every other corporation that interacts with the public. You're screwed by virtually all of them and so all these corporations created under satanic Maritime/Admiralty law, will not exist under We the People's Constitutional law. All in these corrupt administrations are being offered retraining in proper We the People's law.

Follow.Charlie WardAnd a very important Charlie show on how the system steals children using the 'legalities' of a horribly corrupt cabal legal system of courts, justices, lawyers, politicians, police, CPS.(Child Protective Services).and, are hospitals in collusion with the crimes they all get massive amounts of money for?.https://t.me/DavidLesterStraight293. You may think as you look around your life, Surely the world isn't that bad, not realizing it's much, much, much, much worse than you could ever imagine.(laid bare here: the cabal's Secret Covenant and on Charlie's show it's explained about your status as a slave, here https://www.bitchute.com/video/cCGNP1j2O9Ic/)

And an example about learning to watch for evil things so they never again are allowed to occur as in Calgary, Alberta: https://t.me/Peopleofthelie/1380.

Check out Simon's solid wisdom on his blog. Click on the pic. He and Charlie tell you about what's leading to the worldwide humanitarian fund. Got an idea to make the world better in any way, even in some small or gigantic way? Get on the list. 

See.David Straight here for more on unlawful 'legal' criminalities at 2 hours 19 minutes in on how evil the present systems really are and earlier in the video on how David and Bonnie get the children back from the entire corrupt system before they are raped, abused, tortured, organs taken while alive and eventually murdered for profit. Only a demon would do the things that are being done and all the while the demonic legal system looks askance:.Matthew 7:16-20. See the Aug. 6, 2022, free documentary, These Little Ones and you'll wake up to who these criminals are and see that, apart from enjoying nature and good friends, it's not the nicey, nicey society the brainwashing media makes it out to be in keeping you asleep

Really is it that bad? No, it's way, way, way worse than decent people could comprehend. Pray will you. How to wake up yourself, wake up others and how to stand up for rights God gave you:.James 4:7 "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you." Joshua 23:10 "One man of you shall chase a thousand, for the Lord your God, he it is that fights for you as he has promised you." 2Chronicles 32:7,8 "Be strong and courageous. Be not afraid nor dismayed for the king of Assyria, nor for all the multitude that is with him, for there be more with us than with him. With him is an arm of flesh, but with us is the Lord our God to help us and to be with us in fighting our battles..." And, 2Chronicles 31:1. What Gene Decode said about it.

Also see.Janet Ossebaard's recent report on murder in hospitals, murder purposely done by those presenting themselves as worthy of your trust. Why? Because they are satanists. Satanists don't care everywhere they are and that's the whole world. They have one overall purpose and that's to eliminate those of humanity.(the ones the true God created).and then all the mankind ones.

Step by step society has been led into the evil mess it's now having to come out of. Dan Willis shows and explains in the interview about a history of the cabal, start at 4:57 in to the end. Dan's site is thewebmatrix.net

Also follow.Gene Decode.(who's Gene Decode?) at genedecode.org and blessedforservice.org and.https://t.me/realgenedecode.(one of Gene's interviews {just below, the rumble.com video, Gene's also on rumble.com} covers 'solar warden' and, the money, how much there is for all of us, you won't believe it, at 25 to 26 minutes and at 1 hour 56 to 57 minutes. We've got a great future guys, 'we' {meaning not the cabal but We the People} got the gold, etc. and other valuable assets and it is close to 90% done in reaching the rest of the world. Hang in there guys. The evil is permanently finished everywhere on Earth and beyond. Wow!.Jeremiah 31:34. https://rumble.com/v1fl7rj-gene-decode-with-tom-numbers-of-psych-club.html). Give some thought to how you want management of a new government in your country. The old ones are now being taken down. They ALL were corrupt. Many people want their new one to be similar to the original 1776 American Constitution. Read it and write down what you think. There'll be no more political parties. Those in them caused the problems. Goodbye and good riddance to them and the corruption they brought on all of us. Talk is of Mexico and Canada being one with our long time neighbor, the new United States.(or whatever it will be called).arm of the BRICS Alliance.

Find out about your millions. I don't think that would be quicker at this time, as we are so close to wide release of QFS, NESARA and GESARA, it being announced some time ago, but coming out slowly. NESARA/GESARA will embody all of what's in your Cestui Que Vie trust, saving you much learning and paperwork if you did it on your own. It's  good to get an overview, so you've at least got a heads up. and know something about it.

This verdict by the International Common Law Court of Justice, Criminal Court applies worldwide and is effective January 16, 2022. It is being enforced. 

This International Court's verdict is against those having committed Crimes Against Humanity, such as genocide, which methods of destruction have also included use of the bioweapon.(the so-called 'vaccines'). Everyone coming under this worldwide arrest warrant includes any and all those having recommended the bioweapon that is falsely called a 'vaccine'. Included in the arrest warrant are medical, pharmaceutical, media and anyone known to have recommended harmful vaccines.(which are actually bioweapons to kill fast or slowly over a few years).to anyone.

The International Common Law Court of Justice Criminal Division covers Crimes by Church and State. The Court is very powerful. In Canada local law enforcements had until January 25, 2022 3pm, to begin arrests on the January 15, 2022 Court's order or International Allied Special Forces.(example).will enforce the Court's International Arrest Warrant with or without the assistance of domestic law enforcement agencies.

Emma Walmsley, the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline.(GSK).Pharmaceuticals, is one of 75 felons who was convicted of Crimes Against Humanity by the Court. The penalty for Crimes Against Humanity is death or life in prison. Her GSK company also owns Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc. which quickly erased and censored the Court's January 15, 2022 broadcast put on YouTube of its verdict and sentencing of Walmsley and others such as Justin Castro (Trudeau), Stephen Harper, Theresa Tam.(Canadian 'health' {more properly, death} minister), Bonnie Henry, Jean Cretien, Paul Martin, Beverly McLachlin, Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II), Paul Willms (RCMP), Joseph Ratzinger (the pope), Devin Stockfish (Weyerhauser Ltd.) and many, many more, as in the full court document. The cabal's (aka Deep State, Illuminati) lying corrupt media covering up what is really going on, is complicit and must now be dealt with.

The entire cabal corporation government of Canada, called Canada.(in operation since 1867).has been run by the CCP.(Communist Chinese Party).from Beijing, capital of China and by the headquarters for the cabal Nazis in Ukraine. 

Canadian politicians had sold out the Canadian people for decades. Criminals such as these have been convicted of Crimes Against Humanity by this Court. Corrupt Canadian political parties were in on the scam to keep this information from We the People of Canada. They never said a word. There'll be no more political parties in Canada or the US, Britain, etc. They've shown by their fruits what they have been like for hundreds of years:.Matthew 7:16-20. We the People will run the countries we live in. We don't want these controllers to our hurt any longer, nor ever did need them, because of what they have done and are doing.

The entire Canadian corporate Government being removed includes.(cities, provinces, municipalities, territories and anything allied with the cabal instituted federal government, a foreign owned corporation named Canada {*} created by the cabal, not We the People).in this International Arrest Warrant, along with 10,786 companies belonging to the now defunct cabal corporation called Canada, masquerading as some kind of a legitimate Canadian government, which Canada has never had. The Court is seizing all of corporate Canada's criminal government of 10,786 corporations, all of its 570,000 employees, all of their assets. And, anyone who continues to promote.(you promote something by yourself showing you have complied with it).and Administer the mRNA.so-called.Vaccine.(now proved to be a bioweapon to kill people of all ages).is included in the Arrest Warrant for contributing to genocide. The order to stop the promotion, sale and use of the Vaccination.(bioweapon), is Worldwide

In Canada they accused, tried and convicted the entire corporation government according to that published verdict. That includes all levels - City, Municipal, Provincial and Federal Politicians, Bureaucrats, Healthcrats.(doctors, nurses, health care workers, pharmacists, hospital staff who complied and even promoted what was lyingly called a pandemic), School Board Trustees and everyone working under that umbrella has been issued or comes under the International Warrant of Arrest

Includes also, anyone and everyone who continues to partake in the promotion of, dissemination of information and direct administration of covid injections. Do you wear a mask and/or social distance? This communicates these illegal and corrupt practices to others. This shows you are following a totalitarian 'health'.(death).dept. policy that is, in typical Nazi fashion, violating established into law human rights of others in Canada and similarly in most countries and territories in the world and that you are part of the problem and therefore you come under the International Court's Arrest Warrant. It may take awhile to get to all these criminals, but they will, even if it takes years upon years. No one escapes! The big fish come first. One's only option is to change now. Genocide is very serious business and comes with serious penalties - death or life in prison; your life is finished here!

Basically, the Court acknowledged and confirmed the vaccine.(bioweapon).is a genocide weapon. This Court has their own Sheriffs and Deputized Police worldwide. They are huge. The arrests have begun. Nowhere to hide. And like in everything there's two, one evil and one good and so it is with the courts, as with other things.

Now, watch for the arrests continuing over the next few years. Note also all Covid injection sites are being shutdown and all mRNA injections seized worldwide.

All who pushed and injected people with mRNA 'therapy' / covid injections, are part of International criminal investigation.

Every Country is arresting all who were/are connected to the covid so-called vaccine, such as employers and employees of grocery stores, doctors' offices, provincial and city departments, transit companies, paramedic organizations, police department administrators and employees, all stupid employees and company owners who went along with ridiculous threats and couldn't even stand up for themselves, instead allowing coercions to violate their and the rights of others, thus becoming a terrible example to others of compliance to tyranny. Every single one is known in the quantum computer and will be gotten to no matter how long it may take, perhaps up to ten years, but they were complicit to murder and they will be gotten to. Nowhere in the world can they hide. All is known. They were all so stupid thinking nobody would notice us individually as there's too many of us. Boy, were they wrong! They just didn't believe the multiversal law of 'you reap what you sow' and that because of being highly satanically influenced. They always had a choice but chose evil and in one way or the other, chose it for money.

Love is of humanity. Evil is of the dark ones who have proven themselves unlovable by their choices. They are harmful to a society of love. They will not be in it and are being eliminated now so they won't be. How harmful have they been?

All the information here similarly applies in most countries which use the satanic cabal's concocted corrupt Maritime, Admiralty, Civil, Statute, Rules, Ordinances, Bylaws, Mandates law system, called the BAR, in its subjugation of people's rights and used in how children are dispossessed.(stolen), because of it. Many of these trafficked children have had their minds messed with in severe mkUltra experiments. See the Situation Updates series on it starting January 24 at 52-1:03 minutes,
January 25 at 41-57 minutes, January 26 at 43-59 minutes January 30 at 27-42 & at 49-55 minutes, January 31 at 38-46 minutes, February 1 at 32-41 & 58-1:03 minutes, February 6 at 26 minutes in, February 7 at 22 minutes in, February 8 at 26 and a half minutes in, February 13 at 22 to 30, February 15 at 27 to 28 minutes. 

And see what the incredibly cruel Kazarian mafia world controllers did to the Czar of Russia and his family, the Romanovs.(some pics). And a short very well done historical documentary on the Kazarian Bolshevik Revolution.(and.some pics), who started it, why and who these evil ones are today who are still are out to get Russia and to enslave and murder all of us anywhere, how? They operate under different names such as  liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, Jew and many more names used to keep people everywhereat odds with each other:.1Kings 10:12; Revelation 2:9; 3:9.

We the People do not need political parties. They have been proven to be divisive, self-serving greedy liars. Only a proper constitution set to benefit all good people will do and that's one based on the great 1776 American Constitution.

England is now working on theirs, but you won't hear about it from the yet to be taken down Khazarian controlled news media. The criminal Kazarian Nazi/Communist, etc. types could not exist under a proper people's constitution.

Evils we have today is what happens when people allow rulers to run away from the principles of Natural Law as originally laid down to produce the 1776 American Constitution.

Psalms 90:20-23 "The throne of iniquity.(the cabal).frames mischief by a law. Why do you have fellowship with it? They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous and condemn innocent blood.(how have they done this?). Let the Lord be your defence and let God be the rock of your refuge.(always follow God's ways:.Matthew 22:35-40). God shall bring upon them their own iniquity.(*).and cut them off in their own wickedness.(happening now with the Alliance and non terrestrial militaries straightening things out; pray about it will you? Remember God Almighty responds to you, 'no wanty no getty':.Jeremiah 44:16). Realize the Lord our God shall cut them off.".For those grappling with the criminals at CPS.(Child Protective Services).over the concocted reasons they come up with to permanently steal your children, this one is for you from David Lester Straight. Learn from David Straight about your rights and how to protect your life and your kids with rights you have, but have not known about due to the educational system we were all brought in.

What Gene Decode has to say about the CPS criminal scam, at 1 hour 25 minutes in, at https://t.me/GeneDecode2354.

And Gene's latest info on what's going on in the world and Ukraine, is on https://rumble.com/user/RealGeneDecode and a detailed expose on Ukraine is on Gene's Deep Dives at https://www.genedecode.org. Deep Dives is 7 dollars monthly or 77 yearly.

Wait for the new financial system now being rolled out:.Luke 12:32 "Fear not little flock for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.".Be sure to care for those in need:.Matthew 25:40 "...Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.".Do pray.(on what?).and meditate so all the good stuff comes quicker than it would if you didn't and in the process you'll save many from the clutches of the satanists:.Daniel 12:3 "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever."

It's good to learn how the cabal took over the system from We the People, as the more of us that do, the less chance of lessons learned ever again being forgotten. We can then watch to ensure terrible evils such as we now have, never creep in again, by staying alert on the high road of life and keeping ourselves out of the ditch of unconcern

But it goes further for us as the great opportunity of lasting rewards for efforts not having to do with money, but character enough to branch out and lead others beyond Earth.(Mark 13:27), away from negatives afflicting them there too. But you need your own life set first. Get the money

We are here to learn..Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you shall be no priest to me, seeing you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children.".Why people's thoughts are constantly about themselves, their car, their house, their job, their position, their friends, than on taking some time for praying about others, such as, children being stolen and dying, shows where one's heart is. Take a lesson from ancient Job and how his life totally opened up when he did this:.Job 42:10.
Matthew 7:13 "Enter you in at the strait gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and many there be which go in thereat. 
James 4:7 "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.".How many hours have you wasted in front of the tel-lie-vision and in doing things you can look back on that turned out unprofitable and/or useless wastes of time? When will you use the paddle in your boat to navigate your life instead of drifting aimlessly through it, stupidly following destructive instructions?.Colossians 2:20.

David Straight explains benefits for you and your family. Get going with your prayer and study because:.Romans 9:28 "For he will finish the work and cut it short in righteousness. A short work will the Lord make upon the Earth." Luke 1:52 "He has put down the mighty from their seats and exalted them of low degree." Matthew 5:5 "Happy are the meek for their inheritance of Earth is established and secure." 1Corinthians 15:24 "Then comes the end when he has delivered up the kingdom to God the Father, after he puts down all rule and all authority and power.".Keep your mind on the good you want for all humanity, but do be alert to what causes the bad and worse, the evils, so you can pray about those causing them.

There is a way to.awaken others if you care enough about them.(2Corinthians 3:16; John 14:6; Hebrews 7:25; Psalms 37:40; 145:19;Romans 10:13-15; 1Corinthians 9:22;1Timothy 2:4; James 5:20).and about what may come upon the Earth:.Luke 21:25-27. But first, how would you know if you are, as they say, awakened? 

Then the fake news will be seen for what it really is and you will have saved many from following advice of criminal 'authorities', backed up by the equally corrupt courts, justice, legal, attorney system and their nefarious ways used to subjugate others and keep them in the  way of pay, pay, pay. Pray for these evil ones.

Never get dismayed or discouraged. Here's why
Stay awake to the present goings on and what's to come.

Good to keep up with Max Igan on his walks and talks. Click on the pic. One of the present goings on has to do with child trafficking for sex, torture and experimentation, organ harvesting and for adrenochrome and then slaughter. Warning, shocking. 

Be aware of how horrendous this all has been and how most of those that knew, did nothing and so they were part of it. True but graphic, disturbing and awakening, not to get you hateful towards those having perpetrated such crimes, but also not trying to take away from any crime's severity, instead to realize how desperately the souls of these barren beings need forgiveness, even though the way they've been has brought Crimes against Humanity penalty upon them. One doesn't forgive the crime:.Luke 23:34 "Then said Emmanuel, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do...".Forgive the soul having committed it, if perhaps there may be a spark somewhere there that would respond to the kindness of forgiveness, because in Christ, all is wiped away, so see others as being in the light of Christ and they will be:.Ephesians 4:32.

The so-called elite cult.(known also as the cabal, deep state, illuminati).havewillingly stepped into evils, having been duped by the greatest deceiver of them all:.Revelation 12:9. One doesn't hate that which is believed to not exist. Satan et al.knows God is real, but just like the ancients, have decided to completely stay away from God:.Jeremiah 44:16,17. So, these psychopathshate God and anything to do with God and kill children. Why? They have allowed themselves to be sucked into Satan's attitude of hating God, where if you get rid of the children you fit in with the satanic goal of eliminating all God has made.

Learn what an undercover effort found out. The cultish crimes were done and those having committed them are being dealt with. Not to hate anyone and anything. That also means not to accept the evil either. Because you don't hate doesn't mean you agree with it:.Matthew 6:14,15. Let us bring light into the world of today, while it's our oppotunity to do so:.John 8:12; Matthew 5:14; Acts 26:18. And this because any good.destroys the evil in the collective consciousness by a huge factor and strengthens the good in this multiversal consciousness, thus helping all humanity and those beings not of humanity.

The evil side:
AND The power of forgiveness. Include these all to send far and wide.
AND Gene talks about forgiveness in this recent video at 52 min in 
I'll Love You Forever. A beautiful short video for Mother's Day or for anyday.

Some 76 % of the world is now in or applied to be in the new gold backed QFS.(Quantum Financial System).of the BRICS Alliance countries and territories. No more fake money.for people to trust in, the fake.fiat money the corrupt banking system worldwide created at will. Many people still being dull and numb minded in especially nations of the fiat currency and poisonous Western world.(UK, US, EU, Canada and some other nations).have yet to wake up from the stupor of unknowingness and disbelief as to what has negatively shaped lives for centuries and their lives today. Theirs today, the duping by the MSM.(Mainstream Media), the regular and mostly false lying news on the tel-lie-vision. What to do? Some sell themselves short by believing God will 'do it all for us'. Although that is true, they may not have considered their part in getting rewarded:.Luke 19:12-26.

We have been told the many lies about 'get a vaccine, it's safe and effective', as well as other harmful things people have been conned into believing are true, safe, needed and necessary. How do you start another on the awakening pathway, when so many think of the truths of today as the ancient ones thought of Christ?.Isaiah 53:3-10..If you are able to, stay away from those who have been jabbed. Here's why. See the July 22, 2022 Situation Update at about 34 minutes in. And if they or you are getting sick, it could be from the jab if you got it or from the shedding of those that did. Here's what others have taken to get better.

So, get going with this most important key in awakening those you care about. Many already have been awake for awhile and remain quiet about it as they daily pray and meditate. They may appear to others as being unawakened. But they are helping to provide the effective consciousness needed for shifting to a world of goodness. How so?

John 10:14,15 "I am the good shepherd and know my sheep and am known of them...and I lay down my life for the sheep.".What is it that you can do and must, for your own good and the good of all? The most effective thing we can all do, no matter who you are and what your situation may be, is pray and meditate. Why? Luke 1:17; Ezekiel 33:1-10.

To notice the contrast and to stop being deceived, one has to come to see that this has all come from the dark side. We need to get away from this invisible vail of deceit.(2Corinthians 3:16).that's been blinding all of us:.Revelation 12:9. There's only one answer. In the Old Testament, a man of God had to remove the 'blindness':.2Kings 6:14-17. In the New Testament, this is also true:.John 14:6. One has to be focused on Christ to line up with true reality and new tomorrows:.John 10:10; 3John 1:2; 1Corinthians 2:9. But what if I don't believe, but want to?

For the evil ones, whether born on Earth or from beyond, the only way out is to throw themselves on the mercy of the great true God of all creation.(2Samuel 24:14; 2Chronicles 30:8; Ezekiel 33:17-20; Romans 10:13), being sincerely sorry and.greatly wanting to CHANGE:.2Corinthians 3:18. Only God will know the sincerity of each heart. God will always help, if one is truly sincere. If they don't change, they await arrest, tribunal, execution or imprisonment for life. They know what they have purposely done in their promotion of evils to We the People of the world and the law of the multiverse is they must now pay for their crimes. To those whose hearts don't change, we say bye, bye and good riddance. To those who do change, we say, welcome back to sanity!.Isaiah 25:7 "And he will destroy.(what does God use to do this).in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people and the vail that is spread over all nations."

See some of the Telegram channels below and be sure to keep up with
the Situation Updates, Charlie Ward, Gene Decode, David Straight, 
Kevin Annette and Janet Ossebaard.
Because of ill minded thinking, what the good God wants for all is taking.longer than expected. The many severely evil criminals out there that most people had no idea even existed, have done such horrible things to good people, good people, yet, were those asleep to the reality of what went on at both the Earth's surface and underneath it. They never saw the 'prison doors' of a corrupt totalitarian non human society out to eliminate them by using them for torture, for food and murder for profit.(extracting organs while still alive and selling them).

What's been done in the cleanup as of a while ago. Hope it brings you up to the present, so you can then keep up with the newer information from Gene, Kevin, Judy and Charlie. Judy and Charlie put out daily updates. Scrap the useless lies from the tell-a-lie-vision's 'news' and their crap propaganda programming. It's out to take you down a path of deceit and death:.John 8:44. Get efficient with the 4 spiritual disciplines.

Ecclesiastes 9:3 "...the heart of the sons of men is full of evil and madness is.(an example of the present madness).in their heart.(madness on Earth not allowed to be exported).while they live and following that is death.(that is, after they are caught, arrested, tried, excuted or blown up in the air)."
There is always a time for reaping what has been sown, whether good or evil.

Thanks to Russia's Putin, Trump and the Alliances, Earth and non terrestrial here to help, the worlds are changing into good for all: https://youtu.be/6b5iQFNtfKQ

Details here are of evidence regarding Canada.(which applies worldwide - it's an International Court).that convicted Big Pharma.(Pfizer, Moderna, Glaxo Smith-Kline, J&J, et al).of genocide and banned the covid 'vaccine' and all related to it worldwide. The International Common Law Court of Justice has labeled it what it is, a weapon for genocide, a bioweapon

Do not take the 'vaccine' or any of them under anycircumstances. There are much more powerful healthy alternatives.(and please stay away from GM 'food').that have been kept from you by Big Pharma and the corrupt part of the corporate governmental / medical / chemical / agricultural system worldwide, started under orders to the satanic criminals Rothschilds and Rockefeller by those.far.behind them.(now seized, tried and executed).

Like, why would you ever take a chemical concoction proven genocidal, unless you too were unsane or trusting lying authorities because you didn't check information carefully to arrive at truth

Weapons are used in war and that's what they are using to get rid of those the cabal has deemed as being lower than insects. The war is against We the People worldwide by the satanists, such as the many globalist, psychopathic.New World Order totalitarian heads. Remember the murders of the couple, Barry & Honey Sherman who owned the Canadian company making hydroxychloroquine available and how Big Pharma/Big Medical didn't like it one bit? Now we know who murdered them

You don't want to be part of the International Arrest Warrant implicating those having anything to do with a weaponized method of destruction used on your fellow man and children. The Court's own Sheriffs begin now arresting the following as in the court documents.(see at International Court's verdict just below). And here's only a bit of the info surrounding the court's verdict.(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 {number 4 is about nurse admits hospital purposely killing people for the huge covid money from Big Pharma; number 5 is a daily Situation Update, has in it about plastics in lungs from masks at 40 min in and at 50 min in, the huge blood clots made from synthesized.snake venom in the cabal's biolabs worldwide and is in certain batches of vaccines, with a chance you'll be given one of these purposely concocted deadly batches and your health dept does nothing to protect you; number 6 is also a daily Situation Update, has in it about what an autopsyshows in the dead who took the vaccine causing 8 inch blood clots molded into shape of an individual's airways})

Local police, the good ones, now being informed on arresting those under the International Common Law Court's Criminal Division verdict, case number OTP-CR-473/21 for docket 09152021-A001.


The International Court's verdict is fully here

A synopsis: The International Common Law Court of Justice Criminal Division covers Crimes by Church and State. The Court is very powerful. In Canada local law enforcements had until January 25, 2022 3pm, to begin arrests on the January 15, 2022 Court's order or International Allied Special Forces.(example).will enforce the Court's International Arrest Warrant with or without the assistance of domestic law enforcement agencies.

Details here are of evidence regarding Canada.(which applies worldwide - it's an International Court).that convicted Big Pharma.(Pfizer, Moderna, Glaxo Smith-Kline, J&J, et al).of genocide and banned the covid 'vaccine' and all related to it worldwide. The International Common Law Court of Justice has labeled it what it is, a weapon for genocide, a bioweapon

Do not take the 'vaccine' or any of them under any circumstances. There are much more powerful healthy alternatives.(and please stay away from GM 'food').that have been kept from you by Big Pharma and the corrupt part of the corporate governmental / medical / chemical / agricultural system worldwide, started under orders to the satanic criminals Rothschilds and Rockefeller.by those.far.behind them.(now seized, tried and executed).

One system that is obviating corrupt Western medicine is med beds, ready now, public free use soon; being used worldwide at present to help those rescued from the DUMBS and tunnels and those rescuing them who were harmed.

This is the same Court that removed Pope Benedict from Office in 2013.

Canadian Kevin Annett's.connection with this International Court verdict. Kevin worked 30 years to bring these criminals in corporate governments in Canada and churches to justice. Worldwide we have so much to thank Kevin for and to the many who helped him.

Canada became first country in the world to incorporate the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.

Crimes against humanity and treason both carry the death penalty or life imprisonment as these.treasonous ones found out.
The crime against humanity of the covid con revealed concisely, by one of the most intelligent men on the planet. About Pharma, Medical liars.

This one.(https://www.bitchute.com/video/1siJFHFYGM00/).is about Dr. David E. Martin's critically important information about the bioweapon called a vaccine and speaks of Trudeau and how evilly Canadians have been lied too. And David talks about which corporations and individuals are hiding behind the scenes like the satanic snakes they are.

And more from David E. Martin, such as this also MUST WATCH https://www.bitchute.com/video/fHhniBm4cyiM/ on the criminal conspiracy to commit murder on children and depopulate.(aka murder).people on the planet, except of course for conspirators and those elites who have been part of it, pretending to get a jab. And on 'following the patents' for the murder weapon, a bioweapon,
https://thegoodlylawfulsociety.org/dr-david-martin-follow-the-patents-then-you-will-understand-covid/ and a dossier on it to send to your attorney general is here, unless of course you wish to remain in the 'those who murder children and others' category, by remaining silent and uninvolved as to what is really going on. 

That's how the Nazi's were allowed to rise in Europe. Wake up!They've already targeted many, including children, for a bioweapon jab they call a vaccine. See the movie InDOCTORnation. If you won't stand up for the children, the Nazis will be coming for you next. Ancient David acted from his mindset of standing up:.1Samuel 17:26. Why does the true God allow such evils? But, how does one stand up and what to use? Consider Paul's example:.Acts 22:22-29; 23:27. Follow the evolved corruption to today and today is where it stops. Are you behind those who have stood up? Many can't do much, but you can do the most powerful thing there is - meditate on kindness, humility, the true God's power, love, protection and freeness for all good people and on other high consciousness items, because this puts those good frequencies into action in the invisible, affecting the visible world we all are in. If you don't get into spirituality, you'll stay in what you're in. It's a worldwide wake up, thanks to those who do watch, pray, learn, care and share. If you share, you care. If you care, you learn. If you watch, you have what to learn. If you pray, you know the importance of life for all. And all this counts for you..Ezekiel 33:6,8 "But if the watchman see the sword come and blows not the trumpet and the people be not warned; if the sword come and takes anyone from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand...When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, you shall surely die, but if you do not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man will die in his iniquity, but his blood will I require at your hand." Isaiah 58:1 "Cry aloud (that is, get the message of the true Creator to others; why?.Romans 11:14), spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet and show my people where they are going wrong and need to improve..."


Australia especially is such a huge mess to cleanup (see https://www.bitchute.com/video/ecwU4XMOr5ap/ at about 23 min in). It is being cleaned up as we speak and as of January 23, 2022 Australia and New Zealand mostly finished. Africa started on now. Over one million, mostly children, discovered in the massive tunnels complex under just Australia, 37,000 children found under a cabal headquarter.(Ukraine). Many were saved and many dead. Worldwide, 8 million children and young adults disappear yearly into the tunnels not to be seen again. A few manage to escape. The rest are used, abused and die while being brutally harvested for their blood to produce adrenochrome (*), chromachrome and body parts, etc., while many sit and are entertained by the fake news on the mainstream channels. Wake up and grow up! Canada had about 3,000 humans annually, mostly children, U.S. about 50,000, U.K..(don't know). Europe, Antartica is just about finished being cleaned up. Antartica had 50 million people hidden deep in underground cities there. Clean up is finishing all over the world - Australia, Canada, US, UK, Germany, Europe, Africa. South American countries, cabal controlled gangs now being severely dealt with, cleanup continues there. Other places throughout the world, cleanup carries on as smaller tunnels are still being found here and there. 

Many of these children and adults are in such bad shape being used to the tunnels and DUMBS way underneath the Earth and not ever used to the surface atmosphere with the Sun, they had to be taken off Earth to special places to facilitate their healing.

Keep up with it all from the honest and honorable gene Decode, who refused to compromise his ethics and morality. When he was asked to take someone out, he asked why. They said just do it. His story if you are of a caring mind and want to learn about his honorability and ethics is here at 1hr 39 min in, https://www.bitchute.com/video/ooRjFoY1w6F1/  Much on the latest goings on is brought out every few new videos gene does. Keep up as best you can and you'll learn much. Important documents and latest videos also are at this one of Gene's sites: BlessedForService.org  In the meantime you can see the latest from Gene at https://www.bitchute.com/search/?query=gene%20decode&kind=video.Click on Relevance andselect Newest First, then hit Search. Look at the length of times of each video. If many are the basically the same length of video, they are pretty well all the same, just placed by different people. Picking the first one in that group should bring you to its first posting. One of Gene's 'recents' is October 15, 2021, the one with Patriot Dave; really astounding information. Gene's also on Telegram, where also his latest are listed https://t.me/realgenedecode. Some children and young adults wonder why most older adults have done nothing to halt the world from sliding into the mess it's now having to be brought out of. Like, what is wrong with you guys to have allowed this and this? You sit on your ass, are entertained by fake news and other crap pursuits while the world goes to s~*t and you don't even care enough to confront the politicians, corrrupt so-called laws, pharma and other corporate criminals robbing lives in any way they can. You know nothing about any rights you may have and avoid taking time to find out. If the children see it, how did you miss it? Did you care or sit afraid?.If you care to, please share too! Or was it like the Nazis for you today, where thousands of people let a few with guns they could have easily overpowered, separate their familes and murder them? 

Silence is Agreement. Tyranny lives only by agreement. If you fail in standing up for the good, you are in agreement with the bad. Taking over Europe beginning in 1935, the Nazis were allowed by the people, because the majority of them did nothing to stop them, so by default, they were tacitly approving of government edicts which were set up to greatly harm them?.Psalms 82:2 "How long will you judge unjustly by following those who are wicked?"

How can the true God save you when you don't want to be? God could intervene, but won't. Why? What you think about such things as that having gone on today with the Russia/Ukrainian situation, the covid hoax, etc..shows what you are in your heart. Not too great eh! Well, wake up as best you can with the rest of us, while you still can. Your life is your choice. God gave life to you. Use it for good. Don't throw your life away based on satanic cabal.(aka Deep State, Illuminati).lies transmitted to you by this satanic lying mainstream media and by those lackeys who carry on with the satanic policies of the little Hitlers above them who came up with such evil programs. Prepare for your future and your.reward in it:.Hebrews 4:1. Talk to God asking what it is that's right and proper that you should consider doing. 

Many of Gene's recent videos are about the new Earth alongside the Earth we are on.(pic), such as https://www.bitchute.com/video/SHcpEylAXmma/.and others are about the progress in cleaning the DUMBs & tunnels, blowing them up, cabal & much more. For more on Gene's specific videos please see each dog picture

Some people will say, Oh, there's so much to learn! Yep! It'll take two years. In six months you'll have a decent grasp of it all, if you spend about two hours daily on it. Turn off the, up to now, useless tel-lie-vision, then you can add another hour or two to your daily study. Your life and reward in eternity are at stake. Take action towards it!

If an employer is telling you that your job is in jeopardy unless you take the jab, wear a mask, take a PCR test, etc., solve the issue by creating a Religious Exemption.or use this or the latest, the International Criminal Court verdict as described above. You're here! You might as well do the best you can for yourself and that includes doing the best for others you can:.Job 42:10.

See and save know your RIGHTS. The courts WILL BACK you if YOU stand up to the tyranny! But do have wisdom about doing so, as Paul did in reaching others:.2Timothy 2:22,23; Acts 17:19-25; 22:22-29; 23:1-5; 23:27-34). If you can't or aren't inclined to stand up, because it's just all too much for you and don't at this time know how to handle it, do something that helps you and/or others. It's a large final and permanent clean up of evils worldwide:.Matthew 13:36-43. Are you today part of the problem or of the solution?

Something of importance.we all must do. And, to ensure horrible corruption such as we have today, NEVER sneaks in again: Tell other good people about.what's really going on.(lawyer Lin Wood explains).that corrupt governments and corporations, full of pedophiles and/or baby flesh and blood eaters, all over the world have been involved in:.Micah 3:1-5. Satanically backed curiosities occur to those having allowed themselves to be influenced into perpetrating horrible experimentations and satanic practices. Demons in people do these kinds of horriblenesses. https://rumble.com/v1o5i95-the-black-awakening-and-jab-bioweapon-agenda.html
This Rumble video has within it an Oct 15, 1995 Canadian doctor's warning about what's happening today and about demonic 'super soldiers', demons. The bioweapon.has within it blood of aborted fetuses. This allows demons into people.

Tell others what you learn because most just don't know. Why tell others if they don't know?.1Corinthians 9:22; Romans 11:14

Since 1867 Canada became much worse in all evils. And, very important to do if you're 'with us' in prayer: Pray for the soldiers and their families and the good non terrestrials who have come to help us, without whose help we would have already been finished as a civilization, which was the satanic plan. Together they are returning the Earth to good, from the evil we all have allowed to accumulate over many centuries. How? Many already have lost their lives fighting in the DUMBs and tunnels. Hold their arms up as they continue on keeping you free, cleaning up the world:.Exodus 17:11. Do your part, at least what you can! At least please pray and meditate.

So what evils are being cleaned up? Child Sex Trafficking, Child Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice of them to Satan, Adrenochrome, Organ Harvesting, Torturing Children and Others Stolen for Human Trafficking and taken into the DUMBs and tunnels and used for horrible Experimentation, murdering them in the process. Also Drugs and Weapons Trafficking and more. So far Special Forces of both the Earth and non terrestrial Alliances have saved over 10 million children, young adults and adults, with just as many found murdered, plus others burnt up or ground up and hidden in food they want us to consume. Satanists are cannibalistic. Type into a search engine 'human flesh found in food at Mcdonald's and other fast food restaurants, reported by Rabbi Finklestein of New York'. 1 million children are trafficked for forced sexual exploitation per year. Adults & children trafficked total 3 million plus. The average victim of human trafficking is raped 6,000 times. Every 30 seconds a child is sold for sex, labor or organ harvesting. Watch your children closely and when out, hold their hand and NEVER let them wander out of sign. If your child is with you, perhaps behind you when you're shopping and looking at something, know that it takes less than 15 seconds for someone to grab one of them and disappear into the crowd with their hand over your child's mouth.

Waking up others is an important way to help:.Acts 26:18. Many were duped so badly they were lulled into thinking the world 'has its problems, but it's basically ok' but didn't see the snakes slowly getting ready to bite all of us. Thank God, some over many decades were watching. That's what we mean by waking up! Perhaps start mentioning what the great true good God has for all humanity with a question such as 'When you look at the world, do you think God is not that good? or Do you think what you see in the world is the best God can do? Are you aware of what's happening in the financial world that's good?

Canada, similar to most other countries, was taken over by a cabal controlled Corporation of Canada, which represented corruption, criminality, thievery and massive evils. We were like the frog, which when placed in a warm pot of water will sit there and you can very slowly increase the water temperature and it will stay there till it's cooked, whereas, if you put it into the boiling water immediately, it would jump out. So, help awaken others. We have to wake others up as best we can.

And also what one can talk about if another seems open to truth and whether or not you think they would be interested in elimination of such evils as: 1) Adrenochrome. 2) Child Sex Trafficking.(*). 3) Child Ritual Sacrifice.(*). 4) Other human Trafficking. 5) Illegal Drugs Trafficking. 6) Money Laundering industry in Canada. 7) PizzaGate. 8) Chemtrails. 9) Pedophilia. 10) Corruption, Blackmail, Extortion in all industries. 11) Human Organ Harvesting. 12) Bioweapon packaged as Vaccine. 13) UN Agenda 21 and 2030.(*). 14) Georgia Guidestones.(search on Internet). 15) Human Cloning industry in Canada, headquarted under Alberta. 16) Canadian Rev. Kevin Annett's 30 years of effort bringing Canadian governments, including the RCMP, the Roman Catholic, Anglican, United Churches of Canada to justice for the horrendous crimes they've committed..17) Do you think Queen Elizabeth II of England was a fake, as she had some means to make the world better, but didn't?.(she actually was executed for crimes against humanity as were others)

There you go, 3 positive talking points and 17 points of conversation on the negative side which should arouse caring and interest. Always introduce with a question. It shows if one's mind is interested and open for more. If not, drop the conversation subject respectfully.(Job 34:18,19).and let them alone:.Hosea 4:17. They may awaken later and will, unless they were spawned by the devil. Who then would these be and to what extent did this occur? 

The true God is now taking drastic steps to awaken those who possibly can be awakened. Better to awaken to spirituality now. Why? But, it may take this big event to get people out of the mental bubble they continue to live within:.Revelation 16:18.

They.all know the jab is a bioweapon, so, the severely evil of them do want dead most of us and the others of them don't care, doing the harm they do for the money, lots of it for all following the dictates of the dark side influences. Within these jabs are 'alive' dangerous AI particles and more horrendous poisons. All these criminals would sell your soul for a nickel and you thought they could be trusted as authorities to look up to, to look after you. Ha!.Isaiah 9:16 "For the leaders of this people cause them to err and they that are led of them are destroyed.".They'd walk over you with their boots on and think nothing of it. Why? And, they all signed "Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)" also known as Confidentiality Agreements, for this bioweapon, in exchange for 10s of millions of dollars each...The higher the rank the bigger the bribe money. The Intergalactic Federation of Worlds of Light Beings have Special Forces here to help us get out of the mess we have allowed since people have been on Earth (see the History of the World series byJanet Ossebaard. Why and howhave we allowed this and how can we fix it?

In addition to that, the more of us who awaken others, the more the intergalactic special forces are able to help us. Why is that? Learn how it all works?.The true God of all light, love and good creation is against all evil:.1Peter 3:12. How are we or how can we be against the evils as the real true God is? What can be done by us? In addition to awakening others as best you can, by being respectful and kind, know that if you've spoken in love, then it's the true God's words. Why is that?.1John 4:6,8,16

Please also continue prayer and meditation:.Exodus 17:11 "And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed.".Perhaps some of them will awaken:.Psalms 83:13-15. If they think you're nuts and they won't take to heart what you're talking to them about and check out what you've kindly mentioned, well, you've done your part. They just don't care at this time and that's their choice. Remember, they don't have to agree with you for you to love them. They could be as hard hearted as Paul in the time of Christ on Earth, that is, until the true God took over directly in Paul's life. Paul awoke! Pray that this happens in other closed-minded people too:.Acts 26:10-12. Your good work and care for others is being noted; noted where? Many, not all, are good at their heart, but some hearts, peoples souls, have been encrusted over many years by 'deals with the devil'.

Deuteronomy 18:19 "...whosoever will not hearken unto my words...I will require it of him." 2Samuel 4:10,11 "When one told me, saying, Behold, Saul is dead, thinking to have brought good tidings and that I would give him a reward, I took hold of him and slew him...How much more, when wicked men have slain a righteous individual in his own house upon his bed shall I not therefore take your blood for what you did to him and take you away from the Earth?" Like the true God, David did not play around when it came to dealing with evil. Matthew 13:16 "But blessed are your eyes, for they see and your ears, for they hear."

Please do your part.(Matthew 25:35-40).in this worldwide cleanup of these criminals who actually do worship Satan and this includes the lying media (controlled worldwide by six of those in the cabal:.Isaiah 25:7), corporate and political (worldwide some 85% plus, of all in key positions are cabal), pharmaceutical / medical bribes, chemical, agricultural, manufacturing, etc., all criminal scum perpetrating and participating in horrible satanic evils. It's a huge cleanup job. Prayers are needed for those alive and rescued and for the Alliance and the non terrestrials here helping us and for the families of those soldiers and others who have died giving all they could so you could be helped:.John 15:13 "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.(those you care about)."

Gene covers all this. Keep up with him. See recent ones next page.(the dogs). And if you are having to deal with the bullshit of the covid con, the absolute law of Canada is right alongside with you, but print out the sheets you can carry with you and use if need be in maintaining your freeness.."If not us, who? If not now, when?"....JFK.

The cabal.is.being wiped out, but do what you can in the meantime to respectively alert others to what has gone on, as it's a huge part of what you can do in this awakening process.

We are in the time of the growing consciousness of the one and only true God of all creation. At first everone will have all they need and all they may want and much more. Eventually money will not be necessary. Character will be the main focus and will take us onto the road beyond:.Malachi 3:3.

The Canadian Armed Forces, the U.S. military, along with Russia and 14 other militaries, including their Space Forces are working with our non terrestrial loving brothers and sisters, the.Intergalactic Special Forces of Light Beings.(see their ship and the highly secretive, not any more, USAF TR3B triangular crafts, able to cloak and then destroy enemies).in eliminating the harm being done to children and all of us. The new Republic in Canada, perhaps to be called Republic of Kanata, as suggested by Kevin Annett, including its new Space Force, is set up and is STOPPING these and more evils! Nobody hurts the children on our watch! We are coming for those that do.

8-10 million children, plus young adults and older adults are trafficked for forced sexual exploitation per year. 1 million found, alive and dead, just in Australia, in the DUMBS, tunnels and cities beneath that continent. The average victim of human trafficking is raped 6,000 times. Every 30 seconds a child is sold for sex, adrenochrome, organ harvesting and labor and/or murdered. As Gene Decode has said "There's got to be a word greater than evil, for these monsters.".Revelation 18:2. Those who do such great evils are being rounded up and executed. No more of this will ever happen, absolutely, totally and completely guaranteed! The true God always acts and wins.(2Kings 20:1-32).WHEN those who love the good also take action! How?

-What evils? The criminals and what they've done and still do to babies. They are being hunted down, will then have a tribunal and many executed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTlrNEkwFW4.and about tribunals

-The bioweapon is for killing people and you thought it was just a safe vaccine, because that's what the satanic lying politicians, medical and pharmaceutical authorities were telling people. And when you ask them, you'll immediately notice if they are using tergiversation. Question, question, question and then question again. Don't allow these satanic ones to carry on with their murdurous plans.

Here is only a sampling, a miniscule amount of the millions of people worldwide who have died or been seriously and permanently injured from the jab. See this documentary https://rumble.com/v1wijbe-stew-peters-world-premier-died-suddenly.html.Do not trust authority, unless you know you can.(Luke 8:18), because the satanic ones are tricksters and hate humans and nature. They are out to completely destroy the world and always have been, but their efforts have been ramped up because they know God is finally taking over and they are done like dinner. The more people of good heart want evil gone, the quicker it will all be over.(*). How's this work?

-Soldier explains what he found; kids carved up.
https://rumble.com/v1xbowo-situation-update-112622.html.(watch the whole thing, it's informative)

Matthew 18:6
The GOOD STUFF! The new Earth for those of higher consciousness could very well be the present one we are on, that is, once it's cleaned up with the criminals going to the second one or elsewhere, the second one pictured here, hardly visible. Look closely or click on these words for enhanced image and see here the Sun of the new Earth alongside ours. At this time that seems to be how it will be, but it could be the other way around, that is, with us going there and them staying here. Evil bigots.will not be on a cleaned up Earth, whichever Earth that could be


New Earth explained at about 54 to 56 minutes. What's it like? Cities built there. Not many people yet. It's possibly for those of good heart now rising up spiritually, from low 3d to 4d/5d and beyond. Transition to the new Earth will be seamless..Isaiah 66:22 "For as the new heavens and new Earth, which I am doing, shall remain before me, says the Lord, so shall your seed and your name remain." 1Corinthians 15:51-54"...We shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye...the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed..." Acts 26:8 "Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you that God should raise the dead?".You'll wake up one day soon and you're there. It's a copy of this Earth but without any negatives in any way whatsoever. This world made toxic by the satanists remains for awhile so those of lower consciousness who may want the good and seeing where the evil on this Earth is bringing people, can be helped toward a higher consciousness (from 3d to at least 4d) needed in order to move to the new Earth. At about 1 hour 8-11 minutes into that video Gene explains mankind (kind of like man) genetics people.

https//t.me/murderbydecree.com (Kevin Annett)
https://t.me/realgenedecode (DUMBs, tunnels, cabal, true history, non terrestrial creatures, ascension)
https://t.me/NursesAgainstLockdowns (Canadian Frontline Nurses channel)
https://t.me/mod_russia_en (how's Russia doing?)
https://t.me/SpecialQForces/26280 (Putin)
https://t.me/hsretouther17 (JFK. Jr.)
https://t.me/childrenshd (RFK Jr.'s Children's Health Defense)
https://t.me/Secretary_Pompeo (some daily news)
Dr. Rodger Hodkinson & Dr. Peter McCullough
https://t.me/RWMaloneMD (inventor of mRNA vaccines)
https://t.me/ReinerFuellmichEnglish (massive worldwide lawsuit on the covid con; and in Canada, another one of the many occurring 'everywhere'

Chlorine Dioxide Solution pure and preferred, information from Dr. Andreas Kalcker,.to get rid of the jab's poisoning & safely get rid of most other diseases that you may have. His video with the scientific facts. And, Charlie's video of January 17, 2023 about it. And there's also Potassium Iodide, which amplifies the working of Chlorine Dioxide Solution, please see MMSMorgellonsDirect.com, (info on both). And there's also Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine (can easily make Hydroxychloroquine yourself at home) or get it inexpensively at mahoneylive.com/shop. David Mahoney makes no money on it. It's done to help you. You only pay what he pays to get the product and then get it sent to you. And if you need it but can't afford it, send a note with your order, stating so.
https://t.me/StewPeters (in depth but concise news)
https://t.me/MichaelYeadon (former chief scientific advisor {or 'adviser', welcome to English} at Pfizer; his warnings on the jab that he left his job to bring you)
https://t.me/NaturalNewsMedia (more true news)
https://t.me/GlobalResearch_ca (in depth comprehensive true news)
https://t.me/bobiselvis (the real deal)
https://t.me/NoMoreFakeNews (Jon Rappoport)
https://t.me/MichaelJacksonQ/628 (the real deal)
https://t.me/TheSlyStallone/571 (the real deal)

 and see the movie
https://t.me/simon_parkes (Charlie's friend)
https://t.me/thecrowhouseoffical (Max Igan)
https://t.me/joinchat/ZdcEossRxSRhYmZh (for government workers being forced to vaccinate; concern yourself with your rights, not the criminal illegal mandates)
PDF Plus Reference Library (search Telegram for that title and you have free access to an amazing library of true knowledge that you can download if you wish)
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