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Black Death.(aka.bubonic plague of the historical period known as Middle Ages)
Black holes
Black magic.(the ways of the dark side)
Black Widow spider
Blessed because of you
Blinded to God's truth
Blinks.(universe blinks in & out of existence)
Blood.(clots, hemoglobin, pressure {reducing})
...blood system and healing
...blood system of the body
...blood of Emmanuel the Christ
...physical life is in the blood
Blue Heron
Blue skin.(argyia)
Blushing.(why we blush)
Bo Gritz.(the most decorated Green Beret in history - movies Rambo
   and Uncommon Valor based on his life; type into YouTube)
Boaz.(a kind generous man)
Bob Proctor.(inspiring info sent daily; brighten your life 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
-balance system
-biochemical process is the software
-blood.(clots, hemoglobin, pressure {reducing})
-body is a tool for your life
-body mass index.(for porkers)
-frequencies.(a slowed down form of to make it visible)
-immune system
-order in the body
-processes all together
-renews itself quickly when we stop poisoning it
-reproductive system
-sense of smell
-sense of taste
-spirit & body belong to God
-systems.(temperature, etc.)
...a created device
...of Christ.(what is it?)
...scan your body
Body and face.(new for you?)
Bohr, Niels
Bombardier beetle
Bond.(your word is your bond)
Bond nor free
Book of Life
Book of the Law
Books and Quotes:.(what ancient books were like)
-Alexander Graham Bell.(quote on God's presence)
-Bible.(the Old and New Testament books)
-Books.(free in a free Bible program for your computer)
-Books.(other books mentioned in the Bible)
-Books, etc. (ancient Indian masterpieces)
-Books of and about the.Bible.and its characters generally regarded as spurious
-Creation of the Universe by Arcady Petrov
-Fox's Book of Martyrs
-Emmanuel:.Life and Times of Jesus {Emmanuel} the Messiah
-idiotic children's books.(grabbing the mind early)
-Life and Epistles of Paul
-The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East
-The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On is Our Reality
-evolutionary scientists (quotes and books)
-Arcady Petrov.(quotes)
-Benjamin Franklin.(quotes)
-Bruno Groenig.(quotes; more quotes)
-Caren Heller (quote)
-Cicero, Marcus Tullius (quote)
-Coyote Osborne.(quote)
-Dieter Häusler.(quotes)
-Edward Snowden.(quote)
-Gary 'Z' McGee (quotes and books)
-Grigori Grabovoi.(quotes)
-Henry David Thoreau.(quotes)
-James Thurber.(quote)
-Len Horowitz.(quote)
-Nietzsche (quotes)
-Oprah.(quotes 1, 2, 3, 4)
-Queen of England.(quote)
-Ralph Waldo Emerson.(quotes)
-Sadhu Sundar Singh.(quotes)
-Saint Augustine.(quote)
-Saint Basil.(quote)
-Saul Bellow.(quote)
-Trinity Aldous.(quote)
-Unknown quotes.1
-Vladimir Putin.(quote)
-Wayne Dyer.(quotes)
-Ximena Gregoire.(quote)
-Zero Limits.(the true story of how a man emptied a criminally insane ward)
Borderline Personality Disorder cured
Bored, boredom
Born again
Born equal?
Born good
Born into a particular family
Bose, Satyendra Nath.(brilliant Indian mathematician, an Einstein collaborator)
Bourne, Geoffrey.(believes apes came from humans; now that's a twist! Ha ha!)
Box.(relationship analogy)
Boy or girl.(how to 'lean' the sperm one way or the other)